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  1. Nz Immigration
  2. Annual Upgrades
  3. Only QF
  4. London Res - Deleting Waitlists
  5. Award trip to Hong Kong
  6. MEL-SYD r/t for $2(!) Anyone get this????
  7. Star Alliance wants you (!)
  8. Celebrate an Aussie victory! (Possible London drink)
  9. HK/Australia air rights talk flounder and thwarted QF fly HKG-EU
  10. Qantas points for Cathay & BA "M" class seats?
  11. OT - looking foward to bill returning to England
  12. Fares slashed between Sydney and Melbourne (Error or Fact?)
  13. 500 bonus points for flying Cityfler
  14. Chance to win 100,000 points!
  15. First vs. Business from JFK
  16. Y means Open Ticket
  17. e-Travel books new Qantas deal
  18. Skybed Config SYD-LAX in December!
  19. Skimpy to get A320's
  20. Expiring Miles - need activity
  21. E Ticket New Feature?
  22. Platinum Seat Guarantee
  23. Getting award for AKL-SIN in mid-Jan?
  24. SC between HKG-SIN
  25. Qantas' dependence on 744's & 380's for long-haul. A confining policy?
  26. Qantas to Switzerland.....
  27. Getting on flight on Dec. 28
  28. A great way to earn miles (shame about the SC's though)
  29. Latest RE: Boeing 7E7
  30. Int-Int Transfer and exiting immigration
  31. cheapies
  32. CNS vs the Whitsunday's vs Gold Coast
  33. Accrue AA/OneWorld miles on an infant ticket?
  34. Connection Time at SYD II
  35. The advantages of Qantas Club
  36. QF v BA F Class
  37. trip report on Brisbane and North and Tassie
  38. Now this is a parking bay
  39. SYD T1 to T3 transfer bus
  40. QF's Jetconnect in NZ
  41. Upgrade Credits Changeover on Jan 1
  42. Seat reservation
  43. Personal superstitions on QF/OW flights??
  44. Plaza Premium Lounge at Syd T1 opens
  45. PCs in MEL Int QP
  46. Qantas in-flight service quality
  47. QF Points and SCs on BA CitiExpress?
  48. It's official - Swiss to join the forces of goodness and righteousness...
  49. On departure point upgrade advice
  50. QF from Australia to USA
  51. QF 8 afternoon flight - service in F versus night flights?
  52. In Flight Seat-to-Seat calling
  53. Hello WP .... goodbye SG
  54. Be my guest - 18/11 SYD T1 QP
  55. BNE FT Gathering 18th November
  56. Value?
  57. Club Access - Multi leg Biz Itinerary, Coach Leg
  58. Award with one stopover
  59. Denied lounge access!
  60. Airline Terminology
  61. 747 Upgrade Schedule
  62. QF FF seating in 1st class
  63. Amex Rewards Maximiser
  64. QF and brace position
  65. Hotel bookings through Qantas website
  66. SYD to HKG on CX- same SCs as on QF?
  67. Qantas attack on FF ploy
  68. Upgrade through partners and AMEX
  69. QF-Lite to get Airbuses?
  70. Anyone used Zuji?
  71. Help appreciated!!
  72. Likelihood of U opening up
  73. QF WP's off to USA: trip planning questions
  74. Congratulations to Willyroo...joins 1K Post Club
  75. Nice Letter from GD's Office
  76. Bne to Per
  77. domestic flight booking from U.S.
  78. Upgrades on non-QF metal
  79. AA/QF United States via Tokyo $1560+
  80. SYD transit: QF domestic to AC international
  81. Qantas Codeshare capacity to Greece
  82. any fters in lax t4 tonight?
  83. Nice email from Qantas...
  84. Auckland Hotels offering QFF points
  85. Exemplary service (at least in J)
  86. Missing cabin bonus and SCs
  87. Qantas boss defends stand on Pacific route
  88. Lounge Questions
  89. Seatmap is no more
  90. MNL-MEL QF/CX or PR in business
  91. Your cheapest status credit?
  92. GD recent speech to Asia Pacific Aviation Media Association
  93. Great QF fare HKG-BNE return: HKD6,700 for 2 pax, Q class
  94. Another Vermin Blue sale (lets hope Qantas matches!)
  95. Qantas/BA Biz Class to London over Xmas/New Year period for $A5489 + tax
  96. Checking Ticket Rules online
  97. the most status credit points
  98. Flying LAX-AKL-BNE-CNS next year...a quick question?
  99. Triple points on Qantas
  100. Status reassessment
  101. How crazy do you think SYD airport will be on Friday...
  102. Ancient Guest Passes
  103. Shanghai - Finally. But ......
  104. BOS-Sydney
  105. I'm so worried about the baggage retrieval system...
  106. Rumour? Aust Gov't to abolish reward schemes
  107. Melbourne airport doesn't like Qantas!
  108. QF Retro Cabin Bag
  109. sick of the guy in front?
  110. $498 LAX AKL LAX Fare
  111. Will QF match virgins weekend sale?
  112. quickcheck improvements
  114. If I upgrade before Jan 1st do I save
  115. BA or Qantas
  116. Where's OG???
  117. How Many QF FF???
  118. Some miscellaneous news
  119. Is there anything I can do (more than getting waitlisted) to get an upgrade?
  120. QF Club on reward J ticket
  121. QF WP visiting SYD/MEL btw 25/10 and 03/11
  122. Who's been spitting at Check-in Agents?
  123. Flying QF to Cairns...some advice please
  124. Have they removed the navigation bar on the QF web site?
  125. Qantas to commence Canberra-Perth services
  126. Qantas Airbus 330-200
  127. MEL to OOL Foreigner Questions
  128. Qantas refund the differnce?
  129. any aussies with AF "rouge" status??
  130. BA to start 3 new routes to southern Italy
  131. Anyone with QC access??
  132. LAX-AUK seat allocation
  133. Qantas to Restructure Business
  134. Another Virgin Sale
  135. travel route advice
  136. First QF A333 coming in JAN
  137. Qantas to Launch Low Cost Airline
  138. What are the best seats in Bus Class on 2 class 747?
  139. US to Sydney for US$797 on Qantas Flight #8, including Open-Jaw!
  140. Can you sleep well in International Business Class?
  141. Choice Hotels and Avis Points
  142. Qantas ANZ Visa Card again......
  143. best plane for mel-per in eco ?
  144. AA Plat Challenge by WP
  145. QF HKG-LHR??
  146. Trip report SYD-MEL using QF and QFF partners
  147. US Postpones Machine-Readable Passports for Visa Waiver Program Travel for One Year
  148. Discounted Business Class Tickets ?
  149. Qantas to ORD from 04.3.29
  150. World Cup spotting in QP
  151. Slightly cheaper N QF fares ex SYD
  152. Use Qantas Points on OW Airlines
  153. QF107/108 LAX-JFK or JFK-LAX experiences
  154. Qantas Credit for Hilton Stays??
  155. LAX: QF108... Anyone flown from T4 lately?
  156. U availability LAX-MEL
  157. Why isn't Gold top status?
  158. Syd QC 10/10/03 16:00
  159. Hooray, i fianlly have status!!!
  160. Domestic Seat Allocation - Pro's and Con's
  161. Need Guidance: Point Partners for Award Tickets
  162. QF Codeshare Partners BA & AA to Merge?
  163. QFF online itinerary
  164. Award availibility for Qantas Biz with US miles?
  165. Bumped on SYD to MEL
  166. MEL - PER
  167. Skybed: almost 2m long. What if you are 210cm?
  168. Flying Qantas - who to put my miles with?
  169. Why no QF seat assignments on Oz flights?
  170. QC vs Blue Room
  171. Connect Time in Santiago for QF Codeshare... Enough time?
  172. No Qantas Club, how am I going to survive
  173. How many Lounge Meals in one stop?
  174. QFF Service
  175. Seat Map for QF94 07 Oct 2003
  176. Posting of miles from US Air flight
  177. Rex and Qantas Christmas eve...
  178. Breakfast in QC
  179. Kath and Kim in the Qantas Club
  180. MEL/SYD to CNS for A$166 sale ends today!
  181. What is happening this weekend?
  182. luggage storage at MEL
  183. QC Membership Question !!
  184. Concorde flight on BA - where to have credited miles?
  185. What NOT to say to tech crew when you bump into them mid-flight....
  186. 1.5 hours connecting time
  187. Skybed displays in Sydney
  188. Points for "" bookings
  189. QF Lounge in HNL
  190. Great service from QF phone staff last night
  191. How to win friends at MEL QC.........
  192. Crossing the Tasman
  193. Inventory for Bus Class Award Travel-plus is there a way to see availability online?
  194. Qantas and Patricks to bid for Ansett MEL facility
  195. QF 4 day seat sale ex LHR/MAN - book by 30.09.03
  196. Qantas booking engine down?
  197. Miles redemption when travelling with infant
  198. Experience International Business Promotion
  199. QF's turn for close media attention
  200. QC Scotch
  201. 2 QF 744's grounded
  202. International J changes
  203. QC passes in AC
  204. First Class Upgrade Promotion Flying business class from HKG
  205. Sydney Airport Fuel Shortage
  206. QF ending J class in domestic NZ?
  207. QF / BA connections query
  208. QC Competition
  209. QC Access when not flying Qantas
  210. Where Does QF Club Bronze Sit on U/G Waitlist?
  211. First Skybed Aircraft
  212. New upgrade credit requirement.
  213. Australia's Qantas: Welcomes Air Deal With Singapore
  214. BA/LX tie-up, LX to join OW
  215. Qantas Club Passes
  216. Discount Y in BA with QFF Program Changes
  217. SYD new rules
  218. QF First Class award? Points?
  219. Booking Award Travel Online?
  220. Full SC in M class??
  221. Dave Noble comes Down Under
  222. Australia Day in Perth vs. Chinese NY 1st Day in HK?
  223. So what international Y seats can we book ahead of time?
  224. Increased Duty Free Allowamce arriving into OZ!!
  225. Qantas super deals to 12 cities..... Sep-Feb!!
  226. Transcript of Sir Reginald Ansett Memorial Lecture
  227. QF 149
  228. New changes that devalue points
  229. T4 Lounge review
  230. Mailout to QF Plats - new First Class offering??
  231. Please Advise: How much time to connect at MEL?
  232. Anyone have a question on the mangement of Qantas?
  233. Qantas Low Fares from LAX for Australian Spring!
  234. $498 -- Amazing Roundtrip Fare to New Zealand
  235. On Q
  236. Identification for children travelling on e-tickets?
  237. How long until Award Points are re-credited?
  238. Australia's Qantas Slashes Fares On Trans-Tasman Route
  239. Only passengers get past security?
  240. Dizzy with excitement
  241. QF requesting to block new operator flying LAX-OZ
  242. Qantas/LanChile Codeshare? Advice requested.
  243. Earn Qantas FF from Dragonair?
  244. AO to FRA? ROFLMAOPMP!!!!!
  245. Lounge access at Sydney on RTW ticket?
  246. QF1 Dept Syd 11 Sept
  247. ANZ Qantas Visa Card just got less attractive
  248. Award Avail - alternate resources
  249. SFO-Hong Kong-Sydney
  250. J review