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  1. SQ ATW on *A
  2. Sleeper service - night flights
  3. Some rookie-ish questions for redemption
  4. Use of SQ Miles to book ANA flights.
  5. Are Business Standard Awards and Upgrades the same?
  6. How can Premium Economy be Cheaper than Economy??
  7. Fuel Surchage on United/TAP Portugal Using KrisFlyer Miles
  8. Check in T3 / depart T2
  9. Changes to award bookings
  10. First Class Singapore Access
  11. Cancelling business saver tickets on SQ
  12. Waitlisting SQ Awards to SFO and LAX
  13. SQ 603 versus SQ 635 - red-eyes to SIN?
  14. What lounge(s) can JFK business class passengers use at FRA? How early does it open?
  15. SIA reports $138m loss in Q4
  16. miles credit to 2 programmes on one ticket?
  17. How to find/book reward flights?
  18. Current menu cards for SQ218 and SQ308
  19. Advice on Fare class mapping
  20. No more priority security & immigration for regular PPS @BKK?
  21. Minimising YQ on partner Airlines
  22. Changing Class on Redemption Award Tickets
  23. Supper service and breakfast
  24. Singapore all the way or split with Cathay
  25. Changes coming to TPPS
  26. SIA - A Rotten Way to Fly!
  27. book UA transferring flight
  28. Refund of Ticket after Upgrade Award
  29. SFO to HKG Schedule Change?
  30. No Economy Class on the A350ULR?
  31. Premium Economy & Luggage
  32. SIN - SYD help
  33. Usual delay for posting miles from VA flights?
  34. Why SQ's phone reps are so incompetent and willing to lie?
  35. How likely is it to upgrade from Economy to Business on LAX-ICN?
  36. SQ Blocks J Bulkhead?
  37. Star Alliance Award Routing/Stopover/Open Jaw Help
  38. A380 premium Economy window?
  39. Premium Economy to Rome
  40. SQ295
  41. SIN-IST award in C - TK or SQ?
  42. 6900 Miles
  43. Upgrade from Business to Suites
  44. SQ - "Capital Express" SIN CBR WLG Service
  45. Earn miles for infants?
  46. KF Gold Qualification Question
  47. Question on check-in at LAX
  48. Inflight/KrisShop Vouchers
  49. Getting back from T1 airside without flying?
  50. QUICK help needed. Can I use CPAP in reg F & Suites? Do I need a battery?
  51. Help! Free Connecting flight ?
  52. How to use the waitlist on SQ... I don't quite get it
  53. Help! JFK-FRA-SIN in Suites
  54. left kindle on flight SQ306
  55. Interline with Cathay
  56. LHR-SIN (& vv) A380 Suites - no Saver space?
  57. 35 miles short for gold
  58. Are Interline Agreements reciprocal?
  59. Flying TPAC or TATL to SIN? (but in Y)
  60. KF Gold without ever flying SQ?
  61. Singapore Airlines Lounge & First Class Tour Video
  62. booking multi-segment award ticket: adding miles up???
  63. Incredibly Dumb Mistake on My Part - Saver Upgrade
  64. MEL-SIN-BKK (two-leg) redemption, 2nd leg cleared but waitlisted for the 1st
  65. Business award ever released to partners?
  66. Rumoured cutbacks : No more hot towels in coach
  67. booking UA domestic flight from Krisflyer
  68. Elite qualification questions
  69. SQ31 Issues
  70. How to check what class your seat is and which are G class
  71. 23:35 Changi layover, arriving SQ F, departing SQ Suites
  72. Silver bonus miles on AI
  73. Rome (FCO) going A350
  74. Deplane Front or Back of Cabin SQ 25 in FRA?
  75. Singapore Suites Segment on Star Alliance RTW
  76. Krisflyer not showing Star Alliance Awards
  77. Singapore Stop Over Promotion
  78. KF account canceled
  79. Singapore A350 Business Class seating
  80. Credit to Krisflyer when flying United
  81. Caviar Dinner Service Only?
  82. Fly UA but put miles in Singapore FF# - am I missing anything?
  83. Complicated, hoping experts out there can help(change/cancel/re-route options)
  84. SQ HighFlyer (SME rewards scheme)
  85. SQ and LH First Award price on one Award
  86. Booking SQ TATL J award with *A connection?
  87. LH doesn`t release award seats to SQ?
  88. New A380 Suites Cabin Layout Leaked?
  89. SQ SIN-JNB-CPT Questions
  90. DL to SQ at JFK
  91. Singapore Airlines And SilkAir Sign Codeshare Agreement With Air France-KLM
  92. Minimal economy availability on SQ51 MAN-SIN, will more free up?
  93. Waitlist didn't clear - but flight available?
  94. Has anyone get involuntary bump on SQ metal?
  95. PPS Value on Discarded Last Sector
  96. AKL-SIN biz class menu on SQ
  97. NRT > SIN Business Saver, not available on Saturdays
  98. ZRH-SIN in F - Lounge Access
  99. Delayed flight compensation with Singapore Airlines
  100. Quick question on stolen items from Bag
  101. Award Ticket - HND to SIN on A350 Business Class
  102. What F cabin does SQ806 feature? New/Old?
  103. How is the SQ's NEW F compared to CX F?
  104. Website not allowing child to award waitlist
  105. Codeshare SWISS Booking Class T similar to SQ?
  106. Business award seats on IAH-MAN route
  107. Changes to Existing Award Tix
  108. Question about couple traveling in Suites
  109. Star Alliance stopover rule: INT-INT in the USA
  110. Is there a way to book *A business on SQ?
  111. What lounge ex-CDG in business class
  112. First SQ Suites flight - advice needed
  113. SQ cabin baggage - SHAPE restrictions ?
  114. Scoot and Emirates hit each other at Changi Airport
  115. SQ Business Award Inventory for *A
  116. Suites experience and trip ideas?
  117. Confirmed: New A380 suites moving to upper deck
  118. Question about SQ *A award redemptions
  119. Adding second leg to award flight
  120. Possility to get on a flight using standby?
  121. Stopover on one-way award
  122. JFK-FRA standard suite award available online but not over phone
  123. New Australia themed menus on SYD-SIN
  124. What is the best KFmiles/distance ratio for Suites redemption post-devaluation?
  125. Urgent - lax-sgn business award vs first class
  126. Advice on SQ F award redemption
  127. Table of example fuel surcharges for Star Alliance awards
  128. Question on interlining from SQ to UA: When/how are baggage fees collected?
  129. Can you change confirmed ticket to waitlisted ticket
  130. altering a reservation
  131. Infant Fare (A3 Award ticket with 2 adults in Y Class)
  132. 77WN First Class Privacy Shield?
  133. How to find what movies will be on my flight
  134. Question about booking Singapore Award reservation
  135. SQ335/336 Business Class menu
  136. LAX Airside Checkin
  137. Which flights is not operated by A380/B77W?
  138. NH F to SQ J: Which Lounge at SIN?
  139. No departure champagne on SQ25 JFK-FRA?
  140. Where to credit?
  141. Can you top-up over phone for partner award?
  142. SIN-PEK (Singapore to Beijing) SQ802 in A380 availability
  143. "KrisFlyer Elite Benefits On Vistara & Earn Elite Qualifying Miles On SQ Codeshares"
  144. Does Anyone Have Experience Booking Partner Awards Between The US and Australia?
  145. Menu for SQ 7 + 8 in J
  146. Wifi Issues on SQ 007/008
  147. I see that A380 F is still there from LAX-ICN? [No]
  148. Seats changed by SQ
  149. Timetable updates
  150. Business Class Menu Dusseldorf - Singapore (SQ337) in March
  151. Enough time to visit the lounge
  152. *alliance award - North America to Euro via Asia?
  153. Business (11A) vs First (middle seat) - 77WN
  154. EWR-SIN Direct - When in 2018?
  155. Bassinet on 77W
  156. request missing miles
  157. No saver availability since devaluation announcement?
  158. Flying UA with status on SQ
  159. Can I redeem an additional route on my redemption?
  160. FTer expertise greatly welcomed re the mechanics of a potential Suites change to J
  161. Reward Booking - Adding Star Alliance Partner Connection
  162. Would they allow asia to US via europe?
  163. How often do waitlisted F awards clear?
  164. Redeeming NH F using KF miles
  165. How to search for Savers Award
  166. F in SQ 777 vs KE 777
  167. CGK Same Day Turn, Multiple Tickets
  168. New Awards : $100 Stopover on one Way Saver
  169. which route for new first class seats on 777-300ER
  170. Rebooking on Economy
  171. Are Suites no longer "R" - 300% miles earning class?
  172. 15 percent discount only on tickets booked through SQ?
  173. Upgrade from business likely or not?
  174. No fee to change date on a Singapore flight?
  175. Advice kindly sought about Kris award inventory loading at +355
  176. What Award Changes Won't Cause Redeposit and Mile Expiry?
  177. KrisFlyer Devaluation - 23 March 2017
  178. Which lounge to use at Changi? Looking for recommendations.
  179. SQ dropped my upgrade, lost my bulkhead seats and now cannot sit with SO.
  180. Video Inputs Ports on A380 (Suites)
  181. SQ26 or SQ25
  182. Double Bed Logistics
  183. SQ business and first class never offer wash bag now?
  184. Singapore stopover hotel for economy award?
  185. SIN-HND 22:35 departure - BTC Kyo-Kaiseki or Kaiseki from menu?
  186. SQ Phone agent call back on mix cabin booking
  187. PVG airport - KrisFlyer Gold perks
  188. Short connection in FRA
  189. KrisFlyer News February 2017 - March 2017
  190. Bluetooth allowed on SQ
  191. My first flight on SQ! LAX-NRT in J. A couple of Q
  192. WWYD - Need to book connecting flight from SQ 26
  193. ARN-SIN via DME
  194. The Economics of [Over] Catering in 4-cabin F
  195. Award redemption basic questions
  196. krisflyer agent cannot see award availability (while expertflyer has available seats
  197. Krisflyer quickies
  198. Booked UA w/ KF, but UA changed my flight
  199. SFO-NRT award?
  200. Singapore to London - How much can I save with 50,000 Krisflyer points?
  201. Fuel Surcharge on Singapore Airlines
  202. Departure immigration at SIN
  203. SQ award question
  204. Booking an United Award with SQ/Krisflyer
  205. Cancelling award - time to redeposit?
  206. New to SQ upgrade/awards
  207. SIA orders 20 777-9s and 19 787-10s
  208. Donate your miles
  209. What time is the redemption ticket open?
  210. philippines to taiwan without backtracking?
  211. How long are SQ miles valid ?
  212. Requalifying for Gold early - does this affect my membership year?
  213. Best Routing to SFO/LAX> MLE on award flight?
  214. Consolidated list of exceptions to no-backtracking award rule?
  215. Will SQ let me take an earlier flight?
  216. Playing cards
  217. Possible to add JFK-ORD on SIN-FRA-JFK F suites booking?
  218. Baggage policy question on multi-carrier ticket
  219. High number of complaints on Singapore Airlines new Premium Economy product
  220. SQ1 flight attendant unfortunately passed away in SFO while at hotel
  221. Was downgraded but now back in F, but leaves 48hr layover in SIN? Have questions...
  222. Booking SYD - SIN - BKK/SGN/TPE in F
  223. Number of Miles Earned?
  224. Do I get the full 4-course kyo kaiseki for SQ285 SIN-AKL?
  225. Inflight Internet current prices?
  226. Service fees for cancelling an upgrade award?
  227. Are Codeshare Flights Much More Expensive Than SIA Flights?
  228. Downgrade Compensation Question/Issue
  229. SIN-NRT-LAX
  230. Gifting upgrade
  231. Can't pay for award flight surcharges online?
  232. Codeshare Credit
  233. transit in India on separate tickets: allowed without visa?
  234. SQ aborted takeoff from Auckland
  235. SQ lounge access on arrival at SYD?
  236. Multi-Class Award Ticket
  237. Can someone help with this PE to J upgrade question
  238. SQ Shaving Cream
  239. IST -> PEK backtracking?
  240. Sq 378 (sin-mxp-bcn)
  241. Do we stay on plane in ICN on SQ7 LAX-ICN-SIN
  242. Best flights on the FRA-SIN-SYD route in J?
  243. Booking partner awards on Krisflyer Singapore miles. Availability on United.com but n
  244. Can I use a lounge on arrival at JFK with SQ F?
  245. PPS Renewal
  246. surcharge for economy flight redemption
  247. Singapore and Upgrades
  248. Doesn't SIN do all the checkin at SYD?
  249. Requesting an APD Refund
  250. SIN T3 F check in access