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  1. FCO F Departure Questions
  2. Thai Airways BKK lounge and Hainan Airlines
  3. Schedule change (frequency reduction) with short notice
  4. LHR lounge - Business class - TG911 - Which lounge?
  5. Gold award
  6. ROP 50% Off Awards Sale still valid for 2016 ?
  7. THAI doesn't want my money
  8. THAI to exempt passengers from flight changing fee
  9. THAI's Current Fleet August 2015
  10. TG current booking class letter
  11. Which lounge in BKK with TG Gold?
  12. TG600/601 Back to the 744
  13. THAI USA call center closed [10 November 2015]
  14. Lounge roach!
  15. How to book Q class on website?
  16. Checked Luggage
  17. Thai LAX-ICN award booking cancelled
  18. TG flight schedule out of Europe
  19. Boeing 747-400 HS-TGO damaged in Rome
  20. BKK to KIX switched from A380 to 747?
  21. THAI Cancels Los Angeles / Rome Service from late-Oct 2015
  22. thai airways mishandled my luggage
  23. Valid award route (SIN-NRT-LAX / NYC-SIN) ?
  24. Thai airlines face flying ban to US DCA given 65 days to address safety flaws
  25. Platinum requalification roll call
  26. 9W to TG Connection
  27. TG Blackout Dates?
  28. Thai never learns: alienating frequent flyers
  29. Is 2.5hrs enough to change at BKK
  30. Digital ROP cards
  31. TG and 72 hours TWOV in China
  32. Suddenly cant access seat map...?
  33. First Class transit LHR-BKK-SYD
  34. TG325 and Indian Immigration forms
  35. Arriving TG C connecting TG F, escort/buggy?
  36. Business class connecting to economy
  37. THAI's BKK Departure Fast Track
  38. ex police general caught with gun, trying to board a thai aiways flight
  39. Champagne in C currently?
  40. Thai's 2nd LHR slot 01 July-24 Oct
  41. TG First Class
  42. Which version of the 777-300 do TG use to MEL and BNE?
  43. A380 best Royal Silk seat?
  44. THAI to downsize fleet by more than 24 in 2016
  45. TG Award is all gone!?
  46. Mileage accrual with Royal Orchid on Air Canada flying Cathay
  47. TG462 J Meals
  48. USB & Power ports 747 & 772 in J
  49. current TG F services?
  50. MXP-BKK 74R -10f- or 74n -9f-?
  51. Transit in CDG, FRA with TG
  52. J Lounge HKG
  53. How many hours can you check in before departure time at LHR
  54. Why TG C fares are so high ?
  55. No longer possible to ws as gold on certain dat (limited/no inventory on redemptions)
  56. Red Eyes: supper or breakfast?
  57. Bangkok Post - "Thailand to end 'open sky' policy"
  58. Need a 5000 miles flight
  59. THAI changed United Airlines millage tarfis
  60. Long BKK connection: luggage and day tour to Bangkok?
  61. thai airways still safe to fly should i cancel
  62. Standby Airport Upgrades Business to First
  63. Standby when using Miles
  64. How long does it take for TG to compensate?
  65. Slightly OT: best meting point airside in BKK
  66. Is China still a silk route for THAI?
  67. Standby upgrades on codeshare flights?
  68. 22A & B bulkhead seat
  69. How to buy extra baggage allowance with ThaiSmile?
  70. What lounge at SYD
  71. TG 922 to FRA cancelled 28th April - compensation?
  72. Does WE allow access to TG lounges?
  73. Anyone able to recommend an Aussie TA
  74. Ktc rop platinum
  75. BKK to Europe: aircraft swap
  76. Eligible Booking of classes *A on Royal Orchid
  77. Changes to Miles earning when flying UA
  78. TG Website is rubbish !
  79. Checked baggage all the way?
  80. Breakfast on Thai Royal Silk - Regional
  81. SQ Silver Kris Business Lounge Access @ Changi
  82. Pre-order business meals Experiences?
  83. Connecting from UA869 in HKG - no checked bags
  84. new expat in bangkok
  85. a new form of thai price structure
  86. Slightly complex itinerary to Myanmar on TG
  87. PG to TG connection times in BK
  88. Upgrading Q to J on TG924/925
  89. Arrivals lounge LHR
  90. Is Royal Silk as good as peers?
  91. Was I on TG or WE?
  92. 747 first class from BKK to SYD return
  93. Domestic check-in times
  94. Domestic excess baggage pre-purchase
  95. Theft
  96. Accuracy of seat choice maps at T-? hours
  97. TG Winter scheduled loaded when??
  98. HELP: [W12] Your booking cannot be checked in online. Please check in at the airport.
  99. New Privilege for Platinum
  100. Last Scheduled A340-600 : TG923 FRA-BKK
  101. Select Seats ahead of time
  102. LHR T2 Lounge Suggestions?
  103. Japan restricts operations of Thai carriers
  104. Suvarnabhumi Airport [Arrivals Duty Free?]
  105. Premium Economy Perks?
  106. Bassinet size on Thai?
  107. Bulkhead seats Legspace 747 LHR-BKK? & emergen exit seats
  108. T1/T2 Lounge Access at TPE
  109. HKG-BKK-HKG
  110. Charged USD56.14 tax on each ROP reward ticket BKK-HKT-BKK: is this right?
  111. Flying LHR - BKK 27th March '15
  112. TG106 BKK CNX diverted back to BKK
  113. TG622 A380 business front row seat
  114. Thai F Award Blocking in Dec
  115. Long Connection in BKK, Bags Checked Through?
  116. Milking the miles and the gold card before I lose them!
  117. F food question
  118. Missing Luggage Question
  119. Missing Luggage Question
  120. TG Phone Agents in Singapore... Frustrating Experience
  121. Is there a way to purchase fast track immigration/security passes?
  122. TG471 gone?
  123. Inquiry about HIP checking
  124. Would a pre-order meal result in the loss of a chance to get an op-upgrade?
  125. BKK-BNE TG473 seat map shows lie flat
  126. LHR T2 Lounge
  127. Weird schedule glitch; DXB->BKK July 2015
  128. How big of a difference in FC an A380 vs 747
  129. TG432 in March
  130. Advice with TG F>C swaps on MP Award
  131. TG476 going to an A346?
  132. Legendary Thai Service
  133. THAI Business class pre-order menu review
  134. Missing connection in BKK
  135. Stopover in Bangkok?
  136. Overnight in BKK, baggage and lodging question
  137. The cutbacks are starting to bite........
  138. TG634 BKK-TPE-ICN "1 Hour on Ground"
  139. New booking system on TG - had a choice of taking Lufthansa on one leg?
  140. Cheap visa run from BKK?
  141. Low priority, low price business (sneaky cheapo) upgrades w/ROP Gold card?
  142. Gold card in advance?
  143. Help booking Thai award travel
  144. J seats not available for award booking anymore?
  145. rop miles with singapore airlines booking
  146. Schedule changes TG472 SYD to BKK
  147. FRA down to 1 daily
  148. BKK-LAX
  149. A380 LHR/BKK/LHR TG911 F class
  150. 5h transfer at BKK - what to do ?
  151. Thai Schedule A380 on LHR from 01 July 15
  152. Sydney flights 9F or 10F ?
  153. National airline will not be allowed to declare bankruptcy
  154. HKG/BKK/HKG C space availability
  155. Thai FRA-BKK economy questions
  156. Carry on storage in F lounge (BKK)
  157. ROP renew after three times - Any dead year?
  158. Seat selection help?
  159. Meals not served on Thai Airways
  160. Checking luggage through
  161. Best F class lounge at LHR when on TG917 ?
  162. Upgrade domestic sector at BKK on the day - price?
  163. Crew failed to secure galley; food explosion all over floor during takeoff
  164. Transfer in BKK from USM - PG Y to TG F
  165. Did not load pre-ordered meal-compensation?
  166. TG Fuel Charge
  167. Miles in Economy W class
  168. Excess Baggage
  169. Goodbye ROP
  170. pre-order meals in F disappeared?
  171. New to Thai Airways? Please post your questions here
  172. Finding a wine on a flight
  173. Cheap TG F Fares Ex-Europe
  174. TG916 30 Dec
  175. Buying TG ticket at BKK ticket office vs T.Agent
  176. Delayed Bagged Compensation
  177. Do any TG widebodies have in flight wifi?
  178. Question on checking baggage at BKK
  179. Does Q class allow changed of itinerary?
  180. 772 old vs 77W new J - what is better for a daytime flight?
  181. TG 747 Business/Royal Silk Seats--how bad?
  182. First Class Lounge in Terminal E at BKK gone!
  183. FRA early check-in?
  184. Can't check-in online, "ticket problem"
  185. Flying Royal silk, what to take advantage of
  186. A380 and 747 seating question (Royal Silk)
  187. Baggage Transfer Question between Ethiopian and Thai First Class-
  188. 2 seats next to each other
  189. New Arrivals Lounge at LHR (pay on entry)
  190. online check-in in EU
  191. FlyerTalk 2015 Awards benefits - Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus, ME/Asia/Oceania
  192. Pre-ordering food in Royal Silk - is it worth it?
  193. London cut to 1 a day?
  194. THAI e-ticket reissued and first segment added AFTER connection?
  195. Buying Duty Free on arrival at BKK
  196. Upgrade to Business on TG 472 (SIN-SYD) using *A miles?
  197. Platinum and Gold Awards 2015 (Need verification)
  198. Thai First Class Lounge
  199. Special food in Y long haul
  200. PEK-BKK Business, yay or meh?
  201. Luggage Lost During Trip Involving Multiple Carriers (But Thai is Responsible)
  202. Buggy services at BKK
  203. Possible to cancel Thai Domestic J Ticket Online?
  204. Humble monks?
  205. Bored of LH Senator Lounge while flying to BKK go and try AC Maple Leaf Lounge.
  206. Downgraded from F to Business
  207. Two More Years of Plat
  208. TG or Air China
  209. Arriving Cathay 18:00. Depart Domestic Thai 20:05?
  210. delay luggage pick up at BKK
  211. Rules with Award F? O-Class
  212. Booked in C, was allowed to select F seat? (and confirmed)
  213. Check in times at BKK - am I cutting it too close?
  214. Sydney
  215. Worn them all? Your favourite PJs?
  216. Escort in MUC?
  217. Help TG cancelled my award flight
  218. Ok Folks, How afraid should I be to fly this airline?
  219. First Class not showing on e-booking system
  220. Platinum status upgrade?
  221. SAS or
  222. Cancelled daily service BKK-DPS; moved to the following morning, what to do?
  223. Connecting in BKK with a different carrier
  224. ImmigrationBoarding pass ,and LHR lounge Question
  225. THAI flight skids off runway at Khon Kaen airport
  226. MEL-BKK-LHR (Business) LOTS of Questions!!
  227. Seat reservation issue in Royal Silk - who to contact?
  228. Expedia Fare SIN - DXB
  229. TG F Lounge Acess in Sydney
  230. Equipment for SYD to BKK TG472
  231. BKK - MEL back to 772/3?
  232. First Class seat Broken 12 hours uptight!upright!
  233. First class benefits FRA-BKK-SYD ?
  234. Tg 922 bkk-fra
  235. massage on short connection ?
  236. KIX-BKK A380 & HND-BKK 747 in F
  237. Long haul Y: any difference between planes?
  238. BKK-LAX back to 773ER
  239. What to choose? TG F or SQ C
  240. KIX-BKK award availability in J?
  241. Success in selecting J seats online on domestic Thai flights, in advance
  242. Arrival from FUK
  243. Thai ROP Osaka desk closed as of Oct.20, 2014
  244. Meals on Flight
  245. Flying Eva but Royal Orchid member
  246. Booked Biz Class Aeroplan Reward - Got Switched to Economy
  247. Why I quit ROP?
  248. BKK-HKT on the 773 ... which one?
  249. BKK-SIN Business Class on the A340-600 ... Seat in F Class?
  250. Snacks midflight