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  1. Paid Upgrade at check-in
  2. EK Ticket codes...
  3. Lounge invite x 2
  4. DXB-SYD-AKL Layover in SYD
  5. BHX-Why was the aircraft on a distant stand on 23rd March?
  6. new business or first class on the following flights?
  7. Part way upgrade to C - baggage allowance query
  8. New Movies for April
  9. Upgrade first or change first?
  10. How to know your class from booking? Are there many economy types or?
  11. Price Adjustment?
  12. Star Alliance Gold
  13. Only Emirates could bother to offer an auction that is almost 1 month closed
  14. booking Premium Reward seats how early can you ?
  15. Split a booking
  16. Arabian Airpass
  17. Ek27/8 gla - dxb
  18. Change of booking, am I expecting too much ?
  19. Lounge access for silver members in T3??
  20. Claim Missing Miles functionality disabled on
  21. How can I stop my miles from expiring?
  22. Almost Silver..
  23. Purchase Emirates flight earn Miles on Chase Visa?
  24. New Skywards zones & stopovers
  25. A380 Middle J Seats - can you see out of the windows
  26. MR SFO SYD for 1800 US all in.
  27. Chauffeur arrangements at DXB
  28. EK will operate A380 to MAN from Sep 1
  29. Email Upgrade Offers...
  30. How many miles to upgrade from LAX to Dubai?
  31. Can I sell my Skywards Points?
  32. A380 at LHR - when? what days?
  33. What is the fare class in this fare calculation?
  34. FRA - HYD Business award ticket on EK
  35. EK 'Y' or QF 'PE' to SYD
  36. Chauffeur Service with opup
  37. Booking to AKL, stopover and time of booking Questions
  38. Getting Bumped from Business Class?
  39. Lounge Access for Kids
  40. Duty Free on arrival at Dubai Terminal 2 & 3
  41. Welcome Home
  42. Mixed business + economy ticket
  43. Upgrade for pre 2010 booked ticket
  44. Error trying to change seat and add contact info to booking
  45. Airlines cannot afford to ignore in-flight connectivity: Emirates' Brannelly
  46. No more "Comp Upgrades"
  47. Think its time to say Goodbye EK
  48. JNB flight
  49. Earning Skywards on UA?
  50. Petition regarding ICE video and saftey video
  51. Help!
  52. 1st name misspelled on the E-ticket for Malaysia
  53. Rail & Fly in Germany
  54. Who Status Matches EK?[The other end of the "Emirates just status matched me!"thread]
  55. MR on EK out of SFO
  56. Emirates Pulling out of Glasgow?
  57. Difference in F between nonstop and 1-stop SIN-(CMB)-DXB
  58. Flybe strikes deal with Emirates
  59. Saver Rewards : Open-Jaw Booking
  60. one leg bussiness: access to bussiness lounge dubai
  61. Possible Lounge Invitation
  62. Online booking problems
  63. KWI - DXB Service
  64. Tier Miles
  65. Transfering miles from other airlines?
  66. How can I check when there are miles upgrade business seats available?
  67. Emirates just status matched me!
  68. Skywards or UA Miles
  69. EK and DXB during an attack against Iran
  70. Chance of op-up EK10 tomorrow
  71. Calling All Silver & Gold Card Holders...
  72. Lounge @ Birmingham.
  73. Arriving in Dubai w/prescription drugs, will it be a problem?
  74. Skywards event invites for Golds
  75. A long weekend that will get me Gold
  76. Shortage of Miles
  77. No business class award saver seats available at all email from Emirates CS
  78. Exchanging Business Class Lounge access
  79. emirates open day
  80. What are your experiences of F on A380?
  81. What kind of cars used in JFK for Chaffeur Drive?
  82. OLCI in Doha ... "Printed BP not accepted, sir"
  83. Book online to non-EK destinations in India
  84. Fired Irish Emirates FA in South Africa
  85. transfer wife's miles to my ff account
  86. EK warns Airbus Over more Delays
  87. Biz ticket class
  88. What's Alot of Points
  89. Process of Upgrades
  90. Skywards 50% reduced awards ?
  91. EK201 and EK202 and the Big Apple (JFK)
  92. Silver questions
  93. Rate Emirates Skywards
  94. Limo transfer BOM Domestic to International
  95. Why were there two A388's at ICN?
  96. Lounge request for DXB on 17th March
  97. Lack of upgrade availabilty for June flight
  98. Upgrade Issue
  99. Complicated Complimentary Upgrade
  100. First time F lounge in DXB
  101. Can I get a Y passenger in a lounge (LHR) if I'm a flex J passenger?
  102. Big Delay on YYZ-DXB Monday?
  103. Guest invitation to lounge bom / dxb / bhx
  104. Lounge access economy first sector
  105. T2 Facilities
  106. Do all members in Family Bonus Program recieve the same status?
  107. What job do you have?
  108. J Bar on A380: Two Y pax allowed to come for a drink?
  109. JFK-DXB booked in class R?
  110. Advice on tight transit times in DXB
  111. Manage my Booking Problems
  112. Emirates and Air Tahiti Nui - round the world fare 2010 (ex SYD)
  113. Lie flat or sofas on EK55 DXB-DUS??
  114. Miles for a previous trip?
  115. Canx ticket. What happens to miles?
  116. Involuntary shower in C
  117. YYZ - LHE
  118. Research Now signs partnership with Emirates Airlines
  119. Crazy prices thourgh EK SG website
  120. Upgrade to higher fare class
  121. KVS tool and EK website availability - discrepancies
  122. Invite to DXB lounge 15th March 02:00 onwards if you flying to manila
  123. Blue becoming Silver, lounge question&more..
  124. Finding flights with available upgrades
  125. EK409 MEL>KUL>DXB in J. No lounge invite in KUL???
  126. Compensation Offer to me
  127. miles expiring, problems.....suggestions?
  128. JED-DXB on A380... worth upgrading?
  129. Luggage in Dubai
  130. Upgrading with miles at BKK
  131. Q: Has anyone used "guaranteed seat reservations" benefit?
  132. Missing Miles
  133. Got 110k miles. What's best thing to do with them.
  134. Latest possible online booking/ticketing before departure - revenue tix?
  135. Change destination on EK - is it possible?
  136. worst experience - high expectations
  137. New movies for March
  138. The travel agent, the in-laws and the bonus miles
  139. Emirates to join an alliance?
  140. A small request if you are passing by DXB soon
  141. help! No Y availability MEL-SIN return for late June '10?
  142. Out of 10 Golds, who is most preferred?
  143. Advice needed on how to upgrade from Economy to Business Class
  144. Change of Skywards Miles between making reservation and ticketing
  145. Cost/Chance of Econ>Biz Upgrade on 28th Feb (tomorrow) EK002??
  146. Total Mess DME - DXB - HKG - DXB
  147. EK 432/404 and EK373 F class full in July
  148. Krug?
  149. Seat Changed from Pre-assigned at checkin ADVICE NEEDED!
  150. B777-200 Config on LGW Route?
  151. EK is consider to orders 10 Airbus or Boeing
  152. Which airline to Ethiopia in business: Emirates or Lufthansa?
  153. Booking classes - can someone explain?
  154. Lounge Access at JFK.
  155. BHX - Non Arrival of Chauffeur Drive Service
  156. Best seats for tall (6ft 4) guys flying long haul AKL to Glasgow
  157. SFO-DXB-BLR Promo code
  158. Customer Affairs-No response
  159. Conflicted Information
  160. Today 23rd Feb! DXB Business Lounge anyone? between (2000-0140 next day)
  161. Chances of an Upgrade on A380?
  162. Emirates Promotional Code from DEL to London
  163. Mixed Class bookings online??
  164. Does EK have a arrivals lounge in T1 or T3?
  165. First flight with Emirates - Where to park my miles?
  166. Are there showers in the new biz lounge T3?
  167. T1 lounge guests and emergency exit seats
  168. ATH - DXB - BKK in FIRST Q's from a newbie
  169. F to CPT, from FRA or DUS?
  170. A380 routing Dubai to Sydney
  171. Advice Needed re. Waitlist for Upgrade to Business on Economy Sectors.
  172. best business seat and chances to move on the day
  173. EK fare differences Outbound/Inbound
  174. Possible luggage theft at AMM.
  175. Emirates fares at different prices during the day
  176. Seat question
  177. A380... to JED?
  178. Cheaper for spouses?
  179. Lounge invite for VCE 23 Feb 10 Marco Polo Airport
  180. Reward Booking thru Continental D Class & Chauffer service
  181. Taxes on UA/CO reward flights from USA to Europe
  182. Best aircraft? A340 500 or 777 300ER?
  183. Emirates miles
  184. Emirates Promotional Code
  185. Flight status
  186. Can you re-enter EK lounge throughout the day or is it single entry only?
  187. Is this a decent price on EK in F? (BKK - DXB in Nov. 2010)
  188. How to identify a flex or saver from travel agent?
  189. Lounge invite
  190. Is Johnny Walker Blue Label served in EK First Class?
  191. EK4 LHR-DXB Questions
  192. Quick 13.5K Skywards Miles?
  193. JFK to Kuala Lumpur, EK flights, seats (EY)
  194. Have I booked a phantom seat?
  195. DESPERATELY Seeking Emirates Hat & Skirt
  196. EK has the best First class experience
  197. Movies recommendations for February?
  198. No EK Chauffer in BKK?
  199. EK interlining to PG on separate tkts?
  200. Delhi Terminal 3
  201. OT: Surviving a 35k freefall.
  202. Emirates LHR to AKL, no more A340?
  203. Emirates Economy Plus
  204. Fly Emirates - Help Required
  205. Emirates first & business advice needed
  206. Emirates Fare Sale from Toronto to Far East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand
  207. Anyone at SIN on 10/02?
  208. Late Night Departure - Meal?
  209. Online Bonus Miles Beyond 1 April?
  210. EK 787 DXB-ACC Cancelled A Lot?
  211. No Online Bonus Miles if Earning Mileage Accel
  212. Can the EK chauffeur service pickup 1-2 hours after plane arrives?
  213. Seats blocked already on first available booking day.
  214. Frankfurt EK business lounge on the decline?
  215. Why is EK039 DXB-BHX very late every day lately?
  216. How to stay on as Skywards Gold Member
  217. Flights over Xmas and New Year
  218. Seat access quota
  219. EK 777-300 Fleet Designations
  220. ICE not working compensation
  221. Continental miles to Upgrade on Emirates?
  222. DXB-LHR A380 upgrade question
  223. EK A380 to MEL from April!
  224. Baggage allowance question
  225. Emirates Skywards "new fare types"
  226. can I check in online for EK flight when using CO miles?
  227. Possible to check into 2 flights at same time?
  228. EK A388 to NRT ???
  229. Help - I am 400 tier-miles short to achieve Gold status
  230. Travelling with Brother Skywards miles
  231. The Definitive EK On-Board "Cash Upgrade" Thread.
  232. Economy pax allowed in Business Lounge?
  233. Ek418 syd-chc
  234. Emirates flight DXB-MLE / CMB-DXB
  235. ICE coming to the A332/343s premium cabins
  236. What to do in HK in less than 6hrs
  237. Linking credits for Skywards family members
  238. New Skywards Cards
  239. How far in advance do Emirates release prices?
  240. Reserving seats on EK useless?
  241. Result of a email complaint to EK customer Services
  242. Tier Miles Boost needed for status
  243. BA Lounge access when flying EK from DUS
  244. Airmiles for Car Rental
  245. Emirates pilots fatigue
  246. Don't fly Emirates with bicycle
  247. Purpose of Flight Number Change?
  248. Accommodation for long Stopover
  249. Dubai aiport transfer
  250. Theft and Fraud

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