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  1. Big reduction in fuel charges to TLV
  2. Ams - Waw - Ath Lot Business Class
  3. Transfer M&M miles to BD?
  4. Carry-on luggage query
  5. LH spend miles promotion: egypt 25.000 / LED,PRG 10.000 miles
  6. LH4800 FRA-LCY - only Business!!?
  7. LH's booking IT down since 2 hrs
  8. Business class headphones
  9. As SEN / FTL 2 Pieces of Handluggage on OS in Y
  10. Pay taxes and surcharges with miles [merged 10k for kont award tix taxes thread]
  11. LH to sell to 343s to German government
  12. LH 441 cancelled on Friday - why?
  13. Pax injured on LH444 due to turbulence
  14. LH F product US-FRA
  15. DUS Lounges
  16. Buy-Up OS JFK - VIE
  17. Advice re: damaged luggage
  18. SEN lounge in VIE withouth a *A ticket?
  19. Getting refund for tix
  20. What happens if I buy roundtrip on LH and use it as oneway
  21. STRIKE!!! LH cancels 142 flights
  22. low W fare to the US in Y (ex GER)
  23. Converting short haul Y-seats to C-seats in the Y cabin
  24. PEK Terminal 3
  25. lh connection in lhr question???
  26. Scary F seats on LH
  27. Best BIZ routing for BCN-CPH and CPH-FRA
  28. Baggage delayed, then bag ruined. what are my rights?
  29. Fare Changes and Rebooking [repricing on rebooking of 'flexible' tix since 6/07]
  30. Flight Report: LH 453 LAX-MUC Y
  31. LOT new business class from Toronto?
  32. Cabin temperature on longhaul flights
  33. T-Mobile ( Germany ) top Bonus 25k for FT and SEN
  34. Compensation miles FRA VX /MMI
  35. Booking Y on a C award, rebooking to C later?
  36. Question about M&M credit card insurances
  37. Shortest F flight from FRA
  38. LH wingstrike at HAM
  39. Lufthansa miles about to expire
  40. NYC-BUD on Business Jet via FRA or 340 via DUS
  41. Best service LAX-Europe - LH or LX?
  42. OS business class service on youtube ...
  43. Wine Selection in MUC F lounge?
  44. NYC-BUD via Frankfurt or Munich?
  45. Left Luggage @ FRA 1st Class Terminal For Long Layover?
  46. Cheapest way to get from STR to BKK in C
  47. Thai flights.miles to Thai Royal Orchid Plus or Lufthansa Miles&More?
  48. SWU on LH operated UA codeshare
  49. Type of LH aircraft from Philly to Frankfurt
  50. Miles for TK opb XQ?
  51. Companion award ticket rules
  52. SFO-MUC-JNB via FRA or ZRH?
  53. Shower question at FRA
  54. Award reservation holding time and ticketing changes eff 01MAR 08
  55. Tour Operator runs afoul of LH communication breakdown
  56. OS operated by another company ......
  57. India offer in S for EUR182+tax (aprox 399 all in)
  58. anyone going FRA-SYD soon? [request to buy and transport LH Rimova luggage]
  59. early check in at YVR?
  60. Questions about a BOS - FRA - CPH connection[liquid duty free purchases]
  61. LOT from ORD T5 - any SEN benefits?
  62. Important information about usage of M&M number
  63. No more emergency seat reservation for SEN in F
  64. 42.236 Status Miles for 2.899 Euro + taxes
  65. Lufthansa Plus Card
  66. OS Dash 8 lands at VIE with landing gear problems
  67. Is this [DEN] connection easy?
  68. upgrade on LUFT with UA code share
  69. Lounge Access in LHR
  70. End-on-end fare rules question
  71. The ReadyToFly Guessing Game - 27.2./7.3.2008
  72. Mercedes Card - No more LH Miles
  73. Excellent treatment with LH CGN (back condition)
  74. M&M Accrual: US/UA Codeshares
  75. Lounge Access in LHR on NZ C Ticket?
  76. LH Friends and Family
  77. Increased availability this weekend on LH
  78. C-Award Germany - French Polynesia?
  79. Nrt-fra 28feb
  80. Check-in at AC or LH?
  81. LH Business Jet ORD-DUS
  82. M&M vs Eurobonus
  83. MAD - DUS, pretty expensive... :(
  84. what type of A340-300 am I flying?
  85. How to prevent miles expiring?
  86. Are M+M mileage calculations correct?
  87. Baggage tags
  88. Couple questions about LOT and layover in WAW.
  89. OP-UPs recommandations?
  90. DUS Airport - Night Curfew
  91. Text message for delays come quite late
  92. LOT 762- No new business class?
  93. Wirtschaftswoche: 2.000 miles for 23,50 Euro
  94. UA/CO merger, financed by LH?
  95. SEN benefits on LH operated flight with UA ticket?
  96. Upgrade Questions
  97. YUL-MUC 333's
  98. The ReadyToFly Guessing Game - 20.2./27.2.2008
  99. Minimum connection time in FRA and MUC?
  100. Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at Newark Airport?
  101. Flying LH F via CDG-FRA-JFK...any CDG lounge options?
  102. Easter Business Class Special
  103. Another survey
  104. Experience in WHY with new IFE (plus few other things)
  105. Upgrade from C-F US-FRA-JNB
  106. Lounge in CDG closed
  107. Lounge at PVG
  108. Swiss Award Check PLEASE :)
  109. LH website doesn't let me book RTF...
  110. Duesseldorf-Miami: 155 Euro + taxes
  111. PVG - MUC on Jan 31st
  112. your opinion - full or empty flight better?
  113. booking flight in asia cheaper?
  114. Sponsor for Miles & More
  115. Earn miles with TAM !
  116. Won 2 tickets European tix from the Valentine´s day competition!
  117. Upgrade with UA
  118. Booking class calculations
  119. Swiss and/or LH consolidator for intra-europe
  120. No more emergency exit reservations for SENs in Y?! [no more ASR of any exit rows]
  121. Survey results
  122. how to request a stopover
  123. award booking change
  124. How to make seat 3AC fully recline on A330
  125. Downgauge of Aircraft and Compensation Question
  126. Reclaiming tax & fees on not used award segments
  127. Baggage allowance for SEN on Condor?
  128. Confused: Strange taxes/fees calculations on the FRA-BRS route
  129. Miles-credit for booking class E: OS vs. LX
  130. standardised HON exec bonus - litmus test for LH's claims
  131. Head rest down for take-off and landing ?
  132. Another T-Mobile FREE MILES promo
  133. New Frequent Traveller Status Question
  134. 25 Euro off Austrian flights ex Germany
  135. problems entering APIS information for USA trip
  136. LH D-class fare intra-european.
  137. Question about promo in early 2006
  138. FRA Connection to LH from NW
  139. 1 PNR 2 tickets - two EUR 40 fees?
  140. M&M award, re-reouting after travel commenced?
  141. Flying Luxair - advise please
  142. Seatcounter Mileage on LH flight lists 3 different values
  143. Award Availability MUC-SFO in July 08
  144. DIY head set in Business Class [The missing headset cushions in C thread]
  145. FRA connecting flight suddenly cancelled
  146. "Lost" UA Boarding Pass
  147. OLCI for Connecting Flight
  148. account and temp M&M number.
  149. First time with LH FIRST - airport/aircraft advice please - thanks!
  150. Confirm my hopes, please? LH in March-April
  151. How do you survive the restricted carry-on size?
  152. New media world version
  153. Combining two trips @MUC
  154. IATA vs LH Fare question
  155. Seatcounter and KVS not working for LH?
  156. Early check in possible in Dubai on OS
  157. status question etc.
  158. Manila and free ticket
  159. need LH advice!!!!
  160. Nice LH Experience: Sometimes it works
  161. Lufthansa Meal Service website with pictures
  162. Miles on UA Codeshares with LH Operating
  163. Best Y seat on A343 ?
  164. CPAP while flying
  165. senator upgrades on lh and swiss?
  166. Booking specific class?
  167. award routing possible?
  168. The ReadyToFly Guessing Game - 06.02.2008
  169. LH C class Specials ex EWR....not bookable?
  170. No mor HON bonus from Sixt?
  171. Help - Downgraded From Ftl Silver To Regular Blue
  172. First Class Award Seat Opening Up FRA-JNB on LH
  173. EWR-FRA or JFK-FRA? Not sure
  174. Lufthansa Lounges at JFK
  175. conditions for Z class web fare? Changes and refund not permitted????
  176. Rumour: Lufthansa could take over BA
  177. Status Treatment on LH vs. LX vs. OS
  178. Lounge access - HON circle flying Emirates via Dubai and Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi
  179. Few interesting tidbits...LH F and C
  180. Do hotel transferred points contribute to higher status?
  181. Checking Award Availability Online on OS or other Star Partners?
  182. AUA spend miles promo: DXB/CAI/TBS/EVN 20000 miles
  183. Flying on Lufthansa, credit miles to United?
  184. Austrian *Gold Seating
  185. LH or LX in FC from TPA to JNB on miles?
  186. LH A300 on FRA-AMS
  187. Lufthansa in talks with Polish government to acquire majority stake in LOT
  188. Can I book a stand alone child reward ticket?
  189. Using United miles on LH
  190. MS/LH codeshared flights [M&M and Egyptair thread][merged]
  191. Business class seating on LOT Polish airlines
  192. DB when bags checked through to final dest?
  193. What's the culture here like?
  194. Oslo Lounge Question
  195. FRA FCL question
  196. Award on MX; North America - South America
  197. Award seat availability: discrepancy between on-line and call centers
  198. anybody else having problems with Swiss miles not posting currently?
  199. advice needed for FRA airport
  200. Greenland is it Europe for Miles and More?
  201. Miles And more award questions(use in Asia)
  202. Austrian Cash Upgrade
  203. Question according Munich-Innsbruck in Summer timetable
  204. FCT / FCL's - What Champagne ?
  205. Two LH F Class questions
  206. FRA - LAX Schedule Changes?
  207. US M&M Mileage Expiration Policy
  208. Intra-Europe upgrades
  209. status miles with EuroLot
  210. Austrian Chancellor has Voucher-upgrade troubles
  211. The ReadyToFly Guessing Game - 23.01.2008
  212. 2 class vs 3 class long haul?
  213. How the Heck do I know What I Earn? (*A Codeshare Question)
  214. Became Senator, what now
  215. LH lounges at MUC
  216. Transfer process in FRA
  217. ANA C vs. LH C
  218. Connection in DEN - Lounge & Gate question
  219. *A Gold Seat Assignment
  220. Mileage Expiration Question
  221. Senator Lounge Acces w/o Star alliance BP
  222. Using M+M poits to upgrade on UA
  223. Connecting at GRU: LH to TAM luggage check-through and MCT?
  224. Flight to Mumbai First or Business in March
  225. Award flight FRA - San Antonio, TX - fly smart possible
  226. New routes for LH Business Jets [and other new 2008 route rumors]
  227. Changes from Q fare?
  228. LH F long haul amenity kits
  229. LH introduces GDS Fees in July
  230. LX A330 or LH 747 in Y
  231. mileage flight for summer
  232. Award Booking to Asia in C: having a hard time!Help
  233. JNB: airbridge or remote stand?
  234. List of M&M promotions
  235. VCE-YVR. not F on LH? (a346)
  236. Lufhansa Luggage Pains
  237. "Put your seats into upright position" way too early!
  238. best biz class seats on AirBus 340 300 LH?
  239. Gate checking luggage in FRA?
  240. SEA-FRA in F? (A330)
  241. Changes to terms and conditions eff 1 Feb
  242. Caipirinhas on flights ex Brazil
  243. Arrivals Lounge - Munich?
  244. Business class in LH MUC-DEL?
  245. Austrian Airlines
  246. 1st First Class experience: Did I expect too much?
  247. First class on LH440/441
  248. The [abandoned]painful self-experiment: flysurfer and berlinflyer suffer through LH Y
  249. Winterspecials in W ex-Germany eff Jan12 08
  250. First Class to Canada in 2008??

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