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  1. Man Jetting and Flying Are Getting Expensive...
  2. Pricing with Jet Blue: Are first offered prices the best?
  3. Find flight attendant & love
  4. Jetblue entertaining Mexico expansion
  5. June results announced
  6. When to purchase ticket?
  7. Rumors: B6 looking for FLL-FOR
  8. Wi-Fi enabled planes?
  9. New wines and new cookies
  10. JetBlue.com en Espanol!
  11. Updated ETA: JFK T5?
  12. B9 newbie
  13. JetBlue "Happy Jetting!" TV Ads Break!
  14. NY to Seattle: Direct or Connect in Boston
  15. BOS/FLL: How can one tell which type of plane is on that route plus other questions?
  16. Any truth to JFK-MBJ/UVF?
  17. More IAD flyers for B6
  18. Advice for my neurotic-traveler mother please?
  19. Official Ask The Flight Attendant Thread
  20. $10 off each way from Chicago
  21. TrueBlue Award availability?
  22. When will flights become available past 1/31?
  23. New Promo - 10% off for October travel
  24. JetBlue Q2 Foreshadowing
  25. Inflight Crewmember punched on flight
  26. First class coming?
  27. HPN or SWF to Tampa anytime soon???
  28. JetBlue Airways Ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction"
  29. Flight caps lifted at O'Hare
  30. jetBlue expanding at Newburgh?
  31. B6 at PHX this early morning
  32. Trans Atlantic
  33. Any B6 frequent posters win a trip to Paris?
  34. Redesigned Mobile Website
  35. Possible LiveTV Spin-off??
  36. Trueblue Booking?
  37. Families Kicked Off of Flight 215 - June 10
  38. Pillows & Blankets
  39. B6 adds more frequencies flight from JFK, MCO, BOS-SJU
  40. JetBlue Partners with Energy Plus
  41. JetBlue's LiveTV to buy Airfone
  42. JetBlue reports May traffic numbers
  43. Latest AmEx signup bonuses - 25 points + o/w cert
  44. You've got questions; we might get answers
  45. Is there any way of transfering $100 Non-Transferable Credit
  46. (nice) New Feature on jetblue.com
  47. Donating points
  48. Some remedial Points questions from a non-B6 flyer...
  49. Does Jet Blue Offer Milk Onboard ?
  50. More Betablue?
  51. USA Today interview with Jetblue Executives
  52. movies JFK- Burbank
  53. $10 off EACH way Sept travel - Maybe Targeted Discount?
  54. Tracking Flight 91 JFK->OAK 1 June
  55. True Blue Triple rewards from paypal?
  56. BOS-HOU a possibility?
  57. Any shot at getting a voucher for this cancellation?
  58. Honoring a Lower Fare
  59. Need flight advice
  60. New Gate In BOS for JetBlue
  61. JetBlue Flying out of MYR!
  62. JBLU Instant Win Giveaway
  63. Revised Lufthansa investment terms
  64. AA eliminates BOS - SAN, good for B6?
  65. Decision to leave JetBlue
  66. **** ALERT DJ =WSJ: JetBlue To Defer Deliveries Of 21 Airbus Jetliners
  67. JetBlue defers delivery of 21 A320 aircraft
  68. Jetblue Eliminates Rebooking Fees??
  69. JetBlue in MDW..
  70. JetBlue AMEX Business Card ?
  71. How strict are the airlines with the 50 lbs + $50 fee rule?
  72. EML Center Seats- Open or Filled?
  73. Bye, Bye Fox Inflight - Hello JetBlue Features
  74. Lufthansa Partnership
  75. Best seat on E190?
  76. Losing some SLC routes
  77. Jump from $20.00 to $30.00 for More Leg Room
  78. Since Jetblue likes to do what they do.........
  79. Booking an empty seat next to me
  80. Lots of new routes launching today [21 May 08]
  81. Jetting To Green
  82. TV Guide for JetBlue Flights
  83. B6 at DCA?
  84. Request for any pilots that read this forum
  85. Broken TVs
  86. The New TV Commercial - Happy Jetting
  87. How can I choose a seat?
  88. AUS--->SFO might need a second flight
  89. No More Free Headphones
  90. What is up with BOS->TPA?
  91. Enhanced Legroom - Not great recline?
  92. B6 fun site: HappyJetting
  93. Miles Don't Show Up
  94. Pax in the lavatory: on B6 flight?
  95. Frequent Flyer Question
  96. Post Tour Beers
  97. Seat Assignment and possible "upgrade" to more legroom seats
  98. Any inside info on when fares will be published for February 2009?
  99. Which B6 planes have wi-fi
  100. Do you accrue True Blue Points on reward flights
  101. True Blue points question?
  102. Old schedule on jetblue.com?
  103. $$$ Am I seeing what I think I see??
  104. I've got 13 trueblue points expiring 5/27/08 - anyone want 'em?
  105. B6 v. VX seats: which is better?
  106. Free Drink (and I don't mean soda) with Amex JB card
  107. Is SeatGuru's A320 Map Wrong?
  108. Why i$ B6 Getting $o Expen$ive?
  109. What might Jet Blue start charging for next?
  110. JetBlue reports April traffic
  111. Promo - $50 off FUTURE Travel
  112. Need 1 TrueBlue point
  113. LAX service suspended?
  114. Checked bag policy?
  115. New checked baggage policy and check in times for the Dominican Republic
  116. If the Valentine's Day meltdown never happened and...............
  117. Award Ticket Change Fee
  118. JetBlue gets nod from CNN.com writer
  119. how B6 saves money: take longer to get you from A to B
  120. What's next?
  121. $100 Change Fee?!
  122. Big day for JetBlue in Austin, Boston and LAX
  123. Selecting aisle and window seat on same booking
  124. David Neeleman on Glenn Beck NOW!
  125. Jetblue's New Ad Campaign
  126. Crandall says JetBlue should not be able to fly into JFK or LGA
  127. Implications for Jetblue re: CO's decision
  128. Home-based CSRs?
  129. JetBlue Airways "overweight," target price raised
  130. Schedule through 1/31/2009 release date...
  131. Auto-voucher for DirecTV trouble
  132. Extend available tickets date?
  133. JFK T5/T6 Tour 6/6/08
  134. Q1 Results and 2nd Bag Fee
  135. Jet Blue screwed up my True Blue points summary
  136. New To Jet Blue: Advice Please
  137. TRIPLE TB POINTS May 1-June 15
  138. Earth Day Celebration
  139. American Idol Sweepstakes
  140. Pay for your JetBlue flights with PayPal and save $20
  141. the usual mess that is check-in at JFK
  142. E190 sneaks into LGB in Commuter Slot?
  143. Red Sox and/or Yankees on JetBlue?
  144. Letting someone else use my points
  145. JetBlue's expansion has rivals scrambling
  146. JFK T6 to T4 transfer
  147. Will B6 fly to MSP?
  148. Baggage?
  149. Possible move to "C" at PBI
  150. The Future of B6
  151. If I cancel a reservation..............
  152. Neelman is gone!
  153. Go west young 190!
  154. JetBlue: 100 TrueBlue points for as little as $75 from JFK
  155. Aviation News Interview w/ Dave Barger
  156. Promo - $25 off R/T & 50 TB Points
  157. JetBlue Offers Affected Skybus Customers and Employees Special Standby Fares
  158. Aer Lingus partnership now bookable
  159. JetBlue reports March traffic
  160. JetBlue now accepts PayPal
  161. Can I change an EML seat for an EML seat...........
  162. How busy is JFK early in the morning
  163. Checking in SEA-JFK, got what looked like an E190 seatmap?
  164. Seat Assignments Changed??
  165. Jet blue vs Ted Vs southwest for redeye?
  166. Jet Blue to offer FIRST CLASS and INTERNATIONAL service!
  167. Changing a reward flight
  168. Fare Caps
  169. Jetblue to end Tucson service
  170. flight 376
  171. Any way to force a connection?
  172. Booking question
  173. My points will expire
  174. Website booking question
  175. Jetblue wants moved in DL T2 at FLL
  176. B6 Gets Economy Plus!
  177. JetBlue to Nickel & Dime You
  178. Seat Maps Available Before Purchase, plus 38" of legroom!!!
  179. Major MCO expansion announcement 3/19
  180. Any possiblity of a Priority Access/Seating program
  181. Saint Martin/Sint Maarten $89 OW in March '08
  182. Nov/Dec 2008
  183. gift card travel voucher denied after purchase
  184. $50 Back When You Charge a B6 Flight = "Free +$10" AMEX Card In First Year
  185. Save $20 with Bill Me Later
  186. Starting regular NYC to SFO travel...B6 or VX?
  187. LH comes clean: "B6 feeder partner at JFK"
  188. TrueBlue Award Change? (Blackout on Awards?)
  189. Jet Blue vs AA
  190. seeing seat availability before purchase?
  191. TrueBlue Inventory online???
  192. E190 Lgb-ord
  193. JetBlue Amex Balance Transfer
  194. Schedules extended
  195. Changing Seats - Bad Website!
  196. Jetblue Reports Feb. Traffic
  197. Can I use TrueBlue Award anywhere on system?
  198. LiveTV Satellite Issues
  199. Rec'd free Dove Hand Lotion on Flight
  200. Heavily Contested Bogota Authority
  201. Policy towards hidden city ticketing?
  202. $15 off round trip flight
  203. Aua-jfk 8/16
  204. When are Christmas Schedules loaded - also IAD or ORD to FLL?
  205. BetaBlue (review of the aircraft, less so the wi-fi)
  206. Buy TrueBlue points!! (other enhancements to TB program coming?)
  207. ANY FT'ers flying JFK FLL on JetBlue tonight?
  208. SFO Questions
  209. Jet blue changed a flight by 4 hours - what is my recourse?
  210. JetBlue #7 in Business Week Cust Svc Ranking
  211. can I transfer jetblue points to other airlines?
  212. new BETA Flight Status Notification alerts
  213. Be On The Look Out For Targeted FREE FLIGHT +25 Points AMEX Sign Up E-mail
  214. The BlueTurn...
  215. IAD How long and far between international arrivals
  216. Are TrueBlue award flights saleable/transferable?
  217. Buy TrueBlue points at $5/each
  218. Hey JetBlue - You need a bigger server
  219. JetBlue Adds SLC-LAS and Nevada feels a Quake
  220. frequency of schedule changes
  221. AUS Expansion
  222. LH/B6 cooperation being discussed
  223. Support ACS's Relay For Life; Win FREE jetBlue Tickets!
  224. Discount on flights from EWR (Newark) to MCO (Orlando)
  225. B6 to join Star Alliance ?
  226. near miss with B6 jet at BOS last night
  227. Neeleman, on his own, trying to replicate JetBlue's success in Brazil
  228. 2/14: 1 Year Later
  229. Flight Had A Delay 2X Longer Than Other Carriers, JetBlue Fails To Compensate
  230. jetBlue in new iPhone commercial!
  231. refundable fare question
  232. JetBlue coming to LAX in May/Huge SoCal Expansion
  233. 8th Anniversary promotion: free flight on JetBlue for you and eight friends
  234. Jetblue to DAY or CVG
  235. 2008 A320 Delivery's - New Cabin
  236. How Quick do Miles Post
  237. Another fare sale
  238. SkiAdcock Flies JetBlue - Impressions
  239. JetBlue Airways Reports January Traffic
  240. equipment JAX-JFK?
  241. JetBlue: MCO News
  242. Cream Cheese on JetBlue
  243. jetBlue - 8th Birthday!
  244. B6 will be discontinued from FLL-BQN/PSE
  245. Jet Blue, Delta to charge for curb check-ins
  246. No Pillows And No Blankets On Red-eye
  247. McCain flies JetBlue
  248. B6-US fares
  249. When will Jetblue load fares for later in the year
  250. If the People in jetBlues offices really read this forum