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  1. What happens to the special meal after upgrading ?
  2. Bicycle check-in FRA?
  3. HKG/YYZ/HKG in J, LH or AF?
  4. Privatair seating question
  5. ... and finally: priority secondary security @ FRA T1 gates 30-32
  6. LH award check please?
  7. LH and TACA plan cooperation
  8. Airdolomiti Munich - Remini
  9. Special offer for re-routing
  10. MUC - SFO questions....
  11. Miles and More Award Hotels in London
  12. Air China
  13. OS Kids flying free
  14. Refunding unused charges and fees?
  15. Seat blocking for SEN, not in exit row please !?
  16. Lounges in FRA & seat request
  17. JFK-FRA in F - thoughts?
  18. RTF May 23, 2007?
  19. Frankfurt Advents Do 30 Nov - 02 Dec 2007
  20. Nice gesture from the Wolf
  21. Thinking about LH Biz using 241 with AMEX
  22. LH and Brazil's TAM to partner
  23. LH or LX to Moscow
  24. Partner award 350 days out?
  25. SIN-CGK: First Class not offered?
  26. SIN to CGK vv on LH [merged Jakarta Q & A thread]
  27. Reward booking
  28. Airport taxes on reward flights
  29. Vienna for a day
  30. Is this a stopover ?
  31. OS Web Checkin now including seat selection & PDF Boardingpass
  32. Need advice on Swiss or LH from PRG-BCN
  33. OS Benefits for *A Gold?
  34. PRG-KEF award
  35. Just a bit OT: More competition for the FCT
  36. Throwaway ticket question (and connection time at FRA)
  37. Miles for airport/gate upgrades
  38. LCY lounge
  39. Upgrade with M&M credit card?
  40. LH overbooking RM FAQ
  41. Showers at LH JFK business lounge?
  42. DTW Lounge
  43. Use of lounge in FRA on arrival, connecting flight 26 hours later?
  44. SEN Phone No.
  45. Q re Online Checkin and Miles
  46. OS Business jet service
  47. Miles & More Card
  48. Valid award routing - stopover + return to diff city?
  49. Need to wait 30 days to claim if M&M number was never in booking?
  50. LH411 overbooked by 40 pax
  51. Which Routes Likely to lose First?
  52. economy seat for 1k
  53. Privatair or Lufthansa? [merged]
  54. ? no C/Cl on LH 727
  55. Plans for new HON lounge at VIE
  56. Change of FFP No in M&M award tickets?
  57. Lufthansa orders 15 Bombardier jets
  58. Hannover business loungue
  59. Miles expiry - FTL status won't show until after 30 June ..
  60. LH Lounge access in FRA next to gate B13?
  61. 2007 - 2008: LH RTW fares ex-Australia
  62. JFK SEN Lounge Access/Update?
  63. DUB lounge
  64. LH Lounges at FRA Terminal 1
  65. Extremely Poor LH Service during delay - LH 419 - May 15th
  66. Business Class companion Fares within Europe
  67. Ready To Fly 16.05.2007
  68. Lounge T2 LHR
  69. probably old information (ADB-MUC)
  70. Status miles for THF-Mannheim ?
  71. AF or LH out of Berlin
  72. New LH First info...
  73. How to view LX awards as a new member?
  74. Advice please,shower in FRA airport/daughter returning from ACC early June 4/5/6?
  75. Are there meals in Y on european routes now?
  76. Having a shower after arrival in GRU
  77. rebooking / rerouting of M&M award ticket ...
  78. SZG Airport - New voucher rules
  79. Business Class Summer Fares to the US and Mexico
  80. Miles for Codeshare Flights of OS / RJ ?
  81. Quick question about HON status miles on codeshares
  82. No Y from NRT for three days in a row?
  83. New Swiss Business vs New Lufthansa Business
  84. HON & F Rumours
  85. expertflyer: r class availability gone for LH ???
  86. Reconfirmation OS flight ??
  87. Three new M&M Partners
  88. LH newbie questons
  89. Auto, Motor und Sport - 10.000 miles for 83,20
  90. Auto, Motor und Sport: 10.000 miles for 83,20
  91. Lufthansa European Summer Sale - 1,000,000 Additional Seats from 99 Euro*
  92. The end of a myth: No more pepper salami in LH SEN lounges
  93. Any SEN perks on LH corporate partners ?
  94. Standby for earlier departure - LH [merged sameday standby Q&A thread]
  95. LH M&M number on US ticket
  96. TravelPro Rollaboard ex-LHR
  97. downgrade after rebooking
  98. miles disappeared from account
  99. New Pricing for Oneway Tickets?
  100. How long do I have to claim missing mileage?
  101. Exchange e-vouchers against miles ?
  102. LH New C Seat on Eurofly...
  103. Ready To Fly 09.05.2007
  104. New MUC LNZ route announced
  105. How do you get "targetted" for promotions?
  106. SEN 'line' for LH Australia... wait time increases
  107. M&M Anytime Award?
  108. Booked UA F flight, operated by AC J--How many miles?
  109. Double miles with Europcar as SEN
  110. tickets ex TIP - anything new?
  111. Z class fares / upgrade / and collect milage
  112. buy your ticket before checking if upgrade available
  113. No more unlimited validity of miles for UK issued M&M credit card?
  114. changing FFP at gate
  115. What time should I arrive to my gate?
  116. Drinks in Y longhaul flights
  117. Qualified for long for the card to arrive?
  118. Mommy's miles
  119. Booking mixup in Y - how is it handled best?
  120. I class availability to BKK/SIN FEB 08?
  121. LH FRA-SIN Y, LX SIN-BKK F - which lounge in FRA?
  122. group discussion ==> M&M market research
  123. The Miles and More Forum Lounge Thread Everybody is Welcome! [older now closed]
  124. The Miles and More Forum Biergarten Thread Everybody is Welcome
  125. Flying F on MUC-IAD - which lounge to use in MUC?
  126. Wine Whine
  127. LH F Class wines - details?
  128. Help w/upgrade on LH using United Miles
  129. LH Statement regarding FlyNet
  130. Lh ;edi-fra-sin
  131. Free stuff with OS BP at VIE and ORD
  132. My how times change..."explosives" on board
  133. Brussels Airlines Privilege - non-existent customer sevice??
  134. SEN Hotline hasn't updated info on new c in planes
  135. Taking benefit of FTL privileges and crediting miles to AC
  136. cabin retrofit in 3 hours?
  137. Need some suggestions for picking a STR-ORD flight in C
  138. LH 3517 BEY-FRA For your statistics
  139. LH Booking Visibility on the website?
  140. Personal TV in Y [on 346 & 333, some 343] [merged LH economy IFE thread]
  141. Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr Thomas Gesing
  142. LOT intra-Europe Business Class
  143. Cornerstone Set
  144. E Class LH booking - which program?
  145. LH 480/481 meals in F
  146. What fare bucket does an LX D to F upgrade fall into?
  147. How to deal with nickname and given name when travelling
  148. Award flights -any hints?
  149. Upgrade on LH as *G?
  150. Loads VIE-BKK on OS
  151. RTF May 2, 2007?
  152. Starting June 01st: Baggage Home Service
  153. May 1 "enhancement": Awards involving UA have to be ticketed within 3 days (?)
  154. LH elite lounge access
  155. Lounge in CAI
  156. Lounge in Doha
  157. HON Run Routing
  158. CHF360 airport tax for award ticket Canada to US?
  159. Which LH SEN/Business Lounges actually have space to sit at FRA between 7:30 AM and 1
  160. Will you fly LH F anytime soon?
  161. award availability MIA-FRA
  162. Athens Lounge
  163. LOT Airline Lounge at JFK
  164. Day rooms at FRA?
  165. OU Croatia Airlines Waitlisting & GDS
  166. Award flight check Zurich to LAX 25 May 07
  167. LOT, which pier at FRA?
  168. LH416 goes mech mid-atlantic, returns to FRA 27/4
  169. HON in Finland & SAS Services to LH
  170. A HON rellocates to Asia: FF Strategy to follow?
  171. Elite line at LAX TBIT
  172. Moving to the US, new or old Miles?
  173. I think I know the answer to this but...
  174. Fraud at LH and other Airlines
  175. MUC F-Lounge-service
  176. Who to call for changing seat on UA/LH flight booked by TA?
  177. Clean Lufthansa Aircrafts is a Myth
  178. HON event in VLC
  179. M&M mileage accrual/priority seating on America West operated US flight?
  180. LH Online upgrade V class to BIZ not possible
  181. Q: Onward flights beyond USA
  182. Lufthansa Kindersommer - Kids fly for free
  183. Security-check at VIE, it's priority-lane and OS...
  184. Strike SK: Earn milage if rebooked to non staralliance carrier
  185. F-Pax: Lounge access denied, hand-luggage removed...
  186. Inseat monitors in coach on LH long-haul flights: Am I dreaming?!
  187. Diversion FRA-DFW?
  188. Ready To Fly 25.04.2007
  189. Stunning ineptitude?
  190. Advice on Asian F Award
  191. Which of these Lufthansa flights have new C?
  192. Address change for SEN qualification
  193. 3 CC surcharge on /
  194. Which A340 for MUC-NRT flight 714?
  195. Facilities in PMI
  196. Help on carry-on allowance
  197. Is it normaly to get kicked out of the HON/F lounge late at night?
  198. New court decision concerning using only back portion of ticket
  199. *A Prize Drawing on occasion of the 10th birthday
  200. Question about ATB ticket , quick check in
  201. LH First Loung HKG?
  202. Moving last leg Question
  203. Seat Map Questions
  204. 50 minute LHR-China connection in FRA, possible?
  205. how much time to connect in MUC?
  206. Compensation Missed Flight
  207. Taxes and "fees"
  208. 1500 Award Miles / No status miles for OS 117 in C?
  209. Delayed Luggage
  210. Do FAs know your booking class?
  211. I know it happens.. (poor experience)
  212. Access to Lounges with Frequent Traveller Card
  213. LH GRU-EZE-GRU cancelled today - why?
  214. LH starts e-interlining with US and VS
  215. A300 Routes
  216. Istanbul in C?
  217. Welcome a new volunteer Moderator
  218. 1 hour connect in FRA for FRA-TLV
  219. Upgrading LOT flight
  220. Mini Trip Report, JFK-FRA-BCN/CDG in LH F and J
  221. Lounges in LAX
  222. Restricted Seating @ FRA Gates
  223. Austrian Airlines/Lauda -- New C class on 737-800?
  224. Liquor and new EU Legislation
  225. MXP Priority check-in
  226. different mileage earned for same trip
  227. Miles for Swiss codeshare flights
  228. LH offers now MUC-LCA rout three times a week
  229. LH Regional orders 15 CRJ-900 and 30 Embraer 190 aircraft
  230. down?
  231. Connecting in LHR from LH to NZ
  232. Change fee for same day award - how does it work exactly?
  233. Booked LH, NYC - EUR w/United miles, can I manage the rez on LH website?
  234. combine LH and THY tickets check luggage to final destination
  235. Sen vs. Biz Lounge in FRA
  236. Status Matches
  237. New LH C on LH 444/419
  238. Ready To Fly 18.04.2007
  239. No NH flights on Lufthansa web page
  240. Lufthansa FF Opinions
  241. Old business class is gone
  242. Contact address of Mr. Antinori?
  243. LH VISA card woes
  244. FRA-ROV and ROV-VIE..Any personal experiences?
  245. An $8000 "entry fee" for LH Gold lounge
  246. New Business Class on Frankfurt - Dallas connection
  247. Stealing in LH Lounges?
  248. Upgrade EZE-GRU-MUC-FRA
  249. Arriving F passenger refused entry to F lounge in FRA
  250. Connecting through LHR - your recent experience?