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  1. Seat selection - AMS-CPH-HEL
  2. SK908 clips UA RJ at EWR, wing broken
  3. CPH may set up US immigration clearance
  4. Sas cph-ams
  5. Star Alliance Upgrade on IAD CPH 2 Aug
  6. SAS winning Freddie award
  7. EB Points on Partner Airlines
  8. Double Points on SAS EB MC May 10-12 (Sweden)
  9. Sk943 cph-ord 4may2013
  10. Oslo Gardermoen and Stockholm Arlanda short transfer times
  11. Long-Haul C
  12. Making the most of things
  13. How do I read SAS's earnings chart?
  14. no EB points for SK flight op by FI
  15. rare star aliance flights on Eurobonus?
  16. A340 business row 6
  17. When is end of validity of a EB card ?
  18. Business Full Flex rules?
  19. SAS to operate turboprop [ex]CPH [&] STO
  20. SK Scandinavia-Houston [merged]
  21. Optiontown seat selection?
  22. Doubts about preselecting seats
  23. SAS Copenhagen Lounge
  24. Connecting in Copenhagen on diff PNR
  25. Need for a new generation of cabin staff?
  26. Swiss earning on Eurobonus Class L
  27. SAS to get rid of Intra European C
  28. Longhaul C seat upgrade stopped
  29. Points from WF-flights
  30. 19.03.2012 - Weather in Copenhagen
  31. Advice on cancellation
  32. Award booking
  33. CAPA analysis of SAS
  34. SK's tight conx at CPH are ridiculous..
  35. SK2762 gone tech this morning. SK refuses compensation
  36. No option for business class?
  37. SAS Lounge - Swissport - Ground Handling
  38. CPH - LHR canceled tonight
  39. Sas Eurobonus to match US Airways DM status when going Oneworld?
  40. Online checkin
  41. SAS Eurobonus Gold - Extra Hotel Benefits
  42. SAS Gold
  43. Service level decrease for commuters in Jutland
  44. Earned EB points for a flight I was not on
  45. Priority baggage tags
  46. SAS to reinstate EB points accrual domestically [in Norway]
  47. Pandion watered down
  48. Taxes and fees on awards with SAS and other airlines
  49. Which FFP to credit my SK flights, already reached EBG
  50. Question about gift vouchers..
  51. Estonian Air flights mileage credit to BAEC possible?
  52. SAS profile shows no upcoming reservations
  53. MD80 phase out
  54. Earnings on AA
  55. New Point Bargains - CPH and MAN
  56. Challenge; Gold status in two days?
  57. Luggage allowance on Mixed Class (M/Y) flights
  58. Transferring points
  59. WiFi & GSM on SAS intra-European flights
  60. SK549 - 17.02.2013 Cancelled?
  61. SK flags intention to remove intra-europe C
  62. EB points on 9W operated SN flight?
  63. Extrapoints for travel in Europe
  64. How is this airline?
  65. No more EuroBonus points from e-Rewards?
  66. Credit miles due to IRROPS?
  67. Award availability for AMEX 50% EB points offer.
  68. What luggage rules apply when flying from GOT-Tampa with United EWR-Tampa?
  69. Earn double points on SK to Beijing & Shanghai
  70. Earning ratios on partner airlines
  71. App on its way?
  72. ARN domestic lounge access [as *G]
  73. SAS award
  74. lockers in AMS Airport SAS to EI connection
  75. New gold benefits?
  76. friends points
  77. Stopovers on award tix booked with Eurobonus
  78. EB Earning on LH Z class
  79. SK (Extra?) Business Baggage Allowance For *Golds?
  80. SAS Expansion direct flight ARN-VNO
  81. CPH, ARN & OSL Lounge Meetups
  82. Budget, new partner!
  83. SAS Frequent Flyer corner at ARN, OSL, CPH
  84. Seat-selection on intercontinental flights
  85. Seating Confusion
  86. Mini TR - Recent Experiences with SK, WF, and CPH
  87. Earning on SQ
  88. In flight service in C vs Y on CPH-ARN
  89. Silver Companion Baggage Allowance
  90. LH6032 (SK676?) on 02DEC
  91. upgrade from Central Asia to Pacific
  92. Easy way to find suitable award tickets?
  93. A hypothesis on FQTV and FQTS on SK
  94. Tall guy - best seating on Airb 330
  95. Is SK a viable airline? Frequency cuts CPH-LHR
  96. In dire need of 3110 basic points by 31 Jan (nearest airport TLV)
  97. Fast security at CPH?
  98. TR CPH: The new "Fast Track" [to nowhere...]
  99. Preselcting seats on LH flights
  100. Can I check my luggage through to destination for separate SAS & Iberia tickets?
  101. Help in calculating EB points on TK flights
  102. O'Leary says that SAS will become a branch of DLH after restructuring!
  103. Being EBG, should I book LH flight on
  104. *A carriers US from Europe without fuel charges on award flights?
  105. SK943 29'th of january
  106. Which are the best miles/credit combination cards in Finland?
  107. flights from the States to Stockholm
  108. Z earning on Austrian
  109. LHR to TLV today: maximum miles
  110. SAS or Lufthansa?
  111. Access to Lounge @ LHR
  112. Point bargains in 2013 - 20xx [merged]
  113. A320 seating [merged new A320 thread]
  114. EBG access to LH/LX Senator Seats?
  115. Lufthansa upgrade award min. booking class?
  116. CPH-MEL with EY -- first leg on SAS
  117. Gold benefits without registering EB membership
  118. Alternative routing OSL-BKK or CPH-BKK
  119. SAS+THAI domestic - interline baggage
  120. SAS A343 spotted in SIN
  121. Fast track to gold
  122. Zero award availability for san francisco??
  123. SAS increase of spending thresholds [merged change of redemption table in Dec 2012]
  124. No email service for EBG anymore???
  125. Status customer earning miles on a different scheme
  126. *A award to Caribbean
  127. EB earnings on LX codeshare (SK metal)
  128. Your favourite drink in SK lounge :P
  129. Lounge access in SVO
  130. 3 people - using one eurobonus gold?
  131. Mastercard 6.000 points
  132. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: SAS Eurobonus benefits nominations
  133. Star Alliance upgrade on Air China flight
  134. SAS launching 45 new routes!
  135. How much time to next crisis?
  136. Bought a Ticket from SAS
  137. SK or LH on shorthaul business?
  138. What do you think? Bankrupt or not bankrupt
  139. in these troubled times....
  140. Why on earth is SAS centralizing leadership in Stockholm?
  141. Eurobonus online shop halted?
  142. Upgrades for points on SK
  143. Eurobonus points strategy preparing for SAS bankruptcy
  144. Christmas calendar 2012 edition
  145. Transfer points with 50% discount
  146. LH SEN NO longer Priority Baggage Tags
  147. EBG grace period & requalification
  148. Please help! Moving to Copenhagen - lots of questions
  149. New to EBG
  150. Estonian Air CEO fired today
  151. No more security at US-arrivals at CPH
  152. A330 used intra Europe
  153. Trading of SAS shares has been halted [merged discussion on restructuring]
  154. UA 1P stuck in CPH w/ SAS tix to EWR from Any ideas?
  155. Rules for lifetime gold
  156. Blue1 GA threatens to refuse boarding, orders a search of private mobile phone
  157. Best way to burn SAS points?
  158. Lounge at Frankfurt
  159. Happy Birthday Kettil Viking - 27 today!!!
  160. SAS might sell Wideroe (and maybe EB?)
  161. Still no bonuspoints in Norway...
  162. Leaks
  163. EB award (SK metal) availability from Norway to the US in June 2013
  164. Cost vs. benefits with the combined cards
  165. Missing flights when booking
  166. Cph/gva sk1611/15oct cnl
  167. Fast track at GOT
  168. New commercial concept for Blue1
  169. SK operated by Mexicana click?
  170. A340 osl-ewr
  171. Lost EBG due to transition to new earning model
  172. Customer service Norway, landline number
  173. Is Online Check-in working AM 14/10/12?
  174. Service-disaster registering missing points
  175. SK-Lounge Christmas opening hours in OSL/CPH/HEL
  176. How long has OTP been a SAS destination?
  177. SAS Baggage Service Office at Newark! Help!
  178. backup planes
  179. Blue1 catering: new concept on Premium Class?
  180. Two EBG newbie questions
  181. News; one-way awards with Star Alliance and adjustment to prices from October 6th!
  182. Inflight product changes on long haul as of Oct 1
  183. Any news on those new Business class seats?
  184. Should I put the hotel on my eurobonus or club carlson
  185. EuroBonus for US-based flyer
  186. Fuel surcharges on award flights
  187. Yet another service downgrade?
  188. No more free juice
  189. Paying for non-alchohlic drinks in longhaul economy
  190. SAS Help Required
  191. Transfer times at ORD
  192. Valid routings CPH-SEA
  193. Duty-free at security
  194. SAS EB/Plusgrade/TAP
  195. New to Eurobonus - frustration claiming Park Inn points
  196. New flight point bargains out
  197. What's the main language that's spoken on SK flights?
  198. Talk and SMS (along with the internet option)
  199. Infant booking and cancellation
  200. Scandinavian characters on SK tickets not converting correctly
  201. Invite your friends and earn 6000 Extra points
  202. Rejection of flight accrual from Brussel Airlines
  203. Voucher :-)
  204. EB Reduced Basic Points Earnings in C?
  205. Status match
  206. Eurobonus on Avianca-TACA and COPA
  207. CPH fast track reconstruction expands
  208. New Point Bargains (11.-17. september)
  209. United vs SAS FF for American moving abroad
  210. Long waiting times until flights from other *A carriers are cedited
  211. Retaining Gold status question
  212. Transfer of points - at a high price
  213. Will SAS do an open day event this year
  214. EB earnings for LX booking class P?
  215. SAS to start Stockholm–Innsbruck
  216. Goodbye HEL-OUL with Blue1
  217. Excess Baggage - Most significant carrier?
  218. Lounge access denied in MLA
  219. New point bargains from 4.9.2012
  220. SAS Eurobonus Gold member, benefits when flying SAS but crediting UA?
  221. Lounge in AMS
  222. Carrying poster as handluggage on SAS
  223. Consolidator sales ex-US till 04SEP12
  224. Farewell MD87
  225. OSL-BER?
  226. Why can't I ticket this route to OSL?
  227. In which Eurobonus award zone is Seychelles?
  228. Goodbye Bangkok?
  229. OT: lounge in CDG? ... in GIG?
  230. OT: Icelandair announces new service to Anchorage, Alaska
  231. Delays/rerouting?
  232. Amex 2-4-1 voucher: open jaw possible?
  233. SAS @ LHR: Forklift truck driver fined £150 for causing £1 million damage to aircraft
  234. 3 hour layover in Kastrup
  235. 40% sale on purchase of extra points [extended to 12 Nov 2012]
  236. Lounge for *A in Bruxelles
  237. Turnaround in CPH?
  238. MX cancellations continue...
  239. No more comfort kit in Economy Extra ?
  240. ORD Self Baggage Check In
  241. Help on F-Award USA
  242. Star Alliance Award Bookings Using SAS Miles
  243. SAS sale now on
  244. overbooking on arn-ord...
  245. Rules for Star awards with SK
  246. Question - What consider as good price within Scandinavia?
  247. SAS EB points transfer to other star alliance?
  248. Upgrading with money, do I get more points?
  249. One <32 kg bag vs. two times <23 kg
  250. SAS Charter flights