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  1. KA824 went tech at 1 a.m., fight erupted at the end of the story
  2. Long haul low class limitations trumps over shorthaul tickets?
  3. 333 turn-around times Cathay vs Dragon
  4. Any Experiences on the HKG-NRT Red-Eye (CX524)
  5. Almost Gold...
  6. Award seats available but not bookable?
  7. MH V Class economy not earning CX miles
  8. Companion award - one way redemption possible?
  9. CX Redemption Site Down
  10. Dragonair 333 with old CX seats !
  11. Why have flight times for hkg-lax changed
  12. Redeem miles on Taiwan HSR
  13. Lacto-Ovo meal in Premium Economy
  14. Can I use CX upgrade certificate for CX flight
  15. CX5153/DragonAir codeshare BLR-HKG -> Which 330-300?
  16. CX F JFK Lounge
  17. BA-issued ticket not ok for CX online check-in?
  18. CX E Fare Upgrade Question
  19. seat guarantee changing dates of flights.
  20. CXAmbassador
  21. The Down Side of Having a long name...
  22. CX Gold? JL Sapphire?
  23. Wont make diamond - request new year once hit 60k?
  24. Philadelphia ?
  25. Using Asiamiles to upgrade a CX flight & collecting the miles on AA : Will it work ?
  26. CX845 regular economy, still with shell or changed to recline?
  27. Arrivals Lounge-can you use it all day?
  28. First class lounge access on Dragonair connection?
  29. CX F - Not Bad
  30. Hutch Whampoa to sell 24.95% of AS Watsons - effect on Moneyback
  31. AA Code, AS Metal, MPC elite
  32. Does anyone know what happened for CX806 HKG-ORD 02/20/2014?
  33. BOM-HKG-ORD Premium Economy
  34. Stockpile AM or AA?
  35. Same Day Flight Changes
  36. Asia Miles expiring - need help
  37. drinks delivering on a tray in PY/Y...
  38. Can Cathay Check in a Qantas flight on separate ticket?
  39. Dragonair awards in J, only 2 at a time?
  40. AVOD from taxi to landing
  41. Time needed in HKG if connecting from PVG?
  42. New to Flyer ~ Questions about F Class Award Ticket
  43. Ex-TPE I class + companion ticket
  44. 36,000 miles for HKG-HND in PE or Pay 9,060 HKD?
  45. No more BKK-DEL/BOM flights?
  46. CEO lunch HKG
  47. How to book CX391 PEK->HKG First with miles?
  48. Suddenly lowered prices from DXB
  49. CX to Launch Code-Share with QR beyond DOH to Several European Destinations
  50. SFO-HKG Business with Kids
  51. New to CX - AMEX > Asia Miles Transfer Question
  52. Special Offer: Free extra Y check luggage allowance from the US to The Philippines
  53. Arriving in First and departing in J: can I access the Wing FC Lounge?
  54. OMG! Just Got My Marco Polo Luggage Tags! Do I Put Both On One Bag?
  55. Curious: anyone know if CX still has a rigorous pilot training program?
  56. AsiaMiles is a Joke? [redemption difficulty]
  57. ex-Phils fare rules?
  58. MPC Award Booking on QF Metal in J now JQ in Y
  59. Ow sapphire luggage allowance
  60. Flying CX on L/V class from LAX->SIN. What program: OW or MP?
  61. JNB - HKG emergency landing
  62. EWR first impressions
  63. Flight messaging not avail for non-CX/KA tickets? (cannot enter/update contact info)
  64. Change date partially used award ticket
  65. CX 899, 22hr delay + horrible irrops handling
  66. Incorrect Response from a Marco Polo agent
  67. CX HKG F Lounge
  68. Business Class Seat Comfort
  69. Not able to change full fare Econ to Promo Biz fare
  70. A Visit to the Dark Side - CX and wrong CC
  71. Ticket Options
  72. US Contact # Busy?
  73. Pink champagne served at The Wing dining room?
  74. DEL-JFK/ORD promotional fare?
  75. connection times between award tickets
  76. Upgrade Certificates T&C
  77. CX PE fares HKG-MEL
  78. Dragonair to Start Service to Denpasar
  79. C'mon, CX, admit ex-HKG E fares are here to stay
  80. No-show for last leg of trip with two other passengers on itinerary
  81. what is the quickest + cheapest way to go from MP Green to MP Diamond
  82. Marco Polo Gold Benefits from LHR - HKG (Baggage and Extra leg room seats)
  83. AM redemption for excess baggage?
  84. What is one thing CX could improve for DM/GO members? (Survey sent by CX)
  85. CX 2710
  86. Dragonair HKG-PEK red-eye from Mar 30
  87. Legitimate oneworld award routing?
  88. Excess baggage, Musical Instruments
  89. HND-HKG in CX F - What to expect?
  90. Club miles accrual only based on fare class but not fare type?
  91. First seats on CX 367 PVG-HKG
  92. AmEx Plat Buy-1-Get-1-Free First/Business Seat
  93. Award Ticket to LHR
  94. Website - 24h hold
  95. Asia Miles Expiry problem
  96. Award/Upgrade Redemption - Phoning MPO
  97. How to watch a tablet in Cathay PEY
  98. Changes to reservations hotline 27421888
  99. Priority for change of flight DMs or transit passengers?
  100. Through CX booking ex DUB - first leg on EI
  101. CX 873 SFO/HKG in J
  102. Two cabin luggage issue
  103. Club miles on AS codeshare
  104. Tight Connection Query (China Eastern & Dragonair)
  105. How does Instant Upgrade Work?
  106. Lunch with Jancis Robinson and Nicholas Lander
  107. CX flights to Doha
  108. LHR-AKL Code Share
  109. Online redemption
  110. CX748 Business class
  111. SIN-HKG rt S$288 a.i. using HSBC cc
  112. 4 J award advice
  113. 2 x oneway = roundtrip miles for full redemption?
  114. 2000 Asiamiles for replacement cards
  115. J redemption strategy for DM
  116. Self bag drop is coming to HKIA/CX
  117. cathay pacific and nut allergy
  118. Rumblings of HKG-BOS
  119. Where to meet up
  120. Hanging Up a Suit in new J?
  121. was anyone on CX879 with the turbulence and injuries?
  122. New EWR route discussion
  123. Life after DM, any veterans advice on this?
  124. 6 sectors mileage run
  125. CX892 canceled rebooked to CX898
  126. Itinerary worth the miles?
  127. Why are Y+ fares more $ from Singapore?
  128. 1-Way HKG - YYZ on CX J for 2 Pax - Asian Miles or Avios? -need to transfer from Amex
  129. F in 747 vs J in 330?
  130. CX waitlist clearance: on re-confirmation or automatic
  131. No More Free MPG with Canadian AMEX Platinum
  132. 3rd party lounge guesting
  133. How long does it take to ticket upgrades using AM?
  134. Economy Seats
  135. 2A&K on 777W blocked?
  136. CX fares from Canada going crazy
  137. Equipment Swaps HKG-NRT
  138. Jfk-hkg 2/13
  139. Made a tactical booking...a few questions please!
  140. Silver renewed even if not earning miles?
  141. KA Extra-Leg Room Seats Not for OW Elites
  142. CX Refund processing time?
  143. HKG-TPE in business class.. menu?
  144. Problems with CX website today
  145. Problem flying REP-HKG with Dragonair
  146. PJs in Business?
  147. CX729 - 744 but no F?
  148. Amuse Bouche
  149. CX750 changes plane and seat type
  150. Empty F class cabin
  151. US Airways and Asia Miles?
  152. Cx syd-hkg j
  153. Miles Removed from MPC Account
  154. CX vs SQ business class opinion requested
  155. Early reset question
  156. Arriving in BKK ON CX... Fast track immigration?
  157. AA HKG - DFW Prices Released - Effects on CX Prices?
  158. Double Asia Miles in Premium Economy Class
  159. Problem with CX Website
  160. "Go for the Emerald" - 1,000AM giveaway online game
  161. Need help with a Gift Miles transaction
  162. No more ads
  163. Changes to new F
  164. "Premium" PE seats - no way to book as non-elite?
  165. Screaming kids in cx lounges
  166. CX early bag drop at LAX?
  167. How much do FAs know about their F/J passengers?
  168. Change of routing? From Direct to Connections
  169. Seconds
  170. Seat Selection - PE
  171. Da Nang increased frequency to 6 per week
  172. Mysterious op-up - reason?
  173. CX cancels 2 destinations
  174. Chinese NY red packets
  175. The infamous last-minute aircraft substitute on regional flights
  176. Question: CX713 HKG-BKK-SIN
  177. 100k miles in Asia Miles or Krisflyer?
  178. ex-HKG fares
  179. Beginning journey ticket from destination country
  180. Last-minute award upgrade?
  181. Error message while trying to book a reward flight
  182. Travelling on the last day of membership year
  183. Connecting on the same flight - is it possible?
  184. Is this TA being sneaky ?
  185. Diamond Invitation > Diamond/Diamond Plus ?
  186. Promoted to GO before accruing enough Club Miles
  187. Dragonair Award Space HKG-HKT
  188. How much can I believe CX's booking site re: PE availability?
  189. CX Premium Economy Experiences and Thoughts [consolidated]
  190. 6 pax on a PNR, 2 of them now can't make the travel.
  191. Mileage run to renew GO or wait and see? (~800 miles short for renewal)
  192. newbie: is points trading topic legal here?
  193. Receiving miles as a gift from friend flying BA?
  194. Max current of electricity sockets in F
  195. Change of aircraft -> Prem Eco down to Eco
  196. LAX to HKG ground services in LAX(First class)
  197. Below MCT Connection at HKG
  198. Seating questions for PEY
  199. CX business class promotions?
  200. Group ticket but one party has to cancel travel plans - options?
  201. Extra Baggage Weight Allowance
  202. Interline transfer - CX to UA at HKG
  203. Can't check-in - why?
  204. Aircraft Swapped 9 Months in Advance - Change Seat or Not?
  205. maximizing length of Tier status
  206. What to do with 10000 miles expiring
  207. Inter level treatment..
  208. Bangkok-HKG flight change
  209. Just Short of DM
  210. MAA/India same day CX turnaround
  211. Upgrade at Airport? CX0111
  212. LAX, SFO, or ORD?
  213. 5 hr J to J connection in HKG. Need lounge guidance
  214. F Menu's 2014 SFO-HKG
  215. 777-300ER Best seat?
  216. CX Lounges in HKG
  217. Overbooking on FJ codeshare flight to NAN
  218. The Ultimate Water Provided by CX
  219. Same day, same plane MLE turn on separate PNRs?
  220. asia miles T&C
  221. Marco Polo Gold baggage allowence question
  222. Cheaper fares with Agencies?
  223. J or F reward question
  224. Further downgrade of F wines
  225. F lounge TPE
  226. Best place to travel to for 9000 Miles (Mileage Run)
  227. CGK-HKG J or F
  228. What can CX miles be used for? Can they be transferred out?
  229. First Time Cathay Flier Questions
  230. New headphone policy: everywhere on CX?
  231. Are there HKG - SHA award tickets?
  232. Family lounge access in HKG
  233. When Will We Be Able To Redeem AM On US Airways Flights?
  234. LAX => HKG, Cathay vs EVA
  235. Changing Award Ticket Date
  236. CX103 stopover in Cairns
  237. Luggage storage in HKG for ~20-24 hours
  238. Baggage lost JFK - HKG - SIN via Cathay Airways
  239. Cathay Pacific CX889 JFK>YVR First Class
  240. CX policy w/r/t amenity kits?
  241. How to file a complaint to Cathay for cancelled flight [ex-EU compensation]
  242. In seat power and wifi on 777ss and A330s.
  243. Cathay CEO wife?
  244. HKG J class lounge dining options
  245. Hkg do 2013-14?
  246. Offered a complimentary buggy during check in + Wing/Bridge visit
  247. CX846 JFK custom clearing time
  248. Where has F HKG-JNB gone?
  249. LHR-HKG
  250. [Need Help] struggling between BA Executive Club and CX Marco Polo Club