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  1. 5 hr J to J connection in HKG. Need lounge guidance
  2. F Menu's 2014 SFO-HKG
  3. 777-300ER Best seat?
  4. CX Lounges in HKG
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  6. The Ultimate Water Provided by CX
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  8. asia miles T&C
  9. Marco Polo Gold baggage allowence question
  10. Cheaper fares with Agencies?
  11. J or F reward question
  12. Further downgrade of F wines
  13. F lounge TPE
  14. Best place to travel to for 9000 Miles (Mileage Run)
  15. CGK-HKG J or F
  16. What can CX miles be used for? Can they be transferred out?
  17. First Time Cathay Flier Questions
  18. New headphone policy: everywhere on CX?
  19. Are there HKG - SHA award tickets?
  20. Family lounge access in HKG
  21. When Will We Be Able To Redeem AM On US Airways Flights?
  22. LAX => HKG, Cathay vs EVA
  23. Changing Award Ticket Date
  24. CX103 stopover in Cairns
  25. Luggage storage in HKG for ~20-24 hours
  26. Baggage lost JFK - HKG - SIN via Cathay Airways
  27. Cathay Pacific CX889 JFK>YVR First Class
  28. CX policy w/r/t amenity kits?
  29. How to file a complaint to Cathay for cancelled flight [ex-EU compensation]
  30. In seat power and wifi on 777ss and A330s.
  31. Cathay CEO wife?
  32. HKG J class lounge dining options
  33. Hkg do 2013-14?
  34. Offered a complimentary buggy during check in + Wing/Bridge visit
  35. CX846 JFK custom clearing time
  36. Where has F HKG-JNB gone?
  37. LHR-HKG
  38. [Need Help] struggling between BA Executive Club and CX Marco Polo Club
  39. AsiaMiles for QF redemption fees/YQ - help
  40. Asia Miles - Business Class Redemption
  41. Premium bundle fares are BACK. sale ends 21Jan
  42. Upgrading with Miles, How Many if One Sector Only Has J?
  43. Any new CX Lounge planned for Midfield Concourse?
  44. Question: How does the baby bassinet in Business Class look like?
  45. CX phone number in US
  46. KVS Check: CGK-YYZ 2014/02/23
  47. Advice needed for flying ultra long haul economy to New York
  48. Booking CX flights with deferred ticketing deadline
  49. KIX to HKG redemption in F, worth it?
  50. Do I need Marco Polo Club membership to get Asia Miles on oneworld partners?
  51. OneWorld F Lounges @ HKG
  52. Premium Economy, CX versus QF
  53. Upgrade query - splitting up the family
  54. Cx708 del-bkk-hkg
  55. New Routes for 2014?
  56. Can I get to YYC with Cathay?
  57. CX Y Menus 2014
  58. CX PE Menus 2014
  59. CX J Menus 2014
  60. CX F Menus 2014
  61. Cash upgrade + points upgrade
  62. How to get the most out of my first CX J experience
  63. Redeeming miles onto AA
  64. First Class Short Haul - what to expect?
  65. Booking different travel classes
  66. Interline baggage through check between CX and US possible now?
  67. 15A in 77W
  68. KA 4 of 8 J seats marked 'reserved for staff'
  69. CX Limo
  70. Changes to announcements
  71. Special offers to AKL in J?
  72. KA 295 (HKG-HAN) in J, what to expect?
  73. HKG > JFK Business (I) to F on 3 Seats
  74. CX orders additional 77W's, 748F
  75. News article about Taipei Songshan airport
  76. Urgent help please!
  77. Never noticed this before [ Taipei flight time]
  78. unable to print boarding pass
  79. turn around at SGN (or HAN) airports?
  80. Upgrade to J for HKG to MXP/ FCO
  81. CX720 Dec 25th delay?
  82. Aromatherapy in First Class
  83. Christmas warning: Thieves stealing hand baggage on Dragonair flights
  84. Why would F row seats be missing in seating plan?
  85. KA service is terrible
  86. CX F or JL F?
  87. Biz class boarding queue longer than eco....
  88. Quick questions on CX and HKIA
  89. Decrease in F Award Tickets Available?
  90. Simple Op-Up, or?
  91. When Will CX Follow Others in Electronics Use? [A: 15 September 2014]
  92. "you've had enough sir" cut off on CX838
  93. Cx 524 loses pe
  94. Made it to DM! Plus can anyone help me check ORD to HKG seats?
  95. Food Offering in Y between HKG and MNL
  96. NYC-HKG-JNB F Class?
  97. Expiring Miles - Help Please
  98. OT-ish: CX Model Aircraft
  99. Mango engeriser - brand?
  100. Email link for CX DM Christmas gift?
  101. Is MPC the worst One World FFP?
  102. CX751 - No more DEL?
  103. So CX are very keen to change my flights ( HKG -LHR)
  104. New KA First Class
  105. True/false Cathay lounge is available if flying business class on AA Explorer ticket?
  106. CX flight delay, will miss connecting flight....
  107. problem with asia miles site?
  108. Paid upgrade to First
  109. Back on CX after 3 years vs EK
  110. Year of the Horse soft toy on a plane
  111. CX F : 2-People Dining
  112. why can't I check in?
  113. CX 747-400 or A330 Biz class
  114. World Map disappeared in 2014 CX Diary
  115. why CX807 canceled 12Dec and severely delayed 13Dec?
  116. New PYE F Pajamas - Free Gift?
  117. CDG Lounge Access time
  118. CX award availability: different for each partner?
  119. CAN>HKG>LHR pre-check bags at HKG?
  120. Business on Cathay
  121. Basic difference between Business and First Class
  122. X'mas is coming & ...
  123. Simple CX Questions - Airport Checkin and Lounge Guest
  124. PER-HKG
  125. Asia Miles required YVR-JFK
  126. New livery spotted on B-KPB
  127. CX HK Christmas cocktails
  128. How long before does equpment for short hauls become stable
  129. Dragonair HKG-REP Summer 2014
  130. services for missed connections
  131. Do CX try to fill F cabins?
  132. YVR-NYC Business Class Seats?
  133. Help re Redemption Waitlist
  134. DPS new terminal - quick report
  135. Award ticket in J using Asia Miles
  136. CX companion award redemption on partner airlines
  137. Seat reservations on regional routes
  138. Rebooking CX, Asiamiles redemption ticket, big problem
  139. 5 Hour Connection @ LAX: To check all the way or not
  140. Escape with great fare
  141. Claiming Missing Miles
  142. [Newbie] ex-TPE to SIN questions
  143. 826 hkg - yyz [overbooking]
  144. CX879 744 row39: can I lift the armrest?
  145. MPO: Updates to mileage requirements for lounge access redemption
  146. CX 845 meals in Y?
  147. Need help with CX fare rules
  148. Best time for a flight from Asia to US
  149. Failure to Interline
  150. CX website doesnt recognise IE11
  151. South America & Easter Island Using Multi-Carrier Award
  152. CX Award Ticket Issuance time
  153. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Cathay Pacific Asia Miles benefits nominations
  154. Best seats on 330/33G?
  155. AM or Aadvantge miles living in US
  156. CX Metal / Oneworld Codeshare MP club miles?
  157. MPC Gold & BA Gold and OneWorld Award Ticket on AM. How to put my BA Gold FFP in?
  158. Rechecked in Luggage Lost/Delayed... (First time using recheck in system)
  159. Complex itineary - baggage tagging
  160. Rude/unwelcoming "Do a Search" type responses will be deleted in future
  161. Lounge Access on Expired Status
  162. 77G Coming to AMS Winter 2014
  163. Warning re. stopovers on Asiamiles redemptions
  164. Travel Rebound Will Benefit Cathay Pacific More Than Singapore Airlines
  165. [luggage storage at] Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge Hong Kong
  166. CX just downgraded OW emerald [aircraft swap to regional equipment]
  167. How to score an upgrade on a CX overbooked flight (Skyyer(長空))
  168. not knowing own code share partners
  169. Cathay Pacific new business class European destinations.
  170. Hidden Asia Miles Bonus HKG PEK??
  171. Where to credit economy flight on CX
  172. What A Nice Way To Start 32 Hours Of Travel
  173. CX Connection times
  174. Which is better MPO Gold or QR Gold
  175. Cathay Economy seats - same product as United?
  176. [Meal times and] Transpacific service on CX on J
  177. How do I find the change fees for my ticket?
  178. Waitlist Chances HKG-HAN/DAD pre-Xmas
  179. New air defense identification zone for China
  180. Photos of the new Cathay Pacific Lounge at Hong Kong- 'The Bridge'
  181. Student Tickets
  182. cheapest way to get CX PE to Australia
  183. Marco Polo Club Response Time Poll
  184. Cathay Pacific Experience / seats / Baggage FAQs
  185. Chances to get PEY redemption waitlist go through for SFO-HKG in March/April
  186. HKG-JFK: How many hours of daylight during the flight?
  187. Checking in luggage dilemma
  188. Is wine to the meal on demand now?
  189. BA revenue tix UG w AM - CX now controls?
  190. Short-checking to HKG/throw-away
  191. seen this in Facebook CX Secrets: $50 HKD to JFK?!?!?!
  192. Million Mile Bonus Asia Miles
  193. CX PE exTPE fare
  194. CX to Code-Share with HM to SEZ
  195. Advice for a new business traveler [to India]
  196. Pregnancy and requalification MPC G
  197. CX Amex cancels Birthday Recognition benefit
  198. CX MPC quality/cost savings???
  199. Routes/Plane with refurbished F
  200. CX SL Advanced seat selection on BA / AA Flights
  201. Cathay Pacific Chicago (ORD) Lounge
  202. transiting at HKG - lounge access?
  203. Tricky Booking..need suggestions
  204. Cathay Black Friday Sale 2013 [Nov 29 2013]
  205. Most pilfered items taken off Cathay Pacific
  206. Noodle Bar in the Wing
  207. CX845 JFK-HKG Business Class: First time...
  208. award flight - possible to WL with zero miles in the account?
  209. Checking in for CX flight leaving out of LAX in SFO?
  210. Reaching LAX early for CX883
  211. Check in error
  212. HKG w/10+hr Layover
  213. Great CX Flight
  214. BKK lounge noodle [looting]
  215. Can one customer have two bookings on the same flight?
  216. CX schedule change lead to downgrading award seat from First to Business
  217. Award Redemption: 24hrs a Stopover or Transit?
  218. CX baggage
  219. Cathay to Silk Air
  220. SGN-EWR in March in J
  221. Electronic BP
  222. Upgrade BA flights using asiamiles
  223. Lounge Access without card for new membership year
  224. BA comparison too easy; how about QR (J)
  225. KA to replace CX's Penang service
  226. Seats all taken but still can book?
  227. Re-Qualifying as Silver [benefits before gaining status]
  228. BA forum beginning to figure out just how bad BA really are.
  229. Looking for F NRT/HND-HKG
  230. changing travel agent booking?
  231. Corporate travel -- separate receipt for upgrade to Prem Econ?
  232. Multi-Class booking?
  233. Access to inventory [CX members vs other oneworld members]
  234. Mileage Accural Question Involving 3 Airlines
  235. Senior Citizen Discount - HK and Macu residents Only
  236. CX SL and AA EXP waitlisted upgrade award question...
  237. Seats in business class for couple
  238. Manually Adjusting MPC Tier Reset Date?
  239. Which JFK HKG Routes Have New Economy?
  240. My First Experience on F
  241. Why do I wish each time to be in Dubai instead of the wing?
  242. Only flex business >6 months out!
  243. Anyone heading to the CX Million Milers :-) dinner next week
  244. Infant in J
  245. Birthday Cake Arrangement?
  246. PEK code share flight with CA
  247. OP-UP Pecking order
  248. strange meal times in Y on ORD-HKG
  249. Booking on American Airlines credit CX?
  250. Which one is a better deal?