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  1. Looking for feedback on my miles and points app, Tralue
  2. Converting cards with BofA
  3. At "699" and holding, Barclays or USAirways MC?
  4. Bank of America Fraud Issues Signing Up for AS Credit Card
  5. 100x cost For Travel That Costs $600+
  6. Apply for Business cards, same time as personal?
  7. Have mercy and recommend a CC
  8. Rep Asks About Accounts at Other Banks During Fraud Alert
  9. Wyndham card offers; $69 AF
  10. Keep or cancel the US Airways card because of the merger?
  11. Best Credit Card and Alliance for US to India?
  12. If you close a card but leave a balance do you keep the promotional APR?
  13. Definition of First 3 Months for Minimum Spend?
  14. Discontinued MileagePlus 'Select' Reward Card ?
  15. Best 0% Interest Credit Cards/No Transfer Fee
  16. Priority Pass:25-35% discount VISA Central & Eastern Europe,Middle East & Africa ONLY
  17. Sony Credit Card: $200 statement credit after $500 in spending
  18. New Credit Card Help!
  19. Airline credit cards for the working poor and disabled
  20. USA-Asia traveller: Which FFP and Credit Card!
  21. The future of credit cards
  22. Bump-the-Bonus, Add to Good-Ole-Days Memories?
  23. Best no-fee Mastercard for general use
  24. Is there any reward card without annual and foreign transaction fees
  25. How much money does a credit card company really make with us?
  26. Relocated to Singapore - what Singapore credit cards are best?
  27. BMO Business Airmiles Holiday Bonus
  28. Balance transfer - details?
  29. Capital One bonuses today - $125 Checking, $75 Savings, $150 Brokerage
  30. Credit card payment and utilization question.
  31. Not one, not two, but three cards marked as possible fraud by different companies
  32. Discover $75.00 Cashback bonus!
  33. Optoutprescreen.com
  34. Barclaycard Arrival + British Airways Visa Signature
  35. Google Play MCC Category for Visa & Mastercard
  36. Big Marriott Spend - Which Card To Use For Deposit?
  37. Wedding Spend
  38. Best hotel rewards bonus for travel in UK -which [USA] cards?
  39. help finding best credit card combination!
  40. New hotel card (or where to go after UA's devaluation)
  41. Authorize your wife and get the same card for her?
  42. Which card for first year free with car rental insurance? (Canadian)
  43. Applying for a same credit card
  44. Disneyland Purchase
  45. Is MasterCard losing ground to VISA?
  46. Cards with Bonus for Annual Spend
  47. Amex: add new card to existing account?
  48. Virgin atlantic mastercard -- Normal for AU cards to have same acct #?
  49. Transitioning from Points to Cashback
  50. Travelling with Avion points for first time! - Please advise
  51. What card to get
  52. Need to get my bonus spend soon
  53. annual fees coming up !
  54. Please help a poor, desperate newbie.
  55. Cards that provide free Continental Breakfast
  56. AMEX Membership Rewards Points vs. BOA Business World Points
  57. Future Impact of Credit Card Interchange Regulation on Rewards?
  58. Getting a CC overseas
  59. Please join me in welcoming MDtR-Chicago as our new co-moderator!
  60. Some limited Discover Card benefits
  61. CFBP looking to regulate credit card rewards - This is going to be bad!
  62. BBVA Select Credit Card
  63. Credit card rental coverage for loaner car
  64. Coin - [No referral links] Single Card To Replace All the Plastic in Your Wallet
  65. Earning miles through the Barclaycard Travel Community - ?
  66. Which CCs to use as an AA flyer?
  67. Why is there no insider data on how CC app on the net?
  68. Cash advance limits on cards sometimes not honored
  69. How many non-churning cards you have open?
  70. Does anyone know more about ID Analytics?
  71. CARD act amendment creates room for abuse?
  72. BoA Credit Inquiry for moving CL
  73. Companion Passes as a credit card perk- USAir, BA,etc
  74. T&E Corporate Credit Card Payment options
  75. credit cards in Brazil?
  76. Credit card for CGK - Europe flight
  77. Best Rewards Card with NO AF??
  78. RocketMiles and Barclay Arrival Card
  79. Cancelling a card and Fico
  80. renegotiating existing card offer
  81. Adding AUs
  82. Credit Cards for Beginners
  83. New Restaurant Card Needed
  84. Discover itŪ card - $150 after $750 spend ($187.50 possible)
  85. How does sticking cards in sock drawer affect future applications?
  86. What is your go to card?
  87. FlexPerks 2,000 points with $1250 Spend.
  88. Barclay World MC Question (newbie)
  89. FICO to start offering free credit scores
  90. Any cards that give MILES POINTS at signup before any spend for AWARD travel use?
  91. Best loyalty hotel strategy for Europe: What next?
  92. End of Year CC Promos?
  93. New to travel/airline credit card, really confused.
  94. Help me fly internationally please :)
  95. Best way to check total spend on my CC
  96. Why don't rental car companies have credit cards?
  97. Will the United devaluation change your credit card strategy?
  98. When will Ink Bold/Plus signup bonus post?
  99. Stupid Question on Cash Back Cards
  100. Non-Chase/Barclays business card recs
  101. Hotel for Cabo San Lucas area-best cards
  102. Cash back card without annual fee?
  103. Need help - should I cancel my current credit cards first or not?
  104. What are some awesome card programs with zero forex fee? [Non USA]
  105. "Best" rewards card with a high initial spend
  106. Upgrading cards
  107. NOOB: Advice for cashing out.
  108. New Job Offer/which card next
  109. New Years Flight
  110. Bank of America cancels my card - won't give me my Cash Rewards!
  111. Time to Review Credit Card My Options?
  112. Single account with multiple cards/account numbers?
  113. Any feedback from experts?
  114. Churning made easier by converting to no-annual-fee card?
  115. Highest sign up cash back bonus credit card??
  116. Best way to get to Europe...
  117. Which credit card for miles?
  118. Best card for 1st time card holder
  119. Mistakenly paid $500 over balance. Any way to "unpay" it?
  120. Churning on Weekends?
  121. Card for entertainment purchases
  122. What next?
  123. Planning a Flight to London from Austin, TX
  124. Approval for different card on reconsideration?
  125. Using a Card vs LOC to gain miles/points/etc
  126. Rewards CC Recommendations (Currently on Amex Platinum)
  127. AMEX Blue Preferred App Issues?
  128. points for credit card cash advances
  129. Dual Citizenship and CC Churning
  130. Business cc and taxes
  131. Have hit a brick wall with app-o-ramas; need help.
  132. Need help choosing a new program
  133. Is there a "season" for best offers?
  134. April Paris Trip on Points - Help with Strategy Please
  135. 50k Miles & More MasterCard Offer
  136. What is the best current sign-up bonus on a chip card
  137. Merill Lynch CC
  138. Annual Fee Calendar
  139. Newbie: Cards to keep and cards to get for signup
  140. NEED HELP: wife with little credit
  141. Buying 2 Cars and 1 CC App in 1 Day
  142. When to stop applying for CC before buying a new car?
  143. Does transferring credit line from canceled card hurt you?
  144. Barclays relaunches VISA Black Card (October 2013)
  145. $5K Purchase coming - Best Card?
  146. Credit Cards Help?
  147. PC Travel Rewards card to Alaska card
  148. Promotions to Upgrade to 'First' Class International Flight
  149. Collision coverage : Visa vs AMEX
  150. Going from corporate cars to personal card. What should I choose?
  151. want to turn new cc bonus into free 3nt. stay in 4 star NYC hotel
  152. Gift card purchase strategy
  153. What cards should I apply for my on or after Dec 2013?
  154. Aeroplan converting to RBC Avion Card - How do I?
  155. Travel rewards cards - Barclays Arrival vs. CapitalOne Venture
  156. Advice needed Best Business Card for $150k spend
  157. Need Help...a bit over my head at this point, need advice
  158. Virgin Atlantic World Elite MC 50K>65K mile offer
  159. Need AA points
  160. Credit Card Etiquette
  161. Best credit card to use for a Turks & Caicos trip
  162. Will you churn or apply credit cards if you dont have any plan for the next 2 years?
  163. Need Help planning Trip to Greece, New to Miles
  164. What is pros and cons for 2 browser trick?
  165. How do you know if your credit card companies will report balances to Ex, EQ, Trans?
  166. BOA Virgin Atlantic Elite World Mastercard 65K
  167. New to FT - Acronym List?
  168. Foreign transaction fees
  169. Citigold vs Amex Centurion [Argentina]?
  170. Virgin Atlantic Mastercard
  171. Free $10 To Join PersonalCapital?
  172. Best credit card for business expenses for mileage?
  173. Which Hotel Card Bonus Should I Go For?
  174. How to get cards with lower income but excellent credit
  175. Navy FCU Flagship Rewards: 60k (=$600) after $3k in 90 days [now 40k; see post #108]
  176. Looking to travel, best cards to open?
  177. gas gift cards at office supply stores?
  178. Housewife card applications
  179. Three conflicting credit reports...looking for more miles
  180. Credit card points partnerships
  181. Average account age question
  182. Best Western Mastercard - 64k after $1000 in 90 days; $0 fee
  183. How long for building up a good credit history from zero.
  184. Transfer Funds from One to Another CC
  185. When Did I Cancel My Cards?
  186. Newbie needs advice
  187. Newbie Needs Help
  188. [Now 20k] 30,000 Miles US Bank LANPASS Visa (48K Kilometers)
  189. Questions for the veteran churner
  190. Which banks allow two open identical credit cards?
  191. FICO Score getting killed - I am obviously doing this wrong [FICO and Utilization]
  192. Trip to China, Korea and Japan - Hotel cards? Advice please
  193. Newbie needs advice on biggest bang for least hassle
  194. SWA, AA, UA and ???
  195. Monthly flights from CMH to Hawaii
  196. Barclay Arrival + Southwest Rapid Rewards
  197. Will Discover Q4 bonus work on Amex Gift Cards?
  198. What are the top 2 cards to get for a new business?
  199. Does any credit card give extra points for Amazon purchases?
  200. Closed Bank of America CC
  201. Best credit card for new Iphone
  202. Points for Class of Service Upgrades?
  203. Applying for BoA Cards
  204. Best cards to apply for
  205. Need advice on other cards
  206. $75 Signup bonus for Discover it
  207. Planning Hawaii trip...what new card for best flights/hotel value?
  208. CC Advice for Returning DC-based Road-Warrior
  209. Does checking/savings account at bank help?
  210. Are my days as a world traveller over?
  211. Does lost card - reissue - count against Length of Accounts for Credit Score
  212. Newbie looking for advice on best spend strategy
  213. need advice on cards - high spending
  214. Churning with little reward, what am I doing wrong?
  215. Advice needed - Getting CC rewards for AU - NZ - Fiji airlines, etc
  216. Gas stations that accept credit cards for Prepaid Visa Debit Cards?
  217. Newbie needs advice on points with low spending.
  218. Newbie - College Graduate w bad credit :(
  219. Must Travel on Gov. Card...any tips to spend for miles on personal card?
  220. Newbie: Help with Credit Cards please...
  221. Starting new project in Toronto
  222. Reviewing current credit cards
  223. Best Cards for a first time churner?
  224. Request details about some good 5% cashback cards
  225. What do you do with your card when you close an acct?
  226. Best credit card for frequent flyer and hotel stays?
  227. A Philosophical Question: Whither to Spend
  228. Which is more accurate - creditkarma.com or creditsesame.com?
  229. Advice cards for travelling to Tokyo, Japan from LAX airport?
  230. Acxiom: an opportunity to see some of the data used to target USA credit card offers.
  231. Huntington MC - 3x pts in your favorite category
  232. $30k of natural spend?
  233. Question: Cancelling CC, will points still deposit for the last billing cycle?
  234. US Airways 40K offer available now
  235. How to see credit pull?
  236. Do closed cards count against 'Length of Credit'
  237. Opening cards for wife
  238. Best current offer on AA credit card?
  239. Newby here
  240. Bonus Clawbacks
  241. CC advice for senior who doesn't currently have any cards
  242. Fastest Way for Credit Line to Go Back Up
  243. Australian Credit Card Newbie Virgin here..... help!
  244. Which cards require "Pay at Pump" for bonus gas station category?
  245. What's the best Visa card for cash back?
  246. Closing on house - miles via CC at close?
  247. Cash advance from credit card without fee?
  248. Business and personal be linked to one account?
  249. Question on Credit File Locks & Providers
  250. slo mo appo ...?