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  1. Lounge in Curacao
  2. Changing name in case of misspelling
  3. KLM charges more fuelcharge if travelling in WBC
  4. KLM Vakantiespel
  5. Ridiculous price decline....
  6. Change to existing ticket: departure point
  7. J Checkin 1 day earlier?
  8. Confirmation but not a real BP and UK entry -> passport details required??
  9. Online checkin and pre-assigned seats is a joke, but not in a funny way!
  10. Does KL interline with TG?
  11. Medical emergency, KL602
  12. UN diplomat beckons KLM for discrimination duel
  13. Kosher meal on AMS-LAX Economy and DTW-AMS
  14. Just a short rant on very moody, rude FA
  15. Reason KL1512 30/04 canceled?
  16. Summary KLM Meeting 25 April 2012
  17. The short haul J sandwich
  18. KLM operates for Transavia?
  19. Seat in KL Boeing 777-200 Comfort
  20. Question to AMS experts
  21. Booked in Y but selected seat in J at OCI
  22. Intra-European flight - emergency exit full:O!
  23. Deplorable deployment
  24. Transfer at Schipol Airport enquiry.
  25. Rumor: Unlimited upgrades on KL shorthaul-flights ex AMS for FlyingBlue Elites
  26. Advice, please, re KLM fare policies
  27. Booked intra-US travel on DL, got KL E-Ticket
  28. No more Kano, more Abuja
  29. KLM World Trips
  30. SIN-DPS
  31. award availability on TLV-AMS
  32. Seat Info on 747-400 World Business
  33. KL Accused of Having No Heart
  34. Upcoming KLM meeting Wednesday 25 April 2012
  35. Platinum Elite pay for exit rows?
  36. Bravo KLM
  37. Event for new Platinum for Life members
  38. Upgrade to Business class fares differences
  39. new promo of KLM: Stewardress Yourself
  40. 747 seating
  41. lost luggage SFO-AMS-NBO, charged over $600 in fees
  42. Leniency on the 23Kg check-in baggage of Schiphol for Economy passengers
  43. Volunteer Passenger to be offloaded on KLM
  44. No fasttrack card for WBC at Bangkok?
  45. Transferring at Schiphol
  46. Miss flight by NS
  47. Delayed baggage - compensation?
  48. klm seating selection not possible?
  49. Economy seating on KL0875 Amsterdam to Bangkok
  50. MAN - Fast Track and Lounge?
  51. KLM flight on Transavia Metal - Hand Baggage?
  52. Image of the new movies posted on KLM Facebook page
  53. Seating and General Experience on KLM's new A330-300
  54. Duty free still offerd intra-EU?
  55. Intra-european flights food service
  56. Flight cancelled 2 days prior.. what's going on ?
  57. Missed flight - what happens?
  58. Changes to WBC travel for staff on business travel
  59. Cape Town to AMS info, anyone?
  60. Missed a Lufthansa connection - peeved with KLM
  61. Middle Seat Madness
  62. Need advise C class 772
  63. KLM cancels flight, then charges flyer 200 euros for missing his connection
  64. Upgrade to Business Class - KLM Cityhopper
  65. Lounge Meetings
  66. Upgrade Bazaar
  67. Today is the day...
  68. Seating Choices on KLM.com "Manage My Booking"
  69. Lost Houses Booklet
  70. KLM - stop over 3 days at Dubai -
  71. Payment by bank transfer
  72. Space travel
  73. Which a la carte meal in Y would you choose?
  74. Flights to South Africa
  75. Coach service in Business?
  76. Day time flight BKK-AMS-MAN jet lag strategy
  77. SIN-DPS in Y - Chances of upgrade?
  78. Business Class - Priority Security Line - AMS/LHR
  79. KLM "no show" policy
  80. Anyone else buying BRU/DUS tickets for AMS?
  81. Privium during peak season days
  82. KLM Codeshare with Aer Lingus in J
  83. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Crippled Me
  84. No longer possible to check/change seating after check in
  85. flightstats upgrade class
  86. Schipol airport for 7 hours
  87. FB Amex added as seperate payment method on KLM.com
  88. PH-BQP spotty livery
  89. Tax refund on N class
  90. Is Flying Blue Status of any use in an overbooking/tech situation?
  91. Punselies
  92. Upgrade policy at JFK
  93. Walk me through Schipol, please
  94. air fuel surcharge
  95. KL CEO demands resignation of Schiphol CEO
  96. KL summer schedule
  97. KLM to introduce Economy Comfort Shorthaul?
  98. Summer MD-11 schedules
  99. Carrying framed photographs on KLM - Bangalore to Amsterdam
  100. KLM downsizes Athens
  101. geting the cheapest fare to Willemstad, Curaco, Netherlands Antilles?
  102. 90 days out seating question
  103. KLM flight tracking is fake???
  104. KLM start with twitter channel for dutch entrepreneurs (in Dutch language)
  105. Question re Carry-on KL Fokker 70
  106. How to enter Privium Club Lounge for FLUX interview if already in NL?
  107. Schipol evecuated due to bomb scare: What effect is it having on KLM flights?
  108. Check in luggage on second segment?
  109. Special baggage query
  110. Does KLM issue upgrade inventory by itinerary or segment?
  111. What is KL like in J?
  112. Checking skis on KLM
  113. Delta app shows R class...
  114. Seat changed without notice after OLCI
  115. cancelled flight...help
  116. An unsual screaming child scenario in WBC
  117. Free layover
  118. IAH-AMS meal(s) in coach?
  119. ams - bey, why a weird pricing
  120. Is 50 minutes enough time?
  121. Flight cancelled, Refund: Expedia vs. KLM
  122. 77A or K on mixed 747-400
  123. AMS pax numbers to exceed LHR by 2019
  124. Snow 03.02.2012 in The Netherlands
  125. Delft Houses - Liquids?
  126. KL to resume sale of cigarettes and liquor on board
  127. KL website update
  128. Finally at Schipol: New renovated gates to make priority boarding work
  129. Row 43 on KLM 777-200 vs Economy Comfort.
  130. Non-Schengen D-gates D26 - D31 - Common security check replaces security at gate
  131. Schedule change - overnight flight changed to daylight flight. Passenger rights?
  132. New cc fees on klm.be
  133. How to know in advance how full a flight is?
  134. Amex transfer delay
  135. No Fly - No See - No Buy
  136. KLM Crown Lounge YYZ - reviews??
  137. Shocked! Train leg cancelled, am being rebooked on flight and being charged!
  138. KLM socks it to Americans?
  139. 1st KLM TATL (AMS-ORD)
  140. how does AMS connection look like for YYZ-AMS-PRG
  141. Advice please
  142. AMS - CPT in EC or Coach
  143. Schipol Shengen Security Shambles
  144. OLCI - "Do you have a passport?" (Advice needed)
  145. EU261/2004
  146. Online check-in problems when flying to the United States (I have a visa)
  147. "Hidden" campaign in business on KLM?
  148. Changing flight times
  149. strategies for overbooked flight from YYZ
  150. KLM/DELTA really stressing me out..what to do?
  151. KLM quits Punta Cana
  152. Request lowest available fares via Twitter
  153. BP & Baggage for connecting flight ...
  154. KLM introduces SkyPriority
  155. MAN-AMS-BKK KL v. CA in J Class
  156. KLM policy on gate checked luggage
  157. Funny KLM story
  158. Schedule change and new flight in the system
  159. Short comparison of KL and LH on short-haul and AF CDG 2F lounge
  160. Same itinerary but can't check in for one flight?
  161. Untill when is it possible to cancel a special meal?
  162. How loaded is TLV route usualy meaning to ask what are the chances of upgrades for SL
  163. Problems chosing exit row as Plat
  164. Great upgrade record since making FB Gold
  165. Booked in coach, Boarding pass shows seat in Biz?
  166. Seat-map A330-300 loaded!
  167. KLM flights to Indonesia why not nonstop ?
  168. Flight Tracking on B737-700
  169. type of power Power on KLM Boeing 777
  170. KLM Werelddeal weken (January 2012) to start in 2 days!
  171. KL MD-11 returns to AMS after smoke in cockpit
  172. FlyBE/KLM unofficial 'connection' at AMS
  173. De Pers: Article regarding the race to the bottom of certain airlines
  174. KL: DPS-SIN Upgrade worth $100 ea?
  175. MD-11 C
  176. Disruption today at AMS due to winds rebooking policy Qs
  177. When to ask for an overbooked upgrade on KLM flights?
  178. Al start complaining about the taxes on Award tickets
  179. How is KLM in Business on the 777?
  180. no service to riyadh?
  181. Ding Ding Ding?
  182. Award deals not loaded in the system yet?
  183. Perhaps they shouldn't warn the ground staff of late arrival (as if....)
  184. More competition for KLM: SQ to deploy B77W on the AMS route
  185. KLM 747-400 Combi Biz Class Question
  186. WBC rows 1-4 have appeared on my seat map.
  187. Gate agent: We never upgrade passengers with a special meal request
  188. Are miles earned on Thalys train with KL flight number from Antwerp - Amsterdam?
  189. Upgrade with miles, check-in or transfer desk?
  190. anyone know the email for KLM customer support?
  191. Complicated Lounge Access Question: KLM Lounge in Schipol on Aer Lingus....
  192. KLM CHECKIN dictates to seat our 3 Year old daughter alone in the back of the plane.
  193. KLM abandoning MIA, LPL and MXP
  194. KLM increases fuel surcharge this week
  195. Anyone know how early can I check in for a 6:15 flight from DUS?
  196. How many points are charged for silver members to enter lounge at AMS?
  197. BCN - AMS flight cancelled 6 months in advance?
  198. Who has ever visited a 'real' KLM huisje?
  199. KLM's new "seat and meet" program
  200. Experience flying out of Doha?
  201. Pre assigned seat question
  202. KLM to quit AMS-LPL
  203. KLM taking social media way too far?
  204. Mile-high matchmaking: KLM to let passengers choose their seat-mates through Facebook
  205. Another IT problem on klm.com
  206. KLM Houses: Break the Seal?
  207. 5K Priorityclub signup from KLM inflight mag
  208. Minimum stay
  209. Worst ever KLM experience to date (on my re-qualifying FBG MR).
  210. no credit card surcharge when booking with KLM iPhone app ???
  211. KLM Business
  212. LHR-AMS-KUL
  213. IAD-AMS what gate?
  214. [Unconfirmed] Snow weather - 10.12.2011
  215. Online Check-in Problems [KLM]
  216. How long does it usuall take for KLM to reply to a complaint?
  217. Rebooking policy due to weather 07.12.11
  218. KLM to allow Seat companion selection based on twitter or Facebook
  219. KLM upgrade policy
  220. KLM E190 Carry-on question
  221. BRU - GIG but want to return in AMS
  222. Ice skating at Schiphol until the end of January
  223. Up or down on 747
  224. KLM Social Check-In [choose your own neighbour]
  225. KL 332 & MD-11 C seating for two?
  226. Transfer at schiphol help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  227. Groupon promotion out of AMS
  228. KLM Same Day Standby?
  229. Feeling ill want to miss flight, what happens next?
  230. Overbooking? DPS-SIN
  231. Need Advise for AMS - FCO flight connecting to QR flight
  232. Seat Selection For KQ On KLM.com MMB "The selected seat is no longer available."
  233. KLM to launch Lusaka in May 2012
  234. KLM Flight returns to AMS after fire indication
  235. Select your ticket conditions - No more option to change conditions?
  236. KLM 691/692 November 21st
  237. Are KLM aircraft with old livery still operating?!
  238. KLM Tile
  239. Foggy weather
  240. Flying KLM: What ate the disadvanteges of being Delta silver, and not KLM silver?
  241. Complaint regarding delayed KLM flight to London 17.11.11
  242. KLM busy developing new services on board for FB members
  243. New: Personalized onboard dining?
  244. KLM werelddeal weken in Belgium
  245. Meal prioritization
  246. Seat Selection FB Gold
  247. KLM to move to MAN T3
  248. Damaged Baggage
  249. KL1053 AMS to BRS: Nearly missed it.
  250. Luggage collection time at MUC (to catch a train connection)