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  1. Who to call for changing seat on UA/LH flight booked by TA?
  2. Clean Lufthansa Aircrafts is a Myth
  3. HON event in VLC
  4. M&M mileage accrual/priority seating on America West operated US flight?
  5. LH Online upgrade V class to BIZ not possible
  6. Q: Onward flights beyond USA
  7. Lufthansa Kindersommer - Kids fly for free
  8. Security-check at VIE, it's priority-lane and OS...
  9. Strike SK: Earn milage if rebooked to non staralliance carrier
  10. F-Pax: Lounge access denied, hand-luggage removed...
  11. Inseat monitors in coach on LH long-haul flights: Am I dreaming?!
  12. Diversion FRA-DFW?
  13. Ready To Fly 25.04.2007
  14. Stunning ineptitude?
  15. Advice on Asian F Award
  16. Which of these Lufthansa flights have new C?
  17. Address change for SEN qualification
  18. 3 CC surcharge on /
  19. Which A340 for MUC-NRT flight 714?
  20. Facilities in PMI
  21. Help on carry-on allowance
  22. Is it normaly to get kicked out of the HON/F lounge late at night?
  23. New court decision concerning using only back portion of ticket
  24. *A Prize Drawing on occasion of the 10th birthday
  25. Question about ATB ticket , quick check in
  26. LH First Loung HKG?
  27. Moving last leg Question
  28. Seat Map Questions
  29. 50 minute LHR-China connection in FRA, possible?
  30. how much time to connect in MUC?
  31. Compensation Missed Flight
  32. Taxes and "fees"
  33. 1500 Award Miles / No status miles for OS 117 in C?
  34. Delayed Luggage
  35. Do FAs know your booking class?
  36. I know it happens.. (poor experience)
  37. Access to Lounges with Frequent Traveller Card
  38. LH GRU-EZE-GRU cancelled today - why?
  39. LH starts e-interlining with US and VS
  40. A300 Routes
  41. Istanbul in C?
  42. Welcome a new volunteer Moderator
  43. 1 hour connect in FRA for FRA-TLV
  44. Upgrading LOT flight
  45. Mini Trip Report, JFK-FRA-BCN/CDG in LH F and J
  46. Lounges in LAX
  47. Restricted Seating @ FRA Gates
  48. Austrian Airlines/Lauda -- New C class on 737-800?
  49. Liquor and new EU Legislation
  50. MXP Priority check-in
  51. different mileage earned for same trip
  52. Miles for Swiss codeshare flights
  53. LH offers now MUC-LCA rout three times a week
  54. LH Regional orders 15 CRJ-900 and 30 Embraer 190 aircraft
  55. down?
  56. Connecting in LHR from LH to NZ
  57. Change fee for same day award - how does it work exactly?
  58. Booked LH, NYC - EUR w/United miles, can I manage the rez on LH website?
  59. combine LH and THY tickets check luggage to final destination
  60. Sen vs. Biz Lounge in FRA
  61. Status Matches
  62. New LH C on LH 444/419
  63. Ready To Fly 18.04.2007
  64. No NH flights on Lufthansa web page
  65. Lufthansa FF Opinions
  66. Old business class is gone
  67. Contact address of Mr. Antinori?
  68. LH VISA card woes
  69. FRA-ROV and ROV-VIE..Any personal experiences?
  70. An $8000 "entry fee" for LH Gold lounge
  71. New Business Class on Frankfurt - Dallas connection
  72. Stealing in LH Lounges?
  73. Upgrade EZE-GRU-MUC-FRA
  74. Arriving F passenger refused entry to F lounge in FRA
  75. Connecting through LHR - your recent experience?
  76. LH Austria celebrates 50 years !! Special price offers
  77. R-class on LH availability (expertflyer)
  78. Flying MUC-HKG, Exact Airplane Type?
  79. LH Cityline vs. Eurowings
  80. Baggage lost - best strategy
  81. Birthday Card
  82. LH flights operated by Eurowings earn UA miles?
  83. new MUC-BOM service, starting 2008
  84. Senator requalification - 100k miles or 200k miles in 2 years?
  85. Miles for upgraded flight with e-voucher
  86. Standby Tickets
  87. 'our'(?) miles&more boss
  88. Please HELP - Death in family, cant find a fare
  89. 1 hour connection in FRA- enough time to go to FC terminal?
  90. Transerring M&M Mileage to Krisflyer?
  91. 5300 Euro in LH in Y - who pay will pay it
  92. 15.000 Miles for Stern Jahresabo
  93. E-Vouchers
  94. How early can you book *A award?
  95. HON booking guarantee in D class - am I missing something?
  96. Upgrade IAD/Buenos Aires on UA?
  97. MUC-DEN, Arrival in DEN
  98. Big difference for BC prices
  99. TG JFK-BKK Direct - 3 Region Award?
  100. Award - different classes
  101. Late ORD-FRA flight: does it have a full dinner in F?
  102. Privatair exit row
  103. Thank you all!!!!
  104. No LH F on LH 576/577 to CPT during next winter season
  105. Business Class to USA: How are SQ, OS, NZ and UA?
  106. Swiss Special C fares ex VIE
  107. No more LH miles with US BoA M&M Visa Card [merged]
  108. Ready To Fly 11.04.2007
  109. Fare changed on LX flight
  110. 4 D Seat on 744
  111. Which NYC-FRA flights have lie-flat seats?
  112. New minimum check-in times in Germany
  113. Change of route on business award ticket
  114. Strike (now over) in Budapest - LH flights cancelled, rebooking was a joke. Refund?
  115. Pre-assigned exit row for *G?
  116. booking guarantee for SENs in D
  117. Sfo - Muc Lh
  118. Is this a good arifare to TLV and seat questions
  119. OS C: Tight long-haul connection at VIE
  120. lufthansaphilia or how to soothe remorse
  121. Unbelievable behavior of LH pilot in DTW
  122. LH Business Clas Seats (ORD/MUC, MUC/EWR)
  123. Summer Buz fare- Upgradable?
  124. Upgrade "Z" fare
  125. Showers at LAX
  126. New F not before winter 2008
  127. LH signs agreement with ET & Egypt Air
  128. 33m aircraft type
  129. LH Y Class to Get Inseat Video
  130. LH 454 (FRA-SFO): Lie-flat business class?
  131. LH sales brochure
  132. Paper Plane competition for EU countries
  133. DEN - MUC 480/481 trip/upgrade reports
  134. MAD arrival question
  135. Converting arm rests in Y to C
  136. How to find out if econnomy is overbooked
  137. Wine, hand luggage and the M&M hotline
  138. Aircraft Cleaning between flights, what have you found??
  139. lounge upon arrival in MUC?
  140. What made you losing HON?
  141. ASB-FRA-BLQ - Clear Customs in FRA?
  142. LH 411JFK-MUC on 03/31: Aggressive virus on board infects over 40 pax and crew...
  143. does LH do anything special inflight for special occasions?
  144. Ready To Fly 04.04.2007
  145. LH410 very long taxi time at JFK
  146. Transiting Frankfurt
  147. Back-to-back E class tickets
  148. Review of LO (Lot) C and comparison to UA and LH
  149. All OS catering now by Do & Co
  150. SZG-ZRH flights resume with C9
  151. MCT Lounge - any experiences ?
  152. Best SFO F lounge?
  153. Fra-mnl
  154. What M&M number do I use?
  155. Question on lounge access at LHR...
  156. deutsche bank / consors offers for business?
  157. Gate check luggage on Avro RJ "not possible"?
  158. April 1?
  159. How LH sent us SEN tags for my blue wife
  160. Would an LH Award Allow this Routing?
  161. Business flex ticket cheaper than economy
  162. Meal service LH 400
  163. Questions from a New Miles and More Member
  164. what to expect in C/F on LH?
  165. StarGOLD Checkin Boston
  166. Lounges in VIE
  167. FRA Airport: Meeting point
  168. Waitlisting Upgrade w/SWU + FCT Question
  169. Trip reports - LH from UK to Eastern Europe x2
  170. Going to be making frequent trips from London to Cologne - advise welcome
  171. What will happen to the FCT in FRA when pier A0 will be build?
  172. OS award one way
  173. What to expect in Y
  174. BKK - FRA: TG F vs LH F
  175. Fly Smart between SE Asia & Australia?
  176. best seats Condor JRO-FRA
  177. Questions from a newbie...
  178. Why are lufthansas amenity kits so bad?
  179. LH JFK-FRA in FC; would you fly on a 744 or 343?
  180. Newbie with ? on Lufthansa fare codes
  181. Does LH really appreciate their HONs?
  182. LH flight MCT-FRA question
  183. Does anyone have copy of old M&M newsletters? on.....
  184. name change to M&M account
  185. Real enhancement in FC
  186. Ready To Fly 28.03.2007
  187. baggage lost - what to do?
  188. LH kids programme or regular M&M?
  189. 20cm? seriously?
  190. Seating Questions
  191. Planning on using a UA SWU tomorrow LAX-FRA - how soon can I check in?
  192. Missing FTL Bonuses
  193. How long for the customer services centre in DUB to respond
  194. LH Int'l In-Flight Sales Catalog
  195. Is this trip bookable for Fly Smart award by calling M&M?
  196. Triple3 blocking LX C
  197. Possible to upgrade Star RTW segments with my M&M?
  198. LH F IAD-MUC-LHR, a couple of questions please...
  199. ZHSPCE deals to SZG ex ORD
  200. Eurowings CRJ
  201. Lead times for luggage checking
  202. Wolf doesn't know where LH will fly
  203. THY and M&M starts March 27th
  204. I got my dream flights, now some ?'s
  205. Fly America and UA/LH
  206. MR in summer 2007?
  207. Quick Turnaround SIN-CGK-SIN
  208. How long does Verl need for retrocredit?
  209. Which 747
  210. How to get a oneway flight to JFK
  211. A340-600 First Class MUC-SFO
  212. Air One Y award booking code?
  213. Yet another FRA connection question
  214. Award travel to JNB
  215. LH 758 and other new C 744s - new Y as well?
  216. Need help, anybody has last two LH magazines?
  217. 4 hours at JNB
  218. LH720- New C?
  219. reward ticket confusion
  220. miles + money for tickets?
  221. Is SAA going bancrupty?
  222. I need 7700 miles quickly!
  223. OT Question from Talkboard: Should LH and LX forums be merged?
  224. Can you see if award tix has been issued through Check My Trip?
  225. how to:- give a upgrade away to someone
  226. FRA: great way to get to your US flight...
  227. baggage limit increase
  228. Why did LH discontinue awarding HON Circle miles on UA metal?
  229. If *A members willing to pay: Does LH allow their customers to use FCT?
  230. Any experiences with Air One ex LCY?
  231. Ready To Fly 21.03.2007
  232. Austrian coach class ?
  233. Seat maps?
  234. First Class - A330-300
  235. Printing of Boarding pass - never works
  236. Austrian Airlines award release Question
  237. FRA Arrival - Pick up for FCT?
  238. Lufthansa Questions
  239. One Way vs. Round Trip penalties
  240. interlining bags on LH & BA
  241. payback meilen abo problem!!!
  242. LH @ JFK: Can I check-In luggage the night before departure?
  243. What happened to 405/411 on March 16?
  244. Departures Magazine (Amex) Suggests Business Class Gets Plane-Side Limo Transfer
  245. Refunding LH ticket = nightmare
  246. unfriendly LH staff at FRA
  247. Itenerary advice needed
  248. Any one else in the FCL right now.
  249. Connection time in FRA
  250. Help please--Questions about Lufthansa ticket