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  1. Why does the A320 have 150 seats and not 149?
  2. Daughter in separate PNR; any way to use online check-in?
  3. Cancelation timing of our US Airways card(s)
  4. Already cutting PHX -NYC flights????
  5. Turkish Airways Question - Old booking - Still US Miles?
  6. Is US phasing out cheap one way flights?
  7. Need Advice about Poor Customer Service at PHX
  8. Benefits for US Gold traveling on TAP Portugal/Portuglia
  9. Buy or gift miles - up to 100% bonus - September 2nd-September 30th
  10. Can't reaccomodate by phone to Delta?
  11. Baggage allowance from Dublin
  12. Multiple Airlines - Baggage?
  13. Avenues to complain US Airways for missing miles
  14. US upgrade award on code share flight?
  15. US transcon meal selection order
  16. Preferred desk hours
  17. Charged for bags with Barclays mastercard on award flight
  18. Any chance for CDG Arrival / Shower?
  19. Strange Seat Assignment Shift
  20. Baggage Fees: Elite Travelling with Non-Elites
  21. A320 now has 4 rows of 1st class?
  22. Historic US Airways aircraft?
  23. Drinks at US Club
  24. Award ticket frequent flyer number
  25. US DM CP to NRT from CLT
  26. Child Seat in Bulkhead Row
  27. Early AM out of BUF?
  28. AA livery, US interior, new plane smell! [A321]
  29. US Airways Take Flight Certificate Expiration
  30. Question for Pilots/FA's of CRJs
  31. LHR-PHL-EWR return: can we skip one leg?
  32. Are meals on PHL-TLV all Kosher?
  33. changing my journey halfway through a return
  34. Cancelled flight experience: what would you do?
  35. Using ExpertFlyer to track available upgraded business class seats: how?
  36. Cancellation Quandary - Practical and Philsophical
  37. US Flights 730 and 732 (Can I change from one to the other? Chances of upgrade?)
  38. No power outlets (on US flights)?
  39. PHL-YYZ: Insanely expensive with cash, cheap with miles. Huh?
  40. where does one clear customs/immigration on flight from YQB(Quebec City) to PHL?
  41. Anyone on US781 PHL-LAX today?
  42. When is next level active (once you cross into an elite level)
  43. Consistently unable to check award availability on USAirways?
  44. Very large person in exit row on US flight last week
  45. Schedule change on refundable ticket bought with E-TUV
  46. 11 treated after odor on Charlotte-Frankfurt flight
  47. AUS-PHX Baggage??
  48. AA Award Travel on US - no elite benefits from either?
  49. Plumbing issue at PHX this morning?
  50. No Longer Selling Club Day Passes in the Ticketing Process?
  51. Checking bag through on two itineraries?
  52. Re-Pricing Existing Award as sum of One Way?
  53. US 3707 on 8/17/14, YHZ-PHL (diverted to BGR)
  54. No announcing connecting flights
  55. Checking through baggage on long layover
  56. Recovered from a missed segment on US award - how did this work?!
  57. Lounge access on mixed cabin award?
  58. GoUpgrade - Int'l Envoy
  59. 8/15 ATL Plane Train out of service
  60. Boeing Boy--Update
  61. Switching to AA flight if US flight cancelled?
  62. Star Alliance Award LAX-CLT-IAD-FRA - Stand by for Earlier Flight
  63. Fee for FF Tickets
  64. 24 hour cancel on award flights too?
  65. 1/2 Cancelled Award Flight
  66. 3 on same PNR, what if 1 no shows for last leg?
  67. Diff. departure cities to same destination - best way to book w/ US?
  68. Can I completely remove seat assignment in hopes of day-of forced better seat?
  69. $14K Bug in Check-In System
  70. US 802/803 CLT-GRU missing from schedule post-9/30
  71. PHL-SFO early flight
  72. Mileage transfer to OneWorld programmes?
  73. Any experiences w/ US applying OneWorld rebooking policy for separate PNRs?
  74. Which lounge do I get access to in FCO?
  75. US Airways Award (pre oneworld) cancel one passenger
  76. Wrong Flight Booked in DM Award
  77. Receiving CP benefits but crediting flights to BA - possible?
  78. Non Revenue D3 question for GA's and other Experienced travelers
  79. Maintaining CP Through 2016
  80. Standby Question
  81. Mileage multiplier increase???
  82. confession...I almost lost it today...
  83. All BA inventory on US Airways website soldout?
  84. Gate check in First -- problem with bin space or what?
  85. PHL-BGM Schedule/Frequency Changed?
  86. Dividend Miles Select Missing from US Airways Account
  87. US Airways Lounges
  88. US Emergency Landing at LAX?
  89. best time to book flights for best price?
  90. US Airways inflight mag: photoshop fail
  91. US newbie - 1st trip this week
  92. Baggage Allowance Domestic US Airways
  93. US Airways asking for volunteers to take $500,000 dollars to give up their seat?
  94. Shame on you US Airways
  95. Fractured my foot- should I ask for an upgrade?
  96. Cancel or Keep USAirways Credit Cards?
  97. First Time Flying US - Questions
  98. What European cities does US fly into cheaply
  99. 500 mile minimum for preferred
  100. US Website - reservation info
  101. US Airways Dividend Miles to Fiji?
  102. USB ports not working - LHR to PHL & PHL to LHR
  103. problem with usairways flight to lhr, need corporate emails
  104. Reason For Flight Cancellation
  105. women dies on US Airways flight from HNL-PHX
  106. Award Travel for CP members that did not qualify for automatic award upgrades...
  107. Why does DM Reward Travel not show AA flights
  108. US FLT#2948 makes emergency landing at Sky Harbor
  109. Envoy/Business for couple
  110. Upgrade/standby status video screens
  111. YYZ-SEA Will Bags Check to Final Destination?
  112. Can't Book Seat 5C on E190?
  113. Any US CHairmans been upgraded on A321T JFK-SFO or LAX?
  114. is there a trick to getting my carry-on gate-checked all the way to my destination?
  115. US Club Policies
  116. Item stolen from checked bag- any recourse?
  117. Does canceling a Dividend Miles credit card affect any already-made reservations?
  118. Question - BA Lounge Access in PHL
  119. CLT-MAN flight change
  120. New to US- Some Questions
  121. Europe 2015 from CLT? How many miles?
  122. Phone found CLT E29
  123. US Airways Ends Partnerships with Turkish and Singapore
  124. Accruing US miles on BA flight w/US Flight#
  125. PQMs on TK for travel or travel booked before 7/31
  126. US Airways Veg Meals & Seat Selection
  127. Right to cancel where schedule change doesn't allow for minimum connection time?
  128. US Airways dropping one of two CLT-FRA connections?
  129. Has CLT-BCN/LIS/MAN/BRU been cut?
  130. easiest way to view seats available?
  131. 2014 or 2015 PQMs for Return at 11:59 PM MST on 12/31
  132. Boston Logan Minimum connection time?
  133. US Airways Suspends Daily Flight From US to Tel Aviv
  134. Curious about Schedule Change PHL-PHX-OGG
  135. "A flight cannot depart less than 1 hour after your previous flight arrives"
  136. P or G next to name on app seat selection
  137. US DM PQM on AA coded QR flights?
  138. Barclay's anniversary 10,000 miles
  139. Meal Surprises on "old" US Airways?
  140. will I have problems bringing a car headlight as carry-on flying US Airways flight?
  141. Award ticket cancellation/change fee?
  142. what to do if the flight only has middle seats left?(no preferred, choice or first)
  143. Adding Someone Who Is Not a Spouse or Domestic Partner to Club Membership?
  144. Dividend Miles Storefront - Difficulty Making a Purchase
  145. Can you close a Dividend Miles account (other than by letting it expire)?
  146. Nested Tickets Legal?
  147. US Airways and Finnair to Begin Transatlantic and European Codeshare
  148. Award Ticket Upgrade Help!
  149. marital name change question
  150. US 895 (PHX-ORD)- inbound plane delayed due to crew issues??
  151. Jet doing maintenance test veers off runway at KCI (MCI) Airport
  152. Gold first class baggage allowance and interline on AS?
  153. Increased rate with >1 person on reservation
  154. What does "100% Future Annual Fee waiver" mean?
  155. Buy Dividend Miles 100% Bonus until 7/31
  156. US planes adopting AA interiors / configs / branding
  157. US -Air Wisconsin New Aircraft
  158. US Airways Take Flight Certificate - Selling allowed?
  159. Should I go for Platinum??
  160. Doorbell in US Club
  161. is us the only airline that artifically raises the fare when changing a flight??
  162. Timing your status goal
  163. $50 fee to re-activate 8.8k Dividend Miles
  164. USAirways Miles On Iberia Flights not an option?
  165. Flight delay EUR-USA - EC 261/2004
  166. Seats Available on Mobile Site no longer showing?
  167. Cascading delays -> compensation/anything?
  168. 5k miles CC rebate on one way award ticket?
  169. US booking but first flight operated by AA - OLCI
  170. Advice on cancellation/bad rebook (in flight now)
  171. American coded flights flown by Alaska
  172. Final 737-400 Flights Announced
  173. Where can I apply retro credit (new member)
  174. Can't OLCI for a flight tomorrow??
  175. US Metal Elite Baggage
  176. No business class awards for ATH on US anytime?
  177. Multiple bonus's at the same time?
  178. Suggestions for how to use US Airways miles?
  179. PHL-DUB - aircraft changes/issues?
  180. Bags VIP experience
  181. Via CLT or PHL for an international to domestic connection?
  182. EU Regulation 261 Complaint
  183. US Flight Landed Over 30 Hours Late - Compensation?
  184. Maximum Baggage Transfers
  185. PQM question:)
  186. DYKWIA Kettle -- sort of
  187. OLCI on US when ticketed by CX
  188. Refund for canceled flights?
  189. Wild experience on US 1711: CLT-->EWR
  190. Potentially Stupid, But Curious - OW Explorer and US
  191. Boarding Now in LGA, flight still hasn't left gate at PHL
  192. Assigning Seats on US when ticketed by CX
  193. SPG to US 20% Transfer Bonus (till 7/31/14)
  194. Coach Flexible Fare?
  195. US Airways first class upgrade APP for US Preferred and AAdvantage Elites
  196. Q. US Airways Intl. Upgrades (econ to biz)?
  197. Mileage for Award Flight
  198. Changes to a mixed AA/US Award?
  199. PHX>LAS> connect to UA Flt LAS>ORD>AMS
  200. How Many Cards is Too Many? SW vs US vs Delta
  201. US Airways 769 from Glasgow to Philadelphia
  202. Bumped by US, what can I (my daughter) expect in compensation?
  203. Do Above & Beyond certs expire?
  204. Hotel vouchers for long daytime layover
  205. Tips/Tricks to maximize chance of hotel reimbursement?
  206. PSA livery just landed at PHX (US a/c livery discussion)
  207. Gate Upgraded, Boarded, Then Forcefully Downgraded Back to Coach
  208. Div. Miles Mastercard 30% Bonus Miles July - August
  209. US - Gate Agent to me - This “Whole delay was because of you.”
  210. Does baggage go all the way through on OW?
  211. Access to US Lounge w/o ticket on US...?
  212. PLT question on US vs AA
  213. Maintaining Status After Valid-Through Date (thread moved from flame-free Info Desk)
  214. PHL > LAS First Class
  215. New US Airways Terminal at Paris CDG
  216. Partner Airline - Benefits and Tickets.. Please help
  217. US miles slow to post when flying AA metal
  218. Upgraded but unable to check in until 18 hours beforehand
  219. I know I should never complain about an upgrade....
  220. Did a "move up" and hit with a $150 3rd bag fee, advice?
  221. US CP benefits while on an American flight...
  222. CLT to BRU June 19th plane diverted due to toilet?!
  223. Baggage Question
  224. Upgrade strategies to SIN, am I overlooking something?
  225. Cancelled US flight with CC Companion Cert Problem
  226. Today's A319 was in a sad state of disrepair
  227. Seat assignment help: AA flight booked with US miles
  228. Dilemma w/US Airways - 36 min connection in PHX possible?
  229. Add frequent flyer at airport?
  230. What's going on in PHL tonight?
  231. US award flight earned AA miles.
  232. Quickest way to earn 8000 us dividend miles?
  233. Fast Track UK customs as Silver (and adding Silver status after buying ticket)
  234. Anyone else seeing flight bonus points showing twice and counting as preferred?
  235. Share Miles Split 100% Bonus until 6/30
  236. Should I accept 10,000 Dividend Miles compensation for messing up?
  237. Flying US for first time... don't have US Rewards
  238. Best time this fall from CLT-England for low-cost upgrade
  239. Upgrade Question (AA Gold flying on US)
  240. US Club Question
  241. Trail Preferred after June 30th
  242. There's a problem with one of the flights in your reservation.
  243. when will we be able to buy club access with US miles?
  244. how do US phone CSR check account owner identify
  245. US Dividend Lifetime Miles
  246. Clawback Barclay MasterCard 10000 mile anniversary bonus after cancelling card?
  247. F Waitlist - First Flight American
  248. Is Pestering Gate Agent the Only Way to Get a Standy Upgrade Processed?
  249. Contract of carriage
  250. Miles post four years later