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  1. Check in on AC flights
  2. ZSHOT alert - US codeshares on LH metal are possible again on Z fares
  3. New Years' Eve
  4. LH455 SFO-FRA C seat 1A or upgrade to F?
  5. US Address For Voucher Redemption
  6. FRA lounge access for SQ F
  7. LH Status Match for UA Prem Exec?
  8. IAH to get 744
  9. Fare class question -
  10. What time does LHR T2 check-in open for OS 0615am departure?
  11. LH vs UA for one who flies about 50k miles/year
  12. M&M accrual for SK Z class?
  13. Flying F first time on LH LH 772 & 773 advice please
  14. No more LH B class
  15. Business class award ticket, will u choose Swiss or Lufthansa
  16. Nice Gift
  17. LH F or SQ new C/F - Rollout dates !!
  18. HYD-FRA on LH: What to expect?
  19. LX fuel charges
  20. Question regarding FTL status from America
  21. This weeks Ready to fly Offer
  22. LH is (too) expensive!
  23. LH 444/445 on 3-Class metal but 2-Class Service
  24. best seat for business class
  25. FRA-MXP/LIN stand-by question
  26. LH Short Hops on 744
  27. Tidbits from interview with former OS-chairman Rehulka
  28. Why can't I get a seat assignment?
  29. A* Award LH in F DEN-FRA changed to 2 Class Plane! What to do?
  30. LH in F to Bangalore
  31. FCT population still growing rapidly
  32. Lounges in JNB
  33. Long Haul - Seats & Other Advice
  34. Prices???
  35. When will Lufthansa change their policies
  36. Minimum MCO amount?
  37. Why can't LH issue e-tickets from Australia?
  38. How to start Lufthansa Miles & More programm
  39. Enough - I am out
  40. exit row for FTL?
  41. Some Management-changes at LH
  42. Service to DXB
  43. LHR Checkin Question
  44. Carry-on restrictions for *A Gold
  45. FRA-SVX: C-class seating question
  46. Print your own boarding pass
  47. LH Status Match ?
  48. SEN Hotline - Not so hot?
  49. long haul cash upgrade at gate? [merged]
  50. New First Class Lounge in MUC late summer 2007
  51. LH Ready To Fly 22.11.2006
  52. Waitlisted in V class - does UA*1K help?
  53. Miles for Cortal Consors
  54. pass on of eVouchers
  55. New DEN-MUC starts in March
  56. Finally, a great LH promotion - HHonors Gold card!
  57. flynet on LH446/457
  58. Mileage accrual on SQ operated flights with LH Flight no.
  59. Maximum advance booking time extendable?
  60. Is this normal re new C cabin seats?
  61. New C on LH 426/427 FRA-PHL?
  62. Anyone experiencing the new Austrian Snack Service?
  63. When do miles expire after loss of status?
  64. Checking baggage through two different itineraries
  65. SFO-MUC in Econ - catering question.
  66. Loads on LH flights
  67. How do I find the complete fare rules?
  68. M&M online statements??
  69. FRA-PPT on miles ....
  70. Best C Lounge in FRA for a Shower?
  71. FRA-ICN December 26 Business Class
  72. Flight cancelled - what can one ask for in return?
  73. Landing at FRA and taking long-distance train -- how much time do I need?
  74. New coffee machine @ FRA Senator lounge?
  75. FRA-TLV Business Class
  76. advance seat reservation problem
  77. new LH frequent flyer (UK)
  78. LH Sen Hotline & OS Tickets
  79. Multiple accounts
  80. Lis-zrh-waw
  81. lufthansa upgrade awards
  82. Award Ticket OSL-SVO (MSQ) - OSL
  83. C ticket incl. double miles, but sitting in Y?
  84. Year-End miles
  85. CellPhone not allowed - but calls via Skype??
  86. CA tix PEK-HKG, lounge access for SEN?
  87. OT: US Airways makes offer to buy Delta
  88. Codeshare flights and baggage allowance
  89. 75 min FRA connection to US flight OK?
  90. Ready To Fly 15.11.2006
  91. Austrain (OS) A330 with AVOD PTV?
  92. Ideas for getting 5,000 miles quick?
  93. Use of CO Presidents Club at DEN as an SEN flying UA
  94. Plane switcheroo
  95. LH FRA-NRT C class
  96. Best seats advice please
  97. Welt&Welt am Sonntag Promo?
  98. Delta to Lufthansa Connection at FRA?
  99. Lufthansa not included in the first iPod integration!
  100. best airline to JNB in C?
  101. LH499 13NOV Diverted?
  102. Stupid carry-on question
  103. LH Senator hotline ... and it be worse
  104. OS introduces complimentary food & beverage service in Coach from 11/16/06 onwards
  105. What happens if you pay for F but get rerouted onto 2-class metal?
  106. Red wine knocks off cart onto my $800 coat
  107. New Baggage Reg's, or: Why Bother with Liquids?
  108. Arrival lounge in dusseldorf
  109. All Lufthansa flights from Washington Dulles move to terminal B
  110. cool spend miles promotion ...
  111. Miles reward to different acccount
  112. LHR-FRA Pre paid flights
  113. new Business Class cabin layouts B744
  114. LH ex BOS - still worth it?
  115. FRA to BKK New Business Class?
  116. upgrade award waitlisted
  117. 1st class from boston what lounge
  118. LH Specials from DUS, only 11./12.Nov.
  119. 25% Status Bonus Query
  120. LH First Class to Rio: 2899 incl. 4 nights
  121. PRESS RELEASE cross ticketing and skipping segments
  122. Flynet availability
  123. F award to South America ex Europe
  124. OS Award flight
  125. Phone check-in questions
  126. EWR SEN Lounge
  127. Anyone flown Austrian Airlines from IAD
  128. LH F class vs. Virgin Upper
  129. Maximising Milleage from Z fare.
  130. compensation question
  131. LH lounges Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
  132. Yet another bad long haul LH flight...
  133. Should I take 280 Euros to change flights?
  134. Flights LH3358 & LH3359 Cancelled !
  135. Ready to Fly 08.11.2006
  136. Lufthansa forgot to take my departure card
  137. Change of address: Is there a new miles & more "enhancement"?
  138. Discount for booking on
  139. Unload miles for USA Hotel Stay
  140. JFK or EWR, best LH lounge?
  141. Business Class / One-way USA
  142. New Baggage Rule as of May 2007 ?
  143. LH out of PHL...why so expensive?
  144. LH to Bahrain
  145. Switching Flights While In FCT
  146. Discount: GBP 50 on OS ex LHR (OS50GBP)
  147. online booking tools?
  148. Advice needed: elderly couple PRG-FRA-IAD
  149. How long can I keep my miles?
  150. No mobile phone on LH flights
  151. A380 in DUS on NOV 12 !!
  152. double miles for LH visa-card
  153. Question regarding booking e-tix on
  154. Does LH 772 FRA-BKK have flynet ?
  155. LH->AirMadrid in CDG Questions
  156. New Rules for LH flights ex Athen
  157. Has LH ever offered a serious Promo to SPEND miles...?
  158. New excess and sport luggage rules eff. Nov. 1st
  159. 500 easy Miles & More award miles
  160. disadvantage to buying LH on
  161. Power onboard longhaul?
  162. acting strange?
  163. Aborted landing at FRA
  164. The IAD LH/OS lounge thread [merged]
  165. Austrian to ORD: May 29 2007
  166. Connection time at FRA for U.S. flights
  167. OS to consolidate fleet and cut long-haul routes
  168. LH 403 strikes wing of CO plane at EWR - no injuries
  169. Fare Fun with Swiss
  170. LH Lunch Invitation
  171. the design of - no memories of weero
  172. LH403 clips wings with CO 757 in EWR
  173. F Avod
  174. Miles or no Miles
  175. One Day Sale Tomorrow!
  176. etix.where do i see validity
  177. Ready To Fly 01.11.2006
  178. Cheap Biz Tix from OS on LH metal no miles?
  179. Seats on OS F100
  180. Question re dowgraded
  181. Scheduled confusion
  182. Question - award ticket
  183. Syd City Center INCOMETENT????
  184. LHR to VIE
  185. PrivatAir Flights
  186. Short turnaround in DXB ! Question ?
  187. What do you actually use eVouchers for?
  188. OS inter-European upgrade question
  189. Sort of OT but its a LH ticket, so ..
  190. Getting bumped on LH?
  191. Which Seat In C On LOT 763?
  192. Overhead storage full in C-FA does nothing
  193. Lost and Found in FRA sen lounge?
  194. M&M Help Needed...first timer!
  195. LX flight on LY compensation ticket
  196. Question: Fare rules on
  197. Guests and lounge access
  198. Sen/FTL Leaves us in CPT
  199. Award change - reinstating miles after cancellation
  200. Award change fee $40 or 40 Euro?
  201. Lufthansa new destinations/routes/frequencies facts+rumours
  202. F Award Question
  203. Miles on accounts of minors don't expire if registered with Jetfrieds
  204. Minimum Connection Time FRA?
  205. Which config for ORD-MUC?
  206. LH F-class - amenity kit
  207. Smartest strategy for free upgrade to C?
  208. Ready To Fly 25.10.2006
  209. Lufthansa wants to keep FlyNet
  210. HON Lounge at BKK Airport?
  211. BOS Check-in and Business Lounge question
  212. Questions about OS (Air manager and Dash8-Seating)
  213. Paid Upgrade At Gate/a Ray Of Hope???
  214. Adress FCT
  215. LH Lounge at DFW?
  216. Fra-hkg-fra Lh 738/739 F
  217. accrual question (UA metal, nonexistent class)
  218. Ticket rerouted - Miles earned according to original or new route?
  219. M&M award on Qatar Airways - questions
  220. Myself ABO 5k miles - any credits yet ?
  221. Lh 690/691
  222. Donate Miles
  223. Candidates for the member elected board
  224. Transiting F passengers in FRA
  225. Which booking class on OS1/2 on eco-award ?
  226. Award ticket (NZ) but not in actual class. Possible?
  227. Singapore to launch a new First Class - when does LH upgrade its?
  228. etix ticket number lost from reservation
  229. VIE-DXB on Austrian Airlines
  230. First class/Bags lost twice for 6 days... Nil compensation due?
  231. Using M&M miles with UA
  232. Lufthansa: Business Fares ex ATH and AMS
  233. LH intraEurope seat assignments
  234. Newbie question
  235. Advice on programs
  236. Miles millionaires?
  237. Where's LHR gone?
  238. Difference between F/HON Lounge in A and B?
  239. Europe's metropolises for only 11,000 miles
  240. Is 35 minute connecting time at MUC realistic?
  241. Business Class to Sao Paulo
  242. LH 416 FRA-IAD Operated by A330 and not 747???
  243. Strange happenings when booking flight via
  244. Another cost-saving trick on LH Regional.
  245. Is there new IFE systems FRA - MEX and FRA - SIN in F?
  246. OT: New OS service, ORD-VIE
  247. EWR to CGN/DUS and back in June 07
  248. Uncredited LH F flight segment
  249. Hello, sort anoob here
  250. Lufthansa Business Class fares USA to Europe are up to 65% off

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