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  1. Does 9C recline on A321?
  2. LH design exhibition in Frankfurt
  3. Ready to fly from 99-111 Euro (15.07.2005)
  4. Trying to use UA miles to upgrade on LH
  5. BKK-FRA on Y Class with Lufthansa
  6. FRA-BLR-FRA winter frequency to be daily?
  7. FTL for 62 Euro
  8. RTF this week - any information? (NMI)
  9. Member Gets Member- a Scam?
  10. Business class fares to India?
  11. Is LH and FRA normally chaos or was it just this time around??
  12. MUC-BKK in C - LH or TG?
  13. Changes to Partner Award Itineraries
  14. Austrian Airlines Business Class ZRH/VIE Lounge Access, etc.
  15. US SEN/FTL Serviced in South Africa
  16. Full Flight Questions in Advance
  17. New Ukraine Flights - DUS-Kiev & MUC-Donetsk
  18. FTL requalification
  19. LH & Swiss just received this newsletter
  20. Handling of Replica Guns on Transatlantic flights
  21. new biz seats
  22. Is it possible to purchase status miles?
  23. Lounge in SIN with LH SEN card & Emirates eco tkt
  24. When will the online lounge directory be back??
  25. X-Bag on LH
  26. No more 2000 miles for Sixt Handy Service?
  27. LHR-HAM on LH with UA conditions
  28. Baggage Weight on Intercontinental Flights on LH
  29. LH First vs. UA First
  30. Lufhansa old business class
  31. Best seat in Biz LH405 (B747) JFK-FRA
  32. Turning *Silver - do I get the benefits instantly??
  33. Miles and More numbers of FFs
  34. Fare Conditions in H
  35. Ready to fly from 99-122 (08.07.2005)
  36. Flying Codeshare and Miles ?
  37. Credit to LH UK
  38. DUS Senator Lounge
  39. had bag tag 123456
  40. Qestions re: DFW new International Terminal
  41. Air Dolomiti MUC-VCE
  42. Upgrade to business with V fare
  43. LH FTL Upgrade Z to F
  44. Sen lounge LHR T2 accesss from T1
  45. Refund for Ticket Cancellation to a different Credit Card possible ?
  46. Boarding checked by finger prints
  47. wrong fare at LH today
  48. Retroactive crediting miles with M&M for OS flights
  49. return ticket used by someone else, possible?
  50. Hamburg airport question
  51. How does FFP work?
  52. Phone Number of HON CIRCLE Service?
  53. SEN extended - what now?
  54. Coach seats for LH747-400
  55. Anyone else vote for Conciseness here?
  56. LH Highflyer - Most miles flown
  57. PrivatAir vs. LH old/new C
  58. Seat recommendations: 2-class A340-300 in C
  59. Austrian Airlines plans Phuket flights
  60. LH increases fuel surcharge
  61. Lounge on Canary Island?
  62. Missing flight credit
  63. Lost luggage on transfer connections through VIE and WAW
  64. flights to cancun on OS
  65. Miles @ the Courtyard?
  66. SEN lounge departures only??
  67. Lower LH Summer Fares
  68. LH Visa Card (American version) goes to Bank of America
  69. Lastest on SWISS
  70. New Biz-Class and Flynet Routes
  71. Wahhh Help
  72. Lounge guide
  73. Available award seats
  74. Post the most RIP-OFF ECO -fares of LH here...
  75. Ready to fly (01.07.2005)
  76. 10K offers up again! this time for 18 cities!!
  77. (Booking) Class
  78. Anybody on LH 738 FRA HKG currently?
  79. old business on new business routes
  80. Jul/Aug: VIE Lounges under construction
  81. Open Ticket Question?
  82. Agent says "No waitlist available for upgrade"
  83. Items left behind on LH flights
  84. Merging accounts?
  85. LH to test OLCI starting 08/2005
  86. Need advice on Star Alliance FF ticket change
  87. New Business Class Availability JFK-FRA/MUC
  88. FT do with LH?
  89. unbelievable if true // different Y - pitch on new TG jet for LH
  90. Seat assignment question
  91. Why do the award-miles vary?
  92. Award Europe July: Some Y-class seats released
  93. Why am I paying more taxes for a M&M ticket than for a MP ticket for the same route?
  94. Inflight Paid Upgrade?
  95. New lounge access rules for SENs' companions?!
  96. Q: How many miles for F-Award on 2-class-plane SFO-HNL?
  97. SEN guaranteed reservation going
  98. Guest at F Terminal?
  99. Meal Service CPH-MUC
  100. Am I loyal to my benefits, to plastic cards or to an airline and their FFP?
  101. PartnerPlusBenefit
  102. Lounge Entrance with *Alliance-Partner-Ticket?
  103. NWA Lounge in IAD
  104. LX in Miles & More
  105. Z fare Upgrade possible?
  106. E-Upgrades. Can they be used on W class?
  107. the A340-300 Question again!?!?!
  108. New F-/HON-Lounge in MUC
  109. Which seats to avoid at LH with Continental fleet?
  110. Expiring miles - use of upgrade cert to extend?
  111. Ready to fly from 99-133 Euro (24.06.2005)
  112. RTF this weekend?
  113. Cheap flight to Wroclav
  114. LOT to JFK
  115. Your stats on C to F upgrades on international flights?
  116. Thank you everyone - FRA - JNB - FRA in first class
  117. LH to cut LX's ZRH-NRT and open TXL-NRT...(?)
  118. Upgrade using e-vouchers, crediting to UA/MP
  119. SEN reservation no. in USA
  120. M&M and alternatives
  121. Outrageous lap infant fares in business
  122. Upgrade on LH with UA Miles
  123. in flight cellphone
  124. Difference between LH lounge designations?
  125. *Alliance club in MRS (Marseilles, France)?
  126. Slightly OT: How is Air Berlin?
  127. LH strategy / Hon Circle discussion - Quo vadis LH ??
  128. LH Senator Hotline in the UK
  129. Service/Comfort in Mini C Cabin on A 340-600
  130. Next RTF to AMS??
  131. Hot Meal Or Not???
  132. Ex-US Z-specials up again
  133. M&M HAM-RIX with BT or SK code share flight?
  134. F terminal and wheelchair assistance
  135. Latest changes in F-Service?
  136. Minimum Age to Sit in Row 83 (Exit Row)
  137. L fare on LO - avail. in KVS, but can't book
  138. C award to Manila in Nov 05 impossible?
  139. What is LH*B ?
  140. m&m account
  141. Quick Question on Star Alliance miles
  142. Bologna, London, Paris or Turin for 10.000 Miles
  143. FRA-BKK LH F or TG newest F??
  144. Blocking seat in Y for *G?
  145. Compensation for F in seat video not working?
  146. Get off early from AiRail ZWS-FRA - Possible?
  147. 40 Minute Connection in KRK
  148. SIN-FRA-BOS on 23/24 June
  149. UA Flight credit to MM Acct: How Many Days?
  150. Lounge in Pisa?
  151. IAD to FRA -- Connection, Business Lounge
  152. Flying LH metal, AI flight number - benefits?
  153. Should I join M & M?
  154. award seat availability on NZ
  155. Miles & More a better choice for US-based
  156. IDB compensation - whom does it belong ?
  157. Ready to fly from 99-111 Euro (17.06.2005)
  158. Booked ticket on in W but travelling on one flight with SAS - how many miles??
  159. Mix and match M&M awards?
  160. Question about availibity of upgrade awards
  161. economy seating tends to be very tight
  162. Seating Request problems on LH Flights Operated by UA
  163. Cannot claim missing mileage online with paper ticket on non LH stock
  164. M&M Gold credit card euro=1 mile?
  165. Why are ticket prices so OUTRAGEOUS in 05??
  166. Upgrading W class ticket on UA ?
  167. Upgrade now poss on NH and SQ
  168. How to get stolen property from checked bag on LH
  169. Wheat free meals on LH
  170. telephone check-in in Sweden
  171. How do Condor flights count ?
  172. Biz/First Service - Ground & Air
  173. problem with on-line check-in
  174. New C in ORD-MUC
  175. Changes with Lounge Access Rules
  176. Great LH Biz and First Class Fares
  177. Lot Cph-nyc
  178. 2003 SEN qualification and upgrade vouchers
  179. Calculating Price Differential
  180. i'm a UA 2P *A silver, what do i get on austrian?
  181. Award from Germany to Madrid, Porto or Prague for 10000 miles (shorttime offer)
  182. how many SEN per flight?
  183. Amadeus Class...what's it like ?
  184. Experience with Condor 767-300 ?
  185. Minus miles on SEN account - will I receive an invoice?
  186. Earning miles on Maglev train in Shanghai?
  187. LH756 to Mumbai
  188. Ready to fly from 99 Euro (11.06.2005)
  189. LH A380 config
  190. card no. change when FTL becomes SEN
  191. Availabilty of everything but Y down to 0, but 40 seats available acc. to seatmap
  192. what does a *S get with OS?
  193. Please confirm: question on transfer of e-vouchers
  194. Miles and More World Shop
  195. Compensation for defective IFE
  196. Donate expiring miles
  197. Seat Reservation: NSSW
  198. Voluntary Rerouting on Cheap Q-class Ticket
  199. SEN Lounge + Guest on ECON ticket
  200. Online Booking question
  201. 50% rebate for flynet
  202. LH and M&M Website Access problem from Britain
  203. Carryon question
  204. Can I take my wife and kids into the FTL lounge?
  205. Does Lufthansa Upgrade 1P/gold members?
  206. free cell phone from OS in VIE?
  207. Is M/M the best mileage programme nowadays ?
  208. FRA - GRU, LH 503 or LH 526
  209. LH 492/493 C seating
  210. Ready to Fly June 3 - 6 late announcement
  211. LH has finally starting reconfiguring some 747s with New Business Class
  212. Very confused - but quick reply needed...
  213. Manual ticket
  214. Business class service always so slow?
  215. Swiss gets *A-member
  216. Priority Club <-> LH conversion factor
  217. FRA-HKG B474 config
  218. BOS A340 Go Around
  219. eVoucher booking class restriction?
  220. Recommend mile-earners and receive 2,000 award miles
  221. Seatimg 747-400 Fra-Sin-Fra
  222. stopovers on M&M award ticket
  223. Sparemiles
  224. FFP interest? What are you thinking?
  225. MUC Direct Transfer Service
  226. 747 Seat Map, is 31c good?
  227. Booking class for award ticket
  228. 3000 LH Miles with CortalConsors
  229. Z Fare from US not upgradeable!!
  230. Welcome Home. Pathetic!
  231. LH Ticketing in ARN (Stockholm) ?
  232. Earning miles on SQ under NZ flight code?
  233. future treatment of LH customers
  234. LH451 C Class
  235. using only some parts of a booking
  236. New Earning levels on Singapure...
  237. HH Gold for SEN
  238. miles for UA tic on LH metal
  239. Is this book useful?
  240. Configuration question FRA-SIN/FRA-BKK
  241. Fra-gru-eze / Fra-gru-scl
  242. Lounge Access Rules Info
  243. ? about German LH SEN card
  244. FRANKFURT OVERNIGHT (lounge access?)
  245. Zurich Senator Lounge
  246. OS offer to TXL,HAM,ZRH,MXP & Krakow ex Austria only today
  247. FRA LH Lounge Access
  248. Childrens Europe Discount during summer 90%
  249. Will LH allow me to standby for an earlier flight on a free C ticket from US miles?
  250. Seats in short haul LH Y: a new try to change?