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  1. The Qantas Wallabies
  2. I must be special
  3. Fleet renewal plan?
  4. Possible relocation to Melbourne
  5. QF codeshare flights in the US
  6. BAEC Award Availability and QFF X Class?
  7. And now for the Brits.....
  8. Invitation to dine with John Travolta
  9. BNE QP Proposed Meet
  10. Mad claims from the 3rd world
  11. Qantas vs. Air NZ in F from North America
  12. Domestic A330 J class
  13. QF 333 "International"
  14. The demise of Jetstar
  15. a few (more) RTW questions
  16. cairns->darwin typical fare + flying only the 2nd segment of a connection
  17. Planned upgrade of Singapore QP
  18. Yield calculation question
  19. Anyone taken QF coded, Air Niugini operated flight BNE SYD?
  20. Is there an arrival lounge in AKL?
  21. Anyone got a FF silver invite available?
  22. Is BNE-ADL 10 or 20 SC's ?
  23. Best Y seats on 2-class 744
  24. What about those of us who have to drive home or fly b4 1pm?
  25. The NEW -what are they serving in QPs/F Lounges thread!
  26. New Person - Hello & Goal-setting question
  27. Points on prepaid hotel stays?
  28. Mega Seat Sale
  29. The return of 747s on Transcons
  30. How good is Qantas International Travel insurance ? Any good alternative ?
  31. How is Qantas travel insurance ? QBE...any alternative ?
  32. JFK-Australia from $1048
  33. Anyone got a reliable contact within Qantas management?
  34. Choose Qantas Airways as Your Gay-Friendly Travel Partner
  35. QP TSV has come of age
  36. Qantas terminal at CBR evacuated
  37. The NEW -what beer are they serving in WHY thread!
  38. Qantas Sydney lounge
  39. Opinion on suitcase damage
  40. Earning Status Credits on BA WT+
  41. Mileage Runs
  42. Newbie?'s BNE-LAX-YVR + a quick YVR-AUS
  43. Hkg-mel
  44. 5 QF sectors, 5 QF Clubs and all brilliant service
  45. Honk Kong air services liberalisation deal
  46. Skybeds versus BA flat bed and CX wedge bed
  47. Perth CityFlyer Services
  48. Change of FF renewal date
  49. European SC run
  50. QF HKG-LHR here we come...
  51. Finding Fare Rules
  52. Advice for a European Trip
  53. Darwin/Sydney Redeye
  54. Premature WP Renewal!
  55. SIN-BNE on QF52.. Y Class seats?
  56. HongKong Heathrow Tokyo LOUNGES 24 hrs. ?
  57. Crikey - Now it happens to the Gold Coast
  58. The NEW -what french are they serving in FIRST thread!
  59. 75 Min Connection Time at SYD - enough?
  60. SYD QP Tue 20 April - anyone around?
  61. Booking the AA codeshare, and "linking" reservations
  62. Immigration/Transit
  63. Pricing strategy? purchase tix from NZ/AU?
  64. What to do in BNE for the weekend?
  65. Excess Baggage BCN - LHR
  66. aircraft type?
  67. Worth upgrading 737?
  68. LAX-AKL... QF26 or QF156?
  69. Value of QF upgrades vs. AA/UA VIPs?
  70. BA launches e-ticket interlining with AA and QF
  71. Seat Advice - 46A
  72. QF WP's Mileage Run
  73. Qantas 4th in Airline of the Year Survey
  74. Flyint QF for first time this Wednesday (April 14), couple questions
  75. Some Q's about travel insurance
  76. QF to Chicago
  77. INS Port Pass still functioning?
  78. Thanks to everyone that tried to help me
  79. QF 31 vs QF 1 and other random questions
  80. Optus Broadband - 5000 Points
  81. Flying QF to the USA
  82. Thanks to everyone helping me with hints & I get LOUNGE ACCESS ?
  83. US Immigration
  84. Sydney Fog
  85. Happy Easter & bye for a while
  86. BNE FT meeting - guest of honour: ozzie
  87. LHR/SIN in Biz - BA or SQ or QF?
  88. Alas no premium desk
  89. HELP~!~ Need tips how to book award flight with Qantas partner airline ~!~HELP
  90. QF 17 - April 19
  91. More QF RedE Specials
  92. New International Services into CBR?
  93. OW Sapphire without the card
  94. Credit card to earn QF points in the UK?
  95. Early, very early check in
  96. J upgrade?? how do I find out if any seats available??
  97. RTW - suggestions?
  98. help wanted - qantas frequent flyer
  99. Test post...
  100. Cooking with Gas
  101. Flyer Talk Newbie needs help booking Qantas Frequent flyer award flight
  102. SYD T3 QPub - Sat 03/04 - Anyone here?
  103. Recent Experience on QF26
  104. Questions: LAX-SYD-LAX on QF 108/149
  105. BNE-SYD A333 J Trip Report (Long)
  106. QF & BA codesharing in J on K route
  107. The vision for BNE
  108. QF mini price rise withdrawn
  109. Chances of Clearing FC Upgrade LAX-SYD on FL 12 vs FL 108
  110. When does QF issue paper tix for int'l e-tix?
  111. Qantas launch Adelaide to Auckland
  112. Testing Ground for the new Board
  113. QF WP's Hilton Honors Points Grab (to QFF account)
  114. Adelaide (ADL) - Berlin (TXL)
  115. Award flights with children
  116. Welcome back and thanks QF WP
  117. Qantas Club Pass
  118. Attn SC chasers in Europe
  119. Expiring ticket - any way to extend?
  120. Frequent Fryer Points coming to a program near you
  121. Chances That QF Will Take Away My Seat 1K Assignment on QF 001?
  122. SYD-BKK
  123. Making award booking whilst overseas?
  124. Daylight Savings Time Information
  125. only offers 3% discount on QF bookings
  126. Molton Brown Spa Access at LHR
  127. FT Going Down, Mother was not involved in this incident.
  128. Standby fares?
  129. Any update on the skybed rollout??
  130. Flights to double under SYD airport plan
  131. Plat + 100000 to spend
  132. Double Points on ANZ FF Diners Club Card
  133. What's your maximum $/SC spend level?
  134. An Aussie travelling in Ireland
  135. QF WP's parents off to USA: questions
  136. Reality show on Pacific Blue
  137. No Miles or SCs for Certain Discount AA fares
  138. Oz Fest....
  139. QF LAX-SYD..which terminal?
  140. QF UK dispensing dud information?
  141. Qantas Freight - Would you be upset if they slapped a sticker on your car like this?
  142. OT: Discount hotel websites
  143. Upgrade using miles
  144. For those new to the QF board....
  145. Qantas Global Sale until 26 March
  146. Continental Award in First
  147. QF staff fear air rage on Jetstar
  148. Low oxygen levels in Airbus aircraft
  149. CX flights to QFF v. AAdv
  150. Two Airlines Vie to Rule the Skies of Australia (NY Times)
  151. Rant: QF seating allocation for international
  152. QF not matching latest DJ sale
  153. Points for Upgrade credits?
  154. Expiring UC
  155. Any way to get a CC with a USA address?
  156. QF 05
  157. Are QF miles transferable?
  158. AMEX extends extra 1.5 points/$
  159. Qantas tipped to launch low-cost carrier in Singapore
  160. Ways to Burn?
  161. Help another QF WP associate
  162. Moving to the UK? re: QF>BA FF
  163. 2 class 747s
  164. LAX T4 on a Friday (QF107)
  165. Intro & Question
  166. Qantas - One of the World's Great Shrinking Airlines
  167. Anyway I can use Qantas miles for UA travel?
  168. J Class Fare Sale Tix
  169. J bathrooms on 744
  170. Whos money is it anyway.
  171. 5000 points for applying for Citibank ReadyCredit
  172. Customer Survey
  173. Anyone credited a CX HKG-PEK sector to QF yet?
  174. LAX-AKL F service?
  175. [OT] Oh dear....
  176. Beer advice sought for SYF F lounge and other fine pubs!
  177. Using upgrade credits for CHC-SYD run
  178. J Class - 747-300?
  179. Quantas Service is the Best
  180. QF Upgrade points
  181. 4000 points for CBA plat card holders
  182. Will BPs & Tix Submitted After Requal Count Towards Next Year?
  183. WT+ and QF
  184. AA Platinum unable to book premium coach seat on QF?
  185. SYD-OOL by Air Jamaica
  186. Cheap red e-deals back on for NZ
  187. Can a QF FF program member earn on an Alaskan Flight?
  188. Citibank Referrals - ex WBC et al thread
  189. FirstAir Offers Free "Q Club" Membership to Select QF FT Members
  190. Expiring Upgrade Credits
  191. Fleetwood mac ticket free in sydney
  192. New LCC? Ozjet?
  193. Animals in the cabin on J*
  194. Steady-EDI in BNE 9/3-11/3, FT get-together
  195. QF to operate direct Sydney-Mumbai
  196. QF107 LAX-JFK
  197. SA to join Evil Empire (yes, it IS on-topic)
  198. Is this the way it will be?
  199. First Class Lounge - Heathrow
  200. When did QF 107/108 first start?
  201. business or first cheap tickets?
  202. Using upgrades from UK
  203. OW vs Star
  204. Can I upgrade a travelling companion or not?
  205. Fly in J on CX or QF
  206. Bronze member chance for an upgrade?
  207. Qantas flyers bumped to Jetstar
  208. QF fined almost $10 million in last 2 years for violating immigration laws
  209. Proper procedure on cancellation of flight LAX-AKL
  210. Connection BA-QF at SYD
  211. Help I have created a points addiction.
  212. Transferring between Sydney domestic to International
  213. Special meal experiences
  214. Joining in Europe but base here
  215. Where to park those SCs?
  216. James Packer joins Qantas Board
  217. Yes we're 6hrs late but there's nothign we can do...
  218. New guest policy....
  219. not all bad?
  220. SYD lounge access please
  221. What do they think they're doing?
  222. A couple of questions on QF12 LAX SYD
  223. Crikey - it's all bad news for Qantas here
  224. While JQ/DJ battle high server loads, QF give us some cheapies too..
  225. Question: 2 pax, one without bags... Can I use QC?
  226. QP at Richmond Air Force Base
  227. OT: 772LR range - 17170KM, would QF buy it?
  228. Qantas expands, 5 more 738 and seeks 10 more 744
  229. Partner points posting
  230. DJ & JQ Servers
  231. Ok, so we all know what JQ is and it sucks for FTers? Will any of us fly it?
  232. Changes to QP access - No Guest Passes required
  233. QF Club and Jetstar
  234. Two operational questions
  235. Emirates hub at AKL plan -- or QF in the crosshairs
  236. QF WP timing down (but not out!)
  237. Jetstar
  238. No Jetstar SC or points, but access to QP
  239. Discounted Business class tickets LAX to Melbourne
  240. Jetstar based at Avalon
  241. Why won't QF issue e-tickets from SIN?
  242. Newbie on Qantas this week questions
  243. QF returns to Tassie
  244. Jetstar to use Avalon instead of MEL
  245. Manila Metal
  246. BNE QP FT REP
  247. Use of miles questions. Advice requested!!
  248. Underwhelmed by Premium Desk
  249. 10,000 points shy of award
  250. The Commonwealth Bank restructures credit card offering ahead of Platinum launch