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  1. "Take an Option" Fee Refundable for US Originating Flights
  2. Need Help Seat Assignment Wheelchair Request
  3. KLM to Damman (Gates)
  4. Noise Cancelling Headphones in Biz Class
  5. KLM Promo but not avail?
  6. Embraer 190 seating change?
  7. KLM is taking advantage of my medical emergency?
  9. layover at AMS
  10. Multi-city itinerary? Not possible!
  11. Upgrading to WBC KLM with Freq. Flyer points is near impossible
  12. KLM Forgets Same Disabled Woman Twice In One Year
  13. Need Advice For KLM Flights
  14. Which PNR should I use and lounge access.
  15. Why can't KL print MH BPs?
  16. KLM UK crews struggling with Dutch
  17. A330-300 new seating plan ?
  18. KLM Flying Blue/Petroleum
  19. Missed connection, compensation?
  20. Did Amsterdam Schiphol ever consider changing its name to London Amsterdam Airport?
  21. Non Users fee
  22. More Enjoyable Flying Experiences for KLM Passengers
  23. Werelddeal Weken Autumn 2013
  24. KLM Advertisement CPT rt on internet
  25. FYI: fuel surcharge as per 22 August 2013
  26. Price decrease Economy Comfort short-haul
  27. KLM Poland promises to answer any question
  28. Iberian Peninsula Fiesta
  29. New seats on F70, new EC, less EBC
  30. Problems w.r.t. seat selection on short-haul fixed
  31. KLM Business class a330-200
  32. Flights change from a A332 to 777? (IAD-AMS-JRO)
  33. New KLM business seat
  34. KLM Engineering Hopes to Recycle Planes
  35. KLM 747-400 combi biz class seat retrofits
  36. Major alert as smoke reported pouring from KLM plane on runway at Manston airport
  37. KLM Same Day Airport UGs?
  38. checkin time in AMS ?
  39. Economy comfort upgrade
  40. Economy Comfort - boarding?
  41. KLM API "Second name"
  42. KLM/Delta transfer to Baltic Air
  43. Fast lane in Birmingham accessible for SkyPriority?
  44. Am I the only one who prefers normal economy to economy comfort?
  45. OT: Emirates doubles flights to AMS
  46. Video screens for four seats behind three on KLM A330-200?
  47. MD-11 seating
  48. KLM Cityhopper to lease six Embraer E-190s
  49. Shared Vision
  50. Discount on Economy comfort
  51. Filipino Attending World Youth Day on KUL-AMS-GIG Flight Denied Boarding by KLM Staff
  52. EU261/Jurisdiction
  53. D26/D28/D30
  54. 777-200ER Seat 40A or Pay for Economy Comfort?
  55. Economy Plus Options/Ticekting for DL Elites?
  56. 'preferred seats' - longhaul window/aisle seat for 30 euro
  57. Award booking - will it improve?
  58. Platinum and access to Economy Comfort on KLM - question
  59. KLM promotion: "book mobile"
  60. Nice surprise
  61. No Sky Priority on boarding pass
  62. How long a transfer to avoid bags being checked through at AMS?
  63. Schiphol & KLM score well for punctuality
  64. KLM meals: pics and videos
  65. Dutch carrier absent at consumer mediation talks
  66. Need advice SFO terminal change
  67. Ode to the Polderbaan
  68. Guayaquil lounge; Pay for a drink
  69. Retrofit new WBC routes (B744)
  70. Award tickets - mileage jump
  71. EU Regulation 261/2004 refusal
  72. OT: Travel Clinic at Schiphol
  73. AF code shares on KL for HKG?
  74. EUR 25 voucher for late bag arrival? Any use other than ticketing?
  75. Luggage allowance? 3 or 4?
  76. Alternative to AmEx card for KLM miles?
  77. Flying business class for the first time!!!
  78. Actually won something from KLM....
  79. Mini TR: MSE-AMS-MSE (Manston)
  80. KLM to start FLR
  81. "Upgraded" to the middle seat of a Fokker 70
  82. Best economy comfort seat based on bathrooms
  83. New insites survey: Privium for all elites?
  84. Splitting a journey in AMS
  85. New book on KLM houses
  86. PTY>AMS???
  87. Can One Book a Connection TATL on DL to a Transavia Flight?
  88. EC 261/2004 Compensation for Strike Delays?
  89. KLM crew using iPad. Insight in PIL
  90. "Steerage" class - no problem; I'm now in CARGO!
  91. AMS-CUR-AMS (KLM, Amsterdam to Curaçao)
  92. Status refurbish WBC 747
  93. Do KLM upgrade passengers based on their race/ethnicity?
  94. KLM to lounge their own game
  95. Connection time at AMS
  96. Strange price?
  97. KLM World Deal weeks (werelddealweken)
  98. Traveling with infant Intra-Europe on KLM
  99. KLM steward caught with drugs in Singapore
  100. Newbie question on connecting flight
  101. "Doutzen Kroes is angry with KLM"
  102. Crown Lounge Catering
  103. AMS - 80min layover for elderly
  104. Clark to Hartman: Check your facts before you whinge and whine
  105. KLM introduces inflight WiFi and text/data services
  106. First to disembark
  107. Upcoming meeting with KLM - post your questions
  108. Frequent Flyer tells KL (and other legacy carriers) a couple of home truths
  109. KL Denies Boarding - Mistakes Pax for Troublemaker
  110. 3 baggage check in?
  111. No Premium Economy Seats?
  112. LAX Lounge Privileges
  113. What to expect on WBC from Toronto
  114. KLM to start codeshare with Pegasus
  115. Same day change to earlier KL flight
  116. Gate check at AMS
  117. Standard of WBC food from Manila and Taipei
  118. Arriving AMS carryon and need to check bag for next flight
  119. Which baggage allowance? (Intra-EU)
  120. New meals in Economy and WBC
  121. KLM complaint response time
  122. EUROPE: ELITES now 2x baggage checking free
  123. Short Connection (Aer Lingus to KLM) and Inflight Entertainment Question
  124. Access to Aer Lingus lounge??
  125. KLM website rebooking sneakyness
  126. KLM orders another B777
  127. KL-EY [baggage interlining]
  128. What do you think? Compensation or not?
  129. Thousands of bags left behind at AMS yesterday
  130. Open Letter to KLM and the Flying Blue Management
  131. Check In times
  132. Help - how to get a refund on a nonrefundable ticket on KLM through
  133. "Semi upgrade" on KLC
  134. Carry On Baggage on F70 Aircraft
  135. KLM something positive
  136. Award upgrade availability
  137. 789
  138. OT: long layover in AMS
  139. Flying on April 30th? Limited edition KLM House
  140. Does moving mean changing alliance?
  141. Who exactly is Schiphol for?
  142. What is "under airline control"? (compensation for delay)
  143. Oneway fares on KLM
  144. Why are the Automated Border Control Machines at Schiphol so Slow?
  145. 19-04 klm website outage
  146. Connecting onto Bangkok Airways
  147. Schiphol makes top 3 in Skytrax's list of best airports
  148. anyone who managed to change a booking via klm website
  149. intra european segments pricing with KLM
  150. Amsterdam Airport X-Ray: remove chargers and cables from bag
  151. Which lounge
  152. AMS-JRO equipment change - EC advice on Airbus's??
  153. KLM passenger must get compensation for delay
  154. Win a spaceflight with KLM
  155. business on KLM: 777-200ER, 777-300ER or 747-400 ?
  156. Connection time - 40 minutes..
  157. Boarding from a coach
  158. KLM lost luggage will not admit fault
  159. 30-minute turnaround
  160. How to check in a bag for two flights on different tickets?
  161. Seat Selection AMS-AUH
  162. Last Rows of KLM 777-300
  163. Most convenient and comfortable hotel at AMS airport?
  164. Is there a way online to book a refundable fare on the KLM website?
  165. Windows Phone App for KLM
  166. Booking Avis via KLM Website
  167. Loophole closed? Old status deleted from reservation.
  168. KLM Online Seat Selection Meaningless?
  169. Left Some Headphones on a Flight Last Night - Sick as a Parrot!
  170. KLM Staff: "Best in Europe"
  171. Strange Service Pattern on BKK-AMS
  172. Advice - standby changes while connecting through AMS
  173. OT: Hagelslag at Schiphol
  174. WBC seat choice 332
  175. Has anyone been awarded the Palace het Loo?
  176. 2 seats booked under one name..
  177. EU261
  178. Upgrade to Business Class
  179. Offload baggage fee
  180. Flynt
  181. A330-200 Row 10 or 11?
  182. Confirmed: new KLM WBC Seat
  183. Missing a Connection in AMS
  184. KL Intra-Europe Flights Pricing in Y but Intercontinentals in C
  185. KLM and flight delays
  186. KLM introduces Preferred Seats
  187. More Seat Selection Weirdness (F70 Flight)
  188. Seatplan gone > 10 days before flight?
  189. Schiphol to introduce centralised security for non-Schengen from 2015
  190. WiFi onboard KLM flights
  191. KLM start regular flights to JFK on Bio Fuel
  192. Price increase 18,5% of flight tickets
  193. Best seat on 747?
  194. KLM to unveil new WBC on 19 March
  195. How KLM is treating their favorite guests (my status is Platinum Elite Plus)
  196. KL1007 AMS-LHR Flat Tire 21st February
  197. Linking facebook account
  198. Lounge access in Europe Questions
  199. Good deal? 40% bonus miles
  200. KLM economy comfort vs poor mans first class
  201. KLM to launch its own game
  202. Is There a KLM Number I can Call Where I Have a Prayer of Getting Help with OLCI
  203. Cancelling flight and getting a refund
  204. KLM Lounges Schiphol
  205. How to get a ff tix ATL-JRO
  206. When did KLM withdraw its STN-AMS service?
  207. Camiel Eurlings new president of KLM
  208. 15/30 euros per check-in baggage on EU flights
  209. KL1784 on 18 Feb
  210. Getting Boarding Passes at SIN
  211. KLM interline baggage policy on separate PNRs
  212. The further adventures of Pandora - ORD to AMS Dec 12
  213. KLM 45min+ on Hold, Any tips?
  214. IAD-AMS Downgraded to A332
  215. KLM New Baggage rules from 22nd April 2013
  216. Baggage changes - Is GOLD now the same as IVORY?
  217. KLM Johannesburg to Amsterdam
  218. Flight cancellation 14 Feb.
  219. KLM to [re]introduce one way fares to AMS from UK for £39
  220. Book from any departure point
  221. KLM to introduce check-in baggage fees
  222. KLM to charge check-in luggage for European flights
  223. KL-BR baggage interline on separate PNRs
  224. Rebooking policy for Fyra train service
  225. Seat map live?
  226. AMS-YYZ (Jan 2014 - KL 695)
  227. Business Food Service
  228. Changing A ZFF Ticket When Zero Availability In Z
  229. Alicante
  230. URGENT: KLM - can I cancel my itinerary?
  231. Help with departure city to AMS and connection time variance?
  232. 747 IFE
  233. Flying from Eindhoven to LCY
  234. 747 IFE
  235. KL 611 forced to return to AMS (M/X)
  236. Can't select KLM seats online!?!?
  237. I may change my name to Pandora....
  238. KLM seat maps
  239. New catering on (very) short haul?
  240. Future flight, Elite discount?
  241. E190 Business Class
  242. On-line check-in
  243. Heads up: Delays and Cancellations possible at AMS tomorrow (Snow forecast)
  244. KLM Business Class on 777-200 and -300
  245. KLM 747 (Mixed) the same as 747 (Combi)?
  246. Flight Cancellation - due to Weather - really? (KL1506 18 January)
  247. Intra European G class now flexible?
  248. KLM BKK-AMS elite + s get Premium Pass
  249. Chances that an 65 minute YVR-AMS-ATH connection is doable?
  250. KLM Feedback app has been released