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  1. Does CX provide amenity kits on ICN-SIN(via HKG) in Biz?
  2. Pricing issue?
  3. Damaged Baggage Claim on CX
  4. FlyerTalk 2015 Awards benefits - Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club, M.E./Asia/Oceania
  5. Trip Summary: Traveling to HK and SIN for 10 days on Cathay Pacific with a 3 yr old
  6. Booking E or V? Ex-Kunming to LAX advice needed
  7. Upgrading to first--some questions
  8. New CX Gold baggage privileges
  9. Involuntary downgrade mileage refund
  10. Using wing 1st class lounge day b4 departure?.
  11. GO vs DM redemption waitlist priority
  12. Failed removal of MPC# at check in
  13. Why is QR-QR via DOH for AM redemption so difficult?
  14. The route is not valid. Please select again.
  15. Oneworld flights connection
  16. 2014 Christmas drinks FT get together
  17. Lie flat or Angled for YVR-HKG
  18. Strategy around HKG-YYZ redemption ticket
  19. Anyone got invitation to CX Forum/Survey on 3 to 5 Dec 2014?
  20. seat assignments on Dragon Air
  21. Cathay's 20% Off Business Class on Facebook
  22. refund on nonrefundable tickets- extenuating circumstances
  23. CX "bombshell" changes to MPC program (no details)
  24. CAN Guangzhou flights
  25. PEY Sale ex-China - ending 28NOV
  26. Can I be issued both outbound and inbound boarding passes at departure?
  27. OLCI question
  28. HKG New Check-in System?
  29. CX785 & CX784 (HKG-DPS): Which aircraft?
  30. Cannot book to/from Brussels on CX Website
  31. CX New Haneda Lounge
  32. Check-in for reward flight
  33. Adding additional checked baggage in transit
  34. Skywards Gold to Marco Polo Gold.
  35. Signing up for MPC- Temporary card for lounge access?
  36. cathay 777-300er - Will Empty Seats fill up fast?
  37. First class upgrade redemption mileage requirements
  38. Which lounge in HKG?
  39. Online check-in but accrue miles on partner's programme
  40. cx+ka seat guarantee
  41. Booked first class through Cathay Pacific but only business class on Dragon Air?
  42. Dragonair Online Booking
  43. Redeye regional flights
  44. Which program to accrue Asia Miles
  45. KA A320 app can be downloaded now
  46. Standby for Dragon Air flights.
  47. CX Black Friday Sale 2015
  48. CX crew not allowed entry into Shanghai
  49. Which Cathay airplane has the best first class?
  50. lounge acces on Alaska air with CX gold ?
  51. New Bangkok Lounge (due to open May 2015)
  52. Baggage... HKG-SYD
  53. 30% off X/T/U redemptions on certain short-haul routes Nov-Dec 14
  54. HK Airlines vs Dragonair
  55. Chirstimas Drinks 2014 - anyone going?
  56. Maximum CX/MPC "complimentary" miles?
  57. CDG-AKL return via HKG
  58. Redeem award for non AsiaMiles member?
  59. Any chance to wait a seat?
  60. "Catering" on CX in Y - better to order special meal ?
  61. Cathay Interline with Thai-2 Tix?
  62. x-TPE end of "I" class in 2015 - end of an era?
  63. Loadings from LHR-HKG
  64. Lounge access in HKG when Bangkok Airways marketed but CX metal
  65. Tickets availability
  66. B772 Seat Map
  67. Will fuel surcharges be a thing of the past?
  68. Is this valid: HKG CMB BKK One Way for 45,000 miles?
  69. HKG-KIX: same plane (77W) for the two early morning departures?
  70. Buying tickets on 888/889 YVR-JFK?
  71. CX J to HKG from YVR!
  72. CX A330 Regional Old vs New J
  73. BA flight + no AM/MPC number given - can I request missing miles?
  74. Redeeming Miles on MH
  75. How many DM's & GO's in a flight?
  76. Best Place to meet up between flights?
  77. 20% off HKG-ADL/PER biz/PE redemptions and upgrades
  78. Newbie--using AA miles to book on Cathay
  79. CX web site problems?
  80. Credit miles to MPC when flying AA
  81. Fuel Surcharge Policy
  82. Stopover & sector
  83. Cannot print boarding pass after online check in
  84. Irrational pricing for HKG to SIN
  85. Sin-hkg cx650
  86. HKG-TPE 344 but showing 777 seatmap
  87. Help figuring out how to use Asia Miles to travel to Miami
  88. Legitimacy of proposed oneworld multi-carrier award routing
  89. Boarding Time Printed on Boarding Pass with SEC instead of BN #
  90. F class buffet table today (afternoon, cost cutting?)
  91. Changing sectors via Marco Polo club
  92. Cathay knows how to treat a One World Emerald member
  93. Double the price overnight?
  94. Was I robbed on board?
  95. 15A on the 77W
  96. Coldest Toilets in the World (The Wing lounge)
  97. Cathay Pacific Premium Economy
  98. Cathay pilots set for Christmas work-to-rule protest
  99. New mid-haul 330 Config with smaller premium economy
  100. Prestige cuvée in J
  101. Minimum connection time PVG Shanghai for international transfer
  102. Splitting checked luggage final destination?
  103. Cash ticket refund
  104. Has anyone tried to use KA upgrade cert on CX flight?
  105. Any advice - first time flight
  106. Umbrellas
  107. 'Limited Legroom and Underseat' on 77w
  108. Just moved from Europe - Cards and earning advice
  109. Left luggage in the Wing, possible?
  110. Redemption help on Air China
  111. How do CX's Business Class seats compare to BA's
  112. Cannot change seat after online check in OLCI.
  113. After 2 tries, 40C/H are the WORST seats on 77G
  114. How fast does it take for bonus Asia Miles to post after flights?
  115. Need help: confusion re refund process
  116. New CX promotion: fly 30,000 miles by 31 Jan and get a gold card for family or friend
  117. View fare rules after booking
  118. Has anyone have ISM asks you questions on behalf of CX?
  119. Is there a reduction of PEY flight to SIN?
  120. Any insight regrading free upgrade from PEY(Y before PE existed) to J on SFO - HKG?
  121. Does CX handout free miles like candy?
  122. Oneway Award stopover
  123. Security escort service offered at EWR too!
  124. New Seat Configuration for 772s?
  125. SIN-BKK in J (CX712/3)
  126. Transfer Points
  127. Chances of getting reward waitlist ticket?
  128. New interior for KA A320s: Wifi for CX soon?
  129. AA operated by CX
  130. The Runway - CX's Proposed Lounge Gym at The Pier
  131. CX Biz class saver routes
  132. Which biz product?
  133. New CX checkin system - matching traveling doc name with name on ticket
  134. Is the award routing legal?
  135. Question about connecting to start a OneWorld award
  136. Reduction in Lounge Access for MPO SL?
  137. Companion redemption
  138. Is any else having problems pulling up their booking?
  139. Man or lhr - hkg?
  140. F seat availability??
  141. View from A340 new J seats.
  142. Wondering CX waitlist...?
  143. MNL-DOH/HKG-DXB Flight... Which one to choose?
  144. KA upgrade voucher about to expire...
  145. CX Colombo-Hong Kong Biz Class
  146. EWR should change plane type
  147. Upgraded Prem Econ->Business due to plane change -- how else does that affect me?
  148. "Access Denied" Message on CX Website
  149. Should CX adopt AA boarding options or current system is fine?
  150. CX/KA computer system are a mess
  151. Miles redemption - Priority Awards Tier 1 / 2
  152. CX Brand Refresh and new website
  153. F service expectations and shortcomings
  154. How much food can I order in F?
  155. How to book PEY R class at CX website
  156. TV shows on Studio CX
  157. Gone
  158. Best way to book CX ticket for someone else?
  159. Best onward east coast/Midwest connecting airport
  160. CX to charge extra on weekends!?
  161. (AusBT) Cathay Pacific celebrates 40 years of non-stop flying to Sydney
  162. Calgary 2016?
  163. Consolidated Online Checkin Problems thread (OLCI Online Check in)
  164. Best PEY seat inquiry
  165. Full refund when flights are rescheduled?
  166. Equipment swap on not shown in MMB?
  167. Consistent delays on CX251/CX255 this week
  168. Upgrade Question
  169. Midnight flight to Haneda?
  170. Difference between Marco Polo and Asia miles ?
  171. Cathay Pacific operated by Air China ?
  172. can passengers still board the aircraft directly from the first class lounge at SFO?
  173. anyone on/know what happened to cx691 this morning Oct 15?
  174. Year of the Horse 2014 Plush?
  175. extending point life
  176. MPO line, guaranteed seat adventure
  177. Weighing carry-on baggage
  178. Effect of "work to rule" for cockpit crew?
  179. Asiamiles for AA Awards
  180. Issues booking award ticket online
  181. 112 miles short to requal GO
  182. LAX arrivals lounge?
  183. Leaving departures area (airside)
  184. Cappuccino of just coffee in F?
  185. Interesting talk with ISM about comments card
  186. Lounge Rant
  187. Fired CX pilot continues to use his uniform and badge
  188. Online check in - changes
  189. CX have changed my flight time, need advice?
  190. award flight carrier surcharge ?
  191. JFK/EWR Lounges
  192. N00b questions! Upgrading on CX from HKT-HKG-LAX
  193. Economy Save fare on Dragon air, can I select seats?
  194. Through-Check & Connection Questions
  195. Can't Access MPO Page?
  196. EWR-HKG-DPS and return Carry Ons (Business)
  197. 30% off HKG-MAN/AMS biz redemptions
  198. La Mer Hydrated Experience at The Wing
  199. Strange experience with CX MMB.
  200. Check in Timing at Changi Airport
  201. Y seating on 77W
  202. Best burn partner for Cathay?
  203. Cathay Pacific Seat Selection for Emerald
  204. award flights cathay ?
  205. Connection experience at HKG from ICN to LHR
  206. Easier to redeem Biz or First from SFO/LAX to HKG?
  207. How to earn Asia Miles with HK salary tax - question on an old post
  208. Showers busy @ CX lounges in HKG?
  209. Exit row review
  210. Tail number request
  211. More Jakarta flights?
  212. Recent experience on CX 524 HKG-NRT
  213. I Am Silver!
  214. Chance of Op-Up?
  215. CX to Madrid (MAD)?
  216. Missing a lot of credited flights recently
  217. Help: hastily made booking and 24hr refund rules
  218. Long transit HK airport.
  219. CNY flight prices HKG-Japan
  220. No First Class service Hkg-Bkk
  221. N Class - Pre-book seat with OW Sapphire status?
  222. In flight sleep strategy 1am departure ORD
  223. Occupy Admiralty
  224. onward boarding pass with 2 separate bookings?
  225. booking class eco Special on FRA to HKG
  226. booking class eco Special on FRA to HKG
  227. CX vs EY, please help me decide.
  228. CX Million Milers Roll Call
  229. CX flight, AA miles and Marco Polo credit?
  230. Inflight crew rest etiquette and disappointing service
  231. CX 805 806 HKG ORD Economy
  232. Business Class Availability on 747 HND-HKG
  233. Cathay's senior management lunch today
  234. Get rebooked ticket number?
  235. Op-up during christmas
  236. Best Economy Seat on the 77G
  237. Dec/Christmas Op-Up/VDB
  238. Free Upgrade from MPC Silver to Gold
  239. J upgrade Waitlist
  240. CX flights from TYO to HKG
  241. YYC Consolidator
  242. Would you switch flights?
  243. Disgruntled with CXs selling practice I class TPE SYD
  244. CX Lounge guests
  245. Check-in at F
  246. Extra Baggage question
  247. Premium Y on CX
  248. First Name Larger than 25 characters
  249. Last minute aircraft change swap me to window seat....
  250. How to get an upgradeable Y+ fare to Australia