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  1. awards to australia/new zealand
  2. AF-KL September traffic
  3. Tier change mid-journey?
  4. No preferred seating for Silver?!
  5. ID'ing Ticket Booked Online
  6. Do NWA flights ever credit automatically without having to send BPs to FB?
  7. Amex Gold
  8. Caught between FB and WP to move miles
  9. Is it possible: Transferring 40K from Korean Air to Flying Blue for Gold Status?
  10. I would welcome your views...
  11. Level upgrade December 30?
  12. How to use miles in Australia
  13. FB Miles Alert
  14. Website Has Not Worked For Me in 24 Hours
  15. Changing a Pre-April Redemption F Ticket (A Class)
  16. New Delta post NW integration: any news on FC upgrades?
  17. Earn Miles with SkyTeam: AF vs KL website
  18. Flying Blue EQM on Delta Connection flights
  19. MH Upgrade on FB Points
  20. Enough miles for silver level, but no upgrade. Why?
  21. AF/KL new rules for luggage [merged]
  22. Empire of sports
  23. Award ticket availability PRG-SFO next summer
  24. Window seats unavailable to reserve on Tokyo flights
  25. For those wondering about the number of Club 2000 members
  26. New Promo Awards (Oct/Nov)
  27. AF-DL Codeshare Flights Preferred Seating Scandal
  28. Interview of Air France KLM General Manager (source: Les Echos)
  29. Book flight @ NW -> earn Flying Blue Miles -> 2 questions
  30. AF/KL vs others on PAR-NYC
  31. FB Award Ticket promos expiring
  32. KLM vs AF - Whos best for NCL-DXB in Y?
  33. Expiring miles
  34. Hunting for extra Miles - SkyTeam/AirFrance
  35. Entering Iberia lounge
  36. Life time platinum
  37. Flying Blue Advertorial in Flying Dutchman Magazine
  38. Buy ST RTW or Europe pass with award miles?
  39. M-class upgrades possible
  40. Misunderstanding about Economy Elite Promo Awards?
  41. Air France/KLM holds talks with Japan Airlines
  42. 1/2 price business awards
  43. no miles for AF/DL codeshare?
  44. Any VLM aircraft in CityJet colours yet?
  45. Use miles to pay for award tickets in full [merged]
  46. partly crediting JAL itinerary to FB?
  47. Award tickets on DL
  48. SkyTeam Status on Boarding Pass
  49. FB hotel awards - disappearing and/or poor value
  50. First flight on AF, which mileage card to choose?
  51. FB silver card has no phone numbers on back?
  52. Can you donate miles?
  53. Air france lounge closed at barcelona
  54. 15 level flights showing on airfrance.us, but still ivory status
  55. 4 seats 1 flight 2 people=?
  56. Best way to prevent your miles from expiring
  57. miles expires 3/2010 ;need cheap EQM
  58. Baggage Allowance - Multiple Class in same reservation
  59. airfrance.com.au malfunction... can anyone verify?
  60. crediting of miles for AS flights coded as NW
  61. N Class Miles
  62. First Flight Bonus for Canadians: 3,000 Miles
  63. Thats 45€ for a schedule change....
  64. Useless award ticket booking engine - Summer 2009 collection
  65. Award booking changes
  66. Brit Air I class = No miles?
  67. Getting Comped to Flying Blue
  68. Together, let's dream up the new Flying Blue community of runners !
  69. Should I spend €110 to reinstate 48k miles?
  70. What does "Flex" in Flex Award stand for?
  71. Question on getting to SIL
  72. Question about AF/KL VDB €300 voucher
  73. FB to WorldPerks
  74. Lounge access China
  75. Buying FB Elite Status
  76. Buying upgrade at checkin (ams/sfo)
  77. newbie help need for business class
  78. award - how to book "economy elite" AF ?
  79. Broken suitcase - what to do?
  80. Wrong "Date of last transaction"
  81. Award Ticket Tax Discrepancy
  82. FB Miles when flying JJ (TAM)
  83. FB Miles when flying AZ
  84. AF/KL withdraws CSA bid
  85. Flying Blue miles with Regus?
  86. Air Europa Booking: Names reversed - Problem?
  87. Air Cal experiences?
  88. Are they doing this on purpose?
  89. Spanair Joining Flying Blue?
  90. KL to QF connection at LHR T4 - Baggage Question
  91. Earning Miles on Codeshare CO with Cape Air?
  92. "Problem affecting Flying Blue pages? "
  93. change in travel intensity - advice needed
  94. KQ on Strike
  95. Has AF/KL found the April 1 slope?
  96. FB/plat status match
  97. lounge access and comp upgrades on DL domestic
  98. help I can't fly right now and don't want to loose my FB points
  99. Air France connecting to Southwest
  100. FB number not on an award ticket, does it matter?
  101. Group Sales Air France-KLM?
  102. Changing ticket from KL to AF?
  103. 1000 miles for email summary - when?
  104. Korean Air FB miles
  105. e-mail adress FB Customer Service
  106. Getting your upgraded card - takes too long...
  107. Worst costumer support!!
  108. Airlines waiting to tell you about modified terms — until it’s too late
  109. Air France Playlists
  110. Award Ticket with Infant to Cancun Mexico
  111. A couple of newbie questions.
  112. Will some extra "classic" award tickets become available?
  113. It surely can't be THAT difficult!!!
  114. The double-edged sword of internet fora
  115. New reasons to hate Flying Blue
  116. € 50 off for flights from Germany to USA & Canada booked until 8/31/09
  117. Is it possible to disembark in Lille while on CDG-Brussels Midi TGV?
  118. FB Helpdesk :(
  119. Airfares.. KL vs NW
  120. AF + UX change my flights but I pay 45€!?
  121. Award Tickets Earning FB Miles!
  122. News regarding MilleMiglia becoming FB ??
  123. Can miles still be 'borrowed'?
  124. Level miles for econ ticket + miles upgrade?
  125. What compensation should I get?
  126. Flying Blue helpdesk
  127. AF/KL 2009-2010 Q1 loss
  128. Want your luggage to arrive at Schiphol? Fly Air France!
  129. FB reward redemption question
  130. Vietnam Airlines KE codeshare
  131. New AF & KL Promo Awards to end Sept are now online
  132. First *A experience after jumping ship
  133. no FB AmEx fee on LH
  134. So maybe it's time to look at DL ...
  135. CZ Lounge disappointment
  136. Am I throwing good miles after bad?
  137. I'm rich! And more miles economics...
  138. Domestic award in France
  139. KLM Platinum status at Malaysian Airlines
  140. Toronto to Hawaii tkts
  141. Sleeping in Airports
  142. What all can u do with FB miles?
  143. Is FB Award Chart misleading or am I getting bad information from agents???
  144. Flying blue auction (bidding with miles)
  145. Compensation For a Cancelled Flight
  146. OT: Flight information s/w
  147. Anyone requaled for Platinum yet?
  148. Air France-KLM to run out of cash by 2010
  149. Business Class advice for a newbie
  150. New award booking class?
  151. Using S'Miles for AF tickets ?
  152. Looking for advice on which program to join
  153. Ticket number from Expedia
  154. Miles expiry applied retroactively?
  155. Malaysia Airlines (MH) Miles to FB
  156. Earning Miles on Korean Airlines
  157. Website reservations page down?
  158. A380 confirmed for November on CDG - JFK
  159. LAX-ZRH in the fall -- AF or KL
  160. AFKL Selling Tix for NZ! And BA!!!
  161. Outrageous amount of taxes and surcharges for award tkts
  162. A positive experience with the FB customer service
  163. what are the odds of a refund
  164. FB freebies ?
  165. Any ideas....
  166. No miles in biz?
  167. New: buy FB miles for you or for a gift
  168. dedicated number for business/first reservations?
  169. Amex electronic summary with 5000 miles bonus?
  170. Vacation :-) upgrades
  171. First class on KE, downgraded miles
  172. Access to AMS and CDG lounges with miles
  173. Air Europa - is FB the only option?
  174. BRU - CDG... Earning level miles and segments with the TGV (train)?
  175. JNB lounge
  176. Original booking - crediting miles possible?
  177. Upgrades with miles
  178. AF/KL as seen from afar
  179. When wil AF/KL send me my FB card?
  180. Newbie question - which miles program should I open an account with?
  181. AF Ticket Change
  182. Get more miles for the same flights
  183. What a swizz! I feel cheated, somehow
  184. difficulty getting award seats on Aeromexico?
  185. How to book Flight on Continental ?
  186. AFKL: Best Short-Haul Travel Provider!!!
  187. Bluebiz vs. Flying Blue
  188. Help with FB Award EWR CAI PVG
  189. Membership number status decoder?
  190. Checked Luggage: AF CDG-LHR NZ LHR-LAX
  191. Forum silence
  192. Arrivals lounge at Heathrow?
  193. A mysterious miles posted on FB
  194. Booking award flight (for dummies)
  195. How many miles needed!!!! surely not....
  196. FAA approved carseat on AF & KL
  197. One way award on Czech airline possible?
  198. Flying Blue - Japan Airlines Question
  199. Award Miles on FB Amex spend cut?
  200. 500 miles for free?
  201. [Updated] Elite+ can now pay for more guests to lounge (1st one still free of charge)
  202. KE Q class % earning with FB??
  203. 12.000 Miles for 4 nights at Hyatt
  204. Hopefully not an exercise in futility
  205. Crediting AF to CSA OKplus
  206. Problems with OLCI - bagage allowance
  207. WestJet
  208. date changes
  209. Which aircraft - 777 or 747?
  210. CDG-AMS-TXL considerations
  211. on-board shopping vouchers
  212. After April 1st :
  213. Book LHR->DTW flight under NW or KL code?
  214. Switch from WorldPerks to FB?
  215. Lifetime plat, any lifetime or good status match?
  216. Sky Team Elite Benefits while traveling on FB Award Tickets
  217. Missing award reservation
  218. Forcing a fare Z/T combination from HKG-YYZ
  219. Short 1430 miles of a miles booking
  220. KVS and Promos?
  221. Can't book promos
  222. Lounge Access in various places/situations
  223. YMINI?
  224. 1st April changes of FB discussed in Dutch newspaper
  225. shuttle DXB-Abu Dhabi?
  226. Booked affaires class using miles - showing up as economy
  227. For NL Amex: New Amex
  228. Miles donation not deducted after several weeks?
  229. AF flights booked through AF web NOT giving FB miles???
  230. New CityJet website
  231. elite bonus under new rules
  232. Help booking stopover using AF.fr
  233. Alliances
  234. My feet have started to vote
  235. changing seats online
  236. Air France site down!
  237. Wife ill - won't make this year's level
  238. Minimum of 500 miles for DL flights
  239. Booked award ticket for 50,000 miles but 100.000 have been deducted fm my FB Account
  240. Air France...Web Awards [merged]
  241. Impossible Award Ticket
  242. A kindness from FB - IFE search
  243. How many miles will I actually earn?
  244. Is 330 days out still the rule?
  245. Seat selection on CityJet by Air France?
  246. AFKL announce another 3000 jobs to be cut
  247. Checkpoint asks for opinions (Dutch)
  248. No more preferred seating on DL? ...?!!!
  249. ORY-SEN
  250. AF/KL announces a net loss of