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  1. Serving food that has gone bad
  2. Does CX enforce the MSC rule for checked bags?
  3. Long Layover at HKG
  4. Friday the 13th CX889
  5. Whats happening to Cathay Business Class FAres
  6. Maximum mileage asiamiles
  7. HELP, Incoming flight late - how late before I should rebook
  8. Downgraded on one leg but no mileage refund
  9. Milestones - no more?
  10. CX lounges renovation. Plans/progress
  11. Hello & thank you FT
  12. CX881 Bulkhead in Y+
  13. Rumour: CX considering a stake in Virgin Australia
  14. DUS Connection Questions
  15. Very interesting..is United going after CX flyers?
  16. HKG-JFK Switching from AA Codeshare to CX Operated
  17. Cannot search an award flight ORD-BKK
  18. Travel Desk in HK quoting Different fares from public sites
  19. Skycap check-in at LAX when CX counter closed
  20. HKG/AMS/LHR/HKG waitlist
  21. Drinking - Flying - The Dilemna
  22. Upgrade after Takeoff?
  23. Redeem Asia Miles always suggests Business class only?
  24. When to retro-actively claim flights?
  25. Premium Fare Deals Thread
  26. Baggage allowance for First class
  27. F lounge access at HKG when connecting from F to J?
  28. All coach flight w/ J seats blocked
  29. Favorite Drinks for Business or First Class
  30. CX F vs JL F ?
  31. Are membership cards always invalid 1-4 weeks/year?
  32. CX BOS - HKG meal time?
  33. Would a Seattle route work for CX?
  34. Time taken for MH mileage to post to MPC
  35. AM online Flight Award Re-booking
  36. Upgrade with Asia/Earn AA
  37. CX fares don't show up in third party searches
  38. How much are club points worth?
  39. LAX-HKG Upgrade on CX881 vs 883
  40. Pax impersonated CX pilot on KA691
  41. Cheapest business class fare from HK to NY on Oneworld
  42. Is KA part of OW?
  43. CPAP On Plane - Battery or Plug In?
  44. Bookable upgrades - any experiences yet?
  45. award availability HKG-MEL nonexistent?
  46. CX F Day or Night Flight US-HKG
  47. Booking available under 'Manage my Booking' !?
  48. Frequency from MAN
  49. The Pier HKG: the most crowded F lounge I've ever been in
  50. CX load factors down as PRC outbound travel decreases and PRC carriers compete
  51. LHR HKG LHR Business Class
  52. Question about the Senior Purser
  53. CX, Sydney Airport and wheelchair assistance
  54. Premium Economy
  55. Albeit from Aug 2015, an interesting report on Cathay by CSFB
  56. Need Seat Advice KA A321 -J class
  57. A350 impact on 77W fleet
  58. Rimowa Topas w/ CX
  59. Club Points one stopover flight (HKG-TAI-KIX)
  60. New config on 77W - or is this an A350?
  61. MPC Diamond benefits when using my BAEC blue card
  62. CX255 HKGLHR diverted to CKG
  63. Recline or not recline (HKG-LHR)
  64. Business Save (I class) bookable externally?
  65. Fanfares for miles (20% off selected destinations)
  66. DUS-HKG or FRA-HKG?
  67. Reimbursement for non-CX flight cancelled by CX
  68. IDB question
  69. Earn Double Asia Miles (in Econ) when Flying from HKG
  70. CX plane delayed from burning smell in cabin
  71. Request Upgrade v. Waitlist
  72. Asia Miles Redemption Turn-Around Time
  73. CX714 SIN-HKG 0120 aircraft question
  74. Why CX PEY earning so low?
  75. CX does not recognize OWR status
  76. Sad story: baby girl died on CX flight London to Hong Kong
  77. Complimentary upgrade from Premium Economy question
  78. The Marco Polo Club / Asia Miles FAQs
  79. Travel advice / ticket changes for Kyushu?
  80. Earning Asia Miles with Alamo Car Rental
  81. CC verification at Jakarta
  82. F Seat Refurbishment Complete?
  83. CX F on Star Alliance Page?
  84. "Check in for this flight is suspended..."
  85. Why do seats fill up to fast??
  86. Mid-Tier Benefits: Does this change logic for any DMs who credit elsewhere?
  87. No travel advice to kyushu, seriously?
  88. Pier J Lounge re-opening June 2016
  89. Why does check in take so long ?
  90. Finally save 180,000 miles
  91. Please help my ignorance. CX Seat selection
  92. Early 0755 flight...
  93. CX845 arrival
  94. Marco Polo SL fast track security
  95. Worthwhile shooting for GO?
  96. Strange fees on Asia miles redemption
  97. New Diamond membership card will be black
  98. No connections allowed on Air China awards?
  99. Cathay Pacific and Dragonair introduce Self Service Bag Drop at Hong Kong Internation
  100. historic cathay question
  101. Additional infant seat in business class?
  102. Help with upgrade on Air Canada flight now on CX!
  103. As a fan of CX F, do you think I'd enjoy LH F?
  104. CX old old old J Class
  105. 77W business class middle seat privacy
  106. CX897 LAX-HKG Bradley Terminal Situation
  107. Cant check in online??
  108. Incorrect DOB at online check in
  109. CX Manage Booking
  110. New MPC survey again... This time, on alliance
  111. New MPC member benefit
  112. What Time Should I arrive at JFK for CX845
  113. Impact on Cabin Service of RSR Scheme
  114. Less than correct AM deducted
  115. Hong Kong First Family forces CX to break airport safety rules
  116. Lounge Access on Arrival/Transit Complicated
  117. HKG-JFK-YUL connection time enough?
  118. March 21, 2016 - Dragonair mixed up passengers and issued the wrong boarding pass
  119. Do I still need to pass through checkin counter?
  120. Sleeping in F lounge if your next flight in next 20 hours?
  121. Quick Question about HKG Lounge Access
  122. CX ramekin of nuts in J
  123. KA to BA interline - PVG
  124. Redeem AM suggestions
  125. CX198 AKL-HKG delayed 4th April
  126. Duty free pickup options for CX and KA
  127. Seat Question
  128. HKG - ICN - MNL Redemption on Asiamiles
  129. Is CGK-TPE-CGK redemption supposed to be 45k or 30k miles?
  130. How do you view seat map before purchasing a ticket?
  131. Fly ahead for OW Emerald
  132. Ageing A330s and 777s - retirement plans?
  133. Cathay Award Inventory - Asia Miles vs Avios & Qantas
  134. Redeem Asia Miles for JL award
  135. Keeping BP Intact
  136. Taking J and F Menus Homes
  137. Help: CX catering Survey [Student project]
  138. Airport paid upgrade at BKK
  139. Does Cathay ever downgrade from F on US long-haul flights to HKG?
  140. Do CX check credit card?
  141. New guy with Cathay Pacific ticket question
  142. Reaching 1 Million Miles with CX
  143. Why is CX's website and mobile apps so bad?
  144. Name on Ticket Question
  145. Confused on equipment for our flight
  146. CX blocked all seats in seat selection?
  147. What lounge @ CDG for CX F CDG-HKG?
  148. Preferring KA to CX?
  149. QR Business Promo R Class MPC Club Points Accrual?
  150. Seeing actual available seats in particular flight?
  151. Few Observations
  152. Will waitlist clear? Flight change strategy
  153. Asia Miles -best use before they expire
  154. Miles earned flying Air China (HKG-PEK)
  155. Excellent experience on 'enhanced' PEY
  156. Children in J
  157. 6am-1pm layover in HKG on CX J; advice needed
  158. Transit at CTS / back to back
  159. PEK when disruption occurs
  160. CX Insights
  161. Rules for through checking bags
  162. HKG airport transfer - Meet & Greet Service required?
  163. Collecting on JAL in Premium Economy
  164. Does BA miles contribute to CX Club miles?
  165. KA DAC / KTM flights weight restricted?
  166. CX904 MNL TO HK Business Class Checkin
  167. CX Rugby Sevens '16 ad w 3-4-3 seating
  168. LAX to HKG questions.
  169. Why is CX 520 listed as IB?
  170. Cathay Pacific, Asia Miles, and Marco Polo miles
  171. How does CX 777-300ER business class compare to Etihad 777 business class?
  172. New regional business class - is it that bad?
  173. CX251 or CX237 to LHR?
  174. No more seat blocking next to DM/GO/other elites?
  175. One J Award seat but I need two...
  176. Oversold flight in just three days?
  177. SIN to HKG in First Class
  178. Premium Economy seats question
  179. Ask for loading to see if there is any chance to clear my waitlist
  180. Looking forward to first CX experience
  181. Very Long flight (16 hrs) JFK to HKG: Chase Daylight (or) Night?
  182. No more 33G/33Z (33E/K/P only)
  183. F to ICN?
  184. cheapest one way (China - Hong Kong)
  185. Chance of upgrade for CX138 31/3
  186. Exit row or advanced seats on Dragon air?
  187. Own materials from pendrive on individual screen. Possible?
  188. Stowing TV Screens In J Class Long Haul
  189. How long to recognize shift in tiers?
  190. What sites can one use to pull up the PNR/itinerary for a CX/KA booking?
  191. How to find out what meals are provided on a given CX/KA flight?
  192. JFK-HKG Chance of CX Award Upgrade in August?
  193. CX 367 PVG to HKG - is this actually CX or KA?
  194. PEK-HKG-SFO J Award Redemption - What are My Chances?
  195. Economy Class (N) Carry-on baggage size
  196. Companion Ticket Award Waitlist HKG - CDG
  197. EU-HKG-AKL. Any chance for free hotel in HKG?
  198. F class HKG-TPE, is it worth it?
  199. No F sold; Flight operated by 4 Class
  200. No more fuel surcharges on Asia Miles CX bookings?
  201. Problem changing booking on-line
  202. Non elite member economy class pax allowed in at Pier first
  203. Best Economy Seat on A330-300 (33K)
  204. Service in CX F IntraAsia 777
  205. CX J or QF J Hkg-Bne?
  206. Long umbrella as hand luggage
  207. 2015 full-year results: (BBG) Beats Profit Expectations, Helped by Travel Demand
  208. Linking reward seats?
  209. downsizing CX 884 from first to business class
  210. No priority baggage for OWS members in KIX
  211. Baggage allowance confusion
  212. HKG-PVG Dragon Air F vs Cathay J
  213. Here we go again... (PVG flow control)
  214. Change to PEY food? New economy tableware
  215. Redeem Asia Miles for AA award
  216. Best chance of an F award seat HKG-JFK during Chinese New Year
  217. Flyer account
  218. HKG-SIN early morning flight
  219. Asking if any baby on the bassinet seat
  220. Fly with 11month baby, need advice for seating!
  221. Problem claiming missing Asia Miles
  222. Lounge access on Air NZ flights
  223. Delays due to "aircraft rotation"
  224. redeem JL using Asiamiles
  225. Does CX treat OWE better than CX Gold??
  226. Refund of Tax after changing from stopover to Transit (Heathrow)
  227. EWR promotion (15K bonus miles), EWR load trouble?
  228. DXB lounge
  229. CX F lounge access HKG question
  230. Does flight on last day of membership year count to tier qualification?
  231. Seat suggestions for wing-view photos
  232. Does KA809 often get cancelled?
  233. Excellent AA EXP / oneworld Emerald Recognition on CX JFK-YVR
  234. Which airline's baggage allowance applies on CX? JL-CX
  235. A 1 hour connection time is now 40 minutes -- too risky?
  236. Paying for empty seat?
  237. Cancel online, then call in?! -'I' booking
  238. Targeted Credit Card Points Transfer Promotion
  239. Maxmising Asiamiles for long-haul trips
  240. How does the Riyadh flight survive?!
  241. Asia Miles availability, NYC-YVR
  242. Do Passengers on CX 450 deplane during transit?
  243. CX check in asking for HKID,why?
  244. AM hotline now hangs up on you
  245. Compensation for a 5 1/2+ hour delay?
  246. What can I do with 12k asia miles
  247. Dollar value on tickets redeemed using miles
  248. CX baggage allowance for flights to Japan
  249. Short transit HKG on two separate bookings
  250. Will I earn Asia Miles if I do this?