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  1. Who's responsible?
  2. Using Miles for Upgrades
  3. Extra miles for economy comfort Seats?
  4. Best Value Use of KLM Points?
  5. Problems with crediting miles recently?
  6. Unvoluntary denied boarding?
  7. Air France has no record of me for upcoming code share flight: cause for concern?
  8. DL flight on UA-issued ticket - no FB miles?
  9. 750 bonus miles for nl members
  10. Skipping the 2nd leg of a trip from the US to Europe?
  11. Missed connection 2000 miles voucher - how long to be credited?
  12. Triple Mile Promo in Biz/Double Miles in Econ
  13. Delta + Yotel LHR teamed up: FB members included
  14. New interline agreement with Jetstar
  15. Where have you flown?
  17. Tarom, new Flying Blue member
  18. BCN-SEA Better on AF or DL?
  19. Paid upgrades
  20. Can you upgrade day of departure on Air France with money?
  21. Another sign of the recession hitting hard...
  22. Booking KL flight on DL website
  23. Cityjet, the VLM legacy and miles earning on FB
  24. Did AFKL get any Skytrax rewards in the 2010 awards?
  25. How do you earn elite status?
  26. FB Plat and Delta luggage fee?
  27. AFKL - next generation of airplanes
  28. Flying Blue rewards ticket--need card?
  29. Do FB care any more?
  30. Delta SkyClub Lounge Access as STE+
  31. Redeposit miles-How long does it take?
  32. Promo glitch in europe bookings...
  33. More miles needed for upgrades
  34. Gold according to FB but Silver on Boarding Pass
  35. Disastrous results for AF-KL
  36. ANTI CHURN CAMPAIGN 2009/10?? What is that?
  37. 262500 Expired Miles - A happy ending.
  38. Silver online but Gold on boarding card
  39. AF 19 - EWR-CDG - Delta or Air France??
  40. OT: WSJ - Airlines are getting stingier with frequent flier awards [merged]
  41. "O" Bucket Opening Timing
  42. Help please - when EXACTLY do miles expire?
  43. Best way to extend expiring miles? AF380 CDG-LHR from 80/LHR-CDG from 79 round trip
  44. Date for Tarom to join FB and earning miles questions
  45. Skyteam lounge access in HAM
  46. Air France considers Paris-London A380 service
  47. American Express Platinum/Club Access/Houston Airport ??
  48. Should I switch from DL Gold to Flying Blue?
  49. AF/KL reached height of customer unfriendliness... how many miles required??
  50. FB miles economy bookings all showing Europe Select
  51. KLM I and Z fares in Europe now earn 100% ?
  52. the final push to other alliances - AFKL and Delta "cooperation"
  53. Level miles/level flights on Cityjet
  54. Platinum For Life moving from overseas to France
  55. Any Promos for more Miles for traveling in europe
  56. Missing sign up bonus and email bonus
  57. Upgrade possible on an SU flight booked through
  58. problems with FB bookings but surprise
  59. Ibis Hotels
  60. FB miles on Alitalia domestic
  61. Joining Bonus
  62. Long-hauls [awards] no longer cheaper if flown via CDG from outside of Europe?
  63. difference between elite and elite+ members
  64. Problem Booking Delta flights in US with FB miles
  65. Cancelling the return leg of an award ticket after outbound flight?
  66. New levels of incompetence
  67. promo awards to Mexico with KLM
  68. Point of sale and upgrade
  69. Amex Corporate Premio
  70. CityJet max number of bags to check in?
  71. online check in not working...
  72. keeping rdms active
  73. Miles for DL European codeshare in J?
  74. What happens when you cancel award tickets booked on miles that have since expired?
  75. Going to be downgraded ? BOOK before !
  76. SU or AF or KL for long haul biz class?
  77. what can i do with my [6.112] miles?
  78. 1,000 miles for switching to e-newsletter & summary
  79. Why is availability R4 but not bookable?
  80. "Inteligent mailing with Flying Poo"
  81. RTW award taxes
  82. Need some clarification!!!
  83. Skyteam Flights Mumbai - Delhi?
  84. lounge acess
  85. How to book [4] "billets primes"? [CDG-SEZ]
  86. New A380 auction?!
  87. Mileage Rate in AF "U" and "B" Class
  88. Upgrade availability CDG-EZE in November 2010
  89. What, no editors at all at FB any more?
  90. AF or MK to Mauritius
  91. China Eastern Airlines signs an MOU with SkyTeam to join the alliance
  92. Air France vs Air Tahiti Nui on LAX-PPT route
  93. Using Sky Team Airlines
  94. Question re. miles on AF/Finnair Flights
  95. Air France's investment in Amadeus
  96. Booking award ticket with your elite status and paying with an ivory FB account
  97. A few miles short
  98. What the heck does Invited Platinum mean??
  99. Turbo time at AMEX KLM
  100. Cancelling upgrade award
  101. Flying Blue [who gets the miles ?]
  102. New promo awards for May/June
  103. Thank you FB (really!), but leftover FB-miles
  104. Complete & Utter FB Nonsense on Upgrade
  105. Platinum question
  106. Airfrance International Upgrade
  107. FB awards table anywhere?
  108. AF and KL tariffs: where to find them?
  109. Award ticket for a 1-year old + seating dilemma
  110. Leaving Flying Blue after 6 years Platinum. Where do you go?
  111. Recent FB@HOME Survey
  112. One-way awards now possible on Delta, Aeroflot,.. others?
  113. *alliance Gold to KLM FB status
  114. Platinum for Life - new rules?
  115. Hand luggage
  116. [miles on] Alitalia flight operated by Alitalia Express
  117. ZRH-CDG flying pattern for gold ?
  118. Promo Awards April 2010
  119. Bit of a difficult one....
  120. Improper Crediting of Miles and Lounge Access
  121. Unwanted Air miles
  122. Flat beds in C?
  123. Newbie question, will I ever reach silver?
  124. FB has no understanding of customer relationship
  125. BlueBiz & VoyageurREWARDS merge
  126. Cityjet: Online seat selection now a waste of time
  127. 01 APR 2009: April Fool's - One year ago...
  128. documentation for travel insurance cancelled flight [award on KQ]
  129. Redemption on KQ for flights within Africa
  130. How many miles do I earn?
  131. Has Award availability reduced in USA
  132. New to FB - Problems problems problems ....
  133. MCT in CDG for AF-op DL-ticketed Schengen->US?
  134. Generous VLM Compensation Miles
  135. 10K miles for 4 sectors
  136. Elite status expiration
  137. Jet Airways
  138. Downgraded status card before status
  139. Reservation through Opodo
  140. fall from Gold only to Silver?
  141. Just to double check...
  142. Tiers level = M
  143. Voyageur Rewards
  144. Help with award booking
  145. Online check in works perfectly
  146. PEK on Air France or KLM J class
  147. Air France SkyTeam Salon/Lounge Phone Numbers ??
  148. elite versus standard award availability
  149. Flying Blue Canada-CS Service???
  150. 90K miles status and FB Plat for less than 1500...does it worth it?
  151. Did miles from car rentals or hotels *EVER* credit to your FB account?
  152. FB Elite Upgrade Award
  153. Is it worth the status
  154. 1000 bonus miles for email
  155. refund fee booking class Z
  156. Is there "Elite" availability for awards in Premium Voyageur as well?
  157. FB Extra Miles Promotion
  158. Is this new? I can see my KAL reservation on AF site
  159. Business Promo award from Narita extended???
  160. e-mail address to FB from Scandinavia?
  161. Best SkyTeam FF program
  162. hello, newbie here
  163. AVODs on AF and KLM flights?
  164. Marriott Reward : promotion triple miles
  165. Air France-KLM change European baggage concept !!!
  166. FB@Home Survey Credits for 2009
  167. What shall I do?
  168. Miles clearing house
  169. Just wondering.........
  170. Upgrade from segments
  171. FB Gold E+ can still have a guest in lounges [confirmed]
  172. HEL fast track / lounges for E+?
  173. award chart
  174. Expiring miles april 30- help:-)
  175. Booking fco-sfo o/w award travel
  176. Upgrading with miles
  177. Advise re FB points upgrade on MH - thanks!
  178. 18.5k miles expiring 6/2010. Please help
  179. 2012 points yet ?
  180. FB earning on AF Qantas code sharing
  181. Earned Gold [Plat] but status is "Invited Gold" [Plat]
  182. 32 segments - downgraded to Silver
  183. Award booking changed
  184. No upgrading from premium voyageur?
  185. Impossible to book
  186. Flying Blue/Air France - customer service, if any...
  187. Suggestions sought on use of 11,040 FB Miles?
  188. GTU4 credit?!
  189. no more FB miles on CCM flights ?
  190. Where can I find info on miles earnings by booking class
  191. Cards Arrive
  192. Not the most enjoyable experience....
  193. VoyageurRewards questions
  194. When did KE stop giving baggage allowance to ST Elite + ?
  195. Use of delayed luggage voucher
  196. Disruptions and Compensation
  197. How to book award hotels
  198. AFKL-Delta-Expedia or the Bermuda triangle (booking nightmare)
  199. Status at Flying Blue
  200. manage reservations
  201. Strange "***" minus 3000 miles Flying Blue operation
  202. Compensation for more than 4 hours delay?
  203. Flying Blue to be "improved" once again soon ?
  204. Got 1000 miles from unknown transaction
  205. I Want to Join You Guys Continental has gone bad
  206. Question re. FB Status
  207. any promotion bonus for new member?
  208. Using only first part of roundtrip ticket on Air France
  209. Travel Discount Certificate
  210. status expiration 31 or 1 March
  211. FB awards & Delta
  212. Checked Bag + Carry On? or what restrictions on next AF/KLM flights?
  213. Signup bonus for Flying Blue / partner
  214. Huge Award Ticket "Fees" [merged]
  215. How to reinsatate expired miles??
  216. 26k RTW Ticket only in Y?
  217. CityJet Copies bmi... No more business class
  218. Quality of the lounges
  219. ex-UK one way fares
  220. No more free alchohol on KLM transatlantic code shares
  221. Delta to FB Status Transfer?
  222. One way awards on DL possible?
  223. Financial results published yesterday....Are we surprised?
  224. Upgrade chances when flying Y with someone who flies J
  225. Can FB miles be used on other SkyTeam Partners?
  226. New members Skyteam
  227. MMB issues w/ Skymiles bookings
  228. award tickets departing from Canada / low taxes/surcharges
  229. FB credit card outside of France/Holland
  230. Lounge access for guests of J award tickets
  231. Excess size penalty strictly enforced at LAX?
  232. Booking classes and Mileage earnings ST members (Overview)
  233. Looking for Hotels with Flying Blue miles
  234. "Every day, 3% of AF/KL passengers fly on award tickets."
  235. Mileage earning classes for KL/AF flights/partners?
  236. Tarom's smart miles being merged into Flying Blue
  237. Exchange rate" for miles / segments FB to Skymiles
  238. Maximize number of segments within one weekend
  239. Complimentary Hertz #1 Club Gold and sweepstakes for 375,000 miles
  240. Any 2010 New Info on BOM lounge for C Passengers on AF?
  241. Redeeming with an infant...what a ripoff!
  242. Experience with FB hotel awards?
  243. FB awards list/cost (not Miles Finder)
  244. Promo Awards Feb-March 2010
  245. KLM Fare differences
  246. Mileage earning/redemption on AF, KL, SkyTeam and other partner airlines
  247. Let's Fly Away
  248. Scrap ticket, but still collect miles
  249. AF vs. KL in daytime/westbound J
  250. Expect (yet) another earning schedule for AF flights from April?