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  1. AF/KL 2009-2010 Q1 loss
  2. Want your luggage to arrive at Schiphol? Fly Air France!
  3. FB reward redemption question
  4. Vietnam Airlines KE codeshare
  5. New AF & KL Promo Awards to end Sept are now online
  6. First *A experience after jumping ship
  7. no FB AmEx fee on LH
  8. So maybe it's time to look at DL ...
  9. CZ Lounge disappointment
  10. Am I throwing good miles after bad?
  11. I'm rich! And more miles economics...
  12. Domestic award in France
  13. KLM Platinum status at Malaysian Airlines
  14. Toronto to Hawaii tkts
  15. Sleeping in Airports
  16. What all can u do with FB miles?
  17. Is FB Award Chart misleading or am I getting bad information from agents???
  18. Flying blue auction (bidding with miles)
  19. Compensation For a Cancelled Flight
  20. OT: Flight information s/w
  21. Anyone requaled for Platinum yet?
  22. Air France-KLM to run out of cash by 2010
  23. Business Class advice for a newbie
  24. New award booking class?
  25. Using S'Miles for AF tickets ?
  26. Looking for advice on which program to join
  27. Ticket number from Expedia
  28. Miles expiry applied retroactively?
  29. Malaysia Airlines (MH) Miles to FB
  30. Earning Miles on Korean Airlines
  31. Website reservations page down?
  32. A380 confirmed for November on CDG - JFK
  33. LAX-ZRH in the fall -- AF or KL
  34. AFKL Selling Tix for NZ! And BA!!!
  35. Outrageous amount of taxes and surcharges for award tkts
  36. A positive experience with the FB customer service
  37. what are the odds of a refund
  38. FB freebies ?
  39. Any ideas....
  40. No miles in biz?
  41. New: buy FB miles for you or for a gift
  42. dedicated number for business/first reservations?
  43. Amex electronic summary with 5000 miles bonus?
  44. Vacation :-) upgrades
  45. First class on KE, downgraded miles
  46. Access to AMS and CDG lounges with miles
  47. Air Europa - is FB the only option?
  48. BRU - CDG... Earning level miles and segments with the TGV (train)?
  49. JNB lounge
  50. Original booking - crediting miles possible?
  51. Upgrades with miles
  52. AF/KL as seen from afar
  53. When wil AF/KL send me my FB card?
  54. Newbie question - which miles program should I open an account with?
  55. AF Ticket Change
  56. Get more miles for the same flights
  57. What a swizz! I feel cheated, somehow
  58. difficulty getting award seats on Aeromexico?
  59. How to book Flight on Continental ?
  60. AFKL: Best Short-Haul Travel Provider!!!
  61. Bluebiz vs. Flying Blue
  62. Help with FB Award EWR CAI PVG
  63. Membership number status decoder?
  64. Checked Luggage: AF CDG-LHR NZ LHR-LAX
  65. Forum silence
  66. Arrivals lounge at Heathrow?
  67. A mysterious miles posted on FB
  68. Booking award flight (for dummies)
  69. How many miles needed!!!! surely not....
  70. FAA approved carseat on AF & KL
  71. One way award on Czech airline possible?
  72. Flying Blue - Japan Airlines Question
  73. Award Miles on FB Amex spend cut?
  74. 500 miles for free?
  75. [Updated] Elite+ can now pay for more guests to lounge (1st one still free of charge)
  76. KE Q class % earning with FB??
  77. 12.000 Miles for 4 nights at Hyatt
  78. Hopefully not an exercise in futility
  79. Crediting AF to CSA OKplus
  80. Problems with OLCI - bagage allowance
  81. WestJet
  82. date changes
  83. Which aircraft - 777 or 747?
  84. CDG-AMS-TXL considerations
  85. on-board shopping vouchers
  86. After April 1st :
  87. Book LHR->DTW flight under NW or KL code?
  88. Switch from WorldPerks to FB?
  89. Lifetime plat, any lifetime or good status match?
  90. Sky Team Elite Benefits while traveling on FB Award Tickets
  91. Missing award reservation
  92. Forcing a fare Z/T combination from HKG-YYZ
  93. Short 1430 miles of a miles booking
  94. KVS and Promos?
  95. Can't book promos
  96. Lounge Access in various places/situations
  97. YMINI?
  98. 1st April changes of FB discussed in Dutch newspaper
  99. shuttle DXB-Abu Dhabi?
  100. Booked affaires class using miles - showing up as economy
  101. For NL Amex: New Amex
  102. Miles donation not deducted after several weeks?
  103. AF flights booked through AF web NOT giving FB miles???
  104. New CityJet website
  105. elite bonus under new rules
  106. Help booking stopover using AF.fr
  107. Alliances
  108. My feet have started to vote
  109. changing seats online
  110. Air France site down!
  111. Wife ill - won't make this year's level
  112. Minimum of 500 miles for DL flights
  113. Booked award ticket for 50,000 miles but 100.000 have been deducted fm my FB Account
  114. Air France...Web Awards [merged]
  115. Impossible Award Ticket
  116. A kindness from FB - IFE search
  117. How many miles will I actually earn?
  118. Is 330 days out still the rule?
  119. Seat selection on CityJet by Air France?
  120. AFKL announce another 3000 jobs to be cut
  121. Checkpoint asks for opinions (Dutch)
  122. No more preferred seating on DL? ...?!!!
  123. ORY-SEN
  124. AF/KL announces a net loss of
  125. VLM Encore becomes FB from September 2009
  126. How is flying with NW these days?
  127. Wrong amount of miles
  128. VLM MAN-LCY gone?
  129. you just have to love them: AFKL news
  130. Friend and wife to lose FB miles. How best to use them?
  131. How good it feels...
  132. quick question, please help: new expiry rules apply to miles earned before 01 April ?
  133. Dutch Amex FB Gold Card annual fee
  134. Hyatt & FB: double dip?
  135. Last Survey : blocking the middle seat at an additional cost
  136. I guess we're not making that big of an impact!
  137. FB Statistics 2009?
  138. Are the only promos now US based?
  139. AZ ticket + KL/DL metal = Miles Hellup!!
  140. Promo Awards on Martinair?
  141. Additional 30 euro for paying with Flying Blue Amex!?!?! :@
  142. LCY ground services
  143. help yet more ''service centre'' problems.
  144. Changing award bookings - route or aircraft
  145. GOL and KL/AF
  146. New Rules and Misleading Emails
  147. Does FB have anything like UA's MM status
  148. Compensation for cancelled flight
  149. AF has cancelled my P award to Mex, what are my rights?
  150. Claiming Retro Miles w/o BP
  151. FB Miles/Segs on DL operated by Comair?
  152. Does FB still offer miles in lieu to Elites for reward flights?
  153. Award ticket NW First Class?
  154. How long can it take to post FB miles and weird BP?
  155. 70K Threshold. Did I miss something ?
  156. Fast Track @ CDG, DUB and Boarding
  157. If you are in Paris you must fly KLM and if you are in Amsterdam you must fly NW!
  158. Would you or wouldn't you?
  159. Retro-claim for flights booked before 1st April but flown *after* 1st April.
  160. 50 discount on AF flights from Spain
  161. Waiting for card and tags
  162. Using miles to upgrade
  163. New status, new card
  164. I forgot My FlyingBlue PIN and the Security Question..!!
  165. Makes sense to use dl ff with new af rules?
  166. Flying Blue Petroleum Club Card
  167. Strange way from DUB - SXM
  168. nice going
  169. Baggage on LCY-AMS-YVR Trip
  170. Delta Silver Medallion
  171. Re-credited miles from cancelled award?
  172. You just gotta love that FB e-mail newsletter!
  173. Devaluation of the FB Programme (some personal facts & figures)
  174. AF/NW Lounge at LAX
  175. Transfer of FB miles
  176. Martinair to join FB on May 1
  177. Flying Blue Platinum Elites soon to be Subordinate to new DL "Executive" Level
  178. End of Free Upgrades for Elites in US?
  179. FB 200K Miles Best Destination?
  180. FB card expired
  181. Quick question about FB Jeune and status
  182. Help with booking YYC - West Africa
  183. When is status recognized
  184. need approval for thread?
  185. 5000miles for free
  186. Status Segments Air Europa Domestic flights?
  187. Expensive award tickets...
  188. Move proof that the new Flying Blue was designed to be "easier"
  189. Flying blue awards for Easypass/Perkpass?
  190. Award tickets on partners increased on 1 April
  191. Air France-KLM to cut 3,000 jobs
  192. Newbie question about the september rule
  193. Newbie FFM questions
  194. Lying Blue
  195. Beware the Ides of March...
  196. Korean Air (Skypass) Miles -> FB?
  197. Anybody want to join 2-3 May 19290 YEN (143) MUC-AMS-ATL-DTW-BOS-DTW-YUL-AMS-ZRH
  198. I'll be back in the air after 2 years grounded. What happened? I need advice.
  199. Curious phenomena - last minute Business class now cheaper than economy
  200. Real Awards Rules
  201. Random bonus? "Promo campagne keep going" [sic]
  202. Is it worth complaining to KLM?
  203. 1000 free miles for 2 mins work
  204. New Rules: La Premiere (A) Awards Back for Ivory Members or Non?
  205. FlyingBlue over SkyMiles
  206. BP on mobile phone
  207. What happens to my FB after status match by CO
  208. A lot of flak towards Flying Blue, but I'm happy
  209. Are you serious about leaving? Star Alliance status match details here.
  210. Changes in award upgrades from 1st April
  211. FB epitomizes the worst of FF programs
  212. Fare vs Miles - FB wrong also on the mathematical side
  213. New KLM Sweden website and FB miles: they are so stupid!
  214. Nouveau moyen de communication fb 1 000
  215. How to get a Premiere award?
  216. Law and FB lies
  217. Report your miles from partners off KLM/AF from april 1 2009
  218. Yet another FB anomaly!
  219. Rebooked on QF - No skyteam miles?
  220. Lack of Flying Blue Miles
  221. The new (F)Lying Blue survey
  222. More Flying Blue Trickery
  223. Question - Credit card earning points
  224. AF/KL Sign Agreement with Brazil's GOL [merged]
  225. NOOB needs help :(
  226. 455 miles short on Flying blue - how to make it to 50K
  227. Award Availability for Elites for 15% Premium
  228. AZ R gives me status miles/segments?
  229. Another way to get back at AF KLM
  230. Glitches on booking Promos
  231. Status Match - Best practices???
  232. Interessting thing today with FB web
  233. AM CDG-MEX in Business Class Award oneway
  234. I was supposed to be silver but I am still gold.
  235. Thanks to Everyone at FT
  236. Child discount Promo awards?
  237. new promo awards
  238. FBinocchio
  239. New earning rules on partner airlines : nasty
  240. Delay when adding AMEX miles?
  241. earning FB miles on NW flights
  242. Asked for UG J-F when do they take the points?
  243. FB news from KLM corporate website
  244. BOS-OGG(Kahului) route. Is it possible with flying blue?
  245. Help! Booking YVR-CPH Award Ticket FB Silver
  246. Liars, liars, liars...
  247. when do point get deducted
  248. credit card used to book the flight - is it checked at airport
  249. AFKL profit warning-
  250. Help to insert screenshot please?