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  1. round trip award booking 330 days out
  2. US/Admirals Club Meet Up Thread 2014
  3. Printing PHL club
  4. Problems booking US intl. flights temporary merger blues?
  5. Questions on US723 DUB-PHL 1/10/2014
  6. DM Mastercard Benefits on * Aliance Flights
  7. Checking bags for continuation onto a different ticket?
  8. *G status after March 31
  9. Any strategy for finding "low" coach awards to Europe?
  10. Singapore to Maldives in F/J: US DM = best option?
  11. Waiting for TIV refund (4 Months)
  12. Miles from Cathay Pacific?
  13. US AA/BA mileage earning question
  14. Account In Audit State for 9 Months
  15. Booking an overnight & a long layover.
  16. Full Silver nomination question
  17. Booking FC ticket, but can't select seat
  18. Tips/Tricks for Earning and Maximizing status with government fares?
  19. Buy up on US
  20. New Boarding Process, beginning 1/7/2014
  21. MoveUp Policy for a US Newbie
  22. Change fee for award ticket?
  23. Will US Airways flight credits ever be able to be used on American?
  24. 2014 Gold Card Arrived Yesterday (1/6)
  25. Convert US miles to?
  26. $99 companion ticket from US Mastercard: Will it work on AA flights?
  27. Combined US/AA Twitter Accounts?
  28. Question on partner travel + other US points related questions
  29. Need help! Newbie questions about RT/destinations
  30. Illegal Crew?
  31. seeking advice for downgauge on an award ticket
  32. Using AA credit card for US Air booking fetches free baggages?
  33. Possible to get Multiplier after a flight?
  34. Received e-mails from US with other people's credit card info and personal info
  35. How to print US boarding passes on ONE page?
  36. Transfer into US DM from any other program?
  37. Possible System Issues
  38. Can't get through to US?
  39. Can I still book reward ticket on UA flight?
  40. Worth paying balance transfer fee to get 10K Dividend Miles?
  41. Why I wish US would continue to partner with TG, too...
  42. What identification is needed for checking luggage?
  43. MCI move to Terminal C Jan. 8 evening
  44. Weather cancellation - no rebooking to other carriers?
  45. Non-US customers have better access to US award flights than US customers
  46. US upgrades to domestic Envoy?
  47. US using widebodies for domestic flights
  48. Help for a UA Gold seeking status on US/AA
  49. Buying up to Chairman for 2014 - too late?
  50. Question Regarding Flight Change Notification
  51. UA F Award on US Air: What to Expect?
  52. Opening US Airways dividend miles program
  53. Buy to Gold BEFORE or AFTER January 7th
  54. Booking AA flight with US Airways e-credit?
  55. TPA Club access
  56. My confirmed reserved seat was given away. What can I do?
  57. USDM is down?
  58. Use voucher to buy up to Chairman?
  59. Forced to check in carry on
  60. New frequent traveler - need advice
  61. Got US to hold a LH reservation. Will asking to change it possibly jeopardize it?
  62. silver nomination?
  63. Madness on 757's to Hawaii
  64. A330 Envoy Award booking help - Are equipment changes common?
  65. Compensation or meal voucher for 6 hour US domestic mechanical delay?
  66. US Automatic Upgrades (elite) [MASTER THREAD 2014]
  67. Sold out flight over a month away
  68. US Airways - Carry On Bag Lost & Found
  69. Morning beverage service
  70. Flying in April - can I book today using USAir DM?
  71. CLT-BWI B767-200 on 12/20 :)
  72. MoveUp from FC with Miles
  73. 330 cun phl
  74. general lost luggage at PHL check-in
  75. Complimentary Lounge access PHL
  76. Refund - for the flight cancelled due to weather
  77. only 1 flight attendant onboard, is she allowed to sleep during the entire flight?
  78. All I want for Christmas is...
  79. Transfer times DL-US at ATL
  80. Educate me on refunds please - delay, moved from First to Coach...
  81. only carry on at TLV?
  82. Flying US Envoy CDG-PHL, which lounge should I use ?
  83. What is the travel date for this flight? / Will miles credit?
  84. UA to US miles?
  85. Do I get my preferred miles if I use my bonus miles?
  86. Swapped Aircraft to give us a Maint Issue! Argh
  87. Interesting MCO-PHL trend
  88. Help: my son is in the air right now and might miss a connection
  89. forced to buy another US full-fare ticket at airport because my LH flight was late
  90. See flight miles prior to purchase?
  91. Purposely missing a connecting flight to take later flight?
  92. Will I receive new Gold card if I just hit status?
  93. Any hope for remaining silver?
  94. US Airways Off Peak Awards to Europe gone?
  95. US Airways flier charged for unwanted upgrade
  96. US Airways TATL - Vegetarian meals
  97. US Div. Miles award tkts. to LAS - Redeem now or wait?
  98. Will 2013 USAirways miles be added toward 2014 Elite Status?
  99. question re: status and booking
  100. Flying to CPH Using Dividend Miles
  101. Does US Airways Status Match?
  102. Can anyone explain this? Kayak vs. US Airways
  103. 2013 status extended one month until March 30, 2014
  104. US Requests Exemption for slots to Venezuela & Bolivia
  105. 12-16 US4020 medical diversion
  106. 500 Mile Minimums and Class of Service Bonus?
  107. Positive Change: Drink Service RDU-CLT
  108. Qatar to expand codeshare with US [DOH-PHL service to start in April]
  109. Bulkhead no longer for disabled/handicapped??
  110. Flight cancelled - comp?
  111. Which PHL US lounge is the best?
  112. It's on again : Up to double miles this holiday season (12/15 to 12/20/2013)
  113. BUY UP
  114. What happens to paid club memberships?
  115. Ticketed but not flown - Dividend miles
  116. upgrade in group reservation
  117. Dividend Miles discontinued on
  118. Original routing credit not allowed for voluntary rebooks?
  119. US799 AMS-PHL Canceled after taxi accident
  120. Upgrade but no seat available?
  121. Buy up timing?
  122. Interesting US website glitch
  123. Getting Miles/Segments on US Air
  124. 29 Miles short of Chairmans
  125. US Airways Flight Booked on United for Jan. 20
  126. Upgrade Chances on 12/26 DCA-PHX as Silver Preferred
  127. Worthwhile to seek comp on multiple cancellations/delays?
  128. Loooong US call center hold times
  129. Should I make a mileage run for Dividend Miles Gold?
  130. Can you connect 2 reservations?
  131. Should I Buy Up to US Chairman's or Platinum?
  132. US Airways European Envoy Awards
  133. So can I still credit to US on *A flight after Jan 7, 2014?
  134. Need 3 segments by 12/31 - advice?
  135. United Issues Timetable for US Partnership Termination
  136. IDB due to weight restriction: pecking order?
  137. A Tribute to PSA-Pacific Southwest Airlines
  138. Taking 6 through preferred security line on different PNR's
  139. Final roll-call: How many lifetime miles on US?
  140. New Consolidated US/AA FlyerTalk forum has opened
  141. DM Mastercard strategies: now what?
  142. Buy up?
  143. Weather IRROPS Hotel Advice (CP Benefit?)
  144. Mileage Award Travel Upgrades
  145. CP desk down?
  146. NWS blows PHL forecast -- heavy snow today (Sunday 12/08/2013)
  147. Happy Holidays - Giving away my US Special Dividends Trial Silver
  148. Nominating Status
  149. US Airways Award Ticket Cancellation help please
  150. Frozen lavatories
  151. US site always shows no open seats to change to for just me
  152. US outsourcing customer service to Wells Fargo???
  153. Can a Captain Cancel a flight
  154. Flying one leg of a ticket with a US FF, then changing to Aegean
  155. Worst Ice Storms in Years Unfolding...
  156. UA flew me on a Delta flight; DM credit question
  157. When does a status change?
  158. US Lounge at LGA refusing Amex Plat entry
  159. Ahh US IT, You Never Cease to Amaze Me...
  160. THANK YOU, US Airways FF'ers
  161. Last Minute Award Cancellation?
  162. Newbie Question
  163. Club access and American Express
  164. Advice on California trip
  165. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: US Airways Dividend Miles benefits nominations
  166. 2 of 3 on Reservation a no-show
  167. Off-Peak Award Travel
  168. Our Tribute To US Airways
  169. Passengers on US 2846 (AUS-PHX), 11/29/2013 possibly exposed to TB
  170. Additional $75 Charged to CC for mile redemption
  171. Special Dividends: Get First Class upgrades on award travel
  172. Fewest people on a flight?
  173. Quick question about booking via United
  174. IROPS US question
  175. GRU- FIFA World Cup change, 767 to 330
  176. 100% Share promo Dec 02 to Dec 06
  177. A330 Actually stays on CLT-MCO?
  178. FAM'D - 3 weeks out?
  179. Any recourse for being downgraded? (UA award ticket in US F)
  180. Dear Passenger in 7A... (Thanksgiving experience on a US flight goes viral)
  181. Dividend Miles Shopping Web Site DNS issue
  182. 40,000 US Airways Miles... ex_SAN advice or suggestions?
  183. Envoy Class Menu ?
  184. CLT Roads Tonight
  185. US not accountable: removes some passengers from PHL-CLT; doesn't track bags
  186. US 584 Nov 25 PHX-YEG What was the delay?
  187. How to Pay Baggage Fee in CLT?
  188. 2 tickets on 1 pnr need cancelled and changed, what fees will we have to pay?
  189. US Airways cancelled flight question
  190. FA threatened to kick me off because I had my Kindle on while still at the gate
  191. Weather tomorrow (11/26) and being proactive
  192. Upgrade notice 3+ weeks out
  193. CDG arrival lounge access (Chairman w/*G flying Envoy)
  194. Kiosks: automatic Move Up?
  195. US3764 Diversion
  196. How to fly PHL - DUS in Oct 2014?
  197. what's causing all the US Airways delays into and out of CLT today? (not the weather)
  198. A320 - "No gate checking will be allowed due to weather"
  199. Did US really drop most of its flights here (ELM)?
  200. Is there a $50 ticketing fee on inter-island flights on HA?
  201. Upgrade Eligible With Trial Preferred?
  202. Is US Customer Service Always Useless?
  203. Switching seats in FC
  204. Why doesn't US have a catalog for points redemption?
  205. Cancelled Flight, not really cancelled, Fall Kickback promotion, Preferred Trial
  206. do you really get 9000 miles for joining the US Airways Vinesse wine club?
  207. Need small amount of PQM's!
  208. Traveling on separate reservations
  209. US Airways Express Boarding
  210. How soon do I need to book a big *A trip to not get screwed by the merger?
  211. Help me plan an awesome honeymoon
  212. Award ticket purchase in a future name
  213. US Airways FC New Snack Basket
  214. Preemptively cancelling US MC
  215. Phone booking fee waived for US Airways Mastercard holder
  216. Do I have book with US Airways Mastercard to get the 5000 miles discount?
  217. New Summer 2014 Route PHL-Edinburgh
  218. Comp. US Airways Day Pass
  219. Impact on same day second leg trip if "miss" earlier flight
  220. will my ticket be honored in Oct 2014 if it says "operated by US Airways"
  221. fll-phx
  222. Award ticket with hidden city
  223. Chances of standby on Thanksgiving morning
  224. PHX - DFW Pricing
  225. PHL-ISP crew kick off blind man w/service dog; flight cancelled
  226. Impact on EWR-PHX?
  227. Is now (merger time!) the time to load up on DM's?
  228. AMR, US Air Settle Anti-Trust Suit Over Merger
  229. Switch to US DM from UA MP?
  230. A319 exit row question
  231. Booking J RT when J only available one-way - upgrade later?
  232. Flight Segment Cancelled - What Should I Have Done?
  233. US phasing out some star availability?
  234. US Club access for GDL>PHX>PHL booked in F?
  235. Blue Tags on CR9?
  236. Lost seat assignment - travelling with small children - anything to be done?
  237. Renovated Air Wisconsin CRJ-200?
  238. picky eater...current FC dinner menu?
  239. DWS (5K mile discount) status disappeared on our two accounts
  240. TK gold wants *G bennies, but credit to UA or US
  241. Booked one flight now second shows change in miles
  242. Free FICO score via Barclays (US MC version)
  243. US MasterCard quarterly bonus categories..
  244. DOT Fines $1.2 millions - Disabilities Act
  245. Status effects bump priority?
  246. Delay in flight posting?
  247. flight delay compensation? (PHL-VCE 11/3/13)
  248. "Every Non-Rev For Himself" on Republic
  249. Lounge Access International First?
  250. Problem with Low USA-Europe Award space all of the sudden???

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