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  1. Cruising with points?
  2. Cash VISA card - how to tell remaining balance if bank will not tell you
  3. LAX to Maui best mileage CC to get
  4. Which card in Netherlands?
  5. Barclays category bonuses outside U.S.?
  6. Samsung Pay + Capital One promo
  7. Starwood/Marriott Gold spending strategy.
  8. RBC Avion (Canada) to AAdvantage miles devalued 30%
  9. Visa card travel services
  10. Hotel Brand Card vs. Travel Card vs. Travel Company Cards
  11. Best current sign up bonus?
  12. Cancel or not?
  13. What is the most credit cards opened in a single day by one person?
  14. Newbie Credit Card Strategy for Hawaii Trip in 18 Months
  15. Best 0% APR offer right now? 12-24 mos?
  16. Walmart prepaid card $25 bonus with DD
  17. recommendation for a business card - got to get away from Capital One Spark
  18. Requesting credit score and report from all three agencies
  19. Newbie Credit Card Strategy for Hawaii Trip in 18 Months
  20. Coming into some cash - need advice on which card
  21. Best signup bonus card for cash back from car lease payments?
  22. What is the catch for 0% APR transfer offers
  23. Shopping for a new Travel Card...any recommendations?
  24. Yelp automatic rewards
  25. Targeted Barclays AA card 3x bonus up to 2500 miles in 3rd quarter
  26. Hotel gym memberships
  27. Coding of Merchant Code when using contactless/apple/android/samsung pay
  28. Do banks ever close cards with annual fee due to inactivity?
  29. Highest new account bonus to redeem for USA to Delhi, India (AA or UA?)
  30. Points/miles card with 0% FT fee and no annual fee
  31. AMEX plat, AMEX PRG, or a different card?
  32. Financial tools list web based, organize your money
  33. Chinese Credit Cards with Travel Sign-Up Bonuses?
  34. Keeper card
  35. Help me start my program to eliminate student debt
  36. Suggestions for a good, all-purpose business card
  37. Advice Needed: 2017 App O Rama - Where to go from here?
  38. How do I get started?
  39. is this enough time for transfer
  40. Credit Cards with bonuses and points in Germany
  41. Hilton to dump Citi, become exclusive to AMEX
  42. Barclays travel notice issues
  43. Credit card benefit question: Emergency medical insurance and reward tickets
  44. New credit card for going back to school?
  45. Finding a new cards when limited options available?
  46. Struggling with the HP count
  47. UBS Visa Infinite releasing 5/27
  48. House GOP gives up on repealing Durbin rule
  49. Paying for a new car with multiple cards
  50. Aussie banks credit cards - living abroad
  51. Better to charge AS award taxes and fees on AS or Ink Preferred credit card?
  52. Barclay vs. COV vs. Chase preferred? Trip to Thailand?
  53. Best rewards card for a trip Nashville to New York in May 2018
  54. Why do credit cards frown on manufactured spending or close accounts
  55. Barclays Requesting Tax Documents for Business Card.
  56. 5% statement credit option gone Amazon Store Card - Credited after Phone Calll
  57. Capital One Direct Deposit Bonus - datapoints for what qualifies
  58. Getting SO into churning with a 650 score
  59. Will Wells Fargo improve its credit cards?
  60. Worth upgrading very old cards better offers, risk?
  61. Visa PREPAID Eur Card
  62. BOA Occupation Choices
  63. How to Stop Interest Charge Accumulation in Mid-Cycle?
  64. Credit card referral offers (post only in this thread, read Wikipost first)
  65. Best Credit Card to apply in China
  66. Churning Frontier Credit Card (Barclays)
  67. I moved to Canada, how should I deal with my US credit cards?
  68. Newbie: Should I redeem AMEX (Canada) Membership Rewards or RBC AVION points?
  69. Targeted by USbank for biz cc but prepopulated biz is not mine
  70. BarclayCard Quicken downloads not working?
  71. Capital One verification code errors?
  72. Can cash advance be made from ANY card?
  73. Comparing claiming with Discover and Amex Extended Warranty
  74. Are there any mileage programs that give millions mile status for credit card miles?
  75. New member - inquiring which credit card to get for first class ticket to thailand!
  76. CapitalOne reoccurring fraudulent charges
  77. New to this points thing. Have question!
  78. UK Credit Card for Qmiles
  79. Question for Friend: Best Card for Non-Travelers
  80. Universal credit service in PA 19008 did hard pull transunion and Equifax ?
  81. Creative thinking wanted: sign up for non-US citizens
  82. Secured Credit Cards With Miles?
  83. Maximizing rewards for Delta and Marriott
  84. No CC Retention Love Lately
  85. PenFed Power Cash Rewards Visa - 2% uncapped - $100 signup after $1500
  86. Looking for advice for best second tier hotel cards
  87. US Bank Altitude Reserve Card - Live
  88. Which one should I get a Citi Prestige or American Express Platinum / Gold?
  89. Which card to get?
  90. Should I wait for CSR or apply for others?
  91. Airline and Hotel Travel Credit Cards
  92. JetBlue Business Credit Card
  93. Best Card for Annual Flights to Europe from West Coast?
  94. AAdvantage Aviator 2X offers: "All" or "Dining, Home Improvement, Grocery categories"
  95. Help with card selection is needed
  96. Is now time to sign up for Virgin America CC - CLOSED to new Apps per DoC
  97. How does a Student get miles earning CC
  98. U.S. Bank flex visa signature auto coverage
  99. Chase sapphire rental collision insurance for uninsured
  100. Help with multiple rewards and best card to get
  101. Something better than AMEX HH Surpass for grocery spend?
  102. Alliant Credit Union VISA, 3% cash 1st year, then 2.5%. Annual fee waived 1st year.
  103. OK, missed Sapphire Reserve 100K deal; still best travel card?
  104. Assessing my 2017 CC strategy, seeking guidance
  105. For long haul premium international travel from NYC...[What Credit Cards to aquire?]
  106. Best practices for establishing teens' credit history?
  107. Reorganizing my credit card strategy, looking for advice...
  108. Would this Wells Fargo Combo Earn 2.25% on Everything?
  109. What card is best for my situation
  110. Which order should I have my wife apply for the upcoming credit cards
  111. Applying for US cards and I live overseas
  112. Rank amateur question on balance transfers
  113. Well Fargo points no longer worth 1.6 cent for flights?
  114. making a larger purchase maximize rewards with new card
  115. How to close account for deceased friend?
  116. amex and wells fargo claim question
  117. Real Estate Rewards Category
  118. Israeli branded credit card question
  119. Making Multiple Payments a Month Bad?
  120. Discover Portal - Would Return for Store Credit Void the Cash Back?
  121. Can authorized user's FF account be designated for point accrual?
  122. Which FICO score is being pulled for consideration?
  123. # of Primary CardHolders: Amex Platinum Vs CSR Vs Citi Prestige
  124. Best Credit Cards for DL and AA travel?
  125. BofA credit card - separate logins
  126. Keep Venture or go for something else?
  127. New to credit cards with rewards/points for airfare to Europe
  128. Is it even worth it?
  129. which airmiles card for multiple airlines?
  130. Credit Cards for Retired People
  131. Recommendations for the next card in my wallet
  132. Looking for 1 - 2 more cards 4 / 25
  133. getting unsolicited increased credit limits
  134. BofA Possible Shut down??
  135. Best Credit Card to earn miles for someone who travels to India frequently from US
  136. Any good CC programme in Belgium?
  137. Alternative to AmEx Platinum? Unsatisfied customer.
  138. Best business card.
  139. Best card for 20-something
  140. How many cards did I apply for in the last six month? How to count?
  141. RBC Cashback MC - I'm RICH! Check it out!
  142. Banco Popular AAdvantage credit cards for Puerto Rico & USVI
  143. Barclaycard Miles & More card
  144. Am I screwed? Need help with Discover card insurance claim.
  145. US based exclusive credit cards... Which ones the best?
  146. What does Amex offer that other card issuers do not?
  147. Need help in getting free/cheap flight to Panama
  148. Would Bank of America ever come up with a "premium" card?
  149. U.S. debit cards with best security?
  150. Minimizing hit to credit score when closing cards?
  151. Able to apply for AA Barclay Aviator Business Card?
  152. Need another AA branded card soon
  153. Do I have any issue with Venmo or Wells fargo ?
  154. Bank Of America online chat.
  155. Help choose - Costco Visa (cash) vs. Points / Miles card?
  156. Check Your Barclay Accounts! [Automatic payments not credited.]
  157. Not Happy with CSR and Amex Plat - Other options with excellent customer service?
  158. Hear me out... Chase Sapphire Reserve vs Citi AA
  159. First travel credit card
  160. JCB Gold card - any good?
  161. Most Miles per Dollar, All Spending
  162. Cards with Annual Travel Credits
  163. Alaska Airlines card offers, Personal & Business, now 30K
  164. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
  165. BA or Lufthansa card [UK]?!
  166. USA EMV cards: Availability, Q&A (Chip & PIN or Signature) [2017]
  167. USA contactless credit/debit/transit (cards, stickers or NFC smartphones)
  168. Amex offers - is Amex the only one that offers this?
  169. Best Card for Miles with No Spending Requirement
  170. Problems getting old USAir MC 10K annual miles bonus to post on new AAviator cc?
  171. New to Points/Credit Cards - Backpacking
  172. Which banks require SSN for authorized users?
  173. Credit card Application and household income
  174. New to Game - What Card Next
  175. March 2017 Barclays Sallie Mae Card Changes
  176. New (2016 onward) Barclays AA Aviator - 50K
  177. Alternative to AmEx SPG with Price Protection features?
  178. CAPITAL ONE Stole 275,000+ Miles From Me
  179. How to increase credit score/get approved for new card
  180. Could BoA clawback welcome bonus due to return?
  181. New card for AA flyers out of PHL?
  182. Best credit card offers now?
  183. 2017 credit card to choose... a little lost
  184. US Bank Business Edge offer
  185. Avianca Vuela Visa: up to 60K miles
  186. Looking for credit card, optimizing free interest period for purchases
  187. If you had to add 1 or 2 cards to your collection tonight...
  188. Does a drop in credit limit due to no use significantly impact credit score?
  189. Newbie trying to get my family from USA to Philippines
  190. Loves Express Fuel Card
  191. Any Way to get faster credit card (India)?
  192. Need Hotel Loyalty CC Advice (South Africa & Norway/Sweden)
  193. Get rid of Barclays AA Aviator now that i have Chase Reserve ?
  194. Alaska Airlines Visa versus BankAmericard Travel Rewards?
  195. Any creditcard I can use as European expat?
  196. Split large purchase across two/multiple credit cards - possible?
  197. What cards should I consider to earn points for vacation to Europe
  198. First attempt to get reward tix to MAD. Pls help!
  199. Mylinkables
  200. Dealing with Credit Card Fraud
  201. BofA online chat - not available
  202. Adding an overseas address to a UK issued card.
  203. Targeted: Barclays Aviator $2,500 x 6 mon (Nov 2016-Apr 2017) = 30,000 bonus AA miles
  204. Citibank AA, Chase United, or Cap One Venture For Qatar or Emirates Air
  205. Summary of Purchase/Price/Warranty benefits on major cards.
  206. Torn between Citi, Chase and Amex
  207. Making a purchase on card I took a 0% balance loanish
  208. Where can I find my Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer number?
  209. Card ideas for Father of the Bride!
  210. Cash advance from a prepaid VISA/MC at bank counter/teller - how?
  211. Kard
  212. Best CC to Buy Emirates Tix With?
  213. Getting a Business License/EIN # just for New Biz Card Signup Offers?
  214. Student Loan Credit Card
  215. Voila Rewards launches 20,000 bonus points VOILĄ Hotel Rewards VISA card
  216. travel insurance, which credit card?
  217. Best card? Lots of air/hotel/dining 3 months
  218. BOA approval rescinded?
  219. Multiple posting/revert of paypal transactions
  220. Options With A Limited Credit History
  221. Hotel point strategy gut check [Via Credit Cards]
  222. Planning Honeymoon. Need advice for CC
  223. Best CC concierge for getting restaurant reservations?
  224. Churn/close/apply? Effect on your credit score?
  225. Pay t-mobile bill w CC; file dispute immediately b/c company said phone was not sent
  226. When do you get your Aeroplan miles from your TD Infinite card (Canada)?
  227. What's the VISA/MC best business credit card right now?
  228. Credit card applications during MBA?
  229. Advice on Which Cards to Get; Orlando>Hawaii is goal
  230. Buying Ableton With A Visa, Please Help!
  231. Technical Question about paying in person without physical card.
  232. Best roadside assistance for authorized users
  233. Synchrony Marvel Mastercard Verification
  234. New USAA 2.5% Limitless Cashback Rewards Visa (targeted USAA members only)
  235. Which Visa For Costco
  236. Questions on Adding an "Authorized User" to Your Account
  237. What is the general strategy for cancelling and re-applying when churning?
  238. Extended warranty-- Citi Prestige vs AMEX Plat vs Chase Reserve
  239. When credit report is reviewed
  240. Supercard [UK] email regarding PIN not working?
  241. Authorized User question
  242. US Bank now Requiring ARS/Sage
  243. Magnetic stripe cards wiped during MRI
  244. A list of BUSINESS cards which earn miles or points.
  245. Use prepaid card to deposit cash to bank?
  246. Long term (6 year) plan.
  247. Capital One Credit card closed
  248. Tax Lien: Am I out of the game?
  249. Bonusses To Get Friend To Israel (SEA>TLV)
  250. Getting approved for CC and immediately regretting it. Options?