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  1. Seating for Boeing 777-300ER (77G) Three Class JFK-HKG [incorrect seatguru info]
  2. Ka906 vs ka 996 ?
  3. Winter 2017 operational changes - +SFO/CNS/SYD/MAD/MAN/CDG, -LAX
  4. UA domestic transfer to CX international at SFO
  5. Triple Asia miles until March 31, 2017
  6. CX F vs CX A
  7. Bridge vs Pier
  8. Has anyone tried CX US site's 24-hour cancellation policy?
  9. SL renewal and Clubpoints!?
  10. KA F Check In Question
  11. how do I check available seats on CX?
  12. Which arrivals lounge at LHR?
  13. Using only return leg of FanFare flight?
  14. KA seat assignment
  15. Redemption/Paid Ticket Fuel Surcharges and Taxes Difference?
  16. US West Coast air ticket pricing
  17. Long Shot? Honeymoon Upgrade Question
  18. Redemption and stopover question
  19. Can I arrive at PEK at 2 a.m. for the 3 a.m. flight?
  20. Booked into wrong fare class due to CX website error
  21. HKG FC Lounge entry for FC arrival passenger on transit
  22. A few weeks from departure cathay pacific sends email
  23. CX840 Diversion on 25 Feb?
  24. Problem with changing flight
  25. HKG-PEK/PEK-HKG same a/c turn?
  26. CX Premium Economy actually makes flying 19 hours tolerable
  27. Dine on Demand Trial in J class coming in May 2017
  28. CX to Philippine Air Connection
  29. Is There a Site Dedicated to Finding Asia Miles / One World Flights?
  30. different days - same flight - different flight duration
  31. Usefulness of Marco Polo Club Green
  32. Downgraded flight, can't check in, airport / help line useless, what to do?
  33. Flying KUL-HKG-NRT but checking bags at HKG one day early?
  34. HKG-YYZ - PEY Fare Discount
  35. Priority boarding for OWE from LGW
  36. Best way to secure legitimate opup on day of travel
  37. Just booked my first true MR
  38. Companion Award availability - changes??
  39. My vlog of F CX807 - ORD to HKG
  40. Has Cathay Pacific Dropped Altitude and Estimated Time from IFE System?
  41. What's the standard service on PE for CX?
  42. Less than stellar first experience with Asiamiles
  43. ill effects from "Time to Win"
  44. Used Asia miles for the first time from LAX To HKG to Tokyo to HKG to LAX
  45. Betsy Beer, the world’s first beer brewed specially for 35,000ft.
  46. AMS-HKG in J, HKG-HND in Premium – lounge access on stopover?
  47. HKG 85min CX to CX transit.
  48. Anyone have the F menu from ORD to HKG from Nov?
  49. Flight zeroed out & I can be flexible - what's the best plan of action
  50. Use of CX Lounge at LHR T3 when flying out of another terminal
  51. CX says I need e-ticket number?
  52. Premium Economy leg rests on A330?
  53. CX Bookable Upgrades & Crediting to another FF
  54. No fare rules displayed online, no option to change or cancel a simple ticket online
  55. Oneworld Multi-Carrier Awards for RTW ticket and changes
  56. Searches blocking availability
  57. Last leg of trip doesn't have J, lounge access?
  58. F Availability to Europe
  59. Split PNR for better chance of up-op?
  60. BYOJet bait and switch??
  61. Great Job CX!
  62. Unable to OLCI for Flights to Canada without eTA (Permanent Resident)
  63. Transferred from MR to asia miles. Trying to book flight to Tokyo
  64. Any lounge in DXB terminal 3 BA Silver can use on CX Economy
  65. Four F reward seats on flight HKG-LHR?
  66. which Lounge at HKIA
  67. Question: CX Reward Y Seat for HKG-YYZ in Jan 2018
  68. 777w variants
  69. An error (502 Bad Gateway)...
  70. CX0709 HKG-BKK cancelled May 20th
  71. Earning on one FFP, lounge access on another
  72. WILL CX allow my husband to give me his F seat?
  73. A330 Fleet of CX
  74. On board wifi
  75. Will I get fast track security at Gatwick (flying PE, OWS)
  76. hotel earn mile and perks reserved on other website.
  77. US HSBC Premier can still transfer to Asia Miles?
  78. Canceled flight - CX889 on Feb 11th from JFK to YVR
  79. Lounge Access
  80. Diamond seat guarantee...is not a guarantee?
  81. Cathay Overnight Accomodations Options HKG
  82. Since when did CX not allow seat selection to non-elites in premium cabins?
  83. LHR check-in: Outsourced from April '17
  84. Possible to upgrade a CX flt sold as AA flt w/ Asia Miles?
  85. Cathay offer free BC ticket BKK - HKG - BKK
  86. Best Marco Polo Club Point Runs
  87. Booking CX on Ctrip: Nationality-Specific fare?
  88. KA supersaver economy. Which fare it is?
  89. Targeted Promotional Fare
  90. SFO-HKG CX Business Class
  91. Help optimizing account reset
  92. First Class Cabin when F is not sold
  93. 7/2/17 CX 713 rerouted via BTH
  94. CX Discovery Magazine
  95. Best method of upgrading on Cathay Pacific, Boston--> HongKong flight?
  96. A350 overhead lockers - no space
  97. gate check car seat?
  98. USA Cathay Pacific Credit card from Synchrony Bank
  99. Removing MPC number after miles upgrade - doable?
  100. Is Crew Base really important?
  101. Cathay website issue: given name in booking vs travel document, different
  102. Online checkin times
  103. Use of CX lounges connecting to non OW flight
  104. Eight hours at airport
  105. Upcoming DAD(DANANG)-HKG flight on KA - lounge question
  106. Able check in all the way on two awards?
  107. HKG -BKK J
  108. Upgrade bidding coming back?
  109. Award Booking no show or missed - Rebooking options?
  110. Flight Listed in Timetable But Unable To Book
  111. Which ex-LON flights have the better PE seat?
  112. Should I join MPC?
  113. Mid-Tier Benefits Timing / Posting Dates: Any Experience?
  114. Cost cutting in context - to 2004 fares
  115. MPC soft landings?
  116. CX 238 or CX250 LHR-HKG?
  117. Void/cancel remaining segments
  118. OLCI for US-bound flights
  119. Crediting AA's "C" class flight to CX -- 0 or 100%?
  120. Stopover on one way ticket?
  121. EK to KA Transit.
  122. Interlining from CX to Bangkok Airways
  123. Only fullfares available between Chinese cities through Cathay?
  124. Ground Service Enhancement for Premium Passengers?
  125. New arrival in HK - which cards/program
  126. "We met on a travelling forum"
  127. CX Lounge in HKIA for someone in a Wheelchair
  128. Amuse bouche cut from 1 Feb
  129. Advice on best option: Maintain Green MPC or Vanilla Asia Miles Membership as AA EXP?
  130. Have any of the Marco Polo status members here complained to CX
  131. OWE Companion - Extra Leg Room Seat
  132. Cathay Pacific - An investment idea?!
  133. Long haul sold as regional class selling idea
  134. SIN check-in desk hours
  135. Did ex-JFK F food improve in the past few months or was I just lucky?
  136. How to clear waiting list?
  137. Is there a children's menu item somewhere?
  138. CX Arrivals Lounge
  139. BAEC member trying CX for the first time..
  140. Traveling to JFK with gifts
  141. Possible to use Asia Miles to book HKG-USM?
  142. Premium Economy ticket on a 2-class regional aircraft
  143. Cathay A350 vs AirNZ 777 AKL-HKG
  144. Anybody else having problem logging in to MPC?
  145. 2D on CX 897 only option given online?
  146. Air China acquiring Cathay Pacific? [No]
  147. Cathay Pacific vs Cathay Dragon - safety, reliability, experience, etc?
  148. Cx olci unable_to_cki_pax_et
  149. SIN-LHR redemption on F Class
  150. Winter Storm Kori - Advisory Coming?
  151. Absolutely unreal experience on Cathay and Dragon website booking
  152. Some observations on CX J Class
  153. SYD CX earliest check in time
  154. ACCOUNT CANCELED, 360K miles loss!!!
  155. Help w/seat selection - is SeatGuru wrong?
  156. Hkg-bkk/sin
  157. CX616 (bkk-hkg) A359 vs 772/3
  158. First time flying through HKIA--checkout the city or checkout the lounges?
  159. Paying extra taxes on redemption upgrade
  160. Cathay Pacific to reassign jobs, review business to reverse earnings slide
  161. Asiamiles Redemption on AY
  162. Vantage Pass - a Yearly Promo?
  163. CX intentionally deny boarding when flight was oversold
  164. Choices choices: HKG-LHR or HKG-LGW on PEY?
  165. Can my 17yo travel alone on Cathay Dragon ?
  166. Not sure where to post: Need advice on best points/plan with EWR-SIN flight/Cathay
  167. Seat selection on a cheap econ tix
  168. Cathay Pacific Arrivals Lounge in Heathrow
  169. 1 hour 20 minute connection in HKG?
  170. business class lounge pass on ID ticket
  171. CX safest airline according to JACDEC
  172. Companion lounge access rules
  173. Diamond benefits at Four Seasons Hong Kong?
  174. New seasonal service to BCN from 2 July
  175. Odd use of toilet seat cover dispenser on A350
  176. Transfer miles costs an arm and a leg
  177. currency converter missing in CX website
  178. Booked separate legs flight connecting in HKG -> fee refund possible?
  179. A seats available when F shows zero?
  180. Gold members lose access to LHR Arrivals lounge
  181. Any Tips for Flying with a 12 month old Baby in Business Class
  182. Downgraded and charged for baggage
  183. Splitting / re-booking AM redemptions
  184. CX Malaysia portal: major publishing boo boo?
  185. Best strategy for F award seats using AA miles
  186. Did CX831 JAN 7 operated?
  187. Where to stay in hkg 28th Jan?
  188. Agent says ticket not attached, but checked in online. Is this possible?
  189. Cathay Dragon 3 Class A330 Sold as 2 Class
  190. Cancellation of award tickets
  191. CX lounge in CMB - worst ever?
  192. Would canceling online check-in make me lose my reservation?
  193. 1800 club point GO companion age restrictions?
  194. CX to tokyo reward
  195. CX F Class Lounge Menus
  196. Does MPC still allow early reset after programme changes?
  197. Login to remote system
  198. Cathay Pacific HKG Lounge
  199. Vantage Pass sale again... Jan 2017
  200. Is there a contact to request special ground services
  201. Save 20% on Standard Awards between Hong Kong and selected destinations
  202. Passport expires in 5 months - CX450 taiwan clearance
  203. SL upgrading to GO with 15 pt short?
  204. Online Checkin for China flights (home return permit)
  205. BA industrial action - what will CX do about connections
  206. Cathay Dragon / Dragonair... One World Alliance ?
  207. Cabin temperature generally set too warm now?
  208. A350 Seating Guide
  209. Credit cathay flight
  210. Getting back expired Asia miles?
  211. Is it possible to merge award tickets?
  212. Should I wait for HKG- DPS J seats in September?
  213. Credit card Asia Miles earning opportunities (HK) 2017
  214. Same day turnaround - FOC with KA
  215. CX PE Menus 2017
  216. CX Y Menus 2017
  217. CX J Menus 2017
  218. CX F Menus 2017
  219. Fast Track Service EX-HKT?
  220. SCMP: "...Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon cut back on deep-cleaning schedules"
  221. Overnight HKG Connection from UA to CX F
  222. No Available Seats in Online Check-in; Possible Outcomes?
  223. CX and HX delays Hokkaido
  224. Is CX gravitating towards Star?
  225. DOH-BKK-HKG connection from QR to CX at BKK
  226. CX "DH" fares to CRK
  227. Dec Cathay Discovery in-flight mag: name of Japanese city?
  228. What's the penalty for cancelling the return reward upgrade
  229. CX World Employee Letter - Do we know what our customers want?
  230. Regional F - how different from long haul F?
  231. A330 and 77W fleet slack - future plans?
  232. Distance Calculation for Flight Redemption
  233. Boston Lounge
  234. Mileages and Club Points on Upgraded Tickets
  235. Experts on load, how is award C class towards end of February?
  236. CX New strategy rollout in 2017
  237. $100 USD coupon for service recovery- can be used for flights? How?
  238. Removing MPO # - when it doesnt work
  239. Change frequent flyer number from AA to AS on award flight?
  240. Coach seats in CX from SFO to HKG reclines? 4.0 recline?
  241. Companion Tickets
  242. CX folds RUH service. Future of CX in the ME?
  243. AA Platinum / oneworld Sapphire on CX Premium Economy: best chance for upgrade?
  244. CX 773, J mini cabin row 11 & 12
  245. Future of IVAN CHU
  246. Difficulty booking an Asia Miles redemption
  247. PE observations
  248. Most Flights to PVG got delayed on Dec 21
  249. Cathay Pacific moving to Terminal 4 (SIN) next year 2017 - Questions and speculations
  250. Can you upgrade award tickets?