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  1. ? on flight in a couple of hours time
  2. question re: award ticket changes
  3. Regional or Long Haul J seats
  4. JFK-YVR in Y
  5. HKG - Phuket on Apr 01
  6. Extending Membership Year
  7. first class to asia:cx..or? and from?
  8. first time in first with cx
  9. Upgrade to CX Business
  10. CX Asia Miles for upgrade
  11. Asia Mile Credit card in UK
  12. Booked ticket to Bangkok right before bombings--cancel w/o penalty?
  13. upcoming buiness class trip Asia-US. any promos, bonus offers etc?
  14. CX Adl - Hkg
  15. Cx Bkk-sin
  16. GF Award question
  17. Updates On New Seats
  18. AA Upgrade Classes on AM
  19. Cathay to United in HK - Bags worry?
  20. Avoiding new config seats in J(!!!)
  21. New Diamond Member pack
  22. How does CX compute mileage award levels?
  23. 744s to and from NRT
  24. CX waitlists and OW Emeralds
  25. Redeeming Asia miles on BA
  26. CX J-class fares
  27. Spot the Difference Game
  28. HKG-BAH J seat question
  29. HKG-TPE questions
  30. How to get most rewards out of JFK-HKG-TPE trip?
  31. American operated by Horizon CX qualifying?
  32. Will my flight (CX831 JFK-HKG) in Januray 08 have the new J seats?
  33. How long do you get to keep your status?
  34. Award space MEL - HKG for end of the year?
  35. Cost of CX flight # over AA#?
  36. 346 F - Seat Preference
  37. Earning Club miles flying business class
  38. Sunday Contact?
  39. SFO-HKG-BKK in J/F
  40. CX New business class - When??
  41. BA upgrade reward
  42. 2 houers in waiting line ! Is that normal ?
  43. Special Cathay Pacific Honeymoon Menu
  44. BA/QF HKG lounge vs Wing/Pier
  45. Hkg-dps
  46. LHR-SYD fares in J jumped 500 yesterday?
  47. Asia Miles totally worthless?
  48. Seat Request on CX with AA Award
  49. New Airline Partner + Promo
  50. LHR CX J Lounge - Food?
  51. silly question.... Amenity kit on YVR-JFK ?
  52. Anyone has done paid upgrade...At LAX
  53. Mixed Asia Miles/Oneworld earning itinerary
  54. CX vs BA F Class
  55. Checking more baggage after transit?
  56. SFo or LAX - HKG flat seat in J?
  58. Asia Miles Credit Card in HKG
  59. Cathay bereavement policy
  60. Where do I write to? Commeding an FA on a recent flight
  61. Luggage via HKG
  62. Goodwill Gesture
  63. Expertflyer seatmap
  64. basic redemption question
  65. OT: KA 330 Seat Configuration
  66. ORD-BKK on CX Business Class (AA CodeShare)
  67. CX in F: 4 great flights and then a clueless crew
  68. One free drink only at AA lounges
  69. Milage change
  70. New Membership Card and Luggage Tags
  71. CX Award/upgrade clasess booking code
  72. Transit in LHR?
  73. Interlining Luggage....
  74. eTicket - Credit card
  75. Mileage accruel on Asia Passport
  76. Cheap I or D tickets from TPE
  77. Anyone having issues phoning AsiaMiles
  78. Marco polo club question
  79. Ba Exec Club/cathay Mpc
  80. CX vs SQ -- does SQ still have the edge??
  81. Any good US-based TA / consolidator for India via HKG?
  82. How to check award availability?
  83. Erratic water temperature in the Cabana showers
  84. CX F to TG F transit in HKG easy ?
  85. Changes to upgrade award tickets...what are the rules?
  86. Confirmed Standby
  87. 50% success: upgrading AA award using Asiamiles
  88. Problems on ExpertFlyer?
  89. Is it worth getting Asia Miles?
  90. How many Club Sectors I can earn?
  91. Free upgrades on CX?
  92. CX Bassinets - up to 6 months only?
  93. Strategy to redeem AAdvantage mileage on CX flights
  94. Airlines & logic don't compute.....
  95. Miles about to expire
  96. Can I go landside after visiting the Wing?
  97. When is High Season?
  98. Reliable agents in TPE who can communicate in English
  99. Difference in fare classes
  100. Delayed Luggage Compensation?
  101. HKG-MEL: ADL Stopover
  102. CMB-NRT-CMB in J - a couple of questions
  103. CX Reservation Sys should have been smarter
  104. Was BA/QF loyal, now trying Cathay (J)
  105. What's on in Australia routes in Feb?
  106. New CX First Class- Which flight's?
  107. Is it possible to redeem at all on CX?
  108. Give elder people to upgrade?
  109. Switching frequent flyer programme
  110. CX consolidator in NYC
  111. Is it a rule for CX to always give onward boarding passes if on one ticket?
  112. Meals on Cathay
  113. Qantas Domestic Flight count toward MPC club sector?
  114. First time on CX in J
  115. Fictional excuse to swap seats
  116. would you double your travel time to go on CX F?
  117. CX Y on a 744
  118. catering in F for CX104 MEL-HKG?
  119. Could someone help me with miles availibility?
  120. CX HKG-DEL-HKG in J
  121. TPE Turn Flight Pictures
  122. TPE Turn Flight Pictures
  123. NEW NEW NEW!!!! - Inflight amenities
  124. OT - Oasis to launch Hong Kong-Oakland flights in June
  125. A Few questions on NRT (Lounge and all)
  126. Asia Miles Call Center Having Problems
  127. Access to F Sections of HKG Lounge?
  128. A tale of two Customer Services...
  129. CX Safety Consciousness
  130. What is the cheapest way to get into the Wing?
  131. Delay in new seating?
  132. MPC - Benefit for infrequent flyers...
  133. The Wing
  134. Regional business class seats - can someone put them in context?
  135. How many asiamiles for this Business Class award?
  136. Asia miles activation
  137. New Seats and Upgrade J to F
  138. CX (LAX-BKK) Need some help...
  139. Fare Basis H, but books into S class?
  140. CX Lounges at LAX
  141. Bag Left at JFK - Please help!
  142. Which flights to JFK and from LHR?
  143. BKK-SIN I class fares?
  144. No more upgrades in June HKG-FRA/AMS
  145. New Aircraft
  146. Obtaining a CD of an on-board music station
  147. HKG-SYD-HKG J snacks/catering
  148. Is business seat on CX889 improved?
  149. business class upgrade
  150. CX/BR transfer times at TPE
  151. CX F Menus 2007
  152. CX J Menus 2007
  153. CX Y Menus 2007
  154. CX codeshare with KA to Shanghai?
  155. OT: Nationality when applying for Electronic Travel Authorization to Australia
  156. No more advanced bulkhead seat reservation?
  157. how come us-canada part of yyz-anc-hkg is not bookable
  158. asiamiles can upgrade KA and in mixed award now
  159. What's Marco Polo club?
  160. MR with CX based Ams
  161. how does a new aa plat get the benefits?
  162. CX450 TPE connection
  163. US Based Asian TAs
  164. Baggages transfer NIGHTMARE in LHR!!
  165. saving miles for next membership year
  166. New Amenity Kits in all classes
  167. How far out does CX book? 330 days? 300?
  168. Confirming from waitlist - notes to guide your TA!
  169. Expert Flyer and CX?
  170. an op-up case study: Emerald on HKG-SYD in I class
  171. Gaining Marco Polo staus
  172. JFK to Vancuver
  173. Advise regarding flight from Frankfurt to Fukuoka
  174. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2007
  175. Slightly OT: CNAC Lounge at CLK Airport?
  176. HELP! Panicking about CX baggage issues on TPE-HKG...
  177. VDB process? CX881 LAX-HKG
  178. new CX service fees from Jan 1st
  179. Does CX hold back redemption seats for MPO?
  180. Seats not guaranteed?
  181. Asia Miles/Marco Polo Club?
  182. CX 744 F class Seats
  183. Thank you for re-packing my carry-on
  184. Power ports in CX Y - what kind are they?
  185. Have the NNBC seat maps been loaded?
  186. KA in OW: MPO Gold can use CX lounge while taking KA?
  187. Luggage Allowance SIN-HKG-JFK in F?
  188. Is there any way to avoid points expiring?
  189. how many Asia miles for....... ?
  190. Restarting membership year
  191. one world not always
  192. Dragonair to join oneworld
  193. No smoking at CX HKG lounges
  194. 6 hour stopover
  195. Benefits to checking in online 24hrs before?
  196. Booked on 9:40am flight - can I stand by with luggage on 8:30am flight?
  197. Y meal service on CX881 (late night LAX-HKG)?
  198. CX will fly to shanghai
  199. what if I miss CX831 check in by 20-30 mins?
  200. Redemption booking
  201. Earning Asia Miles on MU?
  202. CX new routes
  203. A surprising upgrade on CX118 (AKL-HKG)
  204. Convert my point to CX or BA miles?
  205. Please Help - completely confused about upgrade cert.
  206. CX 713 - HKG To BKK On F
  207. Bringing Dry Ice on the plane?
  208. CX-sponsored year-end party in Tokyo
  209. CXleverage fares LAX/TPE- wher have the $2200-$2400 fares gone??
  210. CX claims MCT in HKG is 60 mins - has this changed recently
  211. Need CX's Help To Get Baggage So I Can Stay Airside
  212. Transit Hotel & Immigrations at HKG Question
  213. Transit question
  214. Diamond guaranteed Y/J class seats still valid over CNY?
  215. Has Cathay Done Away with BNE-HKG?
  216. CX First Class - Bring your own food
  217. First time on CX in F HKG-YVR
  218. CX - Forbes - Best First Class 2006
  219. Christmas Eve/Day onboard CX. Anything special?
  220. Lost luggage/baggage CX289 HKG-FRA
  221. Help, I need guidance!
  222. How much in advance is it possible to book using BA miles?
  223. MPC status match?
  224. Can someone help me get my laptop computer back from the Wing?
  225. Winter (fog) schedule for DEL
  226. Cathay Rip Off
  227. Aircraft and seat question
  228. Fare Basis code AR First class ticket?
  229. CX ticket showing CC number
  230. The new Y
  231. The New C
  232. Mixed Carrier Mileage Upgrade Awards/Please can someone advise
  233. Laughable fuel surcharge reduction
  234. Cathay Pacific code-share with Dragonair to bring additional benefits for passengers
  235. F class bag tags; interline AA to CX
  236. HKG lounge access if arriving CX, departing Dragon Air
  237. OT: Short vacations from HKG
  238. DXB nonstops back to regional a/c again?
  239. CX Card linket to BAEC - can you earn miles on KA?
  240. Help needed with an (irregular?) upgrade booking
  241. Expectations for CX F
  242. CX889 JFK to HKG booked as two segments
  243. Transfer from CO to Cx
  244. OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED: Dragonair now on board with The Marco Polo Club
  245. HKG - BKK - HKG loads?
  246. "Dragon Lounge"
  247. How long for award?
  248. CX Lounge at LAX
  249. Mileage Conversion Bonus on HSBC Premier MC
  250. Lhr Arrivals For Cx Passenger