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  1. Accounting summary of the past years?
  2. Air France - KLM: Shareholders’ Club
  3. Platinum Status & Preferred Seats
  4. Problems in miles crediting to KLM FB?
  5. Booking the correct fare class for upgrade
  7. Qualifying flights on non-ST member with KL code?
  8. Lounge access? KL coded Transavia operated
  9. Flying Blue Miles Upgrade On Korean Air
  10. AF/KL to increase fares from NL (only?) as per 30 March 2012
  11. Upgrades impossible... as usual !!
  12. Rebound Campaign
  13. Status change in the middle of an itinerary
  14. Air Europa Domestic "P" Class
  15. [No] Silver now has free lounge access?
  16. AF/FB Member : Relocating - Searching new flight tips/habits
  17. Moving from Delta SkyMiles to Flying Blue (Miles Bonuses)
  18. Flightstats no more Award buckets?
  19. Encouraged by today's Miles&More court ruling - should we follow suit?
  20. AF coded flights operated by AY (Finnair)
  21. Questions about MU coded AF operated flights
  22. Discrepancy between miles promised in Reservation Confirmation and those awarded
  23. Just starting out - looking for some tips
  24. Flying Blue Enrollment promotion
  25. unbelievable surcharge EUR 690 for Promo Awards
  26. EQS on VA/DL flights to Australia
  27. One Way Rewards?
  28. AFKL looks to fully buy AZ (Alitalia) in 2013
  29. Help needed with registering for Flying Blue
  30. Amenity coupons
  31. Status question
  32. "Tax" depending on class of service?
  33. Booking award ticket one way online
  34. Disappointing financial results for AF/KL (and others in the industry)
  35. Upgrading to Premium Economy with miles?
  36. Combined KLM/Malaysian booking. Level flights?
  37. Trying to book an award ticket
  38. How much do you estimate your FB miles are worth?
  39. FB Tier Match
  40. BKK as a Skyteam stopover
  41. Yet another increase in fuel surcharge
  42. Airport Lounges
  43. Global FB 'Helpdesks'
  44. This is absolutely nothing to do with KL/AF, but...
  45. china eastern 1st class award
  46. Anyone else having troubles reaching Flying Blue France ?
  47. Delta's Sky Miles, KLM's Flying Blue, or What?
  48. E voucher
  49. Aerolineas Argentinas (AR) new FB partner
  50. platinum for life
  51. What can wedo with 4700 Flying Blue miles?
  52. Air France Flying Blue
  53. New conversion rate for Amex UK points vs Flying Blue and Millemiglia
  54. Public consultation possible revision of Regulation (EC) 261/2004 for air passengers
  55. Change in FB PIN code
  56. LOS-NBO miles?
  57. Earning miles in class Q on Korean?
  58. AZ Miles randomly credited to FB
  59. Need FB Elite account to book First class
  60. DL or AF for mixed segments
  61. Access to Air France lounge at SFO when flying KLM
  62. AF and EY partnership from 28 October 2012
  63. Visiting Lounges from Skyteam partners - flying national
  64. 2012/13 Flying Blue cards
  65. Routing question
  66. Help in determining award level on CI?
  67. Amex membership rewards KLM flights
  68. "Platinum Elite Public Relations" on passenger manifest
  69. stop over allowed on classic award ?
  70. Premium Voyageur fare not entitled for miles??
  71. What happend to the 'win 160.000 miles' contest from last year?
  72. working email address?
  73. Boosting Flying Blue miles
  74. Cannot see miles expiring date on FB site
  75. AF/FB Member : Relocating to Austria + nearby Region 2012 - Flight Tips and Advices
  76. KLM/Air France Survey for Mobile Phones onboard
  77. Trouble finalising change of existing booking
  78. Programme update: Roll over of Level Miles above level threshold for Elite members
  79. Mar / Apr 2012 Promo Awards
  80. No First class award possible on AF?
  81. Flying to PPT
  82. Retroactive Credit - Air France
  83. Delta Medallion to Air France Status match
  84. Level Flights through a cancellation
  85. Level Miles Transfer
  86. premium economy/ premium voyageur with award miles not valid on short haul?
  87. How Can I save my miles from expiring?
  88. 30% bonus when purchasing miles through 15.03.2012
  89. "UP" fares on DL only earn 50% miles ?
  90. $100 discount code
  91. Silver - can't book F-Award
  92. Delta Plat - booking awards on FlyingBlue
  93. New Flying Blue/KLM/Air France web pages
  94. Bluebiz? Anyone tried it
  95. "Invitation à découvrir l'excellence" - Amex Platinum
  96. Confused about Award Miles
  97. How to spend miles?
  98. 25% bonus when tranferring AMEX MR points to FB during February
  99. Earning FB miles on VN domestic flights
  100. Flying Blue - Hertz discount code = More expensive
  101. Miles appear but do not add up to balance
  102. [Amadeus down] Problems booking with AF/KL online
  103. From Germany to Hawaii for 2.300€, good price?
  104. FlyingBlue Platinum with A-Club
  105. EU investigates Delta, Air France-KLM, Alitalia
  106. recommend a friend promotion ?
  107. Any chances to see CDG/AMS-NKG?
  108. Airline partner miles not credited - anyone else? Grr...
  109. Business Clas Lounge NRT
  110. Perhaps I won't take this routing.....
  111. Flying Blue - Elite Card Manufacture Problems
  112. How to reach CMB and KTM? and get miles?
  113. No FB Miles Upgrades on DL Tickets, Right?
  114. Low % milage credits on Chinese FB carriers
  115. Nice surprise - miles on credit
  116. China Southern extra baggage allowance
  117. OT: Looking for old and funny KLM (?) [actually Air Liberté] ad
  118. booked on delta.com, got klm issued ticket
  119. Jet Miles : Fly private jets and collect FB miles
  120. Do the Companions of FB Platinums Get Free EC
  121. Changes to Latest Check-in Time at LHR on AF/KL
  122. keeping my FB miles
  123. 'Collect Flying Blue miles with Chic Outlet Shopping®' - but how many?
  124. NH Hotels no longer a FB partner?
  125. Plane change, same flight number = how many status segments
  126. Lounge Access, Business - Economy
  127. Is this the end of the world? Has everyone gone mad?
  128. Stopover in OW ticket within Europe
  129. 100K Miles + £1500
  130. Status Match
  131. Transfering DL miles to FB
  132. OLCI Error "ASE: Seat Pending"
  133. "An ambitious three year plan to restore profitability"
  134. FB Upgrades
  135. New earning booking class on Korean Air and blackout dates
  136. Received my First Upgrade
  137. FB discount House of Bols?
  138. FB Belux: Invitation Loyalty Lunch
  139. Kenya Airways now charging for advance seat assignments?
  140. Valuation of miles
  141. Am I being given bum information ?
  142. Delta Diamond need some FB advice
  143. Flying Blue or other option
  144. Best Option - AF or DL?
  145. Would this work ?
  146. What is VS07?
  147. baggage thru check onto other skyteam partners
  148. Miles applied to wrong account
  149. How to keep my FB miles alive?
  150. Upgrade with Delta status?
  151. About to book my very first Award Ticket...
  152. FB Promo Awards: early March?
  153. Earning FB miles on a Delta flight operated by AF
  154. First flight, first upgrade
  155. Question on AF flight fares and impossible booking
  156. Miles posted 31/12/2011 but for what?
  157. Carrying miles over to 2013
  158. Happy New Year!
  159. Tarom American Express level miles?
  160. Air Europa Visa and Master Card Spain
  161. Kingfisher Airlines no longer a FB partner
  162. Baggage advice.
  163. Cityjet in O - Lounge access?
  164. FB Changes ?
  165. online miles upgrade on FB
  166. Taxes or not taxes
  167. Delta elite access to AF Lounge
  168. 1.5 bonus miles December 2011?
  169. Seychelles rtw?
  170. No miles earned when flying in O upgraded from S
  171. Can I take advantage of my new status before getting the card?
  172. $140 taxes for a 450 mile flight?
  173. Air France-KLM "exclusive community of 550 FB members"
  174. Silver benefits for Ivory guest?
  175. Hilton rooms for FB miles
  176. qualifying by segments paranoia
  177. Flying Blue Miles Transfer
  178. Flying Blue: Comair??
  179. Kenya Airways baggage disaster
  180. RUNOFF: Kenya Airways Flying Blue (Euro/Africa) FlyerTalk Awards benefits nomination
  181. Heads up: DL changes checked baggage allowance for Skyteam Elites/Flying Blue Silvers
  182. Any problem with China Southern Airlines
  183. Rate for Miles
  184. Worth it? [Promo award vs clasic Europe EZE]
  185. FB miles for KL codeshare op by OV
  186. Earn / spend Flying Blue miles purchasing Sony products
  187. Preventing FB AF miles from expiring
  188. Jan / Feb 2012 promo awards
  189. Questions about getting upgraded from Ivory to Silver with Air France
  190. What is the best flight/aircraft to go from CDG to the US?
  191. Air Europa cancelling MIA and New York
  192. Moved to the US, jump ship to SkyMiles?
  193. Elite qualification by segments
  194. Platinum benefits on LAX-PPT
  195. Credited miles on AF with DL flts
  196. Another FB glitch ?
  197. Miles donated to charity debited from account twice
  198. Platinum qualification dilemma
  199. Any partners from seville?
  200. Earn up to 150,000 Bonus Miles with BusinessElite
  201. When will AFKL sell J seats for €1170 worldwide?
  202. Quick help needed - booking class restrictions.
  203. Do I risk losing my Plat for Life status when changing countries?
  204. Amex offers 10.000 miles
  205. Chg fee on award bookings ?
  206. Claiming missing miles
  207. AF upgrade economy G
  208. Keeping my status advice.
  209. Will my boarding card reflect the change in status?
  210. Will I earn FB Status Miles et Status Segments
  211. Heads up: KL/AF Cyber Monday Business class deals to Europe ex YVR YYC YYZ YUL YOW
  212. FlyerTalk Awards: TAROM Flying Blue (Europe/Africa) benefits nominations
  213. FlyerTalk Awards: Kenya Airways Flying Blue (Europe/Africa) benefits nominations
  214. [Offer expired] Flying Blue offer: Free A|Club Platinum status
  215. FlyerTalk Awards: Air France / KLM Flying Blue (Europe/Africa) benefits nominations
  216. Lounge access denied at Madrid
  217. CPH Fast track situation Elite+?
  218. Air Niugini: Interline E-ticketing Agreement with Air France and KLM
  219. Award question
  220. AF Lounge in MAN T3
  221. Flying Blue T-Shirt
  222. Flying Blue domestic Air France one-way award difficulty
  223. Linked PNR's equal status benefits?
  224. Claiming miles on HV/KL flights?
  225. Paid Lounge at Nairobi
  226. Booking Class and flying class guide?
  227. Question regarding FB NL Amex
  228. Viewing Status of Upgrade
  229. Best option to fly from STR to BOM
  230. Weird online award tax for Delta flight
  231. multi-city and open-jaw on an award?
  232. Transformez vos Miles-Prime en euros [Sell award miles back to FB - France only]
  233. upgrading with miles
  234. Miles credited via telephone
  235. AF Class N on International Longhaul
  236. Lounge access in PSA
  237. Rebound Campaign bonus miles?
  238. Real time flight schedule... not !
  239. Korean Air experience
  240. Air France/KLM issues profit warning: expects losses, announces further cost cutting
  241. DL economy comfort seats for FB members ?
  242. Outbound transfers from Flying Blue
  243. Award question
  244. Premium Economy Upgrades
  245. Air France/KLM group desk incompetence
  246. FB earning for Delta flights fare class T
  247. Finally!!! - Fast Track in Oslo Airport for Air France and KLM
  248. Security of FB website
  249. Amex PRG 76K pts --> FlyingBlue / newbie seeks brief help...
  250. Promotional code for joining Flying Blue?