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  1. LH Private Jet mileage enhancement
  2. eVoucher on Thai
  3. B748i Delivery/Welcome Ceremony in FRA May 2 2012 [split off from B748i thread]
  4. SN: event to introduce new biz class to pax
  5. Austrian Not Charing CC
  6. F Award seats [on LH for *A and other partner FFPs]
  7. As my name suggests!
  8. Is it possible to upgrade at the airport [using UA MP]
  9. LH543 BOG FRA - Is it on fire?
  10. OS 777 Y seat pitch?
  11. Arrival Delays at LHR...
  12. Best milage plan to earn Condor miles
  13. LH420 diverted
  14. miles credited after online checkin?
  15. Westbus extends network
  16. Intl F access in FRA for UA F passenger connecting to two-cabin J on LH?
  17. FTL priority check in
  18. Contacting Miles and more
  19. 11 days old! D-AIZK
  20. Refund/credit for medical emergency?
  21. LH operated by British Midland International
  22. Bought ticket online, but don't have credit card for check in
  23. LH creating lower cost shorthaul carrier (not LCC) [merged direct 4U discussion]
  24. Anything similar out there to what HON used to be ?
  25. Lufthansa Cityline not part of OLCI?
  26. Lufthansa Senator Treatment
  27. What's the check-in/lounge situation like now in LHR?
  28. What will it take to get my miles properly credited to MM?
  29. "Frequent Traveler" [*A Silver benefits on LH]
  30. LH Low cost Europe to JFK or MIA/FLL?
  31. La First Class de Lufthansa
  32. 176,000 miles GONE ? [T-online shop purchases with hacked M&M account]
  33. [No more] F ? [conversion to 2 class on 343 and 744 longhaul fleet]
  34. United ticket flying on Tyrolean Air baggage question
  35. Fuel surcharge (YQ) on United long-haul flights awards
  36. Skipping Airrail Segment?
  37. FT/VFT Interview with M&M on March 23 about the April 2012 changes
  38. Which Airlines / Countries have the lowest redemption fees?
  39. MXP turnaround in 45 minutes - doable?
  40. Terrible experience with YVR station manager flying First
  41. What do you think of Christoph Franz?
  42. SCORE14: Number of eggs reduced in First!
  43. A perfect flight
  44. IAD-MUC: worth it in F?
  45. Swiss miles crediting slowly
  46. Lufthansa B744 performs emergency landing in Ufa on Apr 18th 2012, smoke in cabin
  47. LH changed layout of A380?
  48. New enhancemnt - no, IT issue
  49. Business to Doha
  50. LH DEN to FRA? Anyone do it? Like it?
  51. Why no car?
  52. Special LH First fares
  53. Early baggage drop off for OS-flight in Bangkok?
  54. Changing booking class?
  55. Disability assistance at MUC connection
  56. Lufthansa W12 Long-Haul Operation Changes
  57. Help with Lufthansa A330 seat selection
  58. Will SN interline my luggage when on two separate bookings?
  59. UA mile on LH
  60. FCT or FCL access 18 hours before a flight
  61. Lufthansa vs Swiss first class to HKG
  62. Wedding dress/gown on LH?
  63. 12 Hours on Lufthansa - Special Meal Not Delivered
  64. downgrade from F to C and rerouting
  65. Emailing M&M
  66. OS changes PEK schedule
  67. Is 90 mins enough time to fully enjoy the Lufthansa FCT at FRA?
  68. How come LH TATL flights have to depart early from Europe?
  69. tips to survive 12 hour flight in coach
  70. Austrian Record Locator # same as Lufthansa's?
  71. Closet for hanging garment in LH A340-600?
  72. Earning points on Silk Air (SQ/MI)
  73. Restrictions to combining tickets?
  74. Lufthanseat - LH employee magazine
  75. a340 IAD-FRA
  76. Upgrade possible?
  77. LHR fastrack problems
  78. Lufthansa's "closer" co-operation with GermanWings (aka Lufthansa) and lounge access
  79. Can I use the FCT when connecting to C?
  80. BRU-ATH on SN, food and drinks?
  81. Lufthansa FRA-BLR
  82. Rule that 2 pax must be seated next to A340-600 emergency exit?
  83. M&M ditches BMI
  84. Retro-credit on a foreign ticket number
  85. What does "IDOS" mean on a passenger manifest?
  86. No credit flights TAP (Star Alliance)
  87. Claiming costs from Germanwings
  88. Meal Service in Y - which direction of service?
  89. LH772: FRA-BKK business class experience?
  90. Website with booking class search option?
  91. LH Summer Sale - Business Class
  92. VIE-NEW YORK in Business Class: LX, OS or LH?
  93. New self luggage printing machines in FRA
  94. Austrian Decision Coming Soon
  95. Incorrect status on (OLCI) boarding pass
  96. LH from NAP
  97. LH 744 - FRA-IAD - Worth an upgrade from Business to First?
  98. Paradox - C flex less expensive than C basic plus
  99. LH/LX/OS European C
  100. Status qualification question
  101. Connection at YYZ
  102. LH F + *G - free baggage upto 4 (32Kg each)?
  103. New Business class Line- or Retrofit / routes etc.
  104. No miles with SAS [merged experiences crediting SK flights to M&M post Altea and LPS]
  105. Achieving 2 goals in 3 hours at FRA...
  106. Urgent question: involuntary downgrade compensation rules
  107. sn to sq checked baggage on separate tickets
  108. Seating on A321 "local" intra EU flights
  109. LH website not good enough for class selection
  110. IAD lounge hours
  111. Fare Basis for LH Tickets Bought on
  112. retroactive credit before joining - still possible?
  113. LH willing to oversell F?
  114. Disgusting F Class service on new F
  115. Is it possible to change fare code after purchase?
  116. Is LH "P" Class Business or Economy?
  117. AUA interline with Emirates?
  118. Missing miles on SA op by EK
  119. What's up with useless staff at GVA?
  120. 747-4 & A340-6 C seat choices w/infant
  121. Is any of Lufthansa's fleet still feature the old Business Class seats
  122. Welcome Lounge FRA - Small Cutbacks??
  123. Best *A programme for a Z-class flyer?
  124. Claiming South African miles
  125. Swiss vs. Austrian
  126. New Brussels (SN) Business Class experience reports
  127. Double Dipping between SQ PPS & M&M
  128. Do we want C w. Bassinet or F w. infant in lap?
  129. Germanwings Man Cng delay
  130. Need help with Miles and More Upgrade
  131. Upgrading award flight help
  132. Improvements coming to the shorthaul fleet!
  133. Lufthansa Upgrades
  134. Various MM mile earning opportunities
  135. Multi-segment dilemma...
  136. mychoice is back [for 2012]
  137. Which airline to choose AMS-DXB? (in C)
  138. M&M Website hangs at log-in ::: What now?
  139. LH names A380 "New York"
  140. Question - getting miles in 2 FFP
  141. WorldShop - your experiences and what did you get...
  142. Bug in LH booking engine - flights "not combinable"?
  143. Lounge access in SEA if flying SEA-YVR AC (Y) to YVR-FRA (C)
  144. M&M Award Ticket Fuel Surcharges
  145. Best transit option - BRU or FRA?
  146. Best redemption? 53K miles
  147. One-way award HKG-SFO in LH F
  148. A post in FAVOR of new M&M & mergers & IT bugs, etc.
  149. First Details of Austrian's Longhaul Refurbish presented [merged OS new C]
  150. Question about award booking guarantee for HONs
  151. LH 744 overnights at iAD
  152. Check in at SFO?
  153. Help with M&M miles calculation for flight
  154. Multiregion Miles&More award ticket booking rules
  155. Where is the logic in the Condor upgrade?
  156. SEN status matching coming from other Star Alliance member airline
  157. additional miles needed - suggestions?
  158. Award Flights with SQ ZRH-SIN-ZRH 11May-28May 2012
  159. Economy on Austrian VIE to IAD
  160. LH471 F
  161. Should I switch from LH A380J to LX A340F?
  162. Star Alliance Upgrade w. Lap Infant
  163. TUE 27MAR possible ground staff union strike affecting Lufthansa
  164. Need advice for a friend (IDB by OS?)
  165. AVOD on Austrian flight 26 (BKK-VIE)
  166. Biz seats in 346 vs 380
  167. Transfers?
  168. Munich F Lounge
  169. Book blocked seats for SEN??
  170. how to pick UA overhauled 777 (SFO <->FRA/MUC)?
  171. HON Baggage Delivery on Arrival in Chicago (ORD)
  172. eVoucher upgrade on SQ
  173. Reduced miles with Lufthansa on LH772
  174. Alaska in July
  175. China Denies LH A380 Rights To Shanghai
  176. Miles compensation question
  177. Online Upgrades on not working
  178. No more TSC in certain markets if booked via
  179. A new low in award availability
  180. Rumour [confirmed]: Major changes to Miles & More
  181. A380 service to MIA
  182. Avianca-Taca joins Star Alliance-potential new LH destinations in South America?
  183. Need a bunch of help with VIE-LHR-ICN flight
  184. DKB Cash account requirements
  185. SN Website Prevents From Booking Business Class
  186. How do you know which 747-400 you get on LH?
  187. Upgrading at Airport with OS
  188. What happens at check in without ESTA application??
  189. Egyptair /SAA flights segments and star alliance
  190. How to extend the expiry date of LH mile
  191. UA*G or FTL on M&M (for Op-Ups and other goodies)
  192. Has LH revenue management lost the plot?
  193. Lh430 fra-ord
  194. Lufthansa Lost and Found [merged thread on things left in the cabin]
  195. YCA on LH (UA Codeshare) Question
  196. compensation for delay?
  197. LH Booking Engine down?
  198. Lufthansa baggage drop opening times in DXB
  199. Lack of lounges in the B gate intra-Europe area at FRA
  200. Problem with APIS?
  201. Looks like Austrian is safe for now
  202. USA-MUC-EU - security checks again?
  203. Redeem award flight. Lufthansa miles. Summer period, from BLQ (or MIL) to LAX
  204. Connecting flight in Europe
  205. F Loads FRA-MEX
  206. LH or BA first class?
  207. Cash for oversized person next to me.
  208. Still 1 carry on for BLR?
  209. Check in Lufthansa on United ticket?
  210. LH L fare EBL(Iraq)/FRA Earn Miles???
  211. Misleading LH Website
  212. Munich to Busan - can I leave the aircraft in Seoul?
  213. Service in C FRA-DUS, & FRA FCL access
  214. A380: FRA-IAH O availability best C seat?
  215. Can I upgrade my flight on TK?
  216. NEK on 744
  217. Most efficient travel roots in order to obtain gold status
  218. The Bangalore Express, a Networker's Paradise
  219. 1 hour transfer in Frankfurt
  220. Coombining booking - Check in all the way
  221. Bassinet/Infant in C Question/Observation
  222. Keeping miles [alive in the US]
  223. What is the timeframe on M&M issuing cards to new members?
  224. Multiclass on-line booking?
  225. YYZ - no fast tracks for SEN?
  226. semi-OT: Why do *Gs in Y but not LH C pax use the SEN lounges?
  227. New Lufthansa Long-Haul Business Class Minisite [and ITB launch info]
  228. Waitlist processing
  229. LH C availability to JNB
  230. How is Business Class BOS-MUC-BOM?
  231. Great Customer Service
  232. Connecting LH to LH Airrail
  233. [be local] LH tries out the valuable BP concept in BER for JUN2012
  234. Intra-EU widebody routes
  235. LH K fare, any mileage accural for FFP other than M&M?
  236. Dress Code?
  237. Question about specific seats in LH Business Class
  238. Using Miles and More with United Airlines
  239. Baggage allowance question..LH vs SQ
  240. Stolen miles from my account
  241. LH is always good for a surprise with their treatment of *A Gold members
  242. FRA - BLR One Segment Paid Upgrade
  243. Unable to add new MP number to LH booking
  244. LH 747
  245. Is there any way to new how many segments one has flown?
  246. Lufthansa Wait list Business C
  247. Xtra free "sportsbag"
  248. Any comments about Germanwings?
  249. MUC-FRA-DFW in F question
  250. FRA Arrival/Transfer Shower Options