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  1. Future flight, Elite discount?
  2. E190 Business Class
  3. On-line check-in
  4. Heads up: Delays and Cancellations possible at AMS tomorrow (Snow forecast)
  5. KLM Business Class on 777-200 and -300
  6. KLM 747 (Mixed) the same as 747 (Combi)?
  7. Flight Cancellation - due to Weather - really? (KL1506 18 January)
  8. Intra European G class now flexible?
  9. KLM BKK-AMS elite + s get Premium Pass
  10. Chances that an 65 minute YVR-AMS-ATH connection is doable?
  11. KLM Feedback app has been released
  12. Place to Post a Package at Schiphol
  13. Fine dining? KLM!
  14. KLM - Etihad cooperation
  15. AER Lingus - KLM - Connection in Amsterdam
  16. Urgent advise please: Airfare doesn't show up on
  17. KLM to withdraw from THR
  18. KLM International BC
  19. ARN within an hour turnaround?
  20. KLM load factors
  21. Taking guitar on board
  22. KLM Werelddeal weken January 2013
  23. VDB Chances and Tips
  24. Vegetarian option in KLM business to India
  25. Lounge options at SIN
  26. Risk of cancelled KLM flights?
  27. 24-hour cancellation policy KLM really nees some help!
  28. Change in KLM "huisjes" policy?
  29. New iPhone app release kind of broken
  30. Dreadful service at KLM - an airline to avoid
  31. Fair compensation for closed lounge?
  32. Layover @ Schiphol question
  33. KLM to withdraw from KRT and ADD
  34. KL 744, better J seat nose or upper deck?
  35. AMS Schengen Lounge under Refurbishment?
  36. 100K Miles from Bangkok
  37. Baggage fee on DL ticket?
  38. emergency exit row not free for FBP (?)
  39. economy ovfersold business class upgrades strategy?
  40. Nightmare in having Elite Plus status recognized by KLM
  41. Credit card surcharge as per 3 January 2013 also for corporate fares
  42. Big day for aviation in the Netherlands: 50 million pax in AMS, KLM stays royal
  43. AMS tax refund
  44. New thing at AMS security: Take laptop charger and cables out
  45. Canceling an economy comfort seat?
  46. Vague policy (if any) on OP-UPS
  47. Rowdy passengers on GLA-AMS flight arrested
  48. KLM to increase long-haul business fares
  49. KL J Class on 74M
  50. Horrible experience with KLM staff
  51. Can business class passengers use the KLM lounge on stopovers?
  52. 65 minute connection at Schiphol
  53. KLM LHR T4 machines
  54. Confused Over miles
  55. Answers to questions raised regarding Economy Comfort Short-Haul
  56. Have you been good this year? Santa might upgrade you!
  57. BRUSSELS/ANTWERP-AMS THALYS (KL codeshare) schedule mess
  58. KLM "Choice & Control"
  59. KLM flight to Lima diverted to LHR today
  60. Confidentiality of passenger lists?
  61. Klm date change
  62. New celebrity chef: Richard Ekkebus
  63. Question about KLM 'hold reservation'
  64. Anyone ready to sponsor a coffee machine for BOD Airport?
  65. Snow - Time of year again
  66. JFK-TLV
  67. AMS: Privium access without flight?
  68. Using award miles on KLM (direct) flights
  69. Paid Upgrade - Economy (U)
  70. KLM to add extra row to B737-800
  71. Why do FA close the curtains
  72. Updated seating plans on
  73. Merging two reservations
  74. KLM 747-400 Combi Economy Comfort, seat 11E
  75. Flight not showing up as an award?
  76. KLM "Seat not confirmed"
  77. Booked, Paid, Confirmed flights
  78. KLM & InselAir to start code-share
  79. LINK to 2013 FlyerTalk Awards Flying Blue benefits poll
  80. Credit card surcharge to be investigated by EU
  81. FAs forgot their pre-landing checks
  82. Economy Comfort - worth it on long haul? (IAD -> AMS -> JRO)
  83. Crown Lounge Wifi - a word of warning for Ubuntu Firefox Users
  84. KLM to introduce one-way fares in Y intra-EU
  85. Economy Comfort - Plats get it free?
  86. Canceling/Changing/Getting refund for a flight
  87. IST-JFK Check-in issue
  88. Why the bus terminal for regional routes to/from Schiphol
  89. Best business class seat on KLM B747 combi
  90. Schiphol: Language Geek with a Question about Announcements in Dutch
  91. Armrest in EC
  92. How to call KLM from US (NOT Delta)
  93. Request: Holland Herald to TLV
  94. Copy receipt for recent Economy Comfort upgrade
  95. KLM removed ID check at boarding?
  96. Passenger assistance - missed flight
  97. Lounge facilities at Shanghai PVG for KLM *arriving* passengers
  98. It's official, KLM is incompetent when it comes to Elite status - pre-assigned seats.
  99. 7 day KLM ex Italy J sale?
  100. Seat selection via manage my booking
  101. November- Gate Closing time - Schiphol
  102. KLM Drawers for Catering trolley
  103. KL1822 Nov.,1st Diversion to HAJ
  104. AMS to Replace Longhaul Jetways
  105. Does KLM Publish a Timetable, and if so, Where Can I Find It Online?
  106. Cityjet (KLM) moved return flight date - can I get the flight refunded?
  107. Youth not allowed to travel alone - causing problems upon arrival final destination
  108. KLM flights to US East coast affected by hurricane Sandy
  109. Sandwich back on medium afternoon flights
  110. KL Exit row seats for Elite passengers
  111. AMS - from transit area (by coming by transit bus)- where is the central area?
  112. KLM adds Ålesund, Norway
  113. Indefinitely delayed rebooking
  114. Foggy AMS
  115. Lhr-ams kl 1008
  116. What time of day would upgrade availability change?
  117. Post your questions regarding Economy Comfort short-haul
  118. KLC to take over shorthaul?
  119. KLM To Fukuoka next year?
  120. New KLM route to Fukuoka - Japan
  121. Probably stupid to get excited but........
  122. Manage My Booking > My Trip
  123. overnight KLM connection & Yotel at Schiphol
  124. KLM Gold Card
  125. NEW: KLM flights between two German airports
  126. No KLM Representative in here?
  127. House nr. 93 is ......
  128. lost luggage
  129. 1h 10m connection time @ AMS (Dub>Ams>Sfo)
  130. KLM A330-200 Business Class?
  131. KLM B739 fumes in cargo compartment injure ground worker
  132. Choosing seats
  133. Confirmed: KLM introduces Economy Comfort short-haul
  134. Transit in AMS with 2 tickets-pnr
  135. arrival lounge access for sky team flights
  136. Transavia and irrops
  137. Priority Boarding at HAM - passenger takes the law into his own hands!
  138. "You have all been offloaded"
  139. triple op-up
  140. What would you do?
  141. October: "Delights from the Dutch"
  142. AMS-MSE? [Manston]
  143. KLM requests your input regarding Priority Boarding
  144. Question re EU 261
  145. 3 days, 9 European destinations on sale
  146. KLM Lounge in AMS?
  147. Fare increase as per 2 October 2012; point of sale the Netherlands
  148. WestJet codeshare - lounges?
  149. Flat Bed in Economy for Intracontinental flights
  150. Dropping the leg of an inbound flight on KLM: how will the airline know?
  151. Cash Upgrade to WBC
  152. pursers fired after drinking glass of wine
  153. US Passport -can I enter Arrival Hall without Visa to NL?
  154. Schiphol's Alice in Wonderland Gate Displays
  155. Semi-OT: Dorint Schiphol now Steigenberger Airport Hotel
  156. NL-based?: Double Award miles 15 Sept-15 Nov
  157. Malware posing as KLM E-ticket
  158. Delay Question?
  159. Economy Comfort for FB Gold
  160. KLM Vakantie Deals: will they return?
  161. KL Business class - any good vs AF?
  162. First segment delayed, missed connection, late arrival. Compensation ?
  163. Werelddeal Weken 2012: starting 12 September 2012
  164. Why does KLM not buy A380 ?
  165. Economy Comfort were free - mistake?
  166. Using only return ticket of Economy class ticket?
  167. Schiphol airport
  168. KLM Baggage Transfer Times Schiphol
  169. KLM zet Nijntje in bij verovering Chinese markt
  170. Possible arsonism onboard KLM 737
  171. KLM website: Departure date must not be in the future
  172. Bag Drop at IAD
  173. Question about automatic baggage transfer
  174. how to complain to klm?
  175. KL must put you on the next plane
  176. 29-08-2012: further delays Schiphol?; hijacking/hostage drama [false alarm]
  177. 29-08-12: delays at Schiphol, C-pier evacuated (WWII bomb find)
  178. KLM to introduce 2 new fare classes (Europe Business Class)
  179. Getting to AMS for Early AM Check-in
  180. Confirmed Business ticket but no seat availability
  181. Changes to check-in at AMS as per 1 December 2012
  182. Flying Blue Platinum and Delta benefits, Economy Comfort
  183. Reasonably Priced Openjaws are Gone
  184. KLM Games
  185. Shortcut to the gate from P2 parking
  186. Which EC seat in KLM 77W?
  187. Cancellation - Refund - How long to process?
  188. Full Fare IAH-NBO can't upgrade with MILES
  189. Facebook Like to lower the price
  190. KLM B772
  191. "New" KLM Lounge at SFO Big Disappointment
  192. KLM suffers IT failure; OLCI down
  193. KLM Asia 777-300ER?
  194. Flying Blue Platinum members no free bag or exit row seating
  195. KLM pdf timetable..gone?
  196. Elite lanes at Schengen border (AMS)
  197. OLCI tries to charge PE for exit seat. Common Glitch?
  198. New light on upgrades with KLM?
  199. AMS Lounge Access As FlyingBlue Silver
  200. Not using all sectors of DXB to MAN ticket?
  201. OT: First commercial A380 into AMS
  202. OLCI for KLM. China Southern flight
  203. AMS-BRU/ZYR Level segments?
  204. New on board announcement
  205. Experience in KLM Business Class
  206. KLM MD11 booked on - Quirk?
  207. Arrival lounge in AMS?
  208. Economy Comfort bassinets
  209. What happens if i lose my train ticket when travelling from zwe?
  210. KLM Business Class 777-300 - Good? - Opinions?
  211. Widerøe/SAS - Can't sell KLM tickets
  212. Incorrect name on flight ticket
  213. Lugage handling with Trainstation Antwerp-ZWE
  214. KLM to start Harare flights
  215. KLM MD-11 returns to AMS after engine fire
  216. Luggage weight limits versus pieces of luggage for PE..
  217. Sky Priority D Gates AMS
  218. klm and singapore air baggage agreement
  219. Slightly OT: Declaring Stroopwafels at US customs
  220. JFK to AMS to FCO
  221. Upgrade lottery if flying KL from Indonesia
  222. KLM Website updated
  223. Flying Econ then Buss, Collect Lounge Pass or Use ticket.
  224. 09/07/2012 AMS Weather Conditions?
  225. KLM FLT#661 diverted to SNN
  226. SXM transit question
  227. Pros and Cons - KLM Biz Class
  228. No bag no passenger or no passenger no bag?
  229. MD-11 Vintage flight or nightmare
  230. Upgrade using FB miles
  231. Exit row experience
  232. Hartman Quarterly: "KLM Strengthening Its Joint Venture With Kenya Airways"?
  233. Another "I can't get a seat assignment" question...
  234. Schiphol offers more services for business travellers and VIPs
  235. Preferred seats: pay with Flying Blue miles!
  236. Exit seats not being opened for purchase as usual - Why?!!
  237. Fancy a catering trolley? KLM to sell them!
  238. Changing date on ticket
  239. Premium Eco ticket on KL flights = ???
  240. Upgrade at airport - availability but no seat
  241. Wrong AMS Runway
  242. OT: Cathay Pacific - Best Baggage Delivery time at Schiphol?
  243. Too much to ask: Premium service - Porsche pick up for Platinum Members
  244. KLM Open 2012
  245. same flight for many weeks
  246. Seat reservations ICA flights now available at time of booking (340 days)
  247. AMS Transfer
  248. V class on KL - will it earn?
  249. EU-claim seizes KLM accounts
  250. OT: new routes from RTM (non-SkyTeam)

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