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  1. FRA-PDX in Y??
  2. OLCI Home Print Boarding Pass Now Available for flights ex-USA
  3. Is Lufthansa F really worth it?
  4. Online check-in with connecting flight next day
  5. Scavenger hunt on your mobile
  6. HON Circle Question
  7. LH web check-in seatmap
  8. Any HON/SEN flown FRA-CPT lately in C?
  9. Is LH Cutting flights
  10. Different days, different charges on awards
  11. Flight Award Availibility
  12. Miles vs cancelled/rebooked flight via BKK [merged BKK closure thread]
  13. LH two day 45% offer day - 29th/30th November
  14. Details of new FCL in B
  15. New M&M website
  16. SQ or LH C to FRA from NYC
  17. Further "improvement" of HON Circle Services
  18. Help with LH award availability
  19. LH lowers base fares to RU ex-Germany
  20. Super low intra-Europe fares: taxes etc really refundable
  21. Shopmilesandmore by Advantex in the US
  22. The LH iGoogle app
  23. OS C offers Winter 2008/09 ex-Germany
  24. Other trick to book M&M award ticket with lower fee?
  25. Will we get lounge access?
  26. New Y 'tableware'
  27. First impressions of OS Y TATL
  28. Kolkata (CCU) fares
  29. more miles with Sixt for HONs
  30. MUC - BRU today - last 2 flights were canceled - why?
  31. UA *G Lounge access SFO-FRA (outbound and arrivals?) w/C LH-ticket
  32. "ALIHANSA"
  33. Buy miles on phone when booking award?
  34. Possible to change U W class booked on internet?
  35. FRA flights horribly delayed tonight 21 Nov
  36. No more wardrobe on CR9 this winter?
  37. Domestic CONDOR flight MUC-HAM / What to expect
  38. Attention! obese flyer
  39. New BOM lounge opens
  40. upgrade lh operated flight with united ticket
  41. Early Christmas...
  42. Low S fares to US ex-Germany after Xmas eff till 25 NOV 08
  43. Standy for LO-operated on LH D Fare
  44. Petition to the M&M to lower one-way redemption rates.
  45. the ready2fly guessing game - final results
  46. JFK LH-SEN Lounge to reopen before 2009?
  47. LH award TKT handling fee?
  48. First LH F flight across the "pond" - 2 adults getting excited like 10 year olds !!
  49. OS cutting routes/frequencies?
  50. phone-ci vs. online-ci
  51. Privatair service MUC BOS
  52. Change of PPB terms from Jan 2009
  53. Fare/tax difference when changing routing on C one-way ticket
  54. Where will LH be taking you this Christmas?
  55. Austrian Airlines Service to Bombay
  56. Does LH Modulate Award Inventory as Departure Date Approaches
  57. Double charged for upgrade -- need help
  58. BOS-FRA tomorrow 11-19?
  59. First time in this situation
  60. New drink in Economy [Rich Prosecco]
  61. New Fares on intra-german flights...... [new fare structure(s) for the german market]
  62. Cancellation of M&M membership
  63. "Hot" baggage tag?
  64. You can ONLY have 1 and a half pieces of bread for breakfast in C-class in LH
  65. Condor Premium Economy + SEN Questions
  66. Return flight boarding pass if staying less than 24 hrs in USA?
  67. Lost luggage
  68. LH CL to phase out all CRJ200 by 2010
  69. Check in/BP for LX flights in MUC
  70. Stopping Miles From Expiring
  71. TXL -> FRA 10.-15.March no Award seats?
  72. Spam Warning - E-mail addresses stored with LH/TechnoGym have been compromised
  73. Efficient usage of M&M points
  74. Q. about upgrading to business class?
  75. How long does it take for SEN status to update to *G?
  76. Transfer miles to points
  77. Chance on an upgrade
  78. HON question
  79. Lufthansa moments
  80. Lufthansa Customer Advisory Board HAJ 2008
  81. LH has cheap fares to India
  82. No FC Seats on a 747
  83. LH Business class lounges - MUC, FRA, CLT, JFK
  84. Seat allocation on flysmart ticket for SEN
  85. Fuel and Security Surcharge (YQ)
  86. Confusing award VCE-TXL-VCE...
  87. Consulting the oracle
  88. No access to FRA FCT for transfer passenger?
  89. Seat Selection in Business
  90. LH offer: Experience Hong Kong or the USA
  91. FRA lounge access with two tickets -- arriving SQ, departing LH
  92. Excellent CityLine service
  93. Champagne month in Senator Lounge
  94. Winter regional Z offers ex-Germany
  95. 1 Black or 2 Golds
  96. LH Prices for 2009
  97. OS 767 to Dubai/Tel Aviv; new Amman flight
  98. schedule change FRA-AUH
  99. BMI Diamond Club to M&M
  100. First Time on Lufthansa
  101. PrivatAir: BBJ vs. A319LR
  102. Mileage credit
  103. FRA [renovation] News
  104. Link Members Together?
  105. Got SEN in *A again - what next?
  106. LH's prices showing w/o TSC. Isn't this illegal now or am I missing something?
  107. LHR lounge question
  108. Got it: Refund for a partly used E-Class ticket
  109. one year rule
  110. Transferrable Confirmed Upgrade Certificates?
  111. Miles and More Referal Request
  112. Mileage on SQ taking a long time to show
  113. Poor experience at BOM
  114. Earning miles with UA and AC
  115. W/S/U/Z inventory release this weekend 7-10NOV 2008
  116. Redeeming miles for hotels in Ireland
  117. New AIRail service - Is this any good?
  118. M&M statement says : "Name not on passenger list" What to do now?
  119. Use UA SWU in ZRH for LH flight
  120. new spend miles promotions
  121. Elite Status on LH
  122. Award Tkt Biz/Lounge Access
  123. Christmas Z offer to Europe 2500$ a.i. sale ex-US
  124. Early Bird LatAm offer ex-Germany in S & U
  125. Luggage NOTOK
  126. M&M points with SK on Cimber Air...
  127. Mileage accrual from eVoucher upgrade
  128. Lufthansa and ESTA
  129. able to see N class anywhere?
  130. Mileage accual on non-LH metal under other non-LH booking
  131. LHR-FRA-CCU in F, tips/help!
  132. Disappearing miles???
  133. Grrr.. Canceled the flight i was on and put me on another one
  134. Brands of alcohol in F
  135. 595k LH M&M Miles vs. 840k UA MP Miles
  136. VIE-DXB on OS in C
  137. qualification levels for Belgian after take-over SN by LH
  138. Upgrading a TG-operated flight
  139. Member Gets Member
  140. EU stops cititzenship related airfares from 01.11.08
  141. HKG-MUC in F - which lounge?
  142. F award flight ex. DUS
  143. LH to fully take over Eurowings
  144. LH to take 50% share of BMI
  145. Lufthansa's fuel hedging hit by Lehman crisis (source: Reuters)
  146. OS will cut VIE-BOM from March 2009
  147. Questions on One-way, Child awards and cancellations
  148. LH Drops Den-Munich Non-Stop
  149. Expiring PPB points - how to avoid ?
  150. European Miles
  151. MUC-ERF on Cimber Air - No award seats ?
  152. LH Managers encouraged to ask customers in pilot programme
  153. miles credit -SEN/FTL
  154. problem with a super fare on LH!
  155. strange seatmap [3 class 346 sold as 2 class]
  156. New M&M website for December ?
  157. Cancelling a booking in Y/B
  158. HON award booking guarantee
  159. Mileage Redemption (3 Region Award)
  160. No status, arrive at MUC in LH F dep in Y - lounge access Q?
  161. Upgrading on UA: ORD-LAS flight
  162. LH upgrades for UA 1K using SWU?
  163. Involuntary rerouting - great LH service
  164. FYI FRA showers and toilets closed again today
  165. Waitlisted in I class
  166. LH DEN-MUC Flight Discontinued: US Award Ticket Implications / Rebooking
  167. Air One problems
  168. KLU - No voucher for C pax/SENs/HONs on LH flight
  169. My first bad impression of LH
  170. Earning award miles by flying Germanwings!
  171. no chance on the waitlist - rebooking ?
  172. LH450/451 next summer - no F? FRA-LAX-FRA
  173. Question about Mileage Accrual
  174. Z class waitlist
  175. Fares, Dates & Booking Classes
  176. Business Class Vienna-Beijing-Vienna, Austrian Boeing 767
  177. LH GOT-FRA-MIA-FRA-GOT with open return
  178. LH SEN flying TAM to USA
  179. HON qualification flight - what to expect
  180. Just achieved SEN status what next?
  181. SQ F to LH C Lounge Access
  182. lufthansa lounge at bangkok
  183. What is HON worth to you?
  184. LH Online Auction - 29th October 2008
  185. MUC-DEN Gone For Good
  186. USA uses LH photo for cover page -
  187. Lufthansa upgrade certificates?
  188. Am I just paranoid or is the Capetown M&M service centre screening my calls?
  189. Which award level for Hawaii-N.America on UA?
  190. OT: Academic Titles as used by LH
  191. Difference and views on LH Senator and Business Lounge
  192. SEN vs. UA 1k, primarily flying on UA
  193. *A lounges in ORD
  194. Lounge access question
  195. "Awesome Savings" Promotion on (USA) on OCT22 !
  196. How long for UA Miles to post ?
  197. [rant] YQ scams
  198. Using promo twice?
  199. Your favourite LH Regional airline?
  200. Best non-Schengen S lounge in FRA going to PHL?
  201. What was LH like in the past?
  202. Lufthansa Social Network GenFly
  203. Winter Schedule: Privatair FRA-EWR cancelled, aircraft re-deployed to serve FRA-DXB
  204. Award reservation holding time for UA now 3 days?
  205. OS vs LH vs LX in Y
  206. OS will change Economy Bordservice
  207. HON Requalification 750.000 Miles
  208. CUN-MEX-FRA
  209. LHR-NRT in F - should I take LX or LH?
  210. 10000 miles european taxes question
  211. Slightly OT: FRA immigration role reversal
  212. new spend miles promotion: Off to Spain for 10.000 miles
  213. Business Class Special to 70 Destinations
  214. Starnet Blocking?
  215. 2008 Points
  216. LH from LAX-MUC
  217. bag drop @ LHR - not possible 3 hours prior to flight ?
  218. Change in online statement format?
  219. Lufthansa C Menu to US from MUC???
  220. stopover on award ticket to muscat
  221. Award seats to HKG
  222. Austrian: DXB-VIE in C
  223. Service flaw by LH SEN Hotline
  224. Shopping bag stolen from checked luggage
  225. Passenger threatens to cough on me if I don't change seats
  226. Is an upgrade warranted?
  227. SVX review (Aug 2008)
  228. Can't reserve front 2 rows in domestic C as SEN right now?
  229. What's it like to fly Lufthansa?
  230. LH/UA EX ZRH, GER Savannah 566CHF (356); 600 CHF BOS; 646 CHF LAS etc.
  231. Miles for US Airways First Class
  232. Star Alliance Lounge at Istanbul airport
  233. The flight Manifest
  234. LH429 CLT-MUC returned to CLT 10/10
  235. Flying to Johannesburg (Biz) - what to choose
  236. M&M History: Senator "Upgrade Voucher Booklet"
  237. Forcing booking class on
  238. Lufthansa becomes slack...
  239. Miles and More's lack!
  240. LH Miles question
  241. LH F product 'enhancement' Q&A
  242. Hospitality, Swiss made.
  243. LH: bookings down since Sep 2008 [the LH economic downturn thread]
  244. FCL's - now I'm confused...
  245. Francfurt FCT access for non-schegen
  246. inaugural event in miami - anybody else invited?
  247. Weird Thing
  248. Recieved email for "Airline Test" - Sorry German only
  249. OS Mileage bargain "Wanderlust"
  250. How long to get SEN Card / What to do in the meantime