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  1. You just gotta love that FB e-mail newsletter!
  2. Devaluation of the FB Programme (some personal facts & figures)
  3. AF/NW Lounge at LAX
  4. Transfer of FB miles
  5. Martinair to join FB on May 1
  6. Flying Blue Platinum Elites soon to be Subordinate to new DL "Executive" Level
  7. End of Free Upgrades for Elites in US?
  8. FB 200K Miles Best Destination?
  9. FB card expired
  10. Quick question about FB Jeune and status
  11. Help with booking YYC - West Africa
  12. When is status recognized
  13. need approval for thread?
  14. 5000miles for free
  15. Status Segments Air Europa Domestic flights?
  16. Expensive award tickets...
  17. Move proof that the new Flying Blue was designed to be "easier"
  18. Flying blue awards for Easypass/Perkpass?
  19. Award tickets on partners increased on 1 April
  20. Air France-KLM to cut 3,000 jobs
  21. Newbie question about the september rule
  22. Newbie FFM questions
  23. Lying Blue
  24. Beware the Ides of March...
  25. Korean Air (Skypass) Miles -> FB?
  26. Anybody want to join 2-3 May 19290 YEN (143) MUC-AMS-ATL-DTW-BOS-DTW-YUL-AMS-ZRH
  27. I'll be back in the air after 2 years grounded. What happened? I need advice.
  28. Curious phenomena - last minute Business class now cheaper than economy
  29. Real Awards Rules
  30. Random bonus? "Promo campagne keep going" [sic]
  31. Is it worth complaining to KLM?
  32. 1000 free miles for 2 mins work
  33. New Rules: La Premiere (A) Awards Back for Ivory Members or Non?
  34. FlyingBlue over SkyMiles
  35. BP on mobile phone
  36. What happens to my FB after status match by CO
  37. A lot of flak towards Flying Blue, but I'm happy
  38. Are you serious about leaving? Star Alliance status match details here.
  39. Changes in award upgrades from 1st April
  40. FB epitomizes the worst of FF programs
  41. Fare vs Miles - FB wrong also on the mathematical side
  42. New KLM Sweden website and FB miles: they are so stupid!
  43. Nouveau moyen de communication fb 1 000
  44. How to get a Premiere award?
  45. Law and FB lies
  46. Report your miles from partners off KLM/AF from april 1 2009
  47. Yet another FB anomaly!
  48. Rebooked on QF - No skyteam miles?
  49. Lack of Flying Blue Miles
  50. The new (F)Lying Blue survey
  51. More Flying Blue Trickery
  52. Question - Credit card earning points
  53. AF/KL Sign Agreement with Brazil's GOL [merged]
  54. NOOB needs help :(
  55. 455 miles short on Flying blue - how to make it to 50K
  56. Award Availability for Elites for 15% Premium
  57. AZ R gives me status miles/segments?
  58. Another way to get back at AF KLM
  59. Glitches on booking Promos
  60. Status Match - Best practices???
  61. Interessting thing today with FB web
  62. AM CDG-MEX in Business Class Award oneway
  63. I was supposed to be silver but I am still gold.
  64. Thanks to Everyone at FT
  65. Child discount Promo awards?
  66. new promo awards
  67. FBinocchio
  68. New earning rules on partner airlines : nasty
  69. Delay when adding AMEX miles?
  70. earning FB miles on NW flights
  71. Asked for UG J-F when do they take the points?
  72. FB news from KLM corporate website
  73. BOS-OGG(Kahului) route. Is it possible with flying blue?
  74. Help! Booking YVR-CPH Award Ticket FB Silver
  75. Liars, liars, liars...
  76. when do point get deducted
  77. credit card used to book the flight - is it checked at airport
  78. AFKL profit warning-
  79. Help to insert screenshot please?
  80. The 20 month shelflife of miles - when does the clock start?
  81. New forum contest - decipher the KLM web site
  82. Is there a way to quickly earn 111 miles
  83. Excellent service at FB call center
  84. lack of clarity: elite bonus miles
  85. DUB FB Elite fast track?
  86. Club class seats
  87. Award booking made
  88. Questions regarding old awards after april 1st
  89. New route CityJet AMS-BSL
  90. AFKL to buy Czech Airlines
  91. Is it possible to sell or exchange Flying Blue Miles?
  92. What to do with 105 000 Flying Blue miles
  93. Can anyone help?
  94. Cheating offer from Flying Blue Amex card
  95. Serious Question: Do AFKL sell ANY intra-Europe tickets nowadays? Why?
  96. Booking Half an Itinerary on Points?
  97. Flying Blue Gold but not Elite Plus
  98. Schedule change on award ticket
  99. Flying Blue - [Does the cardmember need to be the person travelling to accrue miles?]
  100. I fly tomorrow to keep miles - What if it doesn't post?
  101. Booking Class T on Delta
  102. FB Delta award bookings
  103. JAL Award
  104. Advice needed about flights DUB/NYC
  105. Awards Table
  106. Redemptions and stop-overs within a region?
  107. Frying Spam!
  108. Transfer Air Blue Miles?
  109. Opting to be a "no show" to avoid hefty change fees
  110. Is "Cockpit Video" Authentic?
  111. Award booking - is FB flexible for a 145 miles
  112. FB to WorldPerks to Delta transfer?
  113. Lounge access at LHR after arriving on KQ
  114. Checked in for PEK class changed?
  115. multi-airline award with FB?
  116. A home for all those expiring miles?
  117. Loads of KL and AF mails
  118. Can't book Flex Awards
  119. Howard Johnson hotel stays?
  120. Flying Blue haven't a clue
  121. Air France-KLM To Place possible A350/B787 Order
  122. First time amazing experience with FB on-line
  123. Lax-ams klm
  124. Taxes taxes taxes. Ok, a new twist.
  125. Skyteam partners earnings after April 1st
  126. air miles expiry what to do
  127. Hotel for miles in Brugge-Belgium?
  128. Legal Status 100 paid ticket and miles rules
  129. Using FB miles for Awards on Partner Airlines
  130. Passing on FB miles?
  131. Does this mean what I think it means?
  132. Three questions, please?
  133. Flying Blue Miles Expiring
  134. Who is right KLM or Flying Blue?
  135. Getting FlyingBlue on the Phone
  136. Checked bag fees on NW for FB member
  137. Awards Table
  138. Using Amex prevents miles expiration and other expiration questions
  139. Bonus campaign "keep going"
  140. C2000 contact / help please!
  141. Please can you help me?
  142. Level miles on upgrade from B to D class ?
  143. Leaving Flying Blue...
  144. Priority FB Elite Boarding
  145. Burning ~14K miles
  146. Silver to Gold Elite... Worth the extra?
  147. Award Search Tech. Problem
  148. Flying Blue really don't want you to have those Jet miles
  149. Is there any way to buy miles?
  150. Advance Notice of Promo Award Destinations?
  151. redeem continental flights with flying blue miles
  152. Award Bookings taxes
  153. AF or KLM to Seattle?
  154. Booking an award - I am confused...
  155. How to complain about (urgently needed) miles not posting?
  156. Flying Blue conned me...
  157. Why am i still showing gold when I have not requalified?
  158. Luggage Allowance
  159. AS question
  160. AF/KL Level flights query
  161. The new card is here!
  162. If you had 5 min with the AF and KL CEOs
  163. My miles expire 12 April, can I book an award and change dates?
  164. FB Miles with AZ ticket on KL metal
  165. One way Flying blue redemption
  166. Nonstop 3-4-3 on AF vs. 3-3-3 + 2 connections on Kenya Airways
  167. Stopovers and open jaws etc
  168. NWA Domestic Upgrade Issue
  169. Miles for Qantas op. by Aircalin?
  170. Your thoughts - FB vs. WP
  171. Book dummy award, change destination?
  172. Cheapest options to top up FB account?
  173. Went YYZ-LHR on a J-CLASS award ticket...but AMS-LHR leg ended up in Y
  174. 1st of April Status Match goin to *A ??
  175. Petition against 1st of April Changes
  176. upgrade with miles ?
  177. Promotion: Drumming up business after 1 April
  178. AF/KL "conspiracy"
  179. Improved procedure at Flyingblue: "do it yourself!!"
  180. Faxes: "We are unable to read the document"
  181. Flying Jet Airways
  182. Threshold query
  183. Flying brew of mileage zone nonsense
  184. I'm a Newby
  185. No FB partner in southern Latin America?
  186. Advice on whom to Serve legals papers?
  187. Drafted letter to AF-KL management regarding 01/04 changes
  188. Promo Bus Seats to Paris available - can't fly
  189. Weight Concept: What's the Baggage Allowance for First Class?
  190. AIR FRANCE-KLM fined 6 million AUD !!
  191. Flying Blue Miles
  192. How to upgrade on an award ticket with a partner airline
  193. Upgraded with points-none taken yet.
  194. Award zones also changed??
  195. FB miles on NW flights (NW code) operated by Hawaiian Airlines?
  196. Waiting for world perks transfer to show up
  197. FB devaluation: why don't you co-ordinate protest?
  198. Air France-KLM posts Q3 loss, to cut costs (source: Reuters)
  199. Earning miles with Delta after april 1 for KLM
  200. Level and Award Miles on Jet 9W ??
  201. My thread closed-Flying Blue contact
  202. There are no Air France flights on the selected route
  203. Is transfering Flying Blue miles to NWA World Perks possible
  204. Flying blue odyssey
  205. FB, chances of cutting Fuel Surcharges?
  206. Flying Blue director contact ASAP please!
  207. train segment
  208. E-mail to Flying Blue...No answer
  209. FB airport taxes when not transiting
  210. Possible to buy miles on AF?
  211. Different charges for special seats...
  212. Help! CO doesn't have my FB reservation!!
  213. Which one would you choose to ATH - AF or KL?
  214. FB tax rip-off
  215. Does anyone at AF read this?
  216. Can't use first name initial on award ticket.?
  217. 50.000 miles or 46 Euro ?
  218. "A4" availability to SIN
  219. Half off C awards NA-Europe
  220. Status of Altea Fly implementation ?
  221. refer your friends?
  222. Booking classes & Changes (also tight connection in AMS/CDG)
  223. Cheapest Class for earning 100% miles on FB
  224. earning miles for V class on Air France
  225. Soft landing on FB ?
  226. Any American try to collect compensation for being bumped or delayed on AF?
  227. How many miles in January?
  228. Flying in business class from EWR to PAR, should i take CO or AF
  229. AZ flights Air One operated can or can't be credited??
  230. Number of award tickets...
  231. Delay in getting points credited from NW?
  232. Can I specify the fare class I want on AF web site?
  233. Online check of FB Level miles during 2008
  234. Troubles with Flying Blue card
  235. Sharing miles in a family
  236. AFKL is a let down. Flying Blue even more so !!
  237. CO/Skyteam: end on Oct.24, 2009
  238. What on earth have they been smoking?
  239. Earning FB miles flying Copa?
  240. Will I get Skymiles credit & 100% MQM
  241. How to spend 66'500 mile!?
  242. options for FB'ers after April 1st 2009
  243. How to get AF-KL CEO on the phone for a complaint
  244. Booking Class for FB First Class Award with JAL?
  245. Experience with selling miles
  246. AS and DL incompatible?
  247. Premium economy on AF/KLM?
  248. Earning miles on CO with FB, eligable booking classes seem to have changed
  249. Air France/Finnair Codeshare Seating Questions
  250. Flying Blue Card