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  1. Uncomfortable B777 seats
  2. e-ticket not available "because of Alaska air"!!
  3. Earing KL-miles on CO?
  4. New in Economy Class: meal box with hot snack
  5. New lounge situation in March ??
  6. Lounge guest as GE?
  7. Why do some KLM tails have "asia" added?
  8. KLM Gold Status for Hilton HHonors
  9. why do award bookings take so f*****g long?
  10. "Flying" from Antwerp
  11. question about mobile phone rental at AMS
  12. Row 13/14 on 767
  13. Why do we fly KL?
  14. KLM partner hotels?
  15. Got an op upgrade !!!
  16. See Buy Fly again
  17. The first KL metal: a DeHaviland DH-9B
  18. Again KL goes for a customer survey to improve FD service quality
  19. Need help with fares to Bangkok.
  20. Is it me or them?
  21. LMAO - Hilton referal for FD Gold Elite
  22. Electronic ticket for an award with a KL partner airline impossible
  24. Regular fare is 1 Euro CHEAPER than the "Zwaanzinnig" special offer fares
  25. KL to serve TBS
  26. Priority security at AMS
  27. No new FD card for FD AmEx card holders
  28. Schiphol Duty Free
  29. who needs free access to ams KL lounge
  30. Can you use FD points at AMS to ug on NW?
  31. KLM or NWA World Business Class?
  32. FD account blocked
  33. Lounge at LGW
  34. KLM AMEX card - don't get stung!
  35. Timetable Changes
  36. AMEX NL - Partner card
  37. plane to Vancouver ?
  38. FD Miles on trains?
  39. Which lounge to choose in AMS
  40. KLM 767 or NW A330?
  41. Munich Lounge?
  42. New card finally there..
  43. F Award on MH Using FD Miles
  44. FD has overcharged my debit card. Help.
  45. KL to charge for phone check-in in NL
  46. Avis triple miles are not posting
  47. *A Status match - anyone had any progress?
  48. Award upgrades on NW getting scarcer
  49. Will I get my miles: Checked in / but missed flight?
  50. I HATE taxes. Did you know round trip awards costs more in tax than 2 x 1 way?
  51. Near mid-air collision KLM and Swiss metal February 18
  53. Looking for some miles for a bit...
  54. F-50 Cityhopper carry-on luggage??
  55. Anyone recieved new cards for this year yet?
  56. warning about bulkheads IAD-AMS
  57. Helpdesk "NO availability" Website - yes
  58. MH Leaving ?
  59. Double Miles in Z-Class
  60. Compensation for flight delay.
  61. Ignorant check in staff
  62. Air UK Memories
  63. Which lounge PE’s can use at AKL?
  64. Upgrade from Amesterdam to BKK ?
  65. Mail delivery of award tickets
  66. KLM is pathetic on inter-European flights now...
  67. KLM UK Valentine Offers
  68. The KLM "Ghost Bus" to Ottawa
  69. NW PE allowed in Lounge at AMS.....
  70. online check-in
  71. fare currency conversion
  72. Rotterdam Lounge
  73. Sector deleted from itinerary
  74. "Win a Trip to South Africa"
  75. Malaysia Airlines & lounge access Question
  76. EU Approves AFR/KLM Merger
  77. Webawards and stopovers
  78. NW lounges for KLM passengers
  79. Upgrade on CO
  80. Coming monday KLM Exel flights cancelled
  81. two questions: elite security checkpoints in the US and NW companion upgrades
  82. AmEx FD miles?
  83. award upgrades
  84. F100 love them or hate them??
  85. Two bookings on the same flight for same person
  86. KL Invites FD members to give their opinion on the FD programme
  87. FD newsletter February-March 2004
  88. KLM mistake costs me money
  89. KL lounge at TPE
  90. KLM to Jo'burg
  91. VAT in The Netherlands is 19%, several ways to have a VAT refund
  92. Belfast
  93. KLM on line booking is designed to really hack you off
  94. Transfer in purgatory NW-KL
  95. FD HD Syndrome infects NW agent
  96. Any positive feedback from complaints????
  97. AMEX TO CO TO KLM???
  98. Lifetime Platinum Elite Clarification
  99. Rewarding Loyalty
  100. EU Says Will Decide On KLM-Air France Merge on 11-FEB
  101. KLM ORD/AMS. What Is It?
  102. Upgrading economy award tickets with miles?
  103. e-ticket confirmations
  104. Who can I write to at FD AMS to pass on thanks to a FD staffer?
  105. penalty for cancelling award?
  106. Schiphol Crown Lounge showers.
  107. Will it be possible to upgrade these flights?
  108. Malaysian Airlines 747 Biz Class. Please rate it against the KLM 747s
  109. Transfering files
  110. Double miles?
  111. The consistently unfathomable web@wards...
  112. check bags through?
  113. Anyone ever flown KLM to Kilimanjaro Tanzania? Equipment?
  114. 777 electrical hookups?
  115. Any experience upgrading Air Miles tickets?
  116. TCB - Travel Class Bonus reduced to 100% for PE's?
  117. Interlining FD award's andf Iberia flight.
  118. Seat 10a on a MD11
  119. FD News Feb/Mar
  120. Does KLM match status?
  121. 767 Seats in Economy
  122. Fleeing FD
  123. GlobalPass - Taca, Avianca, Aeropostal . Posting of miles?
  124. I fought the law, and the law won
  125. What's going on August 14th?
  126. All ELite members to keep current level in 2004
  127. Web award dates
  128. Movies shown on board in February :
  129. Anyone got award points for See buy Fly?
  130. FD website mess
  131. And of course, no upgrade in status
  132. Travelocity Dream Maps to find inexpensive fares for KL mileage runs
  133. Status Matching (UK only)
  134. What happened to KLM?
  135. KLM adds insult to injury - am I entitled to anything?
  136. Customer Service at its best, KLM award ticket problems at DUS again....
  137. Use of NWA miles on KLM?
  138. FD now showing 2004 data ?
  139. priority boarding? I hadn't noticed...
  140. Online booking and TCVs
  141. Flying Dutchman Amex card more rewarding than Amex regular with Membership Rewards
  142. Automatic seat reservations ?
  143. Missing FD Mastercard miles
  144. Operational Upgrades
  145. calling (US) NW reservations from the UK
  146. KLM oneway award JNB-AMS-CAI questions:
  147. Just how bad does the KLM web site suck?
  148. Miles to Upgrade USA - Europe
  149. KLM CFO: Merger Plans With Air France On Schedule
  150. WebAwards
  151. FD Statements
  152. For AMS - Nairobi - is KQ up to similar standard to KL?
  153. Puzzled SE
  154. Dipping toe back into KLM water
  155. Service doesn't have to be bad
  156. KLM dumps there Silver customers!!!
  157. KLM to take over some cityhopper flights AMS-BHX
  158. Immigration time at ORD
  159. discount KLM when flying 10+ persons
  160. KLM to discontinue Kolkata (CCU) flights
  161. Award upgrades - is there a better way
  162. Retaining GE status - when will I know...
  163. Schiphol Shooting!?!?!
  164. multi-leg booking on KL website
  165. Watch web bookings
  166. Flemish Travel Agents Encouraged to Boycot KLM
  168. Any Thoughts?
  169. cold meals ams-cdg......whats "w" class
  170. klm in Nice
  171. Kenya Airways
  172. Buying Multi-Ticket Vouchers from KLM in Europe ?
  173. does klm allow standby?
  174. Focker 70
  175. Has Anybody Recently Flown MALEV Airlines?
  176. 747-400 seating
  177. lounge at Stansted
  178. FD Award - Stopover Allowed?
  179. WBC Movies January/February AMS-MIA
  180. Upgrade to Gold Elite Status
  181. Air Alps
  182. Am I crazy?? Can someone else check on this?
  183. T&Cs
  184. Downgrading: has it happened to you?
  185. lounges in US with PE card
  186. intra europe...any cheap mileage runs?
  187. First time flying WBC on a 767 to YVR
  188. row 31 exit row?
  189. FD Award Tax Refund
  190. December Traffic : Passenger Capacity Down 11%
  191. Need Help Transferring from KLM to Northwest
  192. Fingerprinting at Detroit ?
  193. Overcredit of 'Individual Target Bonus' corrected
  194. Need help from the NCL regulars.
  195. KLM Award Ticket Not Honored
  196. New Status?
  197. Any Extra Security in AMS for US Flights
  198. EU starts review of Air France-KLM link
  199. "Back in the USSR...errr...to KLM"...
  200. International operational upgrades on MH
  201. New Years Eve in AMS
  202. What is happening with Flying Dutchman online?
  203. KLM changing dates of travel.
  204. Anybody got miles for customer research surveys yet ?
  205. KLM wins "Feather Award"
  206. 703 miles from PLAT
  207. platinum upgrades on continental ?
  208. Is it too late to get comped?
  209. Internet Check-in
  210. Travel Fair Oslo
  211. Move to Seize KLM Assets in Ghana
  212. Major fog delays for DEL flights this week (12+ hrs)
  213. Household accounts
  214. AF/KLM
  215. What is KLM going to do to honour their PE's who actually flew this year?
  216. Buy Platinum Elite Status for only 250 euro!
  217. Why is it always so busy in the KLM lounges at AMS??
  218. KLM Silver comp form required
  219. 36 miles short of SE, any chance on comp to SE?
  220. KLM & Others under investigation
  221. KLM Voted Best in Johannesburg
  222. 777 to Delhi?
  223. Seasons greetings
  224. KLM poster: help- fiance wants Africa poster!
  225. klm MISSED opportunity
  226. All Platinum Elite members will stay at their current level
  227. KLM Newsletter
  228. SDQ & HAV Web Awards- Anybody Book Successfully?
  229. Has somebody got a tip for a Gold Invite?
  230. KLM sells two Boeing 747-300s To Holiday Airlines
  231. identification
  232. Star Alliance getting scent
  233. FD Automated Helpline
  234. FD/Skyteam Award
  235. Good seat on JFK-AMS for the 17th
  236. HappyNew year??
  237. Web Account Access Not Working
  238. Silver Invite, Gold Invite, Plat Invite ?
  239. KLM not Interested!!!
  240. KLM reminds us to vote for them at the prestigious consumer-generated FreddieAwards
  241. KLM PLUS- does this make sense?
  242. FD Programme benefits for 2004 and beyond
  243. Complimentary lifetime Platinum Elite membership
  244. Free Global lounge no matter the class or airline flown if you’re a Platinum..
  245. Breaking News : All Platinum Elite members will stay at their current level
  246. special priority-boarding lane for c-class and for FD Platinum and Gold Elite members
  247. Number of FD partners to be reduced...
  248. Silver Elite members will no longer have free lounge access as per March 1, but...
  249. Apply American Express card and ensure your FD membership level until 2006!
  250. Elite check-in at AMS