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  1. Reconfiguration schedule for 747s
  2. Next Route for 777-300ER
  3. Parking at HKG
  4. COMPARISONS of the New CX FC Suite on the B777ER and the 747
  5. CX J Menus 2008
  6. CX F Menus 2008
  7. HKG The Wing
  8. CX Y Menus 2008
  9. Interesting incident on CX 880 12/30
  10. Lost Luggage help in HKG
  11. change air-ticket class
  12. First Class Lounge as OW Emerald
  13. Is "Asia Miles to Expire" & "Expiry Date" info accurate?
  14. Airport Express train
  15. Require a Favour from a CX Diamond
  16. HKG - PEK CX vs KA Premium ?
  17. CX SYD checkin Times
  18. 74A Economy Seat Foot Room / Under Seat Storage
  19. Reflex 'Thank You' Project 2007 AM Bonus
  20. MEL-HKG-Which flight has best upgrade potential?
  21. EU Adds CX To Air Cargo Cartel Probe
  22. Which card still gives points for tax?
  23. AKL-HKG - 2 or 3 Class
  24. Anything wrong with CX F on A340?
  25. Connecting from Cathay to Asiana
  26. 74A HKG-LAX No power and worn out
  27. Are the J menu of CX883 and 881 from LAX to HKG the same?
  28. What aircraft names ?
  29. Exit row (54C) versus 2 seats
  30. Best Seat (J) 74A
  31. is excess baggage really 38 per kilo?
  32. Hong Kong is to boost India service
  33. Fare Change,is It Odd?
  34. Companion Award - how does it work?
  35. Colombo
  36. CX139 HKG-SYD Meals (J)
  37. CX255 HKG-LHR 19 Dec - What Aircraft
  38. 8 More A330s for CX (and KA)
  39. Another F Meal Service Cutback: No More Antipasto Cart on CX 888 (YVR-JFK)
  40. Flights to JNB, experience?
  41. Earn miles/clubsectors on a flight award ticket?
  42. Cathay Pacific All Asia Pass
  43. CX MPO Diary
  44. Flying HKG - MEL on 330
  45. CX lounge at LHR
  46. So is it a 346 or a 773? <JFK-HKG>
  47. Will CX Put New F on A340-600?
  48. F on A33Bs to come? *speculation*
  49. How long can you stay in the lounge?
  50. Asia Miles, changes after departure
  51. Ture Flat Beds in J - PEK-PVG
  52. Emergency Landing @ YVR
  53. CX839 goes tech
  54. Baggage Tag
  55. Aiport Xfer from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 at Hong Kong
  56. Any reviews of CX's new economy class seats?
  57. Directional RTW - CX & LH?
  58. CX short haul champagne in F?
  59. CA addition to Star Alliance impact on CX/KA/OW?
  60. YYZ - HKG on A346
  61. Couple of Comments on SFO-HKG in F
  62. 33B - Row 18
  63. Hkg-jnb-hkg
  64. CX and KA moving to PEK Terminal 3 on March 26
  65. U availability on HKG-JFK!
  66. Strike threat lifted
  67. Travelling together in F on 777 300ER
  68. Booking cancelled !
  69. OT: Cathay Pacific Music CD
  70. Storage in 74A F Class Notes
  71. Can Waitlist for One Flight Only for Upgrade?
  72. New Baggage tags ex HKG
  73. Asia Miles Redemption???
  74. KA - KTM turn
  75. No More Cloth Hand Towels in First Class (paper towels only!)
  76. Redmption Booking for Business Hong Kong to Sydney
  77. Best economy seat on 77A?
  78. Empower or AC power on CX 830 831
  79. Cathay...First vs Bus award..?
  80. CX just ordered 8 more A330s
  81. Standby Ticket on U Class
  82. Thread searching tools are not intuitive and difficult to use
  83. New business seats on LAX-HKG?
  84. HKG lounge access question
  85. Question about OneWay Upgrades Using Asia Miles
  86. Award availability discrepancy between CX website and hotline
  87. When does H class availability open up?
  88. Asian miles not honoring the wrong miles expiry information
  89. Are these two J seat assignment OK?
  90. triple daily HKG-YVR announced
  91. LHR AA Arrivals Lounge Access
  92. Cathay Pacific cabin crew threaten strike
  93. Y Seat pitch of A340-600
  94. HKG CX & KA Ticketing Office Will Merge Under One Roof
  95. SeatCounter: Will this CX flight be full?
  96. Dragon Air Business Class worth it?
  97. BOM-HKG-SFO questions
  98. A340-600 Question
  99. Business Class Ticket
  100. Which J class #831 or #841 ?
  101. Chances of Operational Upgrade: LAX-HKG, OW Sapphire
  102. Transit Desk at HKG
  103. Flying in Y on an F ticket!
  104. Laptop Power - 747s - Where Did It Go?
  105. December Deal Of The Month
  106. Interlining bags CX to BR on two separate tickets
  107. Inflight Power Outage?
  108. Which Cabin in Business on Airbus 340-600?
  109. Is there a good way to earn AM in U.S without flying?
  110. Stopover for redemption travelling? (One way...)
  111. New CX Luggage Rules?
  112. Newbie Marco Polo Question
  113. Transfer time at JFK from non OW flight
  114. Targeted Promo - Earn Double Asia Miles on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair
  115. In flight amenities changes
  116. How to purchase discounted business class ticket online
  117. Whats Wrong with the NRBC
  118. KA flights - MPC account showed flights, but KA did not have MPC number
  119. on a wing and a pier
  120. Liquids rule in HKG for transit passengers?
  121. 252 and 250 LHR based crew mixed
  122. Why did my reserved seats get taken? Y class
  123. Carry on bag weight limit?
  124. CX879: Flew Above Alaska & Russia. Is this common
  125. Receipt and confirmation for booking show different prices?
  126. A bit of advice please.
  127. HKG lounge access on award ticket?
  128. Can't believe it. Equipment change from 346 to 34D!
  129. 2000 Asia Miles for my Kid
  130. UOB "Inifinte" VISA Black Card - Best Asia Miles for VISA
  131. stand by in 1st
  132. would CX allow rebooking due to Strike?
  133. JFK lounge question
  134. 33B Best seat in J
  135. CX 872 rerouted to NRT Nov 20??
  136. Buying Tickets Last Minute before Departure.. Discounts?
  137. A380 models CX wants
  138. Post thoughts on airline competition, CX vs QF, open skies, etc here
  139. Check luggage through on 2 Tickets?
  140. New to Asia Miles- appreciate your input
  141. Hong Kong / San Fransisco in First - CX or SIN?
  142. ICN HKG C class
  143. Reasons why the service quality is going downhill
  144. Flight oversold, 50% of seats blocked, plane goes out half-empty. What happened?
  145. CX 105 HKG ADL January
  146. CX840 menu
  147. Kindly MPC operator can tell you the loading
  148. What happened to CX254 15/11?
  149. Help
  150. Which flight for HKG-JFK?
  151. I am getting fed up with CX
  152. DBS Amex better than Citibank?
  153. JFK Lounge Report
  154. HKG-YVR in F, where did the seats go?
  155. CX255 HKG --> LHR: 70 minutes to catch connection?
  156. Should I collect with AsiaMiles or AAdvantage?
  157. How do you feel about infants in Business Class ?
  158. New J seat on 747 maindeck with window view?
  159. TPE turn ard question
  160. Q subclass available but not K or M?
  161. Trip SIN-HKG-LHR
  162. Flight is Full in F?
  163. New Y and J Class (JFK-HKG)
  164. How do I found out about Fare Class of my ticket?
  165. An oldy question from a newby
  166. A Tale of Two Seats
  167. Companion Ticket
  168. CX lounge usage at HKIA on arrival
  169. Deeply unimpressed with CX F class (Rant alert!)
  170. CX Marketing: What do you REALLY think? (or does it even matter?)
  171. CX New Business Class had 3 different styles...?
  172. V fares ex-JFK!
  173. CX more into Boeings now
  174. Has something happened with AM posting?
  175. Duty free shops HKG
  176. "Change Flight" now available on my itineries
  177. IFE AVOD Problems
  178. Trip Report: New CX(AA) Arrivals Lounge LHR
  179. Club Magazine - seat upgrade rollout
  180. cx 1st class better fares
  181. Is the quality of Y class service from CX declining?
  182. Is JFK-HKG round trip F redemption never available?
  183. Paris Charles de Gaulle: CX or AA Lounge?
  184. Can one obtain an F award in J and hope to switch to F at the last minute?
  185. KA Struggles with Pilot Attrition
  186. CX 463 departing TPE
  187. Cathay or Philippine Air?
  188. Stand By for Earlier Flight
  189. Question from a newby - transfer AA/Virgin miles to CX?
  190. Need a vacation idea, any help greatly appreciated
  191. Seat Guarantee how-to
  192. Mixing "B" and lower subclasses
  193. Mob scene at HKG transit desk
  194. American Express Reward Miles and Cathay Pacific
  195. Overbook!
  196. BOM-DXB (via HKG)
  197. Is there a "common sense" dept at CX???
  198. More 77W to JFK
  199. New business upgrade award requirement.
  200. Is there such thing as 2F in FC on CX?
  201. Lounges in Jakarta
  202. Waiting list for flights - "Skipping" possible?
  203. HK To Taipei
  204. SFO / HKG - new First Class
  205. Will we have enough time?
  206. JFK-LHR-JFK on AA Fare Class Q for Asiamiles?
  207. CX Bonus
  208. Acees to F lounge in Hkg
  209. Celebrating New Year with Cathay
  210. F Lounge in HK
  211. Married CX segments hamper business travel
  212. Number of MPC members breakdown
  213. LAS to BOM and HKG - any advice?
  214. 10 x HKG-Toronto from Feb 2008
  215. Seat Maps
  216. Does anybody have the J + F menu to/from Heathrow-
  217. cx op up question
  218. Why No A Inventory - CX 906 - 8 Mar 08
  219. Zero-ing Out Day Before Flight?
  220. how can i upgrade to business if I am flying last minute?
  221. Almost Diamond..question about AA Booking Code S
  222. what I can do?ask CX for compensate?
  223. Amenity Kit for new J and F
  224. carton box as check in luggage?
  225. Obtaining CX Gold?
  226. Wing & Pier access ?
  227. Finally made it to diamond!!!!
  228. HKG-DXB 333s - Regional business class?
  229. New SFO flights?
  230. How near departure is it possible to book an award on BA?
  231. Asia Miles Call Centers Overwhelmed Again?
  232. OMG...They *actually* listened!!!
  233. Additional 74A, There are now 3 for shure are there more?
  234. Gold or Diamond
  235. Comparisons between PR and CX
  236. New or old redemption rates?
  237. Business redemption so difficult to get??
  238. Unpublished Diamond Benefits - Please Post Success
  239. Heathrow J Lounge
  240. Terminal 3 Heathrow Hotel
  241. What to expect in F class?
  242. Friday 26th October -
  243. LAX Lounge Status?
  244. Seat Advice for New Business Class
  245. New Business Class on JFK-HKG?
  246. The Wing - F section
  247. My first FIRST on CX - which flight?
  248. wing first class lounge admittance?
  249. How good is CX V.O.D ?
  250. Hong Kong - Jakarta