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  1. A "personal" greeting from SKs CEO
  2. 200% Eurobonus pts in SAS PLUS
  3. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: SAS Eurobonus benefits nominations
  4. New route: Copenhagen-Linkoping
  5. Triple points?
  6. Sparkling in the lounges
  7. Renewed menu - nuts are back
  8. *A upgrade with JJ
  9. Need to cancel due to pregnancy/birth of child...Advice please!
  10. Best credit card in Sweden for earning points?
  11. SAS Claim - advise needed
  12. CPH-BLL Sunday evening flight back
  13. New leisure destinations – fewer business?
  14. Lounge access at BLL
  15. SAS with fee for preferred seat
  16. LN-RKP ferried from Chile to Toulouse
  17. Eurobonus member on Swiss Air
  18. Oslo transfer
  19. pick up at gate in ARN
  20. Baggage allowance when flying on Award (X)
  21. Free meal on flight OSL-LYR?
  22. Cancellation of Bonus flights T&Cs?
  23. Survey about EB-linked Payment Cards
  24. A few thoughts on the current Eurobonus
  25. Eurobonus on Air New Zealand
  26. Bogus, virus website: fly-sas Do not go to the site
  27. Christmas calendar 2013 edition
  28. Experience with Eurobonus earnings on Air China?
  29. register missing points, class M vs class U
  30. A320 without cargo containers?
  31. Baggage allowance to/from USA
  32. CPH Fleet distribution
  33. EB miles earned on Vayama booking
  34. Best carrier CPH-DEL when EBG
  35. SAS EB survey
  36. Malmö aviation RJ85 flying for SK
  37. Eurobonus Star Alliance upgrade
  38. SAS should be kicked out of Star Alliance
  39. advanced seat assignments for *G
  40. SAS Plus mileagerun CPH-ALC on October 26th
  41. Buy EB Points 40% sale
  42. Emergency exit seat reservation question
  43. SAS EB Mastercard
  44. Extra Bag for Silver Status Question
  45. Crediting South African Airways to EB
  46. No award flights in Plus to Asia/US ?
  47. Conditions of EB bookings
  48. Eurobonus or better option?
  49. sk925 from cph-iad which seats?
  50. Why should I buy SAS PLUS as EBG?
  51. Earn double Basic points on flights between Hel-Arn-Osl-Cph
  52. Can one upgrade with miles intra-Europe?
  53. Fast track to EBG (targeted)
  54. Sas bhx - chp - fra
  55. Updating eurobonus system on
  56. Flying SAS out of FCO and OSL
  57. LH renewed interest in buying SAS..
  58. Internet check-in not possible - Please check-in at airport
  59. Customer Service (or rather lack of same)
  60. Looking to join
  61. Service Class vs Booking Class??
  62. can't book for price on Itasoftware Matrix
  63. Disney "Planes" painted SAS 737-800 in Oslo
  64. Any tips for flying SK out of CDG?
  65. SAS is cancelling seat reserverations after launch of Go/Plus
  66. Using only return leg of SK GO ticket.
  67. Does EBS count as FTL for luggage on LH/LT?
  68. UA Advises Wife to be a No-Show on SK
  69. How to figure out [EB] earnings with partner airlines [merged]
  70. Interline SK<->ME @CPH
  71. New points/qualifying flights requirements for Norwegian residents - a bit too soon?
  72. Boeing Sky Interior on new SAS Boeing 737 NG
  73. Points still in my account after a month
  74. SAS Credit Card Offers in DK
  75. SAS J not 180 lie flat? Or Seatguru out of date?
  76. SAS Gold (my "year" has ended")
  77. New concept for seat blocking on SK
  78. 'SAS Bonus Challenge' extra points for personal target
  79. Status Match to SK
  80. Eurobonus re-launch with new level above Gold
  81. SAS Eurobonus pages status update
  82. CPH Security staff on strike
  83. How many miles will this earn?
  84. 2x Points in Plus from AMS/BRU/BHX/DUB/LUX/LHR/MAN/CDG to ARN/CPH/OSL rt 09SEP-31OCT1
  85. missing miles from upgrade booking? and allocation period ending!
  86. SAS Corporate support & Customer Care...MIA
  87. SAS website "challenges" - could use some help
  88. OSL-BUD in July 2014
  89. Rebuilding Oslo Lufthavn (Airport)
  90. is Eurobonus rightht for me?
  91. Searching for historical timetable information
  92. Transfer Times from AMEX Membership Rewards (US) to SAS Euro Bonus
  93. Booking with KF operated equipment
  94. Upgrade at check-in
  95. Duty Free at Newark B3
  96. Award ticket from CPH to SFO
  97. ARN-MLA confusion
  98. Enjoying CPH - as ARN is closed
  99. Boy, those CPH lounge attendants really hate their jobs
  100. Points earned on LH
  101. EB earnings on SQ
  102. SAS Flight Status on flysas website
  103. Meal served on SK902 EWR-CPH
  104. Upgrading ticket on TAP using *A (SAS) points
  105. Star Alliance award - how do I do it?
  106. Direct flight Oslo to Shanghai or China
  107. Compensation for SK flight EU 261/2004
  108. Change of C class upgrade using *A miles vs. Option Town
  109. Multiple upgrade options at the same time
  110. Sas plus survey
  111. SAS Challenge End of Promo Help !
  112. ARN,CPH to IAD,IAH,EWR,ORD mileage run via GIG opportunity
  113. Smooth international-domestic tranfer at OSL?
  114. Same points for Sas Plus and Business
  115. Whazzup with Longhaul these days?
  116. Thoughts on "last minute prices" concept?
  117. Fast Track - Oslo
  118. Eurobonus on Air Canada
  119. Estonian Air / OV - all time low
  120. SK to partner with Virgin America & expand co-operation with American
  121. Lounge access flying FI
  122. luggage with an overnight connection at SVG
  123. Eurobonus points on Swiss
  124. Baggage Handling Strike at CPH??
  125. MSC rule question
  126. CXL LHR 12 July
  127. Blue 1 CPH-LHR?
  128. SAS Plus/Business Check-in?
  129. Which Terminal At Heathrow does SAS Use?
  130. Transfer at PEK
  131. Cabin allowance
  132. SK - Scandinavian Lounge at CPH
  133. Best time to book intra-Scandinavia flights and cash v. miles?
  134. Double gold?
  135. Silver baggage allowance on connecting flights
  136. redeem for US domestic
  137. EBG number - 'EBG' infront of number?
  138. EB Gold qualification date
  139. SK 935 Diverted to Sacramento (SMF)
  140. From Gold to Silver
  141. Question About A trip
  142. Elite bonus, 15% v. 25%
  143. 3 months as Pandion - a status
  144. EuroBonus 2.0 coming this Fall
  145. Converting Eurobonus points to BOM or DEL
  146. GVA cancellations
  147. Free in-flight wifi on SAS flights, for SAS EuroBonus customers
  148. Anyone ordered something from through SAS shopping portal recently?
  149. A350 / A330X route discussion thread [split off from A350 launch thread]
  150. New longhaul aircraft and cabins from 2015 / 2018
  151. Fly Infestation At Arlanda Lounges?
  152. SAS-Finnair merger?
  153. Missing luggage - compensation?
  154. Lounge guest
  155. Converting Milageplus to Eurobonus
  156. EuroBonus Portal broken?
  157. Estonian Air to charge 10 EUR for airport check-in
  158. 767 leased for the summer
  159. Fuel surcharges on award travel on non-SK metal
  160. EWR: At EWR, the shuttle from United's Terminal A to B3 to take SAS flight EWR-CPH.
  161. BKK-route will return winter 2013 + some new destinations
  162. Leaving International area at Osl
  163. Will you pick SAS when you see this offer?
  164. Vote for better food in SAS PLUS
  165. Help please: 6 People, 1 PNR, 1 No-Show
  166. CPH-LHR Business Class, CRJ-900 Seats?
  167. Experiences with the new SAS Go, Plus and Business
  168. CPH Lounge access with a Business Class CPH-LHR ticket?
  169. First row of economy - Transatlantic
  170. Free drink situation in Eco Extra
  171. Fast track and lounge at Trondheim airport Værnes [My SAS Idea]
  172. Strange multi leg flight booked, but dont need to fly the 2nd leg...
  173. Complete shambles at EDI
  174. EB for US domestic travel on United?
  175. Bonus tickets to BKK in January
  176. New overpricing AAL-ARN after introducing new clases?
  177. How to find Cheap flights with SAS?
  178. SAS Youth Last Minute
  179. SAS to Sochi
  180. *Silver benefits on SAS
  181. Adding frequent flyer number to existing PNR
  182. OT: Car rental insurance through credit cards in Norway
  183. SK2752 MAY 20, 2013 WAW -> CPH cancelled - what do to?
  184. Ski storage at CPH
  185. Visit Scandinavia / Nordic Airpass
  186. SAS at Newark Airport
  187. Prices in new concept
  188. change eco extra homebound after outboud flight
  189. Norwegian govt. will now allow EB points for domestic flights.
  190. WTH--Miles credit to Miles and More instead of EB
  191. SK2881 TRD-CPH May 16 cancelled
  192. Unable to access EB account online
  193. Customer Service SAS Norway
  194. changes of earning points on OV flights
  195. SAS tickets, work the system!!
  196. seats changed
  197. Online check-in for RTW ticket
  198. SK codeshares Baltic region
  199. New International SAS cabins
  200. New: SAS Go and SAS Plus, no more eco and biz
  201. You can now buy lounge access for 28€
  202. Eurobonus Gold - Blocked seat next to you?
  203. 3rd Bag Question
  204. SAS math
  205. Amsterdam contract lounge
  206. WIDEROE on STRIKE!!!
  207. quick question on adding mileage plus number
  208. Postal Codes
  209. how eurobonus communicates: need help for research project - thank you
  210. Seat selection - AMS-CPH-HEL
  211. SK908 clips UA RJ at EWR, wing broken
  212. CPH may set up US immigration clearance
  213. Sas cph-ams
  214. Star Alliance Upgrade on IAD CPH 2 Aug
  215. SAS winning Freddie award
  216. EB Points on Partner Airlines
  217. Double Points on SAS EB MC May 10-12 (Sweden)
  218. Sk943 cph-ord 4may2013
  219. Oslo Gardermoen and Stockholm Arlanda short transfer times
  220. Long-Haul C
  221. Making the most of things
  222. How do I read SAS's earnings chart?
  223. no EB points for SK flight op by FI
  224. rare star aliance flights on Eurobonus?
  225. A340 business row 6
  226. When is end of validity of a EB card ?
  227. Business Full Flex rules?
  228. SAS to operate turboprop [ex]CPH [&] STO
  229. SK Scandinavia-Houston [merged]
  230. Optiontown seat selection?
  231. Doubts about preselecting seats
  232. SAS Copenhagen Lounge
  233. Connecting in Copenhagen on diff PNR
  234. Need for a new generation of cabin staff?
  235. Swiss earning on Eurobonus Class L
  236. SAS to get rid of Intra European C
  237. Longhaul C seat upgrade stopped
  238. Points from WF-flights
  239. 19.03.2012 - Weather in Copenhagen
  240. Advice on cancellation
  241. Award booking
  242. CAPA analysis of SAS
  243. SK's tight conx at CPH are ridiculous..
  244. SK2762 gone tech this morning. SK refuses compensation
  245. No option for business class?
  246. SAS Lounge - Swissport - Ground Handling
  247. CPH - LHR canceled tonight
  248. Sas Eurobonus to match US Airways DM status when going Oneworld?
  249. Online checkin
  250. SAS Eurobonus Gold - Extra Hotel Benefits