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  1. Air India BKK to EWR / Precisions please ?
  2. Did someone try Air India ? [BKK-NYC in C]
  3. Mumbai airport (BOM) connection/transfer/transit questions - dedicated thread
  4. New book out on Air India
  5. Name spelt wrong
  6. Jet EWR-BOM
  7. Offer to sign up for Jet Privilege through bad website
  8. Jet Airway + ICICI Sapphiro Fiasco
  9. This forum does have influence
  10. TK720 IST-BOM operated by Jet Airways?
  11. AI SYD-DEL-LHR. Flying in business? AI will pay for your hotel on the O/N stopover
  12. Can anyone book a flight with Air India website?
  13. India Australia. SQ over AI
  14. Tata Sons & SQ to launch India based airline
  15. New member here - Can someone please explain this condition for redeeming jpmiles?
  16. Air India SBI Co-branded credit cards now!
  17. Incomplete name in the air ticket
  18. International traffic rights for India-based airlines from 8 regional centres
  19. Lounge access at Chennai Airport (MAA)
  20. flying thorugh India to Nepal. Can I check bags through?
  21. Air India looking at oneworld if Star Alliance membership falls through
  22. Jet Airways gets approval for additional Code-shares
  23. Air India / Air Canada Interline
  24. Jet Redemption Queries Thread
  25. No refund of tickets with misconnection due to 9W schedule change. Seriously Jet?
  26. Air India's new website
  27. Does Air India have an arrivals lounge in DEL
  28. In-Flight Entertainment Unit Calls Passenger 'Idiot'
  29. F to Hong Kong on 9W and/ or AI
  30. International to domestic connections in BOM
  31. Jet 332 J class seats
  32. In Air India even the IFE can be rude.
  33. 30 jpmiles for Rs 100 besides credit card miles on ferns and petals
  34. Taxes on Jet Airways
  35. 9W (Jet) Miles transfer query
  36. Jet airways cancellation fees on International bookings
  37. AI 263 or 265? BLR to MLE
  38. KTM-DEL with puppy (in transit)
  39. Jet airways and free hotels for transit ?
  40. Jet airways one way upgrade cost LHR-BOM from Y
  41. Joining Star Alliance
  42. Indigo - Cancellation charges - Intl sectors
  43. Maharaja club... How good?
  44. Jet Airways, simply worst mileage program ever
  45. Rain Means Cheap Air Tickets in India
  46. Air India Flying Returns Extra Baggage
  47. Discount Codes on Indian OTAs / Airlines
  48. Atrocious lounge(Taj flights of fancy) in Chennai!
  49. Surprisingly low fares on DEL-BOM
  50. Air India announces Australia non-stop
  51. Jet airways f class award availability
  52. Air India 787 over heating owen
  53. USD charges on Jet Aiways website
  54. credit short and cheap 9W flight where?
  55. Official India-based Airlines Award Availability Check Request Thread
  56. Double Miles on AI Metro Routes
  57. Air India domestic - worth paying for Executive?
  58. Citibank premiermiles and bookings through airline call centers
  59. Help With Finding Out the Fare Basis Code
  60. What time of the day does 9W release awards?
  61. how Indian aviation was destroyed.
  62. Big security hole in AI's domestic flights arriving at international terminal !!
  63. Jet transfer bonus
  64. ATQ or IXC Internationals?
  65. Cheapest "major" airport in India?
  66. IX baggage allowance
  67. JP Miles redemption for Intra US travel
  68. AI B787 analysis
  69. Jet Airways Citi upgrade vouchers
  70. 31K JPMiles Going to Waste?
  71. Need advise on first JetAir flight- final leg is BOM to BLR
  72. HDFC Bank JetPrivilege World Debit Card
  73. Is there a way to reset flying returns password on air india website?
  74. Advice on schedule change to LH & 9W(S2) connection in DEL
  75. Booking tickets with Miles on Air India
  76. Jet Airways award, LHR-DEL, J/F, early December
  77. 9W Upgrade (D-Class) Not available, but Mileage purchase of D POSSIBLE !!!
  78. 9W Frequent Flyer Program - Jet Privilege
  79. GoAir will Recruit Only Female FAs in the future
  80. Indigo airlines
  81. Air India DEL-JFK - which way round the world does it fly?
  82. Hand/carryon baggage, AI and IT domestic
  83. 9W one fare pass - easy to use?
  84. Newbie (to Jet): Tier Upgrade Criteria
  85. Any issues with carrying alcohol on domestic flights?
  86. S Ramadorai (longtime CEO of TCS) is the new AirAsia India chairman
  87. New JetFriends : Air France-KLM
  88. Travelled on LH, Miles on Jet
  89. LH-to-9W baggage interlining on separate tickets
  90. Jeddah to Mumbai-Jet or AI?
  91. Spice Jet Baggage allowance
  92. Best way to use JP miles?
  93. CCU - DEL weekend travel
  94. Jet Airways CEO quits.
  95. Qatar Airways, IndiGo in code-share talks
  96. Brussels -> Toronto -Jet Airways or United Program?
  97. First row in spice jet
  98. Help needed to book a DEL BKK DEL flight for 2 adults
  99. Flying JET \\ EWR-BRU-EWR in J
  100. Indigo customer service
  101. Reduced baggage allowance on IndiGo
  102. Should I buy Jet fare as backup in case AI gets cancelled?
  103. Can't find Jet fare on website
  104. Dom Pérignon on 9W
  105. Jet Awards: by zone or segment?
  106. Best airline to fly domestic within India
  107. Delhi Airport
  108. What is the Status of Paramount airways?
  109. Etihad CEO announces intention to switch 9W hub to AMS
  110. Consistent error message booking on Jet Airways website
  111. Is 6E the next KF?
  112. 20 Years of Jet - How many 20% Miles Did You Get?
  113. Q: Is Virgin America Partner airline with 9W? A: No
  114. Air India pilot locked out of cockpit after toilet break
  115. $ 825 r/t LAX to BOM
  116. Domestic Lounge Access
  117. where to under go immigration re
  118. another connection time question (DEL)
  119. Denied Cancellation within 24 hrs by Jet Airways
  120. JP Tier Miles calculation
  121. Travel agents on Strike today in india!!!
  122. Help/Suggestion needed for upcoming DEL--> SFO / BOS--> Del Trip
  123. question about 9W miles redemption on partner airlines?
  124. All JP Miles gone??
  125. NYC-DEL 9W vs UA in C
  126. Chartered 9W 332 impounded after a wedding party lands at a south african air base
  127. Jet Airways Mobile App (Windows)
  128. AI A321 flight deck supposedly goes for a nap with cabin crew in charge
  129. Jet and Etihad strategic partnership confirmed
  130. unbundling is here. DGCA approved
  131. Pictures of cannibalized Kingfisher planes
  132. Carry on baggage allowance for domestic India flights
  133. DEL-LHR-YOW baggage allowance
  134. Jet Airways selling stake to Etihad for 20.6 billion rupees
  135. A few questions about Indian carriers and connecting in India
  136. Successful IDB claim from Air India
  137. AI Express reviews?
  138. LH and Jet Airways
  139. Air India Award Chart
  140. what is the Best way to find cheapest fare in India for domestic & international?
  141. Jet Airways JPMiles buy for upgrade
  142. King Club Miles
  143. At Air India, pilots merrily violate dress code
  144. Jet open Jaw ticket
  145. New Jet Airways International Transfer Area in Mumbai
  146. Miles Accrual on Air India
  147. What was a 9W B737 doing in Brussels yesterday?
  148. Questions about JetKonnect
  149. 9W, no kits in Premier?
  150. Which is the best Credit Card as of April 2013
  151. Sudden Upgrade
  152. Meanwhile....While Air India might be known for its “aunties,”
  153. Nonstop to DEL from JFK/ORD/WAS
  154. Jet Airways & Delhi airport killed our cat
  155. Redemption related fees
  156. Check-out at DEL T2
  157. Connection in BOM
  158. New dgca proposed security rules.
  159. Help me choose India based airline program
  160. 9w228 BOM-BRU-EWR Meal Service (in Y / C)
  161. Air india customer service phone number
  162. 200k JP miles and no idea what to do, might just book a flight anyway
  163. JP Miles balance reset to zero!
  164. Change fees on 9W?
  165. AMD-BKK
  166. More changes to Amex MR
  167. CAPA analysis of AI (with lots of I-bA info)
  168. Does Jet Airways have any clue about information security?
  169. International to Domestic on separate tickets
  170. Some Air India questions
  171. Nightmare on Jet Airways!
  172. Air India - Rap music video!
  173. Air India Call Center wait time
  174. Lakshwadeep Air Connectivity
  175. Air India pilot loses it..
  176. Air Asia and Tata - coming up at a city near you
  177. Booking AI flight using sky miles?
  178. Jet Airways slashes domestic airfares
  179. Award Ticket on Jet Airways from US to India
  180. Surcharges for buying domestic India tickets
  181. Domestic Flights Advice
  182. seat selection with Air India
  183. Air India Miles Redemption
  184. 9W2484 - 245am dep from BOM for CCU
  185. Value of Citi Premier Miles?
  186. INTL-INTL connection at BOM airport
  187. How many Jet PLT, GLD, SLVs?
  188. Value of a Jet Mile??
  189. AI flight time change by 30 minutes = ticket re-issue?
  190. AI numbers in USA and UK (that actually work)?
  191. group bookings in india
  192. Air India in the top 10 most dangerous airlines in the world
  193. Now BA and 6E discussing a tieup...
  194. Jet Airways website loading timeout
  195. AI JFK-DEL Nonstop Advice
  196. Paid excess baggage fees twice
  197. Increased fee's for travel to BOM
  198. IbA Lounge Directory FAQ, Access Rules and Links (WIP - Input needed)
  199. IbA Credit Card FAQ and Thread Links (WIP - Inputs sought)
  200. Advice needed for AI Flight ex-FRA
  201. 25% Off on JPMiles redeemed at, on Gulf and ASEAN routes
  202. The Air India Snacks on a Plane scam
  203. Jet Airways- Mixed Bag
  204. 9w jet airways domestic - stay away!
  205. A guide to BOM (Mumbai Airport)
  206. AI DEL to BLR Dreamliner checking
  207. 9W(jetair) HYD checkin staff ignorant & Rude
  208. LHR-DEL: AI v Jet Airways v Virgin Atlantic
  209. Spice Jet and other LCC's sale (Rs 2000~ per segment) [11-13 Jan 2013]
  210. AI J class on 777-300 & A321
  211. Understanding the India-based airlines: where do I begin?
  212. Air India 777 at VIE [diversion of AI 144 EWR BOM to VIE]
  213. 9W581 AUH DEL Horrible experience
  214. Aircraft Change at Mumbai?
  215. City checkin jet airways - kowloon hong kong
  216. 9W C ground service... well, what service?
  217. 9W lounge access granted for non-elite; non JP member travelling in Y
  218. Cancellation time limit on Award cash upgrade
  219. HELP !! Non-Refundable and Non-changeable
  220. Passenger rights for getting bumped on AI 191
  221. Waitlist dilema for Jet Partner Reward ticket
  222. baggage allowance [domestic 9W connecting from Intl.]
  223. Jet Airways - Dom to Dom - Short Cnx
  224. Development fee to be Rs 675 for international sectors ----
  225. Help me! Its my first time :-( 10 hrs. Layover at del
  226. 500 JP Miles available....first come, first served
  227. flying to lhr
  228. Does Jet Priviledge offers a family account?
  229. Jet Airways announces Mangalore - Dubai 6x weekly from Jan 3rd 2013
  230. Best Partner Programm to earn miles for AI Flights?
  231. Getting partner miles on Air India is a pain now:(
  232. Silver upgrade voucher, can I use it if I am a gold member?
  233. G Fare on Jet - Anywhere to credit?
  234. Jet ugprade vouchers expired, can Jet extend the time on these or useless now?
  235. jet airways web checkin issues
  236. Air India - Shambolic Customer Service
  237. Internation Domestic connection Delhi Indira Gandhi
  238. BIAL lounges
  239. Connecting flights from US-LHR-BOM-AHmedabad
  240. 9W redemption vs miles upgrade
  241. Noshow refunds/Wifi
  242. IT partner redemption
  243. Can i use 9W Upgrade vouchers on any of these flights? DEL CDG 9W & EY
  244. Pathetic experience on JetKonnect
  245. Do Jet offer same day airport upgrades?
  246. 9w Premiere Mattresses...
  247. Interlining LH-9W-AI and ?
  248. Jet Airways announces NEW PREMIERE cabin and two new A330-300
  249. Class of Travel on 9W
  250. Indigo check-in in Dubai

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