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  1. LH Credit Card goes insane - Two First Class (O) to Singapore for 3375 Euro
  2. Using eVouchers after downgrade to FTL
  3. Really strange seating issue...
  4. Long Weekend's promo back!
  5. Food in shorthaul C class
  6. m and m cards
  7. OS Special event on last flight?
  8. The Augsburg Airways-FA knew my travel plans
  9. Temperature in FCL/FCT (Especially Shower Rooms)
  10. Lufthansa IT-Chaos
  11. Ready To Fly 14.03.2007
  12. No more intra-Germany paper tickets
  13. Parking at the FCT
  14. Soliciting op-up from J to F and other questions
  15. Business Award Business class ticket
  16. Lufthansa Senator Lounge events
  17. Eurowings for LH
  18. The LH/OS special Meal FAQ thread
  19. LH SEN party for LH 486/487
  20. berlinflyer's birthday dinner in are invited!!
  21. LH vs LX in Y
  22. Questions about the Bangalore flight
  23. Connection Cologne to Dusseldorf Help!!!
  24. Lufthansa Baggage Stories: A Praise for ATH
  25. What gate for LH A380 in FRA on March 18-19?
  26. Children's Meals in Long Haul Business Class
  27. 1:45 connection enough in FRA?
  28. flew in Y Class on a G Class ticket [AI]
  29. Address Change and Credit Card
  30. Damaged bag; waiting for reimbursement for 3 months already
  31. Miles&More Credit Cards
  32. LOT Polish transatlantic business class
  33. Sweepstakes to see the A380 at JFK
  34. HKG-FRA vs. HKG-MUC in F?
  35. the fan in trouble service
  36. How long after ticket issued to check online
  37. SEN/FTL Lounges in TXL re-opened
  38. 1h10min FRA Transit Question via TLV
  39. sent mileage request of wrong boarding pass
  40. LH's own mileage pricing
  41. Any experience with Premiumwings?
  42. first & business class lounges
  43. Lufthansa Corporate Mileage Plan (US only)
  44. Warning: No LH miles on SA208 (IAD-JNB) when booked under UA code share
  45. E / T fares - Standby for an earlier flight ?
  46. FCT Comment Cards - Experiences?
  47. New timing for ORD-MUC-ORD
  48. MUC-FCO with LH in J is CRJ 900 (CityLine) or A320 better?
  49. Got miles for a flight, which I didnīt fly
  50. Choose my C meal for me please
  51. When do Waitlists clear?
  52. LHs Lounge Paradise
  53. LX seat assignments for UA *G member
  54. FRA - Africa on business class?
  55. Mileage calculator - some bugs
  56. Ticket ex German TA with overseas origin
  57. Fly the A380 to HKG with LH !
  58. Anyone with the experience of Fly Smart award during high season
  59. Location of Customer Service Centre
  60. Beware of LH Call Center - no clues about fare rules
  61. DEN-MUC $481 RT all-in, double miles
  62. Ready to Fly 07.03.2007
  63. Took away my assigned F seats CLT-MUC
  64. What is the matter with Starchefs?
  65. Any good German or EU discount sites out there?
  66. Miles for biography movie
  67. mileage request without ticket
  68. M&M CC In Singapore
  69. more than 1 LH cc?
  70. FRA connection time?
  71. Special offer of OS: +1000Y/2000C-bonusmiles fly to Wien.
  72. How is the situation now between LTU/dba/Condor?
  73. Is there a list of FTL-lounges out of LH/OS/LO/LX home base?
  74. Itb
  75. new SEN credit card still missing
  76. Can SQ print LH BP?
  77. whats the least expensive way for 2 people to fly in first?
  78. Connecting onto LH flight in TXL
  79. 7 Hours in FRA - What to do???
  80. Frankfurted
  81. Refurbishment of LX's Avros
  82. "SENs must use the F check-in!"
  83. LH v. SQ First Question
  84. Os 330
  85. OS promotion Xtraflight oct-14 through jan-31-2007
  86. Need advice on legal low cost options
  87. Laptop left onboard
  88. FH or SQ for FRA-SIN in Y?
  89. miles for UA domesti first class flight with business fare. Inconsistency
  90. Ticket counter at Narita?
  91. How bad is the old C, really?
  92. Executive Bonus on UA
  93. Is FlyNet ever coming back?
  94. Booking in Spain cheaper than in Ireland
  95. M&M - T-Mobile Germany Cooperation
  96. Now 10,000 miles for T-Home
  97. LAX First Class Lounge Issues w/ UA *G
  98. OS 777 / Seat recommendation Eco
  99. Award miles and eVoucher question
  100. Transatlantic in Lufthansa C - connecting to United F?
  101. LH Senator Lounge Pass in FRA
  102. LH getting lazy about crediting miles?
  103. SEN status renewal - 2 years for each 100K status miles earned per year?
  104. How UA helps you save money with LH
  105. Confirming an LH award seat with TG (ROP) points.
  106. LH#453: LAX-MUC on 2/28/06
  107. IAD 1st class lounge closed, B gate
  108. Urgent Routing question for Award Ticket!
  109. UA MP vs. LH M&M [merged]
  110. Slightly OT: Award availability via *A - thanks LH !
  111. 35 min in MUC
  112. The award dilemma.
  113. SIN - Lounge access after arrival?
  114. Lufthansa Paperplane
  115. Miles for Contact Air?
  116. Flying smart to central Russia (KUF/SVX)...
  117. LOT Business Class News
  118. thru check-in for baggage including overnight at MUC on LH/OS
  119. which seat on OS VIE-BKK B772 ??? in business ?
  120. Change of status during RTW trip
  121. Tax Refund Law?
  122. Lounge changes for LH/LX flights at BUD
  123. Question re "Calendar year"
  124. transfer or upgrade
  125. Checking Upgrade avail on EF for LO and LX
  126. 24 hr seat reservation MLA-FRA for FTL?
  127. Lets go to Greenland
  128. HON and E+
  129. Fra-kbp Lwo-txl
  130. FL#3260 FRA/PRG Meal?
  131. Checking bag half way through?
  132. Will I get business Status Miles?
  133. HON Tag [and other LH items] on eBay
  134. Question about checkin with ATB ticket on *partner
  135. RTW for business travel vs. German taxes
  136. they can't assign me the seat, class is fully booked
  137. Secondary screening in FRA at T1 C
  138. Orphan LH Miles.
  139. question on T2 at MUC
  140. ARGH! Canceled flight
  141. Austrian Air 767's, PTV's?
  142. How many SENs in coach PVG-MUC?
  143. Lufthansa Magazine: Business Class refurbishment completed by May (2007)
  144. Middle seat blocking in C on LH codeshare
  145. They can't print boarding pass although I'm checked in
  146. Best option for award travel ZRH-AKL-ZRH in C?
  147. Ready to Fly 21.02.2007
  148. SYD => VIE Options now Austrian has withdrawn from Syd
  149. No more upgrade on Z fares?
  150. Seatmaps: ExpertFlyer vs. CheckMyTrip
  151. business in 737
  152. Load MUC - SFO - MUC
  153. misinformation by lufthansa on luggage regulation
  154. LH 454 FRA-SFO new business class?
  155. Back2back ticketing allowed at LH ?
  156. FRA-GVA on Sun
  157. LH F lounge in KUL
  158. Miles & More online statement purged by January 2007??
  159. Baggage lost - still a chance?
  160. Access to First Class Terminal
  161. Why I love FRA Airport
  162. Rebooked, how many miles?
  163. Check-in for return flight?
  164. Star Alliance greeting
  165. New C Class seats on OS72 YYZ-VIE?
  166. Summer Award Travel
  167. FRA Lounge Access for US Airways *G
  168. What to do with 3700 miles?
  169. flying US ticket, including LH metal--whose baggage rules rule?
  170. flying LH F with an infant
  171. FRA airport Parking lot
  172. No lounge in MUC for non-Schengen G gates
  173. Lightning
  174. SIN-CGK-SIN F Service
  175. F from JFK-FRA;C from FRA-FCO...first class lounge in FRA?
  176. Lufthansa considers shifting flights to Zurich to avoid EU emission regulations
  177. Getting 2 Y seats together
  178. SJ Merc article - Networking on the Bangalore Express
  179. LH in SGN
  180. IAD-FRA-JNB all with LH JNB-CPT with SAA, what to expect.
  181. No more LH seatmaps on ExpertFlyer 24h before departure
  182. New config F class FRA-MEX
  183. MUC connection time
  184. Quick Qīs reg OS C-class
  185. Transit in FRA
  186. FRA/MUC to West Coast USA May 19/20
  187. e-voucher on LH metal only?
  188. Prices / LH C -> HKG
  189. seat assignments?
  190. Why are seats 12DG blocked on A330?
  191. Missed flight connection-seperate PNR
  192. MUC arrival lounge?
  193. HONīs luggage
  194. FRA: missing bus with passengers
  195. baggage allowance on SAA flight JNb->WDH
  196. Just rumors: LH and Alitalia
  197. VISA card ( Germany) double promotion not honored!
  198. Ready To Fly 14.02.2007
  199. Austrian flight with technical problems
  200. MUC-SFO on A340 question
  201. LH3172 MUC - BTS does it normally run on time?
  202. Routes with F class (140,000 miles award)
  203. does fra to bombay have the new business class?
  204. OS454 and snowboard equipment
  205. 5 minutes connection time
  206. JFK - EWR Connection and lounge
  207. long haul LH routes with old C class ?
  208. Best seats on F Fra-Mex and Mex-Fra
  209. Chinese Announcements on FRA-FCO
  210. Exit row seats without status?
  211. weero on LH923?!
  212. When Does FTL Bonus Start - The Flight that Makes Me FTL?
  213. HON qualification for overseas trvls
  214. Skipping the third of 4 segements
  215. LH Y vs. AF/KL Y
  216. Stopover on award flight
  217. Flying SK for a LH FT
  218. Lounges in OSL
  219. Ready to Fly fares for US Resident
  220. Feb. 22 yyz-fra-dxb
  221. New HON perk
  222. Best seat in C class on A330?
  223. J from YYZ to FRA---AC zs LH??
  224. Upgrades and special meals
  225. Missed connection due to tech problems- twice in two days
  226. What's the Latest on O/I Published Availability?
  227. Miles and More - Member gets Member bonus
  228. M&M compared to other *FF programs
  229. Frankfurt-Mancheter Problems Thsi AFternnon
  230. Flying LH first time in years
  231. JNB LH check in
  232. What can I expect LH SEN lounge of DUS?
  233. Lufthansa; a 4 star airline?
  234. award travel on SQ/MI codeshare?
  235. WHY Is everybody getting now 15.000 Miles for credit card gold?!
  236. FAQ: Lufthansa and Miles & More - suggestions & updates thread
  237. Help from you pros required
  238. Is Austrian going to stop flying VIE - KTM route
  239. Everything you always wanted to know about Three Letter codes
  240. Preorder for Vegetarian food in LH longhaul C
  241. Paid B on TP, flown M on LH - got the M mileage - any chance to get more?
  242. Miles and More status match for Alitalia Freccia Alata (Elite+)?
  243. Trouble booking a Oneway Upgrade-able Europe One-Way Ticket
  244. LH special to BKK from Germany?
  245. F-Lounge in Cape Town?
  246. Interlining luggage and connection w/ LH and NWA at FRA?
  247. First Class to Canada
  248. New LH charge on awards
  249. Where is the List of LH Booking Codes?
  250. Food Experiences Fra To Bom