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  1. LX317 LHR-ZRH 8:50 in C..... Breakfast?
  2. A340 Seat 7K
  3. Question re ZRH-BRU route & prices
  4. Need Swiss Air advice from you; the REAL experts!
  5. no washbags in long haul J???
  6. Consistency of new business class to/from SFO
  7. LX339 LHR-ZRH 05.10.2010 Delay Reason
  8. SWISS unveils Economy Class product innovations
  9. how to make a short connection at ZRH
  10. SFO to Europe: LX vs. AF
  11. Why is there no competition?
  12. Lis -zrh - bkk
  13. Swiss New First
  14. Longhaul flight in F - Heidi train less hassle than F/HON van service?
  15. Help with JFK-ZRH LX F Award
  16. Trip report LHR-ZRH/ZRH-SOF
  17. 5 hr stopover in ZRH
  18. 3 new Overseas destinations you would like to see Swiss fly to
  19. First time in LX First
  20. Newbie Question One-way ticket availability??
  21. SEN Blocking
  22. Seat selection 2A/2K - LX F
  23. LX flights operated by BD ex-LHR
  24. HON Golden Ticket holders
  25. LX flight operated by Edelweiss - status miles
  26. SWISS ATH to TLV via ZRH experience
  27. Most Pointless LX Employee Ever? LAX F Arrival Greeter
  28. DME-ZRH-GVA-YUL Customs and Security
  29. same plane turnaround at FCO possible w/out have to reclear security?
  30. Recent observations and answers to FAQ; ZRH-PVG-ZRH in F
  31. A little OT: Duty free at ZRH when transiting to EU destination
  32. Does LX provide any special ground services for F class pax at YUL airport?
  33. Geneva Airport progress
  34. Rebooking connections airside at ZRH
  35. Luggage flexibitilty at LAX by Swiss?
  36. Does LX award availability depend on your destination?
  37. ATH-HKG Swiss, Thai or Singapore?
  38. No more HON events from LX?
  39. Exit row
  40. Web check-in problems
  41. OT: ESTA reminder - the clock is ticking...
  42. Luggage rules on Swiss?
  43. FYI - LX lounge in AMS moved next door
  44. Lx317 / lx324
  45. LX16 in J - b'fast or lunch?
  46. Swiss website changes
  47. A pregnant woman on LX wants your F window seat... Do you give it up?
  48. LX/AB (or HG) interlining?
  49. Mauritius?
  50. LX725 AMS-ZRH operated by Avro100
  51. Zurich Connection Time
  52. man-mia in business
  53. Swiss Award Booking Using US Airways Miles
  54. Experiences connecting to UA flight at JFK
  55. "Cheap" First Class Fares
  56. Swiss confirmed violation of European regulations
  57. Lounge access at ZRH - help please!
  58. Is Swiss Not Refunding The Tickets Of Passengers Deceased before They Can Fly ?
  59. Tour of Airbus factory in Toulouse
  60. Arrival Lounge ZRH
  61. Change of flight allowed on my ticket?
  62. What is up with the FCL people in ZRH?
  63. booking engine down?
  64. Getting a sleeping room at 6am in F lounge?
  65. LX1196 takeoff rejection...
  66. Do I have a chance for an op-up?
  67. Flying for business on weekends, legal status?
  68. Yet another ZRH connection question
  69. Does Swiss often release 2 F seats for award redemption?
  70. LX F meal?
  71. Book RT but don't fly back?
  72. Strange operational practice in Zurich.
  73. BKK Arrival & Departure Service
  74. TG vs LX
  75. MIA-ZRH, unplanned landing in Ireland
  76. Cooked Breakfast - LHR -> ZRH
  77. Book Swiss air flight almost one year in advance?
  78. Arriving CDG on LX - any lounge/ suggestions?
  79. Question re AC power, LX 15, NY-ZRH in F
  80. no longer works
  81. New LX Business on ORD - ZRH
  82. New Seats on Edelweiss Air A320s
  83. Issue with Service in Business Class while on an overflow upgrade
  84. Issues booking LX as shown on ITA...
  85. Maximising LCY (J) - ZRH - JFK (F)
  86. Early check-in for same day return flight
  87. Possibility of earlier flight ex LHR?
  88. when Swiss First class is well... rather 2nd class...
  89. Swiss Flights to Goa?
  90. Swiss First Tokyo arrival fast track?
  91. Lounge access on LX-codeshare flights?
  92. Does LX have interline agreement with AZ/AP?
  93. USA Timetable Screw-up
  94. Any chance getting an earlier flight with cheap Eco Saver ticket
  95. Suggestions for Timing on Award Seats
  96. Geneva F lounge with sleeping rooms and showers?
  97. ZRH-ORD - Going Back to the A343?
  98. Expertflyer - What is the fare code for awards in Economy?
  99. Pay with debit card?
  100. Possible route ZRH-MEX??
  101. Pijamas in LX F?
  102. new york business special & questions
  103. MUC Swiss arrival
  104. LX F to Douala, Cameroon
  105. Unfortunate Swiss Experience - trip report
  106. F pax with short connection in ZRH
  107. LX A343 or OS B772 in C ?
  108. Has anyone received a refund of tickets after the volcano?
  109. Late arrival into ZRH; Lounges
  110. Equipment change ZRH-ORD
  111. Business Saver 50% off - July Aug
  112. Fast Track MXP for LX C
  113. Arrivals lounge in JNB for LX F with NO connecting flight?
  114. Stingy catering in C
  115. Lounge at Delhi
  116. Upgrade Y to C BOM-ZRH
  117. Missed Flight, forced to pay more to fly
  118. Moscow
  119. LX65 MIA-ZRH 11/6 - strange C class
  120. BKK lounge access: arriving in F, connecting in C
  121. A343: Is 2k Reserved for Disabled Passengers?
  122. Timescale for response to written complaint?
  123. Aircraft between GRU-ZRH?
  124. Swiss service to TLV
  125. LX 8, ZRH-ORD diverted to Milwaukee
  126. Russia Restricts Airspace to Swiss
  127. new route SFO-ZRH
  128. New Taste of Switzerland Menu - Lucerne (Jun'10)
  129. LX and BA strike
  130. ZRH-DME A321 C class seats in 10
  131. Swissport?
  132. Tel Aviv Arrival
  133. Swiss refuses to reply to my complaint for over 4 months
  134. How Swiss got me into serious trouble
  135. 35 min connection in BSL?
  136. What to expect in Y
  137. "old" A330-200 back on GVA JFK route?
  138. Fast track in BKK?
  139. Short haul flights by LX much better..
  140. Flying dogs?!
  141. The LX Baggage Regulations
  142. LX17 late a lot recently
  143. Flight not disrupted by Eyjafjallajokull !
  144. Aircraft switched?
  145. Do I get a limo?
  146. OLCI with a Award Ticket
  147. List of flights disrupted de to volcano
  148. ZRH Luggage storage
  149. ZRH security: no notebooks sleeves?
  150. VIP Boarding Pass
  151. SWISS Voucher - Booking Class
  152. A333 First vs A332 big a difference?
  153. LX: New Business Class on ZRH-BOS on 5th Aug?
  154. LX announced for seasonally only service BSL-VCE
  155. ZRH-PVG, No IFE, No reading light (in whole Y cabin), no apologies
  156. Why has LX award availability diminished?
  157. Rebooking After Flight Cancellation Due to Volcanic Ash
  158. M&M Amex plat what do you get?
  159. ZRH F Lounge - no staff...
  160. Privatair lounge at Newark
  161. Swiss F can use JFK LH F lounge?
  162. LX first class vs UA first class
  163. LX codeshare on LY, can I post EQM to UA?
  164. SWISS.COM - Made a booking for J, got confirmation for E - what to do?
  165. Booking Return Flight Is less expensive that One way
  166. Vote for new paint scheme of LX A343 flying to SFO
  167. Can I use Swiss F lounge if continuing in C to FRA?
  168. Nice new corporate movie from SWISS
  169. Why is Terminal E @ ZRH still partitioned?
  170. 8 LX flights in 10 days - wonderful consistencies and inconsistencies!
  171. Hell at ORD immigration today: nobody from Swiss to help out
  172. flight from dar es salaam tazania to ZRH
  173. ZRH-ATH Y food?
  174. Swiss or BA to JFK in C?
  175. New business class on A340 - any update?
  176. Business saver after V ticket purchase
  177. A319 or Fokker 100 to ZRH
  178. How to save CHF 30 AND get an Amadeus PNR to select your seat...
  179. Yeeeah ! A333 back on ZRH-ORD route
  180. Reimbursment for flight that never flew?
  181. Non-Schengen Lounge at ZRH if travelling in LX F
  182. Speaking of MIA Catering
  183. LX C on the A332 vs OS 767, and how bad is it really?
  184. Can I check back ATH-GVA-JFK if I am in GVA overnight (due to schedule)
  185. LX F Lounge GVA compared to ZRH
  186. Why Swiss is acting against the law?
  187. Aircraft Change ZRH-MIA (A330-200), June 2010
  188. Swiss airspace closed
  189. Most probably full flight ahead.. how to get Swiss to VDB?
  190. Has anyone ever booked LX F using UA miles?
  191. LX F Boarding Pass
  192. HOC alone on airtrain
  193. LX 139 16/04 current seating request
  194. Afternoon Layover in Zurich, Ideas?
  195. LX139 HKG Check in time
  196. GVA - ZRH - BSL by SWISS
  197. Introducing the official SWISS Lurker
  198. Info needed on LX ZRH-HKG
  199. Can I use the LX F lounge in JFK if arriving in F from ZRH?
  200. Advertised fare - no availability
  201. Take-off problem at HKG
  202. Terrible Inflight Service Issues
  203. difficulties rebooking a flight
  204. No handbaggage in business class on LX Avroliner
  205. Economy A333 to JFK
  206. First time flying Swiss - what to expect in European C
  207. A few questions about booking J-fares on long haul
  208. Maximising enjoyment of first time in Swiss C
  209. Swiss easter special
  210. Quality of DBML/BLML on long-houl Y(?).
  211. Habitually lost luggage on the LAX-ZRH route
  212. BHX-PRG: Is It Worth Flying Business?
  213. Looking for contact at Swiss re: mileage posted to wrong ff acct
  214. LX 1st ground services in HKG?
  215. LX 17 First Class question
  216. F + C Phone Check-in @ GVA
  217. Menu of first class zrh-mia?
  218. LX to code share with TK
  219. anyone used the amex membership rewards swiss airline vouchers?
  220. A quick question on ticketing to NBO
  221. Web check-in problems? Over to Lufthansa?
  222. New 333 with new First to Kenya this summer
  223. LX288 cancelled this evening 23/03
  224. What seat does LX pre-assign you when booking thru
  225. Swiss A-319 bird strike in St. Petersburg
  226. Can arriving *A Gold access LX lounge at JFK when connecting to *A domestic?
  227. Late flight LX BOS-ZRH in F worth it?
  228. Delayed baggage help?
  229. SWISS ZRH - CAI in FIRST Any experiences?
  230. Geneva to Vienna connecting in Zurich on LX
  231. A comeback of LX to GRZ (Graz) would be much appreciated!
  232. First time LX Business class (A330-300)
  233. LX9 - March 14th ORD-ZRH Business class. appalling service
  234. Impossible to get F award on new 333 ?
  235. LX Award Availability question
  236. Passengers STuck on Swiss plane for >8 hours not allowed to disembark
  237. Swiss codeshare on LY metal crediting to UA, EQM?
  238. Is is possible to upgrade with cash at checkin with Swiss
  239. Swiss Lounge DME (Moscow) some pics
  240. Swiss Vintage: Beer name and metal type wanted.
  241. Connecting in ZRH and Duty Free
  242. Pajamas on Day Flights?
  243. ZRH - YUL Route - New aircraft with First Class
  244. GVA Senator Lounge - am I allowed a guest?
  245. First time LX FIRST...a couple of questions
  246. Can't combine LX and LH flights at a reasonable price
  247. Does the A330 still fly to Heathrow?
  248. Flying solo in C on the A333
  249. No more free WIRELESS internet in Zurich?!?
  250. Booking Class R

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