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  1. VS BOA credit card authorized users question
  2. Arrival+/Sapphire combo?
  3. Good cards to churn?
  4. How do i get a credit card from US?
  5. Which Airline cards do not require card be used in order to waive baggage fees?
  6. Best card to use in japan and s. Korea
  7. Should I use Barclay or Sapphire card to book travel?
  8. Why has Amex/Chase/CapitalOne NOT matched Citi's new "extra" 2 year warranty?
  9. Medical Coverage Abroad - AMEX Plat vs Citi Prestige vs Chase Sapphire Reserve
  10. Best cash back small business card?
  11. Multiple priority pass memberships
  12. CC Emergencey Evacuation Insurance
  13. Merchant Category Code
  14. Current best cash/cash equiv cards
  15. RBC Rewards vs Orbitz prices
  16. Best airline(s) for short hops in East Asia?
  17. Best Credit Card to Buy Engagement Ring
  18. Small business, small spend?
  19. Visa Infinite Benefits Discussion ($100-off RT >=2 pax, others)
  20. Credit card for getting to Manila, Phillippines
  21. Barclaycard Arrival + website not showing Rewards
  22. Big (really big) cruise fare purchase
  23. Maxing out credit card bonuses
  24. Bank of America - Mailing Time for New Cards
  25. SIN instead on ITIN on Transunion (USA)!?
  26. Barclays JetBlue Cards Signup Bonus Posting Time
  27. Using US credit cards while permanently living overseas - experiences?
  28. Any US based credit cards offering Priority Pass benefit for less than $450 AF?
  29. How to deal with Identity Theft
  30. Does "American Bar Association" Bank of America Visa card have rental car coverage?
  31. How do you determine which card(s) to apply for next?
  32. Best credit card for travel spend
  33. Star Trek Credit Card Offering 50,000 Point Bonus
  34. When should i reopen an account after closing it?
  35. Cancelling a card/combining points?
  36. Churner's Block?
  37. Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. Citi Prestige vs. Amex Platinum
  38. Any other Card issuer match Citi's 2-yr. (24 mths) of "additional"[extended]warranty?
  39. How many cards with "long credit history" should I maintain?
  40. CapOne-Global Entry fee coded as Travel?
  41. Apple pay France with USA-issued VISA card account.
  42. What's a good card to replace Alaska visa?
  43. M&M FTL Credit Card as Student
  44. Self-charging for miles
  45. Can you recommend a Visa/MC card with no int'l forex fee and > 1.25 miles per dollar?
  46. The Future of the App-o-Rama & Credit Card Churning
  47. Getting cash with EU credit card in US
  48. Best Card For Medical Payments
  49. First CC Denial. Why was I not approved?
  50. New churner - already have CSP, and CFU under belt...what next? Chase United Card?
  51. Advance payment of cards with all transactions under limit
  52. Barclay data point: Large interest charge reversed
  53. Discover login, requires text code. How to enable/disable?
  54. BofA product conversion - number to call
  55. Can high income cause pending decisions?
  56. BA Card vs Amex MRs
  57. Canadian AirMiles: Hilton hotel bookings temporarily unavailable.
  58. Help on Europe Travel with new credit card
  59. Barclays USA will be issuing AAdvantage Aviator cards again in 2017.
  60. [Help] MR vs UR - domestic flight late September?
  61. What is the best way to redeem BOA Travel Rewards Points when not for travel.
  62. When you opened a card just before a better promotion bonus offer...
  63. The mechanics of cc anniversary free nights
  64. US resident with Canadian credit card: Earn points/miles faster?
  65. United Explorer or Amex Premier Rewards?
  66. big purchases, what bonus to get ?
  67. Best Card(s) for a AUS/NZ trip?
  68. Best Everyday Card for Spouse and Kids?
  69. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  70. What cards/bonuses to apply for? (MS capable here)
  71. 100K Marriott points for Marriott Business credit card
  72. Promotion limits reached- Spend using AMEX Platinum or Chase sapphire?
  73. Which Card? Jetblue vs American vs Chase Sapphire
  74. Need help maximizing points & programs I have!
  75. Barclays SecurPass
  76. Barclays Business Cards, do they show up on your personal Credit report?
  77. Cleaning out wallet
  78. Newbie Next Steps
  79. Best current programs for basic airfare
  80. How does applying for CC's impacts your credit?
  81. Cards Offering Bonus Points for Video Production Charges?
  82. BoA Bank AmeriCard Travel Rewards (Platinum Honors) vs. Chase Sapphire
  83. Stonegate Bank begins offering "Chip & PIN" credit cards that will work in Cuba.
  84. To buy or not buy gift cards for travel
  85. Looking for cash sign up bonus (not points or miles), what's best choice?
  86. Walmart Canada threatens to stop accepting Visa
  87. What business credit cards have the best sign up bonuses?
  88. Best Business Credit Card to Get Points for Airbnb?
  89. Travel Insurance from Credit Cards
  90. Business charges on personal card
  91. u.me refer: share referrals, maximize rewards
  92. $10k spend in a few weeks - where best to put?
  93. 2nd Barclay's Hawaiian Card. Bonus for new cardmembers only?
  94. How to best maximize $3,400 in spend?
  95. BOA Norwegian MC Improves
  96. Citi Prestige, AA Exec or Stick with CSP/Freedom?
  97. Canada - RBC Avion Transfer to Cathay Pacific Asia Miles - how long?
  98. Question: Wait for 5/24 to blow over or go nuts on applications?
  99. Apply for which USA card(s) to pay $20k college tuition in Ireland?
  100. Book flight with CSP or Premier Rewards Gold Amex?
  101. Credit Cards for Student/Rewards Beginner
  102. Credit question
  103. Better cards out there?
  104. best credit card with no annual fee
  105. Marriott Bus. 100000
  106. Citi AA Advantage or Chase Sapphire?
  107. Business card (or other) that allows very small spending limits for employee cards
  108. Best Credit Card for Hotel Bookings (2 Nights) in Rome?
  109. Being homeless ;) and churning credit cards
  110. American Now Living in France ... What to Do w/ CCs / should I open French ones?
  111. PNC Premier Traveler Visa Signature Card 30K bonus miles/$3K spend
  112. Loyalty Credit Cards in different countries (esp. Hong Kong)
  113. Cash back or keep points?
  114. Credit Card in the UAE with Miles & More as transfer partner
  115. Best Credit Card for Paying UK Tax
  116. Best card for travel points - Sapphire Preferred?
  117. Best miles/points program to convert to cash?
  118. Discussion: Do banks really care if we take advantage of them?
  119. Consolidation of credit card points - looking for best airline options
  120. US Retailers sue Visa for not going with Chip+Pin
  121. Auckland hotel credit card
  122. Uruguay: credit cards and VAT
  123. Hotels targeted for credit card info theft
  124. Transaction appears as "Cash Disbursement"
  125. Best VISA/MC for mileage rewards
  126. Paid Media as a bonus category?
  127. Very late to the game-need card selection help
  128. Wells Fargo to launch new 1.5% cash back credit card called "Cash Wise"
  129. Filing for Bankruptcy! Can I still churn in several years vs 7?
  130. New to churn - Europe 2017
  131. Newb to churning however..
  132. Churn to Asia vs Cash in Dec 2016?
  133. PenFed: 0% APR/12 mth/3% BT fee, or 4.99% APR/12 mth/$0 BT fee?
  134. Barclay's Aviator: They told me it was canceled but I just got a new card
  135. Churning after 2 years for a Euro trip
  136. Need new card to earn miles for business class
  137. casinos: draw cash, get miles
  138. European credit card fee cap! Rip off?
  139. Which is better: Amex Platinum vs Aviator (Silver)?
  140. Discover bonus categories - spending overseas
  141. PNC Points Visa?
  142. Second Card
  143. Too Many Inquiries Dead End
  144. Best travel card deal right now as I have major purchase coming
  145. Spending probably 30K in 4 months - card should we get?
  146. Best Signup Offer?
  147. Is it possible to pay Better Balance Rewards card directly from BoA Savings account??
  148. Effect of closing cards with large unpaid balance
  149. Which card will let me use points to book Norwegian Air?
  150. Lowering credit limit across all CCs and its impact
  151. Charles Schwab ATM-only card
  152. Which card to sign up for to book honeymoon?
  153. Interesting place to refer
  154. Bank of America US-call center non-English speaker?
  155. Best credit card for someone who eats out a lot
  156. Refunding ticket booked with BofA Rewards points
  157. Which card to use for VRBO?
  158. Chase Ultimate Rewards vs US Bank FlexPerks
  159. AOR strategy
  160. [Help me find a specific article comparing] Chase Sapphire Preferred and Citi Premier
  161. 2016-Banks, who are you using (outside of CCs)?
  162. Virgin America cc link
  163. What are the best airline cards to open if I want to go to Iceland or Switzerland?
  164. Trying to decide between AMEX Everyday Preferred and Chase Freedom Unlimited
  165. Comenity (Virgin America CC) closed my account for inquiries after approved 6 months
  166. Suggest card to replace Aviator.
  167. Building US credit rating for foreigners
  168. US based Union Pay card?
  169. What to do for now...[1-2 year break from travel]
  170. CURewards.com - Who uses it?
  171. New primary card to replace Citi Forward?
  172. Resources and tips for travel-reward newbie?
  173. Cumberland Farms Smartpay risks?
  174. Age of Account - reset when card discontinued and transferred to new product?
  175. Best Gas Card to track
  176. Can you downgrade from the Barclays JetBlue Rewards card to the no annual fee card?
  177. New Wells Fargo GoFar credit card rewards program
  178. Best card for hotel in southeast Asia
  179. World Elite Mastercard -- booking hotels
  180. Alternatives to Spirit World Mastercard while still flying Sprit Air
  181. International Bill Pay using credit card
  182. *NEW TO MILES AND POINTS* How do I start?
  183. The Credit Card Rewards Game
  184. Barclay AA Aviator gave me a free $10 gift card
  185. Carrying a balance on credit card, how will it affect my credit score?
  186. Delta Sky Miles Platinum Card MQM's may not rollover
  187. Possible to rack up 100,000 miles a year, if you don't live in "credit card country"?
  188. Credit Card Analysis - Providers?
  189. Best credit card for funding a checking acct.
  190. Spending $6,000 - what's the best card?
  191. Applying for US-based credit card with no SSN
  192. should i file a chargeback?
  193. how can i do a recurring direct deposit?
  194. Credit Card Applications While Traveling: VPN & Mailbox OK?
  195. Have minimum spend, just need a card to put it on
  196. Website that displays pre-approval offers?
  197. Card for Residency Interviews
  198. Switching away from UA. Amex Plat or Citi Exec?
  199. Capital One Quicksilver Uber 20% replacement?
  200. Close and Apply or Apply and Close?
  201. Have a Basic Credit Card, Where to Go Next?
  202. What's the best credit card for "travel" purchases/travel category bonuses?
  203. Miles and More Credit Card for Canadians?
  204. Revolut adds 3% fee if add USD with any debit card.
  205. Becoming Authorized User to boost AAoA?
  206. miles and more with UNICREDIT(italy)
  207. Best card for bag fees (non-domestic)
  208. Hotel affinity card plus hotel program: spend least (at hotels) to get free room?
  209. Club Carlson credit cards
  210. Award Travel Per Minimum Spend
  211. Which CC to get me in First Class to Hawaii?
  212. On Getting More CC Is it Wise?
  213. How best to deal with card acceptance minimums/surcharges
  214. FICO Help
  215. So many credit cards...
  216. Is carrying only two credit cards in the wallet wise?
  217. Barclays Promotional APR Checks?
  218. PayPal Business Debit MasterCard and Credit Card questions
  219. New Member Seeking Advice [Credit Cards]
  220. Advice requested on which cards to discard/add
  221. Optimum order for 5 card apporama
  222. United Explorer card and other Airline cards
  223. New, 24YO, First Travel Card, Upcoming RTW, is CSP Best for Me?
  224. Using different personal credit cards to pay business expenses
  225. Do you keep your old closed cards?
  226. Hawaiian Airlines card Credit score/report question
  227. Use capital one points to buy miles?
  228. Barclay JetBlue Transitioning
  229. Am i opening too many cards at once?
  230. US Bank Cash Plus?
  231. Can I earn miles twice?
  232. Credit pulls for credit limit increase/re-allocation?
  233. Zero Credit, New at this, Where to Begin?
  234. 2016 "best" credit card for general spending (non bonus category expenses)
  235. Which card program for business spending 12k in gas?
  236. Newbie - not sure what to do
  237. Suggestions for next application
  238. Any CCs with "intro" high CB rewards?
  239. Credit report dispute process
  240. how fast can credit score recover after opening ~10 accounts in a month?
  241. What should my next cards be? Good credit score and income
  242. Sizeable Final Payment coming. Need to Maximize Miles earned
  243. Getting back on the CC game after 2 years
  244. Air Miles (Canada) redemption rate towards cruises/vacation packages
  245. Help with next card
  246. Best points-based strategy to get from St. Louis to Montreal?
  247. Airline Card vs Hotel Card for Domestic Travel
  248. Keep/Cancel/Apply for $15-20k Annual Spend
  249. does paying my credit card charges on the same day it's posted damage my credit?
  250. Best credit card to earn American Airlines miles