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  1. MR to Helsinki With 50 Minute Turn?
  2. Tile & Inspire
  3. OCLI Check-in Reminder E-mail
  4. Double Black at Schiphol?
  5. Extra legroom Economy seats intra-EU
  6. Two portly pigs and two fat cats disembarking from a KLM plane
  7. KL622 ATL-AMS WBC Meal Question
  8. are there still any cheap city pairs for AF/KL travel from EU to N-AM?
  9. Coupon
  10. Pleased with KLM "Compensation" after delay
  11. Missing miles. Everything was ok on BP
  12. KLM 747 combo or 772
  13. no-show = KLM refuses to refund otherwise refundable ticket. any advice?
  14. Bringing home an iMac 27" on KLM
  15. Aer Lingus/KLM Codeshare agreement
  16. Just curious
  17. :td: experience trying to change a DL issued ticket in AMS
  18. Seat selectinon vs
  19. The Netherlands gets a new airline: Correndon Dutch Airways
  20. Very Early Bag Drop?
  21. Crown Lounge Amsterdam (Schengen region)
  22. TLV gets 777-200
  23. changing destination of second leg on KLM flight
  24. More food Europe Business Class and Economy in Europe
  25. KLM offer: every two weeks three destinations for E79 incl tax [E89 incl bookingfee]!
  26. OT: AMS voted 6th best in world in SkyTrax 2011 Airport Awards
  27. KLM Secret Cities
  28. WBC Special Meals - Worth the Effort?
  29. Online Check-in may not be available (Late 2nd April - Early 3rd April)
  30. KLM flights in 2002 and 2004
  31. Delay in NS
  32. AMS-SFO: What kind of 777?
  33. Upgrade fail - refund fail- losing patience!
  34. Last deliveries of B737-700's & extra orders E190
  35. Changes to KLM Y catering?
  36. New Viktor&Rolf amenities bag in WBC
  37. UK 'taxes and other charges'...again, sorry
  38. KL wins "Airline of the Year Asia" Award
  39. First Reports - KLM Europe Business Class!
  40. KLM 744 to N.America?
  41. Set off on a vibrant vacation with KLM
  42. Lounge at Beijing?
  43. Premium service for KLM frequent flyers in the UK
  44. Cairo delays
  45. Schiphol's performance over 2010: drops one place to #15
  46. Lax/ams b747-400
  47. India December 2011
  48. This has got to be the strangest KLM crew I've heard of...
  49. No More Privatair 737 on AMS IAH - KL to Operate A332
  50. KL1477 (9th March 2011)
  51. KLM- Intracontinental - Overbooked flight
  52. Meals in J on AMS-SFO
  53. KLM's Idea of VIP
  54. Friends Bonus?
  55. Cheap fares ex-Belgium
  56. Free personalized KLM luggage tags
  57. Experienced the new KLM business class?
  58. ES out, business class in!
  59. Purser chats
  60. Lowly Ivory - Using FB AMEX keeps your miles alive!
  61. Schiphol priority security
  62. KLM to replace Martinair to Havana in W11
  63. KLM lowers fares to 20 European destinations
  64. KLM 836 SIN-AMS Mar 1 oversold in Y ?
  65. New Boeing 737-700 and -800
  66. Lounge in DEL
  67. Question - Schiphol Airport - restaurant/bars and museum
  68. Passengers of size
  69. Linking two PNRs - best way?
  70. Extra late check-in [on KLM]
  71. Where does KLM fly its MD11s?
  72. 2 separate tickets with 75 min layover in AMS????
  73. KLM's B737-300/B737-400 vs. Embraer 190
  74. KLM 0571/0567 to JRO
  75. KLM to increase Summer 2011 capacity
  76. KLM: on board MFU
  77. [KLM] Ability to get on an earlier flight on the same day (DL award)
  78. Should I spring for Economy Comfort or Emer Exit as a DL Platinum
  79. Kosher Meals KLM ?
  80. Former Minister who introduced the 'vliegtax' to come on board with KLM
  81. What's up with AMS-YVR on April 7?
  82. KLM wants fully flat beds in business
  83. Anyone any experience of Precision Air ???
  84. KLM cabin crew voted 9th most attractive
  85. Good-Bye Europe Select / Welcome Europe Business Class
  86. Extra Leg Room Seat
  87. Heads up AMS Spotters!! KLM is accepted delivery of fifth 77W
  88. KLM to add extra capacity to Caribbean W11-12
  89. Ams - athens
  90. Europe Select on very short flights
  91. Layover Question
  92. KLM at Schiphol? [Question regarding combining bookings]
  93. How can X-AMS-Y be cheaper than AMS-Y direct?
  94. Dutch DoT to fine airlines in breech of EU 261/2004
  95. Trip to Melbourne, Australia in business with KL/Skyteam?
  96. Rant: KLM rubbish customer service
  97. Delta Domestic Baggage - KLM FB Silver Elite
  98. 1:15 turnaround in AMS?
  99. FA Union demands extra purser on A330-300
  100. Decided to cancel vacation to Egypt, what are my options?
  101. Abz - ams - kul
  102. Had a great flight today!
  103. KLM 'Pack Up Your Pals' Competition
  104. Hotel stay within Schiphol
  105. Seating Question involving Expedia and DL
  106. something to consider before flying MD-11s: food from the floor
  107. AF/KL and their Plat PAX (compensation after delay)
  108. Seating Question -ABZ - AMS - KUL 27/1
  109. KLM's Unaccompanied Minor Service
  110. What compensation and refund for involuntary downgrade
  111. Recent KLM Privatair IAH-AMS Experiences
  112. FB privileges on EI KLM code share
  113. DTW to AMS to KUL - customs and lounge access
  114. 773 out of GRU?
  115. The ultimate thread on buy-ups at OLCI
  116. Who makes the present day houses?
  117. Check out KLM's discounts on flights from USA to Europe.
  118. Fare basis-tlsxsk
  119. Excellent KL Crew: What a difference it makes!
  120. Win free tickets on Dutch KLM site (KLM Werelddeal Weken)
  121. Why is my seat assignment status "pending?"
  122. KLM WBC Jan Meals
  123. Urgent: Lounge access at AMS - inbound C, outbound Y
  124. Ok, we've all heard about KLM and non-rev abuse of WBC ...
  125. OLCI won't let me sit next to the Mrs!
  126. Powerports KLM in economy?
  127. A little help with KLM online check-in
  128. Baggage interline [KLM] with Ethiopian?
  129. Anyone have a good contact number for KLM in Italy?
  130. Economy comfort vs seat with extra legroom
  131. How to book OK/KL on one ticket?
  132. KLM upgrade policy
  133. tight connection in AMS, will my bags make it?
  134. Stranded because of closure of Dublin?
  135. Delayed Bag from AMS...
  136. KLM Royal Palace and Waag
  137. More than 5000 bags at AMS, pax can pick up for quicker service
  138. OT: Schiphol board fiddled the numbers to get higher bonus
  139. Delay due to late arrival, suprise: crew too late!
  140. Exclusieve set roerstaafjes
  141. Current situation at AMS
  142. KLM launches code-share with GOL
  143. too many people at AMS; denied boarding of connecting flight
  144. Guy Betsy flew in class above Business
  145. award: klm flight switched to regional jet - strategies?
  146. Is this a sign of bad things to come?
  148. OT: Schiphol to introduce priority waiting areas at the gate?
  149. AMS closed for the day (Snow AMS Fri 17 through 25 December 2010)
  150. How to measure delay for compensation purposes?
  151. 787-9 to replace MD11s?
  152. free Wifi at Schiphol (one hour max)
  153. AMS 18-hole Golf Course opens 2012
  154. New Check-in arrangements Amsterdam Schiphol airport
  155. KLM & Delta Could Quit Manila
  156. Crown Lounge Schiphol
  157. KLM flight slid off the runway at TORP (Norway)
  158. Start of cheap fares and deals April-May 2011
  159. Take an option on a flight
  160. Flight tracking
  161. What happens to luggage with missed connection?
  162. Dutch Court of Appeal Outlaws 100% Gate Checks
  163. compliments to our new moderator (in training)
  164. Recent KLM Flight
  165. Nice WBC deal: AMS-BKK for 1608€ AI return (edited title)
  166. Summary about what we know about irrops causing an overnight stopover at AMS
  167. Visiting Holland in December?
  168. Airbus A330-200 now with latest WBC
  169. KL fined for poor service to ex-armyman
  170. KL1505/6... and weather conditions
  171. MD-11 KL606 landed in DUS....
  172. Fly Away on These 10 Classic Airliners (external article)
  173. Rebooking policy due to bad weather
  174. uproar in Lounge 52
  175. 2,5 hours delay plus missing baggage...compensation?
  176. KLM B744 collision with de-ice truck
  177. Assistance with Cancelled Flights for Gold / Plat at Schiphol
  178. Possible Missed Connection due to weather
  179. A few questions
  180. Economy Comfort Booking Is Not Comfortable!
  181. First post - tight schedule?
  182. KLM Business Class (Bangkok to Taipei)
  183. KL FA's up in arms
  184. KLM to sell tickets for Xcor's suborbital flights
  185. KLM to fly to Havana
  186. Help need to change date of travel
  187. Is 2hr turnaround enough time for LHR T4/
  188. Fares from US to ZWE (Antwerp Central)
  189. Luggage rules on KQ codeshare on KLM booking
  190. Is 2 hrs long enough time to transfer in AMS
  191. Nametags
  192. Buying a Return, Only Using Outbound Leg
  193. will my bags make it?
  194. KLM B737 blows tyres after landing
  195. Best US Contact number
  196. WBC: New Tableware
  197. Upgrade to Europe Select because of overbooked economy class
  198. booking change
  199. KLM to start flights to Xiamen
  200. 200K level miles broken
  201. KLM to return to MIA
  202. Baggage Allowance plus Golf Clubs
  203. KLM Flight compensation
  204. KLM luggage allowance with different fare classes
  205. Nothing Beats a Monopoly
  206. Calgary Airport
  207. KLM: Customer support through Social media
  208. KLM WBC seat question
  209. KL to trial Boeing's InFlight (sic) Optimization Services
  210. luggage allowance FB-biz award and platinum
  211. KL 0651 Diverted Oct 30, 2010
  212. Business Class Incline 777
  213. KUL - AMS 11:45 PM Departure in J
  214. BlueBiz members get a 5% discount for certain destinations
  215. OT: KLM stewardess gets fired over having too short hair
  216. Malaysia Airlines vs. KLM on route AMS/KUL in Economy
  217. KLM returns to Miami (article)
  218. WBC Meal Q
  219. AMS Lounges
  220. KLM ups flights between Scotland and Amsterdam
  221. Treatment of delays
  222. Denied boarding for "late" checkin?
  223. KLM to fight LCC's with more flights and cheaper fares
  224. KLM features in the Guardian Travel Awards 2010
  225. KL Lounge in Abuja
  226. KL to Kilimanjaro JRO
  227. AMS to KWI on KLM
  228. Schiphol considering rigorous construction and complete new terminal
  229. Little houses : on what flights ?
  230. KL "G" fares?
  231. Why 3 different flight# DAR-AMS-DAR?
  232. OT: KLM to order A330-300?
  233. KLM October super sale
  234. AMS Transfer time
  235. KL unkind with seating assignments
  236. KLM Aircraft makes emergency landing
  237. KQ CEO threatens to "give" the airline to KLM if strike happens
  238. Schiphol to increase prices transferring pax
  239. Business class seat on 74M DXB-AMS?
  240. It's here: huisje 91, happy birthday KLM
  241. Transavia to quit, KLM takes over routes
  242. KLM will return to Buenos Aires in 2011
  243. Plane to train at Schiphol in 34 minutes?
  244. Compensation due to delay
  245. Seat KLM 747
  246. KLM plane hits Emirates
flight’s tail
  247. From Holland Festival: Delicious food typical from Holland (sort of)
  248. Cancellation / no-show?
  249. Connecting at Schiphol - need to pass Dutch immigration?
  250. Class Action Suit Against KL: €500m Claim