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  1. Question: Cold Cuts in Hold (Suitcases), LH's A343's & 744's
  2. Award ticket to MLE
  3. My After-Christmas Gift From Lufthansa
  4. Please help - nonrefundable ticket, will probably miss the flight!
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  8. Ltur updates
  9. Germanwings: How easy is it to get reimbursed ?
  10. Francfurt airport: question
  11. No flights to RIO ???
  12. Compensation due to lack of crew
  13. FCT query in FRA
  14. How Are Austrian's 737-800s?
  15. Earening Miles
  16. merry christmas to everyone!
  17. Perfect HON treatment on EN
  18. Condor Air 767-300 comfort class seating
  19. Using M&M on Air-India
  20. Frankfurt/Tel Aviv connection question
  21. Transfer hotel points to M&M: Now possible!
  22. Sony K800i Lufthansa theme
  23. Good job LH4742 today (FRA-LHR)
  24. FRA-JFK in F, LH vs SQ
  25. Dus-ord?
  26. Business Class Seating: Window or Aisle?
  27. Lufthansa and Turkish airlines agree to cooperate
  28. A-340-300 Routes to/from U.S.
  29. DIE ZEIT reports that Josef Ackermann is SEN
  30. Crediting on holidays?
  31. LOT - long haul $500 / $550 upgrade
  32. Question about checkmytrip - is my ticket issued?
  33. Rerouted onto Lufthansa and stressed - help requested re lounges and seating
  34. Miles and More award travel charges high?
  35. Do SENs get exit rows on LX too
  36. True or hopeful
  37. trying to book in circles... CDG-LHR-VIE-CDG
  38. Pre-assigned seat LH intra-European Economy Class?
  39. Three regions award
  40. Help needed: delayed flight (SWISS) arriving near midnight
  41. LH CAN-MNL-CAN - Possible to Book?
  42. F lounge at FRA A gates
  43. Best First or Business Class from IAD to FRA
  44. HON status question
  45. lounge access
  46. Which is the less used route for awards ?
  47. Condor vs. Status
  48. Muc - Ams - Muc
  49. Luggage Handling for Eurowings?
  50. Can LH tell you lifetime miles ?
  51. Ready to Fly 20.12.2006
  52. Klocke Verlag promotions - any miles yet ?
  53. Flying STR -> ZRH and onwards - Credeting Problems
  54. 20% off coupon - rules clarification
  55. W opening up after booking in Q - anything I can do???
  56. TelTarif: LH M&M Members Can Receive Free T-Mobile Card (ends Dec 31, 2006)
  57. Economy on OS B777
  58. LH/LX FTL lounge access question
  59. Arrivals Lounge at FRA??
  60. CDG - FTL access to lounges on OS/AF codeshare
  61. New First from 2008!
  62. Help claiming miles with Lufthansa.
  63. Lounge entry at FRA
  64. Senator Status - How long does it take for the cards to arrive
  65. Keep Status Promo - No Bonus Status Miles :(
  66. cheaper booking on vs. ?
  67. Any chances of an UPG to Shanghai
  68. status of A343 cabin upgrade
  69. LX information policy - what do you think?
  70. NUE-FRA-HKG: will LH give me my CX bp?
  71. upgrade? better wait for op upgrade or go for waitlist for I
  72. The Usual SEN Christmas Present -- Got It Today! [merged LH/OS Xmas present thread]
  73. C6 I9?
  74. Flysmart partly unused / Tax back ?
  75. Boarding for miles promotion - failed registration ?
  76. KUL-BKK in F
  77. Sixt-Promo/Save 15GBP/20EUR/30CHF on Austrian flights
  78. Longshot: Good advice for transfer between SVO2 & SVO1
  79. good specials in Z and D/but nothing in first to CCU
  80. Noise cancelling headphones
  81. status for standby tickets
  82. Ticket booked on AirManager - now ticket apparently needs to be issued earlier
  83. any LH x-mas curiosities in air ??
  84. Question on purchase an open ticket
  85. Question on the Principle of Booking Class Availability for Connecting Flights
  86. Online retroactive miles claim worked - almost too well! [merged]
  87. LH A300 question
  88. The end of the year THANK YOU LH-FTers thread!
  89. Help! Need to claim airmiles and getting no help from Lufthansa
  90. Any luck with RTF 13 Dec?
  91. Airmanager changing this week...
  92. Where will LH be taking you this Christmas ?
  93. Service centre - no centre, weird service
  94. MM online mileage request not possible.
  95. FC check-in as SEN together with non-status companion ?
  96. 20% Discount Certificate?
  97. KBP - SCL: which F is best, LH or LX??
  98. Now contemplating to shift to UA MP
  99. Christmas
  100. Mildly disappointing business class from Frankfurt
  101. When did they ban smoking in the SEN/FTL Lounges?
  102. Ot: Turkish Airlines To Join Star Alliance
  103. Malaga check in
  104. Ideas for NYC-MUC bargain
  105. Senator = Senator?
  106. Currently holding two reservations on the same flight -- what will happen?
  107. FRA/MUC to PVG - upgrading on which leg (using eVouchers)?
  108. 10h delay on M&M award tix on DE today
  109. Meeting spot at Fra? Which Lounge (?Senator)?
  110. Special LH meals
  111. Question about Lockers in FRA
  112. JFK airport mile
  113. Access to SEN lounge in MUC (Arriving on LH 415 IAD-MUC)
  114. DEC 9TH D. CHANDLER PAV Los Angeles
  115. Need help in award booking to the U.S.
  116. Award ticket for 15000 miles
  117. Lh Sen Expiration Downgraded
  118. Unvoluntary downgraded? What dit you get?
  119. M&M status miles with OS
  120. Seat Configuration, A330
  121. How far did you fly in 2006?
  122. UA flight / LH miles /ANA saysavailable/LH say not !
  123. christmas time HON-run or cheap status miles :-)
  124. How to measure bag dimensions
  125. 70 Minutes connection time in FRA
  126. Status validity on account statement
  127. Upgrade on FRA-Narita with infant
  128. Winning 5000 miles
  129. Staubsauger on board
  130. coach seats on OS and LH
  131. US Airways Booking Class U reduced to 100% mileage credit with M&M-Programm
  132. Ouestion: Not possible to pre-book award upgrade on UA/LH codeshare flight?
  133. Varying prices for flights on same dates on
  134. Missing Miles
  135. Lufthansa "Flatrate" or the likes
  136. LH to announce to buy 20 747-8 Intercontinental
  137. Media World Confusion
  138. Best business class seats on LH 756 fra to bom?
  139. New HON Chauffeur Service in ZRH
  140. Ready to Fly 06.12.2006
  141. Ready To Fly 06.12.2006
  142. LH starts charging more for eco tix and cc-payments
  143. Buying 98 ticket and not flying. What can be claimed back?
  144. use M&L miles on DE
  145. Problem crediting LH miles to MP
  146. Award tickets are also possible on Lufthansa Private Jet
  147. Upgraded to F - CAn you use the new F Lounge
  148. Questions IAD-FRA-TLL
  149. Lufthansa buys Aeropostal (Venezuela)?!?!?!?
  150. DUS-Edinburgh only 15k miles - good deal ?
  151. Quick q re Abu Dhabi
  152. Connexion still alive?
  153. Why is LH C so expensive? (FRA-LCY-FRA)
  154. MUC-ICN-PUS will start from Mar 26
  155. Empty 737, but everybody has to squeez into the last rows
  156. 1st of January 2007 LH 722 MUC - PEK
  157. Waiting list for O and I
  158. What to expect in LF F&C: IAD-FRA-BOM/DEL-MUC-IAD
  159. May I see your SEN card please?
  160. FRA-BLR still old C config?
  161. 4.000 miles for 30 Euro / 2.000 for 18 Euro..
  162. Upgrade Waiting List - Fancy My Chances?
  163. *A upgrade availability
  164. Moving out of Germany for Status Question
  165. Today only: 12.000 miles for Focus
  166. Security annoyance in FCT
  167. IAD: Where do LH418 @ 3.45 clear immigration?
  168. C Upgraded Aircraft
  169. whats best way to fly first?
  170. First time Lufthansa experience
  171. ZRH to x on LH, miles never credited automatically
  172. LH and Iberia? Possible merger?
  173. Check in on AC flights
  174. ZSHOT alert - US codeshares on LH metal are possible again on Z fares
  175. New Years' Eve
  176. LH455 SFO-FRA C seat 1A or upgrade to F?
  177. US Address For Voucher Redemption
  178. FRA lounge access for SQ F
  179. LH Status Match for UA Prem Exec?
  180. IAH to get 744
  181. Fare class question -
  182. What time does LHR T2 check-in open for OS 0615am departure?
  183. LH vs UA for one who flies about 50k miles/year
  184. M&M accrual for SK Z class?
  185. Flying F first time on LH LH 772 & 773 advice please
  186. No more LH B class
  187. Business class award ticket, will u choose Swiss or Lufthansa
  188. Nice Gift
  189. LH F or SQ new C/F - Rollout dates !!
  190. HYD-FRA on LH: What to expect?
  191. LX fuel charges
  192. Question regarding FTL status from America
  193. This weeks Ready to fly Offer
  194. LH is (too) expensive!
  195. LH 444/445 on 3-Class metal but 2-Class Service
  196. best seat for business class
  197. FRA-MXP/LIN stand-by question
  198. LH Short Hops on 744
  199. Tidbits from interview with former OS-chairman Rehulka
  200. Why can't I get a seat assignment?
  201. A* Award LH in F DEN-FRA changed to 2 Class Plane! What to do?
  202. LH in F to Bangalore
  203. FCT population still growing rapidly
  204. Lounges in JNB
  205. Long Haul - Seats & Other Advice
  206. Prices???
  207. When will Lufthansa change their policies
  208. Minimum MCO amount?
  209. Why can't LH issue e-tickets from Australia?
  210. How to start Lufthansa Miles & More programm
  211. Enough - I am out
  212. exit row for FTL?
  213. Some Management-changes at LH
  214. Service to DXB
  215. LHR Checkin Question
  216. Carry-on restrictions for *A Gold
  217. FRA-SVX: C-class seating question
  218. Print your own boarding pass
  219. LH Status Match ?
  220. SEN Hotline - Not so hot?
  221. long haul cash upgrade at gate? [merged]
  222. New First Class Lounge in MUC late summer 2007
  223. LH Ready To Fly 22.11.2006
  224. Waitlisted in V class - does UA*1K help?
  225. Miles for Cortal Consors
  226. pass on of eVouchers
  227. New DEN-MUC starts in March
  228. Finally, a great LH promotion - HHonors Gold card!
  229. flynet on LH446/457
  230. Mileage accrual on SQ operated flights with LH Flight no.
  231. Maximum advance booking time extendable?
  232. Is this normal re new C cabin seats?
  233. New C on LH 426/427 FRA-PHL?
  234. Anyone experiencing the new Austrian Snack Service?
  235. When do miles expire after loss of status?
  236. Checking baggage through two different itineraries
  237. SFO-MUC in Econ - catering question.
  238. Loads on LH flights
  239. How do I find the complete fare rules?
  240. M&M online statements??
  241. FRA-PPT on miles ....
  242. Best C Lounge in FRA for a Shower?
  243. FRA-ICN December 26 Business Class
  244. Flight cancelled - what can one ask for in return?
  245. Landing at FRA and taking long-distance train -- how much time do I need?
  246. New coffee machine @ FRA Senator lounge?
  247. FRA-TLV Business Class
  248. advance seat reservation problem
  249. new LH frequent flyer (UK)
  250. LH Sen Hotline & OS Tickets