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  1. Using FB Miles Asia-CDG 1-way in F?
  2. FB now charging fuel surcharge on domestic DL tickets?
  3. OLCI wish list
  4. Promo award availability question
  5. How can you buy tickets with China Eastern ?
  6. Delta economy comfort
  7. Air Europa Baggage Interline?
  8. Promo award question
  9. baggage rule when connecting to *A carrier
  10. Cancelled reservation award ticket ?
  11. FB Plat # on DL res
  12. China Eastern new Skyteam member
  13. Air Europa not passing miles from flights MAD-VGO
  14. Switching to Air France but using Delta points
  15. KL.X
  16. LAX to JNB via AMS
  17. New booking classes on KQ
  18. Unable to book HEL - Asia (SIN , HKG, ...) award ticket ? (Please help)
  19. Missing miles? Or just regular FeelingBlue?
  20. IAH/DFW - AMS What airline to choose?
  21. What is the 2 letter code needed with FB# for rental care credit?
  22. ANR lounge
  23. Novespace
  24. Level and award miles
  25. Question: Using AirFrance/KLM compensation voucher for Delta.
  26. Advice for award ticket to Tokyo in September
  27. Beware of Air France PPT to LAX and LAX to PPT
  28. Amex MR to Flying Blue transfer - how long does it take?
  29. how often does award availability change?
  30. Promoawards available until august 31
  31. upgrade on delta with KL miles
  32. Transfer at HKG
  33. New earning rate on Korean Air
  34. Upgrade from Award ticket possible at all??
  35. New earning rate on China Southern
  36. Price for 3rd lugguage of Flying Blue Elite and Elite Plus
  37. Delta's problem recognizing FB Status
  38. E Class on Delta
  39. AF/KL to place orders with Airbus and Boeing to replace A340 and MD-11
  40. FAQ 2 Booking award tickets
  41. Air Europa no longer allows lounge access for Gold / Plat on Domestic only ticket.
  42. Longhaul flight in U - which booking class shorthaul?
  43. No need to keep hoping for Malaysian to join ST
  44. online checking impossible for AF metal/AZ ticket
  45. OT: Peter Hartman (CEO KLM) new role in IATA
  46. Booking Class help?
  47. KLM flyertalk Map
  48. 600 Euro voucher problem
  49. Recommend a friend to FB
  50. Seat assignement on Alitalia flights on an award ticket
  51. You snooze, you lose.
  52. codeshare and miles/status
  53. Hertz discount with FB: higher for ivory members???
  54. Awards with SkyTeam partners
  55. Flying Blue Platinum V Delta Platiunm?
  56. Final 50000 points to use...
  57. Stopover Rule for Award Ticket - Routing
  58. change class without paying arm and a leg
  59. Booking FB award ticket at short notice?
  60. Flying Blue online award booking system is con?
  61. Air Europa Website in Tatters
  62. DL,AF,KL,AZ to Reduce Trans-Atlantic Capacity
  63. Claiming missing points
  64. COPA in alliance or not ?!?!
  65. Checking Bags on Delta
  66. 50 % earned on an F ticket!?
  67. 2 tickets inventory disappears after first ticket booked
  68. Name change frustration
  69. Wish my AF metal had been preserved....
  70. combine eco + biz in/outbound
  71. seat selection Air France VS KLM
  72. i only receive 25%?
  73. Flying Blue Gold => Hilton Honors Gold
  74. At which SkyTeam airline should I apply for FB?
  75. Redeeming Miles for non AF/KL Skyteam flights
  76. Got FB Gold Status = what now?!
  77. how long to get a new Flying blue domicile taken into account?
  78. New Flying Blue benefit: Economy Comfort on Delta!
  79. Problem with printing temp. card
  80. Riga Lounge
  81. FlyBe
  82. Lost 702K miles (expiry)- any tips on what to write to get them reinstated?
  83. How to get 540 miles!
  84. Flying Blue Silver [Gold/Platinum] level is within my reach according to FB
  85. Miles required for R/T from CDG to BCN?
  86. Lounge in TUN?
  87. Free 500miles on e-rewards
  88. what is the office hour of flyingblue in us?
  89. FB NL Amex Miles not posted to FB Balance in April?
  90. A380 first class award
  91. LH Status Match
  92. Delta Economy Comfort as Flying Blue
  93. FB Platinum Sixt car rental perks
  94. keeping points active
  95. Special check-in luggage
  96. Award booking - return booking in different classes
  97. SEC number
  98. Z class on Vietnam airlines and Flying blue earnings
  99. Problems login in Flying Blue
  100. WMINI meaning?
  101. Busines award for elite
  102. Redemption in first class
  103. Problems with Air France/KLM Online Check-in
  104. How does KLM World Business Class on a 747 compare to Air France Affaires?
  105. FB Promo May/June
  106. Gold status lounge access
  107. No more fuel surcharge free promo awards ex-Canada?
  108. Skymiles
  109. Any FB Enrollment Bonus Codes?
  110. Use SkyMiles for upgrade on FB award ticket?
  111. Sir, Flying Blue IS NOT Air France
  112. FB but booking flight on Delta
  113. Couple of Questions
  114. Level Miles on DL?
  115. Quickest way to earn 2500 miles for Flying Blue?
  116. Two last names on passport, only one on ticket!
  117. Booking code M on China Southern and flying blue
  118. US-Based Flying Blue Pax - No Upgrade on DL?
  119. Checking in and lounge access on FlyBE codeshare
  120. Do FlyBe Flights Count for Miles\Level Flights?
  121. KQ resets order for 9 B787-8's
  122. Chance to win 160K miles link
  123. The top 50 posters from the Flying Blue forum since it was founded and 2011 activity!
  124. Redeem GOL/Avianca Flights Using FB Miles
  125. best way to find award availability
  126. Unable to log into FB account
  127. Daft question time
  128. Seat confusion: Sometimes I can assign biz seats in advance, sometimes not
  129. A quick DL posting question
  130. Any flight available ?? URGENT
  131. Many new ''non-loyal'' platinum members
  132. Unusually high award ticket taxes/fees
  133. Glitch on KLM website: status shown incorrectly
  134. Turbo Time for American Express The Netherlands
  135. KLM/AF: IAH/ORD - Europe for 12,500 miles o/w + fees in April
  136. Turbo time for French Amex
  137. Why I can't use my miles
  138. Miles expiring
  139. FB Elites can check for free 2 @32 kg bags on Delta flying economy
  140. Convert flying blue miles to "hotel points"
  141. Amex - Flying Blue vs Platinum
  142. Claiming miles
  143. FB Miles accrual: Radisson (formerly known as SAS) Blu?
  144. Trying to change award booking online
  145. Main part of the wreckage from Flight 447 Found
  146. Avianca ended its partnership with Flying Blue on June 1, 2011
  147. GIG AF Lounge
  148. Flying Blue takes you further
  149. Earn over 50,000 Award Miles with Avis
  150. Advice for best ticket prices? (and more!)
  151. Up to 719'000 miles for getting a 1 year Regus Businessworld card
  152. 1st April in Figaroland? FB among the 'most advantageous' FF programmes
  153. Upgradeable fare codes on AF
  154. Air France/KLM increase fares as per 1 April 2011
  155. "We cannot find your profile..."
  156. Elite lounge access is no longer free?
  157. Hardship criteria
  158. where is the reward chart?
  159. Flying Blue miles: transferable?
  160. Bagage allowance for Gold on Austrian
  161. what mileage I get from Aeromexico?
  162. New technology - Flying Blue Elite & Elite Plus Members
  163. How to pass along my thanks re helpful employees
  164. LAX to AMS vs CDG
  165. Burn rates with YQ on Domestic North America routes
  166. AF/KL, updates rules for baggage
  167. Flying Blue First Logon
  168. ST elite on Alaska Airlines
  169. Help on Round the World Reward Ticket booking
  170. FB status match
  171. More Bonus Miles when you fly now to Africa (20k miles)
  172. Not able to book the promo awards online...
  173. Enjoy a new sensation with 160.000 award miles
  174. New membership packages 2011: vouchers, luggage tags etc
  175. OneWorld Emerald transfer to AF/Delta
  176. Way off topic: fancy receiving a new FB card in two pieces!
  177. New booking classes and FB earnings!
  178. Upgrade to Europe Business Class
  179. Is there a sign-up bonus?
  180. "We couldn't read your email"
  181. AF/OK codeshares
  182. KLM Europe Business EQM after June 1st
  183. Determination of Elite Levels
  184. Is the bonus for e-statement still alive?
  185. Platinum for Life 2011
  186. Upgrade with cheap ticket + miles works abroad!
  187. Getting a promoaward after the designated travel period
  188. Non-country specific booking site
  189. 21 Airlines Fined For Fixing Passenger, Cargo Fees
  190. "Friend's bonus" 1000 miles
  191. Flying Blue and Goldpoints Plus
  192. Cape Town
  193. KLM/Delta check in counter
  194. Promo awards limited to AF/KL metal?
  195. 2010 Plat re-qualifying threshold lowered for everybody ? (or is it just me ? :-) ))
  196. Flying Blue miles earning on Qantas coded flight ?
  197. codeshare to KBL
  198. Air Europa - A complete joke!
  199. New 2011 Flying Blue cards [Air Europa??]
  200. Upgrade question/reminder please.
  201. Booking Web Awards for Frequence Jeune Member
  202. Award Miles (eturn Tickets)
  203. Right to switch from FB to SkyMiles?
  204. Air France/KLM trips in 2011
  205. Flying Blue statistics
  206. Earning Flying Blue miles on Malaysia Airlines
  207. Travel advice - EU to Sydney on ST - KL EC or AF Prem Voyageur?
  208. Reaching 1.000.000 Miles threshold
  209. Air France-KLM and Delta to consider bidding on Virgin Atlantic
  210. Moving from Sweden to the US
  211. How long do bought miles take to post?
  212. award inventory
  213. Status Match Best Western Rewards
  214. Flying Blue status
  215. KL promo: Book Europe Business Class and receive 5,000 Award Miles
  216. KL R-booking class?! [Due to alignment of booking classes as per 01/06/2011]
  217. trying to fly more segments AMS - DXB
  218. Account Opening Promo
  219. Glutton for Punishment ?
  220. Delta booking, FB status
  221. FA & GA salary info
  222. Is STR-AMS-YVR/YYC-SLC a valid FB award routing?
  223. Promo Awards Mar-Apr 2011
  224. Earning FB miles with Delta W ticket
  225. One way ticket with Amex points
  226. Extra baggage question
  227. Status Match with A-Club / Accor hotels
  228. MFU on Delta Flights
  229. Flying blue tickets and mileage.
  230. First promotion I have received from FB
  231. Will an AS flight extend the validity of my FB miles?
  232. Novotel stay points never assigned to FB
  233. Booking an award from two different accounts
  234. Fb to Golden tulip, Holiton honnors
  235. Status MATCH from FB to other FFP
  236. AF/KL Flying Blue Faster Miles offer (up to 12000 miles)
  237. FB Awards on Delta
  238. How to book an award
  239. What is the best use of miles for upgrade on Air France?
  240. Recent fare-changes
  241. Charges for Alchohol in coach ?
  242. Winter Storm Travel Waivers ???
  243. Beginner to Miles: Is my FB-based goal achievable?
  244. Transfer KoreanAir SkyTeam miles to FB?
  245. Flight notification system: Connect
  246. Using Miles to go from AMS/DUS to KTM
  247. Amex Flying Blue and the FB account of my son
  248. [HKG-Europe] Who has the best seats? KLM or Air France
  249. How long to send new FB card after status raise?
  250. accumulating miles on FB card