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  1. SQ New Business Class the same as CX current F, blows new CX J out of the water
  2. Does anybody know where I can file the complaints of Asia Miles in Hong Kong?
  3. Questions about LAX-HKG in first
  4. Cockpit Visit
  5. CX Arrivals Lounge at LHR
  6. Big problem making award booking on AA with Asia Miles !
  7. Reasons why I love CX - it's the small touches
  8. No More Op Ups ?
  9. "You have not flown with us for the whole year, how come?"
  10. On-line check-in for connecting flight
  11. LAS-HKG Getting on Airport Waitlist for Y>J
  12. CX and Asia Miles / MPC
  13. CX - More Melbourne Flights
  14. jfk-hkg 0 stop vs 1 stop
  15. KA resuming Phuket
  16. F class was almost empty on my flights, so why no Award seats?
  17. Business class seats JFK-HKG
  18. In town check in suspended - wonder what's going on?
  19. Is there still a stop in Anchorage?
  20. 60 discount
  21. Report Card: Asia Miles/Marco Polo Club
  22. One Sector CX day of departure upgrade
  23. Can I throw away my ticket and still earn points?
  24. Is there any noticeable difference in F on an 74J vs 744
  25. status match
  26. Anyone Visited the New CX Lounge at Bangkok New Airport
  27. CX 713 - stop in BKK
  28. Can I make the last flight BKK - HKG?
  29. Cabin Crew nametags
  30. Completely ridiculous letter I just received
  31. Finally Gold... What to expect?
  32. cathay yvr lounge opening time
  33. checking luggage through despite not being in transit
  34. HKG Amex Centurion
  35. Upgrade Question
  36. Halleilujiah! From CX J To CX F!!!!!
  37. Best seats in economy on their 747
  38. Finally CX reviewing the FFP of CX/KA
  39. MacroPolo Club Upgrades
  40. Hey mates, advise me on LAX-HKG flight
  41. Almost got screwed by CX today!
  42. CX lounge at Suvarnabhumi
  43. Will CX LAX lounge close Oct 11
  44. BAEC/MPC and AsiaMiles
  45. Question on CX and DEL
  46. Typhoon delay MNL flights
  47. CX831 late on 9/27
  48. MPC partner hotel benifits
  49. Cheapest way out of BWI????
  50. KA Lounge Access and Phukey Routes?
  51. Connecting at HKG
  52. Incorrect form of payment on CX ticket
  53. JFK-YVR-JFK F-class
  54. rescheduling connecting flight?
  55. CX returns to Shanghai from 01DEC06
  56. Lounge access in HKG and the long ride back to LAX
  57. Overnight to Seoul
  58. Am I lucky? Just scored a pair BA F tickets using Asiamiles
  59. Is CX 905 HKG - MNL ever overbooked?
  60. CX New Product Pictures and Information
  61. CX NEW PRODUCT PICTURES and Rationale
  62. How to use CX coupon for Airport Express
  63. Hey CXers - anyone been to the re-opened Mandarin HKG
  64. JFK-HKG Business Class Seat/Service Review??
  65. New F/C/Y products
  66. Extending MPC year to maintain status
  67. Elite Status Match??
  68. Airport taxes varying for Award vs. paid travel
  69. cx F HKG to SYD
  70. Other CX web resources
  71. Question re transiting in HKG from CX to TG
  72. Lounge invites at HKG now state +1
  73. 760 miles short of Silver - what chance?
  74. Surprise upgrade
  75. Can you use Asiamiles to upgrade from I fares on AA?
  76. Check-in at normal counter when fly to US
  77. Cx Syd-hkg-syd
  78. When is CX finally going to fly daily to DEL
  79. purchase--changable within 24 hours?
  80. Fare buckets that give 100% miles?
  81. Holding Z class issued by BA on CX..will CX change?
  82. Does CX typically ignore emails to customer service?
  83. "Premium" Economy from LAX-HKG?
  84. MNL check in time
  85. Upgrade Cost Question
  86. Cathay Pacific to Chicago ever?
  87. Amuse Bouche, light - First Class service cutbacks
  88. PEK to HKG - CX Codeshare flights with CA
  89. CX 732 DXB ==> HKG - what J - seat to expect?
  90. Reward redemption annoyances
  91. New MPO status
  92. Cathy point accumulation on 1W?
  93. AMEX - 20% off H US > HK through Oct
  94. Any idea what bucket this books into?
  95. "Regional" Business seats & amenities on 5 hr flights & thru check-in
  96. How evil is this?
  97. transfering and topping-up
  98. HK Airport Hotel
  99. Accumulating points from other passengers?
  100. G/con:
  101. How easy is it to use miles for Y--J upgrade?
  102. Seems like everyone can have seat assignment when booking
  103. Secondary screening at HKG
  104. How good is CX with seat reassignments?
  105. Which FFP make you faster to 1world status?
  106. CX New First Class Check-in
  107. award first just too hard to get?
  108. AAdvantage Award on Cathay
  109. Blue stamp - red stamp: HKG lounge access
  110. reviews of the CX JFK-HKG nonstop
  111. Best Flight for J and F Availability LAX-HKG
  112. Cathay Pacific stewardess doll
  113. Y loads on the afternoon flight LAX-HKG
  114. How's the wine?
  115. Upgrading on CX with Asiamiles but switching to AAdvantage before boarding?
  116. asia miles redemption
  117. New CX 60th Anniversary Promotion
  118. Unbearable 744 rear cabin temps !
  119. Oasis impact on CX
  120. CX fares to SGN (ex HKG)
  121. Joining Asia Miles, US or HK address?
  122. bubble wrapping at HKG
  123. I just flew on CX's 100th Airplane
  124. Potential new Diamond here - Are current Diamonds happy ? Your thoughts
  125. What programs for award on Dragonair?
  126. How to Purchase an Upgrade?
  127. CX712 SIN-BKK-HKG on 2 tickets
  128. CX Northern Winter Schedule 2006
  129. Purchasing Asia pass
  130. Cathay to Thai Thai in BKK/Customs
  131. CX709 lands at Suvarnabhumi on 27SEP
  132. Chances for Op-Upg twice?
  133. AA EXP Upgraded: Miracles Do Happen
  134. Dissapointing CX First Menu LAX-HKG
  135. Any Carry-On Restrictions HKG-BKK-SIN-HKG?
  136. B-LAD 100th Aircrafts destinations?
  137. Any news on CX's plans for KA?
  138. MPC member on KA flts
  139. Mumbai routes?
  140. YVR- JFK - departing YVR questions...
  141. J to F op-up on 2 Sep CX255 for MPC GO?
  142. best seats
  143. Is this a typical Asiamiles redemption experience?
  144. Dragonair 330 types?
  145. ITN tools not working anymore
  146. What is the latest traveling to UK?
  147. CX miscommunication of LHR restrictions
  148. Is CX ever going to increase service ex-SFO?
  149. Cathy Pacific All Asia Pass
  150. Was there a HSBC conversion bonus?
  151. Best seats?
  152. Slightly OT: Salon in HKG
  153. Points upgrades in March 2007 - hound them or wait?
  154. AA or CX FFP program
  155. CX codeshare with Comair/South Africa from Sep 2006
  156. Airport tax refund!!!
  157. Cx Club at CMB?
  158. CX Club at CMB??
  159. HK Residents - Which credit card can be used to pay taxes and earn miles from it?
  160. Connecting from CX to LA (LAN Chile) at JFK
  161. L tickets, date changes possible? penalty?
  162. Based in Shanghai - CX best FFP?
  163. Great BKK CX FC Lounge service...
  164. How to book Thai-resident-only fares?
  165. Y Award Wait List - when do they clear?
  166. PNR Code
  167. Refer friends for a Citibank Cathay Pacific Credit Card and earn Asia Miles
  168. AA PLT - Flying on CX, earning AA miles, advantage to joining MPC or Asiamiles?
  169. cx leverage
  170. Cx882 Hkg-lax
  171. OT: CX-Cabin Crew SFO Hiring Update
  172. Lounge at JFK - BA or CX?
  173. New NEW Longhaul Business (SPECULATION)
  174. No Z allocated in advance any longer LAX-HKG?
  175. Anyone flying F in the next few days?
  176. Cathay Pacific Airways Announces First U.S. Cabin Crew
  177. Quick Heads Up Access to MPC Line Today 8/8/2006
  178. YYZ - HKG Non Stop ?
  179. CX H fares still earn AAdvantage EQM?
  180. 60th Anniversary Bonus ex-YVR
  181. NRT-TPE-KIX in Y
  182. HKG today is a CF
  183. YVR-JFK, CX888 in J - Menu?
  184. No more need to check in at airport for US flights
  185. If traveling on J - What does gold do for you?
  186. Marco Polo Club Important Question
  187. JFK-YVR in C, What to Expect?
  188. Upgrade Bangkok
  189. Cathay Pacific First Class Cooking Demo LAX-HKG (with photos!)
  190. HELP with meaning of MPC benefits
  191. CX loads out of SYD
  192. Internet Access In-Flight
  193. Which routes/flights still have ORBC?
  194. Lounge meet?
  195. Which CX Flight is the most Profitable???
  196. What do do in HKG for 4 hours?
  197. Stopover on award ticket
  198. Check reservation/availability status of flights?
  199. Just short of 60K mark, will they be tolerant?
  200. CX BKK CTO 3% Surcharge for Credit Cards
  201. Waitlist processing procedures
  202. In Town Check-in (HK)
  203. How strict is CX lounge about bringing guests to lounge?
  204. Unusual routing for LAX to HKG?
  205. HKG-DPS, B-744 or A-330 biz seat?
  206. Booking Online Questions
  207. Membership lost!?
  208. CX or BA for hkg-lhr
  209. CX booking on
  210. Asia Miles Award ticket validity
  211. Airport Express Checkin for Cathay
  212. Best seats in First Class?
  213. Best seats LHR-HKG in Business
  214. Help, Where do I find info on the number of miles a segment is?
  215. Oneworld awards
  216. Baggage problems when connecting from CX to BA flight
  217. 1st time flight on Cathay-LHR-HKG
  218. CX always delivers for me...
  219. Can anyone compare CX J to Air NZ J for HKG-AKL ?
  220. Redemption seats...How?
  221. 747 long haul rear pair rows ex-SFO in Y
  222. on waitlist - chance of getting a ticket?
  223. Somebody else checked-in for me?
  224. Silver / Gold Tier Question
  225. Is anyone at Cathay listening?
  226. Upgrading family members to HK
  227. 1st Cathay flight!
  228. Status of new "Regional Biz Class" seats
  229. Surprised by language available on recent FRA-HKG
  230. Upgrades on BA for CX Diamond
  231. Please help with Cathay discount fares.
  232. Can non-elite traveling companion use perks when with you?
  233. Marco Polo Club and the All Asia Pass
  234. Must present membership card to have lounge access?
  235. LHR to HKG GBP395, ASIA GBP510 inclusive!
  236. LHR standby on AA Award
  237. Vintage F/A uniforms now introduced in flights?
  238. fare bucket for Asia Passport Ex Oz
  239. New air deal puts Cathay back on Shanghai route
  240. Any notewothy J-fare deals to Asia?
  241. "post-flight" lounge access
  242. lounge access
  243. CX F: Good but not the best
  244. Disappointing main course meal service LAX-HKG in J
  245. all asia pass
  246. What is the food service HKG-TPE in Y
  247. 5,000 bonus miles offer - targeted or for all?
  248. HKG-BNE is a "regional" route???
  249. AA Boarding Passes issued by CX (on CX stock)
  250. OT: Peninsula helicopter transfer