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  1. Any comments about Germanwings?
  2. MUC-FRA-DFW in F question
  3. FRA Arrival/Transfer Shower Options
  4. SN lounge at JFK
  5. Senator Lounge a "Business" lounge?
  6. Guys I'm frustrated - status requalification
  7. LH threatening to shed OS?
  8. OT: Lufthansa and graphic design
  9. Lufthansa Cancels Planned Dusseldorf Tokyo Service
  10. Intra-European Business Class "Z" Fares
  11. LH to BKK in F, then BKK to RGN in C (TG). Which lounge?
  12. Rant - Austrian new website => KLM booked
  13. redeeming miles with ET
  14. BRU arrivals lounge
  15. New LH Ad campaign motto: 'Nonstop you'
  16. Read NEK...but does armrest go up on A320?
  17. Layover in Frankfurt
  18. Automated check in offered to use aged ticket from 9/2010
  19. Fuel surcharge math
  20. LH to change AC for FRA-SIN-FRA to 747
  21. Forced overnight in DUS--does LH provide hotel reimbursement?
  22. United Premium Class Upgrade and Miles & More Mileage accural
  23. LH Increases Luggage Allowance Between US & India
  24. award travel taxes/fees
  25. Refundable tickets
  26. HON Circle phone lines down?
  27. LH miles upgrade online - how to?
  28. 2012 M&M Status Requalification Race
  29. What's going on in NCL on March 31st?
  30. FMO or PAD?
  31. LH paid upgrade at checkin vs free FTL upgrade
  32. LO Z Sale YYZ-WAW: What to expect?
  33. LOT flight grounded due to pilots' ages
  34. LH or WK from CPT?
  35. Can I see CO award availability for M&M on expertflyer?
  36. Swiss vs Brussels vs Lufthansa air travel
  37. New Business Class presentation at ITB 7-11 MAR: questions please
  38. Flying Austrian: what can I expect?
  39. Booked CO flights, now UA flights - mileage credit?
  40. Schedule changes affecting Christmas period
  41. Upgrade using E-Vouchers on a T/S Class
  42. What to do with 22k miles due to expire end of March [merged expiring miles Q&A]
  43. LH in TPA?
  44. FRA-MEX
  45. Two segment trip - crediting miles to different programs
  46. HON on Turkish airlines / Condor question
  47. HON Circle Benefits
  48. Sen Companion Award
  49. OU 410 and 417 today. Status? Thanks.
  50. Validity of eVoucher
  51. New First class retrofit info thread
  52. New First class retrofit info thread
  53. New First class retrofit thread
  54. New First class retrofit thread
  55. Germanwings to take over CGN - LHR route
  56. Strike & HON desk
  57. March menus for F class? ex europe to japan
  58. 1h20m in EWR UA/dom-> UA/int - enough?
  59. Benefits on 1st ticket in Y if 2nd ticket is booked in F?
  60. Lufthansa Door Problem?
  61. Minimum transit times FRA and MUC
  62. Transfer in MAA from TG to LH
  63. Lufthansa upgrade to F waitlist rules
  64. post factum award changes
  65. Embraer 190 Business Seating
  66. op-up and booking class
  67. F0A1? Never seen before on EP.
  68. M&M after the system conversion
  69. Look up registrations?
  70. LHR-CGN Lufthansa/bmi
  71. Lh c gig-fra
  72. (Too) Short connection in MXP? Nested ticket?
  73. LH Reroute on Deutsche Bahn
  74. Flights operated by BMI for Lufthansa after IAG
  75. FTL to SEN transition
  76. LH to EK connection at Frankfurt
  77. LO to launch WAW-PEK from 29'th of May
  78. FYI - LO to cease HAN (Hanoi, Vietnam) flights on March 25, 2012
  79. LH and Singapore Airlines in the same ticket
  80. Strike at Frankfurt Airport, 16-17, 20-22, 26FEB-01MAR12
  81. New Lufthansa Business Class
  82. Lufthansa Award Availability
  83. Status of 747-400 Retrofit?
  84. How are miles credited to M & M?
  85. Question: Duplicate Booking Check
  86. ZRH-FRA-BKK connection
  87. BROKEN GLASS in flight meal, LUFTHANSA
  88. Africa Itinerary
  89. Can I book the Singapore A380 as a connection?
  90. Inflight voucher miles
  91. LH to cut costs to compete with Budget Airlines [SCORE 2014 discussion]
  92. Trading LH F Rimowa Amenity Kits
  93. LH Flight abandoned mid-flight and turned back - compensation due?
  94. Golf Clubs as checked Baggage
  95. One way award
  96. Award flight (non)availability from Europe to US
  97. Enter to Win Business Class Seat on LH's 747-8i
  98. FlyerTalker help needed
  99. LH A380 C cabin: best seat?
  100. Arr/dep MUC H, access to G?
  101. Skipping AirRail
  102. How is LH coping with cold and snow?
  103. LH and Qatar Airways no longer partners?
  104. How to find out which NYC to FRA or MUC operates the new F cabin
  105. New Booking Class P in C?
  106. LH 457 LAX-FRA diverted to Halifax
  107. First time on LH and any kind of international C cabin
  108. How Are LH Contact Air Flights Integrated in M&M ?
  109. e-voucher: How many miles do you get ?
  110. EXCESS Baggage charges Lufthansa ?
  111. EXCESS Baggage charges Lufthansa ?
  112. OS New Business class: Some questions please
  113. LH A346 vs the A380 in Business class
  114. Which is the right M&M number to put on non-LH bookings?
  115. LH A340-600 entertainment box
  116. FRA-ICN-PEK on OZ F, or FRA-ZRH-PEK in LX F?
  117. M&M miles on LX/BD codeshare
  118. Austrian to Air Asia at BKK in 95 minutes - doable?
  119. Lufthansa Drops Search For IT Partner For Now
  120. No drinks service in Y on intra-Asian shuttles?
  121. Bad and good breakfast
  122. No show at SN?
  123. FRA Immigration and a Schengen Visa
  124. M&M Problem escalation point
  125. Anyone been to Addis airport/lounge
  126. Oil & Energy Club [merged]
  127. Business Class
  128. FRA welcome lounge access denied
  129. SN Brussels airlines
  130. More flights to Budapest
  131. M&M ending partnership with Spanair - what's about lounges in Spain ?
  132. Best way to spend ~300k Miles? Recommendations welcome
  133. OCI offering earlier flights?
  134. New 747 FC: Seat does not recline far enough
  135. Lufthansa FC Lounge Access - Conflicting info - Need answer
  136. 20% discount voucher on Lufthansa-free
  137. longhaul (F) crew being forced to operate shorthaul flights?
  138. Cancelling Avis Award miles booking
  139. NEK installation stopped for new planes that already have the old seats!
  140. Limo pick up at FRA when arriving on Intra-Schengen connecting onto LX F
  141. Best award upgrade chances - Signapore Airlines or Thai?
  142. Where is the mileage expiry info?
  143. Checking bags short of final destination?
  144. German or UK M&M CC?
  145. FRA to YYZ on LH - Document check @ gate
  146. Enough connection time at MUC & FRA (35min, 65min)? (TLL-MUC-FRA-ORD)
  147. Business & economy on multi-city itin
  148. Dr. Franz wants to shake things up
  149. Upsell Fare Class Question
  150. Lufthansa Lounge Question
  151. MAD Lounge
  152. SEN Lounges in VIE
  153. Going from T1 to T2 in Munich?
  154. LH 464 on 1/29/12
  155. LH Website Tix Ex-India? When is Cutoff?
  156. Showers in SIN
  157. LOT & TK baggage allowance
  158. Any chance for M&M status match from Spanair Star program?
  159. Not 3 bags on SN for *G?
  160. Award booking in C - WAW>PVH/PEK>WAW - what am I doing wrong?
  161. Log in problems
  162. Fuel surcharge on intra-USA flights
  163. Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt
  164. JFK-FRA LH in F or SQ A380 in J
  165. Lufthansa expands automatic check in program
  166. Stuck in Baku Airport
  167. JK ceases operations, beware of booked code-shares between Germany and Spain
  168. using UA SWU upgrade voucher ?
  169. DUS: First Class Lounge, Showers?
  170. MUC-CLT: US Immigration in Charlotte
  171. LH731
  172. PEK
  173. YYZ - VIE - YYZ on Austrian in J
  174. Anyone flying Lufthansa out of LAX between 1-26 and 1-29?
  175. lh award avilability
  176. Austrian Airlines
  177. Whats My Recourse? (Reward Flt Delayed 30+ Hrs & Downgraded) Lufthansa/Continental
  178. SEN seat blocking
  179. Buisness class seat CLT-MUC
  180. New A pier FCL
  181. Best Schengen SEN lounge at FRA
  182. (Dis-)Advantages of switching from LH M&M to A3 M&B
  183. Is LH allowed to deny access to lounges to *G members without *A Gold cards?
  184. VS Upper Class in vs. LH Biz Class with family
  185. Luggage Question IAH->FRA->CAI
  186. slow
  187. Sleeping / Napping Lounges in FRA LH
  188. Expiration dates for status
  189. Birthday on LH flight. How to arrange something special?
  190. Frequent Traveller - Lounge access + guest
  191. LH Long Haul Business Class Update (Bloomberg)
  192. Bookingclass shown on
  193. Is Turkey considered Europe, Asia or the Middle East?
  194. LH to expand Private Jet services to America
  195. LH Senator seating privelege on CA?
  196. Turkish to begin talks to acquire LOT
  197. Canceling return flight
  198. Q about connecting LH to UA at IAD
  199. What's next after M&M FTL?
  200. Why do I get new travel information regularly?
  201. There was an error message from the airline when trying to retrieve this seat map
  202. Arrival Service at SIN
  203. OT: I saw it, but who flew it? 787 in FRA
  204. Accrue miles for a company
  205. Free for HON Circle Members: Starwood Gold
  206. skipping meal services on European and domestic C flights
  207. Cirrus Airlines goes bankrupt
  208. Dusseldorf - Showers for arrivals
  209. the no advance seat assignments policy for Fly With Me Business fares
  210. Lufthansa Counters at LHR
  211. Gold member advance: how many?
  212. LH Free upgrade policy on *full flights*...
  213. Lufthansa Cityline LCY-FRA
  214. can you move miles from M&M to Hyatt Gold?
  215. Fly smart poker or not?
  216. LH Business or SR Business Class
  217. New LH business class amenity kits
  218. New Miles & More account question
  219. A380 award availability
  220. New OS Lounges at VIE - Skylink
  221. Miles for CO A class
  222. Status match FTL?
  223. Best way to price FRA-ZRH/GVA-FRA
  224. Booked award ticket Lounge question
  225. Clarification of EU delay rules after flying LH
  226. Upgrade with SWU allowed in this case?
  227. FRA Lounge Access
  228. Row 1 legroom on SN A319
  229. Germanwings to take over CGN - LHR service from LH
  230. Adjustments to Moscow Operation Changes in S12
  231. How come I can't reserve seats on Swiss?
  232. AF lounge CDG 2D: Access as SEN with AF bp?
  233. 30 min connection time MUC - MAN
  234. Food in intraeuropean C
  235. Forcing a connection
  236. Privatair 73H -- Where to sit on LH 768/769?
  237. OS paid Business upgrade at VIE check-in still going on?
  238. Brussels 333 - Y seating starts row 14 or 15?
  239. *G benefits at SZG...
  240. Lounge Access LHR as FTL
  241. Award availability differing between M&M call centre and online?
  242. baggage check at Frankfurt to remove goodies from the Middle-East (Bahrain)?
  243. German President is a M&M member since the 1980`s
  244. Trying to find award from BRE to RAP via NYC
  245. A car for an award F class ?
  246. How to maximise our LH and SQ C A380 trip
  247. Mileage-Junkies
  248. NRT-MUC vs NRT-FRA
  249. A380 Reward F Availability FRA-NRT
  250. FRA Senator lounge Rest/Bed Area