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  1. Qantas to abandon plan for new premium airline in Asia
  2. Triangular Fare
  3. Moving from SG to PS + Qantas Club membership?
  4. Pyjamas on LH
  5. Priority Boarding finally implemented
  6. Free Flight Offer
  7. A First timers experience in J Class
  8. Are There Never Award Flights LAX-PPT, AKL-PPT, SCL-PPT, PPT-AKL
  9. Connection time Brisbane
  10. Minimum connection time Auckland
  11. Qantas B747 - Frankfurt to Singapore - Business Class question
  12. Qantas PR failure
  13. Abbreviation / acronym for Platinum One
  14. Use BA Avios on Sydney-Melbourne route
  15. Value of Platinum (published or unpublished) benefit to create classic award
  16. Flight Availability
  17. Talks between Qantas and Pilot Unions Collapse!
  18. Worldwide Unions Against QF Management
  19. Expert Flyer Request QF2
  20. QP Meets - December 2011
  21. Where is Qantas taking you this Christmas?
  22. Qantas Gold - how stirct is the Club access for guest?
  23. AA Award flights with QF
  24. What is the best entertainment programme in QF VOD November 2011?
  25. QF 93 connecting to QF 107, what to expect etc.
  26. No Wifi in MEL First Lounge
  27. Upgrading to J MEL-LAX
  28. 600 EURO compensation from QF for grounding
  29. Suggestions for Earning Cheap Status Credits While In UK
  30. Finally! QF accepting delivery #11 A380 VH-OQK
  31. Fair Work Australia
  32. Qantas thanks its most loyal customers
  33. doesa qantas react to complaints?
  34. When will we see new J on SYD-JNB?
  35. Transit in shanghai
  36. BA Reward Redemption on QF Question
  37. LHR- BKK in First: How does QF compare to BA?
  38. QF Limo Service Singapore
  39. QF 787 in SYD Wed 16th Nov?
  40. QF Website issues?
  41. Transit T3 - T5
  42. Reaching 'Gold' before annual review, instant status benefits?
  43. Booking flights from Berlin after 3/6/2011
  44. OT: Chances of QF flying to OOL again before 2018?
  45. Route blocking on award flights
  46. Qf127/128 syd-hkg-syd a380!
  47. Qf12 lax-syd
  48. upgrading on Qantas
  49. Fly with us on us - what about non AU passengers
  50. Received offer to upgrade to J on Sale fare
  51. stop over rule on multi city flights
  52. TWU may challenge QF Fair Work Australia ruling
  53. Assigned seating on LA code share
  54. First Class Europe-Syd-Europe
  55. How long does a family points transfer take
  56. Fly with us, on us - Free tickets for strike affected pax.
  57. Food offering in F & J the same?!
  58. QF Codeshare, operated by Jet Star - Seat & Checkin?
  59. QF31 diverts to DXB due to engine trouble
  60. Qantas vs V Australia business class
  61. Nancy Bird-Walton's last crew honoured.
  62. Qf arrivals lounge
  63. Any way to stop showing Deathstar flights?
  64. YVR-LAX lounge access
  65. Qantas grounded: Part II - back in the air
  66. Menu choices in PE
  67. Strategic Airlines doing QF Relief flights
  68. Time to bring out the Qantas logo again....
  69. Question/Advice about award booking on QF26
  70. 800 points short ... How do I buy points for an award seat?
  71. Qantas cancels flights -anyone affected? (merged thread)
  72. Qantas International & Domestic grounded
  73. What Happened to LAX-ORD/MEL-ORD routes?
  74. Qantas Lounge - SYD International
  75. Best 2 A380 Seats For A Couple Travelling in Y?
  76. On Departure Upgrade - SCs
  77. QF strikes - affecting planes to London?
  78. Pre booking Spa treatments at Sydney First Class lounge
  79. ? Worth upgrading TSV-BNE
  80. Lounge access question
  81. ? Origin of QF63 (SYD-JNB) aircraft
  82. QA-SQ Interlining Question
  83. QF11 Equipment Change - Any chance of it changing back?
  84. Using First class lounge on BA F ticket?
  85. The END of Qantas Frequent Flyer
  86. No baggage priority on qantas for Emerald
  87. Qantas 'new domestic upgrade experience'
  88. Seat Selection after Online Check In
  89. Narita to Sydney Business Class - JAL or Qantas ?
  90. Changes to QF67/QF29
  91. New 737 J class leather seats.
  92. Busier Biz Lounges - More Plat Members?
  93. Significant changes to Upgrades
  94. Platinum One launched
  95. Frequency of sales for Qantas...
  96. Status Upgrade
  97. Unusual, but HOW unusual?
  98. Moving back to Sydney
  99. When to book
  100. BA Seat Allocation
  101. J Class Newbie Questions!
  102. QF - Sydney-centric?
  103. Boeing 787 Dreamliner in QF and JQ livery, to fly to Australia in November
  104. Qantas vs BA Executive club vs AA
  105. Which aircraft...?
  106. Qantas First Class Sale Fares?
  107. Aisle or Window: SYD-LAX
  108. Laptop on the A380
  109. Heathrow - Terminal 5
  110. Return flight options?
  111. Marc Newson Tags...
  112. Lounge Recommendations
  113. Retaining Original Route SC's when rerouted by AA
  114. Baggage Allowance
  115. It's our way of saying thanks a million
  116. QF buys 78 A320neo and 32 A320s
  117. Time to complain
  118. QF being Jerks - unfit to fly = no refund on flexi saver.
  119. One-shot QP pass - free to a good home
  120. QP Meets - November 2011
  121. Qantas to fly daily to Dallas
  122. QF CEO receives 'cowardly' death threat
  123. QF CEO receives 'cowardly' death threat
  124. Award flight/route changed form 747 to the A380
  125. Internet in SYD J International woeful
  126. Blaming Baggage Delays on the Weather
  127. How far out do Jetstar release award seats?
  128. Qantas Secondary Mkt for pass?
  129. 10th Annual AGM: BNE QP Sat 18 Feb 2012
  130. Flying LHR T3- BKK First class. WHat lounges
  131. Total shambles in MEL now
  132. NZ based - which FF program?
  133. BA/AA/QF points question
  134. Can you check bags through from YYZ
  135. Cash upgrade on departure
  136. 95 credits from Gold & not enough time to accumulate - any ideas!?
  137. Best buisness class seat dub -syd
  138. Qantas customer service...
  139. How does Qantas BC compare to ANZ?
  140. Oneworld status recognition
  141. First time QA flyer first class lounge question
  142. An error occurred while processing your request
  143. JQ37 20/9 Cancelled - need to whinge
  144. QANTAS Seat selection on BA codeshare
  145. Qantas or Cathay to Hong Kong?
  146. Qantas/FJ codeshare - FJ cancels Lax Sunday flights
  147. JetStar Question: maiden/married name cock-up
  148. Interlining
  149. Address to write a letter of complaint?
  150. QP Meets - October 2011
  151. AA -> QF Baggage allowance question
  152. QF31 is a 744 in November
  153. Loyalty by the Billions
  154. Booking Details update when Code Share Flight Changes?
  155. In-Flight Service - am I being unreasonable?
  156. Value of a QF "If Space Available" Day-of-Departure Y to Y+ trans-Pacific Upgrade
  157. Qantas FF Website - Security Certificate Expired
  158. Booking FF Adult and Paid Child Tickets
  159. Ease of award flight redemption
  160. Does Qantas have a Pilots Channel?
  161. QF 787 delivery date
  162. 2 Questions Re QF12
  163. Baggage allowance
  164. QFFF IT system credit sectors to QFF when FF number is very deliberately not there
  165. Finding good status credit runs on AA
  166. RedQ firms as name for Qantas's new premium airline in Asia
  167. GF can't pick the same seats that I can, same flight and I even asked nicely.
  168. Mobile Check-in question
  169. Codeshares
  170. Status match
  171. Reinstatement of points after cancelled award booking
  172. SIN-MEL on JQ (ticketed as a QF flight)
  173. Jetstar Business Max ex SIN
  174. Oneworld emerald: Lounge access upon 'arrival' ?
  175. Baggage Allowance QF codeshare on JQ
  176. Premium economy to USA
  177. Reaching QF Silver while overseas will AA recoginise your QF Status?
  178. QF premium LCC will be SIN or KUL based
  179. Feeling frustrated!
  180. Question on codeshare - SYD-HKG AF/QF
  181. SYD-HKG return in J/F - some questions
  182. 12 hours in MEL, lounge & earlier flight
  183. QF10 delayed two days in a row
  184. MNL J or HKG F???
  185. Pending JQ credit
  186. Why can't I get an agent on the phone?
  187. Is this fancy duct tape
  188. Same Day Standby for AA Plat?
  189. A380 premium economy
  190. OT: Passenger chokes to death on in-flight meal
  191. JQ to CX in NZ - Interlining and Baggage
  192. Jetstar baggage allowance connecting from QF
  193. First class baggage allowance
  194. What's wrong with SFO & YVR?
  195. Jetstar SIN-AKL reduced to 5x weekly in Oct/Nov
  196. Correcting QP firewall
  197. Excess baggage SIN-PER
  198. Custom Clearance Bradley LAX
  199. Optus joins Qantas Frequent Flyer
  200. Cancelling AnySeat Award
  201. snobby question
  202. Price Promise
  203. Jetstar Long Haul New Business Class
  204. LHR-BKK Route to GO
  205. Is it worth having platinum with Qantas
  206. Whinging WP's rejoice, new benefit?
  207. A few questions HKG - LHR
  208. Question About Jetstar Flight
  209. Award Mile booking LAX to SYD via Quantas
  210. SC question
  211. SYD-PER - Which Aircraft to Select?
  212. QF 107 an A380?
  213. Iberia reward flight availability online but not on phone.
  214. Is it worth upgrading domestic flights?
  215. Mobile Phones on Parked Dash 8s?
  216. SC and points on JL flight on an AF plane
  217. Status Change / Bonus Points
  218. 747 Sydney to Perth
  219. Help: QFF/OW partners who don't charge fuel surcharges SFO - MEL
  220. New Velocity FF & Status Match
  221. Using Domestic J/L after flight?
  222. SYDNEY to AUCKLAND status run
  223. SYD To BNE
  224. QF J Class to Europe ex Auckland via Australia
  225. Just to be clear ...
  226. Luggage storage options in LAX
  227. SYD-SIN - QF vs SQ - J Class Comparison
  228. Seat for A330 and lounage question in HKG
  229. Qantas award blocking through partners??
  230. Transit in BNE
  231. OW sapphire travelling Jetstar
  232. Speculative Musings on the EZE/SCL Switch
  233. 'New Qantas' SC on MEL-HKG, booked via expedia
  234. Jetconnect's last remaining 737 classic
  235. QF12 LAX-SYD Plane Change?
  236. New (interesting) Video On Demand!
  237. Qantas Club - Lounge Access
  238. Can I transfer from Qantas to AA or UA
  239. Travolta...GONE!
  240. Qf4243 akl-sin
  241. Retain Gold Status
  242. Qantas New Premium Airline in Asia
  243. Building a stronger Qantas
  244. LCY-JFK - Qantas FF earn?
  245. Qantas FF Redemption question
  246. Platinum One access to Flounge Spa booking? list
  247. Strategic to HNL
  248. Should I bother going for Gold?
  249. VGML offerings ex-SYD to SIN?
  250. Disadvantages of booking QF flights via AA codeshare?