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  1. Delta rekindles interest in Continental
  2. Need cheap fare for NYC-LA for travel 1/16-1/19
  3. Uncle Leo should worry
  4. Anyone fly PHX-CVG?
  5. Air France Offers deals to europe!
  6. Atlanta Airfare Sales
  7. "Hot Fares to the Caribbean"
  8. thanks
  9. Delta internat'l promo ending 12/12/00
  10. Biz-Elite: ATL-LGW, DUB-JFK, JFK-LAX
  11. Does AA/TWA mean that Dl must go after AS or america West?
  12. This cannot help
  13. How many B/l (Intl) were open on your last flight?
  14. Delta Falling Behind Farther?
  15. Air Canada Ties?
  16. Double dipping in 2001
  17. Very old news (maybe dead news) but interesting anyway!
  18. Why do Delta suck when you complain?
  19. Is Delta that bad?
  20. Travel on UA
  21. Delta warns earnings may decline 55%
  22. Compensation: General Issues
  23. Another question on how to SAVESKYMILES
  24. Why Are Statements Always Outdated?
  25. Best Use of Old Delta FF Miles?
  26. Removing Coach Seats
  27. Delta Skymiles Amex Companion Certificate
  28. CRC question
  29. Order of Magnitude
  30. Winter Sale?
  31. No more "Loyal Elite."
  32. "Delta's changes benefit others"
  33. 10,000 miles for 3 round trips
  34. Delta lowers fourth-quarter expectations
  35. Elite Status on Delta
  36. The big switch (to United)
  37. Future of upgradable domestic fares
  38. Help with CRC computers?
  39. Speed dial on CRC phones
  40. Delta to Extend Deadline for Elite Requalification?
  41. whoop, whoop, pull up
  42. Getting Upgrades Online
  43. HomeSpace Miles-Has anybody done it?
  44. Peter Greenberg's Today Show Article
  45. Into the Frying Pan
  46. MIA - CDG AirFrance - When will it be a DL codeshare?
  47. Crown Room Club Offers
  48. Readers love and hate Delta SkyMiles program
  49. Availability
  50. Go get 'em! (chat with the players)
  51. "Delta Express Online Sale"
  52. Coming up short?
  53. Delta To Cut Flight Schedule
  54. Does anyone know a reporter for CNN.COM?
  55. Commuter programs
  57. Gold Kit, when to arrive
  58. Booking on SkyTeams airlines
  59. redemption of promotional award tickets
  60. How smart are the agents at the "Special Member Services" 800 number?
  61. No Sympathy
  62. Remember Freddie Awards Time
  63. If Delta Had a .pdf system timetable, would you use it?
  64. Why overtime peeves Delta pilots
  65. Mechanics of using SWU on Int'nt flight.
  66. Fox News Cincinnati gave us 30 seconds
  67. Would you book DL 1/25 with pilots problem?
  68. LGA Water Shuttle
  69. DL Matches SW ... with an upGRADABLE fare.
  70. Delta's 800-323-2323 is forever busy/on hold !!
  71. Low fares to Zurich, Amsterdam, Madrid and Barcelona
  72. Using Delta Dollar Vouchers
  73. Platinum Skymiles Credit Card Companion Certificate
  74. IF the Service Were Good . . .
  75. BOS-SIN First Class FF Trip: UA or SQ on DL miles?
  76. Expected Downgrade Plat - to Gold / Upgrade Segments?
  77. Well, I was certainly downgraded(Plat to Silver)
  78. wake up delta!!!!!
  79. Cincinnati Enquirer Article on DL FF Changes
  80. A twist to free ticket reservations
  81. Delta Aircraft Fleet Aging
  82. Delta Online Customer Care
  83. Did Delta Remove Promo SM and GM?
  84. Can you transfer miles among family?
  85. Thanks...for nothing
  86. Happy New Year
  87. Base Miles on Amex Plat SM card??
  88. Skyteam in Asia !!!
  89. Old FF Miles Redemption Chart
  90. Availability of lowest fares on Delta's Web Site?
  91. SkyMiles Members Can TXFR SkyMiles to Club Rewards Points
  92. JFK - SNN (or DUB)
  93. Delta Extends Medallion Requalification Period
  94. SWU Deadlines for Earning?
  95. SQ miles count towards medallion status ?
  96. So how would you handle this??
  97. Avoiding Weather Problems - NOT ON DL
  98. Instant Elite Status w/ Continental
  99. Did you receive your gift this year?
  100. Twice Daily ATL-CDG Service Begins 1/26/01
  101. DL Electronic Checkin Kiosks
  102. FA's to get new uniforms
  103. SkyMiles medallion changes
  104. Yet another 757 First Class configuration
  105. Poaching
  106. Mileage clock off for issuing SWU's and segment upgrades.
  107. World Wide Upgrades
  108. Various save skymiles articles on line
  109. An alternate explanation for crew shortages
  110. Something Positive To Say
  111. Entertainment on B777?
  112. Matching LH sale fares?
  113. Crown Room SkyMiles Bonus?
  114. SWUs transferrable?
  115. ONE BILLION miles!
  116. Low fares to London, Paris and Stuttgart
  117. How about AF codeshare to Caribbean?
  118. how long to receive SWUs?
  119. 10000 for 3 Flights
  120. Fare classes
  121. joining DL's CRC vs. UA's RCC
  122. I've got an idea!!!
  123. How many seg upgrades will I get?
  124. Merry Christmas, your flight is canceled.
  125. ASA CRJ Exit row seats?
  126. Letter to Leo Mullin
  127. Delta Lost Baggage (Possible)
  128. I don't get this
  129. I don't get this
  130. Delta's On-Time Performance has been great!
  131. BIG saveskymiles article in AJC
  132. Access to on-line booking for non-US resident
  133. Need 500 Skymile Skygift coupon
  134. Meals in F (DFW-HNL)
  135. Showers in CDG?
  136. Delta to Begin Codeshare Flights With Air France to Bucharest
  137. Delta a Leading Bidder for Share of DC Air
  138. Delta Upgrades
  139. How is DL Connection from JFK-DTW?
  140. Number of upgrade points when reaching Medallion?
  141. ATL 12/22/00
  142. Telephone problems
  143. AirFone link to DL
  144. DL throws a wrench into my holiday plans
  145. New Routes, but where are the aircrafts?
  146. A potentially sad day...?
  147. Info on when changes to Medallion level appear
  148. Scheduled aircraft change "direct" flights
  149. code shares down the hill
  150. Mileage promotion question.
  151. FT, paranoia useful
  152. LGA cutbacks for DL Connection
  153. What are best economy seats for 767-300/ER
  154. Atlanta Airport Helpful Hints
  155. Award Travel Sale
  156. A word of warning about (x) versus (z) upgrade codes
  157. One less person to battle for a FC seat
  158. New Plasma Monitors in "T" at ATL
  159. 2 segs for GM
  160. "Dallas-Love Field Special Fares"
  161. "Visit Cabo San Lucas"
  162. "Enjoy Europe This Winter - Low fares to Brussels, Munich and Stockholm"
  163. The Amazing Upgradable "U" Fare
  164. Phone lines busy???
  165. Temporary FLL Passengers Be Aware--Crown Room Closed
  166. Cancelled Flights - Check Online
  167. checking in at medallion line
  168. Save 5K Miles on redemtion Certificates
  169. FT Party on Last DL L-1011 flight
  170. No FC award travel seats at all?
  171. Great job Delta Shuttle.
  172. Help Feed Delta Pilots
  173. Other Boards Out Here Worth Checking
  174. L-1011 LAX to HNL????
  175. Russ-Atl help? Upgrades
  176. Help a Starving DL Pilot
  177. Upgrade pecking order?
  178. Kicked of a DL flight from MCO to ABE
  179. AeroMexico Credits
  180. Air Jamaica codeshare to Barbados
  181. Delta to add online award bookings during 1st Q of 2001
  182. DL45 JFK-LAX on 12/14 is cancelled
  183. Flight to France
  184. Million / 2M / 3M awards - What are they?
  185. 2001 Medallion Credentials
  186. Fuzzy SkyMiles Math
  187. No one is listening
  188. Unaccompanied Minors Traveling on Delta Air Lines: The Definitive Thread
  189. AeroMexico Adds Code to Delta's LAX-Tokyo Flights Dec. 15
  190. Pittsburgh Sale Fares Delta
  191. Success rate on segment upgrades, phone or online, is there a difference?
  192. Randy's meeting with DL cancelled.
  193. Delta to Begin Codeshare Service With Air France to Istanbul
  194. CRC 2500 Set telephones are gone
  195. Complaining online re poor service
  196. Year End Stats
  197. PM's in back, FA's up front
  198. request for elite renewal because of mitigating circumstances
  199. Silver to Gold in the middle of a trip
  200. SWUs: Are they really worth it??
  201. :mad: Warning - DL's 777 Torture Seats
  202. "Enjoy Europe This Winter - Low fares to Istanbul, Lyon and Zurich"
  203. Segment credit for cancelled flight?
  204. SYR-CVG Afilliates Overbooking/Compensation?
  205. DL is 2nd class citizen at CDG
  206. Letter to Leo Mullin
  207. Wall Street Journal Article 12-8-00
  208. Malev codeshare ending
  209. USA Today
  210. "South and Midwest 25% Off"
  211. "We're Listening"
  212. Medallion members
  213. Nuts in BE
  214. to be offfline Sunday 12/10
  215. Your Experience With Crew Shortages Wanted
  216. Article in Wall Street Journal
  217. SkyTeam BizE Lounge Access
  218. 767-400 remote controls in coach
  219. These promo GOLD elites
  220. E-Ticket
  221. TAP Air Portugal still a partner?
  222. best seats on a 757??
  223. Delta's Website is down!* EOM
  224. Help Need 1508 Miles on Delta
  225. Escape Plan Trips - Both CVG and ATL
  226. Upgrade/SWU Clock Does Not Equal Base Miles
  227. Bag Tag Showoff?
  228. DL miles on AF vacation package?
  229. "New Service to Rio de Janeiro - Great low introductory fares"
  230. Anyone earn the 10,000 bonus Skymiles for Inter. flight in Oct?
  231. upgrade inventory vs revenue inventory
  232. DL following in UAs footsteps....
  233. I think I've hosed myself
  234. worth it??
  235. Cheapest way for 80,000 BE Bonus
  236. Upgrade exchange for mileage
  237. Is using nested tickets illegal?
  238. Meanwhile, in Portland
  239. MUC in Feb/Mar?
  240. Upgrading seats
  241. Delta upgrades vs American
  242. Delta Cancels 3000 Flights - The Next United?
  243. DL on the West Coast???
  244. New 757 Layout and Seats
  245. Comparison of "elite" programs????
  246. A/C Change to Hawaii
  247. Do Skymile Membership numbers go up in numerical order?
  248. I just figured it all out!
  249. Still no action
  250. Best Seats on 767-300ER/400