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  1. CX807 cancelled today
  2. Will Cathay check my luggage through in HK on 2 separate tickets to MNL?
  3. CX888
  4. Is Asia Miles running a promotion on J redemption to LHR?
  5. Question about KA / CX codeshares
  6. Website glitch changing ticket online travelling PEY/Y class:
  7. Grace Period Extension but no Tier Extension
  8. How does the Wing cater for infants?
  9. Typhoon Dujian - all CX flights to TPE cancelled Sept 28 from 1:15pm
  10. Ex-TPE tickets - Baggage issues
  11. Redeem AM on First Class Flights
  12. Is it possible to extend a ticket?
  13. New HKG-SHA flight from Oct
  14. What happened to CX aircraft recently....
  15. Apps...the good and the bad
  16. Engine Fire CX170 PER-HKG
  17. This may be dumb, but is first class worth it over business?
  18. Flight change
  19. LAX--Hong Kong: Which side to sit on?
  20. Which lounge at HKG
  21. Best Swedish number for CX reservations ?
  22. How to find CX fares for a specific booking class
  23. herringbone on 773?
  24. Osaka no longer first class destination?
  25. KA691 16Sep HKG-PEN Hard Landing
  26. Cathay Pacific "O" class
  27. Redeeming AA award using Asia Miles
  28. CX aborts takeoff 19 SEP at Auckland
  29. Taking Advantage of CX Award / Upgrades
  30. 13hr in HKG. Baggage store in any lounge?
  31. Getting to speak to someone about my luggage
  32. Onto 11th year as a DM
  33. Exhausted pilots tell Cathay their workloads are a threat to flight safety
  34. BKK to HKG, which flight in J?
  35. Cathay ticket prices discrepancy
  36. Accrual with codeshare: as booked or as flown? [QF & AA for Asia Miles]
  37. CX check in with AA redemption eticket #
  38. Non-HK Amex Plat's Half-Off MPC Renewal
  39. Business Class with a Baby
  40. No special anniversary fan fares this year?
  41. Online check in
  42. Cathay US Call Center phones down 9/15/15
  43. Cathay flight - luggage not arriving?
  44. International business class product Japan - Hong Kong?
  45. F lounge question - companion
  46. JV with QR: some personal observations
  47. Cathay Pacific - In the movies??!!
  48. Question regarding dining companion at F class
  49. Is the Pier one of the worlds best F lounges ?
  50. Does last 77W have a regional configuration? Speculation?
  51. Is CX845 being discontinued?
  52. Cancelled flight/nonsensical change, any recourse?
  53. 20 Sep 15 CX101
  54. CX Singapore
  55. Way around expensive Christmas fare?
  56. HKG F Check-in Hours
  57. LAX to Asia via Europe with CX
  58. Best use of AM traveling NY to HK
  59. First time Flying Cathay Pacific
  60. How can I see fare rules for FIX travel dates
  61. Can I forfeit my last leg of flight on a promo fare?
  62. SNCF codeshare
  63. Is it mandatory to accept equipment change/downgrade prior to travel?
  64. business class seating on the HKG-DPS route
  65. How does fare class inventory work?
  66. Changing FFP at CX lounges
  67. Suggestion urgently needed - flight delay
  68. Face and body products at Wing/Pier F showers
  69. possibly higher redemption rate for awards from 2016?
  70. CX Business seats for three
  71. SYD-HKG on economy awards
  72. Excellent Customer Service by KA in HKG
  73. Kindle was stolen on SIN-BKK flight - what can I do?
  74. CX to AZ Status Match
  75. Booking One Leg Premium Economy Online
  76. Singapore lounge
  77. Seating Question
  78. Bug on CX Redeem Flights page?
  79. ISO advice: hkg-nyc f redemption (close in rt)
  80. Menu for Ecomony
  81. HKG to Toronto on business - refurbished
  82. When does CX usually open up their First Class Seats
  83. CX 4x, 3x, 2x Asia Miles promotion
  84. exHKG TPE Same Day Changes
  86. TPE-JFK I-Class and companion ticket
  87. Dragon Air Seating Plan Query
  88. "Please shut the blinds on your way out" (rumour)
  89. Combining two one way awards for round trip pricing.
  90. Phantom award availability?
  91. How long for MH flights to post to MPC?
  92. CX changed flight date without informing me
  93. Flight change problem
  94. Cathay Pacific canvassing opinion on new Amenity Kits
  95. Retrieving Checked Baggage on HKG Layover
  96. Routing Rules for Partner Airlines
  97. do waitlists sync with award release?
  98. Earn Marco Polo club miles from NZ
  99. Be at the gate AT LEAST 30 min before departure?
  100. CX 171 not showing up on Cathay Pacific booking page
  101. KA 2015 Re-Inaugural Flt to HIJ (KA350/16AUG/HKGHIJ)
  102. What's exactly is killing the Shanghai flights today (Aug 24)?
  103. Tools for checking CX Award Availability
  104. Moving to London, stick with Cathay?
  105. Taking advantage of the two award charts?
  106. URGENT: CX Holiday contact
  107. Trying to redeem Asia Miles for Alaska Air flights
  108. Flying bos-> hkg recommendation
  109. Lounge Etiquette
  110. B777-300ER vs A330-300 Long-Haul J-Class
  111. Not Enough Blankets on CX recently
  112. Perfection - G16
  113. KA248 question / dilemma (2 class plane is now 1 class)
  114. Who should I take it up with?
  115. Using in-town check in and checking more bags later
  116. Turbulence in CX Stock?
  117. Which JFK flight?
  118. Cx293 delayed 10hrs
  119. Cancellation fee: am I doomed? :((
  120. Forgotten my English Name
  121. Rebooking with different destination?
  122. Welcome maortega15 as an Ambassador to the Cathay Pacific forum
  123. Are IRROPS at PVG handled similarly between CX and KA?
  124. TPE Equip Swap
  125. BKK->HKG->ORD Connection Times
  126. CX is considering flying to London Gatwick (LGW)
  127. End of Summer YVR J to F Op-Up Chances
  128. CX severely limits partner redemptions on routes with Dragonair segment?
  129. One CX SIN-HKG 773 returned to Changi on parts error, another MXed before departure
  130. How's CX business/first class availability to partners a few days before flight date?
  131. Multi-leg Baggage Allowance
  132. CX846 HKG-JFK 16Aug cancelled due to sick FO
  133. Tight-ish connection off PEK flight
  134. Limits on checked baggage?
  135. Mini J cabin on regional 33G
  136. Separate tickets on CX 1.5hr layover. Possible to check baggage through?
  137. travel with baby in J
  138. Taking food order in J
  139. Calling Asia miles
  140. QF Asiamiles bookings
  141. My CX Status Match
  142. Downside of booking cheaper fare on JAL but operated by CX? Besides less miles?
  143. CX885 all zeroed out?
  144. One Agent's Mistake or Common Issue?
  145. The Wing - Atrium
  146. Does transit count toward sector miles?
  147. Has CX stopped opening J awards to DPS due volcano?
  148. Cathay F and J wines
  149. PEY Last Row
  150. How are the headphones in PEY?
  151. Will I be protected on this itinerary?
  152. What will happen when there is a flight cancellation
  153. Flight upgrade for parents
  154. Redeeming SNCF Tickets using Asia miles?
  155. Theft on planes to and from Hong Kong (media request)
  156. Arrivals lounge Sydney
  157. Are seat maps no longer available
  158. Pricing to BKK
  159. Any promotion on Toronto to Hong Kong flight
  160. LAX Security
  161. CX and KA to reduce flights between HKG and mainland cities
  162. CX 254 LHR-HKG not operating in December?
  163. Qantas boss blames failed Jetstar bid on Hong Kong protectionism
  164. Targeted Survey: interesting format
  165. Is the chief executive flying on Cathay?
  166. Do I get lounge access?
  167. HKG Stopover
  168. RT 1/4 Price of Multi City with same routing
  169. Connecting iPhone to IFE
  170. Need to clear customs for transit w/ different itinerary?
  171. Lounge Survey
  172. Loss of all baggage tags
  173. Newbie question! Lost miles from MPC upgrade?
  174. Meal Service HKG > DXB: What to expect?
  175. Cathay Booking Stuff Up
  176. 500,000 Asia Miles
  177. HKG-LAX Crew Assignment?
  178. Lounges in HKG
  179. CX731 HKG to DXB no PE anymore in Oct?
  180. Booking first flight on CP, help with Asia Miles/Fare Code
  181. New CX J Menu (card not food)
  182. PEK to HKG - 333 or 77W
  183. Compensation for delayed luggage
  184. HKG LHR flight 5 August
  185. So... how's BOS doing?
  186. CX vs. JAL For Trip To HK via Tokyo
  187. Upgrade part of award booking on CX booked with BA miles
  188. HX Competing with CX on BNE/CNS with OOL Flights in 2016
  189. Chance of sitting together again?
  190. CX routes PVG-HKG-BNE pax to HKG-MNL-POM-BNE, pax detained in MNL
  191. UPG from PY to Biz using Asia Miles? or $$$
  192. Booked PY but Aircraft swapped
  193. CX884 Diversion to Eareckson AFB [Shemya, AK]
  194. Baggage Allowance
  195. Time to post mileage for non OW codeshare flights?
  196. QR redemption availability can be searched on cathaypacific.com
  197. Guide to redeeming Asia Miles?
  198. Accessing CX lounges in HKG for QR815
  199. Upgrading in this way possible?
  200. CX765 HKG-SGN 28JUL Why the diversion?
  201. Lights ON in J Long Haul
  202. CX J - First time impressions
  203. CX J compared to QF/Emirates/Etihad?
  204. Waitlist Priority questions
  205. CX J connecting to JL Y domestic: baggage questions
  206. 4 Days to make 1 Tier Trip
  207. Sectors count (HKG-BKK-SIN) with CX712/713
  208. Options for Upgrading
  209. Inflight telephone - 2015
  210. How to get cheap business class fares on CX?
  211. Dragonair classes PEK to HKG
  212. Circle Pacific (DCIR22) Pricing/Ticketing Problem - Advice ?
  213. Seeking circa 2009/10 CX F Bally amenity bag
  214. OWS Benefits and crediting miles into CXAM / BP Question
  215. Waitlisting Chances?
  216. JFK to HKG which flight to choose please
  217. Compensation for mt raung eruption ?
  218. No Online Check-In if Passport Less than 6 months
  219. FRA Arrivals Lounge
  220. BOS-LHR-BUD redemption: "This route is not valid"
  221. Companion awards in 2015
  222. CX846 21st JUL
  223. Disturbance in a lounge, what is worst?
  224. F Lounge at Zurich
  225. CX Lounge Renovation / Addition suggestion
  226. CMB-HKG non stop daily
  227. Lounge use in SIN, arrival flights
  228. Does CX in HKG accept check-in bags the day before?
  229. JFK T7 Strike on July 22, 2015
  230. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong 1hour transfer
  231. Peninsula HKG lounge catering contract not renewed, Plaza Premium replacement
  232. Can anyone check in for Cathay pacific?
  233. Advise on booking J return HKG-CTS
  234. Lounge access in Lax T4
  235. CX cans Oriental Daily "Due to management decision" for a day
  236. Redeeming First Class Ticket on CX
  237. Airmiles with AAdvantage but 20,000 unclaimed miles from a recent Cathay Pacific flig
  238. Mainlandisation
  239. No New First Class in A350-1000?
  240. advice on layover in HKG
  241. CX loses 1M NZD banknotes
  242. Upgrade on CX Economy booked marketed by AA?
  243. Cheap way to do ex-US to 2+ Mainland Cities?
  244. Question about one way award routing rules
  245. LAN awards with Asia Miles...first class is phantom space or economy space?
  246. CX383 14Jul delayed 90 mins due to bear hug
  247. Overweight luggage in J class
  248. No A380 for CX: a commercial mistake?
  249. HKG-SFO, CX vs. JL
  250. One Waitlisted flight per sector?