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  17. Golf Bag
  18. 4xx time table to/from US available?
  19. Double charged for $7500 ticket and waiting for credit
  20. Booking LH rtw ex Australia for JUne 2008
  21. YACQ: Yet another compensation question
  22. LH boarding passes and *A notation
  23. U.S. Hotels using Lufthansa Miles?
  24. Do&Co catering on OS throughout from June 15 07
  25. Domestic NZ flights: 500 statusmiles per segment?
  26. oneway on LH
  27. Lufthansa and Egypt Air enter a strategic cooperation
  28. Zrh-fra
  29. DXB to MXP - LX or LH?
  30. Getting M&M miles with Shanghai Airlines
  31. Best use of a single eVoucher?
  32. Canceling and refunding award three hours before flight - possible?
  33. How LH IT is making it impossible to book flights
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  35. Bags and boarding pass and other Q
  36. Thank you for the miles !
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  38. HON Miles on Privatair
  39. First Class arrivals facilities in FRA
  40. LH F amenities
  41. Water bottle in business class
  42. How can I prevent Lufthansa miles from expiring?
  43. LX53 -> LX7253 today. Odd.
  44. Ready To Fly 13.06.2007?
  45. EU Identity Card "Personalausweis" vs. Passport when travelling between the US & DE
  46. June F Menu for SFO-MUC?
  47. Welcome to an official LH lurker, LHrelate
  48. F or C award in August
  49. Need Reg. Number for LH next flight from FCO-MUC-LAX tomorrow (June 11)
  50. Plans for new Lufthansa longhaul flights from smaller airports
  51. SEN lounge JFK
  52. Improved wines LH J international
  53. Arriving SQ - What Lounge in FRA?
  54. Chances of getting 3 F awards on FRA-LAX with LH (?)
  55. Q about rebooking an award ticket
  56. Seat Pitch across the pond in Y
  57. Very nice lounge in detroit.
  58. Can LH check bags thru to AA?
  59. is there any lounges in Malaga, Spain?
  60. FRA-VIE-VAR red ticket more expensive?!
  61. LH learns from UA's ICC
  62. collecting items as soviner from flight
  63. No decent Spicy Bloody Mary in LH F
  64. SFO-MUC LH459 where to clear custom?
  65. Denver-Frankfurt-Rome
  66. Lounge in Denver
  67. Flight had to "pull up" due to another flight on FRA runway
  68. hotel engimatt miles &More partner?
  69. WHY "M" on economy boarding passes?
  70. LH flights delays in August due to weather?
  71. Booking on Another Airline - Crediting Miles to M&M
  72. Miami - Frankfurt
  73. F from CAI
  74. Reliability of information on
  75. SFO Customs
  76. South Pacific award on LH / NZ: Some questions
  77. Ready To Fly 06.06.07
  78. Waitinglist public displayed in MUC
  79. WAW - NYC F Class Fares - BA vs LH
  80. 30 min connection at MUC. How likely for me or by baggage to misconnect?
  81. purchasing 30k Miles and More vouchers - foresee any problems?
  82. M&M Miles for Travel on a FIM?
  83. Can friends "give" me M&M Miles
  84. Y and B fares on UA - do they really credit 150%+elite trinket?
  85. SZG-ZRH first flight experiences
  86. Preference for F Travel: LH 417 or 419?
  87. Miles on a cancelled flight?
  88. Lax Immigration TBIT
  89. LH Exclusive 06/2007 page 87 ad
  90. Senator Booking Guarantee?
  91. 140K LH miles expired; any way to get them back?
  92. Previous experience redeeming for SQ (FRA-SIN-SYD) ?
  93. LH need give me registration# for LAX-MUC (May 31)
  94. Online Upgrade Awards Now Available for *A Carriers
  95. Schengen confusion at FRA - help request!
  96. *A Upgrade Awards Cancelled by UA - Has LH Done the Same ?
  97. M&M-Enhancement
  98. Adding M&M number to booking
  99. LH Bassinets limited to 83cm/14KG infants
  100. LH "regional" out of Europe MUC-EVN
  101. do not want to fly last leg on return flight
  102. LX Code, LY metal. Miles?
  103. Great LH experience ... can't get better
  104. Is FTL Status of any benefit for Release of Priority Waitlist ?
  105. Maximising M&M Miles with *A RTW 1 in Y
  106. Boarding Busservice @ Fra
  107. No Miles on LCY - MUC flights?
  108. FTL on Waiting List for LH Y (DUB-FRA) - When does it clear?
  109. The LH Menu Thread (business class / first class)
  110. RTF for May 30th, 2007?
  111. Airport Upgrade Y-C intra German
  112. Flying SQ F ex-FRA; Use FCL?
  113. Another great LH M&M call center experience
  114. Scary Skies: Tow Go-Arounds, one Diversion and a happy ending
  115. LH put on Z class from LAX-MUC-NCE?
  116. Culture Shock - German Service!!
  117. Would LH Check-in be willing to do this change?
  118. Not sure how to react to involuntary rerouting and subsequent undesirable rebooking
  119. HELP, M&M refuse to issue tickets
  120. mileage request
  121. My personal opinion on Lufthansa
  122. Trying to find a thread that I'm sure was in this forum
  123. excellent service ...
  124. LH 459 today SFO-FRA-MUC?
  125. Which FRA lounge for gates B1-B19
  126. 3.5 Hours at MUC - F Ticket
  127. No service?
  128. AI/IC merging under AI code - M&M award miles accrual?
  129. Baggage rules when multiple carriers ???
  130. 2 Tickets 1 Airline. What Happens At Check In And Luggage
  131. Mexico City part of the US now ???
  132. Moving to Japan / Senator requalification mileage
  133. Question about FCT: May people dropping of PAX enter FCT?
  134. Is it worth to pay off the SEN overdraft ?
  135. LH - Ticketing rules
  136. A320 w/reduced cabin crew: is it safe?
  137. Major Checkin Problems help (LCY-GVA-DUS-GVA-LCY)
  138. What happens to the special meal after upgrading ?
  139. Bicycle check-in FRA?
  140. HKG/YYZ/HKG in J, LH or AF?
  141. Privatair seating question
  142. ... and finally: priority secondary security @ FRA T1 gates 30-32
  143. LH award check please?
  144. LH and TACA plan cooperation
  145. Airdolomiti Munich - Remini
  146. Special offer for re-routing
  147. MUC - SFO questions....
  148. Miles and More Award Hotels in London
  149. Air China
  150. OS Kids flying free
  151. Refunding unused charges and fees?
  152. Seat blocking for SEN, not in exit row please !?
  153. Lounges in FRA & seat request
  154. JFK-FRA in F - thoughts?
  155. RTF May 23, 2007?
  156. Frankfurt Advents Do 30 Nov - 02 Dec 2007
  157. Nice gesture from the Wolf
  158. Thinking about LH Biz using 241 with AMEX
  159. LH and Brazil's TAM to partner
  160. LH or LX to Moscow
  161. Partner award 350 days out?
  162. SIN-CGK: First Class not offered?
  163. SIN to CGK vv on LH [merged Jakarta Q & A thread]
  164. Reward booking
  165. Airport taxes on reward flights
  166. Vienna for a day
  167. Is this a stopover ?
  168. OS Web Checkin now including seat selection & PDF Boardingpass
  169. Need advice on Swiss or LH from PRG-BCN
  170. OS Benefits for *A Gold?
  171. PRG-KEF award
  172. Just a bit OT: More competition for the FCT
  173. Throwaway ticket question (and connection time at FRA)
  174. Miles for airport/gate upgrades
  175. LCY lounge
  176. Upgrade with M&M credit card?
  177. LH overbooking RM FAQ
  178. Showers at LH JFK business lounge?
  179. DTW Lounge
  180. Use of lounge in FRA on arrival, connecting flight 26 hours later?
  181. SEN Phone No.
  182. Q re Online Checkin and Miles
  183. OS Business jet service
  184. Miles & More Card
  185. Valid award routing - stopover + return to diff city?
  186. Need to wait 30 days to claim if M&M number was never in booking?
  187. LH411 overbooked by 40 pax
  188. Which Routes Likely to lose First?
  189. economy seat for 1k
  190. Privatair or Lufthansa? [merged]
  191. ? no C/Cl on LH 727
  192. Plans for new HON lounge at VIE
  193. Change of FFP No in M&M award tickets?
  194. Lufthansa orders 15 Bombardier jets
  195. Hannover business loungue
  196. Miles expiry - FTL status won't show until after 30 June ..
  197. LH Lounge access in FRA next to gate B13?
  198. 2007 - 2008: LH RTW fares ex-Australia
  199. JFK SEN Lounge Access/Update?
  200. DUB lounge
  201. LH Lounges at FRA Terminal 1
  202. Extremely Poor LH Service during delay - LH 419 - May 15th
  203. Business Class companion Fares within Europe
  204. Ready To Fly 16.05.2007
  205. Lounge T2 LHR
  206. probably old information (ADB-MUC)
  207. Status miles for THF-Mannheim ?
  208. AF or LH out of Berlin
  209. New LH First info...
  210. How to view LX awards as a new member?
  211. Advice please,shower in FRA airport/daughter returning from ACC early June 4/5/6?
  212. Are there meals in Y on european routes now?
  213. Having a shower after arrival in GRU
  214. rebooking / rerouting of M&M award ticket ...
  215. SZG Airport - New voucher rules
  216. Business Class Summer Fares to the US and Mexico
  217. Miles for Codeshare Flights of OS / RJ ?
  218. Quick question about HON status miles on codeshares
  219. No Y from NRT for three days in a row?
  220. New Swiss Business vs New Lufthansa Business
  221. HON & F Rumours
  222. expertflyer: r class availability gone for LH ???
  223. Reconfirmation OS flight ??
  224. Three new M&M Partners
  225. LH newbie questons
  226. Auto, Motor und Sport - 10.000 miles for 83,20
  227. Auto, Motor und Sport: 10.000 miles for 83,20
  228. Lufthansa European Summer Sale - 1,000,000 Additional Seats from 99 Euro*
  229. The end of a myth: No more pepper salami in LH SEN lounges
  230. Any SEN perks on LH corporate partners ?
  231. Standby for earlier departure - LH [merged sameday standby Q&A thread]
  232. LH M&M number on US ticket
  233. TravelPro Rollaboard ex-LHR
  234. downgrade after rebooking
  235. miles disappeared from account
  236. New Pricing for Oneway Tickets?
  237. How long do I have to claim missing mileage?
  238. Exchange e-vouchers against miles ?
  239. LH New C Seat on Eurofly...
  240. Ready To Fly 09.05.2007
  241. New MUC LNZ route announced
  242. How do you get "targetted" for promotions?
  243. SEN 'line' for LH Australia... wait time increases
  244. M&M Anytime Award?
  245. Booked UA F flight, operated by AC J--How many miles?
  246. Double miles with Europcar as SEN
  247. tickets ex TIP - anything new?
  248. Z class fares / upgrade / and collect milage
  249. buy your ticket before checking if upgrade available
  250. No more unlimited validity of miles for UK issued M&M credit card?