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  1. Poll: Blue wrapped vs Yellow wrapped peanuts ?
  2. DEN United Club during WN layover?
  3. Southwest communication issue
  4. question on qualifying for CP
  5. Book Now or Later?
  6. Southwest lost my bags; follow my journey to retrieve
  7. Flight delayed further for passenger count
  8. Turbulence Question
  9. Southwest Standby Policy question
  10. Is FlyBy going away due to PreCheck
  11. Be Aware: SW Visa RR Points are not earned UNTIL they're credited to your RR account
  12. Hey, WN, after the last couple weeks, how about you throw us a promo?
  13. Approximate time delay in transferring points from Marriott?
  14. Better Option: Buy 1k RR points or transfer 1K points from Chase UR
  15. 12,500 points for signing with Dish Network
  16. No status points when companion flys with you?
  17. Mysterious "Credit Card Statement" credit
  18. What is the cut off for award tickets with the credits I transfer from Airtran?
  19. Compensation for 4 Day Delayed Baggage?
  20. Can you two step again?
  21. Lax to midway
  22. Option to purchase WiFi for someone?
  23. Need screenshot of Chase Southwest Business Premier 50k offer
  24. Friend Referral to Southwest Rapid Rewards Program
  25. Starting my new job today, will be flying WN
  26. Wrong Plane Configuration OVERBOOKED
  27. Southwest, what has become of you…
  28. Best SWA gift card rebates? (Was: Should I prepay my 2014 travel on a RR Visa card?)
  29. Southwest Airlines Green Pass NRMR
  30. New look of 2014 WN website
  31. Flying to Indianapolis, Winter Storm expected, options?
  32. The App said Canceled, but...
  33. Southwest companion pass to fly to somewhere warm
  34. Problems Booking w/ Points
  35. The shoe that didn't drop: Choice transfers are still 6k CP to 1.8k RR
  36. No holiday sales this season
  37. Throwback: Remember the SWA Company Club?
  38. Mdw wx 1-2-14
  39. WN starts buying a new type of winglet: "Split Scimitar"
  40. NEW Rapid Rewards Member Advice
  41. Teen on ABQ-HOU flight refuses to remove headphones, curses at FA; pilot calls cops
  42. New display layout at when searching for Standard Award flights
  43. Fat Tire beer on SWA
  44. Is it just me or are long haul standard awards really difficult right now?
  45. Is it possible to earn a Companion Pass before 1/15/2014 without flying?
  46. Cheapest way to avoid expiring points
  47. New Year's Eve TQP & revenue Flight totals thread
  48. Watch out for Expiring Points soon
  49. Can companion be added at last minute?
  50. Just Short on A List - Curt Reply from CS on First Attempt - suggestions?
  51. End of year RR Processing
  52. using southwest RR points for United Airline tickets
  53. Nine straight months of poor On-Time performance
  54. Does Companion Pass change count if not used?
  55. Is an auto check in service against the TOS?
  56. Any thoughts on what will happen to Airtran Rewards during 2014?
  57. Do Chase Ultimate Rewards point transfers to Southwest count as
  58. Southwest's route wish list for 2014
  59. Possible issues with points reservations made on 12/19/2013
  60. Carry On Baggage Question.
  61. Fly-by security lane gone?
  62. Companion Pass Help
  63. How do I verify VDB voucher?
  64. Spending points to earn TQP and A+
  65. Redeeming RR points for things other than flights.
  66. Fastest Way to Post Points
  67. Animal-rights advocates going after WN for SeaWorld relationship
  68. BS Free Drink Vouchers
  69. Accidentally Earned a Southwest Companion Pass. Help me out with a couple questions!
  70. Why do people get mad at taking the aisle seat before the window seat fills
  71. Elderly lady gets lost on WN. Twice in a couple years.
  72. Booking companion on second leg of travel
  73. Almost "guaranteeing" A1 Boarding Pass?
  74. WN gets 10000 applicants in 2 hours for 750 FA jobs
  75. Bird strike forces plane to return to Lambert
  76. Companion Pass/Points Transfer Question
  77. Buying companion ticket for after the date pass expires
  78. WN pax at MSP not allowed to board with propane tank, leaves it behind, causes scare
  79. EarlyBird Advice Needed
  80. Anyone know why a certain route would not be offered on two dates?
  81. Companion Pass quick change?
  82. Rapid Rewards updated rules & regulations, eff 12.18.13
  83. New to Southwest, Award Questions
  84. Rebooked for fewer points
  85. How do I get compensation
  86. So I have 40k UR rewards & 40 A+ Airtran... Now what?
  87. Selling SW points
  88. WN1168 diverted to LAS today - Fishy...
  89. Not that I am complaining but... (3k points surprise bonus)
  90. Online LaQuinta game; can transfer LQ points to WN, CPQP
  91. WN cutting GSP-BNA flights
  92. Is it worth purchasing points off a co-worker?
  93. Number of Seats Sold on a flight
  94. Missed connection causing overnight stay
  95. - RR points still haven't posted.
  96. PreBoard Virus Spreads to PreCheck in MCO
  97. Southwest Scheduling and Routing Stupidity
  98. So upset with Chase right now!
  99. New Mexico promotion?
  100. How strict/ relaxed are Southwest about Size & Weight of Checked & Carry-On Baggage?
  101. Something’s coming... It is gonna be great!
  102. Press release 12/16/13: New nonstops from LGA (new slots) and other airports
  103. Pre-Clearance at B Gate Concourse New Orleans
  104. mixing RR and paid travel on the same itineray
  105. SWA gift card to buy in-flight food?
  106. need 17K to achieve A-list preferred
  107. SW Companion Pass - Seeking Feedback
  108. SWA charged $95 for SODA flight change (due to a snowstorm)
  109. Love Field briefly evacuated due to fire alarm
  110. Why cash in WN pts for AT/BS, rather than convert to WN gift cards and buy?
  111. Reached A-list Preferred today!
  112. WN's October on-time arrival results dead last
  113. Gary Kelly's talk at Wings Club 12/12/13
  114. WN must hire 40+ people at MCO by 12/31/13
  115. Severe price swings? Glitch?
  116. Connect 2 wifi devices to same account for free wifi
  117. Southwest Space Available passes
  118. Any guess when Southwest will accept flights past June 6?
  119. WN installs water vapor-detecting equipment on planes
  120. Phone calls above 10,000 feet?
  121. WN joins BUR's loyalty program
  122. iMessage gate-to-gate on WN
  123. Southwest to pursue DCA slots
  124. Annual bonus question
  125. Southwest will have international flights at FLL in 2017
  126. Rapid Rewards 50000 bonus denied
  127. Companion Pass question
  128. Best UR transfer option for Companion Pass
  129. Points promo - up to 25% discount on purchase
  130. WN Adding Mexico Destinations?
  131. WN reports November traffic stats
  132. Fast, easy, cheap way to earn 5400 points
  133. Accelerating CC Spend to Reach Companion Pass Status
  134. Stranded in MDW because of weather: can I get my 2nd leg reimbursed?
  135. Logging in to the WiFi- do they NEED all that info?
  136. Question about voluntary bump/denied boarding: Alternate flight days later?
  137. Standard Award availability problems
  138. Companion Pass Points
  139. Is there way to get "never expiring" RR points back and reactivate expired account
  140. Changing companion
  141. "Analysis" comparing Ryanair with WN
  142. Best use of 200k Rapid Reward Points
  143. Impressed with new Southwest Promotion - Matching Miles to Charities
  144. WN to match your flight points with donations to one of 3 charities
  145. Branson, Key West, and Jackson Leave the WN Network on June 7, 2014
  146. Airport with the most PreBoards?
  147. southwestgiftcard® Bonus Points Promotion
  148. Companion Pass Timing
  149. southwest-airtrain conversion for MEX
  150. Could WN buy LGA slots?
  151. No Rapid Rewards Membership for Children?
  152. Proper FlyBy Lane Etiquette
  153. Pre Check Stunner
  154. Offer in the mail: Upgrade to Premier WN Visa card and get 1500 bonus points
  155. I went Old School Today
  156. Southwest - Business Select Fare on Airtran and Companion Pass
  157. Southwest Travel - Tier Qualifying Points
  158. Any way to effectively use A+ Rewards to get on one way flight?
  159. When and how to do you decide, whether or not to pay the $10 / 12 for Early Bird?
  160. Recurring Southwest promotion with double qualifying points?
  161. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards benefits nominations
  162. WN expects social media conversations with customers to skyrocket during holidays
  163. Loose dog in LAX terminal 1
  164. FAA proposing to fine WN $325K over improper maintenance/modification
  165. Flights cheaper than listed price?
  166. Travel Funds Over take date of Cash? Seriously?
  167. Current longest NONSTOP flight on WN?
  168. My solution for SWA's devolve seats
  169. Any way to get free Wifi On flight?
  170. Ding! broken on Mac OS?
  171. Rebooking for less points?
  172. RR points = 0 if you book a one way flight??
  173. UR Point or Marriott Point Worth More
  174. WN raises pet fee from $75 to $95, effective Jan. 15 January
  175. Whole WN planeload of pax gets free Nintendo Wii U each
  176. AirTran Flight Booked through Southwest (Bag Fees)
  177. Unbelievable! Just book Std Award for Thanksgiving Wed-Sun long-haul!!
  178. Points don't expire Commercial
  179. Rewards activity- Rapid Rewards Credit Card +0
  180. Any chance WN is going to have a change wavier in the NE?
  181. 800-flowers
  182. Nintendo Wii U lounges in 6 WN airports through holiday season
  183. Arizona Shuttle Service
  184. La Vegas C to D Gates
  185. Book travel this weekend or next? Which has a better deal?
  186. Checking before we cancel 2nd card
  187. Earning points for 2014 in 2013- How To
  188. Buying Flights to Generate Companion Pass Points
  189. AUS Fly-By Lane Gone?
  190. Question on Hotel booking at
  191. Rapid Rewards expiration
  192. Biz Class (A1 - A15) Empty....again
  193. WN Oct. traffic at FNT up substantially YOY compared to Airtran numbers
  194. Is gate to gate wifi really here???
  195. BKG operations income/available seats way up with arrival of WN
  196. Never Got Bonus Double Points nationwide
  197. Upgrade to Business Select at gate?
  198. Plans for points usage including converted Standard Award
  199. Research firm: WN tops for brand awareness among airlines
  200. LAX Security Mon AM
  201. Companion Pass Question
  202. Why no WiFi away from the mainland?
  203. Buying points from SWA Rapid Rewards?
  204. Southwest bad behavior
  205. Dropping the second leg at LAS
  206. Just got the Companion Pass!
  207. Naive question: TSA PRE?
  208. Major App Redesign and Mobile BP startng in AUS on 21 Nov
  209. southwest refund for ticket bought for someone else?
  210. Mess at FLL today
  211. new wifi option: pay-per-app
  212. Southwest pulled 737-800s from SJU routes
  213. Where do Southwest checkpoints have PreCheck?
  214. Southwest in San Diego
  215. Southwest Vacations & AirTran Seat Assignments
  216. hotel promo: 3x Southwest points on 2nd/3rd/4th WyndhamRewards stays thru early 2014
  217. Free live TV on my flight tomorrow
  218. WN and plans for new MCI terminal
  219. A-List Preferred Flying on Airtran Booked via SWA - What Perks Do I Get?
  220. TPA-RDU Emergency Descent
  221. What is the point of A-List - assigned B16 at T-24
  222. Companion Pass - Three for One??
  223. Middle Seaters - Hog the Armrests and invade Personal Space
  224. Frustrations with WN 'Sales'
  225. Will AA/US Merger Result in More Gates for WN at LGA/DCA/DAL/Others?
  226. WN Cargo wins award
  227. newbie questions
  228. Data point: Transfer time from Diners Club to WN RR
  229. Has WN started rounding up for A-Plus?
  230. CP usage beyond expiration
  231. Can I apply CP to existing reservation?
  232. Any way to see how much was paid for a flight through
  233. Apparently SAN is closed.
  234. MDW-DCA?
  235. Advice: CVG/DAY-RNO trip next summer - 8 passengers
  236. Flying through Chicago during a snow storm.
  237. No standing in front galley...bulkhead seat
  238. Close connection at BWI, late first flight, promised to hold 2nd and didn't
  239. Does anyone qualify for CP or A-list on flights and not points?
  240. Companion Pass Question (For companion)
  241. WN announces Oct. YOY numbers
  242. Possible to convert revenue ticket to award?
  243. Always recheck!
  244. 839 Points away from A-List for the year
  245. How is WN's 738 flight schedule determined?
  246. WN press release: New service at MEM, PNS, and RIC
  247. Best Non-Flying RR Redemptions ?
  248. WN inaugurates service at RIC
  249. WN now worth 99+% as much as UA
  250. can't check in for my flight..