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  1. Deeply unimpressed with CX F class (Rant alert!)
  2. CX Marketing: What do you REALLY think? (or does it even matter?)
  3. CX New Business Class had 3 different styles...?
  4. V fares ex-JFK!
  5. CX more into Boeings now
  6. Has something happened with AM posting?
  7. Duty free shops HKG
  8. "Change Flight" now available on my itineries
  9. IFE AVOD Problems
  10. Trip Report: New CX(AA) Arrivals Lounge LHR
  11. Club Magazine - seat upgrade rollout
  12. cx 1st class better fares
  13. Is the quality of Y class service from CX declining?
  14. Is JFK-HKG round trip F redemption never available?
  15. Paris Charles de Gaulle: CX or AA Lounge?
  16. Can one obtain an F award in J and hope to switch to F at the last minute?
  17. KA Struggles with Pilot Attrition
  18. CX 463 departing TPE
  19. Cathay or Philippine Air?
  20. Stand By for Earlier Flight
  21. Question from a newby - transfer AA/Virgin miles to CX?
  22. Need a vacation idea, any help greatly appreciated
  23. Seat Guarantee how-to
  24. Mixing "B" and lower subclasses
  25. Mob scene at HKG transit desk
  26. American Express Reward Miles and Cathay Pacific
  27. Overbook!
  28. BOM-DXB (via HKG)
  29. Is there a "common sense" dept at CX???
  30. More 77W to JFK
  31. New business upgrade award requirement.
  32. Is there such thing as 2F in FC on CX?
  33. Lounges in Jakarta
  34. Waiting list for flights - "Skipping" possible?
  35. HK To Taipei
  36. SFO / HKG - new First Class
  37. Will we have enough time?
  38. JFK-LHR-JFK on AA Fare Class Q for Asiamiles?
  39. CX Bonus
  40. Acees to F lounge in Hkg
  41. Celebrating New Year with Cathay
  42. F Lounge in HK
  43. Married CX segments hamper business travel
  44. Number of MPC members breakdown
  45. LAS to BOM and HKG - any advice?
  46. 10 x HKG-Toronto from Feb 2008
  47. Seat Maps
  48. Does anybody have the J + F menu to/from Heathrow-
  49. cx op up question
  50. Why No A Inventory - CX 906 - 8 Mar 08
  51. Zero-ing Out Day Before Flight?
  52. how can i upgrade to business if I am flying last minute?
  53. Almost Diamond..question about AA Booking Code S
  54. what I can do?ask CX for compensate?
  55. Amenity Kit for new J and F
  56. carton box as check in luggage?
  57. Obtaining CX Gold?
  58. Wing & Pier access ?
  59. Finally made it to diamond!!!!
  60. HKG-DXB 333s - Regional business class?
  61. New SFO flights?
  62. How near departure is it possible to book an award on BA?
  63. Asia Miles Call Centers Overwhelmed Again?
  64. OMG...They *actually* listened!!!
  65. Additional 74A, There are now 3 for shure are there more?
  66. Gold or Diamond
  67. Comparisons between PR and CX
  68. New or old redemption rates?
  69. Business redemption so difficult to get??
  70. Unpublished Diamond Benefits - Please Post Success
  71. Heathrow J Lounge
  72. Terminal 3 Heathrow Hotel
  73. What to expect in F class?
  74. Friday 26th October -
  75. LAX Lounge Status?
  76. Seat Advice for New Business Class
  77. New Business Class on JFK-HKG?
  78. The Wing - F section
  79. My first FIRST on CX - which flight?
  80. wing first class lounge admittance?
  81. How good is CX V.O.D ?
  82. Hong Kong - Jakarta
  83. Cathay New J + F - Headphones
  84. CX841 from hell
  85. My profile has disappeared - who can get it back?
  86. Business Class with infant
  87. CX883/06Oct (LAX-HKG) overbooked - US$7,846 if you will downgrade from J to Y class
  88. Marco Polo Status Match?
  89. Out of luck, aren't I? Membership year & Status
  90. What can I do with 4369 miles?
  91. CX784 Bali to HKG in 74J, but they don't sell F class ticket
  92. YVR-HKG in J - New J?
  93. Old SQ J or Old CX J - YVR to HKG
  94. CX 250, whole plane no AV
  95. CX redemption booking problem
  96. HKG - PEK J seat question
  97. Moving from BAEC to AsiaMiles MPC
  98. CX to CX connection in TPE
  99. OT: Showers on arrival at HKIA (non-CX flight)
  100. What is wrong with CX site?
  101. Upgrade award questions
  102. Is CX Smoking Crack? (JFK-HKG F Pricing)
  103. What flights to and from north america have or will have new biz?
  104. Beverage service on CX in Y?
  105. Mileage itinerary including AA domestic F - treated as First Class award?
  106. The CX online booking engine needs to be revamped
  107. Kaiseki dinner on CX 505?
  108. from starwood to asia miles before the change-any hope?
  109. Help about CX codeshare flight seat assignment
  110. Update on 10.5 Hour Flight Delay: 50,000 "Goodwill Gesture" Miles
  111. Circle trip around Eurasia!?
  112. Price of Biz class from beijing to jfk
  113. CX J vs. BA J food/drink/lounge (LHR-HKG)
  114. LHR-HKG, HKG-MEL - New "J"?
  115. Double Miles from Jakarta
  116. Just a sandwich would be fine
  117. CX no longer to CMB ?
  118. Trying to understand
  119. B-LAE: Chronic AVOD problems?
  120. Annoying actions of other passengers
  121. Better F award availability / when is new F systemwide?
  122. OT: CX shares suspended; Rumour of major Chinese deal; Any news??
  123. New J on HKG-LAX
  124. AA 15K/10K Bonus miles SFO/JFK - HKG (not LAX)
  125. infants in new J class
  126. SMS for award confirmation no longer being sent?
  127. upgrades and tickets are not always available even if you have enough mileage
  128. Oriental Vegetarian........
  129. Standby on CX....
  130. Appreciation of CX
  131. Retaining CX gold
  132. Dragonair passengers and Cathay lounge changes
  133. Paper ticket only on upgrade awards
  134. New "J" Review
  135. If I don't have Asia Miles, can I upgrade?
  136. BA award question
  137. OW Lounge on Cathay JFK>HKG ?
  138. Getaway Surprise
  139. Wanted: Sep 2007 issue of Discovery (CX inflight mag)
  140. Automatic seating assignment for Marco Polo members?
  141. Mumbai - CX750 etc.
  142. Why was SFO deserted for a decade to now becoming an important CX station???
  143. Worst seat on A340-600? I'll let you know.
  144. Jal Miles / Sectors Credit to Marco Polo Account
  145. September Wine list in F and CX504 Japanese meal
  146. HKG-LHR-JFK, a new route for CX?
  147. Upgrading on Cathay
  148. Recent breakfast TPE-HKG menu for F?
  149. CX 773ER B-KPA 1st Flight Testing @ Boeing Field
  150. Trying to book first class award to Bali...
  151. LAX-HKG on new biz class?
  152. Flowers in F class
  153. Seat 44H,J on 744 - any good?
  154. New J on CX255 but not 251 - is this an own goal?
  155. Will Cathay Pacific have the "new first class" on SFO to HKG route in May 2008?
  156. Will Caviar be Served on CX879?
  157. Cabannas
  158. Cathay Business / First class recent experiences?
  159. CX 4th SYD Flight
  160. Couple O' Questions about MPC
  161. JFK-YVR Experience
  163. How to find out if new biz class?
  164. Min CX Sectors of MPO
  165. Best Y seat on 77A
  166. CX252 Sept 4th you got questions I will bring answers
  167. Retrieving Booking on Website
  168. JNB-HKG in J
  169. which flights from LHR-HKG have new J
  170. Calling on ole timers on the CX board...
  171. The next time you're on a flight with new business class...
  172. Will cathay ever stop pricking around with my flights???
  173. Asia Miles & One-World Sapphire
  174. CX/KA lounge access policies review
  175. Transfer QFF points to CX Asia Miles?
  176. Rules on mixed H/Y class LAX-HKG-PVG, HKG-TPE
  177. Creepy !!! 74A upper-deck
  178. AA gave miles to AA not CX
  179. Any way to look an AA DONE4 reservation on Cathay?
  180. How to avoid the HK$300 flight change fee?
  181. Best use of Asia Miles
  182. CX Lounge HKG
  183. How long before AAdvantage Miles Post?
  184. What happened to my F?
  185. Ba > Cx @ Clk
  186. Is this upgrade reservation change OK?
  187. CX 77W in October: Taipei, Singapore, Seou
  188. J class on the 346 vs 343
  189. Good Service from MP0/Missing Miles
  190. New Business Class
  191. the difference of award seat avaliability between AM website and hotline
  192. OT: HKG transit hotel
  193. Cathay Pacific Airways signs 10-year contract with Amadeus
  194. Interline baggage on a separate ticket to Thai domestic?
  195. CX Website vs. Reservations?
  196. XNA (NW Arkansas) Codeshare for CX?
  197. 33B trip report, some basic impressions
  198. Any J "Ticket Programs" ?
  199. What sort of business class(service&seat)would you get on PEK-HKG?
  200. Held onboard CX880D/15 Aug HKG-LAX for 5 hours. Total: 10 hour delay
  201. row 30 on regional 777 service
  202. CX YVR/JFK/YVR On-time performace this summer
  203. Which HKG-LHR and LHR-HKG have new J?
  204. Recommended CX flight YVR-HKG in J?
  205. cx 252 new 1st class?
  206. definitive word from CX on travelling in new J with young kids
  207. Cx Jfk-yvr-hkg-mnl
  208. Best U.S. city to fly back to?
  209. Awards on European Partners
  210. Who drank my CX Delight?
  211. The MP hotline is impossible to get through
  212. Gold level
  213. New Business Class cabin looks odd
  214. Parents flying LHR/HKG - shoudl they sign up for MPC
  215. HKG-YYZ nonstop ?
  216. 744 vs 340
  217. mileage upgrade chance on LAX-HKG sector in dec.
  218. Award ticketing delays?
  219. automatic upgrade to A if booked in C, D or J on FRA-HKG till Aug 31
  220. Involuntary bump on CX - thoughts on compensation
  221. CX Flight Schedule Change - Passengers Rights?
  222. CX/KA to boost freq to JAP!!
  223. CX to KA xfer at HKG
  224. New magazine producer?
  225. What do you prefer?
  226. How much to check an extra bag on LAX-HKG flight?
  227. New dishwares in Y
  228. CX 77W seat map info
  229. Upgrade on J HKG/BKK
  230. F Award Redemption
  231. Why didn't they want me to ticket
  232. JFK-HKG-MNL Stopover and Baggage Allowances
  233. NEW business class
  234. US (JFK) Minimum Check-In Time, No Bags
  235. Should CX set up a premium immigration lane at HKIA?
  236. CX F lounge access for Diamond when on other carriers
  237. CX CMB flights
  238. Revised OP-Up Priority
  239. Y for CX/CA code-share flt, lounge for GO at PEK?
  240. Dykwia @ Hkg
  241. CX Premium Economy?
  242. CX did well...
  243. AA EX PLT or CX Gold?
  244. Cathay city ticket office?
  245. Will BNE stay as regional business class?
  246. Cheaper in J on UA than CX in Y (HKG-SGN)
  247. Officailly Released - new flts for JFK, SFO, YVR, MEL, ADL, PER
  248. Baggage restriction HKG - YVR?
  249. 5th Anniversary Upgrade
  250. J&Y discounts for attendees to Hong Kong electronics fair, depart Oct 4-16