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  1. Snow, delays, connections
  2. From when should one stop the stopwatch at delays?
  3. Does a flight with Air Europa prevent miles from expiring?
  4. Weird: someone tried to buy Flying Blue Miles w/my credit card #
  5. New BlueBiz
  6. Convertion of VLM Encore Points to FB Miles
  7. Nwebie - upgrade question
  8. Taxes on award ticket..anyone got answers from air france
  9. promo awards february - when?
  10. Another IT glitch in FB website?
  11. New year Status reset... still Platinum with not enought flights for Gold
  12. Booking with Air France & KLM?
  13. any difference between Air France & KLM long haul
  14. KL/FB Booking System Error
  15. FB Miles expiration
  16. Flying Blue From Silver to Gold for US Residents
  17. Flying Blue Promotion for US Residents
  18. Plat card gets 2 in lounge but....
  19. reward ticket taxes - payable with miles in 2010?
  20. Status match from AS?
  21. What chance do I have ?
  22. AF Upgrade Policy
  23. Luggage checked through AF to KQ on different tickets?
  24. FB Gold and Sofitel Room Upgrade Query
  25. Air France KLM lounge at Brussels cinema
  26. AF and Delta flights [mileage accrual]
  27. Downgrades
  28. Has anyone ever successfully upgraded with points on AF/KLM?
  29. Merry Christmas and happy new year!!
  30. Premium Voyageur [award booking]
  31. Earliest Platinum Qualification EVER???
  32. Which booking classes (economy) can be upgraded using FB miles on the fly?
  33. with 828198 Miles in the bank, What can i do?
  34. Convert Flying Blue Miles to anything useful?
  35. What are your 2009 FB-ST stats?
  36. how many miles
  37. J class earning intra Europe
  38. Z class?
  39. FB miles with Travelex
  40. Platinum for life
  41. Quick question; do I get miles/cash back when cancel award>24h in advance?
  42. E-Mail Xmas Card from Flying Blue
  43. Extra Sign Up Bonus?
  44. flying blue or ok plus?
  45. LAX - PPT Tahiti [award availability]
  46. Do I earn FB miles on a KL operated flight booked with DL?
  47. Flex Awards not so flexible
  48. Fare condition during phoen reservation do not match to ticket
  49. LAX Lounge?
  50. Will FB give me grace miles for a reward booking?
  51. KLM Crown Lounge Access on for FB Gold on a Cityjet ticket? Forget it.
  52. Instant Status Match
  53. Redemption of Blue miles on Kenya air ?
  54. Want to spend miles on a US xmas daytrip...
  55. Redeem miles for Additional Baggage..
  56. level miles with alitalia?
  57. What's the difference between intra-Europe biz on AF vs KL??
  58. Best way ...
  59. Earning Delta vs Air France miles when flying AF business class?
  60. Will FB Follow This Eliminating of Award Fuel Charge Precedent?
  61. Does a Kenya Airways flight stop miles expiry?
  62. ANY programs giving 100% miles for AF L/N class?
  63. Will FB status match me from BD
  64. Request help needed.
  65. Upgrade to AF Business Class with N Class Fare?
  66. How refreshing
  67. OT: Question about ITA
  68. KLM cancelled award flight
  69. New Promo Awards (Dec/Jan)
  70. Skyteam lounge in San Salvador (SAL)
  71. requalified until when???
  72. earned miles
  73. Lifetime Platinum from accumulated miles
  74. Expedia BIZ-tix and FB Miles
  75. 10-rittenkaart - Season passes on fixed routes
  76. Drastic drop in ticket price day after purchase
  77. Platinum membership is yours for life after 10 consecutive years of Platinum mem?
  78. FB or OnePass?
  79. KLM forgets my 1000miles
  80. Who looses Plat status in 2010 and what is your level in 2010?
  81. Flying Blue or SkyMiles?
  82. From M to D: from 75% to 0% miles???
  83. Delta Gold Recognition
  84. PMI - ALC no level mileage /no sectors
  85. Passengers whose flights are delayed may be entitled to compensation
  86. AFKL Taxes going up again ??
  87. Downgrades - what happens?
  88. Double award miles in Q1, 2010
  89. FB Level Flights on SkyTeam?
  90. Free Flying Blue miles?
  91. Request: One Month Notice For Promo Awards
  92. First Class Reward using AF Miles - Help
  93. How to purchase online HAN-BKK?
  94. Reminder please ?
  95. Best lead time to book a ticket
  96. Possible to tranfer miles from 1 FB acct to another?
  97. Best way to spend miles
  98. FB Reward booking difficulties?
  99. 1st Class on a D328? KL doesn't get new AF codes!
  100. biz class promotion ex-SIN in Jan?
  101. FB redemption on DL operated by Comair?
  102. Not fair enough for FF with stop over
  103. LAX -> CDG -> PRG -> CDG -> LAX [award] in Dec
  104. Award ticket weirdness with business class switching to economy
  105. Flying CO this weekend...
  106. Book a flight to prevent miles from expiring
  107. Creative Ticketing ?
  108. Flying Blue Auction
  109. Redeeming miles on Air One?
  110. London - Seoul
  111. No more complimentary NW domestic upgrade - now official :td:
  112. FB special offer for A380
  113. How to reorder elite luggage tags?
  114. Requalification questions
  115. Decisions - decisions
  116. best FFP for reward tickets with wife and one kid ?
  117. Help FB Plat decide for 2010: FB or Delta SM?
  118. AF is trying to keep me by reducing level miles!
  119. Using points for taxes
  120. Air France Foul Up
  121. Flight loads
  122. Broken IFE
  123. Fare or Price?
  124. Return flight airport tax refund
  125. Using miles to book a Kyriad (Louvre) hotel?
  126. Claiming missing miles when original ticket surrendered for damaged bag?
  127. any way to search award by month
  128. Award Brazil-US/Canada in June/July
  129. AF Y class [mileage earning] issue
  130. Flight tracking
  131. Elite and Ivory availability help
  132. Two FF in one booking
  133. Flying Blue Account Suspended
  134. Amex Flying Blue Gold negative bill=minus miles?
  135. what happen to business award to SEZ and MRU
  136. Back to 2005: Fréquence Plus and Flying Dutchman miles merged into one FB account?
  137. Double your Award AND Level Miles for the rest of the year
  138. ST Elite access online
  139. NYC-LYS Using Award - Help please!
  140. Lounge at Mexico City Airport
  141. miles needed
  142. What is your understanding of this Flying Blue rule?
  143. FB account access locked
  144. Reactivation promo bonus 15apr-31may09
  145. Upgrades to JAL
  146. AFKL can't even get online surveys right anymore!
  147. cancel a promo-award ticket
  148. Does Flying Blue have a buy economy upgrade to business class ticket
  149. Keeping klm points live
  150. Award in Copa
  151. Triple Miles Promo ex-IAH/EWR
  152. New FB@HOME survey concerning catering [on KLM]
  153. Earning FB miles with JJ
  154. Tax Discrepancy between Award - Purchased ticket
  155. FB points on all Baboo flights?
  156. Miles for cancelled flight
  157. I tried to retain FBG but simply can't...
  158. Lounge access in Amman
  159. Fast Track at ICN for Elite Plus?
  160. Fly through clearance at Hong Kong airport
  161. FB Platinum?
  162. New B2C AF website expected in December (www.airfrance.fr)
  163. expiring points
  164. awards to australia/new zealand
  165. AF-KL September traffic
  166. Tier change mid-journey?
  167. No preferred seating for Silver?!
  168. ID'ing Ticket Booked Online
  169. Do NWA flights ever credit automatically without having to send BPs to FB?
  170. Amex Gold
  171. Caught between FB and WP to move miles
  172. Is it possible: Transferring 40K from Korean Air to Flying Blue for Gold Status?
  173. I would welcome your views...
  174. Level upgrade December 30?
  175. How to use miles in Australia
  176. FB Miles Alert
  177. Website Has Not Worked For Me in 24 Hours
  178. Changing a Pre-April Redemption F Ticket (A Class)
  179. New Delta post NW integration: any news on FC upgrades?
  180. Earn Miles with SkyTeam: AF vs KL website
  181. Flying Blue EQM on Delta Connection flights
  182. MH Upgrade on FB Points
  183. Enough miles for silver level, but no upgrade. Why?
  184. AF/KL new rules for luggage [merged]
  185. Empire of sports
  186. Award ticket availability PRG-SFO next summer
  187. Window seats unavailable to reserve on Tokyo flights
  188. For those wondering about the number of Club 2000 members
  189. New Promo Awards (Oct/Nov)
  190. AF-DL Codeshare Flights Preferred Seating Scandal
  191. Interview of Air France KLM General Manager (source: Les Echos)
  192. Book flight @ NW -> earn Flying Blue Miles -> 2 questions
  193. AF/KL vs others on PAR-NYC
  194. FB Award Ticket promos expiring
  195. KLM vs AF - Whos best for NCL-DXB in Y?
  196. Expiring miles
  197. Hunting for extra Miles - SkyTeam/AirFrance
  198. Entering Iberia lounge
  199. Life time platinum
  200. Flying Blue Advertorial in Flying Dutchman Magazine
  201. Buy ST RTW or Europe pass with award miles?
  202. M-class upgrades possible
  203. Misunderstanding about Economy Elite Promo Awards?
  204. Air France/KLM holds talks with Japan Airlines
  205. 1/2 price business awards
  206. no miles for AF/DL codeshare?
  207. Any VLM aircraft in CityJet colours yet?
  208. Use miles to pay for award tickets in full [merged]
  209. partly crediting JAL itinerary to FB?
  210. Award tickets on DL
  211. SkyTeam Status on Boarding Pass
  212. FB hotel awards - disappearing and/or poor value
  213. First flight on AF, which mileage card to choose?
  214. FB silver card has no phone numbers on back?
  215. Can you donate miles?
  216. Air france lounge closed at barcelona
  217. 15 level flights showing on airfrance.us, but still ivory status
  218. 4 seats 1 flight 2 people=?
  219. Best way to prevent your miles from expiring
  220. miles expires 3/2010 ;need cheap EQM
  221. Baggage Allowance - Multiple Class in same reservation
  222. airfrance.com.au malfunction... can anyone verify?
  223. crediting of miles for AS flights coded as NW
  224. N Class Miles
  225. First Flight Bonus for Canadians: 3,000 Miles
  226. Thats 45€ for a schedule change....
  227. Useless award ticket booking engine - Summer 2009 collection
  228. Award booking changes
  229. Brit Air I class = No miles?
  230. Getting Comped to Flying Blue
  231. Together, let's dream up the new Flying Blue community of runners !
  232. Should I spend €110 to reinstate 48k miles?
  233. What does "Flex" in Flex Award stand for?
  234. Question on getting to SIL
  235. Question about AF/KL VDB €300 voucher
  236. FB to WorldPerks
  237. Lounge access China
  238. Buying FB Elite Status
  239. Buying upgrade at checkin (ams/sfo)
  240. newbie help need for business class
  241. award - how to book "economy elite" AF ?
  242. Broken suitcase - what to do?
  243. Wrong "Date of last transaction"
  244. Award Ticket Tax Discrepancy
  245. FB Miles when flying JJ (TAM)
  246. FB Miles when flying AZ
  247. AF/KL withdraws CSA bid
  248. Flying Blue miles with Regus?
  249. Air Europa Booking: Names reversed - Problem?
  250. Air Cal experiences?