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  1. Rubbery flight time quite a stretch
  2. This doesn't surprise me..
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  12. QP access for WP
  13. LAX: Aircraft Under-Utilization
  14. Discount Bus. Class, SFO-SYD?
  15. 50 status points needed
  16. Is availability REALLY this bad?
  17. QF FF Store?
  18. Reliability of QuickCheckin
  19. Some background to the new QF ads with kids used during Olympic telecast etc
  20. Secure Sentinel withdraws from QF FF
  21. Lhr-per 428
  22. Bonus Points with EnergyAustralia
  23. Trip to Australia, looking to meet & chat with fellow Flyertalkers!
  24. Help req AKL-CHC-AKL-MEL-SYD-BNE
  25. Wahoo...More Than a Third of the Way to Lifetime Platinum
  26. Long transfer SIN-SYD-AKL: Options?
  27. Couie Flights on QF
  28. Books to Read while on QF
  29. QF Intl Schedule Updated. More Intl A333 Flights!
  30. Seat Assignments
  31. Summer Fares
  32. Credit card surcharge/fee
  33. QantasLink and Dash 8-300
  34. AA Discount Economy Credit on QF
  35. First QF A333s to Intl routes Tomorrow 10/08
  36. SYD-PER Skybeds
  37. Calculating mileage SEA/YVR-LHR-CDG
  38. Travel Insurance...
  39. Amenities Pack
  40. QF and REx?
  41. Another Airbus
  42. BA or QF on BA metal
  43. Anyone flown CDG-Australia (QF 18) lately?
  44. X Class
  45. Was an FTer responsible?
  46. MEL - PER on QF 769
  47. Connection times in Brisbane (especially to Gladstone/Heron Island)
  48. Free upgrades on international Qantas flights
  49. UC overdraft?
  50. A/c Subs
  51. AO redemptions now available online
  52. Bumped to Gold Status?
  53. QF Skybed update 03 AUG
  54. J Class to Tokyo
  55. Domestic QF?
  56. QF future at LHR
  57. Earning Miles and using upgrades with Grand Circle Travel
  58. newbie q: Is there a QF equiv of an AA VIPOx or a UA SWU?
  59. QC passes free to a good home
  60. AO flights to Phuket
  61. QF fee for handwritten ticket issue.
  62. Upgrade credits expiring today?
  63. Skybeds JFK
  64. SYD/PER Red eye
  65. Airbus A333
  66. World On Sale
  67. OT: NZ Airpoints changes
  68. $648-$698 - Last-Minute to Australia or New Zealand (R/T)
  69. Which route is best
  70. AY/QF D class fare ex SYD for Jan 05 dep
  71. Love This Site
  72. Was I so wrong to call Virgin - Vermin?
  73. New MEL - LAX services
  74. Why I fly QF instead of UA
  75. Lax-akl-lax
  76. Business Fares
  77. BKK F lounge
  78. Trip report Jetstar A320 OOL-SYD
  79. Trip report *Jetstar A320 OOL-SYD
  80. Commuting on QF?
  81. OT - Where are we today?
  82. How long do points take to post?
  83. MEL-MAN Using Oneworld FF Points
  84. Cheapest way to earn 100SC from BNE
  85. 108/107 Skybed Update
  86. Does one get 100% points on IB's L class?
  87. SMS check-in...
  88. LAX FL minor improvements
  89. The Qantas Club vs. AA's Admirals Club
  90. Tax attack could end frequent-flyer boom
  91. 2003 concorde hunt gone bad, what to do now ?
  92. No Business Upgrades Available Even Though Empty Seats In Business????
  93. Award change penalties for WP's
  94. Qantas offers CASH to downgrade.
  95. More skybeds trans Pacific
  96. December 17
  97. Any effect being a CIP?
  98. Least expensive flights to earn 60 & 150 SC's?
  99. NRT to SYD in a 767
  100. Need advice on WHY seats on 763 (MEL-NRT-MEL)
  101. Qantas keeps an extra flight coupon and causes major problems: should I whinge?
  102. Award booking
  103. Revenge of the FAs
  104. Qantas Airways Selects B/E Aerospace for International First Class Program (A380)
  105. Booking QF Codeshares...
  106. Geoff Dixon: "Qantas isn't fighting on a level playing field"
  107. "Throaway" hotel bookings....
  108. Award availability on Air Pacific
  109. Reliable ISPs in Sydney? Offering QF point?
  110. Credit cards earning QF points
  111. Roll on new ADL terminals!
  112. Award flight to Easter Island
  113. what aircraft is the new format thread.
  114. Qantas looking at 777-300ER
  115. ITN showing Z,U all of a sudden
  116. Citibank visa question (semi-OT)
  117. Few questions on SYD-LAX in F
  118. A380 pics......
  119. J fares to LHR
  120. Why do they do this to me?
  121. Seeking Advice on Award Upgrade from BC
  122. Do you earn 250,000+ points from your CC? read this...
  123. QC Check-In
  124. A sale tale .. UK for $1999.. classic QF
  125. No Qp Access At Hamilton Island
  126. No Qp Access At Hamilton Island
  127. BNE to YYZ - Worth a Plat Challenge ?
  128. BNE-CFS question
  129. Qantas Economy Asia -Finnair Business to Europe
  130. First time Kakadu visit
  131. Sydney-Melbourne Flight Changes
  132. Funny QC Sydney story
  133. Seeking advice on fare from Cairns to Alice or Uluru
  134. Airbus 333
  135. Qantas 332 "the time machine"
  136. Telstra Payment Processing Fee
  137. Ghastly food - ADL-PER - Overcomable?
  138. Qantas Gets HK Rights To Tackle Virgin
  139. My Earliest Platinum Requalification: 3 months
  140. Biz upgrade - BKK-BNE
  141. Flight QF51 BNE-SIN Seat Layout
  142. QP access in LAX
  143. LAX Lounge reconstruction at TBIT
  144. Europe to Singapore
  145. Sky-Bed routes
  146. Relevant question?? tax deduction 4 conf
  147. Changes to Honolulu Flight Schedule
  148. Extra legroom seats in Economy?
  149. marriott points and other odities
  150. Fare Basis
  151. BA MIA Lounge don't accept QF/OW Reciprocity
  152. QF WP when are we going to get sloshed ?
  153. Frequent Flyers - Be in a prime position for the SYD Bledisloe Cup clash
  154. Qantas pax with no BP causes SYD airport to be evacuated
  155. Virgin seeks right to fly US routes
  156. Compulsory e-tickets....
  157. overselling and bumping on Australian domestic and origin international flights
  158. ACCC concludes Qantas inquiry
  159. Do PCs in QPs allow USB memory sticks to be plugged in?
  160. Guest Access to QPs for WPs
  161. Skybed on QF003 SYD-HNL?
  162. Please help my mom manage her miles!
  163. BA Oneworld Lounge Problem
  164. Luggage allowance on OneWorld carriers
  165. Max connect time for checked baggage?
  166. 2 x J Reward seats - another option
  167. DH8 Seat Choice
  168. Anyone in ROK QP??
  169. 767-300 Sunday from SYD to CNS ; which aircraft ?
  170. Service and equipment on QF188 SYD-MEL
  171. The Scotch Dilemma
  172. Shock! Horror!! It's 15:54 and no beer at SYD QP!!
  173. Sydney or HonKong, where should I buy my DUTY FREE ?
  174. Compassionate rewards.....
  175. J Award redemption
  176. New QFF offer: Win a trip to the Bledisloe Cup:
  177. sale time! bring it on!
  178. QantasLink availability
  179. Wedding dress in suit closet?
  180. Airline Change
  181. lounge access in NY when not flying QANTAS
  182. Aircraft Changes
  183. Anyone in Qantas Club
  184. How to transport a 747 engine SYD-AKL
  185. 1000 QFF points for ANZ/CGU Travel Insurance by 30 Jun 04
  186. Qantas flight BNE-LAX delayed 35 hours
  187. Need Help - Brisbane in late May - weather & accommodations?
  188. NZ to inroduce premium economy - QF to follow ?
  189. Going for Gold
  190. Anna, Anna, Who the **** is Anna?
  191. What time is dinner served on Qantas
  192. Wi-Fi access in QP's
  193. QF lounge in JFK
  194. Regulator fails Jetstar crew on safety
  195. How many QF FF'ers took up *A UK status match offer?
  196. Lax no longer at the LAX FL
  197. [Stirring] We could have some fun here
  198. How you spent last FY in the air...
  199. New FIRST CLASS?
  200. Premium Desk
  201. Two Stories from QFF on Award Flights?
  202. Oneworld status and AA upgrades - good news!
  203. Why is QF108 diverted to MAR?
  204. Suggestion: Forum name change
  205. Qantas Upgrades
  206. Auckland - Accommodation
  207. Advice needed: 62 Flights and 118,000 miles YTD. Is this a lot?
  208. Platinum questions
  209. Some questions for flying in Australia
  210. Qantaslink Double Points Promotion
  211. QF397 BNE-NAN Downgrade
  212. Status Credits on Fully Flexible
  213. Car hire - Auckland
  214. Award Flight Offer
  215. Attn: QF NZ FF's
  216. Found on another board II ...
  217. Who will fess up to this?
  218. Aircrafts
  219. QF107 Skybed
  220. AA increasing QF feed at LAX
  221. Premium Express closes at SYD, BNE, MEL
  222. Domestic flight upgrades
  223. QF128: HKG - SYD Biz class
  224. AGL's 15,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points - Switch n Save Promotion
  225. Cairns QP on 28 June
  226. Qantas to Establish New International Cabin Crew Bases
  227. Does QF have the new Business class on LAX/BNE
  228. Intra Asia flights on QF
  229. MEL arrival and lounge access
  230. How much time do I need between flights?
  231. What to expect in Qantas First Class ?
  232. Change those CBA points over
  233. Seeking QP Access / Offering QP Access
  234. QF Codeshares in Europe
  235. Award seat redemptions
  236. LHR-MAN on QF Metal
  237. O.T. HMAS Melbourne carrier landings on video
  238. How do you get Qantas to free up some FF seats??
  239. J pax on domestic sectors operated by International a/c
  240. How strict has Qantas been with carry-on weight recently?
  241. A not so successful mileage run...
  242. Qantas to withdraw from CDG...
  243. Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar - sales now on
  244. From another DB
  245. Another Virgin sale
  246. Creative mileage runs
  247. European based Mileage Run Opportunity
  248. Great experience as QF PLAT with award travel
  249. status credits question
  250. AA's YUP fares -- get SC's for first class?