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  1. forced rebooking; what are my rights?
  2. LH service issues - need advice
  3. Overnight Baggage in FRA ?
  4. Wierd LH experience
  5. generate 27.000 miles in one month
  6. Check-in on the eve of a flight MUC-DEN-SFO
  7. Croatian Airlines experience
  8. VIE HON lounge - what is it like?
  9. UA to Air Dolomiti at MUC...
  10. High tax and fees for M&M award bookings
  11. MUC-ORD Meals
  12. LH SEN on TAM domestic
  13. Making changes to a Z fare biz class ticket
  14. newbie on LH needs advice
  15. Service with efficiency and a smile at LHR
  16. Will they set my bags aside in MUC?
  17. usairways refugee 2. MM Senator questions
  18. M&M and cash question
  19. Another M&L award charge scam
  20. Manheim (MHG) - Berlin (THF) - Someone interested
  21. LH award - how many transfers possible?
  22. Enough time for LHR transfer?
  23. Finally lie flat beds in LH's C class?
  24. New business class on Austrian from Chicago?
  25. LH C vs. AC "new" Business class
  26. Condor - SEN priviliges
  27. Tricky Award Question? Combine waitlist+companion+segment without companion
  28. Moving from UA to M&M
  29. Upgrade options
  30. Award and paid segments on one ticket
  31. Baggage Incompetence
  32. E-ticket question
  33. visas free interesting RTW award
  34. Forced to standby on confirmed ticket?
  35. Is M&M good option for me?
  36. Value of M&M miles (earn/burn ratio) [before part of Misleading LH *A award chart]
  37. Newbie needs help with luggage nightmare
  38. Question about the oil & energy club
  39. Newbie-question: How many MM-miles on US-Domestic-First-Class?
  40. Change Award flight, now forced to pay Tax diffrents??
  41. Upgrade or Flight Award
  42. LH dropping First Class on MCO route for winter ??
  43. Same-day standby rules for LH C
  44. What to expect from Austrian Airlines?
  45. Are LH business seats on the A340 lie-flat?
  46. Strike in FRA (and MUC)
  47. Insight on LH ELTU Fares within Europe
  48. Feedback Form Works ....
  49. C Group bookings?
  50. award booking help: JFK-AKL-RAR-JFK
  51. LH Hilton Promotion ends today - When might miles arrive ?
  52. Mileage Requirements for Miles&More Award ZRH-MLE on Qatar
  53. FRA lockers & lounges
  54. First class within SE Asia
  55. SEN bahaviour on LH LHR-MUC flight
  56. Business bargain from CPH brings tons of miles!
  57. Someone at FRA right now?
  58. MCO-FRA: When does MCO check in open?
  59. Security checkpoints in FRA
  60. the ready2fly guessing game 02.07./09.07.2008
  61. Quick check-in with mobile services
  62. Quick Check-in to China
  63. LH J Class
  64. Is there a new rule for guests in FCL?
  65. Austrian 767 (J) Vs. Lufthansa A343 (J)
  66. Miles and More refund, Lufthansa
  67. Delayed luggage on award ticket.
  68. [MOVED] CMB-ATH routing?
  69. Change of FFP after OLCI - double posting glitch
  70. Award Ticket Query
  71. Lousy LH experience HEL-FRA-BCN
  72. Credit Card Question
  73. F seat confiscated with consequences
  74. Upgrade C to F or not?
  75. ...Of negative balances and German law
  76. Shall I stay by FB or change to MM?
  77. Winter deals
  78. Companion award on RTW incl codeshared flights
  79. How do I find out which codeshares LH operates?
  80. the ready2fly guessing game 25.06./02.07.2008
  81. connecting MUC to Aegean/ATH
  82. What's the status on LH DEN > MUC?
  83. Lufthansa x PrivatAir product
  84. aircraft switch??
  85. Redemptions to SA - help!
  86. "CPN" What does it mean?
  87. A little tour of the C gates (and some other observations in FRA)
  88. Ticketed award flight discontinued - Anyy options?
  89. OS 777 - 200 - 2 questions
  90. United and Continental form broad marketing alliance
  91. Missing 179 miles
  92. LH International Bizo Photos?
  93. FCT Questions not in FAQ and Other Qs.
  94. LH Group Specials - book by Aug 31st
  95. Getting to 50,000 Miles
  96. LH to Bangalore new airport?
  97. Compensation damaged luggage
  98. OS offer: 10% discount on selected routes to North America and Asia
  99. first class terminal guests
  100. Specia Fares to Africa - starting at 40 Euros + tax
  101. Q on Meal Service [timing] DEN-MUC and FRA-DEN
  102. Best strategy for op-up C --> F for SEA-FRA
  103. Using Orbitz or cheaptickets to book LH?
  104. Best *A Lounge at ORD
  105. Wrong mileage account
  106. Award help on LH
  107. Online check in
  108. Standby on a earlier flight on a Z fare
  109. Last minute Upgrade from Y to C
  110. Fuel surcharges going through the roof: What are the limits?
  111. LH fuel hedging in NYT article
  112. HON Circle Event HH - why do I never get invited?
  113. Liklihood of getting upgrade confirmed?
  114. Interline LH - BA on separate tickets/PNR
  115. Need Help With Re-route
  116. 25% discount on all OS flights from AMS
  117. Split O/X Award Possible?
  118. LH Senator lounge
  119. 30% discount on all OS flight from BCN and MAD
  120. Now I understand why some FTers here say ex-MUC FAs are the best
  121. Lh A340-600
  122. 18. July. Is Egyptair definetely going to join Star Alliance that day?
  123. Amazing SEN treatment yesterday, thank you! (seriously)
  124. Alternatives to Ready to Fly?
  125. Move From US (DL Platinum Medallion) to Geneva - Consider Switch to M&M from DL?
  126. Issuing ticket on UA stock
  127. FRA lh first class terminal and guests
  128. LH CC now available in Israel
  129. 2 tickets, HAM, check-in bags to final dest.?
  130. HON in XXX [so far CDG, GVA]
  131. 2 New Booking Classes: J and U
  132. How to TEACH Airport check in Employee enter *A partner FF number
  133. Redeposit of miles
  134. Earliest check in time - KUL to BKK
  135. change upgrade from miles to e-voucher?
  136. Exit row reservation - FTL Phone Check-in
  137. FRA-SFO schedule oddity in October
  138. EZE-FRA-ALA in Y-class this week...trip report to follow
  139. Private Air: Reassure me
  140. Impact of possible, new OS ownership?
  141. OLCI after upgrade
  142. DME Fast track available for SENs ?
  143. Der Spiegel - LH "spies" on a journalist to find a leak source
  144. Do you maximize allowed transfers?
  145. Through check bagage from LH to BA
  146. different availability on different GDS
  147. New headphone jack in LH C
  148. W promo to Africa
  149. Cool US-Europe Z summer offer with 14d adv purch by Jun 30
  150. Where to sit on LH 737-500?
  151. Florence (FLR) and Prague (PRG) Lounge Access as LH FTL / *S
  152. Budapest Lounge Info Request
  153. Adria Airways LJU-BCN
  154. the ready2fly guessing game 11.06./18.06.2008
  155. $150 promo code
  156. LH M&M FTL Info
  157. Again: Problems with
  158. new spend miles promotion: HYD,CCU,MAA for 30.000, INN,VIE,LHR,DUB for 10.000
  159. How Are the Loads in Economy Between Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City?
  160. Seating with a cast
  161. FRA F/HON Terminal FAQs [old version - no longer updated!]
  162. The all new FRA F/HON Terminal FCT FAQs
  163. IAD-IST EUR 1300 in Business
  164. RTW taxes in Lufthansa Z
  165. Is this allowed
  166. LH Carry On - How strict
  167. Book tomorrow - online promotion ex. US/POS US
  168. New to LH with Questions
  169. FRA FCT access FRA-MUC-USA?
  170. more LH U fare offers to asia
  171. Reserving a shower?
  172. Through-checked luggage and cancelled flight
  173. Comeback of old biz II: A330-200 to ADD, KRT and CAI
  174. Flight reservation through Senator line no longer possible (will do only LH flights)
  175. First experience in first class
  176. Travelling connect now for M&M
  177. Compensation Chances: Canx LH4277 CDG-DUSS 31/05
  178. FC lounge in DEN?
  179. Flight operated by another airline -- which terminal?
  180. Access to Senator Lounge in case miles posted to diffrent FFP
  181. online booking website for frequent flyers?
  182. MXP checkin staff - clueless or unwilling?
  183. Still a free sweatshirt in FC?
  184. European connections on LH and partner (FRA & other airports)
  185. maximum luggae to check?
  186. 2 HKG weekends in summer, 4000 and 64000 status miles :-)
  187. HAM-INN is back
  188. i need 15.000 miles within the next 7 hours
  189. Gripen in-flight refuelling spotted by LH pilot
  190. Take off with JetBlue
  191. Star Alliance Business Award Question
  192. Substantial IT problems causing flight delays (01.06.08)
  193. spend miles to earn status miles at the same time
  194. Service Excellence Lounge
  195. When change Address for 100k SEN Qualification
  196. AUA Limousine Service in the US ?
  197. M+M visa companion question.
  198. Guaranteed seat-blocking strategy
  199. How many miles for NZ premium?
  200. When I book twice, do I get twice the miles
  201. Miles in Advance?
  202. Cancelled boarding for Austrian for SEN - your feedback pls?
  203. Cannot get award fees refunded
  204. Starting June 01st: Upgrade to Business Jet
  205. F class DEN-FRA APR 2009?
  206. Can someone PLEASE tell me that my eyes are lying!?!
  207. No more refund of unused taxes in the FCT
  208. Upgrading an award on LH ?
  209. Bereavement: what can LH do for me?
  210. Hon
  211. Nicest business-class Lufthansa lounge in FRA?
  212. whatever happened to LH's idea of putting beds in coach?
  213. Who has liability for damaged baggage?
  214. What does 'FCI' stand for?
  215. Upgrade on UA/US as LH SEN?
  216. LH Online Statement
  217. Denied Boarding Compensation & online booking
  218. Flying in business class, companion in economy class
  219. Awards Booking from Ireland?
  220. LH codeshare miles on Cirrus
  221. LH Executive Bonus on TG?
  222. Air One starting longhaul flights
  223. Wierd Intinerary Could lead to Problems??
  224. Award booking question (Combination of carriers)
  225. Can no longer reserve row 83 on the 744 ahead of time?
  226. Middle East / Africa short hop flights
  227. Amenity kit on LH F SIN-CGK?
  228. M&M vs Mileage Plus and corresponding credit cards
  229. German to English translation by LH
  230. selling cheap last minute flights on LH?
  231. Silly black boxes in Munich FCL working cubicles
  232. LH Summer Special to Bejing
  233. the ready2fly guessing game 28.05./04.06.2008
  234. Booking award flights on non-M&M airlines
  235. Calcutta - Frankfurt with LH in business.What to expect
  236. Good LH Service in Berlin traffic chaos
  237. Has anyone flown ICN-MUC in F? Catering/Service Quality?
  238. Question about change return after using outbound on award ticket
  239. Offers to CCS and SAO in new booking class U
  240. Upgrade on Thai
  241. LH Itinerary with Mixed J and Y?
  242. Special Availability May 21-25 [message from LHrelate]
  243. My Interesting Experience with Austrian
  244. Call center offline?
  245. Best deal to ZRH or Prague in October 08??
  246. Austrian Government against sale of OS
  247. The Easter Egg thread
  248. EuroWing operated LH flight - no service in Y?
  249. LH special flight HAM-SXF to the ILA2008 on 31MAY
  250. LH departure at 2235h in F - eat the full dinner in the FCT or onboard?