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  1. Lower Ticket Service Charge at LH
  2. Shower options in FRA for Y class, no status PAX
  3. M&M: Official FFP for Croatia and Adria from April 2005
  4. Exit row secret?
  5. LHR SEN lounge being upgraded?
  6. Flynet - I am living in two worlds
  7. opodo promos compinable?
  8. Changes to award booking after first sector
  9. LH flights Asia-Europe & NthAm-Europe - tips?
  10. LH vs OS .... FRA vs VIE
  11. move M/M miles to other airline programme
  12. thumbs up for LH @NUE today!
  13. Using LH doesn't make sense if you're in US?
  14. Is it worth to upgrade FRA-DXB from M to C
  15. M/M Helpdesk very fussy, or do i expect too much?
  16. Ready to fly from 144-199 Euro (Chrismas- New Year)
  17. NEW M&M Offer from Handelsblatt
  18. GRU Gets 2 Daily LH Flights
  19. mileage credit easy?
  20. Do fare rules differ depending on who you booked with?
  21. UA trouble - what about award tickets in case of bancruptcy?
  22. LH no more BKK-MNL-BKK from next year !
  23. FTL Baggage tags useful?
  24. Forfeited ticket, any way to get mileage credit?
  25. M&M Card
  26. Upgrade possibilities from C to F
  27. How long for SEN card delivery?
  28. "Visit Japan" Promo: LH Flights Only?
  29. Changed ETIX -> Ticket Counter
  30. ANA Mileage Credits
  31. booking class on
  32. Seasons Greetings for US SEN Member
  33. Christmas Meal in First Class ?
  34. Comparison new and old M&M from an Upgrade perspective
  35. Christmas meals in C
  36. FRA-ORD Flt 432 No F?? (UAL Thinks So?)
  37. Dear Santa
  38. Transfering miles from United to LH
  39. Operational upgrade statistic
  40. Too many negatives recently
  41. Question regarding sleeperseats to JNB or CPT with LH or SA
  42. Lufthansa giveth, taketh...giveth!!!
  43. 100k miles expiring 12/31
  44. *A Priority tag
  45. Report: Recent experience using UA-SWU on LH
  46. Standby for earlier flight?
  47. Can you upgrade with an evoucher then switch to *A UK Standby Voucher at the airport?
  48. Choosing between LH and UA
  49. LH intra-Europe on-time performance?
  50. LH Miles for Varig, W class
  51. [B]What happened with our Moderator " Patron " ???[/B]
  52. Change from LH M&M to United MP?
  53. no more F on A340, LH458/9
  54. Ready to fly from 177-188 Euro (17.12.2004)
  56. any gimicks for becoming ftl in any special country?
  57. Welcome bonus taken away!
  58. MUC-BKK New Business Class
  59. Miles on LH and an additional *A FFP ?
  60. Booked my first gexx flight instead of LH today - MUC-THF (Berlin-Tempelhof)
  61. Lounge in Brussels
  62. Business Class flight on Ebay for 999 ???
  63. booked on "ghost" flight. seen before? compensation?
  64. JNB lounge
  65. UK-USA (West Coast) - Need stopover in FRA or MUC?
  66. NO DRINKS REALLY STINKS!! - Campaign to get our airline back!
  67. Lounge Questions
  68. BKK-FRA in F...what to seat?
  69. Use e-voucher to upgrade a friend ?
  70. how to fly 4 free and earn miles as SEN
  71. Any Honeymoon specials from LH?
  72. Thanks to LH FT'ers from newbie
  73. "Mileage Bargain" with companion award?
  74. 2 eVouchers at requalification for SEN?
  75. terrible food, Y-class ORD-MUC
  76. Will I get a Status Downgrade when Changing my adress?
  77. Refer me to M&M, get 2,000 miles
  78. UK Star Promotion Bonus: When to run out?
  79. OS price drop - can we get travel credit?
  80. Business MIA-FRA new to LH
  81. What transfer / connection options?
  82. EWR-New Delhi Business class seat Question
  83. Fra F terminal access
  84. How to check-in to LH flight purchased on
  85. UA "B"
  86. Overnight connection - my bags?
  87. Os Vie-bkk
  88. Kempinski Hotel FRA -worth the trip?
  89. How to go for HON?
  90. Ready to fly from 155-199 Euro (10.12.2004)
  91. Port Harcourt (PHC), Nigeria new LH destination
  92. FRA lounge access
  93. FC Terminal or Lounge?
  94. UA SWU for LH SFO-FRA
  95. FTL credit card promo?
  96. Miles UA Ted
  97. lh not expected "gift"
  98. 92000 miles and 3 weeks to get to SEN, any ideas?
  99. LH Exclusive 12/2004
  100. how long does retro credit of miles take?
  101. Can you review your booking online?
  102. opodo promos
  103. Does the LH forum have a lurker?
  104. Cheeky auction on ebay - LH to act?
  105. Is this normal?
  106. enrollment into M&M question
  107. What was the fastest award ticket issuing time?
  108. DER-miles-manager
  109. Sixt 2000 Miles gone. Alternatives?
  110. HON Circle Miles in 2003 - how do I find out how many I have?
  111. What are the exact rules for earning HON Circle miles?
  112. Flying F. Have a 1/2 Day at FRA in Dec.
  113. LH Plane Lands in Dublin After Alert...
  114. Misleading LH advertising when it comes to Flysmart - many not possible
  115. looking to join
  116. Status after HON
  117. Full Annual M&M Statment
  118. Promotion for flight to Chile ?
  119. YYZ-FRA on Dec. 10 / 11
  120. chance of bump?
  121. Star Alliance Partner Earning Mileage Rules?
  122. US-bound plane lands in Dublin after alert
  123. Crediting of miles
  124. No Free Same-Day-Standby Cost LH Some Money
  125. HON in paid Y, SEN in paid C: Who gets the upgrade to F?
  126. Op-Upgrade on OS ?
  127. F Fra-hkg
  128. SEN lounge in EWR
  129. From January 05, possible to book awards on Condor online (including Flysmart)
  130. Where's Switzerland?
  131. BOS-FRA And Return LH423/LH422 New Biz Seats, And Other 1st Time LH Questions
  132. C Cabin Empty But No Upgrade Available
  133. mileage runs...
  134. former Senator upgrade new e vouger booking classes
  135. "World Wide Weihnachtsmann" competition
  136. Less Miles needet for Award Flight 01/05 - 03/05 to Japan
  137. Does LH comp MaM status based on AA status?
  138. Multi-segment tickets for similar price as simple discounted Y roundtrip on LH?
  139. Timing of asking for upgrade from paid C to F
  140. Lufthansa Denver Invitation / Dec 1st / New Business Class party
  141. Winter mileage bargain - 13,000 miles - in Germany or to selected European Cities
  142. Ticket codes
  143. LH & GA - can luggage be checked through?!
  144. another highlight regarding bad Lufthansa IT
  145. TP join M&M :-)
  146. BKK Question
  147. Jammies in F?
  148. Lufthansa allows mobile phone calls on board
  149. New F Terminal in FRA - First Impressions
  150. Validity period / expiry of discounted fares on websites
  151. FRA HKG BKK FRA - How many miles needed?
  152. LH CC in US/Germany ?
  153. Any news regarding special promos?
  154. When to book reward tickets to USA
  155. LH Credit Card 6-8 weeks waiting time / LH overwhelmed?
  156. BIA Strike - Advice needed
  157. First Class whisky
  158. Booking class of cash check-in upgrade
  159. LH treating their F/C like royalties!
  160. Contact to M&M-Team
  161. Germany to Bangkok LH in C
  162. First and Biz about the same?
  163. List of LH/OS fifth freedom flights
  164. Lufthansa cooperation with Net Jets
  165. LH first and new biz comparisons to sq,ana.
  166. Upgrade suggestions for Div Miles Award on LH
  167. cheap W Class changeable short notice?
  168. Decode the T Agent's Itinerary
  169. Any Promotion with UA out?
  170. Ready to fly from 188-199 Euro (26.11.2004)
  171. *A UK upgrade voucher still sent out?
  172. Buying miles on Ebay
  173. stand by in biz
  174. bump chance?
  175. SEN open Forum Washington, Nov 30
  176. GRU-FRA- Lufthansa vs. Varig(LH codeshare)
  177. website to check class availability
  178. 1st Class Article (PR?) from BusinessDay - South Africa - 23 November
  179. NO LH Exclusive after adress change!?
  180. 3000 miles for 17 (new Handelsblatt offer)
  181. LH A343 and FRA-THR question
  182. Denied Boarding Compensation
  183. LH christmas present?
  184. Q: enroll with LH M&M or SRS hotel loyalty program?
  185. Refund for taxes/segment surcharges
  186. Can LH take all your miles away because of some silly mistake?
  187. How to save TSC-$ ?
  188. Slightly OT: Top status comparison of various airlines available?
  189. Service Levels on A346 with new C
  190. OS party in VIE on Nov 25
  191. Expiry FTL?
  192. Mileage Run(s) on Lufthansa for HON
  193. No open jaw award tix in some regions?
  194. Any Feedback on the new Milage account?
  195. Question: How do UA 'A' fares show up on M&M?
  196. SEN miles account overdraft
  197. Fra - Jnb / Cpt - Fra
  198. Upgrade on LH using MP miles
  199. Are HON Status miles the same as regular status miles?
  200. FlyNet Availability
  201. LH FTL Credit Card
  202. How many miles does a SEN flies (on average) a year?
  203. Will first class award and upgraded passengers use the new terminal?
  204. Lh e upgrade used on ua what fares are upgradable?
  205. Ready to fly from 155-188 Euro (19.11.2004)
  206. To the LH HON and other F flyers - what jobs let you fly F?
  207. LH intra-Europe C class seats
  208. OS Christmas Game
  209. upgrading C to F with UA SWU
  210. Urgent help needed :) please! (HON)
  211. Black Card arrived!
  212. Seats on A340 Y?
  213. "I" on OS: DXB-VIE-HAM or LH: DXB-FRA/MUC-HAM
  214. SEN Lounge Access restricted?
  215. FRA Check-In for 6:35 AM flight in C?
  216. First Class TERMINAL in Frankfurt
  217. Multiple Segment Journey/Etappenbuchung with Fly Smart?
  218. Is there a D class fare from LON-BKK o/w?
  219. The Black Card: Everything you want to know about HON!
  220. OS Fokker 100 -- seats
  221. SEN privellege question
  222. It is Out
  223. LH route map
  224. OS or LH in C: Orient-Europe
  225. Experience with Star Alliance NA Airpass?
  226. LH454 FRA-SFO 15Nov.: Delayed 4 hours...
  227. When does Lufthansa make a paid ticket valueless?
  228. When are miles credited?
  229. laptop-internet using in airportlounges question
  230. Upgrades and earned mileage
  231. FTL Status valid for 4 years?
  232. Wrong pilot enjoys free flights
  233. New Look in Lufthansa Online Account Statement
  234. Overbooking compensation after aircraft change?
  235. Status match for LH SEN ?
  236. New SEN + eVouchers
  237. LH Sen & SAS Eco Flex
  238. Fares out of China
  239. Check in at kiosk without M/M nr?
  240. Checkin Question
  241. 7500 Miles for an interview from Deutsche Bank
  242. And experience on Adria airlines?
  243. Any people here who will not requalify for SEN because of new mileage earning rules?
  244. LH F to THR
  245. Sold Out First Class Between Florida and Germany?
  246. Announcement for inner-German LH flights: Fly for 'even less'?
  247. Web Survey: Online Bookings with LH
  248. Interesting Article
  249. OS VIE-Strassburg X class?
  250. Great flight BUD-FRA this evening - where to give feedback?

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