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  1. Cairns QP on 28 June
  2. Qantas to Establish New International Cabin Crew Bases
  3. Does QF have the new Business class on LAX/BNE
  4. Intra Asia flights on QF
  5. MEL arrival and lounge access
  6. How much time do I need between flights?
  7. What to expect in Qantas First Class ?
  8. Change those CBA points over
  9. Seeking QP Access / Offering QP Access
  10. QF Codeshares in Europe
  11. Award seat redemptions
  12. LHR-MAN on QF Metal
  13. O.T. HMAS Melbourne carrier landings on video
  14. How do you get Qantas to free up some FF seats??
  15. J pax on domestic sectors operated by International a/c
  16. How strict has Qantas been with carry-on weight recently?
  17. A not so successful mileage run...
  18. Qantas to withdraw from CDG...
  19. Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar - sales now on
  20. From another DB
  21. Another Virgin sale
  22. Creative mileage runs
  23. European based Mileage Run Opportunity
  24. Great experience as QF PLAT with award travel
  25. status credits question
  26. AA's YUP fares -- get SC's for first class?
  27. Linking PNRs on Different Flight #
  28. Qantas in NA - from the "horse's mouth"
  29. Free Business Tix Lounge Access?
  30. Leg room on 737-800
  31. Will QF hold checked bags overnight Dom>Intl ??
  32. "R" Class on BA
  33. qantas first seats
  34. Trade: 1 Pair QF New in Unopened Bag Black QF PJ's for Ladies QF F Amenity Kit
  35. Yield Management - very frustrating
  36. Photo of 17 Flyertalkers in the SYD Qantas Club.
  37. New e-ticket email format
  38. Trip Report: BNE-SIN QF51 Y
  39. QF 107 LAX-JFK: No Problem Checking in for Domestic Segment
  40. Qantas FF Redeption Blackout on SYD-LAX
  41. Qantas sent me a letter telling me they'd be in contact soon...
  42. LAX - MEL and SYD - LAX in F class
  43. QF93 - chance of new J class?
  44. Finally decided to join!
  45. Which flights use AA's T4 at LAX?
  46. Basic WP question - BA F Lounge access
  47. QF6 Skybed
  48. Options for BNE-CDG
  49. Determining fare basis on QF website
  50. Can QF WP on WT+ use the Spa?
  51. Award Avail
  52. First DeathStar A320...
  53. Seating Diagrams
  54. Intro fare syd-bom only $869
  55. Would QF record my whole booking?
  56. Complimentary upgrade
  57. discount Y points for BA flights ticketed with a QF flight number
  58. Skybeds: Any difference in service other than seats?
  59. Qantas pilots charged over 'reckless' takeoff
  60. Qantas - Paid Upgrades ?
  62. Queries on connecting/through checking from a TG Flight
  63. We are becoming notorious....
  64. Jetstar exteriors, meal trays, overhead bins &c to be painted up like Sydney Bus ads?
  65. QF WP's off to LHR - conundrum and questions
  66. So Many New QF Services!
  67. More DJ $48 fares (limited)
  68. Do SAA and QF depart from same LHR terminal?
  69. InsideFlyer asks: What would YOU ask Frequent Flyer?
  70. Bye bye SWISS
  71. Computer failure grounds flights at UK airports
  72. J* already with cashflow probs??
  73. QF vs EK trans tasman
  74. One World flight awards
  75. Seat Power in Y?
  76. QF Domestic J Experince
  77. Travel Rorts
  78. Seating Assistance
  79. Business Class Freeloaders
  80. Seat preferences on oneworld partners
  81. Maximising points on MEL/SIN rtn
  82. QF63 - 64 ... Any hope of a SKYBED
  83. Bombay & Shanghai on QF growth list
  84. Claytons E ticket
  85. Question re J* seating
  86. Seat Allocation for Domestic Flights
  87. Australians who take out citizenship in another country . . .
  88. Crikey - Interesting stuff for QF
  89. June 7 SYD T1 QP, offering J lounge guest access, seeking F lounge access
  90. Land a QANTAS "Ticket for Life"
  91. 50% bonus points?
  92. Penalties for award changes....
  93. Seating in internat. "D" 747 - and - Hotel question for North Queensland
  94. Transferring QANTAS points to Asia Miles?
  95. Jetstar Quiz - For Fun
  96. Is there an under 7 day search engine for awards?
  97. 40 SC's required by 30/06
  98. BNE-NOU no seats ever?
  99. Huge price hikes on NTL Red-e-deals
  100. Day trip options on WT+ ticket from LHR
  101. TSV-LHR Options
  102. The new F
  103. J/f??
  104. Beds on Qantas flights ?
  105. New QF red-e-deals page
  106. Emigrating Baggage Allowence.
  107. QF/Swiss RTW - how many QFF points and SCs?
  108. Found on another board...
  109. High Fares
  110. Airfare Refund???
  111. J* 2 for 1 seat sale
  112. Meet Qantas
  113. Australian Pilots 3rd Most Trusted Profession
  114. QC member access to AC when NOT flying
  115. Double points on QF link.
  116. FRA-SIN new flat beds?
  117. travel tips required please
  118. First J* experiences
  119. AC members upset by QP members.
  120. QF award on LY JFK-TLV
  121. Anyone want to trade QF Upgrade for Starwood Nights
  122. Qantas /Jetstar "slimline" seats
  123. HKG Upgrade Promotion
  124. Aussie car rental
  125. QP visits next week - anyone around?
  126. Best use of QFF for upcoming trip
  127. Breakfast on Hotel QF98
  128. ?website with meal information
  129. Anyone seen a new Amex Gold "Maximiser" credit card?
  130. Freeing up seats on QF codeshare with LA
  131. SYD - Vietenam ?
  132. Jetstar SMS reservations
  133. New Thrifty Award Certificates
  134. No choice but J* from Bne
  135. USD 1 Billion IT outsourcing by QF
  136. 20% of all domestic Y award flights
  137. Distance calculator site
  138. New Route for Australian Airlines
  139. I'm confused. QF FF questions
  140. HEAD EXPLODING - QFF or AA Plat Challenge?
  141. SYD-NRT, J, Best Options
  142. QF deal on mobile phone hire?
  143. Squeezy J* 717s
  144. 762's and 763's
  145. Reward Cancellation Question
  146. Fuel Surcharge came in at 11:15 EST
  147. Credit for rerouted flight
  148. Lounge Access Question
  149. Credit where it's due
  150. QF increasing fares to US by 6%
  151. OT: Oz and FJ question
  152. Discrepancy between the phone and internet
  153. best way to roll expiration date of QF points
  154. CBR to get first international RPT ops
  155. I have 460000 points to use in the next few weeks
  156. I feel a Mileage Run coming on!
  157. New QF webpage
  158. Advice needed re.: Diners Club
  159. QF 108/107- July 2004
  160. O/T BA's New Advertisment
  161. LAX AC (Sorry, not QP) 12 May 2004
  162. Class of Service Bonus
  163. [JQ] Oh dear....
  164. U Class tax question
  165. 'Heads-up' on Chicago lounges (access via status)
  166. Award Availability Online
  167. New and Improved Darwin Qantas Club!
  168. Qantas starts fuel surcharge
  169. The "Pineapple Run" for S/cs
  170. Qf107/108 Lax-jfk
  171. Qantas NZ
  172. QF screwed me and didn't bother to tell me!
  173. Jetstar launches livery
  174. Does QF offer an OLCI for domestic?
  175. Showers in MEL
  176. Flyer points
  177. Releasing a M Class seat
  178. Do all QF offices require instant ticketing of awards?
  179. Do your car rentals usually post to your QF account?
  180. Qantas 747s idle at LAX
  181. Will this earn QF points?
  182. Sleeper Seats in J
  183. Amex Gold offers via QF
  184. QF On Time Performance
  185. Award travel to OZ on QF or UA?
  186. PER-WEL special on Vermin - will Qantas match?
  187. D availability ex-LHR
  188. Little OT: The Chardonnay on Qantas?
  189. LAX T4 lounge
  190. Frog in Salad
  191. "SOS" for certain SYD Ent. Book coupons - to use for "Oz Fest 2004 May 21-23
  192. BA World Traveller Plus
  193. Qantas compassionate fares ?
  194. New Qantas Deals from LA....
  195. Exotic new QF cuisine...
  196. Discount Y status bonus (AA and BA) - new T&C in force 01.05.04
  197. prefered aircraft on QUANTAS business class
  198. Thailand Trip Report - Setting the Standard
  199. Am I too impatient?
  200. Qantas Club Guest Passes
  201. Points deducted for U/G instead of UC's
  202. JL: We don't partner with QF, so we can't accept your card...but I'm on AA Codeshare!
  203. QF consolidators in UK
  204. Deathstar Blues
  205. Your Prefered QF Aircraft to Fly
  206. Citibank 10,000 QF points for me and you!
  207. Still confused about AA points/SC earning
  208. Telstra Joins Qantas in the CC Slug
  209. J full over one month out?
  210. Q Club at NRT
  211. QANTAS Website a bit slow...
  212. The Qantas Wallabies
  213. I must be special
  214. Fleet renewal plan?
  215. Possible relocation to Melbourne
  216. QF codeshare flights in the US
  217. BAEC Award Availability and QFF X Class?
  218. And now for the Brits.....
  219. Invitation to dine with John Travolta
  220. BNE QP Proposed Meet
  221. Mad claims from the 3rd world
  222. Qantas vs. Air NZ in F from North America
  223. Domestic A330 J class
  224. QF 333 "International"
  225. The demise of Jetstar
  226. a few (more) RTW questions
  227. cairns->darwin typical fare + flying only the 2nd segment of a connection
  228. Planned upgrade of Singapore QP
  229. Yield calculation question
  230. Anyone taken QF coded, Air Niugini operated flight BNE SYD?
  231. Is there an arrival lounge in AKL?
  232. Anyone got a FF silver invite available?
  233. Is BNE-ADL 10 or 20 SC's ?
  234. Best Y seats on 2-class 744
  235. What about those of us who have to drive home or fly b4 1pm?
  236. The NEW -what are they serving in QPs/F Lounges thread!
  237. New Person - Hello & Goal-setting question
  238. Points on prepaid hotel stays?
  239. Mega Seat Sale
  240. The return of 747s on Transcons
  241. How good is Qantas International Travel insurance ? Any good alternative ?
  242. How is Qantas travel insurance ? QBE...any alternative ?
  243. JFK-Australia from $1048
  244. Anyone got a reliable contact within Qantas management?
  245. Choose Qantas Airways as Your Gay-Friendly Travel Partner
  246. QP TSV has come of age
  247. Qantas terminal at CBR evacuated
  248. The NEW -what beer are they serving in WHY thread!
  249. Qantas Sydney lounge
  250. Opinion on suitcase damage