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  1. Good deals to Africa on *A?
  2. AA: 260 mile MR or possible to re-route?
  3. Bump strategies for Thanksgiving?
  4. LX fat finger (LON-DEL)
  5. Is it worth it?
  6. Another end of year plea
  7. UA: status run help requested - PDX
  8. Mileage runs out of AMS?
  9. AA: MR from ORD: Need ~5600 EQM
  10. Help, Please. Need BIG Run DL or SkyTeam
  11. Gold Challenge on AA - Newbie question
  12. MR Newbie question - ITA - 12.5k miles in a weekend
  13. Star Alliance out of PIT
  14. per mile cost of airfares website
  15. Trouble booking my MR
  16. ITA vs. commercial software?
  17. Spare day at LAX...MR will make the time pass..
  18. MR thru SBA
  19. DBLEQ MR from AUS. Any ideas?
  20. First Ever MR this Weekend - double transcons
  21. Refundability depending on...
  22. DL/NW: ORD-MSP-LGA/JFK-NRT-LAX-ATL-DTW-ORD $787ai - am i crazy
  23. Coupon code for CSA?
  24. Need help from mileage run gurus
  25. (fare gone) DL: IAH-FRA/MUC, $448 a/i; T fare
  26. Is Delta Silver Medallion worth a Segment Run
  27. Flying my last segment run to gain silver on US: ORD-PHX-ABQ-PHX-ORD this saturday
  28. I Need 50K miles in Whatever Airline for this weekend for under $200
  29. MSP-DELTA/NWA Mileage Run
  30. Needed - cheap AA segments ex-DFW ...
  31. DL:fll-jfk-sea-jfk-fll $220 ai
  32. Us: Dca-phx-sea-phx-dca $250
  33. UA: Need 14kmi for Premiere Executive - Tips?
  34. Help with going for DL gold medallion from SFO
  35. MR on the MAA – SIN - MAA sector anyone…??
  36. Looking for 10k EQM on AA out of NYC
  38. Greenhorn who could use some advice :
  39. AA: DFW-LAX-ORD-STL-LAX-DFW $716 ai (5.7cpm)
  40. Newbie, need UA MR out of SDF
  41. alternatives for ONT-TPA MR // LH M&M
  42. 5500 miles needed on UA
  43. AA: DFW-BOS-SFO-BOS-DFW for 463.40 ai @ 2.72 cpm.
  44. Need a MR to make PLT...
  45. AA: AUS-FRA - more miles?
  46. Need DL/NW MR for 12k EQMs - ideas for ORD?
  47. With DQEM, is a 38,000-mile AA MR from LBB possible?
  48. Newbie - Needs Help for 6 segments
  49. Need 25-30k UA EQM from LAX/SNA Nov 21-22
  50. Need 3700 S* miles
  51. Booked first MR!
  52. Are all the cheap CO fares out of PHL gone?
  53. So, I have 4 days of vacation left this year...
  54. George Clooney movie about MR!
  55. need ~50k EQM (AA)
  56. UA MR's, or mostly AA?
  57. Need 15,764 EQM out of SFO on AA
  58. Finding % of air traffic per airline at an airport
  59. Will need 10 segs/10k miles on DL/NW - PLEASE HELP!
  60. Add segment/miles to DFW/LAX/ORD/FRA RT MR?
  61. Need some last-minute advice for UA mileage run tomorrow
  62. Help, I need 17, on AA mr ideas anyone?
  63. Tomorrow is my first MR - please help
  64. Red-Eye flight on this Halloween - Time change?
  65. Flying a cheaper fare by using my destination as a connection
  66. EK: IAH-BOM-IAH $1069 Good Deal?
  67. Upfare? Avoid 50% credit
  68. MSP MR-Passport needs to be Stamped
  69. YX: DCA-CLE $89 all-in
  70. UA: 2 segments with same flight number, how many miles?
  71. MR ideas from DFW on UA
  72. Just bought a MR to top of my account for EXP! Woohoo!
  74. (Phantom fare) CO: $6 on Fare Compare
  75. Need DL/NW Mileage Run for $300
  76. Looking for ideas for 25k BIS MR ex-SFO on UA metal.
  77. Worthy Mileage Program or Deal for Multiple NRT<->LAX Flights?
  78. Figuring out the booking class on xpdia or orbitz
  79. Made a MR Rookie mistake - any suggestions?
  80. (Fare gone) Was-sfo $75+ co!!!!
  82. MSP Mileage Run On AA for 10,753+ Miles (before DEQM)
  83. Looking for YYZ-SEA MR recommendation
  84. Best SFO-based 2-4 segment MR?
  85. Most EQMs Out of JFK/LGA
  86. Help a newbie please - Trying to get segments to extend US Air Silver Trial
  87. Any BOS-PHL cheap tickets?
  88. Looking for Mileage Run from HSV to DCA/IAD on US Air
  89. Recommendation for Booking a MR
  90. Help in Decoding UA Fare Routing Rules (Planning Mileage Runs)?
  91. Need 6k on UA Metal Nov 10-11 (from SEA)
  92. DTW and AA: options?
  93. BA: Tier Point Run help requested
  94. help with maximizing sfo-Den
  95. Two AS Companion Coupons?
  96. any suggestions for upgrade program? - new to this
  97. Help with AA MR out of ORD in December.
  98. ready to do my first.
  99. Looking for MR deals from SEA on UA
  100. Maiden Post, Maiden Mileage run....
  101. DL/NW - BUF - PDX: Comments
  102. 13,414 miles needed on a Star Alliance run roundtrip from Bangkok
  103. Any Star Alliance flight from Bangkok for 13,414 miles?
  104. Opinion AA MR Segments or EQM to EXP
  105. FareCompare for ex-Europe
  106. Mileage running TO/FROM/WITHIN Australia?
  107. It finally happened!
  109. Req: Mileage run from NYC/EWR on CO to make silver
  110. AA: JFK-SFO/LAX 12/19-12/20 will fare be reduce in a few weeks?
  111. My biggest AA run ever begins (DFW-SFO via ZRH)
  112. DL SLC to wherever, quick, cheap, and far
  113. Staying Healthy During Mileage Runs: How Do You Do It?
  114. [MX] Fare Error- will carrier deny boarding?
  115. Looking for cheapest way to get 50,000 miles on UA
  116. AA MR - 35 min connection how to tell if same plane?
  117. 36 Hours in Singapore
  118. On the Cheap from: EU to ASIA summer 2010 tickets
  119. Cheapest way to make 5k EQMs on UA?
  120. What to do for overnight stay in Boston if too cheap to pay for hotel?
  121. Discussion about JFK-London via LAX and DEQM from the Premium Fares Thread
  122. Where else to get routing rules now that farecompare is not showing?
  123. AA Flight / MR help - ORD -> 1300 miles
  124. need suggestions for MR 11/26-11/28
  125. Help with SE Asia holiday and future plans
  126. BOS Mileage Run on US Air
  127. Searching for Deal - NYC to Anywhere - Thanksgiving Week
  128. CO Flyer based in IAH MR
  129. Looking to do first DL MR in 2010 from DCA/IAD
  130. Help - need ~20K UA EQM from AUS by 12/15
  131. Based out of Atlanta, how do I set up good MR's on Delta
  132. Mileage-running over Holidays 2009? Where are you going?
  133. MSP Mileage Runs
  134. Points Run on CO
  135. New to MR - Need 5k on NW/DL
  136. Help me with a MR to make Plat on CO
  137. what program to join? lots of questions.
  138. availability of decent priced ticket around christmas on *A
  139. Need a couple MRs for the last weekend in October
  140. Twitter for Twitter-specials?
  141. Help me find a cheap destination 600 or so miles from ORD or DFW
  142. Help me find a UA MR for 15K miles - under $500?
  143. MR from BUF ca. 35K in F (*A)
  144. Need ~37K Delta MQMs Before 12/31/09
  145. EQM Confused
  146. Going from 0k to 1k in a couple of months need help
  147. Suggestions for CO DEQM MR from EWR Nov 6-8
  148. Mileage Run
  149. FB silver... yes, no, if yes, the how ?
  150. UA SWU-Upgradable Fares (W and up) for Mileage Run?
  151. Need 113K MQMs. :(
  152. AA MR: Is $629ai for 25k+ EQM good? Is this itinerary crazy?
  153. Assistance needed for MR from ORD
  154. (FARE GONE) DL: SFO-STT $261 all in
  155. AA DFW-FRA $631 ai - Does this count as a mileage run fare?
  156. 7,028 MQM to Gold
  157. Need MR for 14580 AS Miles
  158. Maximizing DCA-MCT itinerary (Dec 8 - 20, 2009)
  159. OW Tier Point Run - From IAH
  160. Need a cheap flight from North America to Europe
  161. Help -- Need ~20K MQM's on DL
  162. (FARE GONE) UA: LAX-SFO-PVG RT $535 ai
  163. MR Advice from SLC
  164. UA Trip out of ORD Needed - can anyone help?
  165. Need Eight Segments on United (WAS) by December 15
  166. AA MR from JFK - SFO or LAX?
  167. EK:SFO-BOM class??
  168. (FARE GONE) IB: MAD-MEX 339 Euros All In Round Trip!
  169. ORD to anywhere
  170. 8 Segments on UA in 1 Day from WAS area
  171. Flying OW from PVG to EWR
  172. Need Qantas Mile for Upgrade
  173. Need to get US segments this week...
  174. 22 Segments in 3 Days
  175. Doing this MR, see if my butt can take it
  176. Advice req: AA:: LHR-HAN??
  177. AA MR to MAD...can/should I stay inside immigration?
  178. Best way to accrue AA segments fast/cheap?
  179. AA: DFW-ORD-NRT-SIN for 965.60 ai @ 2.76cpm. Can anybody do better?
  180. need 3878/4378 actual miles on UA, 12/14-12/15
  181. Booked AA ORD-SIN MR. Need upgrade angels
  182. Newbie MR'er question: Can I turn around same day for DFW-FRA?
  183. Is this a good MR?
  184. MR to get AC Elite: YYT - HNL, and stops enroute
  185. AA isn't competitive on //anything// right now. Did I make a mistake switching over?
  186. Does this constitute a good MR on CO?
  187. CO: Please help and bump me up to Plat!
  188. Problems Ticketing BWI-MHH
  189. (FARE GONE) UA hitting US hubs: PHL/CLT to PDX/SEA/LAS/SMF/SFO/SAN from $49++ OW
  190. (FARE GONE) Ua: Pdx-phl 49.00++ ow
  191. How to book tickets on line in specific fare buckets?
  192. CO: Longest direct flight for EQM's
  193. MR advice: SFO origination (UA)
  194. Help! I've fallen through the cracks! (YYZ-LHR-DME)
  195. *A MR from DAR? OK, how about LAX in mid-Dec...
  196. For all of you creative thinkers
  197. PHX origination for MR
  198. Specify fare class on 3rd party website?
  199. Need 2043+ miles RT anywhere from BOS on *A
  200. Is it legal to skip a segment?
  201. SYD Layover during MR
  202. Looking for 40K EQM on AA from MIA/FLL
  203. Help finding a last minute MR on UA from MKE or ORD
  204. Timing of MRs: Adding on or doing it separately?
  205. Need 15K AA from LAX
  206. Help with MR to get Delta Silver for First Time
  207. Help a newbie with a MCI mileage run (AA)
  208. MR Segment adding assistance...
  209. Help with a MR from IAD
  210. Not too bad of a MRs? (NW/DL)
  211. farecompare routing info: still down?
  212. Pls Help with MR on Oct 30th
  213. SFO - DUS $760 ai United? Worth it or use miles?
  214. UA - Acceptable Booking Question
  215. Looking for MR Help from GSP/CLT/AVL (NW/DL)
  216. Please evaluate this MR ($535 ai) -- need 11K for platinum on AA
  217. Need Your Help to Maximize DL BOS - SNA
  218. Discussion about various Mileage Run Options on UA ex MKE
  219. Bumped during a Mileage Run
  220. How to maximize trip to reach DL PM?
  221. Mileage run between now and mid-December on AA (need about 11K for platinum)...
  222. [FARE GONE] DL: LGA/JFK-SAP $139 ai
  223. status change during (perhaps same day) MR - would inbound get new bonus miles?
  224. (Fare Gone) BA: US-BOM, $555 a/i; Y fare
  225. DL/Sky Team Mileage Run Help from DCA/IAD
  226. UA/USairways MR BOS/PVD to ???
  227. US -> ORD-PHL_BWI-PHL_ORD $196 AI same day Dec 12
  228. Looking for Star Alliance MR - YYZ Departure
  229. Should I AA PLT/GLD Challenge?
  230. MR Dilemma: NYC-Madrid...what to do?
  231. Alaska Air mileage run
  232. Some much needed UA MR advice!
  233. AA MR run help. ORD to anywhere
  234. Where should I go?
  235. Good MR's from ORD on UA??
  236. UA: DFW MR Sugguestions?
  237. Looking for MR companion for a AA > 20K MR out of ORD in early november
  238. UA MR: Help requested
  239. Need 30K to requalify for SEN - based in BRU
  240. [FARE GONE] AA: ATL-GRU, $385 ai
  241. Help booking another MR (again).. Pricing...
  242. Travel Agent MSP for Mileage Run
  243. CO Mileage Run Help - EWR/PHL to Anywhere!
  244. (FARE GONE) LH: 4.50NOK BLQ to WAS in F
  245. qantas FF to US in december
  246. LON-BCN O/W confusion
  247. I need a UA eqm run from LHR
  248. Booking a MR: where to turn?
  249. I need a good MR (or two) from Boston
  250. Travel Visa Requirements and MRs

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