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  1. The infinite OLCI problem
  2. How does one 'unclaim' a flight?
  3. CX to turn over KUL to KA
  4. Completing MEDA (Passenger Medical Clearance)
  5. Asia Miles Fuel Surcharge?
  6. Last chance for the 747 to HND in September - plans, meetups/mini-DOs, etc
  7. AC to KA connection at HKG - luggage transfer on separate PNR?
  8. CX app in India
  9. AM Summer Catch 'Em All competition
  10. Accuracy of ExpertFlyer on CX Flight
  11. Asiamiles redemption: change a sector on JL domestic trigger reissue
  12. What is the F service like on a short (2hr) flight?
  13. CX382 intercepted by fighters over Hungary 30/7
  14. CX obligation to rebook missed connections?
  15. Chinglish on Handover Day (inspired by Singlish on SG National Day)
  16. CX Left Baggage
  17. How late can I show up for CDG check-in these days?
  18. 2 hour connection from CX to VS?
  19. Mix of AC & CX - Baggage Allowance
  20. CX261 HKG-CDG: Immigation and fast track for Y+?
  21. Cathay Pacific NYC to YVR
  22. Redemption problem BCN-DOH
  23. Dragonair J class HAN-HKG... What should I expect.??
  24. Can-hkg-jfk: 103.000 rmb / 15.000 usd ?!
  25. First and Last name reversed on Booking + Frequent flyer benefits
  26. Married segments on award tickets
  27. KA A321 vs CX B777 on J
  28. CX846 (HKG-JFK) 7 Mar '17, No availability at all
  29. Same day flight changes allowed?
  30. Does Cathay offer day of flight/check in pay upgrades
  31. Water bottles gone from the lounges?
  32. Hotel Elite Benefits with CX Holidays Booking
  33. MPC Gold bookable upgrades, and MPC tier in general
  34. Website Booking Issues / Short Connection in Hong Kong
  35. Cyclone NIDA
  36. Seat assignment on BA (J Class) on CX Mileage Ticket
  37. Transferring in HKG on 2 separate tickets...
  38. 16 hour layover in HKG, can I retrieve bag?
  39. DUS flight
  40. Mid-Tier benefit (lounge pass)
  41. JL flight denied CX lounge entry YVR
  42. Middle initial vs no MI
  43. Award Change Rules
  44. First Class Upgrade to Vlogger?
  45. How to find other airlines PNR
  46. Switching Seats before boarding
  47. Priority Tags too flashy/obnoxious?
  48. transfer to CX in TPE
  49. Asia Miles Acquisition Cost
  50. Aesop products in the Pier J showers
  51. Layover in Singapore question
  52. Red eyes to and from SIN
  53. Clubpoints and miles for re-route credit or original Route Credit
  54. Outstation lounges
  55. benefits after 1800 club points
  56. Upgrade from an award ticket
  57. Promotion Fares ex-TPE, Bookable 20.Jul - 22.Aug, for Travel Commencing 01.Sep.2016
  59. Fiji Airlines Code Share
  60. Cathay Pacific will finally have a US co-brand credit card
  61. Moved up to DM 35 CPs Short
  62. Full meal even on a short KA flight?
  63. 'The Traveller' facial..
  64. DM only 900 points, does that mean I am mid-range GO?
  65. HK City Check-in OneWorld Emerald Priority
  66. KA flights - no F sold, F seats allocated as J?
  67. Bookable Upgrade
  68. Checking Case(s) of Wine PEK - HKG - BOS?
  69. Advice on Crediting to other OW programs
  70. BKK-HKG in J
  71. Getting 10 Club Points ex-HKG
  72. CX officially sanctions parents in front kids in back?
  73. Did my booking agent lie to me?
  74. HKG-JNB J availability
  75. ISM/FA/Purser Memory?
  76. A vs F Fare
  77. Can I check thru luggage is transit is exactly 24 hours?
  78. Getting boarding pass at Singapore counter 1 day prior
  79. AsiaMiles overcharge on award change?
  80. Award routing/lounges advice
  81. Batteries allowance at HKIA
  82. Manilla connections
  83. Damaged Bag Experience...
  84. World's best airline - Emirates (CX is #4)
  85. Any chance CX will through check bags to KLM
  86. [Help] Have fee for book ticket online on Cathay Pacific?
  87. Zurich Catering
  88. CX Brisbane lounge closed - using Plaza Premium for now
  89. Redeeming AM for Finnair via the CX website
  90. Using Marco Polo CX award for AA flights
  91. Lonely in F - no award redemption availability?
  92. Which lounge on code share flight?
  93. Newark BA/CX Lounges
  94. Is this award itinerary possible?
  95. Come on Cathay, it is time to bounce back...
  96. Regional F Class Cities
  97. Flight Delayed - Taxi Fare Reimbursement?
  98. Could someone with Expert Flyer help please
  99. JFK BA Lounge Minimum Age Workaround
  100. Maximizing Miles on a Long Haul Flight
  101. Seat Map looks almost full - EF shows fairly light loads
  102. Selecting a seat on Cathay Pacific
  103. Denied Lounge Access compensation?
  104. CX codeshare ended up being booked into J?
  105. Asiamiles, what gives most bang for the buck in redemption?
  106. KA212 6 Jul compressor stall photo
  107. Any possible ways to aviod USD120 or 12000 Asia Miles for cancelling an award ticket?
  108. Does QF have a reliable availability tool for Asiamiles redemptions?
  109. SeatGuru showing regional 777 config on YYZ - HKG?
  110. Broken PEY Seat compensation
  111. First Class upgrade on segments without first class
  112. Award ticket
  113. 77W Economy Seats 42A and 42C
  114. Is this a typical F experience?
  115. Cathay PYE Pyjamas - When do they change colour?
  116. Earning club points and miles on a QF marketed but EK operated flight
  117. Cx cheese plate
  118. Amenity kit on CX659 (HKG-SIN redeye)?
  119. Advance Seat slection on Cathay Pacific Award Fare
  120. New CX Policy for Q Class booking ?
  121. KA993 1 hour delay = CNY70 meal voucher - standard practice?
  122. Award Ticket booking issue
  123. Is CPCS on strike?
  124. CX Awards Booking VIA ALASKA Would they allow you to take earlier flight?
  125. Maximize F experience on CX255 to LHR
  126. Where is the HND lounge?
  127. Travelling KA, MP GO, but denied HKG lounge entry - why?
  128. Service voucher
  129. Lounge Access in Dusseldorf -> Business Lounge by Lufthansa
  130. How Hot is TOO Hot?
  131. Regional J booking on AA award - possible to select seat?
  132. SFO-HKG : Less than average J experience
  133. Boarding on non Origin sector
  134. Differences between CX and KA
  135. Connecting from CX to UO at HKG: any tips?
  136. Unable to select seat on business I fare
  137. Missed connection in HKG last night
  138. Possible to book CX roundtrip award from SFO to HKG to LAX?
  139. Best CX business lounge showers
  140. SIN-SFO Upgrade Cost Comparison SQ v CX
  141. Which CA/CX Itinerary would you go for?
  142. CX900 (A359) MNL-HKG now delays for 17hrs+ (24/6/2016)
  143. Account activation
  144. CX cabin baggage dimensions
  145. Unable to Check In Online
  146. How to redeem CX tickets using Asia Miles?
  147. Exit Row Seat Selection OW Emerald
  148. LHR Transit
  149. Pier F Lounge Massage Service
  150. Change fee for change of class on award booking
  151. Transfer Haneda (HND)
  152. Trading/Selling/donating mid-tier benefits
  153. What is the situation that all cabins are zeroed out?
  154. British Airways Asia Miles One Way Upgrade Enquiry
  155. Cathay Pacific Ticket Change and Validity
  156. Question about JAL Yokoso fares
  157. CX Lounge Access for Economy Ticket QUESTION
  158. Award Redemption Versus Ticketing
  159. Which flight should I take?
  160. Before The Cabin and The Bridge
  161. Error encountered when trying to reedem tickets
  162. US multi city question
  163. 'Membership holiday' qs - define 'membership lifetime'
  164. CX sued for failing to attend to unaccompanied minor
  165. Better deals flying out of HKG?
  166. Sensible way to book WAS-JFK-YVR?
  167. Disappointing Service
  168. The Cabin - Some Amenities Closing?
  169. PEY on QF from HKG - SYD: QF lounge, Wing or Bridge?
  170. CX First Class Lounge selection
  171. Optimal Vantage Pass usage??
  172. CX Lounge Question - Airside Vs. Landside
  173. CX afternoon flight from JFK and HKG security?
  174. What time to leave Manhattan for a 9.55pm flight from JFK
  175. Does this Cathay Pacific Flight have in-flight wifi?
  176. Luggage Damage - CX HKG Rejects Claim
  177. CX Lounge Access
  178. Yet another surreal experience with CX call center...
  179. Flying to Canada for a cheaper fare to Asia?
  180. Zero club points earned on J ticket?
  181. Finding Fare Conditions
  182. AAVACATIONS air portion credits to MP OK?
  183. CX Club points on EK operated QF flight?
  184. Cathay souvenirs in F/J?
  185. Lounge access Flying CX First and Jal business
  186. Redeem for PE or pay for it?
  187. Earliest I can check in at TBIT/LAX?
  188. First Time CX F Experience!
  189. New Earphone jack connector for biz class
  190. Any experience booking OW Circle Pacific fare from the USA?
  191. LAX-HKG upgrade availability zeroed out 7 months out?
  192. Club points on codeshare flights
  193. Dining Collaboration - Hyatt
  194. Getting on an earlier flight (PVG, space available)
  195. Can the QF F lounge at LAX do boarding passes/HKG lounge invites?
  196. Possible to snag 3 F tickets last-minute?
  197. Chance of waitlist clearance on Sunday, July 3, Flight, KIX-HKG
  198. ORD-HKG In Two Weeks Had Big Delays
  199. 'popup&go' university student promotional tickets (from HK$890++)
  200. Ways to check in early at HND?
  201. Any extra luggage leeway in Cathay F SFO to HKG then Business to SYD
  202. CX WILL interline to other oneworld airlines if travelling on separate PNRs
  203. Brief CX Experience report
  204. Cathay Pacific Website - system issues
  205. BA & CX flight ticketed by CX
  206. How likely is it for me to get off the redemption waitlist?
  207. Different CX class availability for new ticket/existing ticket
  208. What will CX "update" next?
  209. Pseudo-transit in London
  210. Does Cathay Pacific sell open-dated ticket?
  211. Couples seating on Boeing 777-300ER - row 18 or 22
  212. Online checkin, possible to be upgraded?
  213. No award availability HKG-US the first two weeks of January?
  214. Is first meal on CX 830 breakfast or lunch
  215. 777 Business Class Looking Old
  216. Name change on redemption ticket
  217. Online redemption - not working?
  218. MH J vs CX J
  219. Live TV channels on CX
  220. FA in-flight greeting - specific MP statuses only?
  221. Mid-tier upgrade expiration?
  222. Cathay Pacific new premium economy
  223. # of connections allowed on oneway award
  224. Redeeming Asia Miles on One World Taxes/Fees
  225. CX chances of equipment swaps on NRT route?
  226. Upcoming flight EWR-HKG-NRT-PEK Interline?
  227. Flights from Phuket to Hong Kong
  228. Lounge access on Y (FlyBE) connecting flights
  229. Asia Miles vs AAdvantage for Business travel to HK and Personal travel in US
  230. International Config On Regional J
  231. Last 747 Flight
  232. New Checkin Signage
  233. QR over CX?
  234. Dual nationality - middle name only on one passport
  235. What happens to surplus club points on renewal/upgrade?
  236. CX inventory swings
  237. CX "lied" about availability of alternative flight
  238. 1O1O Club Points = Asia Miles
  239. Lounge options when transferring to Dragon
  240. A few (fairly negative) comments about a Y class KIX -> LHR
  241. CX841: Best Premium economy seats (need advice)
  242. Carry On Items
  243. CX101 - Which Aircraft?
  244. How can I get multi city to show me low fares?
  245. "Cathay Pacific (CX) Fleet - FlyerGuide" Gone?
  246. Expert flyer doesn't show Cathay award tickets?
  247. If you are willing to pay for premium class, why you still need MPC status?
  248. Best flight to JFK?
  249. KVS Shows J Seats; CX None
  250. Calling in the Sky - the CX phone