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  1. Upgaded to First then downgraded to coach, Compensation?
  2. Is 1 hour 5 min enough to connect Int to Dom at DTW??
  3. TLV Lounge access with WC card?
  4. NWA refunds $100 change fee
  5. Top 10 reasons not to fly DTW-MCO on a Saturday morning
  6. EQM or BIS for 2M and what do I get?
  7. What happens to e-certs after ticketing, then cancelling the ticket?
  8. Semi-Newbie Question: To use miles, or not to use...
  9. Question about trip in vain
  10. NW Elite upgrade on CO Flights
  11. WC Agent alleges "sandwiches/soups/hot foods will be in DTW WC by year end"
  12. $50 change fee and reticket...or not?
  13. ticket designators and B-fare upgrades
  14. Yet more transatlantic promotions
  15. Bonus Miles for OLCI (Japan Only)
  16. USBank WorldPerks Gold Debit Card/Checking
  17. Northwest gives 36 jets to Mesaba
  18. Elite carpet ignored
  19. What is with feet in First?
  20. Debit on electronic voucher
  21. Ooops....this could be costly (DC-9 gets "tugged" at YYZ)
  22. Missing bonus miles, from worldperks mall purchase.
  23. Does NW have 24 hours cancelation policy for full refund
  24. Compensation for WEATHER delay!!
  25. Automatic full fare upgrade on CO after elite expires
  26. Statute of Limitations on Complaints to NW for Compensation?
  27. Elite extra perks for asia pacific. When?
  28. No Wirleless IFE On The 787...
  29. Christmas day flight cancelled, should I complain?
  30. Worldperks Award Strange Behavior
  31. Broken seats - is this a work action?
  32. anyone ever hear of lifetime Plat status?
  33. more 'exciting' Elite perks-luggage straps!
  34. NW Adding second DTW-FRA flight
  35. NWA was very lenient on requalification
  36. MilesSafari - how to request points?
  37. Air Tahiti Nui Questions
  38. Milage credit for flight not flown... fight to remove?
  39. Will system still do automatic upgrade if you have no assigned seat?
  40. Elite Extra Perks is here
  41. Magazine Subscriptions - Gone
  42. Much love to TTU
  43. How to approach NW about this?
  44. Best First class award ticket using NW miles?
  45. Standard Award Availability on HA intra-HI flights
  46. Is this a new WP VISA benefit?
  47. best option for 13K WorldPerk Miles
  48. 2008 Elite Qualification Changes posted on website.
  49. Returns to WP Mall Merchants?
  50. God is a bad word?
  51. Interline bag agreement with Royal Air Maroc?
  52. NW trip insurance... or Travel Guard... or...?
  53. 2007 WorldPerks Program
  54. Amazingly quick turnaround during MR - 6 minutes!
  55. When to buy a ticket over the pond... for May travel
  56. Interesting E-mail promo
  57. DC-9 Routes?!
  58. The excitement begins in less than 24 hours!
  59. Wanted: One Way Awards
  60. Preferred Seats on DL for Skytem Elite
  61. Weird upgrade experience LAX-MSP-LGA on 1/20
  62. NW Upgrades with Delta Medallion
  63. miles from December
  64. Do Award Flight "fees" ever go down?
  65. OLCI question?
  66. inter-region open-jaw
  67. Overlapping Reservations
  68. NW #2 in '06 101 Dumbest Moments in Business
  69. WP Visa "10K RDM for $100 off" back
  70. purchase EQMs (like UA)?
  71. New (for me) - GA Comes on Board and Upgrades Pax to FC
  72. ANC-MSP-BOS Q's/NWA Upgrade Instruments
  73. Rule 120 question
  74. Alitalia WC lounge In Heathrow?
  75. No ind-sfo non-stop flight now ?
  76. Weirdness with 4:37pm 1/22 ORD-MSP (#137) cancellation reason: "weather"
  77. Free Domestic Any Fare Upgrade Cert NWA
  78. Slow luggage delivere at outstations
  79. NW gate location in MEX and partner lounges
  80. Upgrade on CO (EWR-FLL)
  81. Finnair planes?
  82. Northwest "Platinum Plus?"
  83. Assistance With Seat Question Please?
  84. KLM Cityhopper miles?
  85. List Routes Where CRJs Are Replacing DC-9 Service
  86. charge for elite upgrades? has it begun? rumor?
  87. NWA JAPAN site
  88. 1/21/2007 Flight 1726 MKE-DTW blows engine on take-off, over shoots runway
  89. Does NW ever release more than one J award seat in advance trans-pacific?
  90. Seat changes with equip changes
  91. I mean, am I incredibly lucky when I fly NW?????
  92. Anyone else having trouble searching with a PK cert?
  93. Thanks Northwest for showing me how great UA is!
  94. My week on the Battlefield
  95. P-Class with COMPLIMENTARY UG?
  96. Checked luggage acceptance period.
  97. Booking award travel not found on
  98. NW 37 (AMS-BOS) cancelled due to wind 1/18
  99. Another KLM Seat / Plane Question
  100. Best seats?
  101. Advice on confirmed standby to facilitate upgrades?
  102. Farebucket Site Down?
  103. KLM seat assignment
  104. Seatbelt sign: NW vs. KLM
  105. NW Responding to Transatlantic UA Promos
  106. WorldClubs Question
  107. Bonus miles question
  108. Escalation Path
  109. WorldPerks Visa 1st year fee waived?
  110. Near mid-air collision of DTW-DEN NW flight
  111. Upgrading trip to Amsterdam
  112. Has anyone tried combining 1,000 mile coupons?
  113. WCCO: Birds Force Emergency Landing Of NWA Plane
  114. B.U.M.P. a one-way flight on Monday night
  115. Precious Cargo Stuck in MEM
  116. New Promo: BDL-AMS Bonus Miles (5-15K)
  117. KLM Asia, do I accrue mileage on WP?
  118. Qualified for Plat in mid-Dec, still no Plat card
  119. Channel 9
  120. White Tie Program
  121. 2 West Coast questions...
  122. Z class, U class, and Y fare / too clever by half
  123. EQMs on CO-VS codeshare
  124. AMS KLM Lounge - enhanced "free" Internet Access
  125. challenge question
  126. DC-10 (9xxx Series Charter Flights) returns to service (for a day, anyway)
  127. Need help with using WP miles for Malaysia A/L flight
  128. Thanks Plat desk
  129. 757-200 and FC availability...question
  130. 15% off NW fares thru Travelocity
  131. showing fare results for 07Jan01?
  132. Help please with annual award discount
  133. City flight change due to weather
  134. Newbie question: Using miles for upgrade
  135. $100 for 5000 miles, is it worth it
  136. Infant Traveling in a Baby Bjorn (Sling)
  137. WorldVacations...Your a winner
  138. Theory: NW, not FT Moderator to Blame for "Exciting" Talk
  139. Pinnacle bought Colgan Air
  140. NW coming back to JAC this summer.
  141. some help plz
  142. NW moving it's HQ?
  143. Any way to make a TCV and ECV?
  144. I'm going to have to call to book this, right?
  145. 120K PerkSaver to HNL???
  146. Lifetime Flight Miles vs. Lifetime EQM
  147. Lounge changes at London Gatwick
  148. KLM adds 2nd flight AMS-LAX
  149. Direct phone number to NWA?
  150. TTU Sample Letter Templates
  151. Cast your vote in the 2007 Freddie Awards
  152. AA / NW: Anyone have ideas / insight on that one?
  153. fare compare and ticket purchase.
  154. Bonus "AIR MILES" (Canada) for Travel on NW until 30 APR '07
  155. The Ed Manners luggage experience
  156. WC day pass with my GE card - can I use it for a companion?
  157. Why is a 757 flying to MDW?
  158. OK - so this is lazy [No elite upgrade - 4 emtpy FC seats]
  159. Fueling of a Continental ERJ at IAH
  160. 60 day WC pass - good for partner lounges?
  161. Where can I find a listing of NWA route authorities?
  162. New "exiciting" NWA Managing my reservation options?
  163. EUA on CO's transcon services from EWR
  164. Compensation for a misconnect caused by a mechanical delay?
  165. "You are lucky you even get a meal anymore!"
  166. NW hubs get love
  167. DTW World Club and Showers
  168. Elite challenges?
  169. WorldPerks Visa Signature "Black Card"
  170. Sitting on the tarmac burning 500 lbs of fuel?
  171. Refer a Friend Promotion CONGA starts here
  172. question about paying to upgrade
  173. Trouble Using Award Travel Flight Search option
  174. A/C on SFO-AMS
  175. Refer a Friend BACK!!!!
  176. Club access in Terminal 5 - ORD
  177. Would appreciate comments on 1st Asia WBC attempt
  178. Please help ease my upgrade fears
  179. booking AMS stopover
  180. Phantom Weather and Passenger Rights
  181. Mileage Upgrade on CO
  182. Can I still use WC if traveling on different carrier?
  183. reservation split by agent in error - advice?
  184. 40 returning Haji's denied boarding FRA-DTW
  185. Late (9:30ish) flight from MSP to PDX is gone?
  186. SNA to MSP at 645am, Upgrade Sucess
  187. Weird 'things' yesterday SEA-MSP - PSI/WBC Upgrades
  188. accuracy of seat map vs fare buckets
  189. Northwest WorldClub at Newark
  190. Kudos to KLM&NWA, boo to DTW!
  191. SEA-NRT overbooked?
  192. Booking a WP Award ticket for someone else
  193. A330-200 Blocked Seats
  194. Boozeless in Seattle!?!
  195. elite only seats open to all pax?
  196. GE Mileage Bonus Question
  197. Stuck in MEM, need advice
  198. Changing flight (L).. help needed!
  199. Northwest/Continental miles
  200. Z fares to Europe this summer
  201. Korean Air Search tool
  202. CRJ900 and Embraer 175 Regional Jets
  203. Interesting USA carrier consolidation slide show
  204. NW 778 Delay on Jan 12
  205. NWA DC-10 in MSP
  206. Insight requested: Complex Reward Flight Rules
  207. Is there a way to check status if you know the WP#?
  208. Question Business Class from Dtw to Cdg
  209. 4 lbs over bag weight limit = $50 additional
  210. Upgraded..changed flight...back to orig iten and not upgraded
  211. How does earlier long delay effect me flying on a later flight...
  212. NWA files bankruptcy reorganization plan
  213. CO 50% EQM Highlighted on NW Email
  214. 50% eqm on CO really hurts
  215. MUM-BLR Airline?
  216. Extra 2500 miles in my WP Account ???
  217. "Paid by the Hour"
  218. Flexible "Trick"?
  219. Anyway to tell how many people have been upgraded since yesterday?
  220. Value of Donated Miles?
  221. automated announcements on RJ's
  222. MileSafari Point leader??
  223. Luggage Tags
  224. Out of Control Fares DTW-SYR
  225. How is NWA treating this award ticket?
  226. NYC to MUC in June - thoughts for Business Class
  227. Where are all the female Platinum members? And other quirks...
  228. Has anyone used CASH AND MILES on Northwest?
  229. Kiosk Can't Find Res, No Human Available, Kiosk Finds Res, But Now Too Late
  230. WP Visa Award Travel discount code?
  231. Baggage allowance on Garuda using worldperks award.
  232. 50K for Coach or 90K for First?
  233. Fire on flight 1280 - MSP-MDW
  234. Someone Shoot Me
  235. Merger Rumors and Everything Related [Merged Threads]
  236. 32 min connection at SFO
  237. No charge for third bag when upgraded
  238. KLM miles not posting to World Perks Account
  239. Can one-way trips be redeemed?
  240. New E-miles (earning NW miles) program
  241. Exciting Program "enhancements" for '07: Predictions?
  242. Unusual status match
  243. WP Plat on KLM intra-EU flights
  244. New Double Miles Offer for WP members in OR (or vancouver WA)
  245. Cheaper Ticket.... Hours Later...Now a Question?
  246. Odds of getting upgraded on Europe flight?
  247. Would I get NW WP miles on DL-coded KE-operated flight?
  248. Please help on award booking ewr/dps
  249. upgrades on "direct" flight
  250. I think I'm starting off the year 0/1 on PE upgrades... ARG!

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