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  1. charged full when used companion cert; ticketing fax #??
  2. Miles & upgrades for priceline fare
  3. First timer on US.... and quite satisfied (so far).
  4. Did I read & understand right?
  5. US Air, PRE-FLIGHT Drinks....
  6. Question for fellow MacBook Pro users
  7. Anyone know the current plans for codeshares?
  8. How do I upgrade to First Class w/miles
  9. will they cancel our flight?
  10. Why was I upgraded?
  11. Help needed choosing US Air flight ORD-PHL
  12. CLT to build a 25 gate international terminal by 2011
  13. Status match to Virgin Atlantic?
  14. Juniper/Barclay No Fee Two year Expiring
  15. Will US make a bid for Northwest?
  16. Latest SandCastle Email "Merger Update (now Dividend Miles Update)"
  17. Seat reductions on BOS-PHL routes-- I quit!
  18. Thinking of dumping US FF for UA FF...advise needed
  19. United Status Match Experience
  20. cancelled long haul - DM Credit
  21. Flight attendant celebrates 50 years
  22. Getting original routing credit from UA after VDB
  23. US Senators from PA Go After US
  24. PHX-PHL-AMS MR: 2 hour turnaround enough time?
  25. Nominate a friend to Silver Preferred Status?
  26. Think I'll make it tonight?
  27. Burnin' Miles
  28. Customer Service reaches new low IMO....
  29. How screwed up is the airline industry?
  30. Lufthansa E fare dividend miles accumliation
  31. US Airways voted worst airline worldwide
  32. Booking an award ticket for another person?
  33. Voucher booking help
  34. Phoenix Club
  35. Buy US Preferred Status ('Everything Counts' promo returns for '07, but is targeted)
  36. New Promo?
  37. US vs. Swiss vs. Lufthansa
  38. It was going to be my swan song, but US doesn't love me anymore
  39. CRJ700 Exit Row Seats - Uncomfortable?
  40. USAir Mastercard for Preferred CheckIn
  41. Best parking near PHL?
  42. Wait list/Stand by on Luthansa?
  43. US seeks BOG-CLT service
  44. Suggestions To Find Lost Coat
  45. Thanksgiving fares - are we screwed?
  46. Help: Upgrading with US status but crediting to UA
  47. Is this A legal run?
  48. Companion Travel Certificate Need help please!!
  49. 5 Hour Turnaround with PHL segment - Sufficient Time?
  50. EMB 175s
  51. Connecting to *A
  52. The Grass isn't necessarilly greener
  53. Upgrades on flights w/ a stopover
  54. Breakfast Snack on the Shuttle?
  55. PHX-DCA and PHX-BWI -- prices jumped!
  56. award travel plan
  57. Should I worry going through customs?
  58. Selling off FF program?
  59. Who do I contact for adequate compensation? This was a good one ...
  60. question about upgrades for DM Silver
  61. Can you NOT do multi-city Award Tickets??
  62. I'm going to miss you guys
  63. YUP companion upgrade
  64. Any good way to tell if a flight is operated by East or West metal these days?
  65. Changing FF airline assignment after an upgrade
  66. Flying to OAK; stand by to SFO?
  67. US Airways 3rd Quarter Report
  68. New FF strategy
  69. Miles Toward Preferred on Star Alliance?
  70. Worth the Runs to CP? PLT's, CP's anyone chime in...
  71. Should a US Airways FA be good at "small talk"?
  72. SQ has a mockup seat display in the US LGA terminal
  73. What is your seat preference
  74. TRI Book Signing / Piedmont DC-3 Appearance
  75. Expired BA USAir CC $99 Comp Cert
  76. Stopover to SYD
  77. [Go]Upgrade on a red-eye...worth it?
  78. Silver challenge - what would you do?
  79. "Gifting" TA upgrade certs
  80. Flow control back into PHL-what does this mean?
  81. $75 Fare CLT to LAX..reason SKYBUS
  82. Lack of promotions - mixed feelings - what's your vibe?
  83. Changing Seats after online check-in?
  84. Advice for US Air Schedule Change
  85. Weird: Friend has my US number on her reservation
  86. Pittsburgh Airport.....Wow!
  87. Color of the Grass at AA
  88. CP line can't see flights with F upgrades within 7 days??
  89. When are F seats released for upgrades?
  90. New Uniforms?
  91. us airways first class.
  92. Transatlantic Upgrades
  93. Hello all first post on the forums have a airfare question
  94. Help with expiring miles
  95. Are you a FTer, Joe Grata? (More PIT kvetching...)
  96. Diverted and canceled flights: why does the plane then fly empty?
  97. US Airways Take Flight Certificate Region 3
  98. Gold Challenge and After Question
  99. US Airways Vacation Contest Enter Daily Tis' the season... to shop
  100. Is there still a silver/gold/plat challenge?
  101. Am I really that lucky? (US doesn't suck)
  102. PHL-SEA 1549 question
  103. Envoy Class Survey
  104. First Class Survey
  105. Thinking about an 11 segment MR in December
  106. New BOS PHL competition?
  107. Will finish the year with 73,535 EQMs, Should I take a MR?
  108. Whats up in PHL tonight?
  109. *A Award strategy to NZ
  110. US Airways has a twin
  111. When does the computer recognize your status?
  112. Couple of Stand-By Questions
  113. DM Silver on UA - "Upgrade 101"
  114. changing FF# US to UA
  115. Just how bad is the PHL operation?
  116. Electronic Timetable Application- Gone?
  117. Very pleasant experiences this last week
  118. US Airways Flight PHL to LIS had incredibly loud PA Announcements!
  119. Can award tickets for someone else be booked online if I am not traveling?
  120. Calling all experts with DM
  121. Any word on when they will finish loading the schedule changes from PIT?
  122. US AIRWAYS Dub-Sfo in Economy
  123. When & where will TATL 752s be deployed domestically?
  124. Upcoming MEX flight
  125. A pleasant surprise from US CP line
  126. New Doc Check process for PHL international?
  127. How to Transfer miles into Dividend Miles
  128. No Seats Available in this Cabin: Please Enlighten Me
  129. Delta said No
  130. Flying US Air First Time
  131. Losing status after 2/2008 - will I lose preferred seats?
  132. Best Opt Up strategy for PHL-FCO wed night
  133. Bumped from paid First Class
  134. 500mi Online Booking Bonus Ending?
  135. Morons on E-Bay What's New-US Passes
  136. UA First Class vs. US First (Domestic only)
  137. Does LAS/McCarran allow airside concourse transit?
  138. Clt-elp
  139. Living Dangerously
  140. How forgiving is US with trial eqm's?
  141. where are the 1st class service upgrades annouced in April?
  142. Why did I get a UA upgrade?
  143. Visa Companion Voucher
  144. US Wins
  145. Let's fantasize- US calls you to ask about your experiences with the airline
  146. o well nother flight no upgrade
  147. US Airways Shuttle vs. "Mainlaine" US Airways
  148. Exit Row Seats on US's buses'
  149. A new low... Poker Machine in the DCA club
  150. When you know you fly to much
  151. Phila. Inquirer: Blind musician says US Airways mistreated him
  152. Are seating charts for 757 correct?
  153. ear phones in economy
  154. Senior Citizens Penalized for Using US Air Voucher?
  155. Reporter: Tell us your US Airways story
  156. Rate US Airways Dividend Miles
  157. upgrade chances
  158. USA Today: US Airways passengers spend 7 hours stuck on the tarmac at JFK
  159. Dumping 15k on an F/C Upgrade - Worth it?
  160. Seriously, are there that many CPs?
  161. International Upgrade
  162. Another FF leaves US- Sen. Specter
  163. Give me one good reason not to defect to Continental
  164. Double booking on same day
  165. How do you miss row 1?
  166. US just screwed another CP and doesn't even care
  167. Minor Fare Increase: BOS-PHL
  168. Best way to keep my CP status
  169. 6 year old tickets
  170. Oh What a Night (subtitled: I've done some dumb things...)
  171. Missing first flight
  172. Status of PIT-FLL non-stops?
  173. So What CAN a Supervisor Do? </sarcasm>
  174. DCA First/Preferred Line
  175. LH A340-300 or US 333?
  176. Phoenix Fare Sale
  177. Do I have this right? (US vs UA club)
  178. Malfunctioning flaps on US 731 on 8Oct07
  179. Has this happened to you? "Member refused upgrade option"
  180. Next Time I'll call
  181. Unused Travel Credit, Over 12 months...Help?
  182. Pilot Seniority
  183. It's not rocket science . . . .
  184. Fare class on codeshare credited to US
  185. Getting maximum amount of stops from NYC to LAX
  186. old people in the exit row
  187. Code Share
  188. Any catering changes as of late up front?
  189. Would you recommend a GoUpgrade to Envoy (DUB-PHL)
  190. Single flight number with two segments - any recent experiences?
  191. Senators Specter and Casey Urge US Airways to Reconsider Cuts to Pittsburgh
  192. Advise needed: PHL-FRA-OSL-AES
  193. US signs 92 aircraft contract with Airbus: 22 A350s, 10 330/340s & 60 319/320/321s
  194. How to get 3 carry on bags on-board
  195. Learning the Lingo
  196. PIT USAirways Club
  197. Anyone know how to use a payphone at MAD Barajas ?
  198. Please turn your cell phone back on
  199. Was Newbie given correct information???
  200. IDB Voucher Question & Mileage Accrual
  201. Questions re US/LH transfer at FRA
  202. Does US airways also use starnet
  203. Complimentary drinks on DCA-BOS Shuttle?
  204. US Overbooking--- how is it determined?
  205. Is Silver Preferred Being Eliminated?
  206. US Air Miles Expired - Agent Gave Incorrect Information
  207. yesterday in PHL-chaotic
  208. Aricle on How Agents Get Revenge on Pax
  209. PIT reductions official -- email from US
  210. Scott Kirby Interview on KJZZ
  211. Who and Why are buying US Domestic F?
  212. Questions : PHL Airport for 2 hours - Shopping, Duty Free, State Tax
  213. Exit rows for US preferred on UA Codeshare
  214. CP transatlantic upgrade devalued too
  215. Redeposit of Miles
  216. Bank of America Debit Card
  217. Will the "Everything Counts Towards Preferred" Campaign Return This Year?
  218. Gold *A passenger access to USAIR club lounge
  219. SIN travel ideas
  220. Wall St Journal Middle Seat's Take on US Merger:
  221. New BoB Supposedly Starts Today!
  222. Escalation Path for USAirways
  223. Coming up on one year... how are the upgrades?
  224. Checking seat availability just before flying
  225. Star Alliance Award Question--Miles to Vietnam
  226. using club lounge w/ envoy question
  227. DFW-PHX A Meal in First Wooohooo!
  228. New Status/Existing Reservations
  229. Plane diverted questions
  230. Trip Report - PHL->LGW in coach on a 757
  231. Has anyone's employer banned them from flying US transatlantic?
  232. Woman was denied boarding on US Airways from PHX-TUS
  233. Is T class non upgradable?
  234. 92 and still waiting for miles
  235. Try Preferred Status Promo
  236. How long for UA Segments to post in DM Account
  237. I'm sorry for not listening to you CP's.........
  238. Question about phone reservation fee
  239. Upgrade window question
  240. Strategies for the elusive op-up
  241. If one accepts bump SFO-PHIL en route to Europe
  242. Another Fun Trip
  243. Netbank Fails
  244. Baggage Phone #
  245. Emergency Exit Rows on A330
  246. Any rumors of Elite/EQM promos for Q4?
  247. US miles on codeshared Star Alliance member
  248. Flight 701 last night PHL-PHX
  249. No more preferred line at LGA?
  250. Forbes ranks 'America's Worst Airlines' - US is the worst major