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  1. OLCI on QF ex-SIN? Also, SIN lounge?
  2. FT Gurus please help....
  3. New Australian Airlines (AO) Website
  4. QF files claim for points to AA and was rejected???
  5. Anyone in SYD T1 Tues morning 12/6?
  6. OT New Airline - Migrant Air
  7. Turbulence A333 & B747
  8. QF 150,000 v/s AA 60,000 v/s BA 75,000
  9. Slightly OT: Passport numbers
  10. Sydney International Airport Question re walking from Pier C to Pier B
  11. Award Booking - One Way or Return?
  12. PER - LHR Award
  13. Qf Anc-jfk
  14. Valet Parking Increases at MEL
  15. International upgrade for family member - online?
  16. Semi OT: 2006-2008 Entertainment Books in Vic
  17. Question about metals ...
  18. Paris lounge access
  19. Semi OT: How many times have you been SSSS?
  20. No more Fully Flexible?
  21. Fog at MEL, how bad was it.
  22. What to expect in Business & First?
  23. OT: Recommendations for Hunter Valley Eating
  24. Free 500 QF Frequent Flyer Points (Australian QF FFers only)
  25. Qantas - AVOD Update
  26. Qantas - Massive Domestic Sale (25% off)
  27. Here we go again
  28. Gold Coast Airport Closed (until later today)
  29. Cip?
  30. Crazy One Way International Fares
  31. Security Questions
  32. Qantas to Fly to Beijing
  33. QF Hyatt promo
  34. OK - so assuming QF Plats can still get in to lounges... what = a QF lounge?
  35. Qantas website down again!
  36. One-World Round World Ticket Awards
  37. Dfw
  38. QF telvision advertisement - "More than just a seat"
  39. Qantas "Do not congregate around front toilet" message on domestic
  40. Copy of Tax Invoice??
  41. Partner Gold question.
  42. UK Business on BA?
  43. "Your bookings" broken on
  44. Tricky Upgrade Using Points
  45. Redeem2go
  46. Any comments on QF/NF (Air Vanuatu) codeshare flights?
  47. Skybed question
  48. Who has got the lowest/highest QFF number??
  49. Experts wanted!
  50. Upgrading eligable family members???
  51. PER-SYD J Class award availibility?
  52. Changes in Platinum privileges
  53. QF award on BA; date change problem
  54. Becoming addicted to J...
  55. Fuel levy rises... again
  56. Qantas flexible??
  57. QF Adds Extra JNB And PVG Flights
  58. JSA flights
  59. Extra security check at gate for SYD-LAX flights - do they still happen?
  60. AKL Trip
  61. On-line bookings: Have they forgotten Canada?
  62. does cancelling upgrades lose points ?
  63. AA Platinum Challenge - help from experts please
  64. for the QF lurkers
  65. Help Please !! Can I upgrage with this fare using my QFF points.
  66. APEC card
  67. Oddity with seating preferences when booking dom. through Zuji
  68. A333
  69. Points not crediting properly
  70. What Config 767 used for SYD-CHC..??
  71. head phones
  72. Your chance to fly free with Red e-Mail
  73. Prospective QF-SQ merger??
  74. Advice for parking baggage in HK whilst transiting SYD-HK-BKK-HK one day
  75. Changes to Qantas Club guest rules?
  76. Cheap QF fares from Asia - LHR!!!
  77. Spirits/Liqueurs served in DOM J?
  78. via KGI for extra fuel
  79. International transfers in Sydney
  80. I need help/inter-australia award on AA
  81. expiring UCs
  82. OZ itinerary questions/help
  83. SIN-PER: What to expect?
  84. QFF Travel Insurance - Award Refund
  85. The frequent flyer who never took off
  86. Major Qantas Schedule Changes
  87. Question to the Qantas award booking Experts
  88. Another way to get to Platinum?
  89. Transit at BNE to AKL - Do I need a ETA?
  90. Parther Gold Registration Process
  91. Using QF points with BA
  92. QF Gold
  93. Double points between Sydney and Coffs Harbour
  94. Any way to advance status accreditation, or should I just go for the AA challenge?
  95. International Upgrade experiences post May 25th
  96. How many SC for EWR-DFW and DFW-LAX in first
  97. What are they serving in Dom J this month?
  98. Two Medical Emergencies on one flight
  99. Economy is not too bad SHOCK
  100. They are getting smarter with delayed SCs
  101. Flifo
  102. OT: Are you Bangladesh in disguise?
  103. QFF Award Flights to Broome
  104. Unsolicited QANTAS Compensation
  105. New Airline Tax - G8
  106. Has the option disappeared?
  107. Priority tags in regional airports
  108. Is QF Platinum Status still worth it?
  109. Speed of computers in BNE QP
  110. Wollongong flights - QantasLink profit machine
  111. Would Qantas Be Nice?
  112. Lack of card to prove status
  113. Double Tax for MEL-LAX-MEL ?
  114. AA Plt Flying QF--N fare. Accruable miles anywhere? Lounge Access, etc?
  115. No Singapore Airlines just yet
  116. Why is QF SYD-LAX so busy on 25 June?
  117. which award table used for BA codeshares?
  118. Upgrade on Qantas
  119. Last Minute J Experience, QF Customer Service and QP Shortcut!
  120. International upgrade.? Tell 'em they're dreaming...
  121. LAX T4 elite security line
  122. QF Compensation for a cancelled flight Is this new?
  123. Does Qantas Premium phone res still exist?
  124. Is reliability of QF,DJ, or JQ good enough to risk last flgt of the day int'l conxn?
  125. E-Trade offer for Qantas -- US Residents Eligible?
  126. QF domestic to CX~ connection time
  127. Any Spare QF Oroton /BA Anya Hindmarsh Kits
  128. Taxes - How the heck does this happen?
  129. Mileage limit pre-25 may OW award?
  130. Non-advertised specials
  131. QF FCL's access for WP flying SQ.
  132. 500 points QF FF email?
  133. BA executive economy - status credits??
  134. QF's Circle South-West Pacific Fare (KEE60) - any ideas?
  135. Ozstamp
  136. [B]Safe Connection Time at Sydney[/B]
  137. Wollongong (Albion Park) - First QantasLink Flight!
  138. Deathstar FAs flying on QF?
  139. QF Official Response to OZFEST ABUSE
  140. No Points or SC Awarded Question
  141. Melbourne Airport gets new names
  142. KiwiFest - ???
  143. Baggage Handler Safety Meeting ??
  144. First time flying AA and crediting to QF
  145. 2 in 1: VH-OJH Question and talk of QFLink to NLK!
  146. Extra tax for upgrades to Heathrow ??
  147. AO Award Flight = Bad Choice???
  148. Service Info: We Apologise-NIL Catering
  149. PER - BME $119 each way on Virgin Blue
  150. Qantaslink service inconsistencies
  151. Qantas Club corporate costs for nonresidents
  152. Paid internet on QP PC's?
  153. Expiry of credit held with QF
  154. Dang It! QF have switched Configs on me!
  155. Mileage run for UK QFs
  156. Credit to BA?
  157. Award Bookings Asia to HEL on Finnair
  158. Emails advising seat assignment
  159. Skybed (LAX-Auk) - Awesome
  160. LAX to MIA Any Difference Between AA or QF for SCs
  161. Which lounge?
  162. Concorde tag (oval type - plastic) for sale on ebay - 'buy now' for USD0.99c
  163. Which lounges should I use/am entitled to use ?
  164. Airline of the Year - Qantas comes in at 2nd!
  165. International Upgrade Awards
  166. Waitlist Upgrade on QF FF number, points to AA
  167. Double Points - QantasLink Brisbane-Rockhampton
  168. Question on QF2 Flight Schedule
  169. Fuel surcharges increased?
  170. 772LR Asia/pacific Tour. Including Sydney!
  171. Domestic Upgrade
  172. A380 delayed by 6 months
  173. Are Qantas pax *FROM* the USA to Oz now being fingerprinted/photographed?
  174. QF WP's off to PER - questions
  175. Bonus base points?
  176. Plastic knives
  177. Will Qantas charge me ff points if I only enquire?
  178. How many flights in a year????
  179. Orphan Miles? Can I transfer to Hotel Program?
  180. On-Time Reliability of AO?
  181. Platinum Members *NOT WELCOME* In Qantas Club
  182. Is this the new standard for Qantas Y class?
  183. EBU (Nalanji) may never fly again!
  184. Do yer stuff, Mr Anderson and hurry up
  185. Ticket Fare Codes/Meaning??
  186. MEL/SYD to Toronto in business
  187. Few changes to online award booking engine
  188. Quick QF @ LAX Question
  189. QF terms and conditions clash, which is correct?
  190. Double Points with Hertz Promo
  191. Over Charged on Award Z Class SYD-BKK tax
  192. How many ff points for Sydney to Vancouver?
  193. Loyalty Bonus
  194. How to redeem ff points for RTW?
  195. Anyone have a link to the new award charts and earning zones?
  196. LAXAKL May 28 in J - upgrade?
  197. What was the deal with 1000 miles Min for QF Dom flights?
  198. 'Your Bookings' - Changes
  199. Qantas Frequent Flyer Leather Cabin Bag
  200. OT ***FREE Airline Ticket Secrets Revealed!***
  201. Did anyone get through yesterday?
  202. Yet another steaming rant
  203. Virgin Atlantic offer to QF Gold members
  204. The Count Down Starts NOW
  205. Which upgrade is more likely to clear-BNE-SIN/SYD-SIN?
  206. changing dates on upgraded flight booking disc Y -> J
  207. Time/Deadline for "old" award chart
  208. L'Occitane??? A380 J/F???
  209. For Dave Noble
  210. Best Y seat in A330-300
  211. Recent Menus QF 108/QF 94?
  212. Reducing QF FF points before 25/05/05
  213. FF glitch on Flight Centre online bookings
  214. Award Ticket VAlidity Clarification
  215. Luggage Weight Limit: Class D & G
  216. OT- best single malt for a gift
  217. Codeshare JSA
  218. Award Date Changes BEWARE!
  219. SYD-NRT 743 Seat Query
  220. Award seat in J or F (ex LAX)
  221. Award seat in J or F (ex LAX)
  222. Award flights for next 12 months are running out
  223. QantasLink to cease flying to Ballina - from July 12th
  224. Qantas Holidays 5 day Ready Rooms Promo
  225. QF/NZ code share
  226. Kids access to QP
  227. MCT - Domestic - International SYD
  228. Award Mileage Calculation
  229. Award ticket validity ??
  230. BNE hit by hailstorm 6pm Thursday 19 May
  231. Slightly OT: Online Package Error
  232. AYQ-CNS in August - 734 or 142 in J?
  233. QF vs BAEC
  234. Qantas vs. Virgin Blue
  235. Baggage rules when on QF/JQ cs
  236. Post-25/5 award question
  237. QF gold card and US Airways lounge access
  238. Qantas, VirginBlue and Jetstar sales are going on now
  239. Will AA check my bags onto a QF flight?
  240. Qantas Extended June Sale - Some amazing savings!
  241. Domestic itinerary - two separate segments are MUCH cheaper
  242. Have Brett and Geoff been talking
  243. J seats on QF127 SYD-HKG
  244. Co-pilot fatigue led to plane flying too low: report
  245. QantasLink BAe146 Questions
  246. Status credits on JetFlex fares when travelling on Jetstar.
  247. SKIMAX Information Evening - Free FF Pts
  248. Slightly OT
  249. IT on the cheap: QF vs Jetstar
  250. QF Award "Specials" 'till 24th May