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  1. Upgrades on Delta back
  2. Interlining between two tickets on same carrier
  3. seat assignments prior to 90 days out
  4. Priority Lanes/Fast Tracks Security
  5. Can Amex points upgrade your trip with AF?
  6. LAX to Europe in coach, KLM-747 or AF-777 ?
  7. KQ adds Sydney and Rome
  8. Flying courses for people afraid of flying
  9. Moving account from France to USA
  10. Promo Awards Nov-Dec 2010
  11. Lost Baggage - Contact for FB Gold?
  12. Flying Blue Mileage Number on Delta
  13. Sister moving to Netherlands--Keep Delta or switch to KLM?
  14. Airfrance upgrade from Eco to Premium ???
  15. KQ flights now including in "Your Next Flight"
  16. Promo awards
  17. FB 'helping hand' for status..
  18. What can i do with my Flying Blue points?
  19. using AeroMexico Miles for F mileage ticket?
  20. AF attacks EK and Gulf Carriers
  21. JFK Lounge Access - T1
  22. AF not showing any partner award avail 300 days from now?
  23. FlyingBlue Petrolium
  24. A pretty song
  25. What are my chances of requalification ?
  26. Checking AZ booked KL flights online
  27. Upgrade questions
  28. Discount F upgrades
  29. Newbie rush question re redepositing FB miles
  30. No KLM awards on KVS?
  31. Mileage expiration - why did they steal my miles after 11 months?!
  32. WHY are the taxes SO high using FB for a reward flight ?
  33. Flying Blue vs Skymiles and Transferability
  34. KLM or LH to SIN?
  35. Lounge access with infant
  36. Had enough
  37. Amazing Offer from FlyingBlue Italia - Jump an Elite Level
  38. Upgrading Q fares
  39. Whom to trust, phone or internet?
  40. Which Helpdesk to call ?
  42. Is possible to be upgraded with a award ticket?
  43. Kenya Airways Domestic Business Class
  44. So, BA ups earnings on discounted fares ... can we expect a FB reaction?
  45. Cityjet flight: extend FB miles expiry?
  46. Reaching status mid flight
  47. Chances for a Y->Business upgrade for a FB Plat on a KE flight? on an SU flight?
  48. FB Petroleum customer service
  49. UK - ISB
  50. Need help minimising award booking taxes
  51. missed leg of my trip
  52. How many FB Elite and Elite+ members?
  53. Not enough miles, same promotion as last year 20000 for Silver?
  54. AF/KL OLCI seat availability discrepancy
  55. Flying blue miles
  56. OLCI what a crock of **** !
  57. Is there a way to download statements
  58. KLM flying blue points worth anything?
  59. A New Skyteam partner: Aerolineas Argentinas
  60. Spending Miles help
  61. air france priorty tags
  62. Booking class 'null' for Business Award
  63. Flying Blue (FB) - How Does FB Works ?
  64. Effect of DL recognizing FB Elite status
  65. No Business classic award CDG/JNB in March and April
  66. 7 hr layover in AMS and CDG - what to do?
  67. YYZ/YUL to MUC/FRA. WHen to buy
  68. Flying blue vs. AA advantage
  69. Access to KLM lounges in LAX
  70. Wrong title on award ticket, baggage question
  71. Changes in FB [partners] earnings?
  72. Flying blue lounge help.
  73. What is your reason for getting a Frequent Flyer Card?
  74. How many miles do you have?
  75. No flights so far…
  76. No (status) miles and segments on Alitalia flights?
  77. Redemption on Korean - some advice?
  78. Well, thats 2012 sorted then !
  79. Req: Low cost flight from LYS/GVA to keep miles valid?
  80. China Airlines to join Skyteam
  81. OT: Solution for crying children on flights
  82. World Deals/Worldwide Dream
  83. OT: Bankruptcy Mexicana and passengers ticketed on 074 [KLM] stock
  84. Ticketing on Sky
  85. WX UK to IRL/Intra-UK question
  86. AF : From Paris to NYC - Booking infos this week end
  87. But I'm Not flying to New York
  88. Registration for Frequent Blue AFTER my trip. Can I get the points or too late?
  89. FB Promo Awards for September and October - Problem encountered
  90. FB service center at CDG?
  91. Vietnam Airlines
  92. Best business class from LAX to W. Europe
  93. KLM Open
  94. KL has introduced new booking class- G
  95. Double/Triple Miles Promo - or maybe not!
  96. Flying Blue status: 'M' ???
  97. Change travel class of award ticket - possible?
  98. FB Petroleum
  99. Donate expiring mile, it says will be deducted in one month
  100. AF/FB - Status Flights and Status Miles Deals search
  101. Mom passed away and has miles about to expire
  102. Retaining Status............
  103. What can I exchange my FB miles to?
  104. Flight to Atyrau
  105. Lounge access with Baboo flights
  106. How do you book webawards with an infant?
  107. New award business booking class on KLM and KQ
  108. Changing my FFP
  109. Historically fall in oilmarket this week - Historically fall in fuel surcharges ?
  110. AF/FB Europe -> Doha - Qatar
  111. Chalair Aviation: new FB airline partner
  112. Q: How to get UGC tickets
  113. Baggage Reminder please..
  114. How successfull have you been in redemptions?
  115. Getting older (and wiser)
  116. 35k miles expiring sept 10
  117. Mileage earned on flying in F on DL
  118. Elite baggage missing from reservation?
  119. AF C [ticket] : seating on Delta domestic flight ?
  120. No miles for upgraded AF B ticket?
  121. Horizon Flights with DL # - No Status Miles or Segments, Right?
  122. HKG-LON in Business. AF or KL?
  123. Booking fee FB award telephone bookings
  124. Buying FB miles on KLM site
  125. KL: V,N class and AF: L, N, G now earning 100% [on Skymiles]
  126. Using Flying Blue miles for upgrades on Delta
  127. UK flying blue help
  128. New webawards for Sept-Oct
  129. so glad to have left FB... but what to do with all the miles!
  130. Want to Fly the 380 just once
  131. Extending FB miles validity: domestic US flights
  132. is there a FT thread for flying within Africa
  133. CDG-MRU in J - AF or MK flight?
  134. Retro-crediting miles on "faulty" named ticket
  135. OT: From 8 September 2010 ESTA to cost $14
  136. Long Haul Miles - AF/FB
  137. Any benefits flying SU on FB Gold?
  138. How to handle INVOL REROUTE flights wrt to mileage and compensation?
  139. Cancellation deadline for classic awards
  140. Flying Blue Plat: Lounge Access When NOT Flying Skyteam?
  141. no miles or qualifying flights for T fare?
  142. AF/KL UK contact re: Priority Channel
  143. Reminder mail from FB "Exclusive lounge access and more for Gold Elite Plus members"
  144. Transfering or combining FB and Skymiles?
  145. Any reason to stay with FB?
  146. Upgrade / Lounge on Delta ?
  147. Seat Selection on and
  148. AF vs KL ex-SIN
  149. Value of FB miles for flight awards
  150. Question regarding involuntary denied boarding and TKT purchased with miles
  151. Anyone ever been denied access to a lounge as E+?
  152. Group Discounts?
  153. Pb to add FB# in a resa after ticketing
  154. AF / SkyTeam lounges in PVG or BUD?
  155. PV mile awards?
  156. Odd date??
  157. A Subforum for Other FB Airlines?
  158. New Blue Biz - or why is there always a bloody catch?? :mad:
  159. Europe "Pay award fees/taxes with miles" question
  160. OLCI not possible with baby
  161. Upgrade on delta w flying blue miles
  162. Air France KLM reports €736 million first-quarter profit
  163. Checking KQ award availability
  164. Status Miles and Segments on AZ flights operated by Air One?
  165. Status flight with an Alitalia domestic flight ?
  166. AF/DL Milage and pricing?
  167. New Zealand
  168. Cheapest Way of reaching FBG Status
  169. Upgrading a domestic DL ticket with FB miles
  170. Newbie upgrade question
  171. Was there a french ATC strike around the 2nd July?
  172. no good seat preassignment
  173. accumulating miles question
  174. CPH Fast Track / Lounge?
  175. Strange e-mail from crmmetrix, inc about FB@HOME
  176. Status Miles on Finnair's CDG-HEL flights?
  177. Should I switch to Skymiles?
  178. Transatl. [award] in Premium Voyageur --> European in what?
  179. Miles gift question?
  180. Refundable Fare (B class) not fully refundable?
  181. Jet...Award Availability ?
  182. Request help with award tix availability/requirements
  183. How soon can one use earned points?
  184. FB computer glitches : funny
  185. Club 2000 Information, no speculation plz
  186. Good bye Flying Blue, My last flight soon !
  187. How to get the status card???
  188. Lost 450000 miles. Can I get them back?
  189. New Haneda -> Amsterdam/Paris schedule
  190. So, tell us about the AFKL surveys you have been asked to complete lately....
  191. Transatlantic C and US domestic F = C or F redemption?
  192. Status Match with Miles and More
  193. Form of payment
  194. Booking a reward for someone else from an FB Elite account
  195. Upgrading to J on IAD-CDG.. and a Mystery
  196. Is there a way to swap DL/UA/BA miles with FB miles
  197. 200,000 expiring miles, please help spend them!
  198. Alitalia now joining Joint Venture with AF/KL-DL
  199. Burning FB Miles
  200. Expiring FB miles
  201. Reroute Inbound to a different Region
  202. Miles to use - HELP!
  203. Upgrade Chances OLCI vs. Counter?
  204. FB earnings - Delta I fares
  205. FB Credit / Aeroflot subsidiaries
  206. Rules for MCO coupon
  207. Urgently: How to spend 88k miles on two persons
  208. open booking class overview
  209. Preferred seating assignment in Y
  210. Any promotions for comp status to FB Silver or Gold?
  211. any one else having problems with 'manage my booking'
  212. Constant mileage posting problems
  213. CityJet new uniform
  214. Opps - changing award ticket return
  215. Becoming Elite during vacation
  216. Reservation line is horrible
  217. Promo Awards July-Aug 2010
  218. On Line Check-In
  219. Question re. AF miles/segments crediting to FB
  220. Possible to change mileage registration?
  221. December DUB-JNB trip Air France/KLM lowest price??
  222. Recession hit FTs?
  223. Delta ignores Elite Plus status wrt preferred seating
  224. G, I and U classes on AF
  225. DXB Lounge and AF J?
  226. Why it is so hard to love AF/KL ...
  227. EZE Lounges
  228. How to spend my lousy 25.000 mi. advise WANTED!
  229. Why don't AF/KL want to take me to OZ?
  230. KLM Business or Air France Business
  231. Upgrade on board
  232. How do you make sure FB statements are accurate?
  233. AF Upgrade at gate?
  234. Who's responsible?
  235. Using Miles for Upgrades
  236. Extra miles for economy comfort Seats?
  237. Best Value Use of KLM Points?
  238. Problems with crediting miles recently?
  239. Unvoluntary denied boarding?
  240. Air France has no record of me for upcoming code share flight: cause for concern?
  241. DL flight on UA-issued ticket - no FB miles?
  242. 750 bonus miles for nl members
  243. Skipping the 2nd leg of a trip from the US to Europe?
  244. Missed connection 2000 miles voucher - how long to be credited?
  245. Triple Mile Promo in Biz/Double Miles in Econ
  246. Delta + Yotel LHR teamed up: FB members included
  247. New interline agreement with Jetstar
  248. Where have you flown?
  249. DUTCH KLM AMEX Card
  250. Tarom, new Flying Blue member