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  1. Marcopolo luggage tag question
  2. [Off topic] Obtaining a US credit card when based in HK
  3. Osaka CX595 or CX569?
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  9. Lithium batteries question
  10. Orphan Asianmiles
  11. Ugh. They took away my first class seat.
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  14. Redemption Tickets
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  16. Lounge Question -The Wing-
  17. CX online seat reservation system - confusion
  18. would this be an allowable redemption?
  19. Mobile Boarding Pass in PVG?
  20. Benefits if CX Online checking
  21. MPC email response time?
  22. 77H on 77G route. Any way to get seated in F?
  23. How to find CX's business class prices
  24. HKG-PEK F
  25. Is this an easy choice? CX, LX or LH to HKG?
  26. cx crediting to wrong program - whose fault and who to call?
  27. Update redeemption nominee group error problem?
  28. Search Help
  29. The Best First Class of CX?
  30. Will CX start flying to Madrid?
  31. CX new position: "Inflight Quality Observer"
  32. AA redemption on CX vs CX redemption on CX in premium cabins
  33. blogger experiences CX's world-famous F service
  34. What is No Show Fee
  35. Check through luggage in Hong Kong
  36. CX 251 on April 4 HKG - LHR
  37. I Am Gold!
  38. CX specific question: should I re-up Expert Flyer or sign with others?
  39. CX High Priority Treatment
  40. CX 884 F Vs. CX 882 J or F (HKG-LAX)
  41. Why is the the CX forum called Cathay Pacific/Asia Miles?
  42. Burning 70,000 miles from Beijing
  43. How many hours can you sleep in J class?
  44. CX (finally) adds 77W to Auckland
  45. CX F Wing Service Standards
  46. Booking CX With AA?
  47. Does CX track credit card numbers with MPO accounts?
  48. HKG Business Save rebook
  49. Take an earlier flight
  50. Can't checkin to CX (Avios booking)
  51. Pay extra for upper cabin meals
  52. CX Online Booking Down!?
  53. Baggage Interline: CX to CI
  54. Do Cathay care any longer about lateness?
  55. CX 845 questions
  56. Unpublished differences between SL and GO
  57. HKG to SFO via PEK question
  58. Anyone else having issues with CX iOS App?
  59. Third Party Lounge In SUB. Not Too Good
  60. Accrue Alaska Airlines mileage on CX?
  61. Cancelled AA award on CX - CX still showed confirmed
  62. One World Airline but codeshare with CX
  63. Where did all the good junior crew go?
  64. Newbie questions regarding transfer in HKG
  65. Earning MPC Miles on RJ "I" Fares
  66. Boarding passes at JFK
  67. Wing access with OW Sapphire - physical card required?
  68. Waitlist HKG-BOS
  69. How Busy is LHR for CX253?
  70. Does Cathay provide escort for F pax with tight connections?
  71. BAEC Redemption for CX Flight - Online Check In?
  72. Qualify to Silver on first segment - how to enter lounge while waiting in HK
  73. BKK-DEL flight back again?
  74. Is CX website working for anybody?
  75. Question about flight status interpretation on Cathay Pacific's website.
  76. CX YYZ-HKG J Class
  77. Can earn miles on Aeroflot?
  78. Mumbai (BOM) Flights Renumbering
  79. 08:45 departure, when is the cut-off time for check in?
  80. Questions on CX450 HKG-NRT
  81. UA Ticketed CX flight -- can't pull up booking?
  82. In-flight surveys
  83. New KA tablet entertainment system
  84. The Wing access question
  85. Diamond Plus will become a real thing?
  86. US refund process
  87. TYO among "sticky" routes?
  88. Proof PEY is full of Y-hoppers?
  89. Is MPO line down for anyone else? (March 23)
  90. Connection in Bahrain
  91. "Premium Only" seats
  92. AA allocation on a CX operated flight
  93. Horrible wifi connection at Hong Kong lounges
  94. Redemption Award LAX-HKG Confirmed?
  95. KA new J should be CX longhaul PEY
  96. Example of disappointment with MPC from Diamond
  97. how to make award mixed class booking?
  98. Connecting in HKG with different alliance
  99. Business class cabin on CX0691 (HKG - SIN)
  100. Cathay Pacific Online Booking Disaster
  101. CX to discontinue HKG-DME from Jun 1 2015
  102. AA-CX connection at JFK
  103. KA to CX Connections at HKG
  104. Carry on luggage dimension question
  105. Redemption Flights - Wait till the last minute or buy ticket now?
  106. BA Avios upgrade credited to CX - how to claim miles?
  107. Meet & Greet
  108. BA Silver/OWS Extra Baggage Problems
  109. LAX - HKG Round trip. Upgrade question
  110. A350-900 Config
  111. J Seats Smaller on some planes?
  112. Getting to SL and lounge access
  113. Change of redemption group fee!?
  114. Hong Kong to Shanghai - Cathay vs Dragonair / economy vs business?
  115. CX198 to BA0026
  116. Earning club miles/sectors by taking code share flight
  117. CX103/146 Cairns Stopover
  118. How good is MPC with chasing after missing mileage on Oneworld partner flights?
  119. What do you think of how CX handled this situation?
  120. Transit in London
  121. CX vouchers: how to spend
  122. Slightly OT: no moisturiser in HKIA lounges' washrooms
  123. Is CX arrivals lounge at HKIA always a zoo?
  124. Beautiful pictures of CX aircraft, interiors & lounges
  125. Can one change redemption ticket as if HND and NRT were the same?
  126. Least Expensive Business Class - NYC-HKG
  127. PEK to HKG: Dragon Air or Cathay F/J?
  128. Longest sector without Premium Economy?!
  129. Doha route
  130. Will CX extend my renewal date
  131. Contract lounge access at cities in Mainland of China
  132. CX Silver lounge access when traveling on JAL code operated by CX
  133. CX to install all-new PEY seats in A350
  134. Cx great North America sale ex-India
  135. Can I separate TPE->HKG->SUB->HKG->TPE into 2 trips?
  136. Are flights taking longer to post to AM?
  137. Redeemption ticket to Japan including domestic flights
  138. Cathay Pacific to launch new business class in February 2016
  139. Website problems?
  140. KA flight fron Hong Kong to shanghai
  141. Traffic Restriction
  142. CX flight to cgk no eticket number
  143. For Taiwan members: fly-and-earn bonus longhaul miles promotion
  144. Flight CX 734
  145. Preferred seating - AA Plat?
  146. Redeeming miles from JFK TO LHR
  147. CX 845 11 hour delay March 6
  148. Round trip from LAX to Hong Kong for $683 on Cathay Pacific
  149. Flight rebooking
  150. New route speculation for Cathay
  151. No more F from BKK?
  152. asiamiles waitlist for 23 Mar CX104 Mel-HKG
  153. Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department to ask Cathay about cockpit video
  154. Did CX/KA Have a Price Increase in March?
  155. Waitlist with expiring miles
  156. HKG-SFO: which CX flight has that non-reclining seats?
  157. Middle name muddle
  158. First time on CX
  159. Facebook CX Secrets forum reveals: CX FA salary cuts
  160. KA902 28Feb delayed 110mins due to open door diaper change
  161. No luck with award booking on CX
  162. Stopover Question: beat the system
  163. Non-OW partner earning
  164. Which routes / flights have no PEY?
  165. Biz award - first regional sector in Y, next sector in J - Lounge access?
  166. Early morning arrival/transit HKIA - no lounge open?
  167. HKG-PER-SYD or HKG-MEL-SYD in Business late night?
  168. Why was I upgraded from PE (R) to Biz (I) on regional legs
  169. Downgrade to Green - MARCOPOLO
  170. Questions about Cathay Business Regional flights HKG-TPE
  171. CGK Departure Questions
  172. Happy Birthday
  173. CX using Chinese airline FAs, or just "New HKers"?
  174. After 3 PEY trips, it's really NOT worth the money...
  175. Can a CX LAX meal voucher be used only in restaurants?
  176. Any MPO members ever had luck on using Asiamiles to upgrade PEY to J on BA?
  177. Flight CAN-HKG-ORD snafu
  178. EWR or JFK more likely for F/C Award Space to HKG
  179. Interesting EWR-HKG experience
  180. Question on whether I should check bags through to final destination
  181. CX T2 Manchester Lounge
  182. Problem reaching a CX phone reservations agent
  183. HKG-MAN-LHR, 100min enough for transfer at MAN?
  184. Unable to check-in online (Service Unavailable - Zero size object)
  185. CX885 March 2 seat availability
  186. KVS showing all 0s - what is the implication
  187. Online check-in problem and fix
  188. Transit changes
  189. Less flight choices after logging in?
  190. increased frequency to CCU
  191. Aug 2015: YYZ Increase to 13x Weekly (New 3rd Flight)
  192. ASR for PEY T Class Redemption
  193. CX654 24Feb delayed 45 min due to 3y.o. refusing to fasten seat belt (w footage)
  194. Exiting cathay's Wing lounge
  195. Close to requalifying
  196. which CX flights NA-HKG-CMB should I choose?
  197. Do not through-check bags at FCO
  198. Excess Luggage / Freight
  199. FAs cooking personal food in FC Galley
  200. Will CX be able to check luggage to final destination?
  201. credit miles for no show?
  202. Alternative to MPO for children
  203. Price fixing?
  204. CX898 F with Pajama?
  205. 333 Regional Business Class
  206. Am I misunderstanding something with mixed carrier awards?
  207. Upgrade when No PEY aircraft?
  208. Unpleasant experience at LHR arrival lounge
  209. CX831 JFK-HKG cancellations - anyone have more info
  210. CX HKG-JNB Business
  211. Interlining baggage CX-AB
  212. Check Through Baggage Maximum Sectors
  213. Seat selection.
  214. CX F to Europe
  215. Which CX flights ex NA have an F cabin?
  216. CX 881 Feb 14 LAX-HKG Operating empty?
  217. US Sapphire benefits on CX flight if crediting to Asia Miles account?
  218. Tight Connection, Chronically late flight - Advice
  219. Award availability: AM vs. AA/US?
  220. A330 New seat map???
  221. Has anyone managed to drop a segment in OWE award?
  222. CX 898 HKG LAX Permanently Canceled ?
  223. Any discount available for 7 business seats?
  224. 02/09's CX 873 dalayed 6 hrs....
  225. CX250 Cancelled - Go To Airport
  226. YYZ-HKG AA F fare valid on CX metal $8,100 (round-trip)
  227. Cathay Pacific Airways Year of the Goat Party: Ring in the New Year with Dinner on Us
  228. CX didn't check immigration docs & I was detained for 6 hours overseas
  229. Recent F experience
  230. Two tickets on same flight - will CX cancel it?
  231. Cathay Pacific's First Class Menu by Mandarin Oriental New York
  232. Odd change to Y Hindu meal out of SFO
  233. Adding check-in bags in HKG while on transit
  234. transit/connect in HKG
  235. Heathrow Express Clearance
  236. Through-checking by CX (different tickets)
  237. HKG stopover questions
  238. Should I take a chance and grab the F award seat and hope for another
  239. CX shuttle voucher for guests?
  240. if I fly long haul F, can I ask flight attendant to put some cookies in the fridge?
  241. How strict are HKG CX lounge staff with guesting rules?
  242. Will My Luggage Make a 70 Minute Connection in HKG?
  243. Anybody else have issues with their MPC Gold when flying with American Airlines?
  244. Flying CX (Business) for the First Time
  245. HKG - CGK ; New rigional business seat Or Longhaul business seat?
  246. KA kids meals in J
  247. CX transfer desk in BKK
  248. CX Manage Booking shortcomings
  249. CNY availability
  250. Any way to hold special meal if upgrading at last minute?