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  1. Noteworthy promotion
  2. Fare class for award travel?
  3. 40 min connection commuter to commuter enough in ZRH?
  4. last minute upgrades ex JFK ?
  5. a340 / a330 on ZRH-JFK-ZRH
  6. TC Status check date for "blue" members?
  7. LX raises fuel surcharge
  8. How does the Swiss TravelClub influence your choice of flying Swiss?
  9. Complicated routings
  10. Difference in award availability between elite and basic members?
  11. Milage run to YUL?
  12. Recovering expired miles
  13. Swiss Travel Clubbers also holding Miles & More/other Star Alliance
  14. New e>services
  15. C Class loads ex SIN/BKK - ZRH
  16. STC 20,000 - Miles&More 30,000
  17. Now it's official: LX belongs to LH
  18. award flight booking through service centre -- fees?
  19. New round of promotions? 15,000 bonus miles for 4 segments on LX in April and May
  20. Involuntary Offloading, Involuntary Rerouting
  21. I think I want to fly Swiss and go to Zurich, when will they know schedule for Spring
  22. Swiss BOM - ZRH
  23. A pathetic Good Bye STC Silver Letter...
  24. Swiss Business Class from JFK - BOM
  25. Swiss A-330 J Seat v. AA 762 J Seat
  26. Swiss A-330 J Seat v. AA 762 J Seat
  27. LX183 SIN-BKK-ZRH Bus/First
  28. So what happens to Swiss Travel Club now?
  29. reduced mileage-level for Silver...
  30. Big Easter Competition
  31. Swiss to hook up with Lufthansa
  32. NYC-ZRH-FCO in business?
  33. LX Lounge in HKG for First passengers
  34. MH and LX miles - some questions
  35. Flying to London this weekend
  36. CLUB SWISS GOLD (Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts)
  37. New Seasonal Routes from Basel!
  38. One-way award - possible?
  39. Question re: flying on Swiss as AA Gold
  40. Swiss-Lounge in Chicago?
  41. Increase in miles needed for Y flights to USA ?
  42. Circle Qulification.... when?
  43. Free elite upgrades for TravelClub Gold members
  44. Post your May LX flights here to meet up
  45. LX-mileage-runs in May
  46. Comfort of Swiss Business
  47. Poor award availability on LAX-ZRH
  48. online-checkin for swiss flights ???
  49. Where are my paid bookings?
  50. SWISS offer of hosting for Geneva get-together
  51. Finally there is a user-friendly way to see LX seatmaps online 24 hours a day
  52. Cancelation of some segments possible?
  53. Traveling to US with Swiss, prices
  54. Prag station question
  55. sale channles for swiss tickets:
  56. how many swiss travelclub members:
  57. new mileage run possibility ?
  58. Swiss closes call centres as cutbacks continue
  59. GVA-LHR BA/LX codeshare question
  60. Nice lounges for LX customers
  61. Journey to Hawaii - LX or AA?
  62. online booking...
  63. Club Requalification
  64. Companion Ticket exceptions
  65. Angry as well with all these fees?
  66. Seat maps for Swiss Air?
  67. 3 destinations from GVA dropped
  68. More of a ZRH question than a Swiss one...
  69. Beverage Service on TransAtlantic Longhaul
  70. Upgrade at checkinn or on Bord
  71. New Swiss codeshare AGB-ZRH (Denim Air)
  72. Swiss milage usage
  73. Swiss Stuff
  74. mileage on AA
  75. Question on Z availability LAX-ZRH
  76. e-update will be standard from April on
  77. Swiss Travel Club or AA Advantage ?
  78. Swiss leaving luggage behind?
  79. Web special pricing
  80. Do babies earn miles if they travel not in own seat?
  81. Records about Swiss customers
  82. Overselling and bumps
  83. Lounge Access in Helsinki: No access for Gold and Cicle members flying with AY
  84. Buchung von Meilentickets
  85. Headphone jack type in LX A340 economy?
  86. swiss cheaper from germany then switzerland
  87. Transfer from BA to LX flight 50 min enough?
  88. So let's restructure again: LX to drop EAP and GVA flights, sack 1000 employees
  89. Swiss International shares suspended
  90. Which lounge in Johannesburg
  91. A340-300 in F LAX to ZRH to LAX using AA miles. Report.
  92. luggage storage at ZRH?
  93. Powerports on the A330-200?
  94. LX Promotion: tripple miles on selected european destinations
  95. Outcome of meeting with LX
  96. how long last the silver-membership
  97. 300 bonus miles per check-in luggage piece at railway stations
  98. Fly to australia with LX and CX ?
  99. No Soft Landing
  100. Extending miles: easy way?
  101. Best Seats on the A330
  102. warning for pax shopping whilst transitting in ZRH
  103. Longhoul seat pre-reservation
  104. SWISS Booking Reference via A/Checkmytrip ot G/Viewtrip
  105. Veg Meals in International Biz Class
  106. Upgrade on Voucher
  107. Member gets member - if miles posted.
  108. Connection at ZRH
  109. New Service Fees Very High
  110. Gift miles online - Christmas promotion
  111. Chance of upgrading on LX 65 MIA-ZRH?
  112. Skip last segment of itinerary? Any fees?
  113. Swiss reshuffles gate usage in ZRH
  114. Reconfigured Airbus A320s
  115. Fare rules on
  116. "The sooner you book, the cheaper you fly" !?
  117. Onlinebooking on Swiss and pricing
  118. - I need Swissair travel club miles -
  119. SWISS Service Fee
  120. Seat maps?
  121. Zurich FT get together
  122. Validity period / expiry of discounted fares on websites
  123. swiss ticket service fees starting jan-5-2005
  124. Trip Report: LX Business Class LAX-ZRH
  125. 'online bookings won't be possible on 28 November between 02.00 CET and 09.00 CET'
  126. 1000 Miles Missing for Silver Re-Qualification
  127. Can you sit on the ottoman in the F class cabin for a meal with a friend?
  128. Discounted F faires on Swiss
  129. Impress me....
  130. LX lounge in HKG
  131. Miles with SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)
  132. first profit
  133. Swiss to improve benefits for Gold members
  134. Swiss Competition
  135. Temporary Mileage transfer needed
  136. The Great Draw
  137. Members get members
  138. Lounge access with guest
  139. Fly Swiss to LCY and earn 20,000 miles
  140. Back-to-Back Car Rentals
  141. New STC Member: Styrian Spirit (Z2)
  142. First time flying LX at LAX
  143. Shorthaul desserts in C-class gone?
  144. 343 JFK-ZRH: how many days/week?
  145. This week Swiss Web Specials
  146. confirmed 1:1 Coop Superpunkte convertion starts nov-1st
  147. Swiss at ZRH
  148. Business Class Seat Assignment LHR- BOM
  149. Bonus miles on Asia Miles
  150. Swiss Europcar Competition
  151. A few questions about Swiss
  152. Swiss Market Research Questionnaire
  153. Beware Swiss Schedule Changes...
  154. Bonus miles arrived - what a list
  155. Transatlantic eastbound: Early breakfasts!
  156. Fly SWISS in Europe and earn 10,000 additional miles
  157. Swiss Air collapse
  158. STC and Starwood
  159. Cph Checkin Time
  160. Davidoff Swiss Indoors - Competition
  161. Lounge in LAX ?
  162. Good view for (heavy) smokers only
  163. Tips or reasons to be excited for ZRH-DAR?
  164. Finally - LX gets credit facility
  165. Seating Help: LAX-ZRH
  166. SWISS Autumn Saver (For Example: FRA-BOS, r/t, €402 incl taxes)
  167. Coop superpoints now for HERTZcar rentals worldwide
  168. Hkg-zur-cph Flight In Business Class
  169. Air France: No room for SWISS in Skyteam
  170. No Double Miles Promotions for Y ?
  171. ZRH T1 lounge now open for business :)
  172. Is Swiss Air part of any multi-airline alliance?
  173. First class lounge jfk
  174. Thai dropping ZRH, GVA
  175. ZRH Airside Center Infos for LX Flyers
  176. Travel to Tripoli on Swiss
  177. Swiss flights ex CAI
  178. Swiss Air Business Class lounge Zurich
  179. first photos of ZRH's "Airside Center"
  180. SWISS award ticket... can I not fly a few segments?
  181. "Erlebnistage" at ZRH - See new A340 and take a sightseeing flight in an Embraer
  182. 'Swiss' declines comment on possible extension to share lock-up agreement
  183. PRICELINE Dilemma
  184. Assigned Seats in C?
  185. 'Swiss', AMR's American Airlines to coordinate Zurich - New York flights
  186. First flight on LX
  187. Geneva Air Traffic News
  188. Miles for flight flown with CX
  189. One-off gain at Swiss hides continuing losses
  190. New seats on LX A32x fleet
  191. Seatmap for 2 Class A330
  192. How easy is it to redeem STC miles for CX upgrades?
  193. Swiss in Europe concept: a failure?
  194. emergency landing at FRA
  195. Swiss miles from US source?
  196. LX or IB in C
  197. Does SWISS sell some flights as two class flown on three class planes?
  198. SN Brussels vs. SWISS
  199. A340 ZHR to NRT LX C pictures
  200. swiss settles dispute with AOM Air Liberté and Holco: 'wins' SFr 69 Millions
  201. SWISS adds attractive new destinations
  202. LX 019: No airconditioning
  203. Swiss TravelClub welcomes its two millionth member
  204. No more Miami ...
  205. GVA to BCN LX Jumpseat / pictures
  206. New ZRH lounge layout
  207. "Talk" youself into Gold
  208. Swiss' may unveil new cost-savings programme soon
  209. Swiss Miles for AA tickets
  210. SWISS ratings
  211. Amenity kits
  212. C meals lax-zhr?
  213. ZRH-LHR - is C worth the extra over Y ?
  214. Need miles
  215. Zurich Lounge
  216. LX F lounge in Singapore?
  217. 20k miles for the STC Amex Platinum
  218. Swiss using Y class cutlery in C class?
  219. Op Upgrades
  220. My first "collect miles" promotion !!!
  221. New Seat Selection Policy Intra-Europe
  222. SR DC-3: Pleasure rides
  223. SWISS Business Question
  224. Swiss Comp
  225. Best seats in business?
  226. STA Travel Ticket on Swiss questions
  227. LX to offer all BC flights
  228. Does SWISS office in GVA sell promo items?
  229. new swiss ticketing fees starting jan-1st-2004 (ex Switzerland)
  230. RSS Feed of Swiss Travelclub Forum
  231. LX always delayed?
  232. Long lines in ZRH
  233. Transfer STC-miles
  234. Discrmination at GVA?
  235. Swiss info needed and miles!
  236. SWISS will not break-even in 2004
  237. Duty Free Shops At FRA
  238. Amsterdam - Lounge
  239. Food & drinks in European economy
  240. seats in C in 2-classes aircraft
  241. "Proper" Method To Go From Airside to the Allegra Lounge
  242. Seat Assignment Information Request
  243. Connecting at FRA
  244. Schengen agreement will cost swiss airports millions
  245. 4 systemwide upgrades for 2005 if gold again ?
  246. swiss government will probably sue former Swissair management
  247. Can somebody please tell SWISS that the ZRH/LHR codeshares are coming to an end?
  248. LX plans about the development of its lounge concept at ZRH
  249. Circle lounge at ZRH closed
  250. SWISS's Strategic Realignment