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  1. Quick Qs reg OS C-class
  2. Transit in FRA
  3. FRA/MUC to West Coast USA May 19/20
  4. e-voucher on LH metal only?
  5. Prices / LH C -> HKG
  6. seat assignments?
  7. Why are seats 12DG blocked on A330?
  8. Missed flight connection-seperate PNR
  9. MUC arrival lounge?
  10. HONs luggage
  11. FRA: missing bus with passengers
  12. baggage allowance on SAA flight JNb->WDH
  13. Just rumors: LH and Alitalia
  14. VISA card ( Germany) double promotion not honored!
  15. Ready To Fly 14.02.2007
  16. Austrian flight with technical problems
  17. MUC-SFO on A340 question
  18. LH3172 MUC - BTS does it normally run on time?
  19. Routes with F class (140,000 miles award)
  20. does fra to bombay have the new business class?
  21. OS454 and snowboard equipment
  22. 5 minutes connection time
  23. JFK - EWR Connection and lounge
  24. long haul LH routes with old C class ?
  25. Best seats on F Fra-Mex and Mex-Fra
  26. Chinese Announcements on FRA-FCO
  27. Exit row seats without status?
  28. weero on LH923?!
  29. When Does FTL Bonus Start - The Flight that Makes Me FTL?
  30. HON qualification for overseas trvls
  31. Skipping the third of 4 segements
  32. LH Y vs. AF/KL Y
  33. Stopover on award flight
  34. Flying SK for a LH FT
  35. Lounges in OSL
  36. Ready to Fly fares for US Resident
  37. Feb. 22 yyz-fra-dxb
  38. New HON perk
  39. Best seat in C class on A330?
  40. J from YYZ to FRA---AC zs LH??
  41. Upgrades and special meals
  42. Missed connection due to tech problems- twice in two days
  43. What's the Latest on O/I Published Availability?
  44. Miles and More - Member gets Member bonus
  45. M&M compared to other *FF programs
  46. Frankfurt-Mancheter Problems Thsi AFternnon
  47. Flying LH first time in years
  48. JNB LH check in
  49. What can I expect LH SEN lounge of DUS?
  50. Lufthansa; a 4 star airline?
  51. award travel on SQ/MI codeshare?
  52. WHY Is everybody getting now 15.000 Miles for credit card gold?!
  53. FAQ: Lufthansa and Miles & More - suggestions & updates thread
  54. Help from you pros required
  55. Is Austrian going to stop flying VIE - KTM route
  56. Everything you always wanted to know about Three Letter codes
  57. Preorder for Vegetarian food in LH longhaul C
  58. Paid B on TP, flown M on LH - got the M mileage - any chance to get more?
  59. Miles and More status match for Alitalia Freccia Alata (Elite+)?
  60. Trouble booking a Oneway Upgrade-able Europe One-Way Ticket
  61. LH special to BKK from Germany?
  62. F-Lounge in Cape Town?
  63. Interlining luggage and connection w/ LH and NWA at FRA?
  64. First Class to Canada
  65. New LH charge on awards
  66. Where is the List of LH Booking Codes?
  67. Food Experiences Fra To Bom
  68. Westcost USA to FRA/MUC all new Business Class??
  69. L, T, U, E booking class?????
  70. If you get mbna lh card you get an upgrade every year?
  71. Phone check-in for 2 people, diff. flights (LH & LX)
  72. Refund - How long will it take ?
  73. SMS Check-in: Does it work?
  74. Star Alliance Company Plus & E Ticket Number
  75. Ready to Fly 07.02.2007
  76. Runway incursion in DUS today (German text only)
  77. Strange Fares from LHR-FRA
  78. Strange Crew on JFK - MUC
  79. Exec Bonus on US domestic F travel
  80. A340-300 Fra To Ord
  81. HON Service at ZRH
  82. A Baggage Story
  83. First on A340-600 ?
  84. Changing FFP after flight
  85. Upgrade on
  86. Baggage Allowance Question
  87. 4.5 hours in FRA
  88. Movie Selection
  89. Connection in DUS [merged DUS Q&A thread]
  90. Y booked, got upgrade to C
  91. DUS Airport - Post office?
  92. Special security for Israel flights
  93. Question to Sixt Platinum Card
  94. All Airbus 340 refitted with nw biz, no still one left!!!!
  95. LH F via FRA
  96. No booking fees till 8 Feb
  97. what to expect on Swiss C/F
  98. Whats up with M&M?...
  99. MUC passport control insisted on seeing my passport
  100. BD *G but will fly LH most of the time...
  101. seat selection while booking on, new?
  102. German Equivalent of Flyertalk?? Name??
  103. No more O/I availability on
  104. Europe-JFK
  105. ex FRA
  106. 2000 Minimum intra-EU C?
  108. FTL Benefits on LOT/Eurowings
  109. Guaranteed booking (48h) for SEN - does it work?
  110. New M&M Number Not Showing on BP (SQ and LH)?
  111. Help with award booking
  112. Which aircraft MUC-ORD LH 434?
  113. check-in desk crash & Dr. SEN+
  114. OS Economy Snack
  115. TXL Tower Mistake
  116. 2 quickies: promos and lounge ??
  117. Lufthansa history
  118. 2nd visit A380 on 17th March 2007 at FRA
  119. FRA-DEL worth a SWU from C-F?
  120. e-vouchers also good for other airlines ?
  121. Mileage earning chart on last page of booking
  122. Ready To Fly 31.01.2007
  123. 10% discount on flights from TLV in Febuary
  124. Someone smoking in the toilet at LHR SEN Lounge
  125. e-vouchers
  126. Interview with HON Paul van Dyk (DJ)
  127. Real Business Class on FRA-LHR starting March 28, 07
  128. QQ about FCT JNB-F-FRA->FRA-UA F-IAD
  129. Etix or paper ticket?
  130. Desperately need Reservation No.!!
  131. New LH Inflight passenger policy
  132. What happened to bitter drinks?
  133. In bed with Mayrhuber ??
  134. VDB opportunity with LH FRA-DEL?
  135. LH flight operated by UA
  136. Q: Change in HON benefits?
  137. Great LX C offer from USA
  138. Advice: best F seats on 747?
  139. what cheapest/shortest routes are 3 class from FRA? how to try FCT for not to much$?
  140. Lufthansa Aeromotive
  141. Change Fees on LH - Is this fair?
  142. Experience with DTW station ?
  143. Buying access to lounge?
  144. Need aclaration please:
  145. OS intra Europe Y service?
  146. Anyone done FRA-CAN-XMN
  147. Cimber Air
  148. problem with award seat availability
  149. How often are you targeted?
  150. Good flight rewards deal??
  151. FRA Super lounge: can UA 1K get in if not flying UA or Lufthansa?
  152. First Austrian Airlines Flight
  153. Weird Usage of Aircraft
  154. Lie flat in C / LH C compared to UA, OS and AC
  155. thanks LH
  156. Fuel Surcharge for Award Tickets
  157. LH carry-on: are these items allowed?
  158. Snow chaos in MUC Yesterday
  159. Star Alliance Gold Status
  160. No more Premium Seats on Shorthaul Flights in Advance for SEN
  161. Business class SIN - FRA
  162. fra to bom new business class?
  163. Lufthansa European flight sale ending today!
  164. telephone on board in LH - free?
  165. What C to expect on DEL - MUC sector?
  166. New bus class?
  167. Baby and Status
  168. M&M status miles on *A carrier
  169. baggage question
  170. Reneval Kit LH M&M - Expiry 02/2007
  171. UA Codeshare and FRA Transit Questions
  172. Length of time for refunds to be processed?
  173. V Class -> I Class Upgrade normally gets you Y miles?!
  174. Lh 564/565 Fra-los-acc-los-fra
  175. Booking specific classes on
  176. Number of Senators / FTLs / etc.?
  177. LH572/573 voucher C->F upgrade
  178. Maximum Size of Checked Luggage (Weight Concept) or: Would you check a TV?
  179. M&M official regulations
  180. A/B concourse lounge locations in FRA
  181. ticket taxes
  182. Codeshare between Lufthansa and Ethiopian [merged LH/ET]
  183. Best routing/convinience dus-mco in eco
  184. Doing a Run - Need to Grocery Shop in Viennai (VIE)
  185. Is LH F worth it for a 2 hour flight?
  186. miles and more emotions
  187. Did anybody receive 10% FTL coupon?
  188. EZE-FRA in October - always packed!?
  189. transfer miles
  190. can i recommend someone from this forum to have m&m card?
  191. Trying to get credited miled from LH and UA
  192. How does your spouse collect/ retain miles?
  193. New 747-800 pics...
  194. M+M business-award CGN/DUS to MCO Need advice
  195. Mandarin Oriental Promotion - miles credited?
  196. HON Circle requalification
  197. Upgrades in the First Class Terminal?
  198. LH Standby?
  199. F on LH from JFK-FRA
  200. LHR T2 Clubs / showers?
  201. Does US Airways Fare Class "E" really earn 100% miles?
  202. Availability of Award Tickets on Frankfurt-Dubrovnik route
  203. taking campbells soup in checked luggage from SFO via MUC to VIE
  204. New to LH question.
  205. Some problems on a LH flight. Any advice about what to do?
  206. How to find V Fares?
  207. Miles & More vs. Air Berlin Top Bonus?
  208. Award FRA-CPT (in I) rerouted by M&M: Options?
  209. FCL access on connecting flight
  210. Access to LH lounge in Geneva upon arrival (or other Star Alliance lounges)
  211. Storm over Europe (Kyrill) - LH cancels flights already
  212. Turning in Missing Miles Form at LH Counter?
  213. A couple of HON questions
  214. Booked E class, got M class miles!
  215. Will LH assign bulkhead seats on Euro flights for infant?
  216. Name of Influential Customer Service LH Person in the US?
  217. LH Emergency Landing at FRA
  218. Austrian Air--
  219. Austrian Airlines: 20 off flights (UK-Austria only)
  220. C Upgrade Strategy for LH MUC-SFO
  221. Economy Seat preference A330
  222. Connexion still working?
  223. Ready To Fly 17.01.2007
  224. Where do you find capacity on LH
  225. Award Booking - Overlapping of booking dates
  226. Lh-ugh!
  227. PHL Lounge Access
  228. Paid upgrade to F
  229. Upgrading a 'V' transatlantic
  230. Connecting in MUC [The Munich connection Q&A thread] [merged]
  231. Why FAs might hate elites
  232. Security Intra-Europe in MUC
  233. Award ticket issued - What happens to Companion Discount?
  234. Lounge in Prague?
  235. CRJ 700 / delivery at aircraft?
  236. Award question SIN - HKT
  237. pair of ski - 55 EUR charge per segment
  238. $10 Ticket
  239. To which program shall I credit my non-HON miles?
  240. LH - Mileage earning to Australia
  241. Music Channel 8 "Lounge" - LH Interconti-Flieght US - CD?
  242. Getting regular Miles & More number -- do the 1st 3,000 have to be "flown" miles?
  243. Flying BOS - FRA
  244. Where is the temporary number?
  245. OT - how to get cheap Lufthansa short haul tickets?
  246. Fed up of LH.. change of scenery?
  247. FC Lounge/Treatment in ZRH ?
  248. Member Gets Member
  249. YUL checkin?
  250. Travelling in F - 6 hour layover in MUC