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  1. Great First Class flight HKG-LHR
  2. Maximizing the First Class Experience!
  3. Gone: Trick to extend Asiamiles for $120/12K AM
  4. Potential Disruption - Typhoon Usagi
  5. Asia Miles Hotline
  6. Dragonair to grant Asia Miles on S, N, Q discount economy tickets
  7. Changing award from NRT-HKG to HND-HKG
  8. Plane type CX 549
  9. HKG Lounge access - Arriving in F connecting to J next day
  10. CX All Asia Pass
  11. Current wisdom on calling vs waiting?
  12. Advise on Purchasing CX Tickets in USA
  13. Arrivals service cut
  14. v fare credit
  15. Red Flag Ex-TPE
  16. Thinking of taking the Codeshare operated by Air China?
  17. 14 hour layover @ HKIA, canít enter HKG
  18. ORD - CX Will Use BA Lounge from 1 Oct 13
  19. CMB to HKG
  20. Latest cost salt and pepper shakers in J
  21. PVG-TPE Flexible travel dates not available?
  22. CX's PPP @ SFO
  23. CX flight under MPC#, but I want to switch to BA for mileage accural. How to do so?
  24. CX LHR Mileage Upgrade
  25. 777-9x [confirmed order for 21 aircraft]
  26. "The Bridge" opening next month
  27. Re: Flying CX as OWE
  28. Lounge hoping at HKG.
  29. CX vs SQ again... In an article on FT
  30. DXB-HKG-SYD on CX and VS in J
  31. Is this Normal/ Something Event going on?
  32. is [<website removed by mod to avoid commercialization>] website legit?
  33. Bidding for seat upgrade?
  34. yvr - hkg - ckg - sub - confuse please advice
  35. No award seats (business) available except for Wednesday?
  36. Econ S, N and Q sub-class now earns 25% asia miles
  37. Deadline to Cancel OLCI
  38. New fees for changing award bookings
  39. upgrade with money
  40. TITS 2 is over
  41. new numbers( codeshare)
  42. Opup story
  43. CX staff view on amedaeus
  44. Award ticket for a third-party?
  45. CX ORD departure review Sept. 2013
  46. Sfo-hkg route
  47. Asiamiles upgrade - when will it show on MMB?
  48. Time for Amex online booking bonus miles to post?
  49. Early reset in the middle of trips
  50. Does Cathy airlines provide for hotel accommodation for transit passengers?
  51. Champagne on morning flights
  52. cx889 seating
  53. CX The Arrival vs Plaza Premium Arrival
  54. Anyone else can't select exit row seats online?
  55. Seat selection on CX with Oneworld award ticket
  56. Waitlist on Redemption Flight - Chances?
  57. HKG - JFK I Class
  58. First Time Flying Cathay - some questions (business class) please help
  59. Minimum Connection Time - Hong Kong
  60. System Changes 2A to Another Seat - Automatically
  61. Award ticket - changes?
  62. can i do HND-HKG-SIN // HKG-HND openjaw as award?
  63. Manage booking on mobile bug
  64. Questions on SFO-PEK
  65. AMSTERDAM antiques
  66. Breakfast at the Wing
  67. Shower in Wing Cabanas
  68. New Check In Room at Jakarta Airport
  69. Airline change on awards
  70. From near pefect to near pandemonium...
  71. Heathrow lounge options
  72. CX MPC NYC Event - Gea Casolaro at The Forbes Galleries
  73. Seat Decision for JFK-Hong Kong on way to Singapore
  74. Bom > hkg > sfo - 15 hour Layover
  75. DXB <> AKL
  76. What happened to ex-MNL I-Class?
  77. Cathay Green in Y and Y+
  78. Asiamiles flexibility questions...
  79. Policy on F seats on 2 class flight
  80. BN204 Upgraded at Gate
  81. Wow, KA pilot said he had to "negotiate" with Chinese ATC while flying into Beijing
  82. Sch Change HKG-DPS
  83. KA + CX Schizofrenia
  84. Dallas
  85. More YVR crew problems
  86. 3 J or 4 Y+ seats for family of 4?
  87. Do I have any basis to file a complaint with KA?
  88. Suprise Trip
  89. Regional or international jets?
  90. First Gone CX904/905 HKG/MNL...will other flights eliminate First?
  91. Questions About CX Baggage Restriction?
  92. CX to increase fuel surcharge from September 1 2013
  93. CX lounge access on AA codeshare
  94. MPC membership end date
  95. First time upgrade
  96. New F Lounge Query (The Wing)
  97. Bug in salad in J//Scotch Tape to Seat
  98. Double Asiamiles for YVR/YYZ to HKG
  99. Upgrade from PE to J
  100. What do u think about this op-up scenario?
  101. Possibilities of CX to Doha?
  102. Why is the 838 always late into YVR...?
  103. Odds of Fare Sale Rollover
  104. Website says flights one or more ... no longer available
  105. CX A330 B-LBB delivery flight
  106. No Show Charge
  107. Cathay vs. Qantas, five years on
  108. DM Lunch at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 11 September 2013
  109. CX counters for KA flights
  110. CX Codeshare with JAL
  111. Comparing CX and BA liveries on the Triple 7
  112. PE on Y redemption?
  113. Aircraft 343 J seats??
  114. Cathay vs. Air Canada, three years on.
  115. "CX Secrets" on Facebook
  116. Dragonair operated CX 744
  117. Upgrades with booking involving codeshare sector
  118. Flying PE - OWE or Marco Polo Gold - which to use?
  119. Pre-upgraded 30 hours before flight SIN-HKG :)
  120. SFO to HKG Premium Economy with baby?
  121. CX Lounge Counters in HKG - Can they assist in booking changes?
  122. Emergency Trip - How to book a Cathay flight found with ITA Matrix on a Sunday/ASAP?
  123. Lounge Re Entry Stamp
  124. non-flight redemption
  125. HKG lounge access question
  126. CX baggage allowance
  127. Earning miles on code share emirates flights trans tasman
  128. Does Cathay F serve caviar from a trolley?
  129. Y redemption impossible now?
  130. Oneworld Award Ticket
  131. New Chairman and CEO
  132. Flight Loading Help
  133. Can OW redemption stopover be <24 hours?
  134. Flight#807 ORD-HKG in October 1st
  135. Upgrading CX metal on AA ticket: possible?
  136. Business Class and Delayed Luggage
  137. Economy Redemption Discrepancy
  138. from the news: CX first half financial results
  139. Will Utor bring fellow CX flyers to share a cabana & champagne bar tonight
  140. CX schedule change, what is the likelihood?
  141. Upgrade Redemption Question
  142. Flying to Philippines with Cathay Pacific
  143. Tickets on hold
  144. The best time & day to purchase airline ticket
  145. CX A330-300 business class seat?
  146. New business class: which seat?
  147. CX won't let me upgrade my 5 year old
  148. Why are 2 flights cheaper than 1?
  149. [Advise Needed] Re-Booking issue due to typhoon
  150. A question about CX420
  151. Asking any "insider of MPO" in this forum if MPO is thinking about lifetime
  152. HKIA -> Skypier Question
  153. First long haul with CX for a long-time AC flyer
  154. CX SFO-HKG Business Class with family best seat
  155. CX London fare
  156. Typhoon Utor expected to hit HK by Tue 13 Aug
  157. KA - Location of IFE boxes in Y
  158. Help Needed: SFO-CDG on AA using Asia Miles
  159. Be nice or else your status can be taken away..!
  160. Marco Polo and Avios
  161. Y bulkhead vs Y+ seats
  162. Australia expansion
  163. best way to see US domestic award availability using Asia miles?
  164. CX Y class pricing (JFK-HKG)
  165. Economy Supersaver MNL-PER for CX Gold member
  166. quick ways to postpone Asia miles from expiring?
  167. Involuntary downgrade?
  168. PEK to HKG in Y. CX or KA
  169. 1.5 hr time limit for Cabana use
  170. Award Deadline to Issue Ticket
  171. CX new USA destination: BOS, MIA, SEA or PHL?
  172. Need advise on redemption
  173. Cathay Pacific offers Langham inflight menu
  174. help! stuck at ferry in Shekou because card holder not present
  175. Upgraded JFK-YVR-JFK with OW Ruby Status
  176. What type of J class on CX684
  177. What is "acceptable" procedure: stand and wait or get out of way and let them pass?
  178. inflight internet ?
  179. U - fare code
  180. Using Service Vouchers in Australia?
  181. CX506/7 HKG-KIX Osaka
  182. New Special livery
  183. Diamond qualification extension plus mileage run?
  184. Cash Upgrades ex-Japan for August
  185. Question about Mileage Accural
  186. No Personal Attack or Provocation
  187. seat got changed - how to change it back?
  188. Asiamiles multi carrier award - can't use Airberlin or Iberia?
  189. New J class headphones
  190. Connecting United with CX
  191. Op-Up from Y(free Y+ seat) to J shorthaul
  192. Noob Question-Plug for Laptop in-flight
  193. Issues with multi-city itineraries on CX website
  194. Canceling Award Flight
  195. Missed LHR to HKG F :(
  196. Do all 747-400s have new business class?
  197. tropical storm Jebi
  198. Best seat on CX 77H / 777-300ER 4 cabin aircraft?
  199. Lost wallet
  200. LAX-HKG HKG-LAX recline seat?
  201. chinese tea bag at the haven
  202. free of air traffic restrictions at PVG/SHA/PEK/CTU/XIY/CAN/KMG
  203. Change Fee for Award Ticket
  204. SFO -> HKG on CX questions
  205. F Redemption only 1 leg confirmed
  206. CX to SFO flight and plans in January
  207. Buying Asia Miles Experience?
  208. Advice : award tix to S. America
  209. What's the cabin staffing for a CX 77W?
  210. Avion Points to Asiamiles takig longer than normal
  211. Seat Selection of 3 adults & 1 infant on HKG-JFK Business
  212. Advice on upgrade SYD to HKG
  213. Is there a time limit for Cabana use?
  214. what does "stand by" mean?
  215. KA A320 Shell-J - BIG THUMBS UP
  216. Op-up for stupid girlfrie(shhh...)
  217. CX Lounge Facilities - Is there a Spa?
  218. HKG - DXB flights - regional J or long haul J?
  219. Bkk connection time (Cathay to sep flight on Bangkok Air)
  220. Can I book CXholiday package and not use hotel?
  221. CX889 YVR-HKG in PE then CGK questions...
  222. How to change fare class from S to V in Economy
  223. Which KA flight to take to connect to SIN on CX715?
  224. Redeeming Companion Tickets -Is it possible in reality?
  225. J seat empty, do they not upgrade people
  226. 各位亞洲萬里通同馬可孛羅會會員,是否想知道點解亞洲萬里通同馬可&a
  227. Sfo and hkg route cx
  228. upgrade from Y to J class
  229. Experiences with Cathay proactively offering upgrades to Premium Economy/Business
  230. Share Y baggage weight allowance?
  231. Economy shell seats...!!?
  232. CGK-HKG operating single class flights?
  233. Marco Polo Diamond vs. AAdvantage Executive Platinum
  234. Revenue J-class upgrade to F-class
  235. Shall I change my departure day for a better chance of upgrade using miles?
  236. Dragonair launches new seasonal service to Siem Reap
  237. CX F HKG-ORD seat selection (aircraft configuration)
  238. CX/BA Miles/Upgrade query
  239. Questions about overnight connection in ICN: CX to MH
  240. CX to maintain current level of fuel surcharge for August 2013
  241. MNL turnaround
  242. OT: AsiaMiles Scheme with Cigna in HK - Opinions?
  243. Stacking as many return SIN-PER-SIN trips in a Oneworld multi-carrier award
  244. Any Interline agreement between Cathay
  245. Guitar as carry on ?
  246. Asia Miles Hotline Today
  247. AA-CX Transfers at JFK
  248. Hong Kong Airport Lounge decision?
  249. ORD Lounge - SAS or Swiss
  250. Airbus marks 1,000th A330 plane - CX

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