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  1. What Routes do SQ serve on B-747?
  2. Check in FRA SQ25
  3. Online check-in and the need to present the credit card
  4. SQ late evening departure in F - Meals
  5. bmi Redemption on SQ in C on 773 - some questions
  6. Waitlist Question
  7. Iceland volcanic eruption mid April master thread
  8. Can you enter your booking reference and get flight details?
  9. What do you do if you're on a waitlist?
  10. Routing Advice on KUL-SGN-HKG, TG vs. SIA?
  11. Promotional fares exSIN $888 to Aust. $1488 to FRA/ZRH/MAN/MUC
  12. SIN-PER in Dec: is a low fare possible?
  13. connection time t1->t2
  14. Kris Flyer Redemption Waitlist Help
  15. Award flight while on Stopover
  16. SQ's Most Important Destinations/Cities
  17. SQ Standby Paid Upgrades
  18. What to do with 10k KrisFlyer miles?
  19. PPS AMex and 35K discount voucher & losing PPS
  20. Delta Award on SQ
  21. How does TPPS Supplementary Card work?
  22. SIA issues travel waiver for Bangkok
  23. Switching FFPs
  24. Which non-*A airline will match SQ *G?
  25. How flexible are award tickets?
  26. A380 J Class Row 17 - Is it really any better?
  27. Questions about meal selections on SQ.
  28. Change flight dates on reward ticket
  29. Seating on SQ 2
  30. SQ 25: JFK > SIN. Deplane in FRA?
  31. Sin - Hkg - Sin on A380. What to expect in Y!
  32. Y travel at its best...
  33. No *A Award Available on SQ 11
  34. Which SQ lounge is better for my layover?
  35. 77W/345/380 not eligible for *A upgrade? [edited]
  36. SGN-SIN one-way at $533--any way to get a lower price?
  37. What spec is the A380 power socket in Y?
  38. Travelling with 3 pieces of luggage
  39. EK J Class Or Old SQ J Class?
  40. SQ Biz Or Bust!! (Lots of Questions)
  41. Change flight on the day of flight?
  42. SQ Business Savers on A380/B777/A345
  43. Want to Sign Up for KrisFlyer
  44. help with miles
  45. Kris Lounge at Changi
  46. SIA Fare up from 1 April
  47. Catch 22 for One Pass High Mileage Flyers
  48. First Time on SQ. Biz class award question and lounge question
  49. What is the validity of KrisFlier miles earned by redeeming DBS Points?
  50. KrisFlyer Gold Lounge in AMS
  51. SQ to EK Baggage Interline
  53. Instant ticketing only for awards?
  54. A "practical examination" of the theory of SQ miles-spending...
  55. TPR Food Question
  56. Help with amount of points needed
  57. SQ launch Tokyo Haneda with 777-300ER
  58. Meal Service on SQ608
  59. Lax to nrt
  60. BLR-SIN-NRT, SQ to UA, 60 minute connection doable?
  61. RTW in First from London?
  62. SQ newbie: 744 F 1B or 2A/F
  63. stupid question re: SFO lounge arrival
  64. ANA tool award availability not meshing with CO Platinum desk
  65. First Class saver awards is back on the SIN-HKG route...
  66. KF Elite Miles on Delta?
  67. Equipment change with First Saver
  68. Best Lounge in JFK
  69. SQ15 or SQ1?
  70. Should I become Krisflyer? Or other *A?
  71. One in F, one in J- can both use FC lounges?
  72. Credit Card required at checkin for KF Redemption Ticket?
  73. Load check request SQ234 (sorry!)
  74. Singapore Airlines by Silkair
  75. What to do with expiring miles?
  76. Sick of KrisFlyer - Any Other Suggestions
  77. Sq 26 / sq 25
  78. Not using last segment on SIN-LHR-ZRH
  79. First time Singapore Air
  80. Changing airlines in Narita
  81. Keeping Seat 48D
  82. KrisFlyer Redemption Pricing Issues
  83. Business class: A330-300 vs B777-200ER
  84. Transit question - two separate tickets (Silkair and Qantas)
  85. No more Shi Quan Shi Mei in First Class to HKG, PVG & PEK!!!
  86. Krisflyer SQ Redemption Booking Engine Issues
  87. Am I entitled to compensation according to EU regulation 261/2004?
  88. Problem adding Redemption Nominees to Krisflyer account
  89. Wow, SQ standard and full awards!
  90. What FFP should I sign up my child to if we only fly SQ?
  91. Another baggage question
  92. Baggage qn (UA domestic / SQ int)
  93. 747 returns to Sydney
  94. Two to three business weeks for a refund?
  95. Sq y vs ua c
  96. Renewing elite gold status- help with offer from SQ
  97. TPE lounge hours
  98. Several Q's: SIN-PEK v.v.
  99. Star Alliance Booking Issues
  100. Any preference: flying alone in J on 744 vs 772ER?
  101. Drunk young OZ lad in SQ BCN - SIN flight (yesterday?)
  102. Fare class clarification
  103. New Safety Video
  104. Kris Flyer Pricing Error
  105. Appeal won: Can change from First Class saver to First Class standard free!!
  106. Star Alliance upgrades on full fare Y ticket
  107. Redeeming VS using Krisflyer points
  108. SQ fares on ITA - No Y showing?
  109. Singapore Airlines Retro-fit 777-200 Routes
  110. Luggage checked through?
  111. Reclaiming taxes on unused ticket?
  112. Kathmandu
  113. cost to standvy upgrade sin-man ?
  114. SQ baggage & seat question
  115. Advice wanted: Amex and KF miles- Singapore/Japan
  116. SQ ex- MAN
  117. Baggage check in for SQ12 if stopping over in NRT
  118. on line check in problem
  119. The big question: J on 77W or F on 747?
  120. overnight Connection at SIN on SQ award J ticket
  121. SQ flights with EI component - baggage question
  122. Miles and points for UK-NZ return
  123. SQ 246 Brisbane - Singapore Menu
  124. Delayed SQ228 - Feb 27 2009
  125. why do the crews accommodate pushy pax?
  126. FRA to SYD J Class Waiting List on A380
  127. FRA-SIN-FRA on 744 in Y = SQ or QF?
  128. SIN-AKL-SIN
  129. SKL T3 lounge policies
  130. Is this possible?
  131. How many hours before the flight does SQ cancel waitlists?
  132. SQ Excess Luggage Question
  133. All segments are on biz class except one segment, what will be my luggage policy?
  134. SQ or NH/NZ?
  135. SQ Singapore Sling Recipe?
  136. Earliest Check-In time for SYD-SIN
  137. F class no more on flight, change to 2 class aircraft => What happens?
  138. Earn Miles using Qatar iarlines
  139. Singapore airlines 'f'
  140. singapore Airlines brand success
  141. Anyone know when this fare ends?
  142. Help finding out how many business class seats are remaining for flight SQ451?
  143. Check-through luggage & International transit
  144. LHR-SIN - How strict in Y for carryon wt limit?
  145. Switching from QFF to KF, comped status?
  146. Business Class Seats Selection & Meal Choice
  147. SQ newbie question: How do I double dip?
  148. Any thoughts on cheap seat travel?
  149. Long Layover Luggage Question
  150. How to let SQ know that pax is prepared to do VDB?
  151. CNY Asked to change from SQ to TG
  152. ANA tool shows availability but SQ site does not
  153. Where to find my PNR for a flight booked directly with SIA?
  154. How good is business on 777-200ER?
  155. Krissflyer?
  156. Check-in at SIN T3 instead of T2?
  157. Weird luggage checking question
  158. Use of Virgin Arrival Lounge in LHR: After SQ 322
  159. Points Expiry
  160. Loads on the SFO-SIN econ
  161. Can *GOLD checkin at First Class Terminal at SIN T3?
  162. Fare code WHMP?
  163. VS Metal Credit to SQ KF
  164. 65 Minute Connecting time SQ to UA?
  165. SQ or TG To BKK From JNB in J?
  166. Flight from JFK to Singapore in business
  167. Which *A FFP would you switch to if you knew you wouldn't make 50k status miles/yr?
  168. Which FF program to use for SIN-EWR
  169. Singapore A380 9V-SKE, whats the problem?
  170. Moved to USA - Star Alliance gold?
  171. SIN Airport
  172. HKG - SIN on SQ in F Suite - Will this qualify as a true SQ F Experience?
  173. How to Earn krisflyer miles?
  174. Does availability of BC saver award indicate that saver upgrade to BC is available?
  175. Is it possible to book 3 business class saver seats to any European city?
  176. SQ Sale Fares and NO (that's NO) FF miles
  177. Which Flight Should I Take
  178. To all the skeptics: SQ regional C rocks my world
  179. Signapore Air Last Minute Ticket Change
  180. worth taking extra transfer to fly A380?
  181. SQ emergency exit row charge, name mismatch
  182. Do I get off the plane at Johannesburg airport? on SQ478? I am going staight to CPT?
  183. Unable to interline bags SQ->bmi
  184. SQ 25 Swapping Seats?
  185. SQ on honeymoon flight
  186. Have KF Amex but want ROP FPP
  187. SQ106 schedule
  188. when will SQ open I/O class for A345 / A380 and 77W ?
  189. SQ12 Seat Assignment?
  190. Remember when.....
  191. How do I know if I am on 777-200 v1, v2, or 777-200ER for SQ478 SIN-CPT booking?
  192. SIN-DXB
  193. When will SQ restart service from ORD?
  194. Business Class on SQ through Delta
  195. Star Alliance - Business Class Award through United MP?
  196. SQ & VS CRW fare ex-SIN
  197. Beginners question: Flight booking for 2 Persons
  198. Flight loads in March
  199. Economy Seat assignment question
  200. Booking cancelled after being ticketed - advice needed
  201. SQ870 F menu
  202. Will SQ follow MAS and introduce Y +
  203. Advice - SQ744 F SIN-FRA Redemption or TG F?
  204. Award space in C or F 19 Mar LH SIN-MUC/FRA-GVA/ZRH? Help pls!
  205. PVG - SIN Feb 9
  206. Claiming Krisflyer miles: Some advice please.
  207. Meeting someone at SIN
  208. MEL-SIN A380 swaps from SQ228 to SQ238
  209. Need 1000 miles
  210. SIN-HAV on SQ.com?
  211. I've booked Xmas 2010 LHR - MEL
  212. 1 hour layover in Sin
  213. Does SQ serve Krug in F on the SIN-HKG routes?
  214. SQ 001 / SQ 002?: Transit time in HKG
  215. Anyone's flying SQ11 on Jan 21?
  216. A380 J saver redemption available now - or glitch?
  217. Priority Boarding for Companion?
  218. SQ Miles from Surveys, Games or ??
  219. Looking for some advice
  220. Carry on limitation on SQ22?
  221. Q: Lounge access on C-class award ticket, first leg in Y
  222. Possiblity of Business Award Saver
  223. SIA confirms SIN-ZRH A380 service
  224. Saver Award Redemption Qn
  225. I'm cancelling my F award on SQ11/12 March 03 and 11
  226. Visiting the TRP a day before the flight?
  227. Leaving the transfer zone in SIN allowed?
  228. Flying SIN-HKG, which J seat is best on 777-200 regional?
  229. SFO-MLE upgrade to F worth it?
  230. Will SQ upgrade my Y seat (only segment in Y) if rest of itinerary is booked in biz?
  231. Quick check in question in BOM
  232. Upgrade to F at the counter???
  233. Preferable Seat on SQ
  234. Fares for LHR-MEL/SYD Xmas 2010
  235. Missing a connection
  236. Barcelona to Singapore J Menu
  237. SQ11 connecting SQ912
  238. Waitlisted on 77W business award - will it clear
  239. A380, seats 44A,B &C
  240. to sq22 or not to sq22?
  241. How is the Slipper lobster Thermidor in Biz class?
  242. Power plugs - help!
  243. Business class instant noodles
  244. SQ publishes MAN-MUC fares
  245. Clearing Immigration/Customs at a terminal you didn't arrive in?
  246. 30% SQ KF Online Redemption discount to selected cities for travel from Jan 1-30
  247. SQ awards (SQ screwing over ANA?) + request to call your *A airline
  248. SQ491-490
  249. F - Saver on 777 300 ER
  250. Multi-City/Stopover Booking on SQ Website...