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  1. US Airways applied for PHL-TLV starting July 2009
  2. US abandoning ZRH?
  3. Current US F Situation
  4. US to Announce New International Routes
  5. TATL BOB meals - UA's doing it, will US match?
  6. How Long Does It Take Star Alliance Partners To Transfer Miles Between Airlines?
  7. $2.00 for a glass of fresh water. Against the law?
  8. *G 1st time on US air - VKME0SE fare and CLT connection
  9. Travel Advisory - Tropical Storm Fay; An unreasonable response by US?
  10. Is agent correct in charging $150 change fee for this ticket?
  11. "Er Faye" Hurricane Fay-stranded US passengers escorted off airport by guards
  12. US777 SNN-PHL canceled due to pilot heart attack?
  13. US cuts all PM flights PHL-BOS Tgiving day
  14. All of my US flights in 2008 on-time!
  15. Short connection at PHX... chances of luggage making it?
  16. Why would US cut a flight that is booked 100% of the time?
  17. Chairman Envoy Upgrade Certificates Good on Codeshare-Flights?
  18. Flying to STT, duty free?
  19. US 1545 (PHX-SEA) discontinued
  20. US Airways, what is their strongest European destination?
  21. Award travel question (using US for UA)
  22. Combine Award & Purchase on 1 Itinerary
  23. When you have to connect does that count as 2 segments?
  24. Flight time to & from Montego Bay fr CLT
  25. US makes some new friends (Consumerist: US strands passengers in Dom. Republic)
  26. 1st time booking Award tix.. how'd I do?
  27. US Airways Magazine Sudoku
  28. What is a "Super Premium" Coach Award
  29. Dodge mortars or risk redepositing DM?
  30. St Thomas using miles?
  31. did the petition fail?
  32. USAirways Club @ BWI Closed, UA Red Carpet Club Also Closing
  33. I have always gotten good customer service..a time to say "thanks"
  34. International to domestic layover- CLT or PHL?
  35. US standing strong on charging military baggage fees (Incorrect, US does waive fees)
  36. Hate to say it but this is was great customer service ...
  37. US Versus UA Trip Report
  38. booking US awards on alliance carriers
  39. Availability of UA flights with US miles
  40. I really despise their contempt for FF
  41. Writing about rude service: Does US actually care?
  42. TPA => DCA Observations
  43. United or US Airways
  44. Phl Curbside Check-in
  45. Merging DM Accounts
  46. What are the Star Alliance Benefits for flying on United?
  47. Equipment Question for PHX-OGG
  48. More FC Seats Available Now!
  49. SJO-CLT-LGA: 64 minutes in Charlotte enough for customs, etc.?
  50. WIFI in US Airways Clubs in CLT
  51. Envoy on a 757?
  52. Is there a FC security screening line at LGA?
  53. US or HP ever win Skytrax awards?
  54. US Airways BofA Signature Card Holders, security question
  55. Thanks to everyone who has stayed
  56. US Airways to introduce ‘cashless cabin’
  57. who should I call for refund?
  58. Parker's stock 'Sacrifice' has made him $1.2M
  59. Baggage problem
  60. Strange TSA screening of flight crew at the gate
  61. any problems parking at PHL today?
  62. Flying US to Cabo
  63. Important message for US fliers
  64. First US flight in many years, 1st in F, what to expect?
  65. Half miles on partner?
  66. Seating Question - A320
  67. Go for refund...?
  68. Switching to SWA
  69. RANT--Compensation Advise--Long Delay
  70. US doesn't want to give me quoted price
  71. What privileges can we expect on United flights for a platinum USAir?
  72. Question about Refundable Tickets
  73. validity of multi-city itinerary
  74. CLT security line on Monday mid-morning
  75. Phl Weather Alert!!
  76. Online check-in down?
  77. PHL-CDG-loads of seats available
  78. Confusion On Baggage - First Bag Charge for Silver
  79. bagage for international flights
  80. US $99 Companion
  81. Canceled flight - rebooked on AA - no mileage credit??
  82. Now I know where Dougie is getting his inspiration!
  83. vs do you think actually works?
  84. I thought tix booked before 8/6 still received bonus miles?
  85. US is behaving like WN (on some routes anyhow)
  86. So how many people are actually buying cokes?
  87. Help: US domestic --> UA international at SFO
  88. PHX Domicile
  89. Envoy to Bermuda
  90. If you got stuck in PHL after the 6:35 (delayed) from BWI
  91. How long will it be before US matches the new co-payment upgrade fees at AA?
  92. A new low for incompetence
  93. Anyone else stuck for hours in PHX last night?
  94. What was the old USAir like?
  95. Award date/time changes to cost $150/250?
  96. Status matches...?
  97. At which airport do I request standby?
  98. New Seats on US A319 (DCA-LGA this AM)
  99. Envoy sleeper seat - reservation possible
  100. TIME magazine: US the 'stingiest' of them all
  101. Selling US Air Miles on Ebay...Help, Safe?
  102. USAIR Express vs Delta Connection (Comair)
  103. How do I find *A
  104. $99 Companion Certificate Scenario
  105. Tight DCA Connection
  106. Connecting in SJU (US) to STT (Cape Air)
  107. Miss the old US website? Take a ride in the wayback machine!
  108. How do I change EQM credit from UA to US?
  109. Burning Miles - Best First Class?
  110. Figures US takes away and other keep adding
  111. US Fleet Service employee killed PHL 5Aug
  112. $99 Companion Ticket Conundrum
  113. Well, Aug 6 is here. Bye-bye US Air
  114. Is US leaving *A?
  115. Can I use points to upgrade to Envoy for only 1 way?
  116. 8/5 Us701
  117. Change fees on bump vouchers?
  118. CRJ with a Baby
  119. Crj-900
  120. FYI- Doug Parker on CNBC at 10:15 EST (8/5/08)
  121. Beware Online Itin changes!
  122. Combining award ticket with paid ticket
  123. Irrational fares continued
  124. Need some help to book Awards
  125. Worst food ever!!!
  126. US Airways to follow JetBlue's pillow fee
  127. Traveling with non-Preferred companion: both upgraded and I change my ticket?
  128. Cutoff by a US 737 at SNA, what's my compensation?
  129. Food for thought (no pun intended)
  130. Booked miles in F, bumped to Y at gate
  131. Worst flight experience ever ... is this typical
  132. 2 people, same PNR- can one of us do everything for the upgrade?
  133. I need advice...charges for missing a flight?
  134. If one of the world's friendliest carriers does not salute US, then...
  135. PHL Baggage problems are finally fixed for good!
  136. Differences in Taxes/Fees
  137. Reservation agent experience
  138. Paris CDG - 40 euro to get CP certificate upgrade
  139. Not switching to AA but...
  140. 1st row of F blocked/unavail???
  141. F Meal on 807/808 CLT-CUN-CLT
  142. nickel and diming crap...makes you wonder about maintenance
  143. No Upgrade and KVS shows 7 ???
  144. Charges for water
  145. Preferred Seating for *G??
  146. Upgrade on US for UA Elite?
  147. 7K Miles Left in DM. How Can I Use Them?
  148. New Drastic Fare Increases for US DCA-PHX?
  149. Seats on CRJ-900
  150. Chaos: US Air 729 LHR to PHL Canceled, July 11
  151. Another lesson learned with E-TUVs!
  152. 90-day Memberships for US Airways Clubs
  153. No Free Coffee on US Airways (Unless, of Course, You Insist)
  154. Does US have fully refundable tickets like YN
  155. Question: If I have close connection time, will US Airways give away my seats?
  156. US Airways® Visa® Platinum Plus® miles
  157. Staff meeting- Management concerned no other airline cut elite bonuses
  158. US Airways to Install Pay Toilets
  159. Change Fee + Fare Difference double one way ticket??
  160. Be the judge: the new envoy Menu
  161. Need an adapter to work with EmPower
  162. Who do you speak to at USAirways
  163. Churning Barclays US Mastercard?
  164. How would US Airways handle this issue if it happened
  165. Triple USAir miles for Hilton stays
  166. My Last flight on US Air (add your flight too)
  167. US/UA Codeshare Conundrum...need help
  168. Star Alliance Award Success
  169. PHX service to Hawaii - 757 question
  170. Baggage fee, *Silver travelling on non status US award
  171. New 90 Day Lounge Pass
  172. Today is the first day of the rest of my "travel" life...
  173. US Airways' "Fuel Crisis Means Surcharges" Line Is Contrived
  174. Award Travel
  175. US Air Dividend Miles and trip from Toronto to Las Vegas
  176. So I flew on US for the first time since December yesterday...
  177. Families on US Air
  178. US Concurrently Promoting and Cutting SMF-CLT
  179. USAir using United
  180. How Times Have Changed...
  181. Easier Upgrade? CLT-PHX or CLT-LAS
  182. PHL-DFW Meal in F?
  183. New Club membership = 3,000 mile...worth it?
  184. US LAX terminal 1- does it connect to any others?
  185. Where did the meeting sticky go?
  186. Shuttle confirmed earlier flight?
  187. First Class On US Airways: What to expect or not to expect
  188. Nice US baggage rules
  189. New Baggage Policy and *S Status
  190. PHX-ORD on US in F - great experience!
  191. 2 hours, 10 minutes on hold and counting, 5/27
  192. Just how long is "Moderator Review" supposed to take?
  193. Shuttle DCA LGA
  194. Entering UA Mileage Plus # during on line check-in
  195. What's going on with PHL-MAD-PHL?
  196. MODERATORS --How about reopening my earlier thread?
  197. BOS LH-US Connection
  198. Best Seats in Y on A321
  199. Hertz = EQM??
  200. Can US combine * and non-Star partners on one award?
  201. Is there a policy for non-rev standbys from other Airlines?
  202. Gate Pass in PHL
  203. Booked Award Tix in Y. Can I UG to F w/ Miles
  204. should i even bother get my miles back?
  205. Have you added your name to the 'Save Dividend Miles' petition Randy has created?
  206. Powerports in A320, how to predict?
  207. Changing connection to a later time?
  208. Refused gate-check for son's 1/2-sized cello; had to pay...
  209. Status Match from Delta Silver?
  210. Domestic F Meal Order Choice
  211. Links to popular ongoing US Airways Threads: LOOK IN HERE BEFORE POSTING NEW THREADS
  212. Premium coach miles award ticket upgraded
  213. US Air Dash-8 Makes Emergency Landing in GSO
  214. LAS-DCA Cancellation - Creative and Competent Assistance from US Rep.
  215. E-TUV question
  216. Will US Award Tix Recognize *A G Status
  217. Stuck on tarmac in Philly for 6 hours.
  218. US Airways just accepted delivery A321 with new cabin interiors
  219. *A award ticket to Asia - stopover rules & routing question
  220. *A award ticket to South Asia on business class
  221. Will US interline luggage to IB?
  222. Envoy Use of Day Room at Sheraton Revisited
  223. On Time Success Doesn't Pan Out Here
  224. Anywhere to leave bags in PHL?
  225. Even the great JetBlue screws up!
  226. Does Our Luggage Stand a Chance???
  227. No First Class Check In (In PHL???)
  228. Our MCO nonstop got cancelled, now thru PHL
  229. Saturday night stayover requirement?
  230. Tell me the flaw in this plan-United FF plan on US Metal
  231. Companion certificate – can I book for my family without flying on same Itinerary?
  232. Great Experience CLT-SFO in First
  233. Can you earn miles by booking flights (but not flying)?
  234. BOS-LGA US Shuttle
  235. Just became silver elite have some questions
  236. Question about "Fly Envoy & get 5,000 Preferred bonus miles"
  237. US Airways Code Share Partner Winair No segment Or Mileage Credit
  238. USAirways in 1st place - WSJ article [Merged Thread]
  239. Expired food in us lounges
  240. Protest Button
  241. Carry on rules?
  242. Major split over $15 first-checked-baggage-fee among US airlines
  243. Can you help me? (mileage accrual issue)
  244. US Miles for FM Award Segments?
  245. worth rounding out and keeping USAir miles?
  246. Overweight in middle seat -- any compensation?
  247. Award Travel + a Dog
  248. How much time at FAY?
  249. Help with *A Award I've Attempted to Book
  250. Fire scare 7/19 ONT-LAS