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  1. Best use of Skypass miles
  2. What does Million Miler Club get you?
  3. KE ICN-NRT-LAX canceled every 4 days in Feb/Mar
  4. Korean air Prestige Lounge ICN
  5. How do I book open-jaw returns from UK?
  6. First on AF using 100K Skypass miles?
  7. award for non-family member
  8. KE increases domestic flights from ICN
  9. Seat assignments
  10. First Time on KE and a couple of questions
  11. Does KE Allow First Class Mileage Redemptions
  12. KE strands pax at ICN
  13. First time with Korean Air
  14. Shower Facilities at ICN
  15. KE economy seating
  16. Korean Skypass registration and name being too long?
  17. KE flight 086 JFK>ICN>MNL
  18. A380 Power and Headphone Jacks?
  19. upgrade price question
  20. Seoul in June via Korean Air-when to book?
  21. First class service on shorthaul A330
  22. Cities with Kosmo F Seats Ex: USA? Ex: AUS?
  23. Family Registration Problem
  24. Fare Class Z changed to I?
  25. Cabin Temps and ICN Check-in Times
  26. KE Newbie - website / seat assignment question
  27. KE Same Day Change/Standby from Connecting to Direct
  28. KE charters to (and possibly launch) NBO
  29. Does KE charge fuel surcharge on Skypass award on air france
  30. KE8122 Business Class?
  31. KE Flight Schedules
  32. Redeeming Miles on Delta?
  33. What type of business seats on regional aircraft
  34. Overnight ICN layover on paid Z ticket
  35. Can I avoid Q class CNX-ICN-ATL?
  36. Equipment change makes me weary...
  37. The Palau 300 (Korean Air leaves pax in the lurch)
  38. How far in advance can I book seat assignments for DL SM award ticket on KE?
  39. Hawaii to Europe award only 80k for Business and 100k for FC. Is that right?
  40. KE 39/40 and KE 15/16 Cancellation or Equipment Change?
  41. FlyerTalk Awards: Korean Air SKYPASS (ME/Asia/Oceania) benefits nominations
  42. Preferred seats for DL PM
  43. Pre-assigned seat changed too often
  44. does KE have fuel surcharges? transferring my AMEX miles
  45. Slightly OT: Duty Free at ICN
  46. Prestige Sleeper on 747? KE 0035/0036 in April 2012
  47. ICN-IAD upgrade?
  48. Can you order special meals on Prestige class?
  49. Prestige Class - TLV / BCN/ SYD
  50. ICN Transit ? - 45min Connection to 3x weekly flt
  51. Any luck with international standby with KE?
  52. 737-800 Korean Air
  53. How far in advance can you book KE award tickets?
  54. KE Lounge @ SIN
  55. Unemployed: How to get bumped off my flight?
  56. Confusing baggage question
  57. Prestige Class Seat Advice
  58. Skypass miles need for an international upgrade
  59. Can I use my miles to upgrade someone else's seat?
  60. KE vs Qantas vs Cathay?
  61. Why bother getting C-class seating assignment
  62. Why different Skypass Numbers
  63. TLV-MNL on KE in F
  64. Does KE ever have sales?
  65. KE documentary
  66. KE showing 777W on their SFO route
  67. KE vs OZ
  68. Question on ICN-LGW flights
  69. Upgrading Business Class Seat
  70. Korean Air starting ICN-LGW service
  71. Korean Air's Seoul Stopover program
  72. Redeeming Korean Air Miles on US Domestic Delta Flight
  73. KE Online Booking - Problems & Observations
  74. Korean Air ICN - SYD seat config - Kosmos suites?
  75. Korean Air vs. Delta
  76. How long does Elite Status last?
  77. ICN-PUS
  78. KE arrival terminal MNL
  79. KE A380 TV Commercial...
  80. B777 Row 52...
  81. KE awesome PR video featuring A380
  82. Korean vs Asiana Business Class
  83. KE seat assignments in U for STE+ (put all STE+s way at the back??)
  84. First Class Seats & Meals
  85. Korean Air Syd to NYC
  86. Updated On Board portion of KE site....
  87. KAL36 Odd Altitude Changes Over Canada - Normal?
  88. Combining Skypass Visa miles with KE's 'on metal' miles
  89. SYD
  90. Advice needed on refund, rebooking, and unclear email
  91. All My Miles Disappeared
  92. KAL 747
  93. ICN layover on award ticket - what to expect from KE?
  94. ? on using Skypass miles for flights on AS
  95. Korean Air to split Italian flights
  96. Skyteam question
  97. Best Prestige Plus Seat on 747
  98. KE's A380 F class lounge - PICS
  99. Korean Air Expands Prestige Class Lounge @ Incheon
  100. KAL JFK Lounge "Cinnamon Soda"
  101. BUS->ORD: Best use of 79K skypass miles?
  102. Location of Prestige Lounge?
  103. Standby Upgrade Using KE Miles
  104. KE Celebrity Sightings and Related Topics
  105. KE A380 strikes engine pod at NRT
  106. OT - ICN hotels
  107. LAX-GRU
  108. Question about lounge usage for Morning Calm members?
  109. Redeeming DL for GRU - LAX: No F Class?
  110. Question about lotion
  111. skypass miles for lounge
  112. How accourate is the KE online award availability display?
  113. Free Upgrade to J woohoo!
  114. Fare class on web?
  115. KE Order 30 CSeries Aircraft
  116. Is it easy to get upgrade tickets?
  117. Visa,Amex,or Mastercard
  118. New Seoul Gimpo - Beijing route from July 2011
  119. Portland?
  120. How Many DL Skymiles for DTW-ICN
  121. Water spray discrimination?
  122. just got my d-class ticket
  123. No amenity kit for Business?
  124. Paid Standby Upgrade
  125. Overnight layover at ICN
  126. ICN-LAS or the reverse on KE
  127. Headsets on Korean Air?
  128. Korean Air Refuses to Let Dying Woman Board Flight at Sea-Tac
  129. KE will accepted first A380 delivery very shortly
  130. KE orders 2 more 77W & 5 A330-200
  131. F lounge availability in FRA
  132. A380 - Where are the Bathrooms?
  133. Booking Korean Air Flights
  134. KE ORD-ICN lie-flat seats-which website is correct?
  135. Help for a Delta FF
  136. PUS Int'l KE Lounge
  137. YYZ - ICN
  138. KE Trip Report: BKK - ICN and ICN - SFO
  139. Korean Air unveils A380 flying duty-free shop
  140. Korean Air flight cancellation
  141. KE temporarily suspension service PUS-CTS & CHN-KIX
  142. questino regarding lie flat seats and biz saver vs. premium prestige
  143. Any Good Places for Discounted Business Class Trips?
  144. Korean Air totally blew my mind
  145. KE 5 ICN to LAS (Vegas)
  146. KE Complimentary Hotel Room in Mid-may?
  147. How are KE Economy?
  148. Is 55min connection at ICN enough?
  149. FFP partnership with HA!
  150. Korean Air Passenger Antitrust Litigation
  151. Trying to get soldier home for R&R from Korea
  152. What type of Prestige Seat does Flight 902 have?
  153. Seats on 747-400 Sleeper
  154. Seoul Layover: Where's the hotel?
  155. In-Seat PTV entertainment on Korean Air?
  156. Whom to request seat assignment, HA or KE?
  157. Ke lounge LAX
  158. Seat choice at booking in Y?
  159. KE First pictures of A380
  160. KE 085
  161. KE's trip planning website
  162. SFO-ICN New Plane
  163. Worth upgrading from J to F paying $2k?
  164. 60k to burn. Can be used for China domestic?
  165. KE lounge access
  166. seat power outlets
  167. Korean Air Boarding Question
  168. If Any Korean Air Employee is looking at this page, let yourself be known!
  169. Which lounge at CTS?
  170. Award availability - Skypass miles
  171. Transfer in Busan
  172. Which 777-200 config does KE023 use?
  173. Showering @ ICN during tight connection
  174. Anyone been in the lounge at HNL?
  175. ICN to GMP transfer (bags?)
  176. LHR-AUCK
  177. New Y on SYD-ICN-LHR
  178. Heads up on A380 award redemptions
  179. AVOD on B737?!
  180. How to get the afternoon flight from Nagoya to Incheon?
  181. Changes to a Ticket Booked through Travelocity?
  182. Dfw - icn - mnl
  183. ICN-YYZ: Non-polar Route?
  184. First time on Korean Air - what to expect
  185. Converting Delta U Fare Class Miles to Skypass Miles
  186. Help redeeming upgrade award using skypass miles
  187. Korean A380 Info
  188. Expiration of miles -- from 5 to 10 years?
  189. Boeing # for KE0018 and 0017?
  190. GRU-LAX: Amenity in Coach?
  191. KE Hires Japanese Popular Cat to Promote Trip to JAPAN
  192. Aircraft in use for KE86 (JFK and ICN and KE 603 ICN-HKG)
  193. Skypass miles for AF F
  194. Korea Air Skypass miles - what to do?
  195. Childrens meal LHR - AKL
  196. Avod lhr -akl
  197. Icn to lax. Take 001 or 017?
  198. Ke 086 & ke 085 ~ jfk/icn & icn/jfk
  199. Korean economy amenity
  200. KE vs UA fares from Korea
  201. Vote for Korean Air
  202. KE YYZ finally switched to daytime
  203. Upgrade request on KE domestic...
  204. Long Incheon Layover -- What to do?
  205. Web Check-in at JFK?
  206. In-flight Duty Free Sales
  207. ICN to PNH in Y
  208. IAD > ICN
  209. Coversion of Korean air miles
  210. KE 3rd daily GMP-HND schedule announced
  211. Flying LAX to ICN
  212. Booking a domestic flight via website - must use Skypass?
  213. "Left Luggage" at INC?
  214. KE 86 JFK-ICN Meal Service
  215. Alternative ICN transportation to Seoul after 10:00 PM?
  216. Support for Korean Travel Forum
  217. 773 vs 333 Prestige Class
  218. Day pass for Lounge access
  219. Getting Skymiles credit for a Korean Air Flight
  220. Seoul question: GMP at 8AM, or ICN at Noon?
  221. Best Business Seats in new 777-300ER
  222. Korean Air 2010 global TV ad campaign
  223. Any recent experience on YYZ - ICN flight?
  224. Korean Air Status Match?
  225. Korean Air new Skypass policy
  226. ANA or Korean Air in Biz class
  227. Domestic Fare Rules
  228. Another mileage devaluation as of 1 September
  229. I won a trip to Seoul...biz class on Korean Air!
  230. CRS for 15 month old
  231. Skypass Miles use
  232. Coach + First + Biz = Cheap ($2,061)
  233. SFO Biz Lounge
  234. Seek Info on KE86 and extra baggage
  235. ICN KE Lounge Shower?
  236. KE Seeks to Expand Premium Class Sales
  237. Changed my mind, any way I can get to Trivandrum (from BOM)
  238. Korean Air to Extend Air Mileage Validity. Asiana likely to follow suit.
  239. Question about 744s (SFO-ICN)
  240. HA's a codeshare but no Skypass booking?
  241. Huge discrepancies between Kayak and website: usual?
  242. Business seat which did not recline... any compensation?
  243. Question: Flying in Aug SFO-ICN-BOM
  244. Domestic Prestige class?
  245. Is it possible to book or force a longer layover?
  246. Transfer from Skymiles to Skypass
  247. How to add SkyPass-No. to reservation?
  248. New or old seats? Afraid of worst outcome...
  249. Flying Prestige class - access to lounge?
  250. YYZ (Toronto) - ICN first time