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  1. New C on Hyderabad route?
  2. Friends of Singapore, Taste of Singapore Dinner September 28 in Berlin
  3. Printing out temporary M&M card
  4. Big Problems with the new business-class
  5. SK "H" class. Can SK actually not give the miles if the fare is too low?
  6. LH 474/475 MUC-YUL-MUC denied boarding comp.
  7. Exec Bonus on LH code-share BMI operated?
  8. Looks like I ran across a bug in the Yield management system of UA
  9. FRA-CAI operations
  10. No UA miles with TP, change for LH ?
  11. Business / FTL Lounge Question
  12. Ready to fly from 99 Euro (02.09.2005)
  13. NEW FEATURE: Print your own boarding pass online
  14. Open Jaw Award not bookable within europe anymore
  15. FRA-DEN-FRA LH446 / LH447 - Equipment in 03/06?
  16. Would this trip qualify for LH F Terminal access in FRA?
  17. Help Sought With Long-Range Waitlist
  18. No Service Fee!
  19. LH Lounge at LAX?
  20. SEN Companion award?
  21. Refund of points for cancelled award ticket?
  22. Never flown Lufthansa...
  23. Upgrade UA operated by LH ?
  24. LH FRA-SHA in C - where to put miles?
  25. Just made the FTL, I thought...
  26. LED lounge refuses silver/biz pax w invitatn
  27. Status extended, eVouchers not showing up: Bug or Feature?
  28. Mileage earning question
  29. Help a BMI flyer...please? (award availability)
  30. LH, SQ or TG in F
  31. F award availability
  32. OT: Vodafone shop Convenient to Frankfurt Airport
  33. How many miles for V class on TG with M&M ?
  34. LH responds to CO and DL direct flights
  35. iah-fra-tlv in first
  36. How to view Hon points
  37. ATH turnaround
  38. Z fares from Europe to US in September
  39. Cutting it close at FCO, how can I do this?
  40. Any known promotions before my long flight?
  41. Changes in the conditions of M&M membership concerning Misuse
  42. New HON/SEN checkin @VIE
  43. Austrian Airlines SEN / HON Card vs. Lufthansa SEN / HON Card
  44. Ready to fly all 99 Euro (26.08.2005)
  45. Best Economy Seat on LH 340-300??
  46. Are we supposed to pay the fuel surcharges on LH award tickets ??
  47. 7 /1000 miles via vodafone
  48. New way to make awards more expensive???
  49. The worldwide lounge directory is back (only in spanish)
  50. LH ends the "Zukunft Kont" Project
  51. VIE - early morning flight
  52. Baggage Tag: Priority vs. HON Priority
  53. Arrival Lounge in LHR
  54. Some HON Circle news
  55. Any advice/inside info if LH will increase taxes in the next few weeks?
  56. Intra-Europe Amenity Kit question
  57. country-specific Senator requirements?
  58. Visa Miles & More Card
  59. Wait for "new" winter fares ?
  60. StarAlliance lounge in Bologna(BLQ) ?
  61. A suugestion of what to do during a stopover in Munich
  62. Dizzy high taxes for "Award" Flight on OS
  63. the closing of threads - part II
  64. New targeted promo!
  65. Reservations E-Mail in Germany?
  66. Best way to fly Europe - S. Africa - N. America - Europe as part of 1 ticket?
  67. Question on seating
  68. the closing of threads
  69. The Pope's flight
  70. Chances to upgrade a Z class ticket ?
  71. When to use LH MM and when UA MP?
  72. What seat to take with SQ?
  73. Is LH468 FRA-PDX Now Only Two-Class A343s?
  74. Lost BP,no miles posted,how do I do?
  75. DEN-FRA (LH447/446) Upgrade to F
  76. LH/LX Special ex Cairo
  77. LH Specials to the US, Canada and Mexico
  78. Elite Bonus on LH Codeshares
  79. Extra Miles for Stop Over when using an award ticket?
  80. Lounge access for guest not flying
  81. New frequent traveller program in Germany starting August 22nd (bahn.bonus)
  82. More routes with F Cabin ex MUC?!
  83. Ready to fly from 99-111 Euro (19.08.2005)
  84. Ready to Fly (19.08.)
  85. Access to Business Lounge as FTL on Condor flight ?
  86. Help w/ upcoming LH Z trip
  87. How long for LX miles to post?
  88. Need Help with LH Upgrade Availability
  89. arriving SIN on LH in F - access to F lounge?
  90. Waitlisted for O class next Tues - do you think it will clear?
  91. 744 C Row 1 v. 5DG (old C)
  92. Receiving a refund for the taxes on an unused mileage ticket?
  93. New Business Class from FRA to San Francisco?
  94. New Miles & More signup - what's the best way?
  95. Applicability of EU compensation rules- clarification needed
  96. Senator Status - when do you get it?
  97. Calculating the monery value of miles
  98. Lounge hierarchies at FRA
  99. Reservation after booking?
  100. Flights from PHL to Frankfurt in Business
  101. Member gets member: Condor flight
  102. Cheap way to become a FTL
  103. Service for HON on UA ?
  104. Two LH MM Credit Cards on One MM Account?
  105. Viewing bookings
  106. Which LH intercont flights don't have F class?
  107. Upgrade on LH: Easy come easy go!
  108. looking for the Ftler with most award miles available
  109. OS 767 Business class seating ?
  110. Reservation mistake
  111. LH Magazin exclusive
  112. Bread and butter SEN
  113. OS 767 Y seating + Lounge @ BOM
  114. Recent Experiences w/LOT Business???
  115. WELT: prize draw
  116. Lax cabin prep for takeoff & landing
  117. Check-in at Berlin/Tegel
  118. Ready to fly from 99-111 Euro (12.08.2005)
  119. FRA-SFO in Dec: PrivateBed?
  120. 2 tickets for 1 passenger on the same flight - is this possible?
  121. LH to offer more flights to India
  122. New LH First to be introduced in 2006?
  123. SEN+Swiss Lounges
  124. klm fb refugee
  125. 4 Hours in FRA, what to do?
  126. LH: many changes on the ground
  127. LH starts "Better Fly" Fares on Aug 11th
  128. How long do miles purchased from Lufthansa take to post
  129. 2 Persons booked in Z - 1 confirmed & 1 unconfirmed. Help
  130. Criteria to be chosen as a volunteer with LH
  131. Question regarding Companion Award
  132. Question on LH Luggage Issues
  133. REALLY tight connection in MUC..any ideas?
  134. Rock bottom fares ex TIP
  135. Shower @CDG SEN Lounge?
  136. Business Class on the A300-600, Munich to Athens
  137. A300 is horrible!!!
  138. Special F fares still exist if departing from Cairo?
  139. LH incapable of seat assignments but *carriers are ?
  140. There is no better way of flying.
  141. C Configuration
  142. Oversized hand baggage?
  143. Lufthansa Frequent Flyer Priority Codes
  144. Lounge and HON services in MNL
  145. Compensation entitlement for missing connection
  146. Cutlery on LH longhaul flights
  147. Ready to fly all 99 Euro (05.08.2005)
  148. Upgrade chances with Automated check-in??
  149. LH Miles Gift Certificates - Gutscheine
  150. new member - clander year to SEN
  151. What is the best way to become LH Senator?
  152. Can I get miles on Air China Codeshare with UA?
  153. Baggage worry
  154. Lufhthansa's Frankfurt First Lounge
  155. Booking Class U?
  156. Intra-Europe C LH vs. KLM: some observations
  157. So, what plane am I actually on?
  158. LH First Class Experience
  159. Cairo LH flight
  160. New business seats or old business seats?
  161. Lufthansa Jet Crashes in Runway In Toronto
  162. LH cheap premium fares - where to start?
  163. LH Milage ticket with Swiss to NBO : none
  164. SXB-MUC is back!
  165. Trying LH F for the first time Wednesday LAX-FRA :D
  166. Evoucher upg & outright award - same fare bucket?
  167. VDB/DBC Rules
  168. Status Miles on SK Fightnumer operated by Icelandair
  169. Having a hard time to get a F-upgrade!
  170. arrival services & facilities in THR?
  171. does LH have its own lounge in Manchester
  172. HELP intra-european fares...
  173. Award ticket change by M&M but no change fee?
  174. Are M&M Staff in China incompetant?
  175. Marketing Research for LH's new First?
  176. Flynet Promo
  177. How long till miles from hotel stays are credited?
  178. business fares drop close to departure if still unsold seats?
  179. Transfer etix to a new Creditcard?
  180. Ready to fly from 99-122 Euro (29.07.2005)
  181. Railway station check-in in Switzerland for SEN?
  182. FRA-MRS return
  183. Austrian Airlines has the best boarding music
  184. Houston-FRA : alone in First class cabin
  185. Paid seats available, no award seats open
  186. Strage Fare-Basis code? LH has no clue about conditions
  187. anybody won something at check-in terminals?
  188. New Biz-Class not wide enough
  189. Senator line for US members
  190. Do LH discount C/F class on Intra-Asia flights ex-BKK?
  191. cheap biz fares to Thailand?
  192. Do cheap T-class-flights count as status relevant flights?
  193. Lufthansa pronounces price attack on no frills carriers for inner German routes 99
  194. Z class - restrictions and miles?
  195. LH lowers Service-charge
  196. AMS to GDA (Gdansk) promotion, how to book
  197. LH F New Meal Service: Observations
  198. Swiss merger with Lufthansa master thread
  199. Can LX Travel Club status earning be added to LH Miles and More status earning?
  200. Advise - Upgrade - Phone vs. Online
  201. 7.500 free miles from Deutsche Bank
  202. how long for LH to answer complaint?
  203. FRA-HDB in C ?
  204. New seats and IFE in LH European eco class
  205. How to avoid 30 TSC with VDB
  206. Unknown Miles & More Partner
  207. New Lufthansa Magazine for Women
  208. US contact for problem resolution?
  209. LH427/01Dec PHL-FRA
  210. Strange Seatmap
  211. Credit for LX metal on LH Mile & More
  212. LH Private Jet = 30000 HON Circle Miles!!!
  213. Your opinion BRU-FRA
  214. Orbitz Display of LH FRA-CPT Loads in October
  215. Star Gold lounge in VCE?
  216. Quality of Lufthansa
  217. HON in 11 months - Analysis
  218. Slightly OT -- Laptop Question
  219. Single flight numbers that stop in intermediate region
  220. Flight Stops but doesn't change number - new region?
  221. No new Business Class DTW-FRA, 7/20
  222. Waitlist / Overbooking
  223. Award Availability HAM-LAX in C
  224. Ready to fly from 99-166 Euro (22.07.2005)
  225. How to boost poor award availability
  226. Double Dip
  227. FRA Connection
  228. Star Alliance upgrade on LH
  229. Austrian taxes reach record-high!
  230. E-Ticket vs. Paper Ticket
  231. RE-adjustment to ADD/KRT again
  232. Do I need to be a German resident to book special LH fares?
  233. seat 33A/K on 747
  234. World trip => best choice
  235. FT Game - Spotting FTs signatures
  236. Retroactive credit with OS
  237. where are LH first class lounges in FRA ?
  238. DOUBLE Miles on Guangzhou-FRA route
  239. AIRRail conditions ?
  240. Award booking 2006
  241. Anyone booked on LH 526 on July29th?
  242. Plane type search
  243. Swiss Travel Club and LH
  244. Water wings for LH HON travelling in economy
  245. What are the VDB conditions with LH?
  246. LH 343 Seatmap Question
  247. Z availability MUC-ORD
  248. UA traveler, may take a LH trip
  249. Seatmaps on LOT
  250. Does 9C recline on A321?