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  1. In DTW: "Please pick up your onward boarding pass in Tokyo."
  2. WorldPerks Triple Play Targetted Promo
  3. Northwest's Loss Widens (from WSJ)
  4. What is "Connect First"?
  5. Bump DTW-AMS this Thursday?
  6. OLCI - Refer a Friend - 1000 Check in Bonus Question
  7. what happens to paper MCO if you cancel reservation?
  8. Tampa - Lounge
  9. E-fares Map in Email
  10. Korean Airlines lounges
  11. Question about upgrades
  12. What is the "T4 Sky Lounge" at JFK?
  13. Op Ups for Alaska MVP?
  14. NW FA to vote on switching unions
  15. Why does NW award inventory not match up with Expertflyer?
  16. NW 97/96: same a/c?
  17. KL EQM on MH operated flights
  18. Korean air new rules
  19. A319 in F working w/ Laptop - 1B or 1C?
  20. Sunday travel
  21. Anyone around DTW on 5/12
  22. NW and Korean Airlines
  23. WorldClub in Singapore
  24. Can I get bonus from both NW Visa Signature and Platinum?
  25. MNL-EWR on NW;Restriction on tickets issued outside Philippines
  26. coupons, awards, certs, upgrades,
  27. Companion traveler on one of my ECVs...
  28. FA "almost like getting paid for doing nothing"
  29. DTW-KIX Actual Mileage
  30. Name changes on refundable ticket?
  31. Award ticket - can I change the return?
  32. PD/PK $ off Cert.
  33. Clothes Destroyed - HELP
  34. LAX Worldclub extends closing time till 1am
  35. crew question AMS-BOS/SEA
  36. What are the longest and shortest routes currently operated with the A330s?
  37. WCCO: Landing Gear Jam Halts NWA Flight at MSP
  38. Air France
  39. Routes that need bigger planes
  40. A330 to Amsterdam from Detroit WBC
  41. Using a $100 voucher
  42. Redeeming WorldPerks Miles on Garuda Indonesia Airlines
  43. Question(s) re redeeming multi-seg award tix online
  44. Achieve NW elite status with half the number of segments
  45. How often are planes painted?
  46. Targeted promo for TOL
  47. Anyone Else Get "The Box"???
  48. European Ticket Cost
  49. DTW-JFK and back
  50. Just got this NW credit card 20K bonus offer-good deal?
  51. Asia to US with a stop in Europe, Australia or New Zealand
  52. Premium Seats vs Exit Seats, which is better?
  53. TOL on is Tol, New Guinea?
  54. Steenlands new NW makes cover of NEW YORKER
  55. Baggage weight limit, inter-lining, international
  56. Link two separate NW PNRs?
  57. Disgruntled-ness is Ratcheting Up
  58. No waitlist for mileage upgrades?
  59. Angst, Anxiety and Civility (or lack thereof)
  60. Student Ticket Mileage Maximum
  61. Is BKK to PVG possible using a DB300 voucher?
  62. No Wonder NWA is Bankrupt
  63. EQS Question
  64. KL EQM on MH metal
  65. An Awesome NWA Story
  66. AS experiences as NW elite
  67. NWA.COM from Anywhere (Wireless Access)
  68. Upgrades way more than 5 days out
  69. Pilots approve pay-cut deal
  70. Extra Saturday SEA-NRT flight
  71. Rumor: NW to order EMB190 and EMB175
  72. Quick survey: NW774 MSP-LGA
  73. Nw 38
  74. How would you spend a $375 voucher on NW
  75. 747-200 seat 26-A
  76. Random survey about WBC seats
  77. Seat Assignment peculiarity (booked by phone)
  78. NWA reveals top execs' pay
  79. Changing tables in 747-400?
  80. WorldKids Club or other children entertainment in DTW?
  81. Available Award Travel Markets to/from Minneapolis/St. Paul
  82. Northwest screwed me
  83. Moving back to Asia/Europe...Asian Gold Elite question
  84. Rsw
  85. Mailed E-Ticket Summary and Reciept??
  86. Anybody Fly Midwest Airlines with the new NWA partnership today
  87. Worldclub/Air France Lounge
  88. Peace and Quiet in the MSP WorldClub
  89. NW9 heavily loaded Jun-Jul
  90. For NWA status comp - who to contact and how?
  91. Any word on FFF this year?
  92. battlefield upgrade rules seem to have changed
  93. No NWA Award Availability Even 330 Days In Advance!
  94. Expired TVC
  95. Help w/ award travel to ADD
  96. Rwills amazing 100k+ MR NW to UA
  97. KLM Exit Row strategy
  98. Flight availability on vs. Orbitz
  99. Class Availibilty
  100. Is LAX-NRT operated by a 747-200, and if so, are they new WBC seats? (up/downstairs)
  101. Change in search results
  102. Pax removed from flight
  103. WiFi out at DTW A Center WC
  104. best way to Morocco?
  105. Fares going up?
  106. Format Change to Dates on's Flight Search Page
  107. What happened to "Promotions Status" on
  108. Access to AS Boardroom at ANC?
  109. so who won the amazing race?
  110. Trams at DTW... is it paid for by NW or the airport?
  111. Question about NW WBC
  112. Revenue upgrades?
  113. Low Fare Guarantee is a sham
  114. Double Miles from Asia to the US
  115. 747-400...Top or bottom WBC?
  116. Is Spirit Airlines the reason NW has really low fares between DCA/IAD & DTW?
  117. the WBC to Eur is unavail, or is it? thread
  118. NRT WC vs. other options
  119. Award travel to CPT
  120. ECV for Fare Reduction
  121. Book in KL or NW?
  122. What is happening on NW12 PEK-NRT, May 08?
  123. 10% Off Targetted Promo (MKE)
  124. in the current NW magazine.. what's the name of the company that sells GSM phones?
  125. 5am Flight...
  126. 4/26 am issues?
  127. is driving me nuts!!!
  128. NW FC waitlist with DL check-in?
  129. CDG (Paris) Check in on
  130. Help with Aircraft load
  131. Type of plane and load from AMS to DTW
  132. help w/ transfer from delta
  133. NW miles (sort of) on YX starting May 1
  134. in flight food question
  135. Northwest Fees
  136. Union Rift Strib Article
  137. Traveling from LHR -> AMS -> SEA and Back, Lounge Access/Shower Facilities?
  138. To combine itineraries or leave separate
  139. NW DTW-PHX loads... what's up?
  140. Redeeming miles for First Class on Air France
  141. Concerned about the pilots TA?
  142. how do I get exit row window seat 9A on A319? (not Coach Choice)
  143. Better NW upgrade chances
  144. World club lounge in LAX
  145. Award redemption rules for open-jaw/stopover?
  146. Upgrade award NYC to SIN
  147. Platinum First Class Guarantee - Did Rules Change
  148. Toll (not free) number for Gold/Platinum Elite Line
  149. Q: Companion upgrades at the gate
  150. Award Seat Releases by NWA
  151. Oops! CO mileage credit
  152. PHX Best Price / Flight
  153. What's Your Min. Connection Time?
  154. MSP to N. California Help
  155. Schedule Change - DL Code Share...Can I get a direct flight?
  156. Report NW award ticket successes here!
  157. Have you ever recovered an lost item on NW?
  158. Northwest Website Award Availability Search Tool is of the Devil!
  159. Online Check-in with same day return??
  160. Bad News: The plane is broke, Good News: We have another available right now!
  161. Two different questions on coach seating on A330-300
  162. When does NWA run their elite upgrades?
  163. NWA-vs-Spirit Business Philosophy Difference
  164. StarTribune: Airline played instrumental role in orchestral woes
  165. VIP in MSP WorldClub today?
  166. Skyteam Elite not showing on reservation
  167. Duty Free at DTW
  168. BKK-NRT Diverted to HND questions
  169. Loyalty vs. Price Article
  170. Discontinued Seasonal Service to Bermuda
  171. NW versus AA: What are your thoughts?
  172. I seem to be waitlisted on NW award flight operated by MH...
  173. Visa - 25,000 miles
  174. How long for a ECV-applied ticket to issue?
  175. 1000 WP bonus miles for online check-in
  176. Am I the only one who absolutely loves the upper deck of a 747-200 on int'l flights?
  177. Is ASE gone with the Avros?
  178. Anyone flying Northwest for first time and need friend referral.
  179. voucher question
  180. Cosmetic Change to OLCI
  181. Experiences flying into Key West??
  182. Northwest and Valpak question
  183. Could a DC-10 be configured like this?
  184. Still serving glass in coach.
  185. Rant- Award Unavailability
  186. Best way to take advantage of WorldClub bonus miles promotion?
  187. Dc-10 Msp-hnl
  188. Club Access with First Class Ticket
  189. Connection Gates on Napkins... RIC to DTW
  190. 4/19/06 - NWA.COM - IND connection-->time change?
  191. CHI - LGW Overnight Fare Change!
  192. The difference a snack makes
  193. Coach choice: full flight; last window seat now $
  194. Three more Plats, but it might be time to say goodbye to WP.
  195. NWA Credit Card - When to get it?
  196. Trans-pac upgrade options
  197. Credit Card Issue
  198. TSA allows person through security without ID!
  199. Snuff - Does NWA allow smokeless tobacco?
  200. Gate Agent was dressed like a Hooker
  201. Backpack allowed?
  202. Compensation for NW incompetence?
  203. DTW-BKK: Buy now @$1800 or wait for standard award?
  204. NWA, Marketing, Elite Expendable
  205. Still No Credendials for 2006 Gold Elite
  206. Award Ticket Change Question - Pl. Advice
  207. Multi Leg Flight
  208. Can anyone beat this walk in an airport?
  209. Northwest Airlines' 787 (Dreamliner) Possible Routes [Merged Threads]
  210. $ off certs good until the end of the year
  211. Fare publishing schedule
  212. WorldClubs Spring New Membership Promotion Bonus Miles offer
  213. What is the upgrade potential for DTW-Mexico City?
  214. Voucher non-transferrable? possible solution
  215. Question about switching airlines mid route
  216. Hot Planes
  217. Rules for accessing Premium Seats?
  218. Least expensive item in the Worldperks Mall?
  219. 18A or 22C?
  220. BUMP program success
  221. NW forced me to change my return date. Can I force them to let me change it again?
  222. Method for buying ticket cheapest
  223. Skyteam awards questions
  224. Legroom on A330 in coach
  225. NW Hubs/Gateways/outstations: Only 40 to remain in operation by NW Employees (outsour
  226. dc10 to HNL--when will it end?
  227. Flight 334 (on 4/21) B755 Seatmap closed (except 1 Coach Choice Seat & Disability)
  228. FYI - Mumps outbreak in Midwest
  229. Possible WC promo starting 4/17
  230. Changes to the Coach ChoiceSM Seat Program
  231. Upcoming Sale Question
  232. NW (KLM) lounge LHR
  233. No Boarding Pass issued - suggestions
  234. 747-200 Lax-nrt
  235. Carrying on a bag + tennis racket
  236. Fast track from Silver to Gold
  237. carry on luggage crack down
  238. fairway flyaway & miles all aroung you winners
  239. Anyone try using the NW Plate Elite AS FC Coupons GEG/LAX and LAX/MEX recently?
  240. Bos to AMS, NW or KLM?
  241. Upgrade (EUA) on award ticket on CO metal?
  242. Same plane / different flight numbers
  243. Will I get miles credited to my acct when using FF ticket?
  244. How far back can i get miles posted from a flight?
  245. Upgrades LAX-MEM
  246. caribbean service no more?
  247. London City or Gatwick?
  248. FA's speak out against Coach Choice
  249. Plastic plates at DTW world clubs? And we can't touch the glasses (styrofoam only)?
  250. Aeroflot Officially A Skyteam Partner

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