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  1. Need 7500 miles out of New York on AA
  2. Will we have "dollar runs" in the future?
  3. MR-- Which airline to fly to Starting Point?
  4. Need 12K UAL MR from BDL/BOS/PVI
  5. need 441 miles
  6. AA: Need 10 Segments to EXP from ORD
  7. AA - need 5 seg. from ORD 12/2013: ORD-STL-MIA-SJU-MIA-ORD $341???
  8. UA Milage run from CLE/CAK ~4900mi needed
  9. DL 9,750 MR Needed from ATL
  10. UA MR for ~1000+ miles-US okay, right?
  11. AA MR 17k to ExPlat, out of ORD or GIG, Dec 2013. Ideas pls!
  12. UA DEN mileage run ~7k+ needed
  13. DL: 10,334 Miles needed to FO
  14. AA: 6.5k EQMs Needed to Requal EXP
  15. new here… AS mileage run question
  16. 15k-17k DL miles needed. Route ideas?
  17. UA - ZFV Philly Train Question
  18. 19k for AA ExP from LAX
  19. help a newbie out
  20. UA Mileage Run Needed - 2500 Miles
  21. UA: Need 2k Miles from SFO/SJC/OAK
  22. UA: Need 14.6K or 9.5 Segments out of ORD
  23. UA: need 20K miles to get aegean gold star alliance
  24. UA : MR out of SFO ~20K miles
  25. FlyerTalk newbie needs help, please ;)
  26. Southwest -- need two more flights for A-List in 2013
  27. MR Help Needed: AUS on AA
  28. Need 17,147 from BDL/PVI/BOS
  29. Help Needed: 5100 miles on UA out of PHX; New to mileage runs
  30. MR ex-YVR on *A? SEA works too...
  31. Ideas on keeping PT from DFW
  32. UA MR Help - Need 5,000+ out of RDU by 12/31...any suggestions?
  33. Help! EoY Mileage run from AUS on AA
  34. TV reporter seeking to interview MRer in NYC Dec 4 & 5
  35. DL: 10k miles out of DCA
  36. UA MR help please: 4300 miles from IAH
  37. Looking for Mileage Run into Australia
  38. US - Need 4 segments by year end - BOS
  39. UA - Need 200 miles for Gold out of IAD, DCA, BWI
  40. AA: 6k from EXP, Clever Ideas Needed! DEC 2013
  41. UA: Help Needed for 17K miles out of ORD
  42. UA: Need 12,000 miles out of SFO!
  43. UA Help request: 3700 miles from WAS, weekends only possible?
  44. UA 6,000+ MR out of IAH, is it really that difficult?
  45. UA ABQ Mileage Run
  46. Aa: Ord-mco 12/2
  47. Aa: Ord-mco 12/2?
  48. Racking up BA Tier Points on SEA-STL
  49. Need to book 2 tickets from yyg (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) going to Chioggia, Italy
  50. 7524 short of UA Plat for 2013
  51. Help Request: Need 2,426 miles on UA out of PHL or ZFV
  52. Delta & UA newbie to FlyerTalk needing help with MRs
  53. Delta MR Need 12K by the End of the Year
  54. L4 5k MR through UA b4 EOY
  55. am I Crazy - UA 8000 mile run
  56. Looking for 3100 PQM out of EWR on UA
  57. any MR deal out of IAH, CLL,AUS for the Christmas holiday period, Dec 23-31 ?
  58. DL MR for about 10k miles out of DTW?
  59. Need 577 PQM on United out of LAS or OGG
  60. [FARE GONE] CA: HGH-PEK-LAX $481.1 ai RT
  61. AA MR eqm MIA
  62. Maximizing NYC-LAX on UA
  63. The first two weeks of December?? Typical yearly behavior?
  64. More relaxed on MR than "regular" flying? Just me?
  65. Any other Delta SEA flyers need a MR?
  66. UA MR - 16,500 miles
  67. 7500 miles needed for AA Gold out of NYC
  68. Need 4500 UA miles from DEN/COS
  69. Need 40k miles on AA for Exec Plat (DFW)
  70. Help with MR for 26K AA miles by year end
  71. MR ORD United
  72. UA/Star Alliance MR fr NYC by end Dec
  73. 6860 miles for 1K - mileage run help from CLE
  74. Need 2k Miles with Delta, out of SLC
  75. Need 824 PQMs out of ATL for UA Platinum
  76. Newbie Need DL Mileage Run from DCA/IAD and advice.
  77. Forum suggestion: Include pre or post 1/1 in title of MR routes
  78. UA segment run help requested, out of IND, MCO, or TPA
  79. UA - Need 6 Segments or 13K miles from ORD
  80. need milage run on Delta
  81. Need 8000 UA From DEN
  82. Need Help with possibility of MR End of the Year
  83. 40K miles or 34K points for AA, help please
  84. Advice needed, UA segment run on Silver Airways
  85. UA: SFO-EWR-RIC 5.2cpm Dec 15/16
  86. Need 7,337 UA miles out of IAH as cheap as possible
  87. DL need ~5800 for Platinum
  88. DL Mileage run(s) of 7200 needed in December from NYC or PHL
  89. Seeking 7200 additional miles on DL for 2013
  90. Need 3500 UA miles from DCA
  91. DL from PHX: looking for 6K MR
  92. Need 12k EQMs on AA
  93. HELP! Need 15k AA pts by Dec 31 to keep EXP
  94. Need 109 UA miles before 12/31
  95. Any Deals on AA/AS from PDX ?
  96. Need 7K from SFO/SJC/OAK on UA 12/14-12/15
  97. need either 10k or 35k from YOW on Star Alliance
  98. UA Segment Run from ABQ
  99. need 3k miles on UA out of LGA Fri Dec 6 evening
  100. MR from YVR on *A
  101. Need 17,000 from DEN on UA in December
  102. Need 3.5k from SIN before Dec 31 on *A
  103. Very short mileage run: Need 620 miles on *Alliance from BWI (possibly DCA, IAD)
  104. Need MR from CLT (*A)
  105. Help Request - Need 3,000 miles on UA from SFO
  106. Do we have a YYZ/BUF mileage run thread?
  107. [FARE GONE] VS: DFW-LHR, $769 a/i; spring travel!
  108. Need 620 miles on *Alliance from BWI (possibly DCA, IAD)
  109. MR Assistance Request: UA/US from BOS in December
  110. I need 3k AA miles from NYC/LA area before NYE
  111. UA out of LAX Frequent biz traveler needs 9550 miles
  112. Need 6.5K on UA from TPA
  113. Need Your Ideas: Maximize Miles Travelling New York-Seoul
  114. Need help finding flights to maintain AA EP
  115. Need 7500mi on AA for EXP from LAX in Dec
  116. Help Request: 15K+ AA EQM from ORD
  117. [FARE GONE] UA: EWR-Europe from $370 return
  118. Thanksgiving Day/Eve on UA from LAX
  119. UA: Need 10332 out of PVD, BDL, or BOS (possibly NYC). Can you beat $439?
  120. Interesting article and video about the third strike
  121. Need 2500 UA PQM
  122. Need ~ 10k AS before Dec 31 from AUS
  123. JFK--->DUBAI help
  124. Need 6,109 UA Miles for Gold
  125. Trip Canceled, Need 10K on UA from AUS
  126. Neewbie Mileage Run from SFO
  127. MR on AA from NYC 11/30
  128. MR on AA fr AUS
  129. DL, UR: creative West Coast-SGN routing?
  130. Need 4800 on UA from any LA area airport
  131. GIG advice (MR newbie)
  132. just booked my MR on AA - my story
  133. UA: 6700 Miles out of OMA
  134. MR needed from ORD on AA 1/17 - 1/20
  135. DL: Need MR from STL or MCI - NEWBIE
  136. DL: Need MR from STL or MCI - NEWBIE
  137. Need 17K miles on UA out of BDL, weekend in December
  138. Help!!! Need 3,742 miles to qualify for AA platinum
  139. First MR booked and need advice
  140. Take advantage of DL SEA 2x miles?
  141. CLE UA Flyer needs cheap 3000 miles
  142. Newbie UA MR to Silver out of YYC
  143. AA need 3250 from DFW
  144. How close can the return leg be?
  145. Newbie -Need 8200 miles on AA out of LAX
  146. Need 7K on UA from SFO
  147. Need 8000 miles on UA
  148. Oneworld MR for 40 QR Qpoints out of BKK
  149. Would you do this MR to get to EXP?
  150. Earning miles in restricted booking classes? (LH vs. US/UA)
  151. Need 3K miles on UA - can someone check my work?
  152. AA: OMA MR need help
  153. DL: Is Xmas day good for a cheap run out of JFK?
  154. Need 3000 Miles on UA from EWR - Newark??
  155. How do you guys do it? Preferred miles accrual?
  156. KUL - AMS/DUS Newbie attempt
  157. AA - DFW based any good MR options?
  158. oneworld MR from NYC over Thanksgiving long weekend - any ideas?
  159. UAL Mileage run from Chicago
  160. Short of Chairman on US by 9k
  161. [FARE GONE] AM: JFK-GRU $372 ai RT
  162. UA: need 16.5K to retain 1K from NYC
  163. need UA 6750 miles out of ORD
  164. AA from DFW-anything?
  165. posted in wrong forum - please delete
  166. Booking multi-segment itineraries
  167. Help for Delta Mileage run from DTW
  168. DL: Need a MR out of MSP by end of year!
  169. 13k out of SFO/OAK/SJC on UA
  170. DL CHI-SVO run, what do you think?
  171. I need just under 8000 miles on United
  172. Looking for Baltimore/ DC Mileage runners!
  173. Mileage run or just buy up?
  174. DL: Mileage Run ATL
  175. Newbie United MR for the Mrs. (From PDX)--need ~9k
  176. MR on dl out of MCO, newbie
  177. *A run to earn ~ 5k miles on AC Aeroplan from YTZ/YYZ
  178. Cheap AA flights from ORD this week?
  179. DL: Need a MR out of CVG (or IND, DAY, CHM) by end of year!
  180. MR needed, MKE base between Xmas and NYE
  181. Mileage Run EX-Singapore
  182. Newbie MR attempt
  183. How to book segments: MR on DL from NYC
  184. DL: Need a MR out of NYC in the next couple of weeks
  185. AA MR From AUS (1,000 EQP's)
  186. UA: Need 15 segments or 10k miles for plat, based in CLE
  187. First time MR - need 11k on AC (or SA) for SE status
  188. first time considering a MR..totally lost!
  189. AA NYC/PHL - MR 4K needed for Platinum
  190. Should I switch from AMEX/Delta to VISA/United?
  191. AA NYC - help needed 12k miles for EXP
  192. MRs out of MSP, 15k needed
  193. Hawaii Strategy MR
  194. Mileage Run Help! 22K miles needed
  195. a $200 MR to get 2 RPUs - worth it?
  196. AA LAX need 15k for EXP
  197. Favorite international stops when doing an international MR?
  198. UA: Help, Need 14k Miles, leaving from NYC area (EWR, JFK, LGA)
  199. UA MileagePlus extra segments needed.
  200. UA MR week-long vacation
  201. UA/LAX-BAH EQM mileage question
  202. UA- Any 1K mileage runner planning to maintain status
  203. AA/OW DFW MR Help Needed
  204. UA MR from IAH 12.4k to make 1k
  205. UA Mileage Run Help Needed
  206. UA MR Advice Requested
  207. DFW mileage run - 5,000 + miles
  208. First time on FT-looking for 21k UA PQM miles b4 EOY
  209. GSP Deals on Delta?
  210. MR from LAX on DL?
  211. Advice requested - UA MR out of SFO
  212. Longest documented MR in FT history?
  213. Heroic effort gets you level X, only semi-heroic for next level, when to stop?
  214. Need 5337mi on DL from SAN for PM
  215. ROLL CALL: Funky/Fun/Interesting Mileage Runs - 2013 Edition!!
  216. AS SEA need 300 miles
  217. Help needed: Add 6200 miles to a YOW-FRA business trip
  218. Just completed my first MR to Istanbul
  219. any reliable tools for finding cheap TATL biz fares
  220. Last Minute out of SFO
  221. 15K in 4 months on DL out of PDX
  222. DL - Using Miles for a Milage Run
  223. UA: is $249 good for 5593 mi?
  224. UA End of year run-- 1K same day turn SIN?
  225. Turning a SFO-PDX business trip into MR?
  226. AA segment runs from STL or NYC
  227. AF/SkyTeam MR out of LON (LHR/LGW/LCY)
  228. Need 12.5K UA miles for 1K out of NYC
  229. Need 7310 miles on UA from ORD to get 1K
  230. TPA - need 3842 UA miles for 1K
  231. Frustrated in Memphis
  232. (FARE GONE) IB (OW): MR out of PAR, 15K miles, $435ai, 2.8cpm
  233. My first MR tomorrow (amateur post) PDX-SEA-MIA-LAX-PDX
  234. What's a good cost per mile to aim for??
  235. UA: Virgin MR from SFO
  236. UA ORD - Need 20K miles this year for 1K status
  237. Why do you have to be butt-in-seat for MRs?
  238. How to maximize the connection between IAH and ANC?
  239. Need 8K AA miles for EXP challenge MLK weekend 2014, ORD based
  240. So I Need Miles...
  241. maximizing miles on Korea trip
  242. Request for MR -UA 14,000 out of BOS
  243. MR worth 10K from DFW on AA for under 6cpm
  244. ORD MR or Buy PQMs
  245. Need 7k EQP on AA from NYC
  246. crazy mileage runs
  247. Help for a noob - Delta MR
  248. MR NYC-IAH via IST allowed?
  249. [FARE GONE] AC/UA: DFW-LHR, $778 a/I; Summer travel !!
  250. I'm bitten- looking for more challenge- RTW possible?