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  1. row 30 on regional 777 service
  2. CX YVR/JFK/YVR On-time performace this summer
  3. Which HKG-LHR and LHR-HKG have new J?
  4. Recommended CX flight YVR-HKG in J?
  5. cx 252 new 1st class?
  6. definitive word from CX on travelling in new J with young kids
  7. Cx Jfk-yvr-hkg-mnl
  8. Best U.S. city to fly back to?
  9. Awards on European Partners
  10. Who drank my CX Delight?
  11. The MP hotline is impossible to get through
  12. Gold level
  13. New Business Class cabin looks odd
  14. Parents flying LHR/HKG - shoudl they sign up for MPC
  15. HKG-YYZ nonstop ?
  16. 744 vs 340
  17. mileage upgrade chance on LAX-HKG sector in dec.
  18. Award ticketing delays?
  19. automatic upgrade to A if booked in C, D or J on FRA-HKG till Aug 31
  20. Involuntary bump on CX - thoughts on compensation
  21. CX Flight Schedule Change - Passengers Rights?
  22. CX/KA to boost freq to JAP!!
  23. CX to KA xfer at HKG
  24. New magazine producer?
  25. What do you prefer?
  26. How much to check an extra bag on LAX-HKG flight?
  27. New dishwares in Y
  28. CX 77W seat map info
  29. Upgrade on J HKG/BKK
  30. F Award Redemption
  31. Why didn't they want me to ticket
  32. JFK-HKG-MNL Stopover and Baggage Allowances
  33. NEW business class
  34. US (JFK) Minimum Check-In Time, No Bags
  35. Should CX set up a premium immigration lane at HKIA?
  36. CX F lounge access for Diamond when on other carriers
  37. CX CMB flights
  38. Revised OP-Up Priority
  39. Y for CX/CA code-share flt, lounge for GO at PEK?
  40. Dykwia @ Hkg
  41. CX Premium Economy?
  42. CX did well...
  43. AA EX PLT or CX Gold?
  44. Cathay city ticket office?
  45. Will BNE stay as regional business class?
  46. Cheaper in J on UA than CX in Y (HKG-SGN)
  47. Officailly Released - new flts for JFK, SFO, YVR, MEL, ADL, PER
  48. Baggage restriction HKG - YVR?
  49. 5th Anniversary Upgrade
  50. J&Y discounts for attendees to Hong Kong electronics fair, depart Oct 4-16
  51. Advice needed for CX J itinerary - BOS-LAX-HKG or BOS-JFK-HKG?
  52. F disappearing from SYD?
  53. impossible to book award around CNY?
  54. Advice Needed for NYC-HKG: CX Y or CO J
  55. Appalling / Disgusting FA
  56. Will new two-class planes lower the CX experience?
  57. TPE/HKG in Y and HKG/LAX in C, possible use C lounge of TPE? (also Qs about luggage)
  58. 2nd nonstop HKG-JFK schedule
  59. Inconsistency of CX over past 18 mths
  60. Introducing the Brand New Airbus A33B
  61. First class at the Wing/Pier if connecting to J class
  62. Booking on and Zuji
  63. Letter from MP with re to renewal status
  64. Any schemes for HKG Asia mile members to accumulate points quickly?
  65. New Business Class Vanishes for 07/08 Winter Schedule
  66. No Krug on longhaul flights
  67. The latest CX internal newsletter regarding new Biz Class seats
  68. Now that I have banked in 160,000 miles...
  69. Easy 250 CX Miles
  70. HKG-ADL going daily
  71. Cx Syd 330/333
  72. Advice re. Baggage Allowance FCO-SYD
  73. Best Y seat on CX830/831 for one passanger?
  74. YYZ to HKG Inflight Power
  75. Advice on waitlisted flights please
  76. J itin but one leg S? What is S?
  77. Is accurate??
  78. Any issues with CX105 through ADL
  79. OT - HKG Overnight Transit
  80. 2nd SFO Flight Schedule Released (Tentatively or Real??)
  81. Clear customs at point of entry or final destination?
  82. CX PNR and Amadeus
  83. Seat allocation
  84. Who pays for delayed bags?
  85. HKG-JFK on RTW First Class
  86. CX257/6 (HKG-LHR-HKG) goes from 34C/346 to 34D
  87. Does Q class on AA from LAX earn asia miles?
  88. Can I book this and will they give me crap for it?
  89. Mileage Run to Obtain MPC Gold (Is It Worth It?)
  90. Companion award
  91. Questions regarding online ticket purchase
  92. Cx751 Bkk-dxb ???
  93. Cathay Pacific takes the lead with its new Economy Class seats (link to pics)
  94. New LH (longhaul) business class inseat power
  95. Diamond plus?
  96. Dragonair Online Checkin
  97. A340 Aircraft HKG-YVR
  98. CX F JFK to YVR
  99. Connecting from BA-CX
  100. Are there any KA DMs out there?
  101. JFK-HKG has new business class?
  102. LAX connection - possible?
  103. Revised lounge access in Mumbai
  104. Can anyone tell me if those 2 flights is eligible for upgrade or not?
  105. Check-in desk opening time at CDG?
  106. New Economy Seats
  107. Why is row 14 blocked on a 747?
  108. Can CX or KA miles be redeemed for a roundtrip PVG -> HKG->PVG?
  109. Mixed carriers on a Companion flight?
  110. Dragon air lounge in HKG/TPE
  111. Earn CX miles on Alaska Airline's partners
  112. earn miles on JAL N class tickets
  113. Which New York flight is better in C?
  114. Various booking systems - which one does CX/BA/VS use?
  115. HKG-YVR Economy-Business Upgrade award
  116. Award and upgrade from different inventory
  117. Cold Red Wine
  118. YYZ- HKG - Stop in ANC, Does one need a USA Transit Visa
  119. 17 weekly to YVR in winter 07/08
  120. Cathay from Aus to Pek
  121. Any status of when Dragonair will be part of One World?
  122. Ham and Cheese Melts....
  123. CX contact, Jakarta
  124. MFU Paid Ticket
  125. Mildly OT - J class only Asia flights ?
  126. Birthday card
  127. Upcoming CX flight in J
  128. BA flights
  129. Award waitlists don't automatically clear
  130. The Cathay Pacific Explore China Sweepstakes
  131. Upgrade Award Underlying Ticket
  132. Amazing CX MPO service
  133. fare rule help
  134. Quick question about F seating
  135. Cathay changed my flight so now I need to buy another nt in hotel - anything owing?
  136. Nice Surprise - OpUp to F on BKK-SIN
  137. AA booked ticket - how to see CX flights/seats online?
  138. Upgrade one segment?
  139. Preferential treatment of Y passengers noticed
  140. First Class Upgrade Promotion
  141. Baggage allowance as a GO?
  142. Got a little annoyed
  143. Non-CX pax as a lounge guest?
  144. CX J class amenity kit,agnes b?dermalogica?
  145. Asia Miles Award Availability Calendar Down?
  146. Ease of using Asiamiles on other airlines
  147. Gold Early Renewal - How to avoid waste?
  148. HK bound SFO CX pax stuck for 7 hrs
  149. first experience on cathay not good...
  150. AA operated by BR
  151. Is Gold worth it?
  152. Getting an upgrade
  153. AAdmiral Club access by MPC member
  154. Award Tickets Endorsement (KA/CX)
  155. caviar service on CX 2868 ?
  156. Waitlist
  157. Asia Miles Usage: Advice needed
  158. 744 or other F service BKK-HKG?
  159. How to read on-screen seat maps?
  160. Are Upper Deck exit row seats available for assignment (if unoccupied) on OLCI?
  161. CX828 - HKG-YYZ - Must go through US Immigration in ANC
  162. CX SYD redemption
  163. 180 days or 6 months???
  164. Booking problem in CX715 HKG-SIN S and V fares...
  165. OLCI -> Can't remove FFP #?
  166. Dreaded Asia Miles Devaluation Announcement
  167. Hkg - Bom
  168. Hkg - Cmb
  169. Cathay Pacific to increase flights to New York, San Francisco
  170. CX upgrade questions
  171. MPC Number in Singapore??? Problems???
  172. Hong Kong transit question
  173. Marco Polo Tiers Attainment
  174. CX airside transit facilities at BKK (BP issue, baggage check)
  175. Award seat availability on CX website...and
  176. Airline Partner Upgrade Using CX Miles Questions
  177. Still showing May movies on June 7..
  178. Asia miles redeem JAL ticekt cost long time
  179. JFK Today
  180. Lost item in checked luggage
  181. Last leg not used - any penalty?
  182. HKG-CTS in J award
  183. Seat guarantee on KA-operated flights?
  184. NY-Australia With CX
  185. Booked J and get F seat on flights without F fare?
  186. New seats on which routes again?
  187. Checked-in but doesn't board question
  188. Meal sevice in F: CX 504 HKG-NRT ; CX interlining with AC
  189. How much value do have CX miles ?
  190. BA flight upgaded using BA Miles, Can I earn CX Miles
  191. Seat Selection on an AA Flight?
  192. Commonly available awards ex. HK no status
  193. Day Pass to CX lounge in Hong Kong
  194. Wing and Pier lounge @ HKG
  195. Companion award query
  196. Manila (MNL) Airport and its Lounges.
  197. Award avail in 11 months - "J there but F not posted"
  198. Time it takes for miles from CA flights to post on MPC/Asia Miles ?
  199. How to figure out if plane is flying OBC or RBC?
  200. Best CX Lounges
  201. eService Centre - what can they do?
  202. What time to leave Central for 4:30 Flight?
  203. Due to Building Emergency our Office is Temporarily Closed
  204. Cathay Pacific North American Reservations temporarily shut down
  205. I need current info on MPO Diamond
  206. light(er) loads on London inbound flights?
  207. Gold card for wife?
  208. Row 30 on A346
  209. Cathay vs Air NZ - a choice
  210. JL domestic posting to Asia Miles
  211. F Slippers
  212. F Award Ticket quota for each flight
  213. Checking Bags Through to Destination
  214. Who is Paying these $8000 Fares?
  215. Best crew ever
  216. New Business Class LHR-HKG-SYD
  217. Check in
  218. Whats best for boarding Business/First Class???
  219. systemwide upgrade awards on CX? (NOT op ups!)
  220. OT - Eurostar
  221. Incompetent UK Reservations
  222. Does the MPO operator know the amout of waiting list person?
  223. stupid asia miles hotline-never been so cold
  224. miles credit boo boo
  225. CX Regional Business Class
  226. DFW-HKG Service
  227. AA EXP / OW Emerald from LAX ?
  228. Ticket number
  229. Can I do this on LAX-HKG-MNL?
  230. New Y seats
  231. Any news on HKCAD opinions on under 12s in new J?
  232. New F/J Review(s)
  233. Will Cathay Allow Mileage "Debt"?
  234. Some snippets that I heard "on the grapevine"
  235. cx hkg-sfo 13 aug 2007, any idea of new seats?
  236. NRT CX lounge
  237. Row 86 (UD) on the 744
  238. How to book when Cathay's web won't let you
  239. AA issued ticket..can I upgrade with Asia Miles?
  240. Avoid downgrade to Silver
  241. Can I get two PNR's from linked?
  242. Awards to/from JNB - keep on dreaming
  243. Meals in J
  244. HKG/LHR all 744 sooN!
  245. Does CX have standard & saver awards?
  246. Flown JAL but only got 1/2 the miles? What's the deal w/ Aisa miles?
  247. J seats for HKG-FCO
  248. 747s vs Airbus to LHR
  249. How Much Does Cathay Overbook
  250. earning asia miles on BA