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  1. Reminders please...
  2. New Flying Blue bonuses
  3. New Premiere redemption 'rates'
  4. Air Europa launches extra features for C pax
  5. 1000 Free Miles to your Flying Blue account for completing this survey! [merged]
  6. Spending Miles - I'm confused!..
  7. FB Miles and Alitalia
  8. Does Flying Blue / KLM have any reps here?
  9. Earning miles on DL coded KE flights - Q class
  10. Kenya Airways report
  11. Martinair's A330's
  12. Earning "Level" miles
  13. USA-Paris not availible with award miles?
  14. Credit of FB Miles after flying QF
  15. Expiring Miles
  16. split 1st & biz award
  17. Inflight Movies
  18. Promo awards question
  19. AF/KL benchmarking operational & financial results with European competitors
  20. No Miles on Chautauqua with CO but with DL - ...?!
  21. 5,000 bonus miles on Air Calin flight between Japan and New Caledonia
  22. KL to Australia on MH metal
  23. What can I do with 17k miles?
  24. When do we receive the new look cards?
  25. Promo Code?
  26. Please advise: Award travel LAX - CDG - VCE - LAX
  27. Flying Blue - URGENT HELP
  28. In DESPERATE NEED for help with Paris CDG connection
  29. Flying to Beijing... AF or KLM ?
  30. Problems making Award ticket reservations?
  31. Kingfisher talks about joining Skyteam
  32. Af Vs. Klm Metal Trans-atlantic?
  33. Are AF-KL losing the plot - 560 taxes on reward ticket?
  34. Remembering the crash of Concorde, 8 yrs ago today
  35. Mileage / Segment Acrual on TAM Mercosur?
  36. Major shock to the system
  37. Double Miles to South America ... for German members
  38. seat selection on AF/KLM longhaul
  39. Hard to get miles flying to UK
  40. Amex FB - What's the advantage?
  41. AF-KL to add an extra seat in each row of economy class?
  42. Landside ST lounge at FRA?
  43. CO versus NWA from USA to AMS
  44. booking award travel with FB - only cheapie flights are on Continental...
  45. Jet Airways W class does not get miles?
  46. Double miles from LCY
  47. New FF-Cards made of corn - no joke..
  48. biz award, gold which counter?
  49. Does KLM/AF voucher work on NW codeshare?
  50. Getting FB miles to post from Delta
  51. Flying Blue - Air Miles - I'm really confused
  52. AF Premiere Award Tickets
  53. Travel Discount Certificate from KL - any use?
  54. Missing miles on partner airlines
  55. Best award availability in North America (and from Asia)
  56. Common disposable cups - a beginning of a shared inflight product?
  57. Another FB Awards Rip-Off
  58. Award search engine update
  59. Miles deducted from my account by mistake...
  60. Buying FB-miles, why isn't that possible
  61. 'E' booking class on trans-atlantic - valid?
  62. CO put me on Amtrak - Miles and Segment lost?
  63. Oil prices: Air France-KLM cuts winter schedule (AFP)
  64. FB@HOME Survey Results are in!
  65. award ticket availability on FB - NWA online vs FB phone agents
  66. award ticket fees higher than what was quoted
  67. award change twice
  68. where can i go with 50k miles
  69. Class on BP says Y but FB mileage summary says otherwise...
  70. NW/DL/CO Upgrades for US Residents
  71. Last Segment Elite?
  72. Flying Blue RTW ticket and CO segments
  73. CO and Sky Team
  74. Internet Check-In
  75. KLM millage for KE Skypass
  76. FB Platinum Extended
  77. How long for a status level change to be reflected ?
  78. Tip for FB elite getting preferred seating on CO flights
  79. AFKL to pay $350 million to settle guilt in cargo price-fixing
  80. Award availability
  81. Upgrades on NW on Award Tickets?
  82. New Promo Awards: MNL;ICN;BLR;ADD;DXB
  83. Shall I stay by FB or change to MM?
  84. Biz Check-in w/ familly & Elite xp
  85. Discount angles for paid C to Tahiti?
  86. How do DL's HUP fares credit?
  87. Mileage expiration on FB question
  88. Air France KLM set to expand service from Scottish airports
  89. Platinum benefits cut?
  90. Impossible to book award flights from Lower 48 to Alaska
  91. Need help with checking avail for award tix SFO-BHX in Y/J
  92. End of lounge cooperation with Jet Airways
  93. Round the world award
  94. Additional Rewards for Online Bookings
  95. Award booking question
  96. KL seat selection on AF website?
  97. Aeromexico Lounge access on Mexican internal flights for FB Gold/Plats
  98. FB award booking engine
  99. CDG or AMS transfers: which is better?
  100. Suggestion for saving fuel
  101. Skyteam from Europe-Australia?/Earning FB points on MH or Qantas codeshares?
  102. Any luck in leveraging FB Plat for elite status in 'Miles & More'?
  103. Number dropped by the System - No remedy?
  104. Question re-Platinum for life
  105. = Scam?
  106. How to get missing China Southern miles credited
  107. Bumped off flight, what about FB miles?
  108. Upgrade awards on AF
  109. Lounge access for FB Gold flying MH Y
  110. FB and Continental
  111. - how accurate is it?
  112. French Amex Gold 6/14 ?
  113. what does a life PE card look like ?
  114. FB Denied lounge Access at TLV
  115. Claiming missing miles when the ticket has not been fully used
  116. Free Cell Phone Offer
  117. Operational Upgrade - pecking order
  118. cannot login or enroll online.
  119. What is this sort of Bonus?
  120. Platinum Benefits
  121. Lounge access on a mileage ticket
  122. One-way award help
  123. Cheapest way to renew expiring Flying Blue miles
  124. Club 2000 / Skipper ?
  125. Combined CO/AF award possible?
  126. F class on PAR TLV ?
  127. Do NW free domestic upgrades work on DL code-shares?
  128. TLS early departure questions
  129. chgmt award ticket from biz to 1st ?
  130. New FB@HOME survey
  131. Lounge Daypass JFK T4?
  132. AF-KL interested in Austrian Airlines ?
  133. What is the E class in AF ?
  134. Biz Award NYC-CDG One Way july 16
  135. AF and KL to launch "your boarding pass on your mobile" between CDG and AMS
  136. When do I receive my FB card?
  137. Important Info About Amex Flying Blue Gold
  138. Flying Blue and AMEX MR Points
  139. AF/KL Posts EUR542m quarterly net loss
  140. Air Europa Spanish Promos / Makes you wonder the value of the FB miles...
  141. Questions about I class info and luggage check in
  142. Same class different miles?
  143. Reward ticket booked CO/DL - taxes low, charges HUGE!
  144. Upgrade on a flight operated by a partner
  145. Taxes/fees on award ticket going up & up
  146. Cancelled Promo Award Rez- No Refund of Taxes or Miles?
  147. Will this new UA policy be adopted by ST carriers?
  148. CO retro credit puzzle on Flying Blue
  149. AF Upgrade Category
  150. KLM/NWA Codeshare seating question
  151. Level Miles
  152. Finding Partner Reward Availability
  153. Fee for upgrading fare class?
  154. Validity of Elite statut?
  155. Availability on Air France's Award booking website and call center
  156. Not so frequent flyer
  157. VLM Airlines' Encore
  158. French Amex Flying Blue Gold card
  159. AF Flight goes awry...
  160. Air France sponsors Tarom to become SkyTeam's fourth associate partner
  161. Speculation on dl upgrades domestically as an af elite?
  162. GLD/PLT still able to book "C" class for KL awards?
  163. Emergency exit booking on CO for FB plat
  164. Question about my Flex(Open) miles reservation
  165. new booking classes for AF RTW
  166. Did I waste 20 000 pts or am I lucky
  167. Air France from LAX to LHR
  168. gold being degraded??
  169. Air Europa code-sharing with Air Comet between LGW and MAD
  170. AF "E" Class earning miles on FB
  171. Delta T class on AF metal = 0 miles?
  172. Alitalia flight number, CI metal
  173. Availability for Plat Companion ticket
  174. difficult to redeem in business - new strategy?
  175. KLM and E-rewards
  176. policy - have miles to check award avail
  177. Air Europa strikes beginning in May
  178. Confusion about when FB Level Miles expire
  179. Web@wards for May-June are loaded
  180. Retroactively claim miles without ticket number
  181. Transferring from WorldPerks to FB?
  182. Delta ticket on AF metal - experience
  183. Internet check in probs on award tickets
  184. Flying Blue Miles in AZ flight/metal operated by Volare?
  185. Lounge Access upon Arrival in LHR
  186. Booking class of Air Europa
  187. Great award deal on KL/AF (at least I think so..)
  188. Please help me spend 155,000 miles
  189. Extra baggage allowance on AZ and CO
  190. WC Access on DL/NW US domestic ticket
  191. Claim missing miles from friend
  192. Delta classes eligible for FB elite miles
  193. LAN Chile ticket with Aeromexico leg not valid for FB?
  194. Charges on Award Tickets
  195. Merging 2 accounts?
  196. How do I get cash from denied boarding compensation? AF
  197. expiring miles - HORROR
  198. Amex points transfer time to FB?
  199. Does FB status match?
  200. Doble Miles: level miles or promotional miles?
  201. Delta-NW Merger - The effect on FB Members
  203. Just how many days in advance can you get AF award tickets?
  204. Flying Blue card
  205. What is wrong with FB???
  206. Going from Silver to Gold
  207. Should I earn or burn?
  208. Fuel Surcharges on Awards
  209. First SkyTeam Branded Lounge
  210. merging delta skymiles/fb-miles
  211. New FB Member - totally confused - please help!
  212. Retroactive mileage credit
  213. Flying blue miles on CX?
  214. FB members in US
  215. AF67:04/20:upgrade Y->C with miles
  216. No more lounge access at DUS for FB Gold on DL?
  217. New miles redemptions chart?
  218. KLM Mileage Confusion - advice needed
  219. Advice for FB award rules
  220. Difference in level miles needed for AF and KLM
  221. Changing regions, changing FF programs? Africa to India
  222. Why is FMO not recognized on AF FB site?!
  223. Panic two flights disappeared from awardbooking
  224. ST lounge in IAH
  225. FB elites comp offer - instant Marriott gold elite [but...]
  226. Seat confirmation cancelled due to infant travelling
  227. Booking a different class of service for outbound and inbound flights
  228. FB customerservice questionnaire
  229. Different award availability depending on local website
  230. Flew Jet Airways W class, miles not yet credited
  231. Award availability on
  232. Any way to see what dates are available - award?
  233. What to do with 25k miles?
  234. Need ~15000 FB miles (without flying), any advice?
  235. (Not) New Webwards !
  236. email contact format
  237. Booking Skymiles with Flying Blue: Help
  238. Travel agency software ?
  239. Advice on Switching from AF to ...
  240. No CO/NW/DL availability in Flying blue call center
  241. FB miles expiry? And use for upgrades?
  242. KQ J Reality check: Poor soft product or misplaced expectations?
  243. AF Codesharing with KLM out of LCY
  244. C class miles for an op-up?
  245. Use Skymiles + BA Executive Club miles or join Flying Blue?
  246. Booking award flights within Asia
  247. Can Fb Gold Elite's Use Continental Lounge?
  248. Appraisal advice
  249. Bug on FlyingBlue doesn't allow some Web@wards bookings
  250. Flying Blue or Skymiles?

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