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  1. Best CC way to get from STL to Banff, BC?
  2. Capital One doesn't like me?
  3. Did I apply for the right cards?
  4. Overseas ATM withdrawal fees
  5. Cash Back rewards card offer $150 after spending $500 in 3 months
  6. Combining hard pulls for Capital One?
  7. First Churn: Two Int'l trips to America within 5 months planned & need advice
  8. Which cc for college student
  9. 2015 App-O-Rama (AOR) and Churn Advice Archive
  10. Buying a business-class upgrade :: any CC offer to make this less painful?
  11. credit cards with waived annual fees with assets?
  12. RBC Avion Travel Rewards Cancellation
  13. Plaza Premium lounge access
  14. Does Replacing Lost/Missing Credit Cards Hurt Credit Score?
  15. cancelling card after annual fee posts
  16. New Year, New Cards to churn, please help me decide
  17. Personal Strategy - Alaskan Cruise Goal
  18. RBC Avion - Still Get Bonus When you 'Switch' Cards?
  19. Elite Status from Cards: How long does it take to drop off after cancellation?
  20. Comparing Chase Sapphire Preferred to Barclays Arrival Plus
  21. Gm Card top-off different/better in 2015?
  22. From Annual Fee To No Annual Fee, what approach to take?
  23. CC Ideas for National Parks travel, please!
  24. Separate corporate and personal cards with consolidated points?
  25. Failed to register Barclays A+ with Mastercard Securecode Registration
  26. Got my sun trust fees reversed
  27. Multiple identical cards for the same business/EIN?
  28. ATM withdrawal from overseas card - what rate is used?
  29. Need help on Credit Card selection for flight to Japan
  30. Should i get a separate no fx card?
  31. World Elite Avis/Hertz Elite Status
  32. Using SPG Amex conjunction with Hilton HHonors?
  33. Which of these cards should I close?
  34. Getting started with credit cards
  35. Car Rental in Curacao-- Which credit card to use for best rewards/insurance coverage?
  36. CIBC Aventura, TD First Class, or RBC Avion points
  37. Applying for CC Without a SSN?
  38. 100pt + differences in credit scores normal? Can't figure out why...
  39. ATM fees - do all US banks/Credit Unions charge them?
  40. Cheapest credit cards granting Priority Pass?
  41. TD Aeroplan Visa- taking miles away?
  42. Problems with Referral offers-Help me troubleshoot
  43. (Barclay) How I go about claiming for incidental expenses due to baggage delay?
  44. Turns out my fico was 675 wow
  45. Targeted Barclaycard offer - changing the address
  46. do business cards always require a phone call?
  47. Selective credit card acceptance
  48. Targeted (Barclays US card): Triple miles 1/1/15-3/31/15 on groceries/movies/utilitie
  49. Which of my cards do I use for charitable donations?
  50. What's my best option?
  51. What do banks pay for credit reports?
  52. I want to redeem miles / points for Home Depot or Lowes gift cards
  53. Targeted: Barclays US Airways MasterCard, spend $500/month X3 = 15,000 mile bonus
  54. My Plan for an almost free Paris Trip
  55. BankAmericard Cash Rewards $175 Bonus After $500 In Spend
  56. RBC Reward points to AA
  57. Staples hacked
  58. Worst Credit Card Ever? [The physical card itself]
  59. Can you increase the credit limit of a discontinued grandfathered card?
  60. Need to purchase from Microsoft store - best strategy for rewards?
  61. is there a service that makes automatic deposits into a checking account?
  62. Help! General strategy advice badly needed
  63. Becoming a travel credit card affiliate/sub-affiliate?
  64. Chase Sapphire Vs Capital One Venture--How did you decide?
  65. Bonus categories cards with no FTF? Extra points on non-US amazon?
  66. US Airways, Switch To Paperless Statements & Receive $25 Statement Credit
  67. Paying CC off in cash; ideal # of cards; MS
  68. Best card 'besides' Chase for rapid reward points
  69. CC Apps Question (miles/points related)
  70. Shutdowns (other than Chase)
  71. Best churn cards?
  72. Barclays US Airways BusinessCard discontinued?
  73. TD Aeroplan Visa Credit Card (USA version)
  74. American Airlines now processes its own buy/gift/share miles transactions.
  75. Possible to get miles w/ poor FICO (608)
  76. how do you evaluate credit card offers and rewards?
  77. Best Card for a Spending Threshold Bonus
  78. What is the best credit card ?
  79. Interesting stats on credit use from Capital One
  80. Is there any place to get a free list of your EQ pulls?
  81. Which card next for my 3rd mile card bonus?
  82. Best CC Program for China Southern redemption?
  83. Does it matter how you spend during your min. spend period ?
  84. Which currency to pay with when selecting on CC reader?
  85. CNP fraud: what will the US do after EMV?
  86. Personal Strategy Feedback
  87. Just back from Vegas - Looking into Air Miles via Credit Card
  88. United mp explorer mp re-up
  89. How long does the $150 Discover IT offer usually last?
  90. Are PayPal Here merchants miscoding transactions?
  91. Help with next card application
  92. US Air biz card - Bonus posted without annual fee
  93. Canadian Credit Card Trip Health Insurance Question
  94. Experience with Discover price protection
  95. What card(s) to get for small business?
  96. What are you spending on in 2015?
  97. Master Thread of Churnable Credit Cards?
  98. What exchange rates are credit cards using? All the same?
  99. Was this a bad idea? (Authorised user isn't real)
  100. Applying for American Credit Cards from Foreign Countries?
  101. Opening 2nd credit card: AMEX vs Chase
  102. Travel Card with a few requirements(chip&pin, VISA/MC, etc)
  103. Help on Credit Card: Chase Sapphire or Citi Plat.
  104. An American in Belgium: Deciding on Credit Cards
  105. AOR for First Class to Prague or Japan
  106. What credit card to get for travel?
  107. Help me figure out who got hacked
  108. PG&E payment or any public utility for that matter
  109. Which Canadian MasterCard is best to replace my Amex for Costco spend?
  110. Different Mailing Address vs. Residence Address: Applications
  111. Understanding FICO score
  112. Quick Question!!!
  113. AMEX Plat/Citi Prestige/Ritz/Hyatt?
  114. Which credit cards offer weekly deals?
  115. Best site for getting 3 credit bureau scores?
  116. Solid Credit Card Combo?
  117. Have read tons, but I'm still unsure of how to determine if they are worth it
  118. RBC Visa Infinite/Avion members: 1000 Aeropesos into 1040 Avios!
  119. Wallet for churners?
  120. Best hotel cards for free nights at good hotels for small spenders?
  121. UA explorer or AA platinum?
  122. Any downside to applying for supplemental/AU credit cards?
  123. Credit Card Churning + Real Estate investments
  124. Paypal application very useful in holland
  125. Spending $2K-$2.5K a month in medical expenses -- what card do I get?!
  126. Advise on New Card and Converting Points
  127. Income brackets for premium cards: Amex Platinum, Citi Prestige, Ritz Carlton
  128. How often do you use no-fee cards to avoid cancellation?
  129. What to get now?
  130. Credit card bonus offer recommendation
  131. 90 point drop in my credit score. What in the world do I do?
  132. Barclay Arrival Mastercard: $20 Statement Credit on $50 Amazon Purchase
  133. Frozen Credit Reports causing problem when opening new financial products?
  134. Want to take advantage of the holidays - Short Churn Cycle Help
  135. Small question regarding balance transfers
  136. Churning Strategy for a Heavy Spender, How Many Cards per AOR Should I Go?
  137. App-o-ramas are so 2004?
  138. Buying an iPhone, which credit card to use (for extended warranty)
  139. Looking to make a CC run
  140. London is weird on Chip & Signature credit cards
  141. Which Australian credit card allows me to earn QF points for ATO payments?
  142. Best travel credit card in Japan?
  143. Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Silver World Elite MasterCard
  144. My First Premier Credit Card Charges $150 a year
  145. Why do Singapore Merchants favor Mastercard?
  146. Advice needed: when to close card and what card next?
  147. App for cc cancellation reminders
  148. how long do removed late payments remain on credit report?
  149. Sun Country 40K miles
  150. Barclay dispute department useless?
  151. Looking for advice. Thinking about replacing cards
  152. What credit cards should I apply for?
  153. Apple Pay and Rewards Network (Dining for Miles)
  154. Cancel SPG AmEx for Carlson and Hyatt cards?
  155. ApplePay may interfere with rewards
  156. New to the card game...
  157. When Did I Open (& Close) my credit cards?
  158. Is my contactless card dying?, also the problem with contactless in the United States
  159. Banks stepup card marketing-does this mean more miles
  160. Virgin Atlantic Credit Card Concierge Service phone number
  161. Debit / ATM Card for Israel
  162. Temporary/one time use CC numbers
  163. USAirways Barclays Business Card 10K Preferred
  164. FlexPerks Q4 2014 Bonus: up to 3000 bonus points for spending
  165. Oberthur Tech of America Corp
  166. Plastc (new Coin?)
  167. Capital One Venture Card *HELP*
  168. Capital One Aspire World (Canada) - Credit Limit?
  169. Advice on a CC plan?
  170. First National Bank of Omaha TravElite card - what is this?
  171. Credit Card Miles Recommendation - Travel between New York NYC and Atlanta
  172. Churning: More Difficult, Less Successful?
  173. Which Cards to Keep/Downgrade/Cancel?
  174. Help me choose best cc for my company
  175. Canceling credit cards: what is your strategy?
  176. Credit Card Strategy, living in Seattle
  177. Type of identification required if using USA credit card in UK or Irish Republic?
  178. Best card to pay for cheap, non-luxury hotel stays?
  179. Easiest bank to get approval for Business Card?
  180. 679 Score - Planning to travel in less than a year. - How do I go about churning?
  181. Adding a new ATT line = Hard pull?
  182. 0% Balance Transfer CC
  183. Rolling Credit Into Refi--Bad For Credit?
  184. 0% APR question
  185. Discover 0% intro APR
  186. Question about missed payment on credit report
  187. Will I lose points if I cancel my BOA VS and AS cards?
  188. Best CC to track flying expenses for flight attendant
  189. CC strategy for ~5-6 domestic flights a year
  190. Spending strategy feedback requested
  191. Student Airline Miles CC [UK]
  192. Question re auto rental insurance benefit
  193. How to maximize points when purchasing flights?
  194. Reporting card lost/stolen does NOT stop future charges to closed card
  195. For Misc Purchases (non-category), is it smarter to put it on a 2% cashback card?
  196. Buying a house in 3 years: what cards to keep/get now?
  197. USA contactless credit/debit/transit (cards, stickers or NFC smartphones)
  198. Website option to finance iPhone via Barclays - hard pull? merits?
  199. Nonprofit Pres/CEO =? Exec for CC ap
  200. TD Canada Trust [Can] - First Class Travel Visa Infinite - changes
  201. HSBC Premier World MasterCard Canada
  202. Wells Fargo checking account closing question
  203. Credit Card Theft Programs
  204. Purchase Protection on BofA Alaska Visa Signature Card?
  205. Can CC companies see what I buy?
  206. What is the best card to use for 2k/wk in business spend?
  207. Why Was the Credit Card Programs Forum Gutted?
  208. Local Bank CC offer, $150 bonus after purchase, take it?
  209. Need recommendation for new cash back card, please
  210. Rental pickup truck insurance coverage (credit card insurance - USA)? Who offers?
  211. 1st AOR Results and 2nd AOR Planning
  212. Good bonus cards with limited credit history but good income
  213. How long does it take for a card cancellation to be reflected in one's credit report?
  214. Which Hilton Honors card?
  215. Help a newbie out.
  216. FLIR Cameras can defeat PIN technology
  217. Hotel Points which allows family of four in Europe
  218. best cc for Paris Hotels
  219. Need advice - Singapore Credit Card Bonuses
  220. Chrysler Capital No Longer Accepting Credit Cards
  221. Am I dividing up spending on to many programs?
  222. Why do people say seek retention bonus after 10 months?
  223. Barclay: refund on AF if cancelled within 60 days?
  224. Applying for multiple cards on same day... does it really matter?
  225. Credit-Card Comparison Sites Come Under Fire - WSJ
  226. Current Churning Paradigm: AOR or prn?
  227. Best card or program, I promises I tried to do my research!
  228. Do you have to have a clean slate/no new charges to cancel/ask for retention bonus?
  229. Best points card for hotels in Tokyo?
  230. How soon do new accounts appear on credit report?
  231. What category spend is AirBNB?
  232. [Revived] Virgin Atlantic [BOA] MasterCard 90,000 bonus
  233. Total Newbie, would like some advice
  234. Any advice on buying a car using credit cards? (UK)
  235. Best Card(s) for Non-Bonus Spend Categories
  236. Getting an extra $48 when closing capitalone card!
  237. Register an LLC. Will I get cc mail offers if I use a registered agent?
  238. Best credit card to put Hilton wedding spend on
  239. VISA Exteded Warranty & Debit Card
  240. New to the US, would appreciate any credit building advice
  241. Credit Cards in Italy?
  242. Churn My Way to Antarctica
  243. Your favorite cards for miles?
  244. Burning points for LAX-MEX first class?
  245. should I apply for airline or hotel CC
  246. AAA Member Rewards Visa
  247. What card is best for me to replace UA Visa?
  248. No FX fees for Auzzie credit cards?
  249. Best credit card for consulting
  250. Free credit report after rejection