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  1. SQ Small Claims Lawsuit RESOLUTION
  2. Check in 3.5 hours for F class departing LAX?
  3. SQ11 FC BTC Code for Grilled Veal Chops?
  4. Do you like the SQ stewardess(es) or stewards better? Does it matter?
  5. Fresh look for SQ stewards
  6. Seperate tickets- bags checked all way ?
  7. New Singapore SilverKris lounge at Bangkok (Suvarnaphum) Airport
  8. NYC to SIN "J" Award options, what would you do?
  9. Exit row seat requests in Y - experiences?
  10. Double KrisFlyer Miles for select Starwood Stays
  11. Book the cook/ SQ own lounge in Zurich??
  12. Flying SQ from LAX-TPE
  13. Customs when connecting in the US
  14. SQ ICN lounge to close
  15. SQ lounge access? 2 parents in C + 2 kids in Y...
  16. Does Early Renewal Still Happen?
  17. Lounge Access for Guests
  18. Can you transfer miles out of a KrisFlyer account?
  19. SIN: can I check in the night before and proceed to the transit hotel?
  20. Short Layover Time in SIN - too short?
  21. Why can't phone res (in SIN?) make ex-MNL change
  22. SQ bans work-related matters on personal blogs
  23. SQ Cabin Crew Bringing Her Own Laptop
  24. SQ233/234 Aircraft Switch
  25. Everything about SQ ! FAQ
  26. Rumour: Houston Flight will move to Daylight Arrival into IAH
  27. SQ-AA Interline Baggage???
  28. On Line Check In
  29. SQ A380 in F. SIN to NRT. Prepare for notes.
  30. Can use the T2 SQ lounge when you arrived at T3?
  31. SQ - VC Clubhouse
  32. SQ Regional vs. TG Regional
  33. *G Lounge access without the physical card
  34. Which flights and classes to choose?
  35. Is my 100% Flight delay record for the A380 unusual.?
  36. Anybody flown on new all-biz A345?
  37. Is anyone else having trouble buying tickets to the Maldives on Singapore's website?
  38. New Business class available for A* redemptions??
  39. Kris Flyer not a friend to United ff's
  40. Seating Advise For The A380
  41. A-380 Ticketed in F SQ 638 SIN to NRT. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  42. More A380 flights to London as of 16 July, but...
  43. Sq220 Syd-sin
  44. Singapore Airlines Expands A380 London Operations
  45. seating advice on SQ1 SFO-HKG, C class
  46. SQ 21 any lounge for Y passangers?
  47. Seating advice in F
  48. Thailand Standard Chartered points to KF miles
  49. A380 maiden commercial flight to NRT -- via NGO
  50. Using *G miles to upgrade to Business?
  51. 777-300 / 773 (Not ER or 77W) - New First Class Seats?
  52. No pre-assignment of seats for *A Gold in Y class
  53. SQ RTW Fare from Europe
  54. Singapore Airlines is the best
  55. Maximum Mileage accrualable from Sg to Houston.
  56. how to contact SQ to waive the cancellation fee
  57. Short-Medium Haul Flights
  58. Chance on 2nd F Award LAX-SIN
  59. KrisFlyer Basics: Opening an SQ account for F award redemption
  60. HKG-SIN-KUL - 65 minute connection ok?
  61. SQ221 A380 in MEL today?
  62. A380 Upper Deck Economy Cabin
  63. Business reality?
  64. PPS Members are a liability to SQ
  65. SK/SQ transit in LHR - separate tickets
  66. That last 500 miles
  67. Standby on A380 flights
  68. HELP! Is there someone out there that could do me a quick favor?
  69. Unable to change seats after online check in
  70. EWR - SIN in EY, flight tomorrow
  71. SQ terminates RTW fare
  72. SFO VS Club House
  73. Does SQ censor "Little Britain"?
  74. Best Economy Seats -- 747 & 773-ER products
  75. KF Award Flights - Taxes & Fees
  76. Best Raffles Class Seats in SIN-EWR Flight?
  77. Confusion about Singapore Airlines and
  78. Sq 17
  79. Q: Houston - Moscow - Singapore
  80. YYZ to SQ via LAX
  81. SQ501 to SQ2 connection in Singapore
  82. 1st Class to Singapore with stopover or Executive Business with no stopover?
  83. Singapore Airlines Launches A380 Ops To Beijing
  84. Redemption flights - Waitlist and moving dates
  85. Baggage question
  86. shows seat available and the agents at SQ cannot see it ?
  87. Points earned on other airlines
  88. Cooking the book...?
  89. another which version of the SQ 777 thread
  90. Miles accrual until May 1st instead of 31st? Lost Gold
  91. Singapore Airline sale in May?
  92. *G flying Y: selected aisle online, put in middle seat during check-in and lied to
  93. J class in JFK - SIN route is older J seating, correct?
  94. SEA to SIN - go UA or SQ through SFP
  95. Odd Singapore Airlines Advertisement
  96. Book the cook
  97. LAX-PEN rt 7/28-8/5: Best time to book?
  98. Eff 01May08, SQ requires all its tickets to be electronic
  99. Dxb-sin-nrt-lax
  100. SYD-SIN-HKG in J...
  101. Fare on SIN-NRT R Suite
  102. What to do with 40K points on SQ?
  103. Any increase in SQ fuel surcharges?
  104. Japanese Vegetarian Meal on SQ655
  105. What are the odds Skymiles found SQ award seats
  106. SQ1 & SQ2 Meal
  107. SIA plane to Paris diverted to Delhi after engine failure warning
  108. Nice to see SIN-BKK midafternoon flight back in schedule!
  109. Low PPS value on RTW
  110. KrisFlyer Points Expiring
  111. Question about booking on
  112. Online poll. Which F class product is the best. Also best business and economy.
  113. Waitlist and priority for nominee questions
  114. Folding bikes on SQ AMS-SYD?
  115. PVG Silver Kris Lounge closing
  116. PPS members no longer have access to Virgin lounge at JFK (even if flying busines)?
  117. Flight Fully Booked But...
  118. PPS over - now what?
  119. help, can not find the upgrade function online
  120. Using Virgin clubhouses in HKG, NRT
  121. Blocked F seats. Possible?
  122. KF redemption Question
  123. SQ, TG, or JL on BKK-NRT in F?
  124. Sq Dxb-sin-dxb Question
  125. Booking Without KrisFlyer - Reduced Functionality?
  126. How are op-ups processed in SQ?
  127. Am I just lucky or...
  128. Assign First Seat Online?
  129. Losing LAX to TPE, can still book to TPE via other cities?
  130. Baby Buggies Onboard??
  131. LAX-PEN in late July; need advice
  132. Website problem
  133. Expiring SQ Krisflyer Miles - How to extend
  134. SQ Auckland PPS dinner
  135. Regional F/C awards
  136. Lack of First award seats in 2009 for SYD-SIN?
  137. A330s: Future Regional Business Class
  138. Carry on limit 7 kilos?
  139. SQ USA website
  140. Starwood and SQ - the honeymoon is over!
  141. Looking up fares for a specific booking class?
  142. Legroom in the first (business) row of the A345?
  143. Apollo vs Sabre and D fare bucket on SQ
  144. Does anybody know first flight of all biz SIN-EWR flights?
  145. How get double baggage allowance for migrators?
  146. will be short of $400 PPS $'s by May 31 ...
  147. No availability on when expertflyer shhow availibility
  148. LHR Virgin Clubhouse Access
  149. No Krug in F, no Grand Marnier either
  150. Multi Stop Booking Question
  151. emex seating
  152. Siler Kris lounges F/C and Biz
  153. Hkg - Sin F Sq865
  154. what we love about SQ, and what we wish we could change...
  155. RTW Deals on SQ
  156. What if you booked into Econ on the new All-Biz EWR-SIN or LAX-SIN? (merged threads)
  157. Seat Questions, 774 and 772ER
  158. good seats for 77W and A380 economy
  159. Bunch of Honeymoon questions (lounges, BTC, layovers, when to get checked in)
  160. How to get F lounge pass CMB the night before my SQ flight?
  161. Too few toilets on A380 in Y
  162. SYD-TXL - valid route for SQ?
  163. TK or SQ from SIN to MUC
  164. Use of KF miles for Australian credit card user with no SQ status
  165. Can I go from nothing to Gold within a year bypassing Silver?
  166. Q's about PPS Amex sign up bonus
  167. Booking seats SIN/KUL
  168. Early Online Check-in - But changing airlines
  169. PPS Club and Mileage Program Questions
  170. Best FC product SFO-HKG 747-400 or SFO-ICN-SIN-HKG 777-300ER ??
  171. Krisflyer for short hual flights?
  172. exact A380 operating SIN-SYD 05 April?
  173. Meal service with caviar from/To PVG?
  174. SFO on way as SQ's #1 destination in NA?
  175. Can I upgrade "D" class (CPSTAR) with KF miles?
  176. Where should I accumulate SQ miles?
  177. Singapore Airlines Suspends BKK->KIX, TPE->LAX
  178. SG Economy
  179. Very good KF award flight availability
  180. New A340-500 Seatmap Available (All New Business Class)
  181. Fare Code
  182. Fed up with SQ- plane swap game has started
  183. Anyone gone on a waitlist for the 77W or A380?
  184. SQ plane at DFW
  185. Award inventory
  186. new flights out of IAH
  187. SIN - ICN - SIN on 777-300 F class
  188. What is an SQ "S" Fare?
  189. A380 to LAX?
  190. Upgrading MEL-SIN on SQ 238 (777)
  191. 380 suites cheaper than 747 F class
  192. SQ 11/12: F amenity kits and PJs on both legs?
  193. NRT-BKK-NRT 2 class service on 3 class plane
  194. Y: A380 vs 744 - some questions?
  195. JFK-HKG via SQ with stopover in SIN - possible?
  196. BNE - South Pacific (32k miles)
  197. One question about Kris Gold status
  198. New Aircraft Delivery Schedule for 77W and A380
  199. Provision for Infants - SQ Business?
  200. MEL-SIN-LHR SQ First/Suites 747, A380.
  201. SIN-DEL F Ammenities
  202. Help with business class redemption JFK/EWR-PVG
  203. Fare buckets show 0 - but expertflyer shows seats?
  204. PPS members need to be flying SQ to access lounge?
  205. Mechanical grounding SIN-SYD SQ380?
  206. SQ/BA Interline Baggage
  207. Maximum weight for Asia--Australia flights?
  208. Bags check thru all the way, but having a singapore stopover
  209. Virgin-Atlantic/Sinapore Air FF share
  210. What are the 772ER routes?
  211. Online booking help
  212. SQ 21 Question - May 24, 2008 - New Business Class?
  213. SIN-KUL mileage run in F - why so good?
  214. SKL T3 lounge Service
  215. Silk Air Pricing
  216. SQ Lounge in HK
  217. KF miles for DL codeshare on CI metal
  218. Date changes for tix bought on - VERY inefficient
  219. SQ J: Are secondary meals always that bad (choice+quality)?
  220. RT Award but do not use whole itinerary, possible?
  221. No cockpit access on the ground?
  222. PPS credit if flying on SQ metal only?
  223. SIA to raise fuel surcharge Mar 26 - ticket your bookings now!
  224. Premiums (revenue/awards) charged on 77Ws - when shall/will SQ stop this?
  225. SIN T2 SKL late evening
  226. Can't Book SQ27/28 SIN/LAX/SIN
  227. SQ638 SIN - NRT First Class Suites Unavailable ... in December ?!
  228. Min transfer time at SIN?
  229. SQ First Class Tips...TO LIVE IT UP!
  230. PVG-SIN in First
  231. Sin-syd
  232. Taxes,fees on SQ Award Ticket(SFO to BOM)
  233. Amex ITN Tool v SQ reservations
  234. SQ 220: arrive at SYD when?
  235. 620 miles left to KrisFlyer Silver... worth it to qualify?
  236. Broken window on SQ 321
  237. Ewr-sin-bkk
  238. Problems with
  239. April flight
  240. What to expect in F on SQ973? Krug???
  241. Does SIN-NRT really sell out 4 weeks ahead?
  242. How to get confirmed seating
  243. SIN F Lounge on F+C ticket
  244. Thru fares on SQ now all break in SIN!
  245. J on A380 (Business Class)
  246. 3rd A380 has arrived
  247. Singapore Airlines to increase frequency from New Delhi
  248. SFO lounge.... transit to Canada??
  249. All Y seats in 340-500 are exec?
  250. Anyone know if the LHR-SIN b747's will be refitted anytime soon?