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  1. Earning Flying Blue miles on Malaysia Airlines
  2. Travel advice - EU to Sydney on ST - KL EC or AF Prem Voyageur?
  3. Reaching 1.000.000 Miles threshold
  4. Air France-KLM and Delta to consider bidding on Virgin Atlantic
  5. Moving from Sweden to the US
  6. How long do bought miles take to post?
  7. award inventory
  8. Status Match Best Western Rewards
  9. Flying Blue status
  10. KL promo: Book Europe Business Class and receive 5,000 Award Miles
  11. KL R-booking class?! [Due to alignment of booking classes as per 01/06/2011]
  12. trying to fly more segments AMS - DXB
  13. Account Opening Promo
  14. Glutton for Punishment ?
  15. Delta booking, FB status
  16. FA & GA salary info
  17. Is STR-AMS-YVR/YYC-SLC a valid FB award routing?
  18. Promo Awards Mar-Apr 2011
  19. Earning FB miles with Delta W ticket
  20. One way ticket with Amex points
  21. Extra baggage question
  22. Status Match with A-Club / Accor hotels
  23. MFU on Delta Flights
  24. Flying blue tickets and mileage.
  25. First promotion I have received from FB
  26. Will an AS flight extend the validity of my FB miles?
  27. Novotel stay points never assigned to FB
  28. Booking an award from two different accounts
  29. Fb to Golden tulip, Holiton honnors
  30. Status MATCH from FB to other FFP
  31. AF/KL Flying Blue Faster Miles offer (up to 12000 miles)
  32. FB Awards on Delta
  33. How to book an award
  34. What is the best use of miles for upgrade on Air France?
  35. Recent fare-changes
  36. Charges for Alchohol in coach ?
  37. Winter Storm Travel Waivers ???
  38. Beginner to Miles: Is my FB-based goal achievable?
  39. Transfer KoreanAir SkyTeam miles to FB?
  40. Flight notification system: Connect
  41. Using Miles to go from AMS/DUS to KTM
  42. Amex Flying Blue and the FB account of my son
  43. [HKG-Europe] Who has the best seats? KLM or Air France
  44. How long to send new FB card after status raise?
  45. accumulating miles on FB card
  46. UX Check-In Procedure at BCN
  47. question regarding earnings on UX
  48. Value of miles calculator
  49. No Miles?
  50. Facebook Contest: Win Flying Blue Gold
  51. Air France Gold AMEX worth opening?
  52. Discounts for the Paris Marathon
  53. My miles will expire soon
  54. Best worth Silver status
  55. Need to Convert 480,000 Miles
  56. Updating miles in FB
  57. AF/KL Blocking Segment Run OLCIs?
  58. Miles for Travelex Money Exchange?
  59. Decisions..looking for advice..which aircraft/route?
  60. French website offers different awards
  61. Silver/Gold BP discrepancies
  62. 10% off flights to Europe with code WINTER925
  63. FB Promo Awards
  64. Middle East Airlines-Air Liban joins SkyTeam
  65. DL upgrade for an AF flight
  66. Missing miles after having bought upgrade on Delta?
  67. where are my Platinum Luggage Tags?
  68. Promo Award tickets
  69. Getting Expired miles back......
  70. 34,738 miles about to expire - are they worthless?
  71. FB@HOME
  72. [confirmed] Changes to Air France/KLM co-branded American Express cards [France]
  73. Quick question on SU miles earnings
  74. Help for a Friend
  75. best source countries for flights to USA
  76. When does status expire?
  77. A personal message
  78. US & Mexican Gold Residents : good news !
  79. Trying to get out of the USA
  80. The lack of promotions continues ... while the competition is on the hunt
  81. Does a DL F Class Segement Count as 3 for Levels?
  82. Why is it still NOT possible?...
  83. Question about Delta vs. Flying Blue
  84. OT: Alitalia to join Air France/KLM group soon?
  85. Generous by Nature
  86. Using Award Miles to meet Elite status threshold
  87. Air France 747 vs KLM MD-11 for a trip across the pond
  88. My dearest Flying Blue...
  89. no miles awarded on first class delta flight (class P)
  90. Lost UM travel docs en-route
  91. 2010 review
  92. Needing help with Flying Blue Miles
  93. Booking Hotel / Car packages with award miles ?!
  94. FAQ 1 Programme overview
  95. Read this first:All the information you need to know about the Flying Blue programme!
  96. No promo awards from TLV?
  97. Tarom (RO)
  98. Taking miles into the new year
  99. Milking the travelling cow in 2011? Changes in airport taxes and charges (incl Paris)
  100. Flying Blue Zones (i.e., where exactly is Europe 1/2/3?)
  101. "Europe 1/2/3" for Flying Blue award
  102. First Name on Promo Award Ticket incomplete
  103. KLM/Air France interline partners
  104. FB Reviewed in Dec 2010 WebFlyer
  105. Bizarre checked baggage question (from Brazil)
  106. AF - FB / Skyteam : Jet Airways (India)
  107. ATC strikes ATH 29-30 DEC
  108. Redeeming non-flight awards on FB
  109. alternatives to reach gold status?
  110. Elite Recognition on new [SkyTeam] Members
  111. KLM/DELTA/Air France To align booking classes as per 2011
  112. Unadvertised FB Platinum benefit?
  113. MH to join OW [originally KLM cooperation with Malaysia Airlines]
  114. OT: Christmas and all
  115. FB Benefit of guaranteed seat gone?
  116. Original Routing Credit: status segment when rerouted direct?
  117. Saudia to Join ST? [done]
  118. Cityjet/VLM, Flying blue yes or no?
  119. takesyoufurther2011
  120. Log of past flight times?
  121. phone number for AF/KL Operations in airports
  122. Connecting flight with different airline (non ST)
  123. 1 Sector short of Gold due to Snow
  124. Qualify by FB miles or FB sectors
  125. AF AMEX [France] - Flying Blue Status Miles Transfer
  126. Claiming miles/segments after weather cancellation
  127. When will my gold status post?
  128. Beware of helpful agents in the US!
  129. KLM vs AF Business
  130. Mileage Run question and possible rerouting?
  131. Using FB miles on Delta flights?
  132. Miles expiration
  133. FB suddenly thinks I'm in France and robs me of all my french status segments
  134. Does segment qualify for Gold? + others :)
  135. AF A380 or AZ A330 in J?
  136. Is this even legal
  137. Should I Receive Miles For This?
  138. Matching status?
  139. Promo Awards Jan-Feb 2010
  140. Miles Aeroflot I class
  141. Help! Special Promotion to reach Gold Status - but 300 miles short
  142. Still not received my FBG card
  143. Flying Blue or Skymiles recommendation?
  144. Asia > North/South America (using airmiles)
  145. 2000 FB miles for Hertz rental
  146. Swiss Mastercard: Status bump + 20K miles
  147. Status match with FB now possible?
  148. Award flight on QF codeshare?
  149. AF/OS codeshare ... will it count towards FB status?
  150. AF-KL to get further behind competition
  151. Nightmarish website
  152. Luggage Tag.
  153. I got back my miles
  154. Benefit flying H instead of Q @KLM
  155. Here we go: DL elites taking our upgrade seats!
  156. Is it possible to gain miles on a family basis?
  157. More than Platinum in Flying Blue
  158. Flying Blue - Platinum Member
  159. change in status benefits for golds?
  160. 2010 Status Qualification
  161. Award upgrade and availability on all legs
  162. pb with FB retrocredit on-line form
  163. New online services especially for Silver members (new features Manage My Booking)
  164. Voucher and miles
  165. ...?
  166. AF double charging Taxes on reward flights
  167. ? Emails from FB...
  168. KL and AF res systems are STILL unaware of each other!
  169. Earning on FB flying COPA?
  170. 1/3 off on Heathrow Express (book by 20th of Dec 2010)
  171. Master Card or Visa giving points in Flying Blue
  172. 3500 miles for FB cards 5 months overdue and counting
  173. Can I get seat availability of 18thOctober
  174. Elite upgrade requests on Air France. How to?
  175. Upgrading medium-haul + long-haul
  176. Bangkok Fast track
  177. Garuda Indonesia joins Sky Team
  178. AF-KL boss PH Gourgeon gives interview to major French business paper
  179. AFKL to introduce a new business class product
  180. Air France/KLM good results for the first half of FY 2010-2011
  181. Alitalia Promo Fare Earning Query
  182. I can't change my ticket online
  183. Using miles for upgrading
  184. Miles expiration
  185. Correction to the sticky
  186. Platinum for life, no sorry sir.
  187. SFO-CDG, BRU-SFO Plane Questions
  188. Percentage of Flying Blue Elite Plus/Elite Members
  189. FB officially advising against getting advise on blogs like FT!
  190. cannot add flyer member programme
  191. Rate Flying Blue for Inside Flyer Magazine
  192. Lounge access with Delta
  193. Missing Miles Question...
  194. Help with Award tickets please.
  195. FB points about to expire - suggestions?
  196. Delta/AF-KLM RTW How to book?
  197. OT: AF-KL fined 340 million Euros by EU Commission
  198. Award Miles
  199. Best UK based Credit Card for accumilating FB miles
  200. FB is Pathetic
  201. Free ticket and earning miles ?
  202. No Award Miles on Bangkok Airways?
  203. Need one flight to get to next status, cheapest way?
  204. 30k miles gone what do i do?
  205. KLM vs Air France with Toddler question
  206. Priority Parking for Elite Plus??
  207. Claim missing flights
  208. How to get 689 level miles?
  209. Another AFKL game to encourage people to get e-statements
  210. How do upgrades work?
  211. Terminal 2 at LAX
  212. Win a towel!
  213. DL SkyMiles double miles on KL/AF/AZ/DL flights to 31.1.11 - will FB match?
  214. FB earning charts disapeared from AF website?
  215. Flying Blue Silver: Worth a quick run?
  216. How to spend award miles
  217. I Don't Understand - booking Promos
  218. Flying Blue official statement about 2010 level promotion
  219. Attn CDG & AMS spotters: 787 Dreamliner is coming to Europe
  220. Lounge access in Manchester
  221. Not getting credits for flights
  222. Accrual // DL charts updated (effective 1 NOV)
  223. Sharing the experience/troubles of booking an award flight with FB
  224. Carrying a guitar on KLM / Air France flights?
  225. FB Expired Milles HELP!
  226. Good Status Miles Deal to hit it before the end of the year...
  227. AF/KL expects a profit for the current fiscal year
  228. FB Promo Awards: November/December
  229. Prepare for a special Flying Blue 5th anniversary event
  230. Offer: (Nov10-Jan11) 3k bonus award miles for round trip on TAROM or Vietnam Airlines
  231. Possible to change reward ticket after departure?
  232. expiring miles
  233. Flying Blue Platinum: worth it?
  234. KLM/AF: IAH/DFW/ATL - Europe for 12,500 miles o/w + tax for October
  235. Excess luggage priviliges for Platinum flying on Air Europa
  236. Sorry, we couldn't find the page you were looking for
  237. Open minded FB
  238. Salute our New Moderator
  239. Upgrades on Delta back
  240. Interlining between two tickets on same carrier
  241. seat assignments prior to 90 days out
  242. Priority Lanes/Fast Tracks Security
  243. Can Amex points upgrade your trip with AF?
  244. LAX to Europe in coach, KLM-747 or AF-777 ?
  245. KQ adds Sydney and Rome
  246. Flying courses for people afraid of flying
  247. Moving account from France to USA
  248. Promo Awards Nov-Dec 2010
  249. Lost Baggage - Contact for FB Gold?
  250. Flying Blue Mileage Number on Delta