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  1. Ticketing deadline for oneworld Multi-Carrier Award - any love?
  2. HKG to LHR (fuel tax Vs airlines)
  3. MPC Phone System Not Recognizing my MPC Number?
  4. Make the run for DM?
  5. Today's dramatic ending with CX347
  6. PVG Lounge Wifi
  7. CX807 Very Late Departure June 30, 2013
  8. DM guest number on Oneworld flights
  9. Baggage questions
  10. CX old aircraft
  11. Tips for an optimum J experience on CX LHR-PER
  12. availibilty for YVR to BOM Oct 26 One way economy
  13. Request to close blind in F
  14. What's wrong with KA906?
  15. Transferring to Macau thru HKIA
  16. Cabanas during 3 hour layover in HKG?
  17. 5-hour PEK-HKG flight?
  18. Help me decide! BR vs CX premium economy
  19. CX instant upgrade
  20. HKG Lounges
  21. Upgrading to Prem Y on already booked regular Y ticket?
  22. CX gold benefits
  23. Ex-TPE I Class Gone?
  24. HKG-WAW Reward Flight
  25. Dragon Air Standby policy
  26. HKG DPS award availability (can't find anything at all)
  27. Confirmed J vs. "undefined"
  28. Award Tickets Search on CX
  29. Aircraft tracking..
  30. CX to maintain current level of fuel surcharge for July 2013
  31. CX declining
  32. Cx to maldives - rumour or fact? [confirmed fact]
  33. redemption ticket Waitlist on Mar 15 2014 YVR to HKG business class
  34. Missed take off CX703, 21 Jun?
  35. 5x daily LHR Update
  36. Hotel Partner - worked for a change!
  37. CX Reservations Hotline and MPC Hotline
  38. Not impressed:(
  39. A330 seat map anomaly
  40. Waitlist for Business 3.5 months out
  41. Suggestions for Cathay pacific F improvement
  42. new codeshare
  43. Trying to book J-class with miles YVR-HKG
  44. Which SFO-HKG flight?
  45. Fra hkg biz class
  46. Asia Miles HKG-CTS
  47. BA ticket upgraded with Asia Miles - how to make changes?
  48. Checked in, but can't change seats
  49. Should CX tighten their staff travel ID90 rules on Business class?
  50. CX807
  51. SkyTrax best Airlines: CX at #6
  52. Is CX6765 TPE-HKG really lie-flat J?
  53. Malaysian Failure to Post Miles to Marco Polo
  54. CX vs KA on PVG-HKG
  55. Transit - Change to Stopover
  56. Selecting a seat in First
  57. Best J seat on 77G
  58. Two Skytrax awards to CX
  59. Upgrades from Extra-Legroom seats
  60. Companion Ticket Check + strategy to reach DM?
  61. Ticket Redemption
  62. First first - LHR-HKG
  63. Redeeming F and Op-Ups Were So Much Easier
  64. SIN-HKG-YYZ Y+ or C?
  65. Notifly
  66. Arrival Lounge in JNB?
  67. does award availability update at 11am HKG tme?
  68. Is expertflyer wrong?
  69. Upgrade and Op-up question
  70. BA LHR(T5) Lounge Access. Quickest to achieve?
  71. A MPO redemption riddle from
  72. New Business on CX 742 & CX 500?
  73. First class to get refresh among other things
  74. CX806 HKG-ORD does it have F?
  75. Y seat choice on 343 for OW Emerald
  76. CDG CX Cancellations 13 June - CX Won't Reroute
  77. CX831 or CX841
  78. CX BKK-HKG 08.35 Departure - EXP - Best Lounge Choice
  79. Discounted Regional Business Upgrade question
  80. Lounge help! Lhr 11jun cx254 delay!
  81. Premium economy Seat selection for SFO bound flight on 744
  82. Low-information posters on the CX board
  83. Partial Waitlist
  84. Olci problems - 11jun13
  85. How do we get to Koh Samui after using Cathay to BKK?
  86. Redeeming Asia Miles on AA
  87. Extra Baggage on BA with MPC Gold
  88. Asia Miles upgrade redemption
  89. Disappointed on CX service
  90. HKG-NGO KVS Availability
  91. Check bag all the way through KA-UA
  92. Question on throw-away/Re-sch HKG-TPE for TPE <-> SFO Tix
  93. Does Cathay/ China admit with one way ticket to HKG, or PEK?
  94. are all 777s now fitted with new Business class (Cirrus)?
  95. KA carry on restriction
  96. Ive looked at F class meals and cannot find this???
  97. CX, Asiana,Lufthansa choice in F
  98. Watching Iphone media off StudioCX
  99. CGK - HKG midnight flight catering
  100. OW Emerald and MPC DM - which to use and when?
  101. CX Premium Economy PER - HKG
  102. Transfer in HKG
  103. Pre-book seats discount fare
  104. Upgrade method/pts required?
  105. Something's up with CX flights to Europe tonight
  106. BKK-HKG CX2700 or CX708?
  107. No new long haul CX destination till 2016/17
  108. CX Interline Agreement with Jetstar Asia?
  109. KA HKG-DAD Departure Gates HKG?
  110. Lounge Access Question HKG
  111. CX885 - Advice on Dining/Sleeping Times
  112. The refresh is coming...
  113. J food service on India-HKG CX/KA flights,?
  114. Double Asia Miles for J/Y+
  115. Jeddah seat likely?
  116. Should I check-in online when I have a waitlisted flight?
  117. Use BA (OW Sapphire) or CX (lowly Green)?
  118. Being polite: if somebody offered to swap F for J, what would you offer
  119. Potential Misconnect
  120. Time to Credit
  121. Op-down
  122. LHR Arrival Lounge for CX251/255. How about CX237?
  123. CX 451 NRT-TPE-HKG Questions
  124. Checking in more luggage during mini-stopover
  125. CX business vs KA First, HKG-PEK?
  126. Mumbai-HK
  127. Gluten-free in J (LAX-HKG)
  128. Selecting a seat on an Avios reward for a CX flight
  129. Am I wasting my time trying to get the perfect seat?
  130. Another early renewal question
  131. Bad experience - no response?
  132. Separate PNR. Cx to AA boarding passes issued at first flight checkin?
  133. Which flight in biz HKG-LHR return
  134. KA 879 Is delayed, concerned over connection in HKG
  135. Did CX block all the award seats (HKG -->ICN) in Christmas 2013?
  136. Cx 238/9 loads
  137. Bangkok
  138. Access to the Wing on a AA F Award ticket, but flying CX J
  139. NYC-YVR rt (J & F respectivey) - vegetarian meals
  140. Charges for changing itinerary?
  141. A340 Y seat armrest foldable?
  142. completely useless for everyone?
  143. CP discriminating Mainlander Chinese?
  144. Availability check please!
  145. Poor Asia Miles Reservation performance
  146. 'flexible with travel dates' only works on some dates?
  147. What happened on 16-May? HKG-JFK flights almost 20 hours
  148. CX to lower fuel surcharge from June 1 2013
  149. Flying CX J to CMB
  150. Bereavement Fares?
  151. CX 889 25May Same Seat Checked-in Twice! / FTer spotted
  152. Links for Newcomers
  153. 777 Cargo Fire Alarm in Bangkok
  154. cancel online checkin
  155. Tokyo to Hong Kong F/C Options
  156. Should I transfer credit card reward miles to Asia Miles or another program?
  157. Penalty of HKD 1200 when buying a new ticket on a higher fare class
  158. Perhaps we can write a collective letter to ask MPO to improve its benefits?
  159. Improving FAQ and sticky
  160. Asia Miles MPC Green, Lounge Access OW Sapphire
  161. CX to fly to Lombok
  162. Would Cathay give an extra Amenity kit?
  163. Meet & Greet of OW Elites aboard CX flights..
  164. Booking with CX Agent - I want to reward good work
  165. earning club miles and club sector on Qantas Domestic Flight
  166. Loading check please!!
  167. CX duty free
  168. SIN lounge experience
  169. HKIA Minimum Transit Time
  170. Flying CX First ORD-HKG This Week ... Any ??'s
  171. ODU policy
  172. CX to Jet Airways connection at DEL
  173. HKG Stopovers
  174. Me unreasonable or CX outrageous?
  175. CX Re-accommodate on Separate Tix?
  176. Interline Ticketing
  177. 747 v 77W F SFO-HKG
  178. CX828 HKG-YYZ 17/05/13 a 77H B-KPL?
  179. Visa waiver program and CX
  180. Get 50% off flight upgrade redemptions on Cathay Pacific and Dragonair!
  181. Seniors Airfares and SYD->MNL->LHR
  182. 50 points short of gold pre long haul flight
  183. PEK-HKG-JFK/ORD-msp using AA in first
  184. UG to J on YYZ-CGK Oct 4-20 2013
  185. CX HKG to Dubai vs HKG to Abu Dhabi in J
  186. LHR T3 Arrivals lounge
  187. CX's hidden I-fare sale
  188. CX873 SFO HKG - Meal After Takeoff?
  189. ex JPN K, M, L, V ticket upgrade to Y+ (longhaul) at 20k jpy per sector
  190. Short Transit in HKIA
  191. PEY inconsistency: It's a "class" for us, but not for crew and ID90 tickets
  192. CX replacing Shanghai Tang PJs
  193. Toronto Lounge Options for CX825 Departure
  194. Premium economy or economy - that is the question?
  195. Trying to book with Asiamiles for J class but...
  196. CX105/4 HKG-ADL-MEL Questions
  197. Cathay Pacific Transfers on separate PNR?
  198. CX The Wing, what type of beer?
  199. KA111 - Scheduling Rant
  200. BAEC FT London Do - 7 June - OneWorld / all most welcome
  201. May 9 CX806 diverted to CYWG
  202. the wing - rant
  203. Upgrade Chances? J to F, HKG to LAX
  204. Cathy Pacific Lounge at ICN
  205. self boarding
  206. Catching the F1 race at a HKG CX/OW lounge
  207. SFO 747 - Premium Economy
  208. AMS Equipment
  209. Help in booking multi-city itin on website
  210. Possible to change award ticket to upgrade award ticket?
  211. Qatar miles after joining oneworld
  212. No longer able to reserve seats for friends/family
  213. Best way to buy a F ticket
  214. J Class on SGN-HKG
  215. HKG->LAX->LAS->LAX->HKG Questions!
  216. Time restriction on Check-in for USA-bound flights
  217. Upgrade premium econ to business
  218. 12A or 16K on 77W New J Class?
  219. Standby Policy
  220. Upgrade using Asia Miles but want to still receive American Advantage miles for trip
  221. Lounge at Manchester
  222. how asia miles communicates: need help for research project - thank you
  223. upper deck question
  224. What program should I bank my points to for flight hkg-yyz
  225. Ascot Race, rattle and roll
  226. Should I switch to AsiaMiles?
  227. Best Y seat in CX's 744?
  228. No more KLM lounge at YYZ?
  229. Dirty Glass...
  230. The Bridge
  231. Change Flight for HKG Wing F?
  232. CX474-Seat Selection Help
  233. Flight delay in HKG on 30-APR
  234. September HKG-JFK flights sold out in Y?
  235. CX825 YYZ-HKG question
  236. CX HKG-NRT F class seat selection: 1A+1K or 1A+2A? (747)
  237. Status Match to *A
  238. Lounge Access
  239. CA,MU amongst CX cabin crew
  240. CX to lower fuel surcharge from May 1 2013
  241. Transit at Hong kong airport
  242. Cathay Pacific: No Change Fee?
  243. CX flights in BKK
  244. Just a close call at HKIA...
  245. Help - Cathay not really looking for my bags
  246. AA Award Booking Help!
  247. I just gave up to maintain CX Marco Polo elite status
  248. Missing Reservation in MBB
  249. YYZ-HKG Upgrade from Premium Economy to J
  250. Food in First HKG to BKK?

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