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  1. Has anyone tried Costco Mortgage + Costco Cash Card
  2. Best credit card for One World Alliance?
  3. Amex and Wells Fargo sitting in a tree [WF to issue Amex-network cards]
  4. Need Rooms in Nov for 4 nites HK-which is best card to sign up for?
  5. Earning rewards for buying Amazon gift cards
  6. Anything I should know before calling in to ask for an annual fee waive? Advice?
  7. Capital One Rewards 211K points
  8. How long to wait before another round of apps?
  9. Need a little hlep deciding on a card
  10. Amex Blue Cash - Grandfathered 5% cash back unlimited version 5% Back for VRs at CVS
  11. Us Bank cash+ apply on phone
  12. CC Program Sign Up - No Income Req'mnt
  13. Best Hotel Rewards Program for United Presidents Plus card?
  14. Where to transfer Points?
  15. close US card?
  16. First Hawaiian Bank Priority Destinations Master Card
  17. Is it possible to travel to Bora Bora for free with CC signup bonuses?
  18. Seeking advice on closing, consolidating current accounts, adding new ones
  19. Think They’re Raising the BS Flag?
  20. Fraudulent Bluebird Charges
  21. Best Buy gift cards for camera gear?
  22. Wiki for chip & pin - chip & signature cards?
  23. Moving CL then canceling advice
  24. FICO 697-713, are there any reward cards I can apply for?
  25. How can I pay bill at Walmart?
  26. Having more accounts equal better credit?
  27. AGR MC suggestions to earn more than one point per dollar?
  28. Which travel credit card [for flights to Rome]?
  29. JCB $50 promo
  30. I'm about to pay 25k to a seller...is there a way I can rack points?
  31. Which card(s) should I use in Europe?
  32. Woman wins $18.6MM award against Equifax for incorrect info in her CR
  33. Do you pay the yearly fees?
  34. Capital One No Longer Offering Perk Central starting November 2013
  35. Any good signup bonus from Credit Union credit cards?
  36. Does anyone pull Equifax?
  37. Closing a card or switching it to a different one
  38. Lifemiles or other points?
  39. Authorised Users with same card number
  40. Wells Fargo Visa Signature® Card
  41. When to Close?
  42. Advice:: Best way to get 120K on both AA and United
  43. Own home - no mortgage, but home equity line of credit
  44. Current high UA or AA bonus miles?
  45. Credit Card Churning
  46. Morocco in Sept-Don't care which airline
  47. Balance Transfer from Amex BGR to Barclays US Airways Card?
  48. Humor: Combined AA/US CC to be issued by American Express?
  49. At Max Credit Limit: Close cards before applying, or applying and close as levarage?
  50. CapOne GM card
  51. Are there any high signup bonus from BoA cards?
  52. Capital One Venture One card or Barclays Arrival no annual fee versions?
  53. Force prepayment at hotel to meet card spend requirement?
  54. AMEX Blue Cash Preferred signup question
  55. Redeeming Avion points for short-haul travel in Asia
  56. Buying Appliance
  57. Help, can someone point me in the right direction for Y travel to Europe??
  58. Discover Card - $500 cashback, $3000 spending for 6 months
  59. Application for FIA rejected..call to recon?
  60. Hourly rate of credit card churning
  61. End of free banking and reward credit cards in Europe
  62. Should I cash out $750 check in Discover account or not?
  63. Applying for and cancelling BOA Alaska Air card before annual fee hits. Consequences?
  64. Best Frequent Flyer Credit Card for Student?
  65. Any Visa cards that give you Visa Personal Payments?
  66. Discover Targeted Offer
  67. Living Around Europe - Best Travel Credit Card
  68. Suing a credit card issuer
  69. AMEX PRG vs CSP - booking airfare/travel
  70. Closed my MileagePlus Explorer Mastercard - when can I start churning?
  71. [Targeted] Amex bluecash everyday $250 sign up bonus
  72. Questions about business cards
  73. best card for clothing dept stores?
  74. Does FF Number need to match credit card application?
  75. Get a $15 Staples GC (Easy Rebate) When You Purchase $200 In Master Card Gift Card
  76. Best Card for Miles?
  77. Forming an LLC or other type of corp. to get additional cards
  78. How is my Small Business EIN different from my SSN
  79. Best Cards for Non-Category Bonus Spending
  80. Credit cards in Ireland for frequent flyers?
  81. Double inquires according to CreditSesame
  82. Can I have two amex blue cash preferred cc?
  83. Which credit card to use?
  84. Card Churning & Points Question
  85. Card refused because it had a smart chip...why?
  86. $25,000 - $30,000 spend...Which Card?
  87. 120 days *from* definition - CC insurance
  88. UK cards with no foreign transaction fees?
  89. Eliminate the Middleman: Are CC referrals actually costing us bonus miles?
  90. Include wife in credit card application?
  91. need trip advice - Miami to Chicago
  92. Is Friday July 5 a "business day" for CC companies?
  93. Seeking Advice on Credit Applications: Penfed, Chase, Barclaycard
  94. Discover 5% back at Gas Stations?
  95. Best and worst banks to deal with
  96. Credit Card Billing / Due Date Question
  97. Besides points & miles, do you utilize your World/Elite/Signature benefits?
  98. Credit Card Advice
  99. Bumpage in 2013: current state of things
  100. when do points expire when cancelling credit cards?
  101. how to get annual fees waived on US airway MC & Amex delta?
  102. Ugh...Barclays!!!!! [Problem Solving and/or Ranting Thread]
  103. Penfed Platnum Rewards Visa [5x/3x/1x points + $0 fee]
  104. Churn this one: Qatar National Bank introduces diamond-embedded Mastercard
  105. US Bank or Barclays: Which to apply for first?
  106. Capital One Venture Rewards Changes?
  107. Advice on a new card to get?
  108. Airline Credit Card with 2X miles on Airline Purchase
  109. Excel Spreadsheet for Keeping Track of Stats/Numbers?
  110. Best approach to reach miles goal
  111. New user: AMEX Premier Rewards Gold or Chase Preferred?
  112. Applying for 2nd Virgin atlantic card?
  113. ATTENTION EXPERTS: Help needed for 2015 Monaco Grand Prix hotel & air CC points strat
  114. Barclay by Germanwings
  115. Does Discover offer any good signup bonus?
  116. List of "after 1st purchase" bonus offers - to apply for while meeting other spends?
  117. Signup bonus free night certificate transfer query
  118. Emergency card issue for third party
  119. Miles-earning card without much credit history
  120. Free or Discounted Fee Premium Cards with Banking packages in the US
  121. Is another card worth it?
  122. Converting US bank Club Carlson visa to Cash + Visa
  123. Credit card referral offers (post only in this thread, read Wikipost first)
  124. Help! Free flight to asia from california
  125. Discover card requires 6 hour delay for benefit coverage ?
  126. racking up Hilton points
  127. Co-branded Card Changing Providers
  128. Credit Cards + Sign-Up Bonuses w/0 Spend Requirement - List on FT?
  129. Hawiian Credit Cards
  130. Help with these CapitalOne points!! 187k!
  131. Business Card On Personal Credit Report as Seen By Banks
  132. Closing US Bank Club Carlson card without using it
  133. Derogatory remark on credit report
  134. New to this, questions
  135. How to Remove a charge off?
  136. Can the 91 day rule be broken?
  137. Sapphire v AAdvantage v Platinum ?
  138. You had a bad day? AORs Gone Wrong
  139. Combine Barclays CL
  140. Need churning advice
  141. Which cards to get to Paris
  142. Closing a credit card's effect on Credit
  143. AAdvantage Amex Visa CC Alternatives?
  144. I have no credit score?
  145. I've always just charged things to my room
  146. new targeted Discover Miles 60K offer for $3500/month spend - do it?
  147. mileage CC bonus help preparing for Maui trip
  148. Navigating the credit card market for the first time, need help!
  149. amex BSP work around?
  150. How should I plan and strategize this?
  151. Best credit cards for italy
  152. Here is how I got annual fee waived/benefits on Card
  153. Lufthansa vs US Airways Card
  154. Hotel credit card for stays in Central Europe or Japan?
  155. Gas spending bonus at 7-11?
  156. Looking for a good rewards card
  157. [Expired?] Hawaiian Airlines (HA) 35K Business Card Offer
  158. When does spending period for bonus start?
  159. Which is easier to get? Barclays Lufthansa M&M or US Bank Club Carlson Premier
  160. Transunion - showing old balance
  161. if you bought 10k of GC's on your biz card, can u say that it's your revenue?
  162. [Consolidated] Making large purchase(s) on a credit card - which card? bonuses?
  163. when is a card too young to be sacrificed?
  164. PNC is a good cc?
  165. Moving to France temporarily - what card to get?
  166. Does downgrading a card to avoid an annual fee=close date for that card?
  167. Spirit Airlines Mastercard - 15k (+5k)
  168. So when should i pay my credit bill?
  169. Use SPG Card or Apply for Hilton?
  170. Next step? Semi newbie/fiscally responsible...
  171. Long term churning strategy feedback
  172. Help with Amex gift card
  173. Getting Miles Then Closing An Account
  174. Where did the Hawaiian Airlines Credit Cards go?
  175. Low Season for Signup Bonuses?
  176. Points transfers to AA? Do they exist?
  177. Help Finding Business Credit Card with Miles
  178. ePlate Credit Card
  179. PenFed gets rid of Signature Rewards card with chip & pin?
  180. Annual Spending
  181. How is churning sustainable?
  182. Free points for balance transfers?
  183. British Airways 50K offer after getting the 100K offer.
  184. Chaining CC Deals Together for International Tickets
  185. If a HA airlines card is closed 30-60 days after annual fee is billed, refund possib?
  186. Looking for advice on starting out
  187. US Bank Cash Plus (+)
  188. Amazon $30 off credit card deals bad idea?
  189. How To Use Bluebird to pay sallie mae loans?
  190. paying credit card weekly?
  191. using cash advance checks?
  192. what's the right credit card for me?
  193. New to this game, need some advice.
  194. Best personal credit card with sign up bonus for use internationally?
  195. Debit Card vs. Credit Card linked to checking?
  196. Poll: would you bother to applying a credit card issuer had closed your card before ?
  197. Euro MasterCard or VISA issued by EU bank for US citizen?
  198. Credit Card Advice for my Fiance (new to Points/Miles)
  199. Churning with family members SSN?
  200. Best award card for someone with new credit
  201. Help me set up a goal for future credit cards. (AMEX SPG not good for me)
  202. Need help finding new credit cards or selecting a go-to
  203. Hawaiian airline miles strategy
  204. Capital One Accounts Closed for Perk Abuse
  205. Miles, Points or Cashback ?
  206. Timing to use miles?
  207. The "we can screw you any time we like" clause.
  208. Can you take the CC application home from a bank?
  209. Got approved for a mileageplus explorer card!
  210. Best 0% APR CC
  211. Spreadsheet to Track Best and Current Credit Offers?
  212. RBC Avion vs Amex Gold Canada
  213. How do I convince someone to switch from a Merrill Lynch card?
  214. Advice for first AoA
  215. Starting the Game- looking for suggestions on a card
  216. Cash or Gift Cards from cc sign ups
  217. Asked "Why so many cards?" on reconsideration call
  218. Holy .... ! i got approved for a credit card!
  219. Maestro Euro prepaid card [Germany]?
  220. Credit card warranty info when buying smart phones
  221. How do people do it? how do they get all the bonuses and not hurt score?
  222. Cash back / bonus points for electronics stores?
  223. Help!! Stagnated credit growth at 700
  224. [Consolidated]To cancel or not to cancel a card
  225. Has anyone ever had a hard credit pull after closing a credit card account?
  226. Which is the best travel card / signup bonus?
  227. Low AAoA after staring the "churning" game
  228. Can anyone help with selecting best mileage-earning card for me?
  229. Barclays MC. Points, not miles.
  230. Airline miles credit cards - minus balance?
  231. Newb advice on first credit card
  232. Advice on how to maximize value: $50k spend + 1 intl flight per month
  233. Need a 10k spend card
  234. Did I just muck up my refi?
  235. Newbie Q: Credit Scores & Bureaus
  236. Advice on which Credit Card to apply for
  237. Credit Sesame Outage
  238. RBC AVION. Credit card
  239. Barclays / USAir 40.5K points in-flight offer
  240. Question about the value of AORs
  241. Credit score impact when "downgrading" a card?
  242. Rules on Business Accts. Does spending have to be for Business..
  243. Help: Prepaid card or traveler's cheques?
  244. Data on credit scores approved for each card
  245. High-utilization hurt my score. What to do?
  246. penalty from credit card application
  247. Do banks pull our credit the day you apply or the day they review?
  248. Is the World Elite MasterCard available in the UK?
  249. Poll: What's your every day spending card?
  250. Card Advice for EU Travel - Chip & ? + earning bennies