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  1. Best Buy gift cards vs Credit Card for TV purchase?
  2. Moving to Canada: best way to transfer funds to pay U.S. Credit Cards
  3. I've run out of cards to apply for
  4. Is it worth to buy $200 VISA gift card with Ink at OD for daily expenses?
  5. Spending $12K Soon and Looking for Card Suggestions
  6. Which cards or banks should I apply to build my credit history?
  7. Collision Dispute
  8. A Boatload of Shells [Buy Exxon cards at office supply]
  9. How to book a Flexperks ticket that shows up on ITA software but not travelocity?
  10. Credit score not recovering after 90 days post first churn
  11. VISA Europe may setup rival card brand?
  12. Founderscard in Europe
  13. Which card should I get?
  14. Should credit and debit cards have contactless features?
  15. FlexPerks airfare rewards refund
  16. Advice Needed on App timing and Card suggestions
  17. 5% Cash back or apply for SPG card
  18. can credit card companies see how much credit other companies have given u?
  19. Churning 101 for the galactically ignorant???
  20. Free credit scores--best trial offer?
  21. Failed attempts at buying plane tickets on foreign airline sites
  22. ARS Seciruty Freezes, New Address?
  23. Recommended Credit Card for International Travel
  24. Wondering if this is possible?
  25. Newb looking for some short and long term advice
  26. Does a cCti bank checking account = hard pull
  27. Which frequent flier credit card should I get?
  28. Cards which update rewards balance daily
  29. Any 2 mile per $1 card left?
  30. Universe/Universal Card?
  31. Confused noob; CapitalOne Miles are not actual miles?
  32. Need help deciding on a new card
  33. Return credited to SW CC 2 months after earning 50k bonus
  34. Can I cancel my CC application if it was already approved
  35. Can I cancel my CC application if it was already approved
  36. Gas gift card prices
  37. How long to wait before reapplying for credit cards signup bonus?
  38. using my CC to purchase airline tix for others
  39. Any Rules of Thumb for avoiding "Too Many Recent Inquiries"
  40. Airmiles [Canada] Travel Fees = Exorbitant?
  41. Cost of Prepaid GC/VR tax deductible?
  42. BofA Hawaiian Airlines Visa Card (looking for best offer)
  43. Which cards give the most points for spending?
  44. When is the best time to pay bill to keep CC company happy??
  45. Recommend a card: cost not a factor
  46. Vantage Credit Scoring Changes
  47. Hotel card for a weekend in New York
  48. Self-taught Newbie needs advice HELP!!
  49. Best New Card for Big Initial Spend
  50. Spouse Credit Card
  51. Backdoor for Experian, Transunion, Equifax for Free Credit Report
  52. Tours = Travel Related Charges?
  53. i HAVE A 2 AND 4 YEAR OLD, is there any way i can get cc bonuses for them
  54. COMING SOON - Westpac Altitude / Earth Black Card
  55. Barclays Welcome Bonus Match
  56. Transunion inquiries: which credit card companies use Transunion?
  57. Personal Assistant question
  58. UK: Strategy for small business spend
  59. CC AU benefits in Europe?
  60. Is it crazy to apply for more?
  61. Dumb question about spending $$ after opening CC. Acct.
  62. Which CC to apply for (newbie)?
  63. Travelex Cash Passport discontinued
  64. multiple business apps/other ppls business
  65. Bank did hard pull after telling me it would be soft - any recourse?
  66. Airlines FF card versus Generic FF card?
  67. credit card cardholder retention bonuses
  68. Confused Newb Looking to Get New CC
  69. It happened- my first app party!
  70. Business card + miles + chip
  71. Rejection letters
  72. Alaska Airlines 25k or Bank of Hawaii 35k
  73. age of accounts - credit score
  74. School me on what card/program to use (why choose points/miles over 2%?)
  75. Scraping the bottom of the barrel
  76. Upgrade to Venture w/no bonus?
  77. Rewards Points for Travel
  78. Life span of a "Hard Pull"
  79. Newbie: what ccs to sign up for to get family of 5 to Bali
  80. Bankamerideals
  81. Anybody else have trouble transferring credit limits?
  82. What should my next move be?
  83. Will they let you pay the Annual Fee spread out monthly?
  84. Seriously - Are plastic payment cards recyclable?
  85. Capital One Double Miles Challenge 2013?
  86. Spousal Support- Churning etc.
  87. Credit Report Update
  88. Got rejected for two mileage cards, how long should I wait?
  89. Mediocre credit, can't get approved for anything
  90. MasterCard Black [NL] reviews/experiences ?
  91. 7 Cards for 4 Countries/6 Weeks--Too Many?
  92. What card should I use?
  93. Amex HHonors Card - bonus points on spending categories
  94. Should I call reconsideration line, or wait for further review?
  95. Credit Card Confusion ! Multi Qs
  96. Why Wells Fargo doesn't play the mileage game?
  97. Pay off cards before new apps?
  98. Looking for credit cards with good bonuses
  99. credit card app Red flags
  100. One Visa or MC to rule them all?
  101. Opened a credit card with the wrong name... Doh.
  102. CVS Merchant Classification
  103. PNC Points travel rewards - any good?
  104. Increased travel CC offers on deal sites?
  105. $7000 to spend in March -- which card to apply for?
  106. How many business cards can I get?
  107. A little Dave Ramsey, just for fun....
  108. Using mint or similar to track "unused" CC's?
  109. Advice requested: What's in my wallet
  110. Convert points to Hilton ot not from BoA/BoH credit card?
  111. dream holiday to Hawaii
  112. Spending requirement, when does clock start
  113. article saying Credit Card sing up bonus too generous: OH GREAT...
  114. Strategy for Japan trip
  115. Honeymoon in Hawai'i [Consolidated]
  116. Strategy for new greencard holder.
  117. First Credit Card + car rental coverage
  118. Looking for another cc with free hotel points
  119. Sony Rewards transfer/usage?
  120. Another newbie question - churning
  121. Excel Setup to Track your Credit Card AORs/History
  122. Possibly moving to Germany. Best CC to get?
  123. Analysis of Credit Cards for Travel Hacking
  124. Best combination of credit card + OTA + cashback program for large travel spenders?
  125. My first app orama
  126. Options to redeem points to offset paid travel outlay?
  127. TD Bank [USA] Cash Rewards [Consolidated]
  128. newbie with a question
  129. Do pre-selected CC offers mean 100% approval?
  130. Best CC to use for car repair?
  131. Australian College Student CC Suggestion?
  132. Will cc upgrade affect credit score
  133. Newbie post: ideal credit card mix/spend
  134. Closing Gold - transfer "limit?"
  135. Where to Start?
  136. Finally Got My Largest Credit Limit: $75,000
  137. Merchant name shown for pending transactions peeve
  138. Need help finding a new rewards card
  139. Barclays retention offers (all cards)
  140. PayPal Extras MasterCard Rewards
  141. Another Merger - OD & OM
  142. AmEx--only two rewards per year?
  143. Hypothetically, you have $100k cash, great credit, and a desire for lots of points!
  144. Best current travel card deal?
  145. longest account closed due to compromised information
  146. Which strategy to pursue?
  147. Can I do better?
  148. Mileage program X-factor, best bang for buck?
  149. generic points question
  150. Business Card for Rental Property
  151. Adjusting statement date for quicker sign up bonuses
  152. Help Choose Capital One Venture or Southwest Chase Card
  153. opening business cards with no business
  154. List of the best currently open AA and US card offers?
  155. Credit Card Purchase protection?
  156. Ongoing offers for Hilton cards issued by Amex or Citi
  157. Is the US air Barclays 40K no annual fee dead?
  158. Is time to apply for US Airways Card from Barclays with the AA merger
  159. Balance Transfer, How much should I get?
  160. duplicate offer - 40K?
  161. Best spending card to pair with Amex Platinum?
  162. Amex Signup Help
  163. I have a place to stay, now just how to get there?
  164. How to play the possible US and AA merge?
  165. First time Credit Card applicant.
  166. How to handle breaking a 91-day cycle?
  167. Suggestions?
  168. Best way for a recently immigrated individual to start credit?
  169. how to get official delay reports from airlines
  170. Churning: 3 quick questions
  171. European guy wants some benefits/miles and has no idea...
  172. New Credit Karma Beta - New feature: link your credit card accounts on one site free
  173. Using credit cards to pay bills
  174. On cancelling cards
  175. Do annual fees count toward sign-up bonus spend requirements?
  176. Cool off or another app round?
  177. Need some advice - planning spend, wish to redeem for flights
  178. New Credit card forums
  179. BOA/BOH Hawaiian Visa - How long for miles to post?
  180. AA Credit Card - Best Deal?
  181. What card(s) can/should I get next?
  182. Changing credit card used to pay for a flight
  183. Which CC to sign up for
  184. Vacation plans. Hotel covered. Need to get airfare [consolidated]
  185. New-ish, which cards should I get next?
  186. New to the world of rewards.
  187. Equifax might have info on every paycheck of 1/3 of American adults
  188. use explorer card with award ticket?
  189. My 2012 churning experience....and I am tired of that.
  190. Best Course of Action
  191. Earned around 200k in 1st few months of churning - now what?
  192. US citizen, working overseas, applying for cards
  193. 20K Virgin America (VX) VISA today or tomorrow only
  194. 2 hardpulls in 3 days from barclays
  195. How does an AU's charge show on statement?
  196. Best CC for Disney Vacation
  197. Possible To Pay Student Loans w/ Credit Card?
  198. Frontier Early Returns 45K Miles Barclays M/C [now 40k+10k $69 fee; see post #19]
  199. Looking For Points Help - YYZ to SYD
  200. Good credit card deals for a newbie
  201. Where to concentrate spending?
  202. Best strategy to fly from San Diego to Belgium using points? Also, credit card q's...
  203. Suggestions for apps/cards going forward
  204. Best Credit Card with interest free offer
  205. Student Loans and Credit Cards
  206. 20 Point Drop in Credit Score
  207. HoloMag™ on Cards?
  208. Can I Use BA Avios to Book AA Travel?
  209. Bank of America card type conversion retains old annual fee terms?
  210. Alaska Airlines BoA Canada MasterCard churnable?
  211. credit card users now subject to cc usage fee!?
  212. To apply or not to apply?
  213. What to do after you earned MSR points?
  214. Coutts Silk Card [UK]
  215. need help meeting spend
  216. Daily use card for rewards
  217. Simple & Quick Newbie Question
  218. Another Newbie Question on Best CC Use to Hawaii
  219. Annual Free Credit Report
  220. Maximizing Miles/Points from Wedding Spend
  221. Cap one Usage Question
  222. Newbie: How to strategize?
  223. Cancelled Discover
  224. 9 cards in the last 3 months...
  225. Experian Credit score!
  226. Which cards should I go for next, based on our personal use and goals?
  227. Need new daily spend card for US Chairman
  228. Best daily-spend CC for US elite?
  229. Just got approved for first major credit card, need tips
  230. dans deals is a credit churning
  231. Best Sign up Bonus- no foreign trans fee
  232. Help Choose Credit Card
  233. BoA AS Visa Business pre-approved offer.
  234. AA card or Sapphire?
  235. Best way to pay Orbitz
  236. Third party bill pay services which accept credit cards.
  237. Getting Married - merging accounts
  238. Help needed for AA or United Miles
  239. Best redemption choices for business class flight awards from SFO to Australia?
  240. Discover card $500 cash back for $3k spend per month for 6 months - existing user
  241. How many times have stores (OD, CVS, etc) written down your info?
  242. Mini-App-O-Ramas
  243. How many CC apps per bank/issuer?
  244. Closing accounts or keeping it....
  245. Denver Broncos US Bank FlexPerk 34.5K Offer (Colorado only)
  246. Any card which offer miles + 0% intro APR
  247. Good idea to apply for these 2 cards now or wait a bit?
  248. Looking for good all-around mileage card
  249. Newbie in need of help of how to use my cards
  250. Newbie, thinking about getting a card for mile redemption to Europe