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  1. Sun Country 40K miles
  2. Got to 30K spend Travel Together. Close British AIrways avios card??
  3. Barclay dispute department useless?
  4. Looking for advice. Thinking about replacing cards
  5. Apple Pay and Rewards Network (Dining for Miles)
  6. Cancel SPG AmEx for Carlson and Hyatt cards?
  7. ApplePay may interfere with rewards
  8. New to the card game...
  9. When Did I Open (& Close) my credit cards?
  10. Is my contactless card dying?, also the problem with contactless in the United States
  11. Banks stepup card marketing-does this mean more miles
  12. Virgin Atlantic Credit Card Concierge Service phone number
  13. Debit / ATM Card for Israel
  14. Temporary/one time use CC numbers
  15. USAirways Barclays Business Card 10K Preferred
  16. FlexPerks Q4 2014 Bonus: up to 3000 bonus points for spending
  17. Oberthur Tech of America Corp
  18. Plastc (new Coin?)
  19. Capital One Venture Card *HELP*
  20. Capital One Aspire World (Canada) - Credit Limit?
  21. Advice on a CC plan?
  22. First National Bank of Omaha TravElite card - what is this?
  23. Credit Card Miles Recommendation - Travel between New York NYC and Atlanta
  24. Churning: More Difficult, Less Successful?
  25. Which Cards to Keep/Downgrade/Cancel?
  26. Help me choose best cc for my company
  27. Canceling credit cards: what is your strategy?
  28. Credit Card Strategy, living in Seattle
  29. Type of identification required if using USA credit card in UK or Irish Republic?
  30. Best card to pay for cheap, non-luxury hotel stays?
  31. Easiest bank to get approval for Business Card?
  32. 679 Score - Planning to travel in less than a year. - How do I go about churning?
  33. Adding a new ATT line = Hard pull?
  34. 0% Balance Transfer CC
  35. Rolling Credit Into Refi--Bad For Credit?
  36. 0% APR question
  37. Discover 0% intro APR
  38. Question about missed payment on credit report
  39. Will I lose points if I cancel my BOA VS and AS cards?
  40. Best CC to track flying expenses for flight attendant
  41. CC strategy for ~5-6 domestic flights a year
  42. Spending strategy feedback requested
  43. Student Airline Miles CC [UK]
  44. Question re auto rental insurance benefit
  45. How to maximize points when purchasing flights?
  46. Reporting card lost/stolen does NOT stop future charges to closed card
  47. For Misc Purchases (non-category), is it smarter to put it on a 2% cashback card?
  48. Buying a house in 3 years: what cards to keep/get now?
  49. USA contactless credit/debit/transit (cards, stickers or NFC smartphones)
  50. Website option to finance iPhone via Barclays - hard pull? merits?
  51. Nonprofit Pres/CEO =? Exec for CC ap
  52. TD Canada Trust [Can] - First Class Travel Visa Infinite - changes
  53. HSBC Premier World MasterCard Canada
  54. Wells Fargo checking account closing question
  55. Credit Card Theft Programs
  56. Purchase Protection on BofA Alaska Visa Signature Card?
  57. Can CC companies see what I buy?
  58. What is the best card to use for 2k/wk in business spend?
  59. Why Was the Credit Card Programs Forum Gutted?
  60. Local Bank CC offer, $150 bonus after purchase, take it?
  61. Need recommendation for new cash back card, please
  62. Rental pickup truck insurance coverage (credit card insurance - USA)? Who offers?
  63. 1st AOR Results and 2nd AOR Planning
  64. Good bonus cards with limited credit history but good income
  65. How long does it take for a card cancellation to be reflected in one's credit report?
  66. Best credit card to pay award ticket taxes for insurance purposes
  67. Which Hilton Honors card?
  68. Help a newbie out.
  69. FLIR Cameras can defeat PIN technology
  70. Hotel Points which allows family of four in Europe
  71. best cc for Paris Hotels
  72. Need advice - Singapore Credit Card Bonuses
  73. Chrysler Capital No Longer Accepting Credit Cards
  74. Am I dividing up spending on to many programs?
  75. Why do people say seek retention bonus after 10 months?
  76. Barclay: refund on AF if cancelled within 60 days?
  77. Applying for multiple cards on same day... does it really matter?
  78. Credit-Card Comparison Sites Come Under Fire - WSJ
  79. Current Churning Paradigm: AOR or prn?
  80. Best card or program, I promises I tried to do my research!
  81. Do you have to have a clean slate/no new charges to cancel/ask for retention bonus?
  82. Best points card for hotels in Tokyo?
  83. How soon do new accounts appear on credit report?
  84. What category spend is AirBNB?
  85. [Revived] Virgin Atlantic [BOA] MasterCard 90,000 bonus
  86. Total Newbie, would like some advice
  87. Any advice on buying a car using credit cards? (UK)
  88. Best Card(s) for Non-Bonus Spend Categories
  89. Getting an extra $48 when closing capitalone card!
  90. Register an LLC. Will I get cc mail offers if I use a registered agent?
  91. Best credit card to put Hilton wedding spend on
  92. VISA Exteded Warranty & Debit Card
  93. New to the US, would appreciate any credit building advice
  94. Credit Cards in Italy?
  95. Churn My Way to Antarctica
  96. Your favorite cards for miles?
  97. Burning points for LAX-MEX first class?
  98. should I apply for airline or hotel CC
  99. AAA Member Rewards Visa
  100. What card is best for me to replace UA Visa?
  101. No FX fees for Auzzie credit cards?
  102. Best credit card for consulting
  103. Is Partial Airline GC With CC Eligible for Insurance?
  104. Free credit report after rejection
  105. What fits my needs?
  106. warning possible wells fargo phishing alert
  107. Delta Amex 50k Offer
  108. My experience paying more for mortgage because of too many CC apps
  109. Advice needed for App-o-Rama and using Avios and Delta miles questions
  110. What card would net me the best rewards?
  111. Qantas ANZ card: 50k points for 1.5k spend in 3 months
  112. World MasterCard Perks
  113. Card with actual benefits for an authorized user?
  114. How to choose the right credit card?
  115. What is your avg. annual benefit from having good credit?
  116. How can failed chargebacks affect credit score?
  117. Credit card annual fees waived for military
  118. Ritz Carlton Card (Marriott Rewards Account)
  119. where are ALL the types of Discover cards listed?
  120. FICO Methodology Being Revamped
  121. Best card for travel insurance benefits? US centric
  122. Should I just cancel this card?
  123. Improving The Quality/Value Of Targeted Offers
  124. Can someone post their excel layout sheet?
  125. My mom has a 800 fico with no credit cards
  126. $10 Amex GC with every $50 Lowes, JC Penny, or Gap gc purchse at Simon Malls
  127. Ding on credit, should I apply??
  128. airline versus "generic"
  129. Open to critique of recent AOR attempt
  130. Discover business card shows on personal credit report
  131. What CC deals are there nowadays?
  132. Looking for CC with at least 40k points that can be used as Cash Back
  133. BofA Asiana Amex - Up to 38k miles - $99 fee
  134. Looking for a card to use in Europe with a good sign up bonus
  135. REI Visa (USBank) $100 GC for signup and 1 purchase before 9/1/2014
  136. Paying Rent with Credit Card VS Check
  137. Scam Warning - Robo-dialer posing as Barclays fraud dept
  138. Credit Card Best Practices [Help]
  139. Car Rental - Best Coverage from which Canadian CC ?
  140. Best rewards card for booking high tier rooms at independent hotels?
  141. New here, please help with selection of which credit card to keep
  142. I read an interesting article. Analysis appreciated
  143. Square's EMV reader detailed in Wired
  144. Does length of credit history "cap out" after 10 years?
  145. My own guide on improving credit scores
  146. HSBC & processing delays-Australia
  147. First National Bank of Omaha Reconsideration #?
  148. Credit cards for signup bonus and FFPs for Delhi-Seattle RT
  149. Card Churning Frequencies
  150. Advice to newcomers and mixing in no annual fee cards
  151. Sorry I am new to all this. Please Help
  152. Visa: World's Largest CC company, Benefiting From An Exodus Away From Cash to Credit
  153. Which credit Card program is best for free flight upgrades
  154. Just started up a trucking business, what is the best gas card?
  155. Please point a credit-less student towards success
  156. Newbee ready for a churn need help
  157. Which card is easiest to get for a student with low income?
  158. Bonus CC for Wedding Spend
  159. [Australia] Amplify Visa Signature Perks
  160. Best general spend travel card/bonus
  161. Too late for me to take advantage of a miles reward card?
  162. Does Barclays allow credit line consolidation like Chase?
  163. Which credit card to claim out-of-provice emergency medical expense
  164. Can someone guide me on the right path. Dont want to make the wrong decision
  165. Experienced traveler, FT newbie - need help maximizing CC earning
  166. WN and SPG Cards
  167. Using CSP in the Discover Shopping Portal
  168. Most new CC account/year. 24? 48? 100+?
  169. College student- which mileage program & card(s) for European travel
  170. Recommendations on next CC to sign up for?
  171. Which miles and points card to bolster portfolio
  172. Fidelity Cash Management Debit Card/ATM Forex: Real-World Experience?
  173. How often do you use your CCs?
  174. Effect of Balance Transfer on Bonus Miles
  175. best everyday card
  176. Chip and Signature failures
  177. Advice please, Which CC to apply first, strategy for applying
  178. Debit cards that work at ATMs in high risk countries
  179. Reporting annual bonus in income when applying?
  180. Best Company for Foreign Transaction Rate
  181. @AskCiti and Ye Shall Receive Justin Timberlake Tickets
  182. Visa/MC to go along with SPG & Corp AMEXs
  183. Amex or Visa for car rental - which gives better CDW?
  184. Magnises Card?
  185. Debating the merits of using BB checks
  186. Astoria Bank $250 Checking Account Signup Bonus
  187. anyone ever order ChexSystem?
  188. List of CCs that offer Referral Bonuses for the Avg Joe [NO REFERRALS]
  189. $100k+ biz spend per month, what cards to use?
  190. Find me a new bank checking ATM/debit card
  191. Card with AA / UA / DL Transfer (Not SPG)?
  192. Best Card for sports tickets
  193. Visa Signature and World Elite
  194. Questions from a Newbie about credit cards!
  195. the misconceptions of credit cards and debt redneck edition
  196. Cash back card opinion
  197. Help in deciding between a few cards
  198. What's the best method to write on your cards?
  199. FF Credit card signup whilst residing in Bulgaria
  200. US Bank Flex Perks annual fee due -- it's my oldest card
  201. Optimization vs. Diversification - Which CC should I use?
  202. Nightline interview on using FF miles
  203. Best fit
  204. How Many Cards is Too Many? SW vs USAir vs Delta
  205. Opening US checking account and credit card with reward/points for non-US residents
  206. using emergency card replacements and other benifits while traveling oversees
  207. Barclaycard Miles vs. AAdvantage Miles?
  208. Which company sends UPS packages from "CARD SERVICES - NEWARK, DE"?
  209. Late payment on autoinsurance - does it affect credit score?
  210. Sam's Club 5% cash back on Gas MasterCard
  211. How to buy a million miles for $6500
  212. Chase Freedom 20k points through end of June
  213. Credit card loyalty?
  214. Online Travel Retailer Credit Card
  215. In need of advice for upcoming travel
  216. Complete List of Travel Rewards Card Issuers
  217. What is a good hotel card/ airline card for asia tour trip
  218. Want Hotel Credit Card with bonus for European Trip
  219. Want Hotel Credit Card with bonus for European Trip
  220. [Canada] Visa - Purchase Security - TD Travel Infinite
  221. News Flash: CNN "You can get airline miles from Credit Card Signups and Spending"
  222. What's with the debit cards without EMV chips in them?
  223. 5 Questions From A Newbie About To Spend ~$12k
  224. 60+ point difference in credit score from CreditSesame vs Experian
  225. Cash back for making insurance payment
  226. 0 intro apr miles and points card?
  227. first rejections for too many cc applications
  228. HELP => The basics of when to Cancel after points used?
  229. Which hotel card?
  230. Corporate cards that earn for both company and employee?
  231. Best CC for grocery store use?
  232. The other Barclays cards: Hawaiian vs Lufthansa
  233. Is there a USA CC that allows paying foreign currency in foreign currency?
  234. Does linking your accounts online have any detrimental effects
  235. Please use the "Search this forum" feature before starting a new thread
  236. for U.S. residents who frequently travel int'l
  237. BoA Credit Card Applications
  238. CC closed due to inactivity
  239. Visa Extras Options?
  240. Advice: what is a good reloadable MC Visa or AX
  241. Question about temp unfreezing a frozen EXP
  242. Credit card bonus miles -- churning? (title edited by moderator)
  243. Cancelling B of A card to avoid first year annual fee
  244. Which Airline?
  245. Paying car lease with credit card
  246. Card Selection Advice
  247. CC selection advice needed
  248. Advice on card selection
  249. Help me pick my next card!
  250. Can I pool sign up bonuses?