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  1. AA segment run: IAH
  2. not used to this AA
  3. Seeking advice: UA (*alliance) to MSP
  4. UA: Need 3600 out of EWR - 1st MR
  5. UA: Need 12k miles for 1K NY/NJ Area
  6. [FARE GONE] UA: PHL/CLT-HNL from $344 ai RT (3.3 cpm; 10420 mi)
  7. Possible to change name on
  8. Segment run - CHI/MKE to anywhere
  9. booking regular flights NYC - SLC
  10. Need advice on planning a UA MR from Japan, JFK p.s. possible?
  11. Help Maximizing Miles - JFK-CHS - UA or DL
  12. How can I get notified for fares to certain cities on this forum?
  13. Cheapest Delta Fares out of NYC?
  14. PHX MR help
  15. [FARE GONE] AM: US-SouthAm starting $399, 4.25 cpm
  16. MR help/adivce DL our of MSP - need 7500 miles
  17. Does DXB allow immediate turn around?
  18. MR from a small town? Help?
  19. MR options for ORD-SAN flts
  20. DL: MQMs for purchase again this year? Need a boost to reach Diamond
  21. [FARE GONE] UA: EWR-HNL $421 ai (Oct/Nov/early Dec; $465 ai Dec: 1-4 nt stays only)
  22. [FARE GONE] RGN First class comes back again!!!!
  23. Need help for major mr from YHZ,YYZ,YUL,BOS
  24. Mileage runs and Southwest: Moo-tually exclusive?
  25. [FARE GONE] UA: NYC-SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica) $295 (4.9cpm)
  26. 27k miles to EXP (AA) from ORD - possible?
  27. Maximize Miles on AA - LAX - NYC - Oct. 26
  28. WAS: best/worst for MRs on UA?
  29. Need Help: DL from ATL (or Surrounding Airports)
  30. DL Out of WAS question
  31. No Luck finding run from YYZ to europe
  32. Ask for MR advice: NYC-TXL on UA or *A
  33. Seeking Advice - UA MR from EWR to reach Gold
  34. Resort town newbie help-UA
  35. USA/Asia Sept 25/26 Dep - meet up thread
  36. Seeking advice: UA milage run from DTW
  37. Newbie: Does Dubai mr make sense?
  38. Need 400 miles for Silver Status on United - worth it?
  39. Mileage run on Star Alliance from BOS
  40. Looking for DL Segments Run From PIT, CLE or CAK
  41. Mileage Run Strategies During American Work Slowdown
  42. DL: 1st Mileage Run Quest to Silver Medallion
  43. [Expired] All DL mileage runs: take off another 15%
  44. Maximize miles on *A LAX-NZ
  45. Seeking Advice: 4000 AA EQPs quick and cheap
  46. Best CPM with US Airways promotion? CLT/NYC Pref
  47. How do you find out whether the fare qualifies for mileage?
  48. Need Expert Help
  49. AA - The challenge begins...57k miles left
  50. Need only 500 miles to make 1K with UA out of IAD
  51. NEWBIE - Need help with Segment Run
  52. any potential for mile-run?
  53. DL deals NYC to South America?
  54. Help: Need 4250 *A mileage run to keep 1K - IAD
  55. DL: Segment Run Advice for Silver
  56. [FARE GONE] UA/AA match DL: XXX-Asia (**last minute travel/very limited dates**)
  57. [FARE GONE] DL: NYC-HNL 4.7 Cents per Miile
  58. Delta: Can you link one ways to protect against IROPs
  59. First MR First Post: Need UA from SMF for 6K
  60. Maximize Miles for NYC-IAH/HOU on AA October 6-9
  61. Mileage Run(s?) to maintain AA Platinum status
  62. Star Alliance Mileage Run - LHR Based
  63. OneWorld Mileage Run help needed from HKG
  64. 19,000 points on Aegean?
  65. Segment Run on UA from CLE
  66. NYC AA Mileage Run needed
  67. DL: Segment runs from MSN/MKE
  68. UA: Mileage run from SNA (Orange County)
  69. My First Mileage Run YHZ Using AC and AE
  70. Need American Airline Miles
  71. UA from SAN or CLD Ideas? I Need 15k miles!
  72. MR request help. ABQ/SAF - LAX + NYC
  73. [FARE GONE] Jetblue, $50 discount per RT ticket or $25 OW nation wide
  74. MR on DL PIT>????
  75. Phx-aus $126??
  76. Help needed for a MR on US from WAS
  77. Newbie trying to find a MR out of Den or COS - Sept 19 or 20th
  78. Delta MR should I seek bids as a cherry on top?
  79. Need advice on interrupted mileage run
  80. I need 70k miles, any around the world trips?
  81. OGG Overnight Tips
  82. Maximizing Mileage on SFO-NRT-SFO
  83. Should I Do DL Mileage Runs This Year or Wait Until the New Year? (Strategy)
  84. MR Run Ideas from NYC - Going for AA EXP
  85. My first ever mileage run - help please
  86. FT help for looking for IAD LAX max miles
  87. Mileage Run on United from Orlando (MCO)?
  88. DL - How do I ticket this MR
  89. US Mileage run out of Clt ideas
  90. UA Mileage run needed out of DEN
  91. SDC/Routing Rules for DL MR
  92. MR on AA from DFW
  93. looking to make a mileage run out of my flight plans
  94. very confused newbie
  95. DL MR's from MSY
  96. Mileage run from BKK
  97. Segment run (YVR to LAX)
  98. Mileage run to GIG
  99. US: Help w/ segment run out of PHL (need 17)
  100. Any MRs from SFO on Dreamliner?
  101. Booking multiple segments on same itinerary?
  102. AA NYC Runs: 25k miles needed
  103. South American mileage run blogs / website
  104. LA to Las Vegas
  105. [FARE GONE] DL: YOW-SFO r/t ai $322 MQS
  106. (FARE GONE) UA: PDX-FLL $230 a.i.
  107. 11,500 UA EQM's from CLE Area
  108. Need 15k in December on UA
  109. Non-Specific Mileage Run
  110. HNL-SJU in C/F if you have a week
  111. 32K with UA by end of year
  112. UA - MR Deals from LAX/SNA/ONT
  113. (FARE GONE) DL: SFO<->JFK $238 ai
  114. 25k miles in September with United
  115. [FARE GONE] DL: SFO-BWI, LAX-CLE ~$150ai
  116. BA: Millage run from MCO
  117. MR on AA from SFO
  118. UA SFO to HNL $301 ai rt
  119. AA Mileage run this week
  120. Are there better UA MR options for ~ 15k?
  121. Status/airline advice needed for 10-20 transatlantic flights.
  122. Skipping legs on multi-leg bookings
  123. UA including a layover in London area, from NYC?
  124. MR on DL with FlexPoints
  125. [FARE GONE] DL: PIT/MKE-IAH/DFW starting @ $153ai (T)
  126. MR help needed from ORD on AA
  127. DL SJU MR deal schedule changes - anyone else get the call?
  128. SLC Mileage Run tips on DL?
  129. AA Mileage/Segment Runs Out of ORD Through End of Year
  130. (GONE) AA/JJ: JFK/PHL/various westcoast-BEL (Belem, Brazil): $580ai. Few dates in Oct
  131. US: MR for Chairman's
  132. Feedback on DL MR from Atlanta on Delta
  133. MR help from DCA, RIC or IAD
  134. MR to Asia
  135. [FARE GONE] UA/LH: SFO (and others)-HEL from $591 in May 2013!!
  136. Help on Aug 31-Sep 3 MR from YYZ
  137. Multiple segment or high mile MR out of small airports
  138. (FARE GONE) DL: SEA/BOS/ORD/LAX-MAO ~$576 -$585 a.i., 14,649 MQM's @3.9cpm
  139. Flights to India from europe
  140. Need 15K miles on UA by mid-October
  141. Cancel?
  142. Looking for quick one on one help with MR's
  143. Taking wife overseas end of 1/2013 44th ann.
  144. What if one person on a reservation does not fly a segment
  145. Unbookable? SEA-DFW for $60 RT says Orbitz
  146. Looking for AA EQMs for the hubby...ideas?
  147. AA out of DFW mr for sept
  148. [FARE GONE] ANA: JFK - Various Cities in China. Under $530 RT
  149. Far the quest for status is. For NRT buckle up you should and take it. Do it now
  150. PHL-LHR $456 rt ai or LHR-PHL $536
  151. Maximize Mileage
  152. Dl sju-sfo 9/7 -9/8
  153. Standby??
  154. New to MRs. How do you find and purchase them?
  155. UA MRs out of TUL
  156. uh oh.. i think lots of MR's just got screwed up
  157. UA Labor Day Weekend from NYC?
  158. MR / VR from DUB in November
  159. DL Mileage or wait?
  160. Help booking ITA Matrix fare
  161. Advice on MR MSP with LAS included (will overpay)
  162. strange routings= possible good mileage run
  163. [FARE GONE] US/UA/DL/AA: SFO/LAX-SJU ~$316 RT ai
  164. MR help from MUC
  165. SJU overnight tips?
  166. HELP - need places to hang out while traveling for work
  167. First MR, for star All. airline out of SEA or YVR
  168. JAX MR Help
  169. Newbie needs cheap MR from DFW before 9/30
  170. MR from Singapore?
  171. (FARE GONE) UA:ATL-SJC RT $227 - $234 Diff CPMs
  172. MR help: 20k miles trip BRU-YYZ for reaching *G/SEN
  173. MR on AS from California w/ $50 off coupon?
  174. MR Thru CWL
  175. Winter business class sales to Europe--when do they start?
  176. 40K to DL Diamond - MR Suggestions?
  177. How much do you spend on MRs a year?
  178. DL MR from DTW need about 9K MQM
  179. American Airlines Mileage Run 2012
  180. Flying YYZ-MIA on Aug 19, anyway to make it an MR?
  181. need suggestions - AA Aug 17/19 DFW/SFO/IAD
  182. EEK: MR schedule change reduced MQM's NYC-SAN-ICT
  183. Mileage Runs from RIC - Reaching for GM Delta
  184. Looking for an Mr on easterbreak
  185. Multi-City Segment Question: Flight Delays
  186. I need 10k points out of DFW by Nov 1
  187. AA out of BOS - suggestions/tips?
  188. Off the cuff run...
  189. Need 10K EQMs on AA by Aug 31
  190. How to use ITA info?
  191. 300,000 MQM from PURE MRing
  192. Help with first mileage run
  193. .043 cpm from IAH: First mileage run - thoughts?
  194. AA DFW to LAS and beyond - Mileage Run Assistance Requested
  195. (AA) AUS-LHR MR in J & F Crazy Deals *IF* Outbound on Thanksgiving
  196. Newbie MR here, looking for some help (*A, based in YYZ)
  197. Any Surprises Waiting For Me On One-Hour ORD-SJU Turnaround
  198. Mileage Calculator (Newbie)
  199. [FARE GONE] BOS-TLV tons of dates in the fall and winter - $420 pp
  200. Ideas for DL Sept MR from LAX
  201. Please advise newbie on 1st MR
  202. MR on UA from DEN
  203. Please help a UA1K maintain EXP in one foul swoop
  204. Best Way to Maximize Miles around Xmas Holidays?
  205. Your MR CPM Bite Range!
  206. AA: merits of mileage runs to reach 2 million miles (Plat for life)
  207. Planning MR for the long-term out of BOS
  208. [FARE GONE] US: XXX-XXX - price drop on many city pairs- Starting @ ~$150ai
  209. Mileage run for AA EXP qualification
  210. NEWBIE-- MR Questions
  211. Suggestions for Segment Run -- DCA -> ?, single-day, six segments, August
  212. Newbie to Mileage Run - Need 80K base miles for AA Million Miler Status
  213. New to this: Mileage Run: Need 14K before end of 2012
  214. New to MR - Need 12k DL MQM from MCO
  215. [FARE GONE] UA: DFW-YYZ, $290 a/i
  216. Need Help with Mileage Run
  217. [FARE GONE] SU: SVO-JFK $295 (Moscow to New York onAeroflot)
  218. Wanted: EXP strategy from YYZ
  219. [FARE GONE] AA/BA: SEA/SFO/LAX-ZRH $660 ai 4.9cpm (ARN,OSL,CPH,GVA,CDG,FCO etc ~$692)
  220. [FARE GONE] AA LAX-MXP $690 r/t ai. 5.3cpm
  221. [FARE GONE] DL/UA: LAX/SFO/SAN/ANC (& others)-BCN $625 a.i. 12,612 MQM's @ 4.9cpm
  222. (FARE GONE) UA Mid-haul flights starting @ $154ai (MCO,LAX,MCI,OMA,DEN,MDT,RSW)
  223. [FARE GONE] DCA - YYZ, YUL & YOW $130 on US
  224. [FARE GONE] UA: DFW-DUB, $516 a/i
  225. [FARE GONE] US: DCA-LIT-DCA $60 ai in Sep
  226. newbie AA MR question
  227. Mileage Runs out of Columbus (CMH)?
  228. (Fare gone) DL: DTW-LGB/FAT $175/$189ai
  229. (Fare gone) UA/DL: LAX-BDL $186ai
  230. FLL/PBI to PIT best way to max miles US/UA
  231. UA 100K ASAP, but cheaply
  232. Mileage Run starting in PIT US/UA
  233. Delta MR from MCO or FLL
  234. The AAbsolute Ultimate MR? Can it be done?
  235. Priced a MR on ITA, won't come up on
  236. From Yapta: is this legit?
  237. AA 55K Miles by End of Year
  238. [FARE GONE] WS: yul-cun $343 ai
  239. US: PHL-SLC $162 -- availability seems limited
  240. Can someone help me maximize mileage?
  241. Cost per segment??
  242. [FARE GONE] UA : BTV-EWR-IAH-SLC RT 247$ai (4c/mile)
  243. Suggestions for EXP
  244. Kayak pricing flights at -1
  245. Help with Florida Trip
  246. [FARE GONE] DL: PIT-SFO $140 ai r/t 2.8 cpm
  247. UA - Mileage Run Options (12/25-31) from EWR/JFK/PHL
  248. DL fall fares
  249. (FARE GONE) AA/UA: SJC-BOS/MHT/PVD $229ai 3.6cpm
  250. Extra Amenity Kits from mileage run