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  1. Enhanced: post your success story here
  2. tier upgrade at checkin
  3. Reuse First Class Pajamas?
  4. Cathay status match and other airline site
  5. Transit at DME from HEL - HKG with s7 and CX
  6. Baggage Allowance for a stopover
  7. ex-HND: No more BN, now SEC
  8. Ticket name doesn't match GE, go through the trouble to correct?
  9. CX Business Class Seat Sale from USA
  10. Bagage allowance on a mixed CX-BA itinerary in Y
  11. Has CX changed their award availability in J?
  12. Equipment substitution on HKG-LHR?
  13. How far out does CX start changing prices for regional flights?
  14. Oneworld Emerald travelling CX Quesitons
  15. KUL - HKG equipment
  16. Marco Polo tier upgrade
  17. Bags on KA168 / CX5168 from HKG to Kolkata on June 22
  18. Moving Seats
  19. Need Help with Baggage Allowance
  20. LCD screen on J Class TV Remote
  21. Can BA Gold get seat labeled "Priority" in expertflyer?
  22. HND Check in question
  23. Need help with stopover in hkg
  24. Any experience with UL posting to Asia Miles?
  25. Void first flight of trip without voiding entire ticket
  26. AKL-HKG double Asia Miles, qualified as status miles?
  27. A couple of AKL to HK questions
  28. US man trapped in plane toilet on CX flight to Hong Kong
  29. Involuntary Upgrade Priorities / "CIV" score
  30. 'Preferred' Y seat LHR-HKG-LHR
  31. 20% off CX Europe J(U) redemptions
  32. Oversized baggage fees on CX
  33. Need urgent help with Amex to Asia Miles!
  34. Blankets/Pillows in Economy Class ?
  35. US$5.5k Dubai - HKG NO BED - false advertising!!!
  36. Karachi cancelled/ suspended?
  37. Mileage Run/Sector Run options to retain SL
  38. No opup policy traveling with Infant?
  39. OLCI for Award Tickets
  40. KA 154 - 6hrs delay - generous Asia Miles compensation
  41. Words of Advice on ex-TPE flights to Oz
  42. Delayed, entitled to compensation?
  43. Involuntary Downgrade or schedule change due to Equipment Change
  44. Can't wait for my first Cathay First experience
  45. Econ Class S to Class M
  46. 2400 Miles short for redemption
  47. CX Upgrade bidding - discussion and experiences
  48. Seat 2A on 777 F - did you get moved?
  49. HKIA new concourse - CX moves?
  50. CX Business vs First......
  51. Dragon Air Upgrade?
  52. Difference In Service On Intra-Asia Routes With The 77W
  53. A rather useless discussion on MPC cards
  54. Extra Baggage allowance for OneWorld Emeralds
  55. What is it with Boarding Pass and CX/KA
  56. Agent almost denied boarding, ICN-HKG-JFK
  57. KA A320
  58. compensation for delayed flight CX731
  59. Discount Airport Express tickets from CX Duty Free
  60. CX897 or CX885 First Class?
  61. ex-SIN possible overbooking?
  62. Horrible seatmate: What would you do?
  63. YVR-JFK
  64. CX899/05 June 2014
  65. [OT]Qantas starts to sell ticket on China Southern OZ-CAN routes. Effect on CX?
  66. Lounge Invite 'upgraded' - error/agent/or savvy tech?
  67. Mainland passenger may be Hong Kong-bound with bomb, Taiwan warns
  68. CX Manila NAIA Relocates to Terminal 3
  69. Are any of Cathay Pacific's Lounges Open 24/7? Sleeping Options in HKG?
  70. Equipment Swap HKG-CGK?
  71. When did Cathay stop giving Club Sectors to fares earning Asia Miles?
  72. Did CX raise prices?
  73. Checkin desk opening time in JNB
  74. CX Fanfares experiences
  75. MMB not working correctly?
  76. Seat booking - CX/BA Codeshare
  77. Lost DM unpublished on-board benefits or I'm just really unlucky?
  78. AmEx $200 off $2000 on CX + Forex Fee for trips originating outside US?
  79. JAL Missing mileages posted time?
  80. Long Haul Premium Economy - champagne?
  81. V-Class Fare and Advanced Seat Selection
  82. time of day when award seats are released
  83. CX MPO baggage benefits for everyone on the same PNR?
  84. Upgrade ONCI or airport for PE to Biz?
  85. Special Meals in J
  86. Asia Miles + Fuel surcharges/taxes for SYD - LHR return in Economy
  87. No F on flight 879?
  88. Traveling to Guangzhou - CX or CZ
  89. CX KUL Lounge
  90. Singapore Early Bag-Drop
  91. Oversized check in bags, how strict is the 62 inch rule enforced?
  92. One Segment of Redemption Waitlisted
  93. oneworld Multi-Carrier Awards - sharing ideas
  94. How come HKG-FRA very full?
  95. Bad experience with CX - HKG to ICN
  96. Poor customer service from CX
  97. Why Manila flights are so full recently?
  98. How exactly does CX Waitlist work for awards?
  99. Premium Economy CX vs BA
  100. Baggage Allowance Question
  101. Dragonair and oneworld baggage allowance
  102. YVR-JFK
  103. Oneworld Qatar
  104. Checking through bags on two PNRs via HKG
  105. ticketing office in hong kong
  106. Live Chat, Online Sales
  107. HKG: Exiting the airport after going to the lounge
  108. Minimum connection time at Haneda (International to International)
  109. CX Boarding Music
  110. Fed Up with CX HKG-India pricing policies!!!
  111. CX F lounge overcrowding (LHR)
  112. Booking Class Available But Not Selectable
  113. Wise route watchers: HKGCNX?
  114. HKG-BKK: Downgrade from F to Regional J on a Revenue Ticket
  115. Cockpit visit
  116. Class Upgrade Bidding Initiative - your feedback sought
  117. London - Revealing China Event at Southbank Centre
  118. CX seeking member opinions via this forum
  119. Marco Polo Club silver 1-year membership free with PremEco tickets from AMS
  120. Manage booking: CX flight with AA ticket number
  121. CX 899 Timings
  122. CX aircraft in the early mid '70s
  123. Accidentally used wrong ffp number
  124. Delayed flights and missed connection - is compensation due?
  125. Tool to email you when CX redemption is available
  126. June availability
  127. First Class menu food options - how many portions do they load?
  128. How does CX decide its flight numbers?
  129. Able to book F seat on regional J flight?
  130. Booking V class outside HK with a Trav Agent
  131. Booking XMN - HKG in BHKLM or V in Australia
  132. CX-BA Interlining on separate bookings
  133. Voluntary Downgrade
  134. Equipment change on CX889 on Fri May 23?
  135. 32000 asia miles to use
  136. BKK-HKG-JNB, tight connection in HKG
  137. DXB-???-MNL in June - CX or QR?
  138. How does one enter a Known Traveler ID with Cathay?
  139. Collaboration with Tosca (Ritz Carlton Hong Kong) for Italian meals onboard ex-HKG
  140. YYZ-LHR AsiaMiles redemption, surcharge BA vs AA
  141. CX Award seats gone in minutes?!
  142. LAG question for U.S.-bound flights
  143. Pre-order meals in CX F / J?
  144. Turnaround HKG-SFO-HKG?
  146. YVR-HKG early check-in
  147. Cathay 747 retirement schedule
  148. Check Luggage to Final Destination, Two Itineraries
  149. Any updates on CX new Business to/from Rome (A340)?
  150. Business Class (Sin - HKG)
  151. Multi Carrier Award & PE->J Upgrade
  152. Waitlisting for HKG-AKL flight
  153. book S or V for OW Sapphire?
  154. Status when flying on other airlines award
  155. What happened to CX 889 today (12 May)?
  156. the "three strips" on the side of F seats ?
  157. IRROPS and proactive rebooking advice
  158. Redeem Miles - PEK-EWR on AA with Asia Miles
  159. Can't OLCI without booking reference?
  160. ex TPE to JFK, starting in HK
  161. Contact - Eligibitlity Asian Rewards
  162. Looking for Cathay trip reports.
  163. CX615 77W?
  164. Flying AA, does that add to CX Club Miles?
  165. Amex Facebook Sync Offer: Get $200 back when you spend $2000 at Cathay Pacific
  166. What Service Breakdown is Exactly CX Up to ? [vs QR to DOH]
  167. Award Flight retimed - what are my options?
  168. Asia miles earn on partner airlines- metal, or booking site
  169. FAU thinks the female FA uniform is too sexy
  170. Couple traveling in First & economy
  171. Cathay Pacific - Special Meals in different classes?
  172. HKG-MAN-........JFK?!
  173. Asia Miles award validity check
  174. Check in still required after OLCI/mobile BP obtained in CTS
  175. Getting an Upgrade to Silver MPC - 4,500 miles short
  176. Experience CX First
  177. KA154/153 delays
  178. 55 minute connection time in Hong Kong from Nanjing to Chicago
  179. Business class - seat allocation with/without status
  180. AA elite doesn't reflect on CX reservation?
  181. keep hotel points or transfer to asia miles
  182. Massive op-ups
  183. MPC Supervisor Approval for Upgrade Redemption for Travel Companion?
  184. CX / Marco Polo Club - which is the best way to get in for me?
  185. New Passport & OLCI
  186. CX Website update
  187. Owe difference in tax due to schedule change
  188. Cathay to move to Changi Terminal 4 in 2017
  189. Wait List for Award?
  190. CX 77H Seat choice + Lounge Hop question
  191. Award redemption YYZ-HKG loading
  192. Purchasing Award Ticket using someone elses credit card
  193. Rant on CX differential pricing
  194. Online change flight fail
  195. HKIA Baggage Reclaim
  196. Change or stay: Mileage Plus Vs ANA vs Cathay vs
  197. Is it easier to redeem HKG->MEL in J than HKG->SYD?
  198. Connecting Two Awards?
  199. HKG Business Lounge Kids Facilities
  200. Which A330-300 on DXB-HKG-SYD ?
  201. CX AVOD controller
  202. Damaged Luggage - How much does CX usually compensate?
  203. Flight Change Question
  204. Shanghai to Istanbul Turkey
  205. UK Credit Card Rewards
  206. Ticket cancellation and refund
  207. PLEASE HELP ME! I'm about to jump thanks to asia miles
  208. Improved online redemption of your Upgrade Awards
  209. Live in Denver/USA - and what's the advantage of having Asia Miles?
  210. Refundabe V fare?
  211. Contact number for LHR Lounge? [Special meals in lounges]
  212. Cx450/451 nrt-tpe
  213. India fare ex-HKG on CX website
  214. Help! I have 240k Asia Miles - how can I find awards to NY
  215. Lost Camera in CX F
  216. Chances of getting upgraded to business from premium economy using asiamiles
  217. Change to F Caviar Service
  218. KA Flight Operated by CA - Lounge Access?
  219. MPG Can't Book 33H in PEY
  220. QF Plat vs CX Gold?
  221. 30% off HKG-PRC redemptions (22-30 Apr)
  222. Arrival Lounge in HKG
  223. Wet Luggage - CX 831 JFK-HKG
  224. CX 581 CTS-HKG Availability May 1
  225. A333 retrofit - hard shell seats
  226. BA Emerald Upgrade on CX
  227. Asia Miles on CA
  228. iOS devices and the inflight entertainment system
  229. Trip from Shanghai to Brazil ??
  230. "L" on Bag Tag
  231. Taking a stroller down to the jet bridge
  232. New LAX Lounge discussion and experiences [now open]
  233. CX F and J Switch Seating Assignments?
  234. Waiting List Chances JFK - HK
  235. ITA doesn't recognize CX flies HKG-DEL
  236. Is a sealed lead acid battery OK as a Cathay carry-on item?
  237. Dragonair A330s
  238. Cathay J vs Singapore, qatar
  239. Question about availability
  240. Long Haul Upgrade - Honeymooners
  241. ex-TPE advice
  242. Seat Guarantee for MPC Gold
  243. Using someone else's MPC# for benefits
  244. When CX gets stranded.. everyone complains..
  245. Ridiculous: Seat guarantee denied because of middle name
  246. Improvement / Glitch to CX Redemption Online
  247. double (bonus) miles with US
  248. Breakfast in CX's business class lounges
  249. Please help me design the ultimate HKG lounge hop
  250. New First Class 777-300ER Routes