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  1. Baggage Q Re: PHL-LAX-HNL/US-UA
  2. Front Cabin: Name Your Own Price!
  3. I like HP
  4. Does anyone really pay for US first class?
  5. Award tip... LAS is available for this weekend
  6. Trip Report - PHL-LGW-PHL
  7. TR: HPN - PHL - ATH in Envoy
  8. Newbie looking for Award Availability
  9. An "Envoy" Solution
  10. US spinmaster at it again...DOT complaints!
  11. BWI Novice questions
  12. Why it took 3 hours to book a domestic flight by phone
  13. UA stock ticket for CP Member; upgrades?
  14. Who else is FED UP with the standby policy?
  15. International Award Ticket Date Change
  16. Connection Time from Int'l to USAir flight
  17. US Air Visa Now Gives 25,000 Miles?
  18. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth...
  19. USAir produces false class in itinerary
  20. Call to Bank of America Signature
  21. DCA-BOS Shuttle Schedule Change...
  22. Question for very regular LAS Club members
  23. Transpac award
  24. First class to Vegas?
  25. Phl - Sju - Phl
  26. my desk
  27. Shuttle Flights DCA to LGA
  28. Question about A330 to FCO
  29. What is with the failure to post miles?
  30. DM Award Tickets--Advice Worked
  31. US Silver or UA Premier?
  32. Award travel help!
  33. Trying to book award travel on line
  34. Avoid paying phone fee
  35. International Flight Cnx Time
  36. Status Matching
  37. Diverted due to overflowing lavatories!
  38. I hate to be that guy...but...
  39. US overhauls its website
  40. UA first class miles creditted to DM question
  41. Added competition in PHL
  42. Compensation for torn/completely damaged bag ?
  43. RIC US gates - power outlets removed
  44. FAA Policy On This?
  45. Delta versus an Unnamed Philadelphia Airline
  46. Possible to use US miles for UA PS?
  47. Using DM Awards on Star Alliance
  48. Colgan Air Issues
  49. Why Do You Still Patronize USAirways?
  50. Employee comments about Brancatelli article
  51. Why board when you know a mx in imminent
  52. good experience out of PIT yesterday
  53. PHL to SAN 9/18-9/19
  54. Fare codes for US award tickets?
  55. Award Availability
  56. Anyone Ever Use Dividend Miles On Hawaiian Airlines
  57. Told ticket was booked when it wasn't, but I should pay?
  58. Award seat availability - how successful has everyone been?
  59. Help with US Status Match
  60. How long until US Airways is thrown out of European airports?
  61. DP responds (internally) to JoeB's International column
  62. Miles deducted, credit card charged, no reservation, US "Gold" line does nothing
  63. The bidding has begun - US Airways Dividend Miles Auction
  64. Avoiding kids on Republic-operated RJ's
  65. DM Call Center Question
  66. Star Alliance - USAir and United - Need Help Please
  67. Advice on lost luggage issue
  68. will I have access to clt club if flying first class?
  69. US 701 cnld 28 AUG FRA-PHL
  70. "This flight is under FAA control"
  72. Switch FF numbers at airport?
  73. Quick question on domestic USAir Clubs
  74. award on partner airline as gold member
  75. Good Envoy Experience
  76. Need 420 EQM--Options?
  77. Go question Envoy
  78. Star Alliance to Italy - Recommendation?
  79. Would it have been better in the long term if the old US had gone under?
  80. US Mileage Credit on UA
  81. Aircraft Downgrade – What’s the procedure?
  82. My wk-end Segment run on US/HP - 8/24-8/26
  83. down?
  84. Questioning fares charged by USAir
  85. U.S. Air at the bottom of customer satisfaction index
  86. upgrade options (if any) for UA 2P
  87. Brancatelli article about US service to Europe
  88. Starwood Platinum
  89. better price somewhere else, US match?
  90. MKE flights reduced; unanounced, unpleasant rescheduling
  91. B.Ben still at it
  92. Will the Gate Agents Help the Passengers!...she crys
  93. Any good coach seats on the B767?
  94. Is Phoenix Upgrade Hell?
  95. inseat power on B767
  96. Refund After Mixup
  97. Removed AFTER having been boarded?
  98. Chairman Preferred Award Access?
  99. Can I put FF award seats on hold while I get points transferred to my account?
  100. BOA USAir Visa
  101. Trip Report PHL-IAH-MSY-PHL 20-22AUG
  102. A321 exit seat question
  103. Irregular Ops and Lazy Flight Attendants
  104. SHARES strikes again...
  105. 757 Envoy to Brussels
  106. ATL strikes again
  107. Will I still earn EQM?
  108. Chairman's Preferred Million Mile Flyer Leaving US
  109. first class to caribbean
  110. Letter About Disgusting Envoy Sent To US
  111. The Good & Bad of Dividend Miles Rewards
  112. Sharing miles - they've got to be kidding
  113. USAirways service to IGM Kingman,AZ ??
  114. Greetings from Disastrous EWR
  115. US Airways -- America's Low-Fare, Full Service International Carrier!
  116. 2 questions re fare changes and companion certs
  117. LAX: Bradley to T1 connection (on US)
  118. I'm silver, coworkers aren't, but we are on same itin
  119. Possible to Redeem DM for *A Award on LH/LX Privatair?
  120. Lack of Awareness??? US Jan-Feb Award Promo To Europe
  121. PHX to Hawaii on US = $$$$
  122. Elite Trial Question
  123. Go Envoy PHL to ATH
  124. A Great Silver Upgrade!
  125. Bathe in my shining light
  126. PHL-MAN Envoy Bumped?
  127. Do they check ID when I use longue one time pass
  128. Able to use US Airways-"HP-Issued" Voucher on US?
  129. E-TUV with multiple names
  130. flight 1625 on 8/21 stops at MCI enroute to SEA
  131. US, UA, AC, LH or SQ Over the Pond?
  132. does the gate dance really work?
  133. Envoy amenities
  134. need advice on horrible trip
  135. Flight 1071 - The "Most Delayed Flight in the Fleet"
  136. First Class Seat Drift
  137. US Airways Envoy to MIA from FRA on 8/25
  138. Seatcounter down?
  139. What happened to the downloadable schedules?
  140. Does US Airways have a 24hr cancellation policy?
  141. PBI to PHL in late December - what is going on here?!
  142. US Air Status on United
  143. code-share with Air New Zealand
  144. Easiest way to keep miles alive
  145. USAirways Flight 1773 - can this be right?
  146. Those airbus sounds
  147. USAirways hopes for a friendlier Philly
  148. How long for eticket by email?
  149. ANA Star Alliance Award tool
  150. maintenance v. operational delay; CP Angels saying and doing?
  151. airplane mode?
  152. Where do you check in for the USAirways flight KOA-PHX?
  153. My last US Airways Trip -- Ever!
  154. Worth it to keep silver?
  155. Great Experience with USAirways
  156. 749 AMS-PHL, What is going on
  157. What if DM Preferred level changes between booking and flight?
  158. closet returns!!!! (RUMOR)
  159. I'm outa here!
  160. A321 in F
  161. Best F Routing US-SIN
  162. Why can't I get my bag back?
  163. Meeals and Seats in domestic First Class ORD-LAS
  164. Newbie help request: US Air TFCs
  165. USAirways - the Fellowship of Flt 3588
  166. Business CLass?
  167. Left US 5 years ago: Glad I never came back
  168. LGW - CLT This Monday 20.08.07
  169. CLT US Air Clubs special conditions of entry
  170. McEnvoy
  171. Both GLA and ARN cancelled today
  172. Avoiding the $75 late booking fee for awards
  173. Anyone want to wager if US drops web booking bonus?
  174. just had 60,000 miles expire, whom to ask about reinstatement?
  175. LAX/LAS F Class Impressions
  176. Anyone flown any US flights recently with non hub cities?
  177. Hurricane warnings and rebookings?
  178. anyone in CLT?
  179. Options to Rome
  180. Fight Club :)
  181. Help on Picking Seats PHL-LIS
  182. PHL-DUB to go year round
  183. PHL-DUB on 757
  184. Refund for cheaper ticket after ticket was bought - advice needed
  185. Missing Segment
  186. On board service - PHL-LGW in coach
  187. Can I pick up an award ticket from airport?
  188. What would you do? Timing questions on int'l flights for a friend
  189. International upgrades
  190. PHL Terminal F Upgrades?
  191. Need 10k miles. Open a new cc?
  192. Dfw-phl-ath 8/23
  193. Security at BDL
  194. Should Mileage for a reward ticket be credited back for cancelled flight?
  195. DCA security lines on a Friday afternoon
  196. Is there a fee to rebook a reward ticket into first class?
  197. US applies codeshare with Air New Zealand
  198. Got bus'ed... I want my 2$!
  199. No more direct flights from Phoenix (PHX) to Miami (MIA) and Reduced to FLL?
  200. random question
  201. US is bad, but WN is no winner
  202. Us @ Ewr
  203. Question about the 500$ Upgrade
  204. Traveling on Thanksgiving Day via PHL
  205. US Airways 30,000 mile rt ticket gone?
  206. Barcelona year round???
  207. Beware: DCA Kiosks and Preferred Lanes
  208. beware sea-las on rj
  209. DCA to LAS
  210. Cheers to FA Bridgette
  211. A330 - seating advice
  212. Machinists/Mechanics union deal tentatively reached
  213. Does US know the difference amongst USD,CHF,EUR?..And other TATL mishaps
  214. My US Airways Flight to Madrid (from PHL) is nearly always late, why?
  215. Will PHX-SJO-PHX go back to daily this Winter?
  216. Can you book a FC UA p.s. flight w/ US Miles?
  217. Baggage compensation? advice?
  218. Star Gold for UA Premier Associate?!
  219. Status Match? Does it get me anything?
  220. My 2000th post.. time for a song or two
  221. US "lost" a pilot, 2 hours later, he was just napping
  222. US 707 MUC-PHL Only Made it to LGW
  223. Does US interline etix with TG & SQ
  224. Upgrade options (SAN to Munich)
  225. Flight Deck Door Policy?
  226. My 2000th Post!
  227. It's time to Mooooooooooo
  228. LAS-SFO 8/17-8/19 sold out...whats going on?
  229. Missing a US Flight...NO STAND BYs?
  230. Kudos to all the GAs, FAs, and pilots working on 1724 last night!
  231. avoid phl airport not us airways
  232. MAN - PHL today. Another delay..
  233. Security Breach at CLT
  234. Upgrades Using Miles
  235. Refused Compensation Cancelled Flight
  236. DM miles, account vanishes
  237. For once US choses customer service over the $$$$
  238. Bad Night at PHL
  239. Is there a difference?
  240. booked into seats that dont exist?
  241. US Loses Two Children
  242. Baggage Handlers probe at PHL
  243. US Envoy - PVD - BCN via PHLthy 8-Aug-07
  244. I get by with a little help from my friends?
  245. International Reservations Desk Help
  246. booking fees for United Awards and canceled reservation
  247. Phone reservations say no to award travel but internet says yes?
  248. Current number of US elites?
  249. Earn 20 "Divident" miles per $1 at
  250. purchasing for another...