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  1. Issues booking award ticket online
  2. 112 miles short to requal GO
  3. LAX arrivals lounge?
  4. Leaving departures area (airside)
  5. Cappuccino of just coffee in F?
  6. Interesting talk with ISM about comments card
  7. Lounge Rant
  8. Fired CX pilot continues to use his uniform and badge
  9. Online check in - changes
  10. CX have changed my flight time, need advice?
  11. award flight carrier surcharge ?
  12. JFK/EWR Lounges
  13. N00b questions! Upgrading on CX from HKT-HKG-LAX
  14. Economy Save fare on Dragon air, can I select seats?
  15. Through-Check & Connection Questions
  16. Can't Access MPO Page?
  17. EWR-HKG-DPS and return Carry Ons (Business)
  18. 30% off HKG-MAN/AMS biz redemptions
  19. La Mer Hydrated Experience at The Wing
  20. Strange experience with CX MMB.
  21. Check in Timing at Changi Airport
  22. Y seating on 77W
  23. Best burn partner for Cathay?
  24. Cathay Pacific Seat Selection for Emerald
  25. award flights cathay ?
  26. Connection experience at HKG from ICN to LHR
  27. Easier to redeem Biz or First from SFO/LAX to HKG?
  28. How to earn Asia Miles with HK salary tax - question on an old post
  29. Showers busy @ CX lounges in HKG?
  30. Exit row review
  31. Tail number request
  32. More Jakarta flights?
  33. Recent experience on CX 524 HKG-NRT
  34. I Am Silver!
  35. Chance of Op-Up?
  36. CX to Madrid (MAD)?
  37. Missing a lot of credited flights recently
  38. Help: hastily made booking and 24hr refund rules
  39. Long transit HK airport.
  40. CNY flight prices HKG-Japan
  41. No First Class service Hkg-Bkk
  42. N Class - Pre-book seat with OW Sapphire status?
  43. In flight sleep strategy 1am departure ORD
  44. Occupy Admiralty
  45. onward boarding pass with 2 separate bookings?
  46. booking class eco Special on FRA to HKG
  47. booking class eco Special on FRA to HKG
  48. CX vs EY, please help me decide.
  49. CX Million Milers Roll Call
  50. CX flight, AA miles and Marco Polo credit?
  51. Inflight crew rest etiquette and disappointing service
  52. CX 805 806 HKG ORD Economy
  53. Business Class Availability on 747 HND-HKG
  54. Cathay's senior management lunch today
  55. Get rebooked ticket number?
  56. Op-up during christmas
  57. Best Economy Seat on the 77G
  58. Dec/Christmas Op-Up/VDB
  59. Free Upgrade from MPC Silver to Gold
  60. J upgrade Waitlist
  61. CX flights from TYO to HKG
  62. YYC Consolidator
  63. Would you switch flights?
  64. Disgruntled with CX’s selling practice – I class TPE SYD
  65. CX Lounge guests
  66. Check-in at F
  67. Extra Baggage question
  68. Premium Y on CX
  69. First Name Larger than 25 characters
  70. Last minute aircraft change swap me to window seat....
  71. How to get an upgradeable Y+ fare to Australia
  72. Frequent change of gear to Japan?
  73. Lounges and access in HKG
  74. BAEC number for CX Flights?
  75. IROPS handling in TPE? (Tropical Storm Fung-Wong)
  76. No Show on Award Ticket
  77. Wine options in CX - F
  78. BKK to HKG aircraft, business class
  79. Waiting for award ticket
  80. Question re double ticket price
  81. In flight duty free on short haul 5th freedom flights?
  82. Cancelled ticket - poor service from Marco Polo club
  83. question about PE seat on 77H
  84. Upgrade on paid J to F on HKG-LAX
  85. Should I be shame?
  86. Lousy Cathay Pacific Service
  87. CX Luggage Checkin Policy with long layover?
  88. Earn up to 25,000 Bonus Asia Miles in Mega Miles Giveaway 2014!
  89. 4,048 miles to expire in about 2 weeks
  90. Cathay Pacific versus Singapore Airlines. Which is best for Frequent Flyers?
  91. CX promotion for Taiwan residents
  92. Cx f yvr-jfk
  93. Cathay Pacific A350
  94. Miles Redemption + infant
  95. Pajama Sizes
  96. CX Limo Service in Germany for F, A, J, C
  97. Courtesy Upgrade from Y to J
  98. Additional check in luggage in HKG
  99. Looking to get bumped
  100. CX paid upgrade at airport
  101. Captain says hello to every F passenger
  102. Walking distances arriving HKG on way to MNL
  103. Moved from AA to UA -- Points Claim?
  104. 772 J refit
  105. Premium Economy Upgrade Question
  106. retrieving res on cathay website help
  107. Can I give up my lounge pass to my parents?
  108. CX 807 F
  109. Early Access to Terminal 5 ORD
  110. CX 907 CX 906 type of plane
  111. 777-300ER seats 40A, 40B
  112. Flights to Langkawi
  113. Redeemed flight- associated with two MP numbers?
  114. Bad luck with CX879
  115. any idea why cx293 was diverted today? (8 sept 2014)
  116. J fares to Australia
  117. Asia Miles Trip with Four / Five Stopovers
  118. Upgrade
  119. CX doha route
  120. CX in the future for AP routes in the next 2-3 years
  121. Help with cancellation fee?
  122. Fellow pax saves heart attack pax CX not grateful
  123. Differences between transpac J and F?
  124. YYZ-SIN Prices - Seem High
  125. Is it possible to book HKG-NYC-ORD-HKG on CX website?
  126. T-11, Flight cancelled by CX, moved to a earlier flight without any notification.
  127. Cathay's hard shell seat....
  128. ZRH to LHR. And LHR to HKG on 2 separate tickets
  129. Wait list clearing
  130. Connection time too tight on Cathay?
  131. Voluntary downgrade J to PE using AA miles?
  132. AsiaMiles Refund on Award Ticket if No First Class TPE-xHKG-Europe
  133. Query on HGK / CX lost Proprty.
  134. Is there an Arrivals Lounge at AKL?
  135. Bought Y+ but plane changed, what are my options?
  136. KA IDBs pax due to overbooking and puts them on UO
  137. How much to change E to R on JFK-HKG?
  138. to complete party - mixed tickets
  139. interesting observation: F3 but only 1 empty seat left
  140. First trip on CX
  141. Can't manage CX reservation booked with AA miles
  142. 77H Y Row 39
  143. Check-in
  144. Business class A333 regional Vs 747
  145. Once 'I' class is sold out, will they be replenished with inventory from 'J'?
  146. CDG reduction
  147. Is Business Class worth it from Tokyo to HK?
  148. on-line check-in doesn't recognise allocated seats?
  149. Reset Diamond Tier in error
  150. CX in Google Flights -- expensive!!
  151. Marco Polo System Upgrade Woes
  152. Can we access The Wing lounge? Timing question.
  153. HKG-YvR
  154. 77H refreshed F
  155. New rules for OLCI
  156. Brisbane International Airport and Cathay
  157. Can't do OLCI four weeks in a row
  158. Knee defender (CX/KA-specific)
  159. Snoring Pax - What Would You Do?
  160. Cx nrt check in times please
  161. Award Booking Plane Change
  162. CX to Seattle?
  163. simple q; do you get pjs in CX J?
  164. APEC Businesss Mobility Card use in USA
  165. 3pm vs 1am departure ORD HKG
  166. Information on first class bedding
  167. direct luggage checkin on CDG-HKG-PEK with 3 days layover?
  168. Cx seat selection aa f/j award ticket
  169. JNB checkin times
  170. Economy costlier than Prem Econ
  171. Guests visiting F from other classes?
  172. Cathay website can't login
  173. Terrible On Time Performance CX 879 SFO to HKG
  174. Anyone have a reg # for CX846 today?
  175. Big thumbs up to CX taking care of long time DM
  176. What can I do with 1753 Asia Miles?
  177. Regional Business CX and KA Best Seats? Do Bulkheads Seats more room?
  178. CX domestic helper fares: Are changes allowed for compassionate circumstances?
  179. How is the CX lounge in ICN?
  180. Cannot perform OLCI on CX for AA Award Flights?
  181. How do upgrades work?
  182. CX 714 Aug 21 Delay
  183. Agonising check in at AMS
  184. SIN-HKG flight choices ?
  185. AUSBT: CX plans 'choose before you fly' meal selection
  186. ORD to go 77H for all 10x weekly flights
  187. J/PEY Fanfares offer
  188. How do you use Seatguru when multiple versions of planes are listed?
  189. J upgrade availability lookup
  190. HKG-SYD tips
  191. TPE-HKG Lounges
  192. Standard Economy: Front row/exit rows +$100?
  193. Upgrade BA flight with avios but earn on CX?
  194. KUL Equipment Swap?
  195. Congee
  196. Waitlist query from newbie
  197. Flight from SFO to Fiji using employee standby benefits
  198. American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air Upgrade Question
  199. Visitors in First; a hypothetical
  200. MPC can't book paid flights now?
  201. HKG-LHR Route Crew Assignment
  202. Lounge access and comp on equipment swap
  203. Bad customer service - visa advice
  204. [Help] 3000 Miles Short for Silver
  205. 14August2014 - What happened to CX913
  206. Taipei --> Hong Kong, Impossible to earn miles?
  207. Seating advice 77G in business with 3 kids
  208. Cancelled CX flight: How to complain and realistic compensation?
  209. CX Online Call Centre
  210. 33G/77G/77H Bulkheads/Exit Rows
  211. End on end combos
  212. Cebu "meal" service CX921/920
  213. HKG-SIN 744 Retirement?
  214. Service order on A330 in J (longhaul).
  215. KA F vs CX J PEK-HKG
  216. CX845 (JFK - HKG) Meals
  217. The Haven: your favorites
  218. HKG - SIN - hkG
  219. Jfk-hkg-bkk-hkg-jfk
  220. BKK bag drop - what is possible???
  221. HKG-JFK, Waiting for a gate at JFK: 67 minutes and counting...
  222. 6.5 hour HKG layover - what to do?
  223. MPC miles earnings on AA/BA codeshare flights
  224. First Class meal
  225. Rumor: Is Male (MLE) getting cancelled?
  226. CMB-SIN no more?
  227. Access to CX lounges at HKG airport
  228. Question about Male 777
  229. Does CX provide hotels for transit passengers in J?
  230. Cathay Pacific Cargo… can I earn mileage?
  231. Miles posting time for CX-coded NZ-operated flights
  232. Luggage on Mileage run
  233. HKIA self-print / CX Mobile BP gate deadline
  234. Russian threaten to close airspaces, will JFK/EWR flights make it non-stop?
  235. how long can I use the Arrivals lounge
  236. Does any body know how long the LAN flights taken and post to MPO account?
  237. Noodles in LHR T3 early morning?
  238. Chances of upgrade award clearing?
  239. oversold flight volunteers
  240. AMS-HKG Tips Sought
  241. Retro credit to MPC
  242. Choice of Dragonair and Cathay
  243. Is it a secret when airlines release award space?
  244. Asia Miles cannot see availability on US/AA???
  245. Onboard Lavatory
  246. Dropping baggage at an airport not on itinerary?
  247. PE compared to EK economy.
  248. 23:35 layover at HKG. Can I check a bag through?
  249. Check in at Changi(SIN) for Cathay flights 24 hours before flight
  250. Business Class Rewards booking wait list?