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  1. turn around flights using JNB
  2. Is it worth spending extra miles for CX F (indirect routings)?
  3. CX drinks strength
  4. Cathay Stopover Rules
  5. Multi-city Booking On CX's Website
  6. CX to AF Bag Transfer
  7. Bottled water in Economy
  8. CX win, hard to admit, I'm staying
  9. HKG Arrivals Lounge or Wing/Pier?
  10. Regional Biz Food?
  11. A330 Old Business Seats
  12. PEY became available after equipment change
  13. Perhaps a price increase coming 9 Dec?
  14. to NRT via HKG do I need to do luggage and customs?
  15. NRT-HKG on rewards
  16. How long for JL flights to post in MPC?
  17. Business Save rules?
  18. clarification sought on grace period for status earning
  19. What Groupon thinks of CX Economy
  20. Fly in to HKG on CX F, but out on QF J - Lounge options?
  21. give other airline a chance, tale of qantas vs cx on Syd route on economy
  22. CX launches ex-HKG companion J/W bundled fares promo
  23. OW F Award booking downgraded F to J HKG-MXP
  24. New SIN Lounge
  25. J Seat on CX 524/566
  26. HK holiday get together
  27. Passenger Intoxicated and Sick
  28. Flying CX With A Toddler And Infant - Business Or Premium Economy?
  29. Cathay First is overrated
  30. Asia Miles Flight Award Booking page!?
  31. HKIA lounge shower waiting time
  32. ZRH: Catering truck rams CX airplane, flight cancelled
  33. Same day flight change ex SIN
  34. F lounge access on a mixed ticket
  35. ex-Japan Biz Toku 3 Shoutheast Asia Sales fares
  36. Wines in J
  37. Is the CX website down?
  38. BOM-HKG-elsewhere
  39. Online Booking Bonus
  40. CX AA-codeshare tickets: how does upgrade work?
  41. Fanfares? late or blocked?
  42. KA DPS - HKG Cancellations
  43. Dragon Air cancels my flight and leaves me hanging
  44. CX aligning service & standards to CA?
  45. HSBC-->CCB tax payment wacko strategy to end ***30 Nov***
  46. Book Book CX or Jet airways with Asia miles?
  47. Waitlist Priority
  48. 5k short of renewing DM
  49. First Class Upgrade Award vs Straight Redemption
  50. Earliest time to check bags at HKIA
  51. "Press 1 to leave feedback..."
  52. Asia miles or AAdvantage
  53. Quick ? transiting in HKG Flounge access...
  54. Arrivals lounge in HKG makes #lifeless travel
  55. JL redemptions has fewer availability through AM than BAEC
  56. Call from MPC due to flight delay
  57. CX FAU demanding 6% payrise and threatening 2016 CNY strike if demands not met
  58. J Class HKG - SIN
  59. Upgrade on CX using AM, credit ticket to AAdvantage?
  60. Loading for CX 892 Jan 9
  61. CX schedule change by 2.5hrs, my rights?
  62. CX increased baggage allowance?
  63. Some help using my limited Asia Miles
  64. Mini-RTW Asia Miles
  65. Disappointing first time Experience on CX
  66. companion award less likely after April 15?
  67. Any J Difference CDG, FRA, ZUR Aug 2016
  68. Using Asia Miles to upgrade
  69. Same day change of flight at TPE
  70. My first CX flight in J (ZRH-HKG-MNL) coming up - Seat allocation -or lack thereof...
  71. Chances of clearing the waiting list
  72. USA-HKG $5k RT F Class (Gilt)
  73. Best routing/time of day for US to HKG flight
  74. Asia miles companion ticket, but credit original ticket to BA?
  75. Best LHR-HKG flight in F?
  76. Hotel Mileage Accrual
  77. CX256 From London Cancellations November 2015
  78. Checked Luggage (with stopover)
  79. CX830 11/15/2015 delays
  80. First Class Lounge Access question
  81. Flight Cancellation in HKG - My experience and lessons learned for the future
  82. CX 841 Delayed
  83. Worst case of DYKWIA...
  84. Question about taxes etc
  85. Has CX already priced the start of school 2016 in Australia?
  86. Cx 288 (FRA - HKG)
  87. CX 841 - 12 Nov 2015 - Diversion to YWG?
  88. ? CX booking no longer existed!
  89. Observations on CX ground experience for F
  90. CX103 (HKG-CNS) Business Class Service
  91. Trip report Europe to Japan in Y on CX
  92. MEL-HKG longer flight path
  93. Stowing Carry-Ons
  94. Revamped CX Taipei lounge NOW OPEN!
  95. Choosing CX J or MH J
  96. HKG-HND:CX metal, JL code, no MMB on CX website
  97. Early reset for tier
  98. Rebooked mileage request shenanigans
  99. Advice re schedule change (now very short connection)
  100. CX web management: expired flash sale still shows up
  101. Has KA always been Senior Purser instead of ISM?
  102. Delayed connection with baggage options?
  103. Poor Service Associated with Thai ISMs?
  104. When would CX opens up F seat map online?
  105. Cathay Pacific Dub to HKG
  106. CX back in PEN ?
  107. Schedule change by connecting partner service
  108. HKG-DPS: Regional plane?
  109. Significant catering changes being test run in J class long-haul
  110. Could I Pay to Upgrade?
  111. ShanghaiTang PJs
  112. Getting an earlier flight out of MNL to HKG
  113. Cancelling redemption booking with medical certificate - Asiamiles cannot
  114. Creating your own redemption/upgrade availablity
  115. FRA-T2 CX lounge
  116. Cx640 -best seats for 2 in J
  117. CX vs. new AA business class
  118. Cathay Business Class vs. JAL First Class
  119. cx lost and found at ICN
  120. Transfer time in HKG - enroute to RGN
  121. Check-through baggage for overnight connection?
  122. Couple of misses on recent CX flight. Suggested action?
  123. Thumbs up to CX/KA handling missed connection!
  124. Deal: Feb Half Term from London to Hong Kong in Y
  125. Can't check in online ZRH-HKG 1NOV
  126. My first flight experience with CP
  127. The website is playing up again?
  128. Why ZRH-HKG-ZRH much more expensive then e.g. ZRH-HKG-BKK-HKG-ZRH?
  129. HKG-DPS in Y. CX or KA?
  130. OSL-MEL Advice
  131. Urgh, stay in PEY or go back to full-row Y?
  132. Non-status passenger able to select seats in advance?
  133. Website vs GDS vs Telephone (or was that status)
  134. Cathay Goes "American"
  135. Great service by CX (long time)
  136. Late night delay - taxi fare compensation
  137. The Wing or the Pier, F lounge
  138. HKG - LHR, crews, which flights to choose
  139. Dips, breadsticks and berries for J dinner
  140. First redemption help!
  141. J pillows
  142. What type plane is being used.
  143. Rewards Redemption to Sapporo CTS
  144. Flying to London
  145. YYZ Lounge
  146. [Now resumed] Land Route to HKG is closed (8pm, 23 Oct )
  147. Lounge at Chennai
  148. CX considering having 10 seats per row?
  149. Baggage interline with separate tickets
  150. One F Redemption Vs J Upgrades
  151. How early does CX J check in open at JFK?
  152. Standing by for an earlier KA flight in XMN
  153. Buy PE on SGN to US, and fly J on SGN-HKG-SGN legs
  154. cx F hkg hnd
  155. No more Doha
  156. Premium Economy - Back rows
  157. New livery update
  158. CX kiosks at YVR
  159. CX to Discontinue DOH from 15 Feb 2016
  160. Checked Baggage
  161. CX134 MEL-HKG 0850 departure... no champagne until after take-off
  162. Failed redemption on CX website
  163. New London Heathrow LHR lounge (closed until June 2016)
  164. Priority Baggage and Lounge Access at CDG&LHR
  165. JL vs CX (CX loses)
  166. 60k miles expiring soon
  167. Weighing carry-on baggage at CDG
  168. How to Add Revenue Segments to Redemption Bookings
  169. My Carry-on...
  170. Preferred Seating for traveling companion (non-status) on same PNR
  171. Changing redemption ticket from QF to CX
  172. CX redemption
  173. Appreciation voucher lost
  174. Double Asia Miles btw CAN/HKG and SWP/SEA/NAM
  175. Surprised and creative compensation from MPO: Upgrading to the next tier
  176. Form letter reply from Customer Relations
  177. Free seating on CX J class cabin
  178. Surcharge for redeeming Alaska Airlines
  179. A350 Arrival
  180. CX Lounge Access on Mixed Class AA Award
  181. The Wing as arrival lounge WITH CHECKED BAGS?
  182. upgrade using Asiamiles but bank to AA
  183. Fare adjustment?
  184. LHR Xmas flights
  185. Can I combine 2 separate ticket redemption to a round trip?
  186. Best lounge for Biz Class @ HKG
  187. Do you pay for J class for leisure trips?
  188. Couldn't login to the www.cathaypacific.com.hk
  189. KA redeye from HND
  190. SFO lounge renovation date (confirmed), and frequency increase (speculation)
  191. Does anyone on this board fly long haul Y class?
  192. Which Lounge Would You Choose for F at HKG?
  193. Mixed Class Redemption
  194. Day or night flight LAX HKG with kids
  195. weird transactions
  196. My first "first experience" with CX
  197. Does CX combine flights on holidays?
  198. How stable are KA schedules
  199. CX 889 vs. CX 845
  200. CI lounge way better than old CX lounge (TPE)
  201. Is MPC Silver worth it?
  202. Fung shui master So Man-Fung offloaded 4 Oct
  203. CX845 pre-flight check in time?
  204. CX canceling tons of flights 4 October, check here
  205. Actual Ratio for Club Miles to Club Points conversion
  206. How to calculate extra baggage charge?
  207. Crediting upgraded R to U tickets to other FFPs
  208. Seat 40A on the 772
  209. CX416 landing gear malfunction
  210. Switching out of Marco Polo: what do you choose and why?
  211. Round Trip Award with Only Outbound Confirmed
  212. Where are the "value" flight segments under the new system?
  213. CX Flights Missing From ITA Matrix and Google Flights
  214. HKG to HAN
  215. SGN - HKG
  216. Love CX but can't they procure faster wifi for lounges
  217. Status Question for first time flyer
  218. WIFI on CX International Flights
  219. How much do you value an asia mile
  220. Manage DL/CX codeshare booking
  221. What to expect on CX712? SIN-BKK-HKG in PE
  222. Cancelling an AM booking
  223. Cheap Seats vs Mileage ???
  224. Reclaiming missing miles towards next tier after removing MPC
  225. Guaranteed Seat Reservation via Travel Agent - Possible?
  226. CX 747s to retire sooner than planned
  227. Changes to MPC announced for 15 Apr 2016
  228. CX807 cancelled today
  229. Will Cathay check my luggage through in HK on 2 separate tickets to MNL?
  230. CX888
  231. Is Asia Miles running a promotion on J redemption to LHR?
  232. Question about KA / CX codeshares
  233. Website glitch changing ticket online travelling PEY/Y class:
  234. Grace Period Extension but no Tier Extension
  235. How does the Wing cater for infants?
  236. Typhoon Dujian - all CX flights to TPE cancelled Sept 28 from 1:15pm
  237. Ex-TPE tickets - Baggage issues
  238. Redeem AM on First Class Flights
  239. Is it possible to extend a ticket?
  240. New HKG-SHA flight from Oct
  241. What happened to CX aircraft recently....
  242. Apps...the good and the bad
  243. Engine Fire CX170 PER-HKG
  244. This may be dumb, but is first class worth it over business?
  245. Flight change
  246. LAX--Hong Kong: Which side to sit on?
  247. Which lounge at HKG
  248. Best Swedish number for CX reservations ?
  249. How to find CX fares for a specific booking class
  250. herringbone on 773?