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  1. Odd Emails from Choice
  2. 25.00 gas card if booked by ?????
  3. How long is 72 hours in Choice time?
  4. updating on points.com
  5. 15% off by using Choice Visa card
  6. Free Song Download — and Help Charity at the Same Time
  7. Europe on sale?
  8. Membership Level: Membership_Type_Null
  9. Rome (Italy) Hotels
  10. Choice Privileges to US Airways
  11. Award stay on a hotel in limbo
  12. Tokyo:Nihombashi or Shirakawa
  13. Choice: Double Referral Points (1,000) through 8/11/2011
  14. If and when do Choice Points expire?
  15. Can someone help me with the choice promo stay 2xs get a night free?
  16. ** New Choice Promo Stay 2 Get A Free Night **
  17. 100% BONUS Choice points to UA mileage Plus
  18. [9 cities] $50 GC for 3nt stay (book by 11MAY, stay by 15JUN)
  19. When will Choice to Southwest transfer post?
  20. 2-night minimum overcome
  21. Inn of Chicago (Ascend Collection) Review Anyone?
  22. Redeeming awards for friends?
  23. 4/19 Discover America Promo Results Post
  24. ROME: Bolivar OR Nova Domus?
  25. new (oval) bath soap at Comfort
  26. Where was your reservationist?
  27. Clarion Anaheim should be bulldozed
  28. Rodeway Inn in Glendale CA (and Choice) being sued over bedbugs
  29. Not eligible for points?
  30. Cashback on SOS Rates or Gift Cards
  31. Insight into Upgrade Policy?
  32. 2717 West March Lane (Stockton, California) Quality Inn
  33. Email re The Frequent Traveler Awards
  34. No Choice codes work
  35. New to choice promo- have a ?
  36. Slow website?
  37. Difference between an "SOS" and "VIP" rates?
  38. Any sign up bonus out there?
  39. American Counseling Association - 00800769
  40. ** New Choice Promo Stay 2 get $50 Gas Card **
  41. AMEX MR -> Choice?
  42. Switch from paid rate to payment w/ points?
  43. Booking now- 24 days in advance and points are non-cancellable?
  44. Are more and more Choice Hotels imposing 24 hr. cancellation policies?
  45. Choice Mobile for Iphone
  46. How do they come up with the int'l award chart?
  47. Choice changing newspapers everywhere or just here?
  48. Can't book any Poland hotels
  49. New booking windows!
  50. seeking advice re:Boulder Creek Quality Inn & Suites
  51. All my reservations are gone!!
  52. Choice points for future redemptions?
  53. No-showed for Rewards Stay due to flight cancellation (weather), What now?
  54. status of Clarion JAX airport?
  55. I'm giving YOU points? huh?
  56. LPGA rate
  57. Rate Choice Privileges
  58. choice to RR 2.0 conversion
  59. "Enhanced Elite Member Benefits"
  60. If you use Choice points to top off WN credits, check out WN RR 2.0
  61. Rodeway Inn in Orange Park, FL
  62. Choice Points brought back from the dead ?
  63. Does booking through ebates/mr rebates/cashbaq impact point accrual?
  64. Booking room for family member
  65. Make Your Stay Three Times As Rewarding!
  66. Certain hotels no longer honoring discount codes?
  67. Anyone investigate Paris redemption options?
  68. 1 month advance cancel deadline at GSO CS?
  69. How many Choice points do I get for a 1 day Avis neighborhood rental?
  70. Status match into Choice
  71. Buy $50 gift card=500 Mileage Plus Miles
  72. Do any other chains status match to ChoicePrivileges?
  73. Canada - From December 1, 2010 until January 10, 2011 get up to 50% off
  74. Who's stay at CPs this season?
  75. New Platinum card: "Valid through 2010." Are they kidding?!
  76. Reminder: Points Expire on December 31
  77. Problems loging into your choice account?
  78. Preferred Hotel Group, up to 50% off awards Book Nov 3-Jan 19, 2011
  79. No Visa Bonus Points for International Stay
  80. Checking in as a guest
  81. Stafford in Sydney
  82. Clarion New Castle, DE
  83. best price for clarion?
  84. Good Deal or Not?
  85. discount codes = no points now?
  86. Redeeming the promo free night at various Choice hotels
  87. (List?) hotels with variable point redemption rates
  88. Transfering miles to somebody else's US account
  89. Comfort Suites Paradise Island Bahamas Room Key
  90. Buying points
  91. Great Stay at Cambria Suites OKC
  92. List possibly cheaper rates by phone than online
  93. Do Expedia stays count?
  94. want my pre-paid night near LAX?
  95. Curiously, stay credit arrives days before points credit
  96. Best "other" Choice points redemptions
  97. Need 210 points for a US Airways Hit, Ideas?
  98. free nights faster - 5,000 bonus points
  99. Choice Hotels International CEO to appear in 'Undercover Boss' 9/26
  100. Choice Privileges vs. Priority Club
  101. Best miles to points into Choice?
  102. Why can't I join?
  103. I don't want CP points, how to get FF credit?
  104. Planning a trip with 2 year-old to Hawaii - what are my Choice Hotel options?
  105. Double points at the economy group, arrivals 8/26/10 - 11/3/10
  106. www.choicehotels.com = Access Denied !!!
  107. 1k Bonus Points for Booking through Choice Mobile
  108. Choice priviledgesdiscount codes
  109. Anyone a choice hotels employee?
  110. Stay two nights get one free, or triple points for Plat/Dia members
  111. choice priv vs southwest rapid rewards
  112. Riviera properties?
  113. Will choice take points away if I book
  114. Isn't it about time for the stay two nights, get one free Promotion
  115. No points earned?
  116. Sleep Inns being reflagged?
  117. Referral Bonus
  118. Booking reward for someone else?
  119. Acceptable Quality Inns
  120. Time to Receive Points
  121. Choice Hotels - Stay 2x, Receive $50 GC
  122. Points required for 9/16/2010 - 11/30/2010 now listed
  123. late check out
  124. Quality Inn, Fredericksburg, VA
  125. Any Choice or AA pts possible if you used Orbitz?
  126. Convert Choice points to AA with 25%/35% bonus miles by 6/30/10
  127. Comfort Inn BWI Airport, Baltimore, MD.
  128. Reward night?
  129. New Choice Visa July 1?
  130. Timeline for point transfers (to AA)
  131. a glitch in Choice's award booking system
  132. How often do choice properties change point-redemption rates?
  133. Choice Privileges property and redemption spreadsheet
  134. ? about using points
  135. San Juan, PR
  136. So what rooms are assignable on award stays?
  137. Best Choice Hotel Property in London?
  138. PROMO: $25 Walmart GC for 3-night stay Orlando, Anaheim, San Antonio
  139. Bet 1,000 UA miles per 3,500 points
  140. Is there still a Choice Privileges credit card?
  141. How to get choice points?
  142. Spring Summer Promotion 05/20/10 - 08/05/10
  143. Choice Internet Guarantee – denied
  144. Purchasing Points with CP Visa Question
  145. Choice offers at dailygetaways.com 17 May 2010 (and onward)
  146. press release: Sleep Inn Hotels Get Refreshed with New Look and Feel
  147. Wanted Miles... Got Points
  148. Using my points to book a room for someone else
  149. Next Promotion?
  150. Will this extend the validity date of points?
  151. 2 stays didn't add up to 8k points
  152. Any surveys out there to get me more points?
  153. Choice hotels adjacent to each other, for hopping?
  154. Choice and B of A to split the sheets May 2010
  155. HELP with current promo
  156. Does "Bonus Point Package" stack on top of the 8000 for 2 stays?
  157. Top International Choice Properties
  158. Poor Customer Service at Choice
  159. Choice Hotel Near JFK
  160. no much hotels in asia?
  161. new (at least to me) CP points redemption option
  162. new 1st/2nd quarter promotion
  163. preferred hotel changes-positive for once
  164. Minot, ND call center to be closed in 2011
  165. Choice "Privileges"?
  166. ChoicePrivileges, Enterprise splitting the sheets 2/15/10
  167. Best NYC Choice Property?
  168. Bad Clarion Experience
  169. Any Stay Reqmt to Redeem CP Points for Airline Miles/Credits?
  170. How long to fix an inbound promo points problem?
  171. (6) 1000 point free choice priveleges points
  172. Tons of points expired 12/31 - any hope of getting them reinstated
  173. Starting in 2010, reward nights count toward Elite status
  174. Are your points expiring today? Choice removes them in the morning <gasp>
  175. Help! Reward Availability at Clarion Hotel Amon Plaza
  176. Happy Holidays- I Just Got Lucky And Was Able To Use A Free Night In Nyc On 12/31...
  177. Are all Comfort Inns this bad??
  178. Diamond Level Question
  179. Your Favorite Choice Property
  180. Using my and wife's points for two consecutive nights?
  181. Anyone been able to redeem for Barcelo?
  182. Thoughts on the New Promotion
  183. Choices Privledges n00b here
  184. Why is this board so quiet when there are thousands of Choice Hotels?
  185. Year end points redemption
  186. it's triple points OR MILES, and requires confusing registration
  187. New Choice website coming
  188. Question On Rumored Triple Points For Winter Promo
  189. Where to spend points exp Dec 31?
  190. Will there be 2010 promo? (corrected title)
  191. prepaid rates coming
  192. Need Airline Miles Posted
  193. Clarion Hotel Federal Way - recommended
  194. Program changes
  195. Redeem points for the dates after expiration
  196. Choice, Preferred or Summit Hotels in Paris
  197. Quality Inn Vancouver Airport - Stay Report & Warning
  198. Has anyone been charged a nights stay from the Sleep Inn Flagstaff?
  199. New 1,500 point booking bonus, 10/2 - 11/19, including...
  200. Sleep Inn Denver Identity theft risk-new ID policy scan/store licenses
  201. Can I Give My Points To Someone?
  202. Lake Tahoe - Quality Inn Casino Area or QI Trailside?
  203. Comfort Inn Royal Zurich, Switzerland
  204. Choice's cancellation policies on award nights
  205. Choice Points with Expedia booking
  206. Transfering in points
  207. hotel-specifc bonus points can give lower rate!!!
  208. Courtesy status renewal?
  209. Choice Computer Glitches AGAIN!!!
  210. reservations with points?
  211. OK, Choice, what's the new offer?
  212. Special Rates
  213. Comfort Suites Paradise Island
  214. Employee code or Friends and Family code
  215. Choice hotel employee or friends and family code
  216. 60+ Rate no longer available online?
  217. Medallia hotel rating scores now available online
  218. extended stays for southwest flyers
  219. Barceló: New point redemption option
  220. WN redemption 1.5RR / 6000 pts eff July 9
  221. 13 days, 13 stays. Choice-hopping in Orlando
  222. Cambria Suites in Baton Rouge
  223. How Do I Ever Use My Points?
  224. "redepositing" of points on cancelled on line reward reservations.
  225. Cash Card Redemption
  226. Do you receive a stay credit for an award stay with Choice?
  227. Clarion LGA Airport Hotel
  228. Preferred Hotel "Enhancement" - increased points
  229. Elect airline FF credit ...still receive a stay credit?
  230. How long for points transfer to DL?
  231. Free gas card promo is back
  232. How is the Quality in Geneva, CH?
  233. 100% Bonus on redemption for Skymiles. ( cashing in, not earning)
  234. Standard for earning the "Supports Green Practices" symbol?
  235. Choice Preferred Platinum Medal
  236. Choice Hotels in Portugal ??
  237. Next promotion?
  238. No points
  239. Conversion from Choice to RR's account with different name- possible?
  240. What happened to this hotel?
  241. Choice Free Night Promo question
  242. Choice Privileges expired my points
  243. Anyone stayed at CDG Comfort Inn?
  244. More point increases
  245. Next promo after Freeville?
  246. 60+ Rate?
  247. Big point increases in New Zealand
  248. Buying Choice Points
  249. Quality Paddington or Q Kensington? reward night help
  250. How many points have you earned during the current promo