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  1. Choices choices: HKG-LHR or HKG-LGW on PEY?
  2. Can my 17yo travel alone on Cathay Dragon ?
  3. Not sure where to post: Need advice on best points/plan with EWR-SIN flight/Cathay
  4. Seat selection on a cheap econ tix
  5. Cathay Pacific Arrivals Lounge in Heathrow
  6. 1 hour 20 minute connection in HKG?
  7. business class lounge pass on ID ticket
  8. CX safest airline according to JACDEC
  9. Companion lounge access rules
  10. Diamond benefits at Four Seasons Hong Kong?
  11. New seasonal service to BCN from 2 July
  12. Odd use of toilet seat cover dispenser on A350
  13. Transfer miles costs an arm and a leg
  14. currency converter missing in CX website
  15. Booked separate legs flight connecting in HKG -> fee refund possible?
  16. A seats available when F shows zero?
  17. Gold members lose access to LHR Arrivals lounge
  18. Any Tips for Flying with a 12 month old Baby in Business Class
  19. Downgraded and charged for baggage
  20. Splitting / re-booking AM redemptions
  21. CX Malaysia portal: major publishing boo boo?
  22. Best strategy for F award seats using AA miles
  23. Did CX831 JAN 7 operated?
  24. Where to stay in hkg 28th Jan?
  25. Agent says ticket not attached, but checked in online. Is this possible?
  26. Cathay Dragon 3 Class A330 Sold as 2 Class
  27. Cancellation of award tickets
  28. CX lounge in CMB - worst ever?
  29. Would canceling online check-in make me lose my reservation?
  30. 1800 club point GO companion age restrictions?
  31. CX to tokyo reward
  32. CX F Class Lounge Menus
  33. Does MPC still allow early reset after programme changes?
  34. Login to remote system
  35. Cathay Pacific HKG Lounge
  36. Vantage Pass sale again... Jan 2017
  37. Is there a contact to request special ground services
  38. Save 20% on Standard Awards between Hong Kong and selected destinations
  39. Passport expires in 5 months - CX450 taiwan clearance
  40. SL upgrading to GO with 15 pt short?
  41. Online Checkin for China flights (home return permit)
  42. BA industrial action - what will CX do about connections
  43. Cathay Dragon / Dragonair... One World Alliance ?
  44. Cabin temperature generally set too warm now?
  45. A350 Seating Guide
  46. Credit cathay flight
  47. Getting back expired Asia miles?
  48. Is it possible to merge award tickets?
  49. Should I wait for HKG- DPS J seats in September?
  50. Credit card Asia Miles earning opportunities (HK) 2017
  51. Same day turnaround - FOC with KA
  52. CX PE Menus 2017
  53. CX Y Menus 2017
  54. CX J Menus 2017
  55. CX F Menus 2017
  56. Fast Track Service EX-HKT?
  57. SCMP: "...Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon cut back on deep-cleaning schedules"
  58. Overnight HKG Connection from UA to CX F
  59. No Available Seats in Online Check-in; Possible Outcomes?
  60. CX and HX delays Hokkaido
  61. Is CX gravitating towards Star?
  62. DOH-BKK-HKG connection from QR to CX at BKK
  63. CX "DH" fares to CRK
  64. Dec Cathay Discovery in-flight mag: name of Japanese city?
  65. What's the penalty for cancelling the return reward upgrade
  66. CX World Employee Letter - Do we know what our customers want?
  67. Regional F - how different from long haul F?
  68. A330 and 77W fleet slack - future plans?
  69. Distance Calculation for Flight Redemption
  70. Boston Lounge
  71. Mileages and Club Points on Upgraded Tickets
  72. Experts on load, how is award C class towards end of February?
  73. CX New strategy rollout in 2017
  74. $100 USD coupon for service recovery- can be used for flights? How?
  75. Removing MPO # - when it doesnt work
  76. Change frequent flyer number from AA to AS on award flight?
  77. Coach seats in CX from SFO to HKG reclines? 4.0 recline?
  78. Companion Tickets
  79. CX folds RUH service. Future of CX in the ME?
  80. AA Platinum / oneworld Sapphire on CX Premium Economy: best chance for upgrade?
  81. CX 773, J mini cabin row 11 & 12
  82. Future of IVAN CHU
  83. Difficulty booking an Asia Miles redemption
  84. PE observations
  85. Most Flights to PVG got delayed on Dec 21
  86. Cathay Pacific moving to Terminal 4 (SIN) next year 2017 - Questions and speculations
  87. Can you upgrade award tickets?
  88. is a 50 minute connection from KA to CX enough?
  89. Short points to renew
  90. Crazy Cancellation Fee Regret Choosing CX
  91. Question re: accompanying child in J
  92. Club points Tutorial
  93. 16h flight in economy - which seats
  94. When Being Nice Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore.
  95. CX service to DM members while traveling on economy
  96. Does the 15 lbs limit for carry on mean that you can bring only ~9 lbs on board?
  97. First class lounge access
  98. No more F sold as J
  99. Upgrade Award and Transfer in Bahrain
  100. So apparently you can use an A Card even after OpUpped
  101. Newbie question: LAX to HKG using Ultimate Rewards/Asia Miles
  102. Changing Seats after OLCI Opup
  103. KA to replace 23 narrowbodies
  104. Award flights with CX via partner airlines
  105. Christmas Sales from London
  106. What is the future of Cathay first class?
  107. Christmas drinks HK 13 December
  108. CX Brand Survey
  109. "Interesting" CX/QF earn comparison
  110. LAX-HKG (CX897) likely to misconnect to HKG-SGN (CX799)
  111. Noise Canceling Headphone
  112. Ex-TPE and checking luggage at Airport Express
  113. Which program is "best" to book CX flights?
  114. CX vs SQ - Flight delays?
  115. Hostility from ISM on CX Flight
  116. ORD Airside Trainsit
  117. Any news to 2017 "Premium bundle" / Vantage Pass?
  118. CX HKG-DXB Business class seat
  119. 77W or A350 for CX198 on a Tuesday in Jan 2017?
  120. DM Xmas gift email link
  121. Calculation of award price
  122. Does Experflyer accuracy simply suck nowadays?
  123. flight change leading misconnected- both CX and BA denied rebooking the flight I want
  124. booking award for children on seperate PNR to adult possible?
  125. CX selling J and F Lounge Access
  126. CX 412 ICN > TPE > HKG Questions
  127. Cathay with 20 month old
  128. Key threads for FAQs and Newbies
  129. Upgrade lowest economy fare
  130. Would CX oversell J revenue ticket?
  131. CX payrise 2017: FAs 2%, mgt nil
  132. 30% Asia Miles bonus when converting from Hotel Points
  133. Marco Polo club priority boarding and Asia miles
  134. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Cathay Pacific Asia Miles benefits nominations
  135. What door is used to board/deboard 773ER?
  136. CX Website does not recognize an Avios Booking in F
  137. CX's IFA Rally In SF's Union Square...
  138. Any suggestions to earn 5 miles
  139. Request for KA805 or 809 F Menu
  140. Glad to be back on CX - comparison with QR
  141. New London Heathrow (LHR) lounge - experience and reviews
  142. Can't upgrade codeshares
  143. When are bookings updated to reflect new equipment type?
  144. Baggage delay on Cathay
  145. Booking Class W, but economy seats
  146. Cathay Fanfare economy now booking into O Class ? No Club Points...
  147. Cathay Pacific Holiday Packages - Possible to get boarding passes separately???
  148. Using my own Headphones
  149. Best way to save status credit
  150. CX VLML in J
  151. Why don't MH codeshares show on CX reservations?
  152. KA Plane waiting for immigration rejected pax
  153. Abandon journey
  154. Check-In question
  155. HKIA High Gates (40+) Boarding Strategy
  156. Advertisement prior to IFE content
  157. HKG-North America Overselling Jan 2017
  158. Cathay Pacific & Air Canada Partnership
  159. Passenger Departure Tax Refund
  160. Nicest lounge in Bangkok airport
  161. HSBC Premier US Points Not Convertable to Asia Miles Anymore?
  162. RE: CX Premium Economy sale ?
  163. Crediting Miles after Membership Holiday
  164. CX LCC (ruled out for now)
  165. Club points accrual in mixed subclass tickets
  166. Downgrade C to Y on KA, compensation?
  167. HKG-AKL CX operated NZ marketed flight : OneWorld Benefits
  168. Christmas Drinks in HK
  169. CX250 Emergency Landing in Siberia
  170. Change in Asia Miles Fare Class Earning
  171. Airside Check-in LAX
  172. Hong Kong airport check-in hours
  173. Lounge in NRT
  174. New fees for offline flight award rebooking
  175. New boarding pass
  176. Limited range of CX airplane models (in 1:500 scale)?
  177. Agents messing with non CX FF numbers?
  178. cathay fare 'calendar' view not available for business class fares?
  179. seat choice in CX business on 777-300ER
  180. Connecting to Cebu Pacific
  181. Cathay website not clear about bicycle
  182. Why no codeshare between CX and Turbojet and other ferry operators?
  183. CX cost cutting suggestions
  184. CP online check in
  185. Crediting of QR flights on Marco Polo Account
  186. CX PE 2x AA Y?
  187. Best Non Stop Flights
  188. CX check-in at JFK
  189. BNE-CNS and CNS-BNE, who can fly on it?
  190. Jumping ship to Avios in Hong Kong?
  191. Memebership holiday for only a month or two?
  192. Will CX check my luggage with an overnight connection
  193. What's up with CX840's route on 13 Nov?
  194. Baggage allowance question
  195. Minimal Asia Miles expiring soon - best reward option?
  196. RJ 'I' Fare 0 miles, 0 club points
  197. Check in for CX 889
  198. Fun at LAX tonight Tug hits CZ Plane
  199. Business class lounge in LHR and HK which one??
  200. STL-ORD-HGK-BKK on CX - when and where to check in (scared new flyer)
  201. Business Save (I class) NOT Changeable? Bad Customer Service?
  202. Slowly discovering DM's unpublished benefits
  203. Credit Card Asiamiles Churning and Welcome Offers discussion (HK) - continuously upda
  204. Expectations
  205. Priority baggage tags - will there be new ones, ever?
  206. CX Dinner invitation in Singapore
  207. Asia miles website problem ??
  208. Enter the Incompetent Dragon
  209. Need quick advice: name on passport somewhat different from ticket name
  210. Cathay Dragon vs Cathay Pacific
  211. KA service cut? No bar service in Y
  212. HKG-Shuttle Bus to North Satellite Concourse
  213. Advance seat selection on Cathay Pacific in Y
  214. F loads on Chicago flights
  215. How do I book a W or R premium economy fare?
  216. KA F new cost cut?
  217. KA397 HND-HKG red-eye - how is it like in J?
  218. Choose 1- Which combo of J,PE, and E
  219. Problem with website?
  220. Standby for flights days in advance
  221. row 12 of CX 777 4-class - anything wrong?
  222. Hand Baggage only flights from the UK?
  223. Who Manages CX/KA Check In At PEK?
  224. F seats on long-haul equip swap, 3 class to 4 class
  225. Seeking advice: Use use Asiamiles or Use HSBC card points for this trip:
  226. Turning around in CMB? (CX611/610)
  227. Eight Partnership HK + Cathay Pacific release short film series about Marco Polo club
  228. Asia Miles award domestic stopover?
  229. CX841 Is it still breakfast in First?
  230. Cathay business compared to BA first/business - what to expect?
  231. CX712 SIN-BKK-HKG in J, meal service?
  232. Free HKG stopover on Asia Miles awards?
  233. How long to credit mileage from 9W flights
  234. Connecting between Dragon air and AA at HKG
  235. AKL lounge question
  236. Alaska Airlines (AS) online award redemption now available
  237. CX and alitrip
  238. CX no longer work with QF on Aussie domestic rte
  239. CX fares LON-SHA/PVG
  240. [Confirmed] New Route: HK - Tel Aviv General Discussion
  241. CX Premium Econ - better on 3 class or 4 class plane?
  242. It Would be Nice if Calling CX Didn't Being Hung Up On If They Have High Call Volume
  243. OW Sapphire seat reservation
  244. Missing Club Points right before Tier Upgrade Deadline
  245. CX being cheeky?
  246. [SCMP] Hundreds of US-based cabin crew face loss of welfare benefits as Cathay...
  247. Earning Club Points after tier upgrades.
  248. Cathay First and Business Class check-in area with metal blockades
  249. Pier C lounge is greater than most airlines' F lounge
  250. Minimum connection time at Jakarta (CGK)