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  1. Which lounge is better in BKK
  2. Some musings from a LH newbie
  3. New baggage policy = higher costs for LH?
  4. Still confused about (excess baggage fees)
  5. No more salt and pepper with Y meals (is LH bad for your blood pressure?)
  6. Odd Upgrade Situation on LH 455 8/26
  7. Which Miles & More Credit Card to Apply For - From Denmark
  8. Options for my Unused Tickets
  9. LH/Star Alliance lounges in FCO, MUC and YUL
  10. Are these connections possible?
  11. 748 or 744 F
  12. M&M award miles on "Thai Smile" (new Thai domestic carrier)
  13. Time for M&M to drop fuel surcharge on short-haul awards
  14. Getting points on award ticket
  15. Austrian "operated by tyrolean airways"?
  16. I'm in trouble and need your help!
  17. TP credit request
  18. OS Rewads - which currency for fees?
  19. Star Gold, First Class check-in with Economy ticket
  20. Brussels Airlines- Is Emergency exit row 32 or 33 on A330-300 JFK-BRU?
  21. Budapest Lufthansa Lounge Food
  22. SN Allowing non-crew personnel in the cockpit?
  23. Denied upgrade using UA Paper SWU
  24. Is a valid link
  25. JFK check-in and Security
  26. LH 1178/1179 cancelled..?
  27. Accommodation on forced overnight layover
  28. No LH FRA-ABZ flights in Winter?
  29. Late Night Checkin
  30. what routes=best odds for NEW F or New C from Europe to US
  31. FQTS FQTV?
  32. Win 747-8i Inspired Prizes
  33. award CAI -SIN in F or similar
  34. Transfer away from miles-and-more
  35. "Flight Data not confirmed" on mileage accrual
  36. Win Trip On Lufthansa Private Jet To An "Olympia" of Your Choice.
  37. Z/P available but no D class?
  38. Award fare upload
  39. help, lh missed segment
  40. POS US availability
  41. Do I get Miles on Lauda Air flight? How to import in M&M "My bookings"
  42. Does OS have any plans to update their long haul cabins?
  43. award mixed cabin tickets lounge use
  44. LH A346 Economy Row 22
  45. "Hunting" for the blocked middle seat?
  46. Does LH give out gate pass to accompany spouse to the gate?
  47. 747-800 FRA-IAD (Showing 400 in April 2013) Question about Award
  48. Question about booking and upgrade award
  49. LH 330 colliding with UA Dash at IAD
  50. Flights LH3718 and LH3720 - where are you? [Flights FRA to QFP Fictious point]
  51. Am I crazy for flying LH J transatlantic
  52. first-world problems: booked LH F award FRA-ORD, will not have time to enjoy FCT...
  53. F Lounge Access - FRA
  54. OS offers Business upgrades when overbooked
  55. Lufthansa Return Flight Question
  56. Bulkhead luggage question
  57. When Does the Ability to Book OW Awards Online for Half the RT Miles Begin ?
  58. M&M or UA
  59. Best way to Shanghai (PVG)?
  60. Opening of A plus pier
  61. OT: Great Flight Simulator Offer
  62. Adria Airways (loads, etc.)
  63. First Class A330 vs. 747
  64. multiple tickets, or all on one?
  65. UFO FAs vote for strike action [merged discussion thread]]
  66. Better F: LH or F (and how can you tell if LH flight is New F)?
  67. AC codeshare credit drama
  68. New First
  69. 2 tickets for the same flight possible?
  70. Final Avro RJ85 operation for LH
  71. True or error fare? LH Business Germany - Ibiza/Palma 320 Euros
  72. Short check a bag at Orlando
  73. LH A380 flying out of IAH?
  74. Ticket rules / cancellation question
  75. Mismatched Seats
  76. Interling bags with LH/UA
  77. Upgrade with miles different availability than normal award?
  78. Certificate Error M&
  79. MCT at FRA
  80. Alitalia connecting to LH in Rome(FCO)
  81. 10 rows of business class on Austrian's 777-200?
  82. Berlin (TXL) minimum connecting time
  83. BCN Lounge Used By OS?
  84. 24h free cancellation?
  85. booking error?!
  86. Upgrade success on 440/441
  87. Austrian / Tyrolean C class quality question
  88. Did I miss something?!? SEZ apparently is in Southern Africa...
  89. Earning Miles on LH from another Star Alliance Airline
  90. intra-Europe Business: Lufthansa or Austrian?
  91. OS catering to GYD
  92. Which lounge at FRA and ZRH?
  93. Premium economy seats on LH A380 ?
  94. What is "slightly longer"
  95. Involuntary re bookings. What to do?
  96. I can't seem to get a correct seatmap for a A346 flight
  97. FRA or ZRH? What is your preference?
  98. Best meeting point on the eastcost
  99. Help getting best reward for a SH weekend break
  100. LOT baggage allowance for kids
  101. Star Alliance Company Plus upgrade in LH - Class "Q" becomes "I": Mileage accrual?
  102. Ruh online checkin.
  103. Delayed flight, diverted flight, and lost luggage.
  104. First Longhaul on LH - Meal Taking Order?
  105. LH 457 is A380 or 747-400?
  106. upgrade on LH
  107. lounge access
  108. Is it a legal 3+ regions award ?
  109. How to get new MM plastic card
  110. Why is MCT for LH418 in IAD so high?
  111. Fares for FRA-BOS
  112. Another HON enhancement: "HON award booking guarantee only if D-class available"???
  113. when to book an award ticket ZRH to BKK
  114. Any current method to move to C to F on LH (A380)?
  115. DEL carryon restrictions?
  116. Foot/Leg Room on New SN C Product?
  117. TATL Condor to LH connection
  118. A330 F seating
  119. Lounge Access SIN and CGk after cancelling CGK destination
  120. FCT FRA access on Air India ticket
  121. tech issue with seeing bookings?
  122. Intra European fare reduction
  123. Plenty of Seats Avialble, but no F Award Inventory?
  124. LH Check-in Naples
  125. connect in MUC on 2 tickets
  126. Random Upgrades?
  127. LH 415 with 2 stops
  128. LH, LX, LOT, Bru reduces Athens service
  129. Best choice flight Switzerland to Vietnam with award ticker Miles and more
  130. Lounge Access Question
  131. Mileage for LAX-FRA and ZRH-SFO?
  132. mileage refund (against fee) then a green check mark
  133. Reward tickets to Mauritius
  134. Lufthansa will close the flight singapore-jakarta?
  135. LH just screwed me
  136. Entertainment Boxes on OS 763
  137. Lounge at TLV
  138. New business class on brand-new A330-300
  139. Condor-Lufthansa ticket
  140. need a quick answer about todays flights
  141. Booked via UA MP, can I upgrade?
  142. Survey on Lufthansa flights
  143. Insurances Lufthansa Credit Card
  144. New R booking class (in C)?
  145. Bother with LH F, or stick with J?
  146. Croatian Q400 Business Class Experience?
  147. Connecting in ZRH in January
  148. Extra status miles for Europe-Asia promotion apr/jun 2012
  149. Is that routing possible at all? What milage I might get?
  150. Z gates of hell @FRA
  151. Brussels - Guangzhou Round Trip Business Class Award Ticket
  152. Upgrade on OS?
  153. Error message for OLCI at >23h?
  154. Lufthansa Tailnumber
  155. LH First - great in the air and in the FRA lounge - in between, not so much ...
  156. A 380/New Business Class/Seatplans loaded at
  157. Time needed to inform PAX of cancelled flight - LH790 [merged]
  158. Anyone been invited to a HON activity by OS recently?
  159. Manager Magazin: "Always trouble with Lufthansa"
  160. How to transfer American Express points to Lufthansa.
  161. A380 flight offer from 449*
  162. taxes for u.s. domestic award?
  163. Misleading info on LH website on Lounge
  164. Does *A economy award with AC translate to Tango or Latitude?
  165. LH 402 F
  166. Newbie help
  167. LOT - 2 quick questions
  168. New C seats on LH and OS in July 2013
  169. Logic in changing seat allocation after check-in
  170. LH7061/TK1587 (IST-FRA): 777, 330, or 321?
  171. Award "Fees and Taxes" at the highest level I have seen yet
  172. Utter noob needs advice to help make my BF's father's last trip awesome.
  173. Difference in fare results when searching ITA vs LX/LH websites?
  174. 10 hrs delay between FRA and MAA, what is the compensation?
  175. Whats the logic? Asuuming there is logic when it comes to LH
  176. LH779 Sin - Fra. Lounge question
  177. What happens if I miss my connection?
  178. Economy Award Mileage Upgrade To Biz
  179. Frustration while trying to cancel unused award car rental booking with Budget
  180. Is M&M as bad as it seems?
  181. ORD-FRA-VIE-DEL is Schengen visa needed?
  182. 13500 miles, what does that get me?
  183. Lufthansa miles
  184. HON service at its "best"
  185. received mileage credit, only after 5 months
  186. does lufthansa have a lounge in SFO
  187. Upgrading with eVuocher with an Infant
  188. Upgrade with evoucher from low economy fare classes
  189. Duty Free at FRA transit
  190. FRA-TLV going from L/H to S/H - How do you feel about it? [merged]
  191. Which routes will loose First Class
  192. No more Travel Agent Fares for LH/LX in Ireland
  193. Closing gate time LH from FRA to USA
  194. FRA senator lounge at gate A24
  195. Vienna get's OK to advance 3rd runway plans
  196. Lounge at IAH
  197. CDG: Changing from TG in F to OS in J class.
  198. Convert Miles & More to Aeroplan?!
  199. No personal screens in Y on LH404/405
  200. No LH 747-400 from FRA to SFO ?
  201. Drinks in Business Class
  202. LH A380 to JFK in C
  203. SACP - a waste of time?
  204. Any Advice to switch from M&M would be Appreciated!
  205. 748i to Delhi from 6th August 2012
  206. What flights have the new LH F class cabins?
  207. US-FRA/MUC routes on 747?
  208. United "P" class not eligible for credit on Milels and More
  209. Connecting in F in FRA
  210. Is SEN now too common and easy to achieve?
  211. MUC ATC system shut-down
  212. Satellite Phones in F on A380
  213. Vienna On Us? (Award Ticket)
  214. LH A380 - Y Class Seat Location
  215. How good is Germanwings?
  216. Miles on UA Express?
  217. Choosing seats on LX via LH but only ow possible...?
  218. Online checkin and online boarding pass printout at CAI
  219. Difficulties with Miles & More service team
  220. Express line in FRA Airport?
  221. Looking for Businss Class Award ticket FRA- SEA- ANC in June 2013
  222. Award flight cancelled
  223. Lufthansa/Swiss Thanksgiving discounted C and F fare
  224. 747-8 upper deck seats
  225. Lost connection because of "crew error": compensation?
  226. Miles & More smartphone app
  227. Lh 576 FRA-CPT
  228. OT: New Fra 'A' pier in part use
  229. Lufthansa Launches SceneSpotter
  230. Lufthansa: Two teenagers accuse airline of ill-treatment
  231. Award codes for LH and LX
  232. Is it only me? A very confused HON ...
  233. Upgrade using my father miles/evoucher
  234. Itinerary Changed Again
  235. Z fare
  236. DFW Intl to Dom LH-UA connection time?
  237. Is M&M a bunch of incompetent fools?
  238. Who was in LH 405 on 01Jul
  239. Lounge access
  240. Berlin - New International Routes
  241. exit doors in LH A380
  242. Lufthansa W12 Operation Changes [merged]
  243. Baggage allowance
  244. New Rules for Involuntary Schedule Changes
  245. LH 1st/Business-747-800i vs A380
  246. Miles booking Lufthansa vs. United?
  247. Earning Miles on SQ Europe Flights
  248. Looks like 747-8i #2 heads for home tonight?
  249. No redemption for Hyatt awards?
  250. Lufthansa seating help