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  1. SIN-PEK Award J to F Upgrade Possible?
  2. KrisFlyer and Eva Air
  3. BTC on SQ First
  4. citibank premier miles to krisflyer
  5. Is this a good use of SQ points?
  7. How long for PPS?
  8. Sq 26 / 25 fra - jfk / jfk - fra Wifi Access
  9. Receive extra luggage with partner airlines?
  10. Just wanted to share my excitement over booking SQ Suites!
  11. Seat Map Almost All Occupied
  12. SQ to order 40 777X
  13. Does Virgin America earn elite miles?
  14. Claiming united miles flying on SQ
  15. Last-minute upgrades on SQ
  16. SQ A380 Suites Seats
  17. Fares for Friends Promotion
  18. Award to Hawaii using KrisMiles
  19. Krisflyer Rolling Membership Year
  20. New Re-fitted 777-300ER vs A380 Business Class Seats
  21. Can I confirm TPR access when connecting to 2-class?
  22. Singapore A330 Has Difficulty Getting Off the Ground and Flying Safely, Wasps Blamed
  23. Availability of middle suites SQ232 - 5 June and MCT to SQ2
  24. Airport Chauffer service
  25. How to use old credit?
  26. Backtracking & *A Award Redemption
  27. New look for SIA's A-380 superjumbos [2017]
  28. KF miles on class upgrade.
  29. Is anyone boycotting SQ because of the dolphins
  30. AMS changes to 77W from APR14 until OCT14
  31. My First SQ Flight - Wow, What A Difference
  32. Question on aircraft changes
  33. Q re stopover on GRU-SYD award
  34. Breaking up SIN-HKG-SFO into 2 flights
  35. Changing FF# to a Star Alliance partner on a KF award
  36. Achieve Krisflyer silver
  37. A380 Economy Upper Deck
  38. Extra Baggage Allowance for *G :confused:
  39. SQ ex-SFO Upgrades
  40. Trip involving both SQ and MI
  41. KrisFlyer points query
  42. Waitlisting For Earlier Flight
  43. SIN-ICN- SQ16 vs 600; F vs J vs Regional J
  44. Happy Valentines Day from SIA
  45. SQ25 Suites same-day waitlist
  46. Award ticket waiting list policy of Singapore airline.
  47. Do KF miles earned on VS ever automatically post to KF ?
  48. Sister noticed women did all the work on SQ
  49. Are We There Yet? New In-Flight Maps Point to More Fun on Planes
  50. Scoot to Become an All Boeing 787 Airline By Mid-2015
  51. SQ transit counter at ICN?
  52. SA 1st w/ child
  53. Sq863 diverted why?
  54. Retroactive claims gone missing and/or taking way too long
  55. SQ231 Business Meal(s) and New Business/First Seats
  56. Waitlist help UPG-SIN
  57. Bassinet or Toilet? Where would you rather sit?
  58. Added a Segment, Got Waitlisted. Advice?
  59. award tickets for dec 14
  60. Better lounge for sleeping - T2 or T3?
  61. Singapore Airlines Grounds a A380 in FRA
  62. Krisflyer Star Alliance Awards Routing Rules
  63. What is the best return - using miles to upgrade or book award?
  64. refund on non ref eticket
  65. some award redemption questions
  66. New SQ 777 Biz Class seat selection dilemma
  67. Baggage question on mixed COS award
  68. Arriving LAX-SIN 325am... any taxis?
  69. How to Use SQ miles on UA flights?
  70. Movies website page not working again?
  71. SQ231 First/Suites Meal(s)
  72. shower facilities in Singapore airline lounge at Singapore airport ?
  73. N Class cancellation
  74. SQ A380 Suite NRT-SIN-BKK
  75. how long to deplane A380? Decisions, decisions....
  76. do SQ F allow swap to J for 2 pax
  77. Urgent Help / Cancel (Reschedule)
  78. KF redemption booking for non-SQ destination
  79. Problem retrieving reservation on the website
  80. revision
  81. How many miles will I obtain?
  82. Booking class D bookable but DE1MATH fare not ticketable
  83. Which 777 Flies SFO/ICN
  84. Terrible F and Outstanding J experiences
  85. Changi T3: SKL and KF Gold do not have food till 5AM
  86. Hidden Flexi Saver Rebooking Fee
  87. SQ J class promotions
  88. SQ Inflight Duty Free
  89. Buying a SIA ticket for someone else via a travel agency
  90. Krisflyer Elite Miles - Deduction Upon Krisflyer Miles Redemption?
  91. Flights to CPH vs AMS
  92. Air Timor redemption
  93. Any A330 aisle seat blocked by video box underneath?
  94. Cabin Service on SQ327/328
  95. Urgent question: my next day flight delayed
  96. US Airways FF number
  97. latest business class seats
  98. Mileage Run Idea
  99. SQ/NZ alliance announcement
  100. Singapore to Omaha - a pilgrimage to the hometown of Warren Buffett
  101. Maximize first time F experience
  102. SQ Customer Compensation 2014?
  103. PPS earning on codeshare (SQ metal)
  104. SQ through check on to Hobart?
  105. SIN silver kris lounge rant..
  106. SQ326/SQ26 1st Class To NYC via Frankfurt
  107. Involuntary rebook
  108. 45kg total bags for the business class
  109. SQ 777-200: DEL and BOM. Which style biz seat?
  110. Is it possible to upgrade "non-upgradeable" fares using extra miles?
  111. The Private Room access
  112. Flying SQ25/SQ26 A380...
  113. First name, last name mixed up
  114. SIN-MNL in J
  115. Does "weight concept" mean I can bring more than one bag?
  116. Award Flight on ANA
  117. BCN-SIN F class meal service
  118. Rail-Fly UK Gala Event
  119. Can I use a printer in the SIN J/F lounge?
  120. Complimentary KF Lounge Access
  121. Earning Mileage on mixed fare class AC ticket
  122. SQ J vs *A member F (long-haul)
  123. SQ A380 Emergency Landing (LHR-SIN)
  124. SQ 317 Depressurisation and diversion to Baku
  125. AUG20 SQ26 SIN-FRA Availability Disappear?
  126. Full Dinner service in F on SQ403?
  127. SQ15 Award availability
  128. waitlisting on award reservation without adequate miles
  129. Y Class Catering SQ327 MAN-MUC
  130. Passport picture on iPhone
  131. "Flight is very full today, so a lot of economy pax will be upgraded"
  132. Upgrade online for bookings made via TA
  133. SQ blocking SIN - Australia award flights for its partners?
  134. Is Singapore Air now completely blocked at United
  135. Leaving Hand Luggage in TPR
  136. Has anyone flown on refitted 772ER's Business yet?
  137. HK in town check in for SQ flight
  138. Silverkris lounge access at Changi with J Lifemiles booking?
  139. which Lounge
  140. Krisflyer vs. Mileageplus
  141. Bassinet seat allocated away
  142. A380 Suite - window vs middle
  143. Sq319 cancelled and moved to earlier flight - options
  144. Transit in Bombay or Delhi?
  145. Incompetent check in agent at SIN, missing baggage
  146. New IFE - moving map
  147. Booked on MH9143 but flying SQ119
  148. Why can't I BTC online?
  149. SQ: Why no Red-Eye service to/from Hong Kong?
  150. TPR hours, waitlist question
  151. Will recent UA difficulties with SQ awards benefit SQKF members?
  152. Different cards to gain miles and access lounge
  153. SQ15: Leave handluggage on the plane during the ICN stopover?
  154. Best way to get cheaper C class tickets from Singapore
  155. jnb-jfk award
  156. maximum stopover duration for * redemption.
  157. SQ no longer send email confirmation with e-ticket after booking is made online?
  158. New Silver Kris lounge in SYDNEY. Open
  159. Wifi on A380
  160. Made A Mistake??
  161. Five weeks to post partner miles ?
  162. Earning miles on paid J on SQ... any *A member with revenue-based FFP?
  163. BKK J Lounges
  164. When are waitlisted SQ F redemptions released?
  165. does anyone have email for Shirlene Teo?
  166. No ground staff to meet flight that is 4-hour late
  167. Family Row
  168. Yes, another question about SilkAir! (but not *A) - seat selection
  169. Bassinet for a one-year old baby?
  170. Access to SQ Lounge Night Before Connecting Flight?
  171. 2 First Class redemption ever open?
  172. New 777-300ER cabin
  173. Kris Flyer miles from VA
  174. Question on direct booking/award redemption (LAX-NRT)
  175. New to Krisflyer
  176. PEK-SIN: SQ Y or CA J?
  177. 40 min connection in SFO tonight. Need help.
  178. waitlist - changing funding currency once cleared
  179. Flightplan/Destinations for B777 new business class
  180. SQ interline QR at GRU - urgent
  181. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer benefits nominations
  182. SQ: why 773 and not 77W to SYD?
  183. luggage weight limit increased
  184. Marriott Stays to KrisFlyer, or to Marriott Rewards
  185. SQ-status match?
  186. Help with award reservation
  187. Best way to check if 77W flight will have the new C/F?
  188. SQ 11 LAX-SIN Book the Cook curiosity
  189. Seat selection problems
  190. Business Class: Bolster cushions no more?
  191. Travel Rebound Will Benefit Cathay Pacific More Than Singapore Airlines
  192. Early check in luggage for second sector only
  193. KVS request
  194. Arrivals lounge in SIN
  195. Paypal to book SQ tickets question
  196. Given a choice, longer flight in Suites or Suites + New First?
  197. SQ's Super Long Haul SIN-EWR terminated
  198. cancellation with Singapore airlines
  199. Singapore Airlines: seat power plug types on A380
  200. SQ J (new 772 flat beds) or TG F
  201. Flying in Economy - SQ vs. UA E+
  202. singled out for bringing the seat up ..
  203. Interline/codeshare flight booking with SQ
  204. SQ F Class Lounge SYD
  205. Is SIN-FRA-JFK / LAX-NRT-SIN considered an open-jaw return?
  206. Krislounge Changi Terminal 3
  207. What to do with Krisflyer miles?
  208. SQ22 SIN-EWR : Longest commercial flight
  209. SQ308 Suites Menu
  210. Mainland>Hawaii award on UA ?
  211. SQ 978 (Airbus A330-300), will i get a new business class cabin?
  212. Can one mix SQ and VX on one award?
  213. A quite disappointing experience : SQ 15 ICN-SIN Business
  214. SQ26/25
  215. Transferring points to KrisFlyer & Redemption
  216. Equipment change these days?
  217. PVG-SIN redeye Suite + lounge access
  218. Timezone alignment on board
  219. 1:15 Scale SQ A380 RC Video
  220. SQ Melbourne lounge and F to Sin
  221. BtC - Grilled Chilean Seabass or U.S. Grilled Beef Fillet
  222. Singapore Air Net Rises on Passenger Traffic, Plane Sale
  223. Parents in F/J but children in Y
  224. newbie Q: does SQ open up more space after booking flight?
  225. Waitlist for F vs J Saver awards?
  226. SQ 11 meals/BTC
  227. SIN-TPE-ICN-HIJ-NRT-SIN in J Class on *A redeemed for 55k miles!! Not 80k miles!!
  228. Showers during Transit at ICN
  229. New Business class seats to USA
  230. Any problem with trading seats between classes with family member
  231. Singapore Economy vs. Cathay Pacific Economy
  232. Book the cook / Kyo-Kaiseki question
  233. Economy -> Business Upgrade???
  234. Singapore Airlines Economy UD A380 Seats
  235. BP/doc check question on an IAH connection to SQ61 IAH-DME
  236. Seat being reassigned by SQ
  237. SIN-MNL First Class options
  238. Purser thanks me for my business!
  239. SIN Transit and leaving stuff in SKL
  240. Upgrade with Krisflyer, but credit to United?
  241. Lounge question
  242. One meal? No socks? NRT-SIN
  243. SQ First Class - SFO to HKG
  244. SIN-NRT: "Your seats will be assigned at the airport." What's going on?
  245. Pay with Krisflyer Miles and Award Upgrades
  246. 10kg Baggage Increase For All Classes
  247. Do you think Emirates is superior to SQ?
  248. EWR showers
  249. Kris Flyer miles-silver/gold
  250. Advice Needed: Rectify Zero miles for Class T, W, V & L