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  1. OMDFG! 150000 miles to get to Asia?
  2. KLM giveth and KLM taketh away
  3. Awards now avail for travel on AF
  4. KLM Customer Research continues their surveys
  5. AF lounge access for Gold Elite members of FD
  6. OK, it's June. Any experience with earning FD miles on AF flights?
  7. Poffertjes and Frittes at Schiphol?
  8. Click & Go & KLM Hotels
  9. FA's 'banned' from joking about distance to/from new runway !!!
  10. Best way to get a later connection in AMS??
  11. KLM-AF code-share list
  12. Product and Service Improvements
  13. Best Y seats in a 744 Combi and 767
  14. KLM PDF schedule now includes Air France...
  15. Calling All AMS-based FTers!!!
  16. After the KLM / AF merger, what happens to the NWA / KL partnership?
  17. overbooked flights ex LHR
  18. Norwich Call Center to Close
  19. Breaking news : KL official carrier of Aralola Olamuyiwa, the talking drummer
  20. WBC Food
  21. KLM Credit Card available in the UK ?
  22. Any benefits or drawbacks of moving FD account to Asia?
  23. Are front row seats 72 A/B on a 747 as good as what else is upstairs?
  24. Upgrade chances KL643 next friday
  25. FD members! InsideFlyer needs your feedback!
  26. Req:Wisdom from KLM Board - What do you now get when you book a biz class award in EU
  27. How things change
  28. Award avail on A->B and B->C, but not if A->B->C?
  29. TAM Brazil airpass
  30. fastrack access at T4
  31. Airmiles flights - Miles deducted from account
  32. Review of my First KLM Experience in Business Class
  33. easyJet challenges Air France and KLM merger in the Court of First Instance
  34. "That is not possible" - The KLM FD Jobsworth List
  35. Improved Service!
  36. Food in C, AMS-BGO
  37. Award availability for PEs
  38. Best seat in Coach and Biz on the 777
  39. KL/AF merger - legal challenge by Easyjet?
  40. Lounge at DXB
  41. KLM’s new Boeing 777s score high marks (?)
  42. What do I do with these upgrades?
  43. KLM UK Reservations
  44. 500 bonus award and level miles on NL-FR routes
  45. Air France Flight Awards June 1 ?
  46. Delays with issuance of FD Gold Elite cards
  47. Earning Service Miles met Airmiles???
  48. Orphan Miles ?
  49. Best 777 C Seat
  50. What's the secret to booking KLM Award?
  51. Dream offers
  52. Non-Schengen Transfer Desk
  53. AMS Lounge News
  54. KLM vierdaagse ?
  55. Upgrade @ lounge in AMS
  56. PE upgrade on NW on domestic flights only?
  57. Transfer to alternative carrier.
  58. Can you use the Alaska Air network on a Europe-USA award?
  59. Breaking news : low-cost carrier in SkyTeam
  60. MH awards
  61. Triple FD miles from India promotion
  62. KLM Y Service on Flights Inside Europe
  63. Two hours in AMS, Connecting and Lounge Options?
  64. A new KL Forum game: What sucks worse than the FD web site?
  65. What benefits to keep in the new FF prog? Letter to KLM
  66. New FFP!
  67. Official news - "KLM and Air France join forces"
  68. First fruits of merger / take-over
  69. Kl 644 Jfk-ams
  70. 777 Ord-ams?
  71. Dream Offers
  72. Need some Info on Round the World Fares
  73. KLM Lounge in Abu Dhabi?
  74. KLM-AF Route restructure
  75. FD or F+
  76. Munich - incident with KLM B737 and small prop jet approaching runway
  77. FD and F+ merger?
  78. KLM waxes lyrical about "old, scabby paint"
  79. Only certain fares qualify for benefits on MH????
  80. Air France seals landmark takeover of KLM
  81. Skyteam mileage and lounge access "from june"
  82. Internet Check-in bonus
  83. NEW: Member Get Member Bonus Promotion
  84. Has anyone heard if KL is resuming the ATL-AMS flight in the near future??
  85. KL to acquire 777-300ERs?
  86. Fokker 100 New Business Class Service !
  87. KLM wins best elite level airline (International) at the Freddies
  88. AMS to Bombay
  89. KL-AF code-share kicks off on 01JUN
  90. Use of lounges on a part C class ticket
  91. EDI Servisair Shambles
  92. AMS-IAH 661/662 problems
  93. We've got new flights. Just don't tell anyone...
  94. Platinum FD upgrades on Northwest Intn?
  95. RTW pricing ex BKK
  96. KLM Air France share swap.
  97. Domestic upgrades on NW?
  98. Bad Malaysia Airlines service smoothly corrected by KLM
  99. Web@ward questions
  100. Plat Elite and NWA domestic Y class award
  101. When does the award availability "increase"?
  102. Best seat in Y on 777-200
  103. BA to KLM transfers at AMS: how long is needed?
  104. LAX-AMS Aircraft Q's
  105. panes change at NCL
  106. KLM admit 767 is inferior
  107. KL back in Marseille
  108. AF (KL) Lounge at Montreal
  109. Globeground lounges.
  110. Skipping first leg of ticket on LKM
  111. Questions re 767 WBC and AMS Connections
  112. KL introduces net price model in Germany
  113. Help/Comments appreciated re missing miles
  114. KL 1854 Emergency landing at DUS
  115. KLM or Malaysia Airlines business class?
  116. KLM - AF programs, when?
  117. Award Upgrades European Legs
  118. KL to stop flying to Miami
  119. Surcharge for paper tickets
  120. What happened to the lounge 'master list'?
  121. KLM lifts forecast due to fuller planes, cost cuts
  122. The French will get half of KLM for free
  123. Free; 100 bonus FD miles
  124. Advice needed by Platinum Elite
  125. Is this new?
  126. KLM Standby on WBC Reward Ticket?
  127. Self-Boarding at AMS for Schengen e-ticket Pax?
  128. NW Elite benefits on KLM metal?
  129. 737 C class LIS-AMS
  130. KLM Unions Ask Managers To Explain Merger Bonuses
  131. Helsinki lounge
  132. Anyone Flown New WBC on 777?
  133. KL/AF merger: any dates for implementation yet?
  134. KLM hires Imano as first UK digital marketing agency
  135. KLM Doubles Self-Service Check-In
  136. MAS to follow KLM?????
  137. Ok so my next KLM flight shows this on itn.net
  138. Brilliant Last Minute Fares ex AMS on MP again
  139. KL/BA 'Codeshare' to Middle East
  140. Klm Traffic And Capacity Statistics - March 2004
  141. Card lost - New membership number ?
  142. 2004 Credentials! Finally!
  143. Air France/KLM Merger On Again
  144. KLM still loosing out
  145. Couple of questions about Malaysia Airlines?
  146. No reading on take off or landing?
  147. Thanks KLM
  148. 10K on MD11
  149. 747: Upstairs? Dowstairs? What seats?
  150. KLM replaces cash handouts with pre-paid debit cards
  151. FD News Apr/May
  152. Keukenhof savings: Your KLM ticket is worth every eurocent...
  153. AMS upgrading baggage system
  154. Swissport and KLM conclude multi-year worldwide ground handling agreement
  155. The capacity controls perk for Platinum and Gold Elite’s
  156. Beirut flights
  157. More Internet Check-In locations
  158. Welcome back FT!
  159. Which terminal from MAN?
  160. Ops upgrades with NWA including Journey Logic
  161. From today’s KL Newsletter: a series offers leaving from France
  162. Upgrades to/from Accra
  163. Delay in posting of miles?
  164. Choosing between KL and KQ
  165. Jet Airways now goes to Colombo
  166. Using FD points to upgrade but earning points elsewhere
  167. best seats on KL 74M
  168. Flyertalk closed Friday March 26th till Monday 29th
  169. booze $ paper back in KL economy!
  170. EDI action fares
  171. Internet check in Bonus
  172. FD Miles on Air Europe (UX, Spain)
  173. Targeted promo for 10000 bonus Award Miles
  174. First Class Award Ticket???
  175. Picture of KLM 777 Business Seat reclined
  176. KLM - Air France merger postponed
  177. special GE/PE-feature of greater award availability gone?
  178. Web Awards Up?
  179. Skyteam RTW tickets
  180. Internet Fares
  181. KLM in Skyteam: When?
  182. KLM to boost summer capacity by 8%
  183. Advice please - reliable travel agent in Cairo to book KL Biz Class RTW tickets
  184. AMS to Cincinnati
  185. Should I buy another ticket?
  186. KL4103 vs KL807
  187. Shopping in the air: LogoMedia Translate
  188. Online Booking Bonus
  189. KL restarts ATL-AMS service
  190. KLM 777
  191. Excellent Service in DELHI
  192. FD comp from WP when moving to UK from US?
  193. Kenya Airways
  194. FD award on NW excludes some US cities
  195. Cheap KLM agents
  196. KLM overbooking/seats assign questions
  197. There *must* be a hidden camera someplace
  198. eTickets! Do i have to?
  199. New Rules for Odd-sized Baggage
  200. Night flights to BCN, LIS, ATH
  201. Research...need your help!
  202. KLM Management
  203. Free SILVER.........!!!!!
  204. What is the Business Class bonus for Continental Z
  205. Luggage Tags 2004
  206. vegetarian meals?? yes, no, maybe so?
  207. HELP for Status match
  208. Web@wards not working.
  209. Award Miles Malaysia Airlines
  210. Life of Miles?
  211. FD Gold Elite promo
  212. Any news on merging miles after KLM becomes a Skyteam member?
  213. Malaysian check-in refuses to recognise PE card
  214. KLM Insurance - Bonus 3500 FD miles
  215. WiFi and/or mobile phone acct in NL
  216. Rumor: NW starts service to CGN in 2005
  217. Feedback of the FD members customer survey by TNS-NIPO
  218. Feedback on KLM/FD Polls
  219. Using Multiple Airlines on Award
  220. KLM Jo'burg
  221. No e-ticket available for award tickets
  222. Cheapest flight out of Switzerland ?
  223. FD amex miles
  224. 737-800
  225. Select Seating actually working?
  226. Online Check-in when flying from CPH
  227. Uncomfortable B777 seats
  228. e-ticket not available "because of Alaska air"!!
  229. Earing KL-miles on CO?
  230. New in Economy Class: meal box with hot snack
  231. New lounge situation in March ??
  232. Lounge guest as GE?
  233. Why do some KLM tails have "asia" added?
  234. KLM Gold Status for Hilton HHonors
  235. why do award bookings take so f*****g long?
  236. "Flying" from Antwerp
  237. question about mobile phone rental at AMS
  238. Row 13/14 on 767
  239. Why do we fly KL?
  240. KLM partner hotels?
  241. Got an op upgrade !!!
  242. See Buy Fly again
  243. The first KL metal: a DeHaviland DH-9B
  244. Again KL goes for a customer survey to improve FD service quality
  245. Need help with fares to Bangkok.
  246. Is it me or them?
  247. LMAO - Hilton referal for FD Gold Elite
  248. Electronic ticket for an award with a KL partner airline impossible
  249. AMS>TPE>AMS
  250. Regular fare is 1 Euro CHEAPER than the "Zwaanzinnig" special offer fares