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  1. Need 10k on *A from SIN
  2. 6905 Miles needed on *A
  3. Need 6103 on SkyTeam from SEA
  4. ITA Matrix code for alliances?
  5. [FARE GONE] CO/CM: EWR-LIM $390 ai
  6. Award tickets to India with stopover
  7. Issues booking a segment run on .bomb
  8. Fare basis/Booking class for online tickets ?
  9. Maximize miles/points on SEA-TXL-AMS-NYC-SEA
  10. What's a cheap way to earn 4.3K EQP on AA
  11. FareCompare Error...
  12. Cheapest Flight *A out of WAS to anywhere?
  13. My First even MR starts of Weary
  14. (Gone) CO: LAX-MCO $179 ai RT
  15. UA: BWI- SGN 4.6 cpm but only on
  16. ITA Show Me Miles?
  17. 10K Mileage run needed
  18. BOS or MHT Mileage Run needed Next week
  19. [FARE GONE] AF (DL): JFK-BCN-LYS-BRU $386 a/i RT
  20. Ideas for MRs from LAX
  21. [FARE GONE] UA: SFO-IAD $239 ai
  22. Anyone found any good segment runs from DEN?
  23. 7,200 miles short of re-qualifying *A - help? :)
  24. AA DEQM question...
  25. Delta Weekly Web Fare Specials --> Are they for real?
  26. Delta DTW lowest cost leg accumulation?
  27. Where Can I find low fares conducive to Mileage Running?
  28. LX availability on expertflyer?
  29. UA (or any *A) Run out of LHR
  30. UA run out off NYC?
  31. Washington DC frequent flyer
  32. Aviation Fuel Tax Relief Legislation at YVR / British Columbia
  33. Stl-msp on delta-back and forth
  34. NEED HELP! NYC-LON in Business
  35. New mileage run sharing tool
  36. Cost per mile search engine
  37. CO LAX - FLL, 3cpm potential?
  38. German Status Run
  39. How far ahead to book mileage runs
  40. Advice on one-shot AA 3-5K EQP run?
  41. Dallas-Fort Worth to Morgontown
  42. First Timer : Need tips/tricks, etc.
  43. Saver Rewards
  44. [FARE GONE] UA/CO: SFO-MEM 9/18 & 9/25 ONLY $166 ai
  45. [fare gone] ua: Mia-hnl $448++
  46. MR on UA from Boston
  47. (FARE GONE) Aa: Ord-hnl $418++, ord-lih/koa/ogg $447++ rt
  48. UA EQM fall promo?
  49. Any good AA segment of MRs out there totaling under 1.5cpm with the 3x bonuses?
  50. Any good AA segment runs? Same day turn?
  51. Should I sandwich a MR in between two other MRs?
  52. Extend this short trip just a little bit more?
  53. YVR to... need some help! Star Alliance
  54. Anything good shaping up on DL ex-SFO/SJC/OAK?
  55. Re spur of moment weekend run (on Delta)
  56. DL segment run
  57. ICN Quick Turnaround
  58. help contructing NYC-PHX mileage run on DL
  59. Lack of LAX MR deals?
  60. Discussion... 2010 Fare of the year
  61. CO: Fun long weekend MR to Asia/Pacific (BOS-GUM-NRT $2.2k; October)
  62. Are higher airfares changing the mileage run game?
  63. About 2300 miles short of requalifying
  64. Mileage Run - Acceptable EQM Cost
  65. (FARE GONE) UA: BUF-BOS 6 segment run ($21/seg AI) $78++ = $128.20AI
  66. [FARE GONE] AA: BOS/PHX $99 AI one way
  67. How much in TOTAL have you spent on mileage runs in your life?
  68. PIT-ORD-PVG x3 ??
  69. what is the gold standard for price/segment?
  70. EF or KVS on MAC OS*?
  71. Help constructing SFO-BOS Milage Run on UA
  72. Travel Insurance for MR
  73. Max miles on SFO-ATL. Any airline
  74. MR "challenge"
  75. DL: DTW - HKG a.i. $1,105 (for first milage run)
  76. Need help with a milage run Stockholm-Malaga
  77. Using ITA + EF + FC + AA to construct AA MR's?
  78. optimizing miles when flying Lufthansa
  79. Taxes missing in an award ticket - can anyone explain?
  80. from SIN on Star Alliance
  81. Flight to HK: Delta, UA, AC or Cathay?
  82. NYC - NRT via *A, Advice Please
  83. DL BNA/RDU/PIT MR's, when is the payout?
  84. Is back to back ticketing only apply to same airline?
  85. Newbie MR question - DL in ATL
  86. help needed to reach Elite... (just a few miles short)
  87. Anyone in Tampa on Wed?
  88. PIT JFK AMM JFK PIT w DMQMs 2.30 cpm
  89. Advice - BOS-MCO segment run on UA and expired e-cert
  90. DL MR with a $400 budget
  91. AA MR Question
  92. How about some cheap Labor Day ideas from ORD
  93. (GONE) AA/AS/DL: EQM/EQS run PUW-SEA-PDX-BOI-LWS 64 a/i 3.2cpEQM (for elites) $16/EQS
  94. [MR Request] Need Milage run from SYR
  95. [FARE GONE] AA: SEA-IAD $220ai (also WAS-PDX)
  96. JFK to LIM $365 ai, found on ITA, unable to book.
  97. Happy day!!!!! Happy day!!!!!!!
  98. United Hub AAtack is on; stl, mia
  99. [FARE GONE] UA Tware to SYD or MEL
  100. Hey, FT...I need your help...
  101. The new, better, seatcounter?
  102. (FARE GONE) UA: LAX-IAD-MIA r/t $220.80 all-in; 3.4cpm 6418 miles
  103. Changes to partially used ticket and YQ
  104. How long Elite status changes after MRs
  105. MR from SEA for Newbie
  106. Does the doublie Elite miles qualify on International segments
  107. First MR - Need some tips
  108. Help finding a CPM web site
  109. Did ITA remove matrix1?
  110. How difficult is it to get a travel agency in your name?
  111. website
  112. MR-ifying UA YYZ-HYD-YYZ
  113. why i never saw the city code routing rules
  114. Suggestions for earning 10K before mid October
  115. MRs from STL/PIT/RDU??
  116. Help would be apprciated........
  117. Mileage run in October for BA Status
  118. MR from YYC?
  119. Where to find routing rule
  120. What if I miss my return flight?
  121. Hawaii Christmas Travel - HSV to KOA
  122. Getting to PIT from NYC to Start a MR
  123. First millage run from SEA: advice needed
  124. extra EU segments to maximize miles
  125. MAL & KLM
  126. UA:: SBN to TPA Mileage Run
  127. AA: SJC(SFO) to MCI
  128. Is there a FareCompare equivalent for Europe?
  129. Lookin' for MR deal for friday/sat after t-giving
  130. UA Segment run out of PIT?
  131. Fare Rules: Cant Find on EF
  132. To MR or not to MR, that is the question
  133. MR on UA from WAS to anywhere?
  134. AA AUS to CVG suggest some Mileage Run option
  135. Mileage Run needed on UA ex SFO/SJC
  136. Can we turn these cheap UA/CO fares out of ORD into MR's?
  137. Jetblue unlimited deal is back
  138. UA: ORD-SEA-DEN-BOS-IAD-MCO-ORD (five days, $596.20 ai; ~10cpm)
  139. MR on CON from LAX to anywhere? Newbie
  140. Segment Ticketing Limit?
  141. My First Mileage Run: Advice
  142. DL Run Question: Illegal Ticket?
  143. Mileage Run Gone Wrong?
  144. DL: PIT-CDG-ATH question and other stuff.
  145. Best/cheapest status runs from NYC
  146. Something better than FareCompare and ITA?
  147. COntinental COdeshare COnnection COnfusion... COllect BIG... ~2.7cpm
  148. Newbie question: triple miles on layover
  149. AA: SJC(SFO) to AUS
  150. Is Mileage Run the best way to reach Lifetime AA status?
  151. ITA Software Doesn't Allow Domestic Legs on Foreign Carriers?
  152. AA RUN: need advice
  153. Mileage Run Question for Delta
  154. Three Day Week End Mileage Run to Europe
  155. How to search for flights on UAL by booking class?
  156. MR on UA from LAX to anywhere?
  157. Tool to search multiple destination at one time
  158. Help my friend to choose a right FF Program
  159. Who to choose - EuroBonus or Miles&More
  160. Destination DEL
  161. thinking about my first MR - can you help me add miles to SEA-BOS? (Star Alliance)
  162. Need full miles on Co Gold using UAL & ANA?
  163. Seeking statusmiles
  164. Advice needed: LHR to MCO - which FF program to use
  165. Advice on routes and secrets for acquiring extra segments cheaply on UA?
  166. UA: MSP Segment/Mileage Runs
  167. MR from TPE-BRU-TPE
  168. Europe in October
  169. (FARE GONE) CO: ORD-ONT $151 r/t all-in - 3.35/mi
  170. Checking baggage through multiple iteneraries
  171. Do lack of bags raise alarm bells with TSA?
  172. United vs American in UK
  173. Sydney MR
  174. AA fares LHR
  175. Need some MSP DL mileage runs...
  176. how did you calculate your price per mile (ppm) threshold for MRs?
  177. Emergency MR help
  178. Original is now gone?
  179. Noob Post
  180. my first MR...thoughts/advice?
  181. Fancy UA MR Routings Gone?
  182. (FARE GONE) UA: CVG/DTW/ATL-HNL/OGG/KOA $457-$464 ai; MEM-HNL $454 ai thru EOS
  183. A Challenge for the AA Challenge
  184. Help maximizing a MR PHX>ORD
  185. [FARE GONE] UA: DFW-PHX/TUS/ABQ, $130 a/i; K fare
  186. Tips on paid fares
  187. GDPF gone?
  188. Help Booking a Multi City Itinerary
  189. star alliance MR from BRU or AMS before sept 3th
  190. UA MR from LHR [request; closed]
  191. shows some super low fares from MNL
  192. (AIRLINE GONE) MX: IAD-BOG $258 a/i
  193. Chance of OpUp
  194. Milage Run Question for Newbie
  195. Max value on cheap domestic flights
  196. 2010 Holiday mileage runs
  197. Need Segments on the Cheap from SFO on UA
  198. Largest Mileage Run
  199. Turn Around at SFO
  200. ITA Metal
  201. SeatCounter .com
  202. (FARE GONE) DL: PHX-SLC-ATL-SJU-ATL-PHX $278a.i. 6,777 mi (4.1 cpm)
  203. Injured Flyer Needs Help With Mile Runs.....
  204. fearful flyers doing MRs?
  205. ~$0.04/cpm on UA; hold out for better or not?
  206. [FARE GONE] SN: EWR-BRU-FRA $0+$261 (in W?)
  207. *A Mileage Run from Manila?
  208. (Gone) DL: SFO-ANC $270a/i, up to 8126mqm
  209. [GONE] DL: DEN-HNL & SFO-KOA $275.6 DEN-OGG $279 SFO-HNL $250.60 [&more; ai; Merged]
  210. [FARE GONE] UA: SAN-BNA/BWI $207 a/i (3.7 cpm)
  211. A Favor?
  212. Can find on ITN can't find a bookable
  213. Connecting thru Toronto from US to INTL
  214. Recommendations on Short MR (ex-SIN) on OW partners
  215. Etiquette for hopping off a flight at a connection?
  216. Any fast way to scan fares that allow a stopover?
  217. Just what is a DFW resident supposed to do?
  218. DL ex-TPE 241 business deal $3000!!
  219. (Gone) MX: LAX-SJD (Cabo san Lucas) $229rt (ai)
  220. [FARE GONE] MX: SFO/DEN-CUN $238 RT all in
  221. MR out of LAS
  222. ITA iPhone App
  223. Have UA $150 e cert and want to use this weekend with max mileage
  224. Intl MR ex-US for non US citizen?
  225. UA/DL "mileage run"
  226. US Airways MR out of ZRH
  227. (FARE GONE) DL: RDU-ATL-SIN $965 & 42696 MQMs. Early Oct.
  228. (NOT BOOKABLE) CO: EWR-NCE $238 ai
  229. (Gone) HA: ICN-HNL-LAS/PHX/PDX/etc C class 699 USD RT
  230. Novice Needs Help
  231. please help with saver award ticket from ORD to SEA (8/31 to 9/6)
  232. Need help with a UA MR ex-DEN 7/31-8/2
  233. $26.4 per EQS?
  234. AA Bonus Offer
  235. AA - Correct calculations?
  236. MR out of SEA to East Coast
  237. potential trip - critique?
  238. Reasons to pick up a few miles quickly?
  239. MR from Miami
  240. MSP-MEM Wait or Buy It Now
  241. UA Best Domestic One Day Turn out of LAX??
  242. Help me find a MR out of OKC
  243. (FARE GONE) Aa: Lax-hnl($188), ogg($228) each-way fares
  244. [FARE GONE] DL: CMH/CVG-DEN $120 ai
  245. Any good MRs from ORD on UA?
  246. How to Fly from NYC to CPH at the Very Very Last Minute
  247. [FARE GONE] DL: WAS-LAS $121 all in
  248. DL: SFO-MCO $180.80 ai thru EOS
  249. ITA frequently down
  250. Fare info at