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  1. M&M award on CO/UA/US
  2. No more Privatair in Lufthansa Group?
  3. FRA-ACC with Privatair Business Class (LH566 to Ghana)
  4. F lounge and connection questions
  5. M& Manage my Booking Seat Selection Problems
  6. Brussels Priority Security Lane?
  7. HELP! LH ticket on TAM metal internet check in problem
  8. short booking question
  9. Connecting to IB flights at FRA
  10. Lufthansa First Class Questions
  11. SN: LHR > DKR via BRU (55-minute connection)
  12. Tahiti (PPT)
  13. LH FRA-MAD flight diverted due to strange smell
  14. "I am the king of the world. Uh,maybe not exactly"
  15. Please HELP! Need Lufthansa check bag refund Help!!
  16. LH to stop codeshare with Jat Airways [JU]
  17. LH Cancelled 1st Leg Flight on Award Ticket Issued by CO
  18. BMI Miles - How Long to Credit?
  19. LH to withdraw from London-Dresden route
  20. something interessting with LH
  21. Meal service on LH IAD-FRA 10/20?
  22. Which lounges can I use?
  23. Best Way to Reach FT Status Before End of Year
  24. new exit row rule
  25. Miles and More not crediting miles for an OZ eco ticket upgraded to J
  26. Lounge Access and passport formalities on Multi-Class Multi-City Itinerary
  27. Zurich Lounge Access
  28. Awards ticket on CONDOR in Comfort Class
  29. Spirits upgrade in LH C lounges?
  30. Lufthansa New First Class
  31. One off flight cancellation in February
  32. On the edge of being Frequent Traveler
  33. Q: "Protected" connection flight - requires same booking reference or same ticket?
  34. Oversized luggage?
  35. How to look up various fare codes (classes) online?
  36. Carry on Baggage (FRA / BCN) - Intra-Europe Y-Class (*G)
  37. "Bonusaktion" voucher expiry on status change?
  38. How many miles earned VIE-MUC-CLT-FLL?
  39. Status miles with earned flight
  40. Earning MM miles
  41. MCT in IAD international to domestic
  42. Mixed Class Booking
  43. LH or SQ first FRA-JFK
  44. Lufthansa To Launch Dusseldorf-Tokyo
  45. Serious LH First Class Maximization Question [demerged from F maximiser thread]
  46. to Miles and More from Aeroplan
  47. Reward booking dilemma with TAM segment
  48. Am I wrong? (LX "V" ticket on TG flight)
  49. Advice how to spend miles
  50. 1h35 cnx @PHL?
  51. Long haul fleet update
  52. Denied Boarding by Croatian Airlines due to Ticketing error
  53. Slightly oversized box on OS?
  54. LH F (744) or SQ F (77W) FRA-SIN?
  55. Forgot my eReader
  56. Soaked luggage
  57. Business Lounge advice, please
  58. Switching seats???
  59. Is there anyway I can find out exactly how many ....
  60. Where can you "Fly Smart" within South America?
  61. How to avoid non-upgradable booking class?
  62. Upgrade probability - Dec 17th
  63. Seat request on airNZ with M&M award ticket
  64. Bug in booking engine?
  65. No miles for Hertz rental if booked with SEN discount?
  66. 2 pax 1st LH
  67. Baggage interline transfer b/w LH and Frontier/ AA?
  68. PPB 3000 Points WorldShop Anniversary Offer
  69. friend stuck in FRA...
  70. Proposed ATC strike this week?[Week 41/2011 and misc ground handling flash strikes]
  71. Getting a complete list of average load factors
  72. Baggage checked through with 2 tickets??
  73. Austrian Airlines Seat Assignment Issues
  74. Metal change for LH750 ??
  75. Newbie Question FCT and flight in F, FRA-DEL
  76. Lounges FRA
  77. OS codesharing with TG
  78. how early can I check in
  79. *A New Long haul Y seats
  80. Upgrading Z to F on A380...
  81. Quick Connect in EWR?
  82. Honeymoon in F
  83. Need a registration number on A380 from SFO-FRA-SFO
  84. POS is now the country where travel starts...
  85. excess value luggage
  86. Senator renewal
  87. 1 day, 11hrs between FRA FCT and ZRH use of time?
  88. Delays in FRA today (6th October) [RWY 18 closed 06OCT2011]
  89. 3 region award question
  90. Sorry, it was me...
  91. A 380 Flights from MUC->JFK can be booked
  92. Is CCS as bad as they say?
  93. Is there a way to have status miles calculated not on the calendar year?
  94. LH411 JFK-MUC A343 No Video on Flt except route map
  95. How to avoid taxes and fee for reward ticket?
  96. Bumpy Ride CLT-MUC Forces Emergency Landing
  97. recommended routes
  98. question: buying adult ticket but passenger is a children: possible?
  99. LCY gates at FRA?
  100. Fastest Way off at 747 at JFK
  101. LH Change To UA/CO
  102. epass / easy pass at FRA
  103. Luggage Question
  104. Remote Stands at FRA/MUC & Cups in F
  105. Which *A airlines allow combination of business/economy?
  106. Is "Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf" at FRA?
  107. Help needed for winter holidays
  108. Upsell CGK-SIN
  109. not allowing me to change booking
  110. Routing advice
  111. Austrian Airlines Summer 2012 [to JMK]
  112. LH orders new jets
  113. Transfer BMI miles to Miles & more
  114. Lufthansa 333 or Austrian 767?
  115. Advice on best route for most miles/ best upgrade chance
  116. DFW to FRA planes?
  117. Personal M&M avarice
  118. Austrian Airlines Business Class-IAD-VIE
  119. Fresh out of Bangkok Airport
  120. FTL lounge access with child and wife?
  121. Phone service on 747-400
  122. NRT "Suite check-in"
  123. Brussels Airlines A320 seating
  124. Dusseldorf-Asia routes+AVOD for short haul flights
  125. Day room in First Class Lounge
  126. 744 Question from non-regular LH Flyer
  127. Fee estimate for Canada-NZ reward?
  128. Any way to use 6827 miles?
  129. LH and ME interline?
  130. Request upgrade on LH with LH silver or SK*G
  131. First long-haul LH flight on the A380
  132. LH in talks with Airbus to ordered more A380
  133. LH782 BKK-KUL incident
  134. M&M Redemption on QR
  135. What to expect on FRA-LCA and LCA-MUC in Y
  136. LH fare rules question
  137. M&M Visa credit card (UK)
  138. LH Systems BoardConnect - NextGen IFE
  139. Upgrade to Business on SWISS using United miles
  140. fare repricing due to forex fluctuations?
  141. Great Fares ex New York in First
  142. LH to fly less and with smaller planes
  143. Busy Fligth LH498 in F on the 28th September
  144. SN: Booking class / Fare basis discrepancy
  145. Business class seats in Lufthansa
  146. Dreading my first transatlantic flight in LO Y
  147. LH planning to deploy A380 between MUC and NYC
  148. Questions about status match to FB
  149. OS J non-step vs. VS J (with stop)
  150. LH723 in 2012?
  151. LX new C or LH old F with extra segment?
  152. two tickets with LH same day
  153. FRA LH First Class Terminal - brand of the comfy chairs?
  154. Are the Executive Bonus status miles or not?
  155. Live SEN requalify post
  156. LH Businessclass Christmas Fares
  157. Lufthansa Regional partner?
  158. Furious wife please help!
  159. LH F 747 vs 340 bed set up, or was it just an indifferent crew?
  160. LH M&M hotline can't rebook???
  161. New cars for Frankfurt F/C and HON service
  162. Availability differs Expert Flyer - Amadeus??
  163. MUC is there ATM airside?
  164. LH gives more miles for the very same flight as AC- does flight number matter?
  165. LH, OS, SO booking codes (as of July 1, 2011)
  166. Is there a program / site I can use to plan my RTW [with M&M miles]?
  167. LH A380 or AF A380?? [to/from JFK in Y]
  168. LH SEN on LH metal but Continental ticket
  169. Upgrade chances FRA-CAI September 17
  170. Award tickets on Condor
  171. VIE HON lounge: F access?
  172. MileRun question regarding ticketing and Metal
  173. LH, OS, or LOT?
  174. No 747-8 to IAD in Nov? [merged 748i route discussion]
  175. Service order in C
  176. Rather odd new route [merged DUS-NOC in S2012]
  177. LH Operational Flight Information no longer available on Amadeus
  178. SEN Waitlist and C->F upgrade
  179. Very strange sight over ZRH
  180. Changing award booked with 'expired' miles?
  181. are there EU regs about delayed luggage?
  182. Senator Status and wont let me book seats?
  183. Brussels Airlines allows 2 bags, while LH only allows 1
  184. Traveling on LH lounge access ?
  185. USD 70.00 or USD 140.00 for 2nd. Bag on LH West Coast to Europe
  186. LH Economy Service, ORD-MUC, What To Expect In Y?
  187. Copa operated by Continental - will get miles in M&M program?
  188. Luggage fee enigma
  189. LH vs LX in C on ZRH-FRA with FCL at both ends
  190. Eligible for EU compensation?
  191. Austrian Airlines [mileage credit to Aeroplan]
  192. YUL-MUC in C, worth keeping?
  193. Changes on the SZG-FRA flights effective 30OCT2011
  194. PLEASE help....LH Italia bags lost for a week in Sicily
  195. M&M totally outclassed by BA executive club
  196. how many segments are allowed on an award flight?
  197. Status Miles on CO
  198. LH Titanium???
  199. LH Denied Permission to Fly A380 to India
  200. How many miles for booking SQ-metal flights via LO site?
  201. Help with booking CAI-->SIN on LH needed
  202. Fare rule look-up (M) on OS/TP
  203. Secure seat on not-yet-existing flight
  204. LX PNR managed on M&M
  205. Award PRG-LCA end of September
  206. [German] M&M credit card [for NL resident]
  207. LX F Lounge Access
  208. two tickets LH one in Business, one in First
  209. LH: LHR-DUS-ORD: tax rebate query
  210. Same amount of miles for UA Business Class flight as for LH?
  211. Collecting M&M on TK code-share
  212. UA -> LH connection in F - SFO or LAX?
  213. LH EWR Lounge and Seat 1K on 744
  214. "Lufthansa's Germany" Magazine?
  215. Beware of leaking air vents on old LH 747s...
  216. Day of travel upgrade from J to F
  217. FTL benefits on LH Italia?
  218. Double upgrade possible?
  219. FCL Duckies?
  220. Best and cheapest way to get upgrade on european flight?
  221. M&M award flights on LACSA?
  222. Will Lufthansa ever open hubs in other countries?
  223. LHR/LCY flights from MUC - bus gates?
  224. PVG-FRA-IAD on LH
  225. LH New J Class
  226. Baggage Question - Star Alliance Gold on Lufthansa flight
  227. F out of DUS is it worth?!?!
  228. How early to arrive Barcelona for flight
  229. M&M credit cards in Spain?
  230. Lufthansa Oversold Flights
  231. Upgrade on LH flight operated by SK and QI?
  232. LOT Polish airlines
  233. E-vouchers: when do they actually post while renewing SEN?
  234. Be careful--lost miles [miles valid for life expired]
  235. DTW-FCO Trip Report
  236. LH [not] to start MUC-MEX from 26 Mar 2012 [instead it starts S14][merged]
  237. BMI for sale
  238. W & S fares now earn 100% miles and are upgradable eff 01SEP
  239. Recent experience with Lufthansa
  240. A380 F vs. "New" 747 F
  241. EB-posted instead of M&M
  242. Connecting to int'l F in FRA
  243. Which ORD Concourse for the LH ORD-MUC flight?
  244. Strange EuroBonus points from LH trip
  245. LH416 FRA-IAD 9:45 am departure - meals?
  246. austrian air service
  247. Really no lounge access at AYT ?
  248. First Class vs. Business - A330
  249. The Lufthansa Web Site Called Me A Dummkopf
  250. Is there a rule on Self-Downgrading?

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