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  1. Why is taxes and charged more expensive originating from Mexico?
  2. Chances for an upgrade??
  3. How is the F class on MEX - FRA and FRA - Sin sectors?
  4. New website LH homepage
  5. CDG terminal
  6. Are you using SEN luggage tags?
  7. Flight not open for check-in 24 hours before departure?
  8. J class meal on 10pm ORD-FRA
  9. Business Class Lufthansa Flight 450/451 LAX/FRA
  10. Rude passenger
  11. Rebooking of Award: Class change
  12. JFK-FRA-SIN-DPS round trip on SQ
  13. LH personnel threatens customers when insisting on EU rights
  14. Lufthansa expands route network that winter
  15. OT: search function down?
  16. CGN: Lounges closed from oct, 21th, Check-In moved from oct, 29th till june 2007
  17. The ham roll is back
  18. Change perspectives
  19. *lufthansa To Cut Fuel Surcharge On Tickets :lha Gr
  20. Austrian Airlines long haul old business class question?
  21. Five character LH reference code
  22. Does LH give comp status?
  23. Question Re: FlySmart Award
  24. Status miles earned with flights upgraded using award miles
  25. Brand new interim business lounge at LAX TBIT
  26. LH Miles & More Senator Credit Card
  27. QKL bookable again on LH website
  28. MUC-HKG or FRA-HKG in C (or F) ???
  29. LH website with new design ...
  30. LCCs versus Lufthansa
  31. SMS checkin invitation - new service ?
  32. Referral help
  33. Is LH schmoozing their status passengers chiefly at the moment?
  34. [B]Ready to Fly 11.10.06[/B]
  35. Booking on Spanish LH site
  36. BKK - FRA - BHX several issues
  37. Lounge access in FRA if arriving in C and continuing in Y?
  38. Change seats on My LH Website?
  39. Regus - LH ? Insiders question
  40. Orbitz $75 Off Lufthansa
  41. SFO & MUC Kioks Passport Friendly?
  42. 33A, 33K on 747 cannot be reserved in advance by LH elites?
  43. *A award availability
  44. Meal service on GRU-EZE
  45. Official LH Representative on Flyertalk
  46. Is 80 minutes enough for LH->SK transfer at FRA?
  47. Cheese and Ham Rolls
  48. FRA Min. connecting time
  49. Could I use these two seperate tickets (all LH)?
  50. Check-in by phone or web without Form of Identification in E-Ticket
  51. No AC flight information on monitors at FRA or MUC; only LH info.
  52. Confusion about repeat security check, when transiting at FRA or MUC airports?
  53. LH connecting to QF at BKK
  54. Star Alliance Company Plus Questions
  55. What aircraft is 32Y?
  56. OS fare rules - mistake?
  57. 0900 phone numbers
  58. Anyone on LH 4110 FRA-TUN today?
  59. New Intra-European C Catering on LH and dogfood on LO
  60. connection time in Bejing?
  61. Some random observations (and questions) from recent LAX-FRA-LAX in F
  62. MUC hub Economy check in complete breakdown
  63. Flynet on LH 446 FRA-DEN
  64. MM Creditcard question
  65. minimum connection time WAW?
  66. Luggage delay of 48+ hours (providing receipts)
  67. New mileage levels for medical doctors
  68. HAM SEN lounge for *G???
  69. NO Lufthansa Award Availability
  70. LH F Terminal on Google Earth?
  71. Combination of 2 accounts for awards possible?
  72. UA etkt/UA flight #/lh plane..lh e-tkt online check in?
  73. Lufthansa Promotion Europcar
  74. booking tool
  75. Large liquid ban now even in EU/CH
  76. New Business Class on Munich-Orlando
  77. FRA Lounge Access or mini hotel?
  78. 4000 miles "disappeared" from my account
  79. Can you swap seats (Y with C) with someone on the plane?
  80. LH new C - long, long wait
  81. miles expiring this Dec, how to extend?
  82. LH and OS flights within Asia
  83. How much does LH charge in taxes for travel within Europe?
  84. LH woes
  85. Can i use F check-in when second leg is in F?
  86. Sin Silver Kris Lounge Denied!
  87. LH Ready To Fly 4.10.2006
  88. Austrian to Chicago?
  89. New New-C Class Routes ?
  90. No oneway-bookings for Swiss residents on
  91. New C 744 swaps?
  92. Stopover on award flight allowed?
  93. BOS to TXL Advice
  94. flysmart for the middle east just a joke?
  95. flysmart ticket within middle east,south america or southeast asia just a joke?
  96. Which *A-airline to BKK in C?
  97. LX flights on
  98. Advice on equipment for FRA-SFO and SFO-MUC
  99. *G check-in
  100. New C on SFO-FRA?
  101. How long before LH confirms you as a Hon when you've made it to Hon?
  102. Denied access to FCL while traveling FRA-TLV in F-Cabin
  103. When to book *A award tickets?
  104. Severe LH security problem in TXL !!
  105. Rebook of Award?
  106. Upgrade LH DEN to FRA
  107. Upgrading - LH number, AC metal
  108. Compensation for involuntary downgrade (on award flight)
  109. LH take over the MUC-LCY route (again)
  110. More miles for doctors travelling on LH
  111. Any rules for op up in LH?
  112. Executive bonus and upgrade vouchers on Swiss?
  113. DEN-FRA Upgrade to F reports
  114. The "Lufthansa Long Weekend"
  115. fuel surcharge
  116. New LH Y Product?
  117. How bad is LO business?
  118. How much is a Mile?
  119. Food from where (Skychefs)?
  120. New SEN Lounge DUS
  121. Longe Access as FTL in DEN & DFW
  122. No upgrade possible for domestic one way Y?
  123. Will F award-mileage increase with A380 ?
  124. LH's "supercheap" domestics also "super flexible" ?
  125. LH Promotions and code share flights
  126. how many miles for upgrades
  127. UA IAD-FRA to LH FRA-ARN Y class seat assignment question
  128. aircraft collision in MUC
  129. Lost Boarding Pass
  130. Seat 28 or 32 in 747-400?
  131. Checked and carry-on baggage question
  132. Complain or shut up - need advice pls.
  133. LH M&M Newbie Question, LH or UA/DL?
  134. FLYNET might be free from Oct 2 til the end of the year
  135. connecting LH to UA in FRA
  136. Ready to fly from 99-349 (27.09.2006)
  137. Lounges in DEN
  138. New C on LH SIN-FRA?
  139. HON Baggage Tag when starting on UA?!
  140. First miles
  141. best possible effort on behalf of LX
  142. How to book only AIR RAIL ?
  143. Second screening in FCT
  144. Farewell Flynet
  145. Help! How can I get my miles back?
  146. Split miles next 3 month in 2006 on UA and LH to become UA Elite and keep SEN status?
  147. Best way in Award Biz HAJ - Salt Lake City
  148. Promotion "Collected values" did you receive the miles?
  149. ZRH-DME just 750 miles?
  150. fuel surcharge on connecting flights LH vs LX
  151. Clearing D-class waitlist LH739 in Nov
  152. Mysterious add. 500 HON's to come?
  153. MUC or FRA for connection
  154. A new Lounge in ZRH?
  155. Question on LH 3340 on Sept 29
  156. Munich SEN lounge
  157. SEN lounge access as *G and miles credit on LH
  158. While LH has problems to introduce their new C seat, others bring a 3 rd. generation!
  159. New BKK Airport: Link to usefull ROP-Thread
  160. Standby on LH for earlier flight?
  161. M&M award question
  162. Can/Should I expect compensation in the following case?
  163. Empty neighboring seats in C on LH Regional starting Oct. 2006
  164. Backdated status?
  165. LH Miles on TAP flight to Dakkar
  166. mileage accrual domestic F on UA
  167. transit advice?
  168. LH dissapointment with F tkt on *A award
  169. M&M no longer mentions to which region a country belongs
  170. Thai W-Class - Miles in M+M..??
  171. West Coast USA - UK. Via FRA or MUC?
  172. Question - Standby on LH?
  173. Who decides when miles expire ???
  174. 35 new Airbus planes for LH
  175. ICN-FRA-ICN loads in C for late October/Early November
  176. Transatlantic J service
  177. Ready To Fly 20.09.2006
  178. C class award BOS to Europe.. best bet?
  179. FTL Status - Relocation back to Germany
  180. Waitlist on O class for award ticket is only luck
  181. JFK-Bali *A award
  182. Starting Oct 01st: Senator Premium Award
  183. OS to leave *A?
  184. Senator in economy
  185. New C in DFW-FRA & FRA-HYD flights?
  186. Lounge in Miami and Orlando??
  187. CAI-FRA, F-Class
  188. New C on FRA-EWR 482 ?
  189. Double open-jaw question: PEK-xICN-CJU // ICN-xNRT-PVG as one * award?
  190. Save mileage through TIX booking + cancel ??
  191. 346 FRA -> ORD in C, would you upgrade to F ?
  192. LH executive bonus on LH flights with TAP metal
  193. Lx Sin - Bkk - Zrh
  194. Airside check-in in FRA?
  195. M+M Overdraft question
  196. About to loose some miles...what to do?
  197. UA vs LH flight credit...and future LH upgrades
  198. LH Y vs UA Y
  199. *A Gold not allowed guests in LH Lounges anymore?
  200. How to get 18000 Miles?? One retourntrip?
  201. German Court: passenger allowed to travel on return even if outbound is skipped
  202. Great Experience in KIX
  203. Award on LX metal
  204. Help from the experts on SEN e-Vouchers
  205. Upgrade against cash
  206. Compensation for delayed baggage (2 weeks and counting)
  207. Lounge in PMI?
  208. LH432 on Friday, October 22nd new business class ?
  209. Problem to skip last leg ?
  210. Jet Airways India
  211. Exectutive Bonus Only 12.5% in D? FRA-LAX
  212. Free greetings from 2k on LH453
  213. Award flight availability to Brazil?
  214. More for Less
  215. Newbie question / M&M account location
  216. No more UA Golds in SEN lounges....
  217. Birthday congratulations and present on board
  218. Booked United Flight - Credit to LH M&M - How much do I deserve?
  219. Missing 33 Miles for an award
  220. LH Ready To Fly 13.9.2006
  221. SEN Christmas gift. When do you have to be SEN to get it?
  222. LH Server down?
  223. 18 hours in FRA
  224. Award ticket reserved by FTL / flying SEN
  225. Boeing 747-400 with no row 5 in C class?
  226. When will OS new C retrofit on 767 be completed?
  227. Ticket refund for lost ticket takes 12 month
  228. Advents-Do in FRA Dec 1-3
  229. Benefits of FTL Status
  230. CRJ 900 In-Flight Service
  231. Multiple Guest Strategy: Reentrance?
  232. Zshot
  233. What happens to CC Card when getting FTL/SEN?
  234. Starting to collect MP - am I stupid?
  235. OT: LH Star Chef Sep/Oct - Feedback?
  236. LH: Don't judge the book by it's cover..
  237. Purser Greeting Me On Board
  238. SWISS - Lounge invitation at ATH
  239. e voucher & fare class
  240. Transiting in Paris for Berlin Flight
  241. Upgrade Problem, TWICE deducted
  242. waiting list for an upgrade
  243. Luggage check through on 2 separate tickets
  244. Do LH and LX offer one fare tickets with flights involving both airlines?
  245. Any LH/Star Alliance lounge in IST for Star Alliance Golds
  246. How to handle a name change ...
  247. LH vs. LX vs. OS logo on M&M cards
  248. Guest in OS SEN lounge
  249. Second to best lounge....
  250. Taxes on award flight with Lufthansa

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