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  1. "What In The World is This?"
  2. Interesting Article
  3. Which meals are being served on NW90 in WBC?
  4. NWA Upgrade waitlist broken from OLCI?
  5. The future of Asia-based elite on the new Delta.
  6. 757-200 International... Exit Row or Bulkhead?
  7. Need help interpreting new NWA offer for Delta MQM
  8. Seat Avilablity checking on NW
  9. Advice Please
  10. Trans-Pacific Mileage upgrade questions
  11. Used miles to goto Japan but now what?
  12. EQM total decreasing?
  13. Eqm on award ticket?
  14. Merging 2 WP accounts?
  15. EQM to MQM when consolidating NW and DL mileage accounts?
  16. Standby/Fly Now + First Class Upgrade questions
  17. NW Miles & Cash zone promo
  18. Bizzare 'upgrade' notification
  19. Kenya Airline class code D
  20. Award fee waiver for NW Plats booking on
  21. does a direct flight earn the same eqm's as a nonstop?
  22. Equipment Downgrade on Award Ticket
  23. Cities that have lost mainline service
  24. No A320 Service to MSN
  25. amsterdam airport meeting point
  26. No Awards to PPT???
  27. only preferred seats left..
  28. A320/Q from AMS to DTW?
  29. NW/KAL in C or AC/NH in C?
  30. Pinnacle dropping NW MSP cities?
  31. Luggage allowance on econ ticket with first of two segments upgraded to FC?
  32. SHA to BKK, no stop over at HAN?
  33. Targeted - Get an Amex - Pretty Pretty Please? (15k MQM Offer)
  34. Award Ticket on KE, first becomes business
  35. AF Award Ticket: $650 in "Taxes"
  36. Cannot choose seats
  37. Peanut Alergies
  38. worldclubs access question
  39. Are the "use CO or WN instead of DL/NW" folks pointing out CO/WN flaws?
  40. Possible upgrades on domestic delta rewards flight?
  41. Competitive status match with NWA/Delta?
  42. Access to DL preferred Seating as NW Silver
  43. Million Mile Strategy
  44. NWA 757 Seats
  45. BKK Questions: 757 Version, Online Boarding Pass, Minimum Connection Time
  46. Any way to force a call to Chisholm?
  47. It's good to be a Plat...
  48. DELTA VACATIONS-What a Disappointment
  49. no-show, or change$ change$ change$ ..
  50. Upgrading Using Son's Miles
  51. MEM today
  52. YYZ - KL Lounge?
  53. Italy TATL Upgrade
  54. Requesting Help to Book Flight Found on ITA
  55. NW 4G planes [Laptop Power Ports in Y on the 744?]
  56. Copenhagen Lounge Access for NW PE?
  57. fails to issue E-ticket - Bait and Switch
  58. "Special Welcome Offer:" $25 Amex Gift Card (Targeted)... crediting WP okay?
  59. Have Delta Elite Numbers Been Released to NW Elites?
  60. NWA / DELTA merger.
  61. Can someone send me the GE number?
  62. Question regarding NWA Luggage Policy
  63. Sky Club or World Club in Las VEGAS???
  64. purchasing award ticket for friend- which credit card to use?
  65. *complaint* NWA check-in reminder emails
  66. NW Newbie - Status Matching
  67. Schedule Change - what are my options
  68. Quick question - same day standby?
  69. Unbearable long layover in DTW
  70. New WorldPerks Visa!
  71. 1 Day Skyclub Access w. 2 sep. tix?
  72. Is the EQM Giveaway making you try for a higher level?
  73. Book flight on, credit NW worldperks...
  74. SWU & Other Vouchers
  75. do USB flexperks tickets earn miles?
  76. 767 - MSP - LHR - best seats?
  77. Elite Award Ticket Choices
  78. How To See Total Worldperks Needed (Before I Transfer MR/DL)?
  79. NW 757 w/ Intl Config
  80. FlyNow on NW ticket, DL&NW metal with perkchoice ticket
  81. Is DL/NW dropping A330 on MSP-HNL in the fall '09?
  82. DL/NW Merged Stations to Avoid
  83. Any risk of throw-away ticketing?
  84. FNT-DTW Service Improvement
  85. Revenue idea - Worldperks/Skymiles Mileage Bank
  86. Latest merger nightmare
  87. Nw84 8/30/09
  88. Flying First Class to India
  89. NWA Seat Assignments
  90. NW 30% Mermbership Rewards Transfer Bonus
  91. Northwest VDB
  92. Upgrade Merger Help?
  93. Booking award and paid on same PNR
  94. Can I refuse a new ticket assigned by NWA due to the mechanical reason?
  95. 17G Good Seat in Coach on the A330?
  96. NW-DL Merger chaos
  97. DFW Elite Check in - NW not allowed
  98. Great award redemption experience
  99. Delta Creep: Now Affecting Safety Cards
  100. AmEx MR now partner with WP
  101. Did NW cxl 637 MKE-LAX?
  102. Upgrade priority?
  103. Change of e-mail address!
  104. PU503 or 1 mile upgrade question
  105. New NW Interior
  106. Changing an award flight with KL connection
  107. Delta Million Miles Update through NW ?
  108. baggage for award ticket in AS, booked via NW?
  109. should I move to KLM FB?
  110. Can Platinum Elite Upgrades (i.e., Systemwide) be used CUR/BON/SXM-AMS?
  111. Checking baggage thru on 2 separate tickets from Munich to Dtw.
  112. WorldClub closures begin: LAX/reduced amenities at "new" T5 club
  113. Finally, you can earn EQMs between SIN/BKK/DXB and India.
  114. how do I use a Delta ECV to book a PerkChoice flight?
  115. SYD lounge
  116. When a schedule change goes right!
  117. GRB to be served mostly by CRJs?
  118. (Pointer) Farewell to NW WP DO: 9-26-09 in MSP
  119. Does nw have baggage contract with KE at ORD?
  120. elite extraperks 2009 - what are you selecting? (EQM Carryover Gone!)
  121. What's up with NW FL 72?
  122. NWA FA union protests DL uniforms, citing size and color
  123. Any CO One Pass got status match with NW WP ?
  124. Delta Customer Service Trainwreck @ BWI
  125. Combining Delta and NW Qualifying Miles
  126. Hassle defined: Redeeming KLM vouchers issued by NWA
  127. Baggage on multi-city itinerary
  128. MSP - Best Dining Options / World Club?
  129. Interesting Codeshare Predicament
  130. NW Airbus 330 SFO-NRT Returns to SFO w/Engine Issues
  131. Combination of Elite/Medallion Qualifying Miles
  132. Award Redemption Fee on NW But not DL
  133. Looking for a MSP flyer headed to the UK
  134. Elite security lane at ORD
  135. CO terminal policy & two more questions
  136. Migrating from UA
  137. EQMs DL AMEX and end of year
  138. Current Gold Elite, what happens when you don't fly enough to make SE
  139. Republic's Acquisition of Midwest
  140. Award Travel for MH C Class - What Fare Bucket?
  141. So confused about the promos - are they combinable?
  142. NW messaging gone wild
  143. NW/DL LGA Terminal Gate Pass
  144. PerkSaver Award available in all cabins-Yeah right
  145. A whole new problem with tonight (7/8)
  146. How long for class of service EQM bonus to show up?
  147. Union Action in DTW July 6 Flt 1443 DTW-ATL...Anybody know Anything?
  148. Net Miles Offers (Residents of Japan only)
  149. OLCI problems?
  150. nw fares don't include US tax
  151. Will merging DL and NW accounts help achieve elite status?
  152. BEWARE: Purchasing F tickets via for NW flights
  153. PerkSaver completely done with?
  154. Million Miler - Will we get credit
  155. Need name change on account after marriage - 14 days??!!
  156. Which Terminal: NW Metal Flights at JFK
  157. NWA.Com crashing Firefox
  158. Delta Plane Mini Cooper
  159. NWA 747 PTVs?
  160. Checked Bag Fees on Code Share Flights with American Eagle
  161. Another Day, Another NWA Sale
  162. YX partnership winding down
  163. Mixed CO/VS/BA itin; how to get max mileage?
  164. Watching for my upgrade to ge reinstated
  165. Pinnacle Airlines - serves alcohol?
  166. Iconic MSP Hangar B Sign Finally Taken Down
  167. Air Europa Award Ticket on NW?
  168. Nwa 747-400 nrt-dtw
  169. Is NWA Status worth it?
  170. convert Hilton HHonors points or not with 40% bonus?
  171. MKE service cuts coming
  172. Check in early in SIN?
  173. Hilton/NW/Delta Promo
  174. Yummy!!! Cereal & bagel for lunch...
  175. EQM Thank you Giveaway
  176. Award inventory release toward flight date
  177. Planning a South America trip - dreading 767 travel
  178. UG'ing using Miles to Europe
  179. Disappearing NW ticketing at airports
  180. Coca-Cola drinkers....REJOICE!
  181. code-share flight number question
  182. Bad Scedule Change - GREAT Resolution
  183. Award travel availability worse when PE logs in!
  184. Business Class Awards on
  185. A330 MSP-AMS In-Seat Entertainment any good?
  186. NWA WorldVacations -> Delta Vacations!
  187. dtw fnt travel experience
  188. EVC for $250 off or 25,000 miles
  189. Earn 3000 miles with Hyatt
  190. NW 30 NRT - HNl AVOD?
  191. DL/NW incompetence or real issue with AZ award reservations?
  192. Drinking Water in NWA
  193. MSP or DTW to AMS in mid-January?
  194. (as of 03JUL09) DTW - NRT reduce to 1 Daily from 01OCT09
  195. splitting award reservation
  196. Plat upgrade on award?
  197. MSP -> LHR now 767
  198. anyone fly MH on WP awards recently ?
  199. Partner Miles w. Alitalia Problems?
  200. Status matching on Delta
  201. ECV question
  202. Captain Bob
  203. NWA DTW>NRT NRT>PEK Special Meals Coach Class
  204. Exchange KLM discount certificate for NWA voucher?
  205. How to link NRT-SIN SIN-CGK ticket from different airlines?
  206. NW Dollar off E-Cert Reusable if Reservation canceled within 24 Hours
  207. Cancellation Question
  208. Flying to NYC - will NW let me standby for LGA instead of EWR?
  209. Trip to Aruba (flight question)
  210. CO Plat flying NW-what to expect?
  211. NW or CO to PVG in J
  212. Continental flights no longer shown at anymore?
  213. It Appears KLM/Northwest is Really Gone..
  214. Consolidated NW/DL Operations in SEA
  215. Consolidated DL (and NW) Promos as of 01July09
  216. KE Lounge Access at ICN
  217. Double Miles/Delta/NW Amex
  218. disappointed--booked in business/invol reroute in coach
  219. Anyone Jumping ship?
  220. Where can I find the fine print? (i.e. US Bank Cardmember Agreement)
  221. Free printer at any of the DTW lounges?
  222. Checking-in at AMS?
  223. Award Calendar Scam
  224. Connecting in MSP
  225. Anyone seeing EUA processing 'stopped'?
  226. bump chances question
  227. Upgrade to BizElite for ONE mile
  228. DBQ cut (again) effective 8/31/09
  229. NW Plats: Ever get Op-Up on DL Int'l?
  230. NW worldperks and Delta skymiles question
  231. Merge miles into Delta or NW?
  232. Vegetarian Meals - Any Good?
  233. Worldperks miles not posted before merger
  234. Starwood Preferred Guest Offer for Non-Elite (But NOT Elite)
  235. Use DL milles on NW web site
  236. Refurbished DC9's in service
  237. Chisholm Agents Say Buy Through Us!
  238. Confirmed: NW Elites 2nd Class on DL
  239. Buying Elite Miles?
  240. Purchasing Skyclub Temprary Membership on NWA.COM
  241. So what are you? Not loyal, loyal or profitable loyal to NW/DL?
  242. TPAC "E-first upgrade to First Class/Biz Elite for $249"
  243. 742 in old livery at MSP passenger gates?
  244. Was NWA profitable without DL's extra fees?
  245. Convert marriott points to NWA miles ?
  246. So sell me the ticket already
  247. Tracking a Delta flight
  248. LHR Fasttrack
  249. Which door do they use on a 757 at MSP?
  250. new nwa award tkt rip-off: stopover OR openjaw (used to be "AND")