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  1. Is the F Champagne still Devaux D?
  2. Champagne in LH business class?
  3. Flight cancellation / Rerouting
  4. Spoiled by first class?
  5. I smell an OS announcement soon
  6. Sleep Rooms in FCL
  7. upgrade or not upgrade Z to F
  8. Award ticket availability
  9. overnight connection in LH F from asia to USA, free hotel?
  10. Can you use UA miles to upgrade UA codeshare on LX metal?
  11. LH ineptitude regarding codesharing conversions amongst *A
  12. Wrong gender on LH tickets.
  13. Can't change seat in "My Bookings"
  14. BMI?
  15. Obtaining F Class award seat on NH for M&M - experience?
  16. LH Lounge Access (MUC and/or FRA)
  17. Upgrade to get spot on flight?
  18. Upgrade with miles and 2 airlines programs
  19. Should upgrade to business class give me more points
  20. Miles for US flight BOS-CLT-SXM (A)
  21. Miles for an European Cross Border before a non-Eur. destination with UA flight code
  22. FRA food and duty free options
  23. Flight disruption in Italy today
  24. FRA Lounge + LH J breakfast - FRA-BUD
  25. Hot Y meal for VLC-BER flight?
  26. Is M&M Rewards As Rubbish As I Think
  27. Future Flight from MUC-BOS Canceled - Rebooked
  28. Any direct channels to replace LHRelate and LHConnect?
  29. Is there a LH Transfer Desk at DOH?
  30. LH 380 vs. LX 330 First Seat Comparison?
  31. Lufthansa schedule change on UA/US award tickets
  32. How can I find a aircraft registration on a flight a month ago
  33. luggage allowance *G
  34. which duty free on this trip
  35. Paid upgrades and mileage credit
  36. LH FRA-BOS Economy 744 or 343
  37. New Lufthansa Business Class into FRA
  38. Flash strikes by verdi at FRA/DUS/HAM/BRE/HAJ 19JUN2012
  39. SFO -- Great Lost & Found Experience
  40. *G but LH is saying I cannot pre assign premium seating in Y
  41. Evouchers: how long before flight does confirmation occur
  42. 'Permanent' ticket or multi-voucher....
  43. LH Business seating on A330-300
  44. Lufthansa - Fly thru MUC or FRA
  45. mixed of *A *G and FTL
  46. Question about Lufthansa online check in.
  47. Watching Euro 2012 Football on LH401 JFK-FRA A380?
  48. Flying in 2 days name issue on the ticket?
  49. SN Brussels Airlines - Any experiences?
  50. Change to earlier flight?
  51. What's the differences between the Senator lounge and the business lounge
  52. FCL comparison MUC vs FRA B?
  53. seat pre-assignment for SEN and M&M
  54. Strict cabin-baggage enforcement in C on FRA-JFK (A380)?
  55. first op up, four month later mileage deduction
  56. Is B60 in Frankfurt an open stand?
  57. Milage reclaim with EN
  58. No more access to contract lounges for FTL from 1 Sep '12
  59. M&M barclay card/mastercard deal of a lifetime
  60. OS starts Y preorder meal service with Do&Co
  61. query on Germanwings bookings made via lufthansa website
  62. LOT baggage allowance
  63. Fast Transfers at FRA?
  64. M&M award availability and booking on Thai Airways
  65. Able to check in, not able to select exit row
  66. LH, LX, JJ, or TP - Europe to GIG (in C)
  67. Speculation on LH Service to CLE
  68. Bags Checked Through on OS w Long Layover?
  69. gain maximum miles for a flight to St Martin SXM
  70. Switch reward ticket: economy flexible to business saver
  71. What happens, if HON requalification not reached
  72. Setting expectations - BOS - FRA; FRA - FCO
  73. United P Booking Class
  74. upgrade e-voucher question
  75. First vs Business on Lufthansa: what to expect?
  76. query about a multi segment
  77. A380 F vs. 340 F vs. Swiss F
  78. LH HKG-FRA: UA sys-up or cash upgrades at HKG
  79. Free bag on a *A flight
  80. Unable to have upgrade ( I-fare) filghts mileage credited
  81. Earning miles - EgyptAir
  82. Best solution for Miles & More Travel Redemption
  83. E-mail address for FCT kudos?
  84. LH Facebook starts Fan Face-Off Contest for US and Canada
  85. Any Good Ways to Accure 1 Mile?
  86. When is evoucher 'used' ? (re:expiry)
  87. OS: Connection through VIE
  88. Use miles from different accounts
  89. Question on LH Booking System
  90. Earn miles with Hainan ?
  91. OS closes VIE-GOT
  92. LH announces 5 new routes from DUS/TXL in winter 2012/13
  93. Connecting EWR & FRA
  94. Status access with segments
  95. Lufthansa Cargo Euro Cup 2012 Contest - Win MD-11 Simulator Time (Ex US or Italy)
  96. Booking vs ticketing
  97. New Luggage Rules for Tickets issued after 01.06.2012
  98. General questions about upgrades
  99. LH Football/Sport Bingo game on Facebook (EC 2012 and Olympics)
  100. LH 608 , MUC-RUH-JED, Question on Riyadh Connection
  101. eVoucher on United p.s. service
  102. UA milage - when do they post?
  103. Boarding card / without any class of travel
  104. How is luxair?
  105. lufthansa seat selection
  106. "Name not on passenger list"?
  107. Seat Selection?
  108. miles&More or Star alliance for SEN/Gold
  109. Arrivals from ORD and ARN and lounge access in MUC
  110. What to do with 3000 miles?
  111. Questions about LH F to/from SFO
  112. Help with LH award F
  113. LH-761 from Delhi to Frankfurt
  114. Lost Bag in Saudi Arabia
  115. Where to sit on the 748i [merged 748i experience reports]
  116. LH OneWay HELP 16june12 MIA - TLV. urgent change inquire
  117. Trip Report: LX F and LH F (with lounge reviews)
  118. OS: Same aircraft turnaround in TSE
  119. Austrian in Summer 2012: Equipment changes JUL1-AUG31 due to crew shortage
  120. Trip report from the inaugural 748i flight FRA-IAD
  121. Express Package Delivery
  122. LH booking class changes on codeshares
  123. Award ticket lo-hi season
  124. Inaugural 747-8 flight diverted?
  125. Business Class Seating on LH748i
  126. Very good sale prices in business ex-EU with BA: LH to match?
  127. Does a Bassinet Cover the Aisle Seat or the Middle Seat
  128. Quick FRA question...
  129. EDI lounge
  130. new "enhanced" caviar offering in First
  131. LH Winter schedule
  132. France to CCU with LH
  133. Advice needed on upgrades for UA using M & M mileage
  134. Re-qualifications not visible anymore
  135. Fare mapping BD to LH
  136. Compensation on downgrade on OS
  137. LH F possible downgrade?
  138. Baggage allowance question
  139. Capacity downgrades on Germany -TLV route
  140. Research your options before irop handling at MUC/FRA
  141. Double dip?
  142. LH to YVR and UA to USA - Need Canada Visa for Xfer?
  143. Greeted Personally all the Star Gold Travellers and Offered Champagne on LH779
  144. Miles accrual ticket upgraded with KrisFlyer miles
  145. M&M CC - illegal deductions from account
  146. KIX in 1st class
  147. Does LH upgrade elites to F? Otherwise how to explain seat map?
  148. Do any Lufthansa FRA passengers know about this?
  149. Is it possible..
  150. 747-8i seating chart gone - replaced by 744
  151. Inauguration flight MUC-IAD with new b-class seats: Any trip reports/pics?
  152. Baggage Misconnect at JNB Hell
  153. Companion Ticket
  154. How do I find if LH442 offers 2 or 3 classes of service?
  155. Member card validity period
  156. Excessive hold times tonight?
  157. What's the cheapest way to get around 550 flight-equivalent miles without flying?
  158. UA to LH Connections
  159. Upgrade(s) monitoring
  160. Long Layovers on OS and LH
  161. Upgrade on ORD-FRA/ FRA-DEL
  162. Lufthansa Long Haul Business Class- Which Type of Plane Has Better seats?
  163. Temperature control defective on long haul
  164. anybody any idea what this is about? [LH hautnah event 31MAY12]
  165. Compensation for defunct toilets (AUA)
  166. Upgrades on A380
  167. New York-to-Munich-to-Florence [MUC connection]
  168. Cheapest Route/Day Combination?
  169. AC *A MM Upgrade?
  170. KUL-SIN in F on LH
  171. A330-300 thread (new F & new C, new F & old C, old F & old C)
  172. Could I use the FCT in FRA?
  173. The Little Things that make a big difference: Congrats to a wonderful crew
  174. AI issued ticket, LH operates...miles?
  175. MUC airport tarmac shutdown
  176. No HON on Croatian?
  177. Dusseldorf First Class "Area"
  178. Cost of HON Status Under New Rules
  179. Terminal/Connection Time/747-8 Questions
  180. LH 453 on 05/16 won't have IFE
  181. LCY-Munich route will cease on Oct 26
  182. Reserved seat changed on check in?
  183. How to upgrade an Air Canada flight?
  184. Invol downgrade - is 200 compensation correct?
  185. FRA plane spotting - Looking for local knowledge
  186. Tapping TAP?
  187. FRA->OSL on 14th May
  188. Does Senator Waitlist Award work with SN?
  189. Flights Possibly Affected by BER Delays: any advice?
  190. Award Tix, F or C? A380/744/340? California to Germany
  191. Lufthansa Lounge access for United Club Member
  192. How to be upgraded?
  193. Cheapest way to "buy" miles?
  194. OS25 VIE-BKK Gate/Lounge Always a Disaster Area?
  195. FRA:Sleeping in lounge
  196. the last remaining reason to stay with M&L..
  197. Lounge Acccess on C Award Ticket
  198. flight cancelled due to FRA night flights ban
  199. LOT C meal for WAW to MAD
  200. GFML not delivered on DE flight
  201. Verifying a flight
  202. 744 or 346 from Bos? Both old configs?
  203. Background on planned BKK/MAA/NKG cut
  204. Lh744 - fra->bom - ife?
  205. Row 9D and E, A321 NEK, no 9F seat?
  206. Offloading of Baggage for No Show Passengers
  207. EWR-FRA Share the oxygen
  208. FreshAir European Gaylines
  209. Booking class change?
  210. LX out-SCOREing LH: Swiss arrival lounge closed for LH guests?
  211. Simone Menne appointed new CFO
  212. Help and advice - EZE-FRA Upgrade to F
  213. LH A380 flight from BER cancelled: opening of new Berlin airport is luckily delayed!
  214. OS and New destinations EWR / LAX & ORD
  215. Will 4U (Germanwings) join *A?
  216. 1hr enough FRA and what route?
  217. Certain SEN cards better than others?
  218. First LH flight today
  219. LH Booking on BMI Operated Flight in July - Earning on *A FFP?
  220. Is it time to Abandon M&M?
  221. Anyone ever had an upgrade on SN?
  222. Lufthansa -- employee travel benefits
  223. E-Vouchers - upgrade on domestic flight as well?
  224. Hoping for Upgrade
  225. Anyone Else Get the LH Biz Class Survey?
  226. Flying First with UA: which *A Lounge in Frankfurt?
  227. Flysmart oneway Europe rate ?
  228. Fly in Y for "comfort and style"
  229. Fuel surcharge abolished?
  230. Business class A 380
  231. Europe to Dubai: Swiss or Lufthansa FC?
  232. no possiblity to upgrade on United ?
  233. Is this a flight a problem?
  234. Brussels Airlines E-class vs.seats at the front of the cabin
  235. LH 459 [SFO-MUC] 5/2 departure diverted to YUL [Montreal]
  236. LH to cut 3500 admin jobs
  237. Help with DEL-FRA-IAD First Class on LH
  238. LH Private Jet mileage enhancement
  239. eVoucher on Thai
  240. B748i Delivery/Welcome Ceremony in FRA May 2 2012 [split off from B748i thread]
  241. SN: event to introduce new biz class to pax
  242. Austrian Not Charing CC
  243. F Award seats [on LH for *A and other partner FFPs]
  244. As my name suggests!
  245. Is it possible to upgrade at the airport [using UA MP]
  246. LH543 BOG FRA - Is it on fire?
  247. OS 777 Y seat pitch?
  248. Arrival Delays at LHR...
  249. Best milage plan to earn Condor miles
  250. LH420 diverted