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  1. Possible to waitlist for award ticket?
  2. Taxes and/or fuel charges for Cathay Pacific award with Asia Miles
  3. HKG to LAX/SFO
  4. Help needed: Redeeming Qantas flights via Asia Miles?
  5. Checked bags on a long layover
  6. No Asia Miles with Upgrade Award?
  7. New CX F seat design research
  8. CX fares ex-DEL
  9. Special Beep
  10. Help with Airport Assistance for Mother & Son
  11. Rumor: MPC will go way of PPS
  12. Cathay adds Barcelona, Mexico City, reduces Chicago
  13. No need to visit check-in counter for int'l flight?
  14. What's going on with CX food in J?
  15. Burger option for snacks
  16. Possible new destinations; BCN and MEX
  17. Flying Time HKG-LAX
  18. CX revises schedule for Pope's Visit.
  19. SFO not honoring Partner's F/J ticket for lounge access
  20. Itinerary linking under new system
  21. CX J class rt ex TPE to CGK
  22. Ticketing using miles
  23. Crooked Tier System
  24. 6USD/50HKD charged for AM redemption but not for Avios?
  25. Birthday upgrade: Y to J or Y to Y+?
  26. Getting an award on CX
  27. Redeem Asia Miles on BA - Fuel Surcharge
  28. earning MPC on AA fare operated by CX
  29. CX237 vs CX255 HKG -LHR
  30. 34B still around?!
  31. Business class change destination for only change fee - Wow!
  32. JFK-BKK-RGN on CX and TG, separate PNRs: check bags through to destination?
  33. Merge CX/MH Bookings @ In-town Checkin?
  34. Quick help on buying miles
  35. J to F upgrade using Asia Miles via CX website
  36. Seat guarantee
  37. Spcl tickets
  38. CX Ex Taipei consequences for not returning
  39. Never Again!
  40. Cathay 2015 Sales dates
  41. CX Deals flying to Europe in Business?
  42. Layover at HKG - questions please
  43. CX889: Ticket only JFK -> YVR
  44. Asia Miles not received on inflight purchases
  45. Daughter turning 18 - past travel taken into account on joining MPC?
  46. Baggage Allowance Question
  47. "we cannot locate your e-Ticket in your booking"
  48. Waitlist on YVR to HKG on Jan 4 2015
  49. CX J Menus 2015
  50. CX PE Menus 2015
  51. CX Y Menus 2015
  52. CX F Menus 2015
  53. Movie Selections Before Boarding
  54. Noisy crew/jump seat traveller - worth complaining?
  55. why no pre-ordering of meals on cx?
  56. Can I convert Asia Miles to Hilton HHonors?
  57. Took my first long haul CX flight in F
  58. CX808 2015 Schedule
  59. One day 4500 mileage run?
  60. Cathy Gift Cards?
  61. Best credit card conversion rate to Asiamiles (HK) - 2015
  62. Working number for Dragonair lost baggage?
  63. Bike bag & oversize fees
  64. Peak time for the Cabanas at Cathay's HKG Wing Lounge?
  65. Do DM get to jump the priority queue?
  66. Time taken for refund of taxes for award tickets to reach credit card
  67. Flight Load
  68. Waitlist priority OWE vs MPO SL
  69. CX561 KIX-HKG No Full Beverage Service
  70. Which passport to register on Cathay Pacific "Manage Booking"
  71. When would you go to the gate before departure?
  72. ORD to BKK, CX805 CX713 advice/opinions/experiences
  73. status not reflected on crew manifest
  74. KA fly HND red eye to HKG?
  75. Baggage allowance
  76. HELP with name change due to misspelling
  77. USM - BKK - HKG transit time on Cathay and Bangkok
  78. cx0257 HKG - LHR FIRST CLASS
  79. Online checkin with CX thru ICN possible?
  80. HX steward made fun of man with no arms and legs
  81. LHR to HKG £85 upgrade from Y to Y+ worth it?
  82. DM Waitlist Priority Overrated?
  83. CX/KA changing V fare rebooking rules
  84. About to lose Gold, should I be worried?
  85. My First (and last) experience with Cathay Pacific!
  86. BOS-HKG
  87. YVR lounge moving and upgrading?
  88. Red light and the beep… but no op-up?
  89. CX history
  90. Reuse priority tags
  91. asia miles: hong kong , rome, athens do-able?
  92. HKG stopover with side trip to ICN, baggage check thru?
  93. Switching to Cathay FF program/Asia Miles?
  94. CX F ORD-HKG - what lounge?
  95. Connection time in HKG
  96. Who thinks CX should have a F only lounge in HKG?
  97. SIN MPC luncheon /29th Dec / MO
  98. The NEW Cathay Pacific 2015 diary
  99. Online Check-in with luggage for multiple flights
  100. Another cut back, no Christmas gift this year
  101. CX Adds QR, CA Domestic, and BE Code-Share
  102. reward booking for someone else with asia miles?
  103. Chances of confirming WL ticket Jan 1st week
  104. Involuntary upgrade to business, able to cancel?
  105. OWR priority seats on CX/KA not confirmed
  106. AM redemption - one way to return
  107. CX Mobile App Finally Updated
  108. Bkk-hkg (cx c) hkg-lhr (ba f)
  109. Dogs onboard - Seth Rogen's experience
  110. Commercial cargo as checked baggage on CX?
  111. Chance of confirmed redemption: HKG --> SGN
  112. Having trouble selecting seat...
  113. Does CX pay for hotel on overnight stay at HKG for one itinerary?
  114. Anyone ever had the whole cabin to yourself
  115. On the 777-300W in F, where do carry on bags get stored?
  116. connecting gates hkg
  117. Cathay Pacific Premium economy vs. Etihad economy
  118. seat block - not possible under new system? and other problems
  119. HKG lounge access ?
  120. New Year's Eve Flight...Anything Special
  121. Cathay Pilots Industrial Action work-to-rule - Passenger Impact
  122. Priority boarding & check-in - how many 'spouse' could one have?
  123. EWR-HKG "Upgrades"
  124. Does CX provide amenity kits on ICN-SIN(via HKG) in Biz?
  125. Pricing issue?
  126. Damaged Baggage Claim on CX
  127. FlyerTalk 2015 Awards benefits - Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club, M.E./Asia/Oceania
  128. Trip Summary: Traveling to HK and SIN for 10 days on Cathay Pacific with a 3 yr old
  129. Booking E or V? Ex-Kunming to LAX advice needed
  130. Upgrading to first--some questions
  131. New CX Gold baggage privileges
  132. Involuntary downgrade mileage refund
  133. Using wing 1st class lounge day b4 departure?.
  134. GO vs DM redemption waitlist priority
  135. Failed removal of MPC# at check in
  136. Why is QR-QR via DOH for AM redemption so difficult?
  137. The route is not valid. Please select again.
  138. Oneworld flights connection
  139. 2014 Christmas drinks FT get together
  140. Lie flat or Angled for YVR-HKG
  141. Strategy around HKG-YYZ redemption ticket
  142. Anyone got invitation to CX Forum/Survey on 3 to 5 Dec 2014?
  143. seat assignments on Dragon Air
  144. Cathay's 20% Off Business Class on Facebook
  145. refund on nonrefundable tickets- extenuating circumstances
  146. CX "bombshell" changes to MPC program (no details)
  147. CAN Guangzhou flights
  148. PEY Sale ex-China - ending 28NOV
  149. Can I be issued both outbound and inbound boarding passes at departure?
  150. OLCI question
  151. HKG New Check-in System?
  152. CX785 & CX784 (HKG-DPS): Which aircraft?
  153. Cannot book to/from Brussels on CX Website
  154. CX New Haneda Lounge
  155. Check-in for reward flight
  156. Adding additional checked baggage in transit
  157. Skywards Gold to Marco Polo Gold.
  158. Signing up for MPC- Temporary card for lounge access?
  159. cathay 777-300er - Will Empty Seats fill up fast?
  160. First class upgrade redemption mileage requirements
  161. Which lounge in HKG?
  162. Online check-in but accrue miles on partner's programme
  163. cx+ka seat guarantee
  164. Booked first class through Cathay Pacific but only business class on Dragon Air?
  165. Dragonair Online Booking
  166. Redeye regional flights
  167. Which program to accrue Asia Miles
  168. KA A320 app can be downloaded now
  169. Standby for Dragon Air flights.
  170. CX Black Friday Sale 2015
  171. CX crew not allowed entry into Shanghai
  172. Which Cathay airplane has the best first class?
  173. lounge acces on Alaska air with CX gold ?
  174. New Bangkok Lounge (due to open May 2015)
  175. Baggage... HKG-SYD
  176. 30% off X/T/U redemptions on certain short-haul routes Nov-Dec 14
  177. HK Airlines vs Dragonair
  178. Chirstimas Drinks 2014 - anyone going?
  179. Maximum CX/MPC "complimentary" miles?
  180. CDG-AKL return via HKG
  181. Redeem award for non AsiaMiles member?
  182. Any chance to wait a seat?
  183. "Catering" on CX in Y - better to order special meal ?
  184. Cathay Interline with Thai-2 Tix?
  185. x-TPE end of "I" class in 2015 - end of an era?
  186. Loadings from LHR-HKG
  187. Lounge access in HKG when Bangkok Airways marketed but CX metal
  188. Tickets availability
  189. B772 Seat Map
  190. Will fuel surcharges be a thing of the past?
  191. Is this valid: HKG CMB BKK One Way for 45,000 miles?
  192. HKG-KIX: same plane (77W) for the two early morning departures?
  193. Buying tickets on 888/889 YVR-JFK?
  194. CX J to HKG from YVR!
  195. CX A330 Regional Old vs New J
  196. BA flight + no AM/MPC number given - can I request missing miles?
  197. Redeeming Miles on MH
  198. How many DM's & GO's in a flight?
  199. Best Place to meet up between flights?
  200. 20% off HKG-ADL/PER biz/PE redemptions and upgrades
  201. Newbie--using AA miles to book on Cathay
  202. CX web site problems?
  203. Credit miles to MPC when flying AA
  204. Fuel Surcharge Policy
  205. Stopover & sector
  206. Cannot print boarding pass after online check in
  207. Irrational pricing for HKG to SIN
  208. Sin-hkg cx650
  209. HKG-TPE 344 but showing 777 seatmap
  210. Help figuring out how to use Asia Miles to travel to Miami
  211. Legitimacy of proposed oneworld multi-carrier award routing
  212. Boarding Time Printed on Boarding Pass with SEC instead of BN #
  213. F class buffet table today (afternoon, cost cutting?)
  214. Changing sectors via Marco Polo club
  215. Cathay knows how to treat a One World Emerald member
  216. Double the price overnight?
  217. Was I robbed on board?
  218. 15A on the 77W
  219. Coldest Toilets in the World (The Wing lounge)
  220. Cathay Pacific Premium Economy
  221. Cathay pilots set for Christmas work-to-rule protest
  222. New mid-haul 330 Config with smaller premium economy
  223. Prestige cuvée in J
  224. Minimum connection time PVG Shanghai for international transfer
  225. Splitting checked luggage final destination?
  226. Cash ticket refund
  227. Has anyone tried to use KA upgrade cert on CX flight?
  228. Any advice - first time flight
  229. Umbrellas
  230. 'Limited Legroom and Underseat' on 77w
  231. Just moved from Europe - Cards and earning advice
  232. Left luggage in the Wing, possible?
  233. Redemption help on Air China
  234. How do CX's Business Class seats compare to BA's
  235. Cannot change seat after online check in OLCI.
  236. After 2 tries, 40C/H are the WORST seats on 77G
  237. How fast does it take for bonus Asia Miles to post after flights?
  238. Need help: confusion re refund process
  239. New CX promotion: fly 30,000 miles by 31 Jan and get a gold card for family or friend
  240. View fare rules after booking
  241. Has anyone have ISM asks you questions on behalf of CX?
  242. Is there a reduction of PEY flight to SIN?
  243. Any insight regrading free upgrade from PEY(Y before PE existed) to J on SFO - HKG?
  244. Does CX handout free miles like candy?
  245. Oneway Award stopover
  246. Security escort service offered at EWR too!
  247. New Seat Configuration for 772s?
  248. SIN-BKK in J (CX712/3)
  249. Transfer Points
  250. Chances of getting reward waitlist ticket?