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  1. Air One Baggage Policy
  2. First Experience: 330/340 vs. 747
  3. What is the " intercontinantal " in LH view ?
  4. CC surcharge raised by 1 EUR? (-> 4EUR)
  5. FRA-PEK business class on LH 747-400
  6. Any way to find out equipment for a flight that was month ago ?
  7. New to M&M
  8. Potential Problems(?) With Not Flying Third Segment of Three-Segment Ticket
  9. *Alliance upgrade on Lufthansa? /seat selection?
  10. The printable online boarding pass is now Europe-wide
  11. Codeshare Flight - what is on BP?
  12. Fra-anc
  13. The ReadyToFly Guessing Game - 09.01.2008
  14. flight canceled - LX books me 5 flights and 10 hours later
  15. business class pricing
  16. Observations of LH First & Business on NRT routes
  17. Amazing Service from US-FTL Hotline
  18. Non-LH lounge access with Senator Card
  19. Bookings code OS????
  20. Can you check-in your bags for 2nd segment of flight?
  21. "Married segments" prevent upgrade?
  22. LH ground staff in PHL
  23. LH O award w UA assigment mystery
  24. First Flight "Events"
  25. made HON (for a day)
  26. My LH new year present (!)
  27. Looking for a creative solution...
  28. Lufthansa Family and Friends - CPT Check In
  29. Trip report: LH in First Class from Joburg to Frankfurt to San Francisco
  30. F Avod same choices in both directions
  31. LH To Hire 4,300 Staff This Year
  32. FRA-DEN c-lass more like Economy in the 80's
  33. Miles & More Guide: Call for papers
  34. Miles for Codeshares
  35. Status updated yet? [merged new years status renewal evoucher credit topics]
  36. Refund of taxes&fees for unused segment
  37. new spend promotion: JNB 40.000 / UK&IE 10.000
  38. Access to lounges without FTL Card?
  39. Strange remark in booking....
  40. New Miles And More?:(( [new T&C eff 01FEB08]
  41. good F-fares ex hong kong
  42. Possible status match before an RTW?
  43. Will KU (Kuwait Airways) interline bags to LH on separate tickets?
  44. BKK Lounge with LH Senator Card
  45. 20k-miles short of SEN - anything I can do?
  46. M&M Credit Card New Years Gift?
  47. Christmas present from LH: the RG status match lives on!
  48. SEN benefits on the plane
  49. Lufthansa upgrade on round the world H class ticket question
  50. SEN --> FTL --> SEN: same SEN number?
  51. LH Mileage Vouchers
  52. BAA strikes: Will LH look after us if connecting flights to LHR are canceled?
  53. How to retrieve expired miles?
  54. FRA-EZE in First? How is it?
  55. More Lufthansa Miles&More account balance printers? Your opinion
  56. Austrian Airlines: New Biz Seats Anytime Soon?
  57. Inconsistent Lounge directory for FTL Swiss and Lufthansa
  58. LH FRA Lounge Access
  59. Better Award Inventory??
  60. LH E light - a delight....
  61. Do you have a seating thread for LH here?
  62. A question on making it to HON
  63. "New" LH aircraft
  64. Exit UK: Baggage allowance question
  65. Bad customer service at DUS today
  66. BP swapping for F lounge access ?
  67. Useful rules to have handy as FT LH traveler
  68. LH SEA-FRA coach-to-J free upgrades for top-tier?
  69. cancellation 21/12/07 LH 1108 FRA-LEJ D-AEWM BAe 146-300
  70. LOT Y class from ORD-WAW. First timer
  71. 300 miles short
  72. Interline bags LH to TG separate PNRs?
  73. LH says has immunity in EU air freight probe
  74. Manage Booking/ Seat Selection
  75. Which lounges can I use with an F award (O class)?
  76. Cancelling the M&M Credit Card - Expiration of miles
  77. E Vouchers
  78. Need re assurance from the experts
  79. Any Gate Changes now that EU has expanded Schengen area?
  80. Lufthansa overcharging exUK APD Tax [?]
  81. New service Frankfurt-Bergen and Dusseldorf-Oslo
  82. OT: German court rules for customers when only return portion is used
  83. LH Miles and More 2nd worst ranking (D) at Better Business Bureau
  84. OS VIE-DXB Experiences -never again!
  85. Phone number for OS phone check-in (FTL)
  86. Lufthansa Lounge in Seattle
  87. Secure paper SWU upgrade on a CA flight - operated by LH ?
  88. Op Up chances & ASR
  89. Tolerance for Missing Miles
  90. Mileage Run BKK-CNX-BKK Biz Class..
  91. OS: 2 new Russian cities + 2-class A320 routes
  92. Waitlist for Award
  93. Waitlist priority order on LH operated flight
  94. Non LH Status on LH Booking System
  95. Left Luggage in FRA F Terminal?
  96. Moving to FRA in March '08, looking for LH advice...
  97. SEN Lounge access for whole family in MUC?
  98. The LH Ready2Fly Guessing Game - 19.12.2007
  99. ICN lounge access when LH FTL
  100. C/F award to MRU?
  101. Compensation for missed conection with AUA?
  102. Value of single e-voucher
  103. LH to buy 25% of JetBlue
  104. New Summer '08 MUC-DUB service.
  105. How many miles to earn from award ticket flight
  106. lounges at JFK for LH F
  107. upgraded with miles, swap for vouchers at check in?
  108. Austrian Airlines New Business Class
  109. No lounge access for I class (Award Ticket)
  110. cdg-lax: LH F or LX F?
  111. Year-end requalification wobbles
  112. Claiming and rechecking baggage in AMS - enough time?
  113. Which GDS for Swiss E-Ticket
  114. Senator service phoneline attitude
  115. Delayed luggage claim Lufthansa - how to deal with LH response?
  116. LH intra-europe for *Gold
  117. LH - inbound flight refundable?
  118. LH announce new service to Nanjing and Shenyang
  119. Birthday Present On Board
  120. Feedback submitted to LH Corporate Sales Manager
  121. LOT is combating air rage
  122. Invol Rebooking Award - Change fee?
  123. Is LH A300 that bad?
  124. TATL Standby ticket questions
  125. M&M "introduce a member" [merged]
  126. Best Business/First Fare to PVG (from Europe)
  127. new spend promotion: 25.000 to tun,cmn,cai,hbe/10.000 to mow,led,lnz,grz
  128. F-award lounge access
  129. Miami - New Terminal
  130. Just a dream?
  131. Mileage credit for invol rerouting on another airline?
  132. M+M online now detects mobile browser
  133. M&M FQTV : what lounge access in ICN ?
  134. How can I check award availability?
  135. The LH Ready2Fly Guessing Game - 12.12.2007
  136. Best in Business Travel Awards 2007 are out
  137. Lh 401....a343?? =\
  138. LH HON circle
  139. PJs flying in First Class
  140. Award from Europe to Costa Rica - how many miles needed?
  141. New SEN cards for next year in the US received yet?
  142. Telephone Check for flight to USA, how longe before flight?
  143. Help - Lufthansa M&M, Mistakenly BOUGHT Miles
  144. LH will start their own Privatjet
  145. New LH destination: Luanda (Angola)
  146. Sub-2000 flexible D fares IST- EZE/SCL!
  147. Status miles on LH operated A3 flight number?
  148. If I cancel, any $$ on nonrefundable ticket?
  149. FCT and flights to Israel
  150. New MUC-DXB in the summer 2008 [merged PrivatAir to DXB thread]
  151. Lufthansa Customer Advisory Board
  152. Redeem Miles for Domestic Flights in Australia
  153. Chances of being bumped FRA-JFJ 13/12 & JFK-FRA 20/12?
  154. Even LH has Weight Issues
  155. Mileage credit if re-routed
  156. LH469 PDX-FRA 12/2 return to PDX
  157. SEN booking guarantee -- exceptions!?
  158. Three Region Award Germany to Argentina, Australia
  159. pushing the waitlist [C->O upgrade availability]
  160. Celebrity Mile High Club on LH LAX-FRA
  161. Austrian Promo 5k/10k extra miles
  162. Frankfurt or Munich [for US-Eurrope F-C connection]? [merged]
  163. Baggage advice from the USA
  164. The LH Ready2Fly Guessing Game - 05.12.2007
  165. Great flights with Austrian
  166. Broken IFE. Does LH care?
  167. For Italian Hon/Sen- new reorganization of Italy structure FYI
  168. Project 'New Balance' in FRA
  169. Is the 744 being dropped from the FRA-TLV route?
  170. US Airways and Miles and more
  171. Can LH help me? Last minute cabin change to BMI issued paper ticket award
  172. Does Lufthansa hate me?
  173. Transferring points from M&M to Aeroplan
  174. Early standby?
  175. Senator Re-qualifying
  176. F class facilities @ JFK
  177. LH performance MUC - GVA - MUC
  178. Ridiculously low LH Business (Z) fares ex-US for the holidays
  179. Senator Premium Award now 150%
  180. Aust-USA *A award using LH M&M miles [MOVED]
  181. Clear Customs In Denver
  182. ANA Milage Tool - Reliability on LH
  183. Question on upgrading United codeshare flight on LH Metal
  184. The LH Ready2Fly Guessing Game - 28.11.2007
  185. LH Internet Booking in Australia
  186. LH and Premium Eco
  187. Booking overlap
  188. Same day changes on LH Z fare?
  189. Europe - LAX
  190. Frankfurt and Zurich Connection times
  191. SEN - Status Renewal Precision Landing
  192. LH Mastercard in Germany 01.01.08
  193. How Flexible are Award Tickets?
  194. LHR-FRA-TLV: should I go C or F?
  195. OS resumes flights to CMB and Male
  196. Lufthansa + TuiFly
  197. Rebooking restrictions on full fare C - Class tickets
  198. Dec. 1st "Enhancements"?
  199. Availability for auction [merged M&M auction thread]
  200. Miles Questions
  201. Postcard onboard
  202. NO MORE fly smart ?!?!?!
  203. Question - 2 tickets, same airline, delay
  204. Flying in Business with Infant - Questions
  205. No more 2000 miles from Sixt?
  206. can airrail travel be credited to any other *A carrier?
  207. How to use a worldshop gift coupon online
  208. New LH long-distance from Berlin
  209. When all goes wrong on BA...
  210. Member Gets member question
  211. USE miles to fly from sfo to tlv
  212. No more secondary screening for FRA-USA flights eff 31OCT07
  213. The LH Ready2Fly Guessing Game - 21.11.2007
  214. LH Status with UA checkin
  215. business Jet Group Special to Newark
  216. Y vs C on New Years Eve
  217. At what time do the DUS lounges close?
  218. MUC regulars' table
  219. long haul bunk beds [crew rest on LH aircraft]
  220. OMG - Paper Tickets?!?! (LOT)
  221. LH in GRU - load and performance info
  222. JFK - CAI - upgrades? How's the layover?
  223. Should my friend bother writing to LH about this?
  224. London Carry On
  225. T-Mobile USA and M&M promo
  226. Evouchers for 3 continents? Companion awards?
  227. WTH - Your booking is not eligible for upgrade (119405)
  228. New MUC-KLU Service 3x a day
  229. Misprinted / wrong name on ticket
  230. What is OS like to BOM?
  231. OS Today only 20% when booking online ex AUSTRIA
  232. phasing out F/747s?? [F on FRA-TLV]
  233. AA First vs. LH First
  234. Any luck getting around the LH carryon restriction?
  235. Umlaut (mutated vowel) for LH tickets
  236. 40 minutes in Warsaw to change planes. Enough time?
  237. how to transfer Hilton points to LH miles?
  238. Airline Websites are Misleading
  239. BofA United Credit Card - miles convertible?
  240. The LH Ready2Fly Guessing Game - 14.11.2007
  241. Lounge in FRA
  242. Changing the Frequent Flyer account on a BMI / Airmiles award booking using Lufthansa
  243. Do LH lounges also act as arrivals lounges?
  244. LH or NH on NRT-FRA in F
  245. Lounge access Kuala Lumpur
  246. Stranded in VIE
  247. Miles credited to UAL!
  248. new spend-miles promotion: 25.000 miles for RT to Japan
  249. Using Star Alliance miles on LOT Polish airlines
  250. Dubai arrrivals [merged]

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