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  1. Avianca/Taca award space
  2. Delay on LH472/473
  3. Dogs in F [split off from the F retrofit thread]
  4. Xmas award bonus?
  5. Flying to Berlin on 02 JUN
  6. Seat assignment for an award ticket on AC
  7. Damaged bag - any thoughts?
  8. "Airbus A380 fleet should be grounded, say engineers"
  9. Is it possible to upgrade C to F on A380?
  10. Economy 346 i.e. LH 340-600
  11. Upgrading NZ Premium Economy?
  12. Slightly OT: 8-hr layover in MUC with an 11-year old?
  13. Miles from Singapore Airlines to M&M
  14. LH Cityline - seat selection unavailable?
  15. Compensation for flight diversion
  16. Mileage credit mayhem
  17. Only one seat left in F, NO upgrade for wife since Nov.11! What to do??
  18. Using my eVouchers C-> F
  19. IAH HAS Executive Lounge
  20. What seats are on the A332 transferred from LX to SN in C?
  21. Upgrades on Lufthansa
  22. Water dripping from ceiling on 744
  23. 5 & 2.5 hour Layovers in FRA - Lounge Access?
  24. LH incompetence with Codeshares? What's up with that?
  25. Booking Order for Award with Married Segments
  26. Voucher update for codeshare
  27. Question about award availability on Swiss using us airways points
  28. HON and significant other
  29. Lufthansa vs Swiss Hon
  30. Tlv-bos , sjc-tlv
  31. upgrade advice - LH 455 and 458 in B
  32. PayPal not accepted when trying to use an AMEX?
  33. SZG-FRA-LHR - do I re-clear security at FRA?
  34. Two quick questions
  35. Disappearing 4 years SEN requalification
  36. Posibility RTM-MUC? [confirmed for W12]
  37. Where are the macadamia nuts?
  38. Looking for volunteers to host the new LH/OS/SN seating thread
  39. How to get exit row seats in Lufthansa?
  40. Where exactly is FCI checkin at ORD
  41. FTL [M&M Silver Elite] for 30 Segments offer [2012 edition]
  42. lounge options In dubai
  43. So expensive...
  44. SN new service to New York - open for redemption bookings yet?
  45. Subtle LH Humour?
  46. No SEN one way award availability despite online showing return F availability
  47. New Years Rant: Why Lufthansa Suck
  48. OS Check-In Problems
  49. Maternity/Paternity status extended?
  50. LH C vs LX C
  51. Amenity kits ex SEA in F
  52. Compensation for spilled coffee
  53. Best Text Block Replies by LH or MM
  54. Tip for getting emergency exit seats
  55. Lufthansa 787 flight FRA - NYC in early December
  56. Does LH has luggage problems?
  57. JFK Senator Lounge - No Espresso machine?
  58. OT: Virtual tour and videos of LSG Sky Chefs FRA facility
  59. Is it possible to retrieve itinerary for past trip?
  60. Potential Upgrade on OS using US Airways miles?
  61. M&M Status Match for FBG Members
  62. Lounge Access for SEN on Arrival
  63. Z class points
  64. Changes in the schedules
  65. United: Original Routing Credit für M&M
  66. BCN-FRA-SFO Online check in question
  67. what is that sparkling wine?
  68. What are the LH codes for upgrade/waitlist inventory
  69. SN starts NYC ops, eff 01JUN2012
  70. Unavailability of "A" Class Tickets
  71. Stand-by FRA-JFK?
  72. Electronic Boarding Pass from LH nearly worthless in Incheon
  73. Extra checked bag for star alliance silver
  74. flew on LH from ICN - FRA r/t on dec. 9th, still havent be credited with miles on CO.
  75. Notebook Mouse
  76. Award ticket question
  77. Paid upgrade to First on LH during Xmas time
  78. MyChoice
  79. Great service SFO-FRA-BLR
  80. Short LH segment connecting to other *A - Interlining baggage
  81. SEN Award Waitlist in F now for all aircrafts
  82. Lost hand luggage on a Luxair flight to Frankfurt
  83. LX 38 to SFO on Xmas Even F or C
  84. 2011: Year in review
  85. Do Lufthansa Not Want New Business?
  86. Ltur last minute specials and M&M
  87. LH SEN - ASR emergency exit on award bookings not possible?
  88. Removed FF number from boarding pass - still received credit
  89. Bye, bye bmi
  90. Unruly child long haul business class
  91. M&M miles for Hilton stay
  92. Upgrade Advice
  93. Brussels airlines & strike problems?
  94. Any possibility to upgrade to F from C on 380 to SIN
  95. Two more "enhancements" by LH
  96. Lufthansa ex WAW weirdness
  97. Use UA SW to upgrade from Z on LH?
  98. Missing miles despite ticketed COS T CO flight codeshare w TAM!
  99. frankfurt close for snow
  100. FRA Lounge * Gold Access - Will LH Allow Wife and Child as Guests?
  101. M&M miles on UA/EI MAD-IAD?
  102. LH business class from IAD to IST
  103. Missing Row ?
  104. No luck with Lufthansa refund - need help
  105. 2 PINs
  106. Liquids bought at departure airport
  107. slobbovian moat dragon invents new and improved guest rules for weero
  108. OLCI or kiosk checkin
  109. LH discontinuing service to CCU
  110. A3800 Special upgrade request still possible?
  111. Brussels Airlines New Business Class
  112. The Re-Booking Miracle
  113. Plane change LH -> Air Dolomiti = Downgrade?
  114. LH572, big delayed( 11,50 ) What happening ?
  115. How does M&M award tix purchase appear on CC statement?
  116. Cost of loyalty
  117. MUC 5-6 hour stopover and lounge access
  118. Change to LH award ticket not communicated
  119. change name on SN ticket (blight)
  120. MUC lounge access with code-share partner
  121. LH upgrade from L class
  122. Any onboard Christmas goodies?
  123. new award rules?
  124. Germanwings to take over all European flights ex-STR
  125. Is Austrian C Class always that Bad?
  126. OT: Which airport is best for getting to Kitzbuehl/Austria?
  127. Connecting in PEK from LH to CA to HKG
  128. Connecting to same aircraft at LCY?
  129. FRA-SFO change of aircraft again?
  130. Confused about F lounge for Terminal C departure
  131. row 1 intra europe
  132. 6k short of SEN renewal
  133. LH One Day Business Class Sale on Dec 14th
  134. LH or OS to JFK
  135. LH flying ???-HKG-TPE
  136. Reinstating evouchers or miles after cancelling Y->C upgrade
  137. LH: Virgin in the running for BMI
  138. Old School HON and Viva Swiss !!
  139. AVOD in 747 economy
  140. Odd question re lounge access for CDG-FRA-EWR
  141. OS 767 Configurations
  142. Europe to USA. What airline is best in C?
  143. Change origin of flight for first way only
  144. Where will LH be taking you this Christmas 2011?
  145. Status miles with no flying
  146. BOS lounge internet - good to know
  147. Earn miles on Westbahn trains
  148. MCT at FRA
  149. Flying from Houston to Frankfurt to Delhi
  150. So much Lufthansa pays for a Lounge Guest
  151. Upgrade to LOT business on LCA -> WAW
  152. How much do airlines get from partners for F award?
  153. Merry Christmas! LH launches Easter Fare sales
  154. SEN requalification until Feb. 2014, what now ?
  155. "A product of Lufthansa: Fast Transfer". In Frankfurt, of all places!
  156. Call Centre Quality, or: "Kassel, where are you????"
  157. M&M Shame award.
  158. How are the bassinets on the A380?
  159. Schedule changes - date change possible?
  160. M&M on the move - system down [11-18 FEB 2011]
  161. access LH Priority gates C 13-16 at FRA for FTL
  162. Bonus Miles Question
  163. Cairo Transit on a mileage run [merged CAI turnaround]
  164. Does Lufthansa flight LH2444 offer a business class service?
  165. SIN and FRA StarGold lounge access
  166. SFO-FRA-IST - FC Lounge Access Question
  167. Lufthansa economy questions
  168. A380 to HOUSTON
  169. Codeshare seat selection
  170. What Meals on MUC-JFK
  171. Preparations for snow chaos in W 2011/12
  172. Just how "integrated" is Brussels Airlines?
  173. Getting SEN privileges while waiting for SEN card in the mail
  174. What to expect for BRU-MUC-PEK PEK-FRA-BRU?
  175. LH 506/04 Dec FRA-GRU delayed 14hrs
  176. When do LH release seat for upgrade on 380's
  177. Baggage Allowance on a Mixed Itinerary
  178. Any SEN privileges on Qatar in Y?
  179. LH/OS suspend min stay and adv purchase for tickets in L-U fares 24DEC11-08JAN12
  180. YYZ Check in and bag drop
  181. 5-leg-flight - checked luggage on 3 legs?
  182. booking award ticket in Y/C (with infant) using different m&m accounts
  183. LAX-FRA-LAX New Y cabin??
  184. Carry-On question???
  185. Flight Operated by Lufthansa from EWR
  186. evoucher vs. mileage bargain upgrade
  187. Security/check-in lines for 1 segment in business/1 in economy
  188. Using eVoucher on SQ?
  189. FOG in Muc
  190. Austrian airlines [ways to upgrade economy ticket]
  191. The Reindeer is wandering around again... [Club Ren 2011]
  192. Does anyone know....?
  193. LH FTL vs. *G of non-M&M - which do you recommend?
  194. dimming lights
  195. MUC-AMS
  196. Claiming miles on BRU-CMN-BRU
  197. UK Border Control Strike - what are you seeing/experiencing??
  198. Longhaul C and F meal sizes
  199. F-Award to Buenos Aires
  200. thoughts on Swiss, Brussels, and LH in BIZ
  201. Which lounge in Frankfurt Lounge
  202. DEN-FRA on LH - time it takes to check bags
  203. OT: What time does the Skytrain service starts?
  204. *A award with CO flew into USA on LH, lost luggage.. thoughts?
  205. I Know I'm Wrong, but a Rant about FRA Lounge Frau (Long Rant! But worth it))
  206. Enhanced: Miles for Deutsche Telekom mobile contracts
  207. The 2012 Calendar for spotters, LH Apologists and Fans
  208. What service to expect in First on a 10 PM flight?
  209. FlyerTalk Awards: Lufthansa Miles&More (Europe/Africa) benefits nominations
  210. "VIP treatment" at Swissotel for SEN?
  211. FRA lounges to use?
  212. Advice required following a delay...
  213. Upgraded on a UA mileage ticket
  214. How much time....???
  215. Christmas Duckie - MUC FCL
  216. Where has the A380 gone FRA-JFK-FRA?
  217. New Seats/Aircraft for SN (Brussels Airlines) - When? [merged: retrofit complete]
  218. Baggage question - which airlines rules apply?
  219. Need help: 9 EU destinations in 13 days
  220. Who to complain?
  221. What was up at FRA tonight ?
  222. A look inside FRA's FCT and video of the Cayenne transfer AND a great Duck Story
  223. Missing luggage at IST-info?
  224. A Senator sues LH because of increased "miles prices"
  225. LH breakfasts on european flights
  226. Cancelling restricted LX/SN ticket, can I claim back the taxes?
  227. Refundable? Fare basis FRA-CDG
  228. Lounge access question
  229. LH Aircraft Abreviations
  230. LH VIP/CIP for fee?
  231. Interlining Baggage Across 3 Itineraries?
  232. Any reviews of new LH F seats on 747?
  233. Advice required - Should I upgrade with e-certs or risk my luck?
  234. Lufthansa launches services to Shenyang and Qingdao
  235. FRA security lanes
  236. Two separate award bookings under one PNR
  237. Should this earn miles?
  238. Bag drop opening times in MUC & LHR
  239. LAX-MUC-FRA, want to go to Zuerich
  240. baggage transfer PLEASE HELP?
  241. New gate designations at FRA
  242. Flying LH to LIS via FRA on day of strike-11/24
  243. New Lufthansa 747 First - Lucky or in the know?
  244. Merging Itineraries
  245. Trying to get award F seat. C is available. Should I take that and hope for the best?
  246. Lufthansa cancels 40 flights to Israel
  247. Mileage on Spanair
  248. Cllect Miles with Asstel - now they cheat
  249. Caution when paying fare difference in combination with discount vouchers
  250. Buying SEN status?