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  1. Help Needed: Current UA Silver. What should I do? Potential MR
  2. Need 18K to get to UA Silver level from IAD/DCA
  3. AA MR Need help
  4. UA: 8k to gold, MR options beginning of November?
  5. Best way to book multi-segment trip? (DL)
  6. AA: Need MR (PR) Strategy Help
  7. 7125 EK miles next week. Hints?
  8. Help! Need UA 10K from MSP midweek Dec
  9. Is spending $500 on MR to requalify for Plat AA worth it?
  10. December 31 flights - newbie question
  11. DL - Looking for mileage runs
  12. Need ~23K eqm - help me choose best MR
  13. AC: Need 15k from SIN before Dec 31 on *A
  14. UA: 30K PQMs needed for 1K before the end of the year
  15. 1st Timer - Clarification on MQPs - AA
  16. AS: Need MR suggestions/help
  17. Advice needed for First MR-AA Fast track
  18. Advice on first MR
  19. Need Miles This Weekend!
  20. [PREM FARE GONE] Ua ewr-eug first class $391rt
  21. MileageRuns for EXP Challenge
  22. Inventory discrepancy: separate one-ways vs. connecting route [AA]
  23. To MR or not to MR
  24. AA Business SFO-JFK-SJU RT
  25. Need 15k AA EQM in 3 Months, based in Germany!
  26. 1st Mileage Run for AA - Please help!!!
  27. Need help with 25k on UA from SFO Oct 30,31 & Nov 1
  28. Need 25,000 EQP from ATL
  29. Need help with 7.5k on UA from DEN (or LAR) in Oct/Nov
  30. How to purchase ticket from Travel Agent?
  31. AA Status Challenge need 25k EQPs before 10/5
  32. AA - Cheapest full point economy/business/first routes from SFO/OAK?
  33. RSS Feed
  34. Star Alliance flight from Asia to Europe ?
  35. Help in getting to AA Plat from 55k miles
  36. Best price for 7k TK miles on UA
  37. Help! DL MR from ORD/MDW
  38. MR for AA Fast Track from SEA?
  39. claiming miles without actually taking a flight
  40. Help me for MR from PHX for AA 25K EQP
  41. Need 3500 AA EQP starting in Europe
  42. Many Short-Haul Trips In Short Time
  43. Need Help w/ AA Fast Track: 25k EQp from GIG/GRU
  44. 7K short of AA Platinum
  45. Newbie to the forums looking for some DL mileage run advice
  46. First Mileage Run Booked!
  47. Premium fare reposition from HKG - where? BKK TPE etc
  48. Using SWU on AA when booked through BA
  49. Need 9000 miles on UA in the next 24 days
  50. Platinum Worth It?
  51. Need 25K EQPs on AA. - Any mileage run suggestions?
  52. [PREM FARE GONE] DL: MIA-PEK ~$1842ai (Business) (other AA hubs available)
  53. Help w/ MR from London on AA/BA - need 30K for exp
  54. Need 45K miles on United from BOS
  55. Mileage / Tier Point Run - Newbie looking for advice
  56. AA MR Help PHL/DC
  57. BOS wanting Platinum(AA) by year end
  58. AA MR DFW to HKG? Need 17k for EP
  59. Any good mileage runs the first weekend in Feb on AA
  60. Deals to Colombia?
  61. Help - Need 25k Miles on AA out of NYC/PHL for EXP
  62. looking for anyone needing a delta MR out of ATL.
  63. MR out of SJO
  64. Anyone planning MR starting Jan 2016 ?
  65. Fares to DEL
  66. Newbie needs help
  67. Need 20k Points for EXP
  68. [PREM FARE GONE] (Business & First) AA LAX-JFK-LHR $1998 AI
  69. Need 6,000 EQM to reach PLT
  70. First mile run planning. HELP me Please :)
  71. Need MR from EWR on UA
  72. AA: Segment Runs
  73. 8000 EQPs Needed To Qualify for EXP
  74. 8000 EQPs Needed To Qualify for EXP
  75. Tips for Finding MR from Non-Hubs (STL in this case)
  76. Need help on Delta out of DC
  77. YVR-Asia $2200 USD
  78. Is MR Worthwhile for UA Gold to Platinum (with itinerary)?
  79. ex-PVG MR for 10/1-10/8?
  80. Would like 85K EQP or EQM by end of year
  81. YYZ Transit on MR Question
  82. AA Exec Platinum Challenge Help
  83. Need UA MR out of ORD
  84. UA MR ex DFW on 10/3 or 10/4 need 2,500 PQMs
  85. Looking for a PIT Mileage Run, Newbie Here!
  86. Need 30K miles on AA from LAX to make EXP
  87. Achieving 25k AAdvantage elite-qualifying points threshold in 3 months
  88. MR through PEK, do I need a VISA???
  89. Looking for DL mileage run out of MSP
  90. Worth Trying for Platinum?
  91. Help please: AA MR ex-Europe mid-Sept
  92. Looking for MR: SFO-XXX need 10k miles
  93. Air China DE-SYD, MEL 2500
  94. Need AA MR Help For ~20k Miles
  95. Best way to get info about special deals?
  96. Need 40000 miles
  97. Need 7,000 AA BIS for ~$300 from DFW - any ideas?
  98. AA/US - EWR-SEA - Same Day Turn - $264 - 4.4cpm
  99. Recommendations with flexibility
  100. How do you get the support of your spouse
  101. Aa mileage run from BNA/ORD/DFW/CLT
  102. 150k eqm on AA already this year, switch carriers?
  103. Has anyone done the 1am CGK arrival...?
  104. [PREM FARE GONE] (First): BA, AA : PRG - CUN or MEX $799
  105. BA run using AARP and AA FF # - Question
  106. AA Mileage run from NYC - Please help!
  107. Plea for help... United Platinum MR advice
  108. DL: LAX-PTY MR Can I just stay airside?
  109. Need help with a 15K MQM Delta MR from NYC before end of 2015
  110. Why do MRs always seem to need to be booked well in advance?
  111. Airline codeshare - How to force book it
  112. J fare significantly cheaper out of Canada than US for numerous int'l destinations
  113. MR Question... Abandoning full itinerary mid trip..??
  114. What happened to Elite Helper?
  115. Mileage run for someone with zero status
  116. [PREM FARE GONE] ST/*A: Canada to EU in Business - USD1900 RT AI
  117. Need MR / MIA/FLL 10/17
  118. Seeking MR route suggestions on AA from DFW Same Day Turnaround Mon-Fri
  119. Is there a way to avoid Qualifying Dollars?
  120. DL - MSN to BJX/QRO
  121. [FARE GONE] AA: GIG/GRU- multiple locations (HKG/LAX/MIA/SFO ETC) ~$200 Y ~$360 J!
  122. [PREM FARE GONE] AA: GIG/GRU- multiple locations (HKG/LAX/MIA/SFO ETC) ~$200 Y ~$360
  123. [prem fare gone] ba f: Dus/fra-lhr-pek ~$2300usd
  124. Using AMEX points for MRs
  125. [FARE GONE]: [Delta] a lot of cheap flight from nyc to europe
  126. (FARE GONE) BA/CX/MH F: FRA-KUL, route via HKG and/or SIN, ~$1,300
  127. Request for DEN Help: Need ~13K Miles
  128. Need help finding MR out of EWR/JFK/LGA/PHL. Suggestions.
  129. MR From ORD before 10/9 12,000EQM
  130. Need help: UA Mileage Run from DEN
  131. MR Advice - Is EXP PLT worth it
  132. Best Routing(s) for Biz Class from SFO on UA
  133. Need 20K AA domestic Miles
  134. MRs in coach?
  135. Mileage Run Help - AA out of ORD - 25k EQP
  136. UA from SFO
  137. Low health risk MR destinations
  138. Another AA Platinum challenge question. Got $1K
  139. one week ..... Asia
  140. Mileage run for 25k EQP's on AA
  141. Delta Mileage runs from Ohio
  142. Bite the bullet mileage run
  143. Adding segments
  144. Need 65K EQM from DFW on AA (or 100K EQM in Jan/Feb)
  145. 25k MQM MR (DL) from NYC
  146. HKG/CAN deals
  147. Any good routes for mileage runs from CLT or RDU?
  148. Help with AA EXP 3 month challenge from CLT
  149. Looking for *A MR suggestions ex-BKK
  150. Needing 10k EQP in one trip from DFW
  151. CapOne Venture vs AA and United
  152. Cash and Voucher Count towards EQM
  153. AA Exec Platinum Challenge - 25,000/30,000 miles in 3 months
  154. 10K ORD based mileage run on AA needed by 11/10
  155. Mileage run worth it for AA Gold?
  156. Aug 21-23 or labor day weekend 10k EQPs AA challenge NYC
  157. How to do segment runs?
  158. Cheapest way to accrue AA Points?
  159. MR from ORD on UA
  160. AEROMEXICO - SAT to MEX drug runs
  161. Mileage Run from IAH on Delta
  162. Advice please: most economical way to accrue 250 BA Tier Points
  163. 6k Miles on Oneworld from Japan?
  164. Curious about the price-out on a GRU-ORD MR
  165. UA MR from SFO between now and end of 2015
  167. Are there particular routes from DFW that are best for miles run
  168. Mileage runs for KL/DL/AF (FB) from South America?
  169. AA MR assistance: PHL, 9k EQM
  170. YYC MR - North America Flight Pass Challenge
  171. Mileage Run Suggests/BOSHKGBOS
  172. UA SFO MR for Thanksgiving
  173. Going to finally have to do a couple MRs
  174. UA Mileage run needed this Frid/Sat from ORD
  175. Mileage run needed: ORD-MUC or ORD-FRA on AA
  176. BA - GRU-PHX 700 tier miles in J+?
  177. YVR-Carribean AA now the cheapest to many destinations.
  178. Looking for a MR from SEA
  179. An immediate turnaround in BLR possible?
  180. ORD<->SCL under 1K USD possible?
  181. EZE MR same day return without paying the reciprocity fee possible?
  182. Interesting 3 month AA challenge--25k EQP--Exec Platinum Status through Feb '17
  183. UA from NYC area 6000 miles needed
  184. LAX-MIA-PTY : How many miles is this trip ?
  185. Need cheap MR North America to GOT - CPH to North America
  186. AA - Is EXP reachable this year?
  187. MR Suggestions for UA
  188. some basic new to MR questions
  189. Recos for UAL/Star Alliance route for early August?
  190. 2,455 miles needed to AA Elite!
  191. MR - TSA or Immigration Concerns ?
  192. Miami AA Lounge or Prestige Club - Open 24 Hours ?
  193. Which gives me more Mileage on these trips?
  194. NYC Mileage run/Challenge advice
  195. I've got $1000. I'd like to get elite status
  196. Latin America countries with low taxes
  197. Friend is offering me an amazing deal for LAN. Need Mileage run help. :)
  198. Currently AA Plat : will lose status - when is the best time in 2016 to do MR
  199. [FARE GONE] ZRH-HKG-BKK r/t Cathay Pacific Business Class 126
  200. [PREM FARE GONE] Ey: Mow-bkk/bkk-syd(mel)/syd(mel)-mow ~2000usd
  201. Need $3500 (usd)/30k miles on UA for Gold, how would you do it?
  202. Fare Rules and Routing Rules Conflict
  203. Earning 5K EQM Strategy for AA Gold Elite
  204. DL: Long Haul MR from MSP
  205. AA MR from LAX during Thanksgiving
  206. Are there any premium cabin deal newsletters like there is for economy class?
  207. Cross-border MR: CAN->US customs?
  208. Is it possible to be a Mileage Runner in a hub city for THAT airline?
  209. Seattle Run
  210. AA Potential Mileage Run
  211. AA Mileage run for Platinum status from MBJ or MIA
  212. AA Mileage Run ideas from South Florida
  213. AA PLT status maintenance, DFW looking for mileage run help, 30k
  214. AA Mileage Run Help from NYC w/10 nights in Tokyo
  215. DL - IAH runs anyone see any??
  216. DL: Dallas Looking for a MR
  217. Any ideas ex Paris (or thereabouts)?
  218. AA Need help with mileage run! Newbie. Please be gentle!
  219. Are MR's an obsession?
  220. Cash Vs Points
  221. UA....YVR - Central America Via EWR. Routing question.
  222. First mileage run question
  223. Looking for help with an AA EQP challenge out of MIA
  224. Need an AA D/FW mileage run - dates are wide open & I'm flexible!
  225. AA Gold Challenge, 5k needed
  226. Crowdsourcing ideas for AA challenge ex-ORD
  227. Europe to SYD and back, get status. Get creative!
  228. City search for MR
  229. search engine - departure any european city for best deal
  230. DL Mileage Run from ATL needed - July thru September
  231. AA Plat Challenge - need 10K
  232. Mileage run EWR-HKG-GUM-HNL
  233. LAX turnaround: too close for comfort?
  234. MR Advice: 15k miles needed ex-CLT in Dec on AA
  235. Looking for cheapest possible F runs on DL on East Coast
  236. Need UA 25K mileage run out of IAD or DCA
  237. Mileage (actually segment) run
  238. Help with AA MR 1/2/16-1/10/16
  239. Struggling to find good mileage from from BOS between July 1 and July 5.
  240. MR needed in July from SEA on AS or a partner airline (AA/DL/AF/BA/Emirates/KLM/etc.)
  241. Any Fourth of July deals out of the L.A. region?
  242. Worried about weather delays
  243. AA status run from LAS
  244. International MR remaining airside
  245. Mile run out of MIA or FLL... on AA or UA
  246. [FARE GONE] IB/BA: BCN-SCL JFK-BRU 267 ai (and many others)
  247. [FARE GONE] AA/IB: JFK /DFW - IST / TLV / CMN = $389 ai, RT
  248. [FARE GONE] IB: DFW-IST, $359 a/i
  249. Looking for MR to NRT or HND on AA from ORD
  250. [FARE GONE] IB: DFW-TLV, $411 a/i