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  1. Award Date Changes BEWARE!
  2. SYD-NRT 743 Seat Query
  3. Award seat in J or F (ex LAX)
  4. Award seat in J or F (ex LAX)
  5. Award flights for next 12 months are running out
  6. QantasLink to cease flying to Ballina - from July 12th
  7. Qantas Holidays 5 day Ready Rooms Promo
  8. QF/NZ code share
  9. Kids access to QP
  10. MCT - Domestic - International SYD
  11. Award Mileage Calculation
  12. Award ticket validity ??
  13. BNE hit by hailstorm 6pm Thursday 19 May
  14. Slightly OT: Online Package Error
  15. AYQ-CNS in August - 734 or 142 in J?
  16. QF vs BAEC
  17. Qantas vs. Virgin Blue
  18. Baggage rules when on QF/JQ cs
  19. Post-25/5 award question
  20. QF gold card and US Airways lounge access
  21. Qantas, VirginBlue and Jetstar sales are going on now
  22. Will AA check my bags onto a QF flight?
  23. Qantas Extended June Sale - Some amazing savings!
  24. Domestic itinerary - two separate segments are MUCH cheaper
  25. Have Brett and Geoff been talking
  26. J seats on QF127 SYD-HKG
  27. Co-pilot fatigue led to plane flying too low: report
  28. QantasLink BAe146 Questions
  29. Status credits on JetFlex fares when travelling on Jetstar.
  30. SKIMAX Information Evening - Free FF Pts
  31. Slightly OT
  32. IT on the cheap: QF vs Jetstar
  33. QF Award "Specials" 'till 24th May
  34. Hospitality Team for F passengers at LHR
  35. Anyone going to the Qantas Wallabies Rugby Experience?
  36. Flight Redemption specials
  37. Partner award flights bookable online from May 25
  38. Anyone need a corporate QC member?
  39. 1h5min SYD Dom -> Int connection
  40. QFF award HNL-LAX Business class question
  41. OT Fly First Class with Virgin Blue
  42. How many nickels and dimes at PER or CBR will pay for a rental car?
  43. Coincidence or Not
  44. Qantas Frequent Flowers - how long for points to post?
  45. Lounge access w JetStar?
  46. Post-25th May "Assisted Award Booking Fee"
  47. Thanks to MEL Maintenance
  48. Fare basis - where does it say on QF site?
  49. Pre may 25 J class awards still available
  50. 2:20 between flights in ADL, enough time for a city dash?
  51. Relax, you're flying Qantas
  52. OT Clobber the Penguin
  53. OT Friday Fun
  54. Help for a newbie
  55. OT: Perth dangerous - don't go there!
  56. Additional SYD-LAX flights...
  57. Economy Restricted & UCs
  58. They have changed the log-in page !
  59. safe connection - from Qantas to Virgin Blue in BNE?
  60. How to Upgrade at check-in?
  61. Cheaper fare on ZUJI?
  62. $20 off return QF Domestic Fares Offer
  63. Getting to YOW
  64. What's the correct way to do it?
  65. Interesting Promo for AMEX QF Corporate Card
  66. Biz Class Lounge Companion in LAX?
  67. QF Widens Fleet Restructuring Plans...
  68. Platinum Rejected From Qantas Club
  69. Kids Joining QFF
  70. Status Question
  71. Qantas operated by BA
  72. Bus class award seats to Vanuatu dumped
  73. Change of routing, should I get a credit?
  74. Some Changes to QANTAS oneWORLD Explorer Rules
  75. Actual baggage dimensions?
  76. best seating for three?
  77. Query on SCs from BA and AA
  78. Qf Lax-jfk
  79. Change Booking Question
  80. Oneworld 130k award
  81. Jetstar to fly to New Zealand and some Asian destinations by September
  82. Must sees on Qantas?
  83. Use of Refund Credit
  84. Pre 25 May Award Bookings
  85. QF Seat Question
  86. Upgrade
  87. Waitlist on AA2
  88. Checkthrough Baggage
  89. Domestic-International Transfer Time at Sydney
  90. Old Award Rules
  91. QF81 Skybed?
  92. OT: Hilton SYD finally open!!
  93. (Unconfirmed Rumour) Qantas to buy 35 777s and a number of 787s
  94. Deserters lured back to Qantas
  95. World Discovery star file?
  96. BA F Lounge at LHR lost passport
  97. Business class award availability
  98. 2 QF tix for sale on e-bay - info?
  99. MEL HKG upgrade question
  100. Using QF Credit on new booking
  101. Availability of U Class to BKK
  102. Qantas Interlining with Emirates
  103. Anyone have a feel for QF107 on-time into LAX?
  104. General Qantas Questions
  105. QP access in SIN- flying Jetsar Asia
  106. The Generosity Factor
  107. Spending miles pre-May 25
  108. Jet Connect
  109. Paris and the Pacific
  110. listing of country/airline tax/fee/surcharge URL
  111. Is 4 hrs enough in Sydney to change to domestic??
  112. Problem getting onto Qantas website
  113. Sydney QP - Sat Afternoon
  114. Half Price QP Membership
  115. Best Ways to Maximise your FF points
  116. LAX security queues
  117. OT: Animal Freighting on QF
  118. award booking on partner airline questions
  119. DRW Internet access
  120. J class seats for AKL flight
  121. Shouting someone else in to the QP
  122. QP and QF Silver, yet refused business class check-in at SIN
  123. QF 26 Skybed Update?
  124. SYD T3 QP - this afternoon (01MAY)
  125. busy and unbookable
  126. Domestic flights SYD-CNS // CNS-MEL
  127. Skybed AC power plug type?
  128. Anyone in CNS or DRW QP tomorrow?
  129. SC & points earning question
  130. NZ & International QF Flights in the post-May QFF zones
  131. Qantas Announces All-Inclusive Pricing for Airfares
  132. QF Points on AA ("W" Class)
  133. Basic Question
  134. New Lounge for NTL Airport
  135. Recommend a travel agent in BNE
  136. Thai 45th B-Day Sale - Ex-Oz fares
  137. Qoti
  138. Fight in a QP!
  139. Traveling to QLD during "Schoolies Week"
  140. The ultimate post may 25th award thread
  141. QP M/ship-advice needed please.
  142. First Class Lounges? Any worthwhile?
  143. International Seat Reservations
  144. Seat 31D on 2 class 744's!
  145. Minimum Segments
  146. QF seat assignment question
  147. "Qantas Junior V-Jet Club"
  148. Award availability CHC-AKL-NAN
  149. Domestic Flights II
  150. QF Seat Maps on Expertflyer?
  151. Chances for getting Y->J upgrade LAX-MEL
  152. Anyone care to stay in the 5 Star Langham MEL for $A3 total, for 3 nights? :-))
  153. Using upgrade credits post 25 May
  154. Devaluation Date?
  155. ANZ Qantas FF Card
  156. SQ vs. QF Biz Class
  157. QF points earning at Hilton
  158. CL criteria
  159. Melbourne to Mackay - airfare
  160. SC in L classes
  161. A380-900
  162. Help on Domestic Flights!!!!!!!!!!!
  163. Cairns QP
  164. QF WP Scoring ?
  165. VOD Update
  166. Cancellation of domestic bookings
  167. QF FF Plat Vs CX Marco Club Diamond
  168. J class seating BNE-NRT
  169. Can taxes (pre April 20 increase) SYD-BME-DRW-SYD run to anything like $121.86?
  170. (Also on AS Board) BLI to LAX to fly to SYD question
  171. QF Status Credits for travel in BA WT+
  172. Very useful on-line reckoner for most airline fuel/security taxes FROM Australia.
  173. Anyone booked online with Aeropelican
  174. Am I mad? Cicle Pacific
  175. Inventory Management question
  176. More QANTAS 'Sales' This weekend (ANZAC)
  177. Flight Availability tool question
  178. New Qantas Flights and Major Schedule Changes
  179. 747-400 Biz Class Config?
  180. Oh oh - ANOTHER BNE do coming up?
  181. Will you spend/waste these 2 UCs?
  182. 2 year status
  183. Best use of DONE4 segments
  184. xGLOBx help
  185. Points Balance Not Updating
  186. Spare Qantas Club invitation
  187. Cheap Deals to Australia
  188. If you're travelling in Europe this summer - get your SC in Club Eur at bargain rates
  189. What zone is HKG - BNE for an upgrade award ?
  190. Best miles / $ (or !!) - can anyone matach this ?
  191. New fare website
  192. Qantas Greed can it really get worse ?
  193. Cairns QP - will we have enough time?
  194. Upgrade Question
  195. Silly QP Access Question
  196. Qf#108 Lax/syd
  197. Honeymoon Business Class Trip and Points... HELP!!
  198. What does a vegetarian meal consist of on QF?
  199. Skybed on jnb_syd route
  200. Need suggestions. What to do with Qantas miles?
  201. QF FF versus BA FF
  202. Warning QF Partner Hotel at Narita offer!
  203. "TICKETS MAY NOT BE SOLD IN AUSTRALIA." condition when buying tickets
  204. Booking reference #?....
  205. [Slight OT] - Concorde: The Final Flight
  206. UK STA Travel - Qantas 4 Day International Seat Sale
  207. Is the AA challange worthwhile?
  208. Qantas announces more flights for Queensland
  209. In case u missed it... UK *A Status Match is back !
  210. Earning QF points on US Airways???
  211. Ticketing award reservations
  212. Qantas Club Card on US/AA
  213. How to find the cheapest ticket ?
  214. Top Up Points & Family Transfers
  215. Which Award Table?
  216. Issues with the QFF service centre.
  217. IFE Not Working
  218. Any specials from Sydney to the USA?
  219. Qantas Market Research
  220. OT: Qantas joke
  221. Thankyou FT especially those of the QFF Thread
  222. International Seat Selection
  224. Does Qantas do any status matching?
  225. The Spottie post/Crew on Qantas Forum
  226. QF baggage security crackdown
  227. Advice - *CHEAPEST* Biz class ticket LHR-SYD July/August - even an award ticket!
  228. SYD-BKK U Class
  229. [OT] Change of name in passport
  230. syd-sjc aud971 return before 30 April 05
  231. Seat Choice Online & Booking Ref's
  232. Naa
  233. Buy Y then upgrade to J possible?
  234. Blocked out seats for higher status?
  235. Transfer points to family - QFF program
  236. syd-per-drw-cns-mel business class
  237. Anyone in BNE QP on 12/4 a.m?
  238. QF 747 and an Air NZ jet narrowly miss each other flying over AKL on weekend.
  239. Getting in before May 25
  240. How many of you tip the barman at QP for each soft drink? Each Beer?
  241. Cheap source of Biz Class seats USA-SYD
  242. Upgrade Credits on Award Tickets?
  243. Listing of Class Codes
  244. Delayed flights.
  245. Help with hotel
  246. OT: Sacrifices we make for our friends
  247. QP access Tuesday 4/12/05?
  248. ExpertFlyer and Qantas
  249. Changes to BA award within 24 hrs?
  250. BNE-LAX how long to get to AS flight?