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  1. Question
  2. HON for an hour
  3. How many M&M miles for paid booking class I on bmi?
  4. PrivatAir MUC-DXB
  5. Help! BOS-MXP 27/28SEP
  6. Lax-fra-lax lh457 lh456
  7. Your thoughts about establishing a companion award pool !
  8. US SEN Christmas voucher - A pre-season question
  9. "personal item" on Lufthansa...packing now...
  10. Seatblocking in OS longhaul C really works!
  11. Carrying 2 laptops to Europe??
  12. Service on Privatair?
  13. LH SEN Hotline in England ?
  14. South Africa
  15. Taxes EDI-CAI
  16. SEN Seat blocking in Y
  17. Is the Miles and More card in Germany any good?
  18. Are Flight Attendants Aware of Award Passengers?
  19. Do eVouchers Ever Have To Be Printed Anymore?
  20. Where is the best place to request swu?
  21. Upgrade on AC
  22. BMI miles - how long to credit to M&M
  23. Need to get 10.000 Miles within next 7 days, cant buy miles
  24. LH buys Brussels Airlines, will we see ORD-BRU?
  25. OS 20% off for flights ex Switzerland
  26. UA baggage charge on LH award?
  27. LH's Asia Strategy
  28. Availability changes when country of residence changes?
  29. EWR-FRA in First: Additional benefits in EWR?
  30. Searching for S fares
  31. Flying standby on a reward ticket
  32. seat reservation with online check in on eco
  33. Upgrades for FTL?
  34. Booking class on award tickets
  35. Cheap C Class on LH in Europe?
  36. Current economic slowdown and its impact for LH [formerly part of LH to buy SAS]
  37. BOS (east coast) availability - any ideas?
  38. I always thought highly of LH, but recently....
  39. Monetary Value of a M&M FF mile
  40. YYC-> ALA fare on Lufhansa
  41. Germany car rental discount codes for M&M CC members
  42. Flight canceled, what are my rights in this case?
  43. Lufthansa to buy SAS?
  44. SASīs EB to be merged with LHīs M&L
  45. Flying LH using *A miles
  46. Miles & More with TAM Mercosur operated flights
  47. T-giving load on SFO-MUC?
  48. SEN on other *A partners
  49. AC codeshare flight on LH upgradeable with Miles and More points?
  50. TOKYO from FRA or ZRH. Which is better???
  51. BMI Fare / M&M Miles
  52. LH to base 6 A319 in MXP [merged LH Italia]
  53. Water bottle at every seat on OS Longhaul
  54. Senator helpdesk - of little help?
  55. Strange structure of award taxes/surcharges
  56. 15 years M&M - Any winners??
  57. LH 405 JFK-FRA: Meal Service in C Class...
  58. Number of award seats per plane
  59. Lufthansa to raise fares worldwide
  60. New Spend Miles Promotion: Discover Florida for 30.000 miles
  61. Service in F on late night FRA-CAI flight?
  62. MIA-FRA LOADS in F Midweek?
  63. LH404/405 delays Sep 09 '08
  64. Houston Arrival?
  65. 'Unfair' treatment or too much to ask for..?
  66. Lounge in PEK
  67. problems with booking M&M Ticket on TAP TMS-LIS
  68. F is for First! Thanks LH!
  69. EC 261/2004: For expected delays (Art 6) no right for compensation (Art 7)
  70. Total n00b needs help with LH -> UA miles xfer magic
  71. DEN GA laughs in my face.
  72. Paid upgrade to F, C or F miles?
  73. Quick question about upgrades
  74. Short Transit at FRA, MUC or ZRH?
  75. FRA - DXB in F
  76. Spa in new FCL in FRA
  77. Customer Service Nightmare on LH
  78. New forced rebooking; what are my rights?
  79. Taxes and fees question
  80. LH business seat question
  81. Lost luggage - anything I can do?
  82. M&M ignores me - or the BD all year promo [BD DC vs LH M&M discussion]
  83. Do I get lounge access the next morning?
  84. Flight 3381 Sept 4 - Safety Concerns
  85. Sfo-fra/fra-yvr
  86. HON status recognition when checking in with non LH or LX
  87. S Fare EWR-DUS
  88. EWR to FRA tomorrow, what are my odds?
  89. Upgrade Economy to Business
  90. Upsell on UA into C/F - Extra Miles on LH !?
  91. Value of miles - Debt on LH's balance sheet
  92. Where to buy 65.500 miles
  93. Lufthansa wanting payment for negative miles balance
  94. Shower at OS lounge in VIE?
  95. Refund of taxes?
  96. What service should I expect FRA-EZE in F?
  97. More Seats!! 03-07SEP2008
  98. Miles and More Blackout Dates
  99. OLCI with LH and SAA (with baggage check-thru)
  100. Trying to u/g SQ E class using eVouchers
  101. PYOB from US?
  102. Has Air India joined Star Alliance ?
  103. First time on LH, and not by choice
  104. Smart Award Taxes paid w Miles - refundable?
  105. Austrian 35 from Vienna to Mumbai - How is it?
  106. Lounge in New York
  107. How to enjoy FCT and First Class as award
  108. Noise canceling headphones in F
  109. False Mileage Credit..??
  110. TK earning mileage changed
  111. SQ or LH in C?
  112. Way too OCD..but...
  113. LOT - low cost airline from today :)
  114. Kempinski Day Room at FRA
  115. Limo transfer to tarmac plane from F lounge in Terminal A at FRA
  116. compensation for cancelled flight (LH)
  117. Le Meridien - M&M or Starwood Program?
  118. First timer on 747... in first!!!
  119. SEN "social" events
  120. Special [LH] Check-in For Star Alliance Gold at ORD?
  121. No waitlist for O awards?
  122. Brussels airlines to be bought by Lufthansa
  123. Upgrade: LH codeshare on TAM metal
  124. A320 pictures?
  125. OS 10.000 award miles ticket offer to Italy and Greek
  126. VIE lounge question.
  127. LH-GF Interline Baggage and Check-In
  128. 3 Region Award?
  129. Sponsoring upgrade for a LH flight booked under UA codeshare?
  130. Unable to select seats?
  131. New Fare Class P for domestic flights eff 01SEP08
  132. Using RT ticket for OW only
  133. LH F to MIA then US onwards to CLT...Lounge???
  134. M&M zones
  135. Question about best time to try to upgrade / arrivals procedures in FRA
  136. Air Dolomiti Incident at MUC
  137. Advance seat request for SENs C-class in Europe
  138. MUC LH T2: handling of bulky baggage on arrival
  139. apron pick up HON/F
  140. Direct to 1st terminal?
  141. Lounge in Paris & Amsterdam
  142. Cool fares C class from LX and LO
  143. LH Y HKG-MUC-MAN first time?
  144. LH F from FRA to IAD
  145. Help! LH vouchers from a charity auction...
  146. Enraged at Lufthansa
  147. SGN-BKK in F
  148. LH, X3 and DE are about to form a new AB rival
  149. LH sucking money
  150. What to do with 15k miles?
  151. How to reactivate expired mile
  152. How flexible is LH ground staff to put you on earlier flight?
  153. Where do they fly to?
  154. Dangerous for 8 hrs? - No More Free Meals on UA Transatlantic COach
  155. Select Flight -> No fare can be found. Help?
  156. Upgrade confusion
  157. Ufa / jekaterinenburg = business class woth it?
  158. More Seats 4 Less till 24AUG
  159. Checked Baggage on a <24 hr connection
  160. Book on and call LH US to have YQ recalc.?
  161. Interesting offers in Eco in U and S
  162. spanair accident (20 AUG 2008)
  163. New "Pasta Bar" at FRA B-SEN/*G lounge !
  164. Flight Schedule Changes
  165. Which Set of Flights to Choose ?
  166. Lounge access after arriving in First before midnight for next day connect
  167. tax for infant
  168. OS C autumn promotion ex Germany
  169. Swiss vs Lufthansa biz class?
  170. FRA intra European transfers for HON Pax
  171. Transiting through Lublijana - * Lounge Access
  172. FRA -- Most Confusing Airport In The World?
  173. Need Flight ticket to request mileage credit?
  174. tax difference between award ticket and bought ticket
  175. Where to book an LH flight in V?
  176. Written Claims for Mileage Credit Not Being Answered
  177. SFO-DEL via Munich or FRA?
  178. Stopover Procedure
  179. LH and LO don't get along too well?
  180. LH 453 LAX-MUN Seat Question
  181. Poor LH Service but great compensation
  182. EZE turnaround
  183. Ftl / Business Lounge DRS
  184. upgrade with miles experiences?
  185. First time in C on LH, what to expect?
  186. LH interlining with US stopped?
  187. Online BP with API DUS-EWR
  188. Lh 8804 (ham-ham)
  189. Anyone online now and able to refer me for the member gets member program
  190. Is this connection legal and/or possible?
  191. How Common are VDB Bumps on Intra-European Flights?
  192. Rail & Fly (price increase)
  193. Missed flight due to strike - compensation?
  194. ARN-MUC-IAD and return...
  195. Using eVouchers flying United within the US
  196. OS BKK-VIE 777 2-3-2 Business Class
  197. Missing Miles How to Best Resolve?
  198. LH BOS-MUC & MUC-SIN Question
  199. How can I buy the ZSPECE fare
  200. interesting rule for award cancellations....
  201. View/Change LH Award Booking
  202. Fare Basis OPFP
  203. Member gets member
  204. US M&M Credit Cards: Can you get both? & other decent promotions in the US
  205. June/July VS August Awards some help please
  206. Lounge Access for Family?
  207. missed connection, C-class full, "voluntary" downgrade... ???
  208. Award Availability on OS?
  209. Urgent OS Help: Special Dispensation for Travel to Georgia?
  210. same day flights - baggage thru-check?
  211. FRA *A transit question
  212. LH lounge in Valencia?
  213. Silver eligable for Star Business Check-in?
  214. Changes in miles accural on LO flights
  215. Upgrading the annual M&M Companion Ticket
  216. my miles now are worth even more
  217. Anyone received the "Shopping" promo points yet?
  218. OT: Hotel in Chennai??
  219. New milage spend promotion: China & Korea for 40.000 miles
  220. New milage spend promotion: Scandinavia for 10000 miles
  221. OS offer - 50 EUR off BRU/AMS/DUS to Ukraine
  222. Aircraft used FRA-YVR?
  223. LH aircraft involved in collision at MAN
  224. Damaged baggage question
  225. Europe From Hamburg - from 99 €*
  226. New SEN lounge in HAM
  227. am I right?
  228. Typival price to upgrade at airport from economy to business?
  229. Union boss to reimburse Lufthansa for pre-strike flight
  230. Summerspecial: 75 Destinations - 139 Euro including taxes
  231. LH flight aborted landing at ARN, looked really impressive
  232. Connection VIE-IAD-BGM
  233. Question re catering logistics
  234. HON RUN: 74,770 - In the shortest possible time - question
  235. Apologies in advance - q about FCL in FRA
  236. Flying F FRA-BKK on LH Code-share ticket but TG metal. Access FCT?
  237. Bag vanished in MUC - strike related?
  238. what to expect MUC-IST in biz?
  239. LH from Bahrain (BAH) - When Does Checkin Open?
  240. Purchasing Upgrade on LH ?
  241. Fra Fct ?kids Facilities?
  242. Strange SEN hotline service concept
  243. PLEASE HELP ME to organiz my journey (celebrating end of studies&enter in active life
  244. LH - Denied boarding
  245. OS: 29% off Promotion ex Germany !
  246. Different fuel surcharges for same itinerary for booking in different countries
  247. ANA Award callendar accuracy?
  248. Withdrawal of miles for taxes on European awards
  249. Senator Customer Services Telephone Number
  250. Membership Numbers SEN and HON