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  1. = Access Denied !!!
  2. 1k Bonus Points for Booking through Choice Mobile
  3. Choice priviledgesdiscount codes
  4. Anyone a choice hotels employee?
  5. Stay two nights get one free, or triple points for Plat/Dia members
  6. choice priv vs southwest rapid rewards
  7. Riviera properties?
  8. Will choice take points away if I book
  9. Isn't it about time for the stay two nights, get one free Promotion
  10. No points earned?
  11. Sleep Inns being reflagged?
  12. Referral Bonus
  13. Booking reward for someone else?
  14. Acceptable Quality Inns
  15. Time to Receive Points
  16. Choice Hotels - Stay 2x, Receive $50 GC
  17. Points required for 9/16/2010 - 11/30/2010 now listed
  18. late check out
  19. Quality Inn, Fredericksburg, VA
  20. Any Choice or AA pts possible if you used Orbitz?
  21. Convert Choice points to AA with 25%/35% bonus miles by 6/30/10
  22. Comfort Inn BWI Airport, Baltimore, MD.
  23. Reward night?
  24. New Choice Visa July 1?
  25. Timeline for point transfers (to AA)
  26. a glitch in Choice's award booking system
  27. How often do choice properties change point-redemption rates?
  28. Choice Privileges property and redemption spreadsheet
  29. ? about using points
  30. San Juan, PR
  31. So what rooms are assignable on award stays?
  32. Best Choice Hotel Property in London?
  33. PROMO: $25 Walmart GC for 3-night stay Orlando, Anaheim, San Antonio
  34. Bet 1,000 UA miles per 3,500 points
  35. Is there still a Choice Privileges credit card?
  36. How to get choice points?
  37. Spring Summer Promotion 05/20/10 - 08/05/10
  38. Choice Internet Guarantee – denied
  39. Purchasing Points with CP Visa Question
  40. Choice offers at 17 May 2010 (and onward)
  41. press release: Sleep Inn Hotels Get Refreshed with New Look and Feel
  42. Wanted Miles... Got Points
  43. Using my points to book a room for someone else
  44. Next Promotion?
  45. Will this extend the validity date of points?
  46. 2 stays didn't add up to 8k points
  47. Any surveys out there to get me more points?
  48. Choice hotels adjacent to each other, for hopping?
  49. Choice and B of A to split the sheets May 2010
  50. HELP with current promo
  51. Does "Bonus Point Package" stack on top of the 8000 for 2 stays?
  52. Top International Choice Properties
  53. Poor Customer Service at Choice
  54. Choice Hotel Near JFK
  55. no much hotels in asia?
  56. new (at least to me) CP points redemption option
  57. new 1st/2nd quarter promotion
  58. preferred hotel changes-positive for once
  59. Minot, ND call center to be closed in 2011
  60. Choice "Privileges"?
  61. ChoicePrivileges, Enterprise splitting the sheets 2/15/10
  62. Best NYC Choice Property?
  63. Bad Clarion Experience
  64. Any Stay Reqmt to Redeem CP Points for Airline Miles/Credits?
  65. How long to fix an inbound promo points problem?
  66. (6) 1000 point free choice priveleges points
  67. Tons of points expired 12/31 - any hope of getting them reinstated
  68. Starting in 2010, reward nights count toward Elite status
  69. Are your points expiring today? Choice removes them in the morning <gasp>
  70. Help! Reward Availability at Clarion Hotel Amon Plaza
  71. Happy Holidays- I Just Got Lucky And Was Able To Use A Free Night In Nyc On 12/31...
  72. Are all Comfort Inns this bad??
  73. Diamond Level Question
  74. Your Favorite Choice Property
  75. Using my and wife's points for two consecutive nights?
  76. Anyone been able to redeem for Barcelo?
  77. Thoughts on the New Promotion
  78. Choices Privledges n00b here
  79. Why is this board so quiet when there are thousands of Choice Hotels?
  80. Year end points redemption
  81. it's triple points OR MILES, and requires confusing registration
  82. New Choice website coming
  83. Question On Rumored Triple Points For Winter Promo
  84. Where to spend points exp Dec 31?
  85. Will there be 2010 promo? (corrected title)
  86. prepaid rates coming
  87. Need Airline Miles Posted
  88. Clarion Hotel Federal Way - recommended
  89. Program changes
  90. Redeem points for the dates after expiration
  91. Choice, Preferred or Summit Hotels in Paris
  92. Quality Inn Vancouver Airport - Stay Report & Warning
  93. Has anyone been charged a nights stay from the Sleep Inn Flagstaff?
  94. New 1,500 point booking bonus, 10/2 - 11/19, including...
  95. Sleep Inn Denver Identity theft risk-new ID policy scan/store licenses
  96. Can I Give My Points To Someone?
  97. Lake Tahoe - Quality Inn Casino Area or QI Trailside?
  98. Comfort Inn Royal Zurich, Switzerland
  99. Choice's cancellation policies on award nights
  100. Choice Points with Expedia booking
  101. Transfering in points
  102. hotel-specifc bonus points can give lower rate!!!
  103. Courtesy status renewal?
  104. Choice Computer Glitches AGAIN!!!
  105. reservations with points?
  106. OK, Choice, what's the new offer?
  107. Special Rates
  108. Comfort Suites Paradise Island
  109. Employee code or Friends and Family code
  110. Choice hotel employee or friends and family code
  111. 60+ Rate no longer available online?
  112. Medallia hotel rating scores now available online
  113. extended stays for southwest flyers
  114. Barceló: New point redemption option
  115. WN redemption 1.5RR / 6000 pts eff July 9
  116. 13 days, 13 stays. Choice-hopping in Orlando
  117. Cambria Suites in Baton Rouge
  118. How Do I Ever Use My Points?
  119. "redepositing" of points on cancelled on line reward reservations.
  120. Cash Card Redemption
  121. Do you receive a stay credit for an award stay with Choice?
  122. Clarion LGA Airport Hotel
  123. Preferred Hotel "Enhancement" - increased points
  124. Elect airline FF credit ...still receive a stay credit?
  125. How long for points transfer to DL?
  126. Free gas card promo is back
  127. How is the Quality in Geneva, CH?
  128. 100% Bonus on redemption for Skymiles. ( cashing in, not earning)
  129. Standard for earning the "Supports Green Practices" symbol?
  130. Choice Preferred Platinum Medal
  131. Choice Hotels in Portugal ??
  132. Next promotion?
  133. No points
  134. Conversion from Choice to RR's account with different name- possible?
  135. What happened to this hotel?
  136. Choice Free Night Promo question
  137. Choice Privileges expired my points
  138. Anyone stayed at CDG Comfort Inn?
  139. More point increases
  140. Next promo after Freeville?
  141. 60+ Rate?
  142. Big point increases in New Zealand
  143. Buying Choice Points
  144. Quality Paddington or Q Kensington? reward night help
  145. How many points have you earned during the current promo
  146. Family accounts?
  147. How far in advance does choice let you book rewards?
  148. Choice website down a lot lately?
  149. This takes nerve: $5.50+tax "resort fee" for a $36 Rodeway
  150. Does the Choice program plan to increase the countries in which you can earn points?
  151. Hotel Reviews
  152. Albany - Econo Lodge
  153. Gifting rooms - is this new?
  154. New to Choice Hotels -- what to expect?
  155. Choice Privileges® Elite Gold Status and 500 SkyMiles*
  156. Buyin Choice points: Do they post immediately?
  157. Cambria Suites - Very Nice
  158. Choice Hotels Everyday Guest Program?
  159. Can I save the expired points?
  160. Amtrak to Choice Transfer ???
  161. How fast does Choice usually post the bonus points?
  162. Overseas availability
  163. The competition: The "new" Motel 6?!
  164. As good as it gets?
  165. Signifcant Organization Savings rate not necessarily cheapest!
  166. pool closed - annual maintenance
  167. When can we expect the next promotion?
  168. quick and free way to get 1,000 choice points?
  169. Comfort Suites Paradise Island, Bahamas
  170. Choice points or 10th night free at
  171. Anyone know what this disclaimer means?
  172. So is it Platinum or Diamond?
  173. How does Choice decide the points expiration date?
  174. Marion, IL Comfort Suites- service above and beyond!
  175. Status worth paying for?
  176. need to burn 8,000 points before December 31
  177. New rental car partners Avis and Budget
  178. Finding January rates down ~ 15%
  179. Shampoo and soap at Comfort Inns
  180. Comfort Inn Bay of Islands (NZ)
  181. Eligibility for "Choice Business Rate"
  182. Do CP points expire?
  183. Prospect of point devaluation vs. RR again?
  184. Is 16,000 Choice points, good deal?
  185. Success in booking with 20009 pts promo
  186. Earning Northwest Points instead of CP Points?
  187. stay didn't post, how long to credit?
  188. CGP points to UAMP: how long?
  189. Preferred Hotels for 20,009 pts per night promo is back!!!
  190. Little League Rate blocks out AAA rates
  191. Comfort Suites, Warner Robins, GA
  192. Charged one night for hotel stay never made...
  193. rate eligible for Choice points?
  194. Choice Privleges does not support benefits
  195. If Choice were going to announce a new promotion for 12/1...
  196. Choice Hotels Launches Upscale Ascend Collection Program
  197. Does Choice do Status Match?
  198. choice visa - getting to 10k points...
  199. Choice Hotels in the Caribbean. Any reports?
  200. U.S. Military can Join Choice Privileges at Gold Level
  201. ChoicePrivileges CS phone line goes automated
  202. Preferred Hotels year end promotion?
  203. BuyPoints price raised to $11.50 per 1000
  204. Inside Flyer multiple errors on Choice promos
  205. Little League rate
  206. Any way to transfer Starwood or American Airlines points to Choice besides Amtrak?
  207. current triple points promotion
  208. Award availability
  209. FYI - NOLA Clarion Collection Royal St. Charles Drpped by Choice
  210. 2000 Choice points per Enterprise rental, through 10/23/08
  211. Another Choice Promotion
  212. How to find point expiration?
  213. Choice adds online elite status tracker
  214. Bravo, Choice: 3 for 14K, 9-1 to 11-30 - capped
  215. free night availability errors on website
  216. Choices gives advance notice: stays or CC needed for ALL non-hotel redemptions
  217. Preferred Hotels -booking?
  218. Quality Inn Florence, SC has Fleas
  219. Landmark (London) gone?
  220. EconoLodge signage rollout
  221. Choice now requires 6000 points for 2 RR credits
  222. How long does the current "increase to 16K bonus" take to post?
  223. DTW Comfort Inn has a bar next to the lobby
  224. Elite Email Address Incentive
  225. Question about points
  226. Guest of the Day
  227. CP Visa bonus points discrepancy
  228. How to get Choice points from other programs except AGR?
  229. 500 bonus pts thru Choice rsvrtns
  230. Any New York City properties decent for a stay?
  231. Trouble getting a Preferred Resort - Cape Cod
  232. Has anyone tried to transfer Choice to a friend's FF acct.?
  233. Preferred Hotels - Any all inclusive?
  234. "Gold" promo. So.....
  235. Choice International is a ThirdParty Site?
  236. choice points for hotwire reservations?
  237. Any way to extend validity of Choice points?
  238. Accelerated Elite Gold Promo
  239. Press release: point redemption for magazines
  240. Award redemptions - miscellaneous
  241. Airline Miles (2 stays same day) - Advice needed
  242. Smarter Living code no longer works
  243. Rapid Rewards redemption
  244. Too late to cancel my Choice ressie. Will I get points/credit?
  245. Faster Transfers?
  246. Miles or Points - Stays 2/year
  247. Reward Cost Point Increases
  248. Anyone been able to double-dip on the Choice Visa promo?
  249. Choice Hotel options in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  250. Amtrak to Choice-additional restriction