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  1. Change in expiration of FB miles
  2. lost points, help please
  3. 5000 FB bonus miles to test a Renault vehicule (Renault partnership of FB)
  4. Melbourne International lounge access
  5. FB or MM
  6. Air France and Alaska Airlines
  7. Skyteam mileage upgrade for FB members
  8. Anyone else get Email invite for Bluenity?
  9. Problems booking KQ/PW award tickets
  10. MXP-DXB-MXP KLM777 AF777 or A330 in C?
  11. AF First Class - staff only ?
  12. Gold lounge access question
  13. Massive bump opportunity today
  14. Last 1,000 EQM to status graciously offered..???
  15. Ticket cancellation or date revsision
  16. Mileage upgrade for tickets bougth in FR
  17. Upgrade with miles, how many?
  18. Almaty
  19. AF/KLM plans for paperless boarding
  20. AF crew (no longer) stuck in Mumbai
  21. Status Match Chances
  22. AF A320 down(no pax on board) MOD NOTE: NOT AN AF PLANE
  23. AF online check in
  24. AirEuropa: ticket issued but number not available on checkmytrip
  25. Re-qualifying and some thought coming up...
  26. How many more miles do I required?
  27. Transfer and miles ? x2 ?
  28. Lounge access children +
  29. Level mile query 25% or 100% for VSTAGB1 fares
  30. My non refundable/changeable ticket gets a 99% refund
  31. NW Upgrades for US FB Members?
  32. Swissotel and Flying Blue/Delta
  33. If only.....(re BA 50% discount)
  34. Shortest/Cheapest ex AMS WBC route?
  35. New Rule: Miles validity
  36. WP to FB
  37. CO reservation possible to see online?
  38. Problems getting aeroflot miles credited
  39. Flying Blue Amex for New French Resident
  40. No more CO Select seating for FB Elite???
  41. email contact address FB?
  42. Elite status recognized on Air Europa chartered flight?
  43. I class, Z class on KLM: level miles?
  44. Airline Confirm Specific Seats & then cancel
  45. Flying Blue took my miles! Help!
  46. To anyone contemplating awards to/from Asia: NO YQ on KE!
  47. Open miles award tickets
  48. Fuel Surcharges.....(again)
  49. Codeshare flight/Master PNR & secondary PNRs...
  50. Delta Domestic Checked Baggage Fees: FB Elite???
  51. F-award ticket AMS-CDG-LAX-CDG-AMS
  52. Reasonable Flexible Booking Class
  53. SkyTeam Mileage Upgrades Program launched
  54. Let's pour a 40 out for Deep Beneath the Polderbaan
  55. Seaman's tickets
  56. Non-Elite FB Booking into F/P class. Is it still possible?
  57. Issues when getting miles after upgrade award?
  58. Earning miles on Czech Airlines operated by Malev
  59. unbelievably bad call center in Europe
  60. Flying Blue on Continental/Delta/NWA
  61. Transiting Paris and Amsterdam (AF and KLM)
  62. Changing date on award ticket
  63. Group ticket?
  64. esta AND AIR FRANCE?
  65. first class transatlantic jfk-cdg award
  66. Same Day Upgrades
  67. Question on reaching platinum
  68. Flight on NWA between SFO and HNL considered as domestic flight for FB?
  69. Question regarding Scratch for Miles promo
  70. Air France-KLM's own take on social networking: Bluenity
  71. Customer Service ?
  72. Odd FB offer
  73. WHEN ... will fuel surcharges drop ???
  74. No availability with KLM, so went AF instead !
  75. 2000 mile survey
  76. New upgrade policy?
  77. Another Air Europa scam
  78. Nov/Dec Updated Promo Awards!
  79. What is the email-address of FB
  80. Flying Blue and the new Delta
  81. DL/NW Elite members now share reciprocal upgrading
  82. End of regular AF Espace Premiere awards, new booking classes for elites from 25OCT09
  83. Booking LHR-AMS/CDG-CAI on site
  84. What is a FB year?
  85. Global Hotel Alliance - Upgrades for Plat's!
  86. Checked Luggage question
  87. Reward Ticket Between PVG-TYO, carrier question.
  88. Award booking problem
  89. How long does it take of Alaska/Horizon Miles to Appear
  90. Same day award possible?
  91. mistaken fare
  92. Your Miles Balance 012345678
  93. FB Gold Member Benefits question
  94. KLM vs AF in C
  95. Air France-KLM suffers sharp share falls
  96. Booking a GOT-CDG-MIA-CDG-GOT ticket with ability to change return date
  97. MGM PROMO/COMP: Petroleum Club RTW in whY miles
  98. Have enough for status, but KL site does not reflect this
  99. Air France-KLM scraps planned Austrian Airlines buy (source: Les Echos)
  100. 25000 miles for Barcelona to Canary Islands
  101. SkyTeam upgrade awards are coming!
  102. promo award newbie question
  103. AF Codeshare with China Southern to Guangzhou, Business Class
  104. Well Done Customer Relations!
  105. Another FB improvement: Ivory members now take the hit
  106. KL check-in opening time at ORD?
  107. Postal Address for FB
  108. Earning with CO in X class?
  109. How to check the real level of booking on an AF/KL flight?
  110. How to lose status, miles, and be fired in 20 months by AF
  111. expiring miles with FB
  112. What happens if a fare goes down after somone buys a ticket?
  113. Carrier Specific Posts?
  114. Downgrade from Platinum to ...
  115. Non-AF/KLM Lounge use?
  116. Level Miles or Level Flights for Silver
  117. Any advantages for YOUTH Elite+ members?
  118. Problem regarding JJ reward flights
  119. Some good or bad news?
  120. help with AIRFRANCE booking
  121. Fuel surcharges?
  122. Transfer form for FB to NWA Worldperks
  123. Which is Better? Flying Blue vs. World Perks
  124. Phone call from FB - there's hope
  125. Tax refund for Webaward ticket
  126. DOMESTIC USA Question
  127. AF or KL for J (USA/Central A to EU)?
  128. Flying Blue American Express Card
  129. How to Avoid the Dreaded V Class
  130. Route LAX-LHR to be discountinued effective October!
  131. Double miles for Thai accounts
  132. A very special announcement, for a very special forum!
  133. Mobile Phone BP's
  134. Hyatt Platinum promo
  135. 25% miles awarded - but why
  136. FB Silver appears as NW Silver Elite on NW Itineraries?
  137. Kinda NewB ??:
  138. Bets seats on Do328 Jets
  139. Qantas
  140. FB-Gold - no upgrades in NWA
  141. 16k Mileage promotion
  142. Cheap status flight ex DUS or CGN
  143. Luggage allowed
  144. Why do they lie?
  145. FB Elite Benefits on DL?
  146. M&M allows paying tax & surcharge with miles: should FB follow?
  147. With high taxes and surcharges is it still worth to spend FB miles in coach?
  148. FB award surcharges and taxes
  149. Better change of upgrade when OLCI?
  150. Query: Mileage accrual from CSA D Class?
  151. trading Flying Blue points for Aeroplan points
  152. Preferred seating at KL for top-tiers gone?
  153. Any chance to leverage status for separate PNR?
  154. Miles needed for a reward going up?
  155. Can I claim miles when...
  156. transferring miles?
  157. Flying blue secretly changing rules
  158. What are 'BONUS CAMPAGNE' miles ?
  159. I have another "900 opportunities to remain Elite"
  160. Showers reserved for Plats in the KL Lounge in AMS?
  161. FB 10 months, NW/DL etc at 11 for award tickets?
  162. Mismatched status
  163. UM age on Kenya Airways
  164. Skyteam lounges at Shanghai Pudong?
  165. AF/KL contingency plan if AZ is grounded
  166. why does one get upgraded within europe?
  167. taxes/fees on mileage ticket - why so high?
  168. I didn't ask for any compensation.. but they gave it to me anyway
  169. UX pilot and co-pilot found drunkenly fighting each other 5 hrs before flight!
  170. Amex MR to FB - Please help, need advice
  171. are comp. upgrades on Y KL award ticket (W) out of the question?
  172. ebookers consolidated fares on NW: miles-earning?
  173. Domestic NW leg on a business award
  174. H0FR NW fares valid for FB 150 % miles ???
  175. AF First award rates going up
  176. Level Miles/Flights on TGVair
  177. Quoted 6 taxes for an award, charged 79!
  178. this is a weird one
  179. 45 Euro to change ?
  180. Top 'segments for money'?
  181. Maximum number of connections on award flights limited?
  182. Luggage Liability in Europe
  183. Weight allowance - luggage
  184. Stay with OK+ or move to FB?
  185. JetLite - Possible to Get Miles?
  186. Is it possible.....
  187. Lost FB number
  188. US-EUROPE Air France or KLM?
  189. Air France / Veolia and TGV operations
  190. Lounge in Rio (GIG)
  191. China Southern Airlines uses (almost) the same AF's FC seat.
  192. Expired Miles - No help from Flying Blue after recovery from serious illness
  193. how many miles for USA to Europe?
  194. Rewards with the smaller partners.
  195. And all I wanted was to change an award ticket ... (long)
  196. Today's little rant: UX PAR town office: "Are CSA in Skyteam?"
  197. quick award change question
  198. Do miles post faster on FB Gold rather than FB Ivory
  199. "Flying Lue"
  200. New to FB - please help with award query
  201. OP upgrade and luggage weight
  202. Miles on upgraded flights
  203. CDG to EWR in C class - Air France or Continental?
  204. Award Miles on Air India
  205. Skyteam from Europe to Quito - which wqay?
  206. Can I book a mixed first/eco award on NW/DL?
  207. Upgrade on NW metal with DL bought ticket?
  208. Will FB open up more reward seats as travel date comes closer?
  209. PromoAwards (not) Basically Gone !
  210. Two Flying Blue accounts each?
  211. Lowest Load Factors KLM/AF Long Haul In Oct/Nov?
  212. End of Flying Blue partnership with TAM
  213. Can't book one-way award tickets with CZ - help!!
  214. Status flight on AF opb CCM?
  215. Miles added, whatfor ?
  216. Pooling Family Miles on Flying Blue
  217. Air France jumbo jet skids off Montreal runway
  218. AF First Redemptions Increasing
  219. FB points ever expire?
  220. No more first on MH? No first on KE? Only AF left?
  221. Aug 08:"Use your Flying Blue miles to obtain FREE tickets" (capitalisation as quoted)
  222. Well done FB - at last!!
  223. Elite matching?
  224. Lunch with AF-KLM Flying Blue
  225. Double Miles offer DL/AF: anyone try booking?
  226. BCN-NRT AF or KL advice!!
  227. Transfering SkyMiles to Flying Blue?
  228. Taxes on reward flight, this can't be right, can it ?
  229. Flying Blue website down?
  230. Spending miles... the hard way
  231. 2 Business awards CDG->BKK available for Xmas
  232. AF/KL mandates Lazard bank for a takeover of Austrian Airlines (source: Les Echos)
  233. Checkin time at MAN for KL first flight and AF lounge opening time?
  234. 9000 miles-prime challenge
  235. How does FB tabulate BIS miles?
  236. Award ticket with stopover and taxes
  237. upgrade from J to F on SIN-PAR
  238. Crazy Tax rates for award tickets
  239. 25000 easy miles with MasterCard Switzerland
  240. Slightly OT, but...
  241. Flying Blue doesn't like my FB account number . . .
  242. Still No Promo@ward Till 19. Aug.?
  243. Air France vs KLM: Is one more "premium" than the other?
  244. Around the World ?
  245. 750 Miles for JFK-BUF on DL?
  246. KLM Air France to NWA
  247. Can someone kindly help me book this AF/KL ticket please?
  248. Miles Inflation / New First Class rate up to 50% more
  249. AMS-LAX via LHR (KLM to AF connection)
  250. How many times have you been upgraded on AF/KL ?