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  1. Paying with a UK credit card for one way PVG - HKT ticket
  2. BA booking and seat selection on Dragonair?
  3. Which Cathay HK lounge ?
  4. Swapping I class flight at the airport
  5. Baggage from CX to 5J in HKG
  6. CX889 YVR layover
  7. Question from a Star Alliancer about upgrading with miles
  8. Would it be hard to claim credit from QR flights to MPC?
  9. F on 77W CX520 to NRT?
  10. Funny Cathay App message: self-contradiction
  11. emergency: Airport Express breakdown on 14Oct
  12. Priority Awards redemption for First and Business Class is now available
  13. Double miles ex-HKG in business and first
  14. CX Issues Trading Statement
  15. Comparing planes ex-Ams / ex-ZRH etc
  16. New status and member year reset
  17. Put OW Number on X ECONOMY
  18. A lot less op-up since guarantee V class gone
  19. Where to find full fare rules when CX website not working properly?
  20. Questions on lounge at Haneda airport, please help
  21. Best FFP to join if flying Cathay from BOM to SFO?
  22. Chances of Upgrades
  23. CX upgrade priority query
  24. Upgrade: Economy - Business
  25. Service recovery for non Marco Polo members?
  26. J to Y transit luggage, 40kg or 30kg?
  27. One soft benefit DM I'm already missing: do-it-all MPO agents
  28. Compensation for delayed flight - Cathay Pacific HK - LHR
  29. Guess CX is not doing too much equip-swapping recently?
  30. Dine on Demand coming to J
  31. HKG Transfer Advice
  32. Delayed F flight HKG-LHR - compensation
  33. ADL-LHR - No night flights...jetlag?
  34. Is it possible to make double booking?
  35. CX and oneworld partnership and relationship
  36. Long haul with family
  37. Lifetime Emerald, or CX Diamond?
  38. Why do airlines still suffer losses when fuel prices have dropped
  39. Regional business class meals
  40. Fanfares coming to PEY and J (?)
  41. YVR morning departure on A359 J
  42. Some question about checking baggage
  43. Is Cathay long-haul J worth it?
  44. Rebooking Charge?
  45. When is this served on a F flight?
  46. Replacement Tags and Cards now free for even SL's?
  47. Booking on CX website with cash discount, til 20161009
  48. No free Asia Miles redemption for spouse?
  49. CX interline baggage for 2 different bookings?
  50. Help for accruing Cathay tier points
  51. Upfare process on CX?
  52. Are A Cards Transferrable?
  53. Flight length, award zone, amenity pack, bookable upgrades.
  54. How come CX food is lackluster even at ports catered by DO&CO
  55. Q: Refund of Reward Ticket Partially Used
  56. Diamonds and Gold... Going for Gold
  57. Using walker for elderly
  58. Aaron Claxton explains the lack of blankets in regional Y
  59. Do I need a headphone adapter?
  60. Advice for trips to Obtain MPC Silver or abandon altogether?
  61. CX Moving to Terminal 8 at JFK in January
  62. Visa Platinum / Infinite, I class bonus 15000 AM
  63. Calling Asiamiles
  64. Maximized Club Points (HKG-MAD)
  65. Loud Mouth Jerk On Phone In the Pier
  66. Cathay Pacific tests out new staggered regional business class seats
  67. I guess it's one company two systems? Different prices offered
  68. Contents of bag stolen - CX offers 50% of max liability
  69. Would you take this gamble?
  70. 70th anniversary discounts
  71. CX IT is becoming worse and worse.
  72. SkyPier to Macau, Arrivals Lounge
  73. On CX policy re oversold cabin and they need to IBD someone?
  74. Can I enter first class lounge in HK
  75. Bring Kids to CX First Class Lounge in HK
  76. Of 33P and mini Y
  77. Invalid membership number - calling Asia Miles
  78. Redemption Ticket Chances
  79. CX880: 2am Service in F
  80. Credit MH to MPC
  81. Tier Upgrade with Insufficient Points
  82. Cathay Pacific turning 70 on Saturday....
  83. CX lounge at CDG last night
  84. Infant on Award ticket
  85. CX883 and are red-eye flights really that bad?
  86. CX model planes - HKIA/duty free/in-flight purchase?
  87. KA cancelled HKG-HIJ?
  88. How early can I check in at LHR?
  89. Help with ticketing rules (amending mixed class fare)
  90. Join MPC after AsiaMiles?
  91. Schedule change
  92. changing one way award into roundtrip/one world
  93. HKG sheds 2,500 frequencies Oct/Nov 2016, CX/KA cancels flights
  94. Crediting time / mid-tier bennies
  95. OW Multi Carrier Award Problem - Stopover & Transit
  96. Cathay Pacific new website??
  97. MPC Benefits on Alaska Air?
  98. F lounge access on overnight layover?
  99. Changing part of a booking
  100. CANNOT Asia Miles Flight Award Re-booking
  101. JING Tea now served First and Business Class
  102. Few Questions regarding my upcoming trip
  103. CX/KA and Note 7
  104. Back-to-back (immediate turnaround) in TW
  105. CX New Menu Collaboration with Mott 32
  106. Has anyone flown the route CAN-HKG or CX(KA)5783
  107. Cathay Pacific Fleet Information
  108. Booking a long dated return on CX - best fare tips
  109. This flight sector does not allow seat request in advance
  110. CX781 HKG-SUB. New Departure Time Permanent?
  111. Ground services van runs into KA A330 engine
  112. PEK lounge.... Close / Open for 330am flight.
  113. How are PEK-HKG flights nowadays? On time?
  114. MEL to get A350 & 77W
  115. Does TPE Lounge close at night?
  116. Asking for a refund. Cancel first?
  117. Corporate Travel Solutions - no more upgrade benefits
  118. How early can i check in?
  119. Why can't AsiaMiles see all of AA / LATAM award space?
  120. a question about cx746 !
  121. Bonus miles for CX Holidays packages
  122. CX Dark green livery?
  123. noob-ish question... on ISM/SP/FP
  124. CX906 Aug 30 2016
  125. OneWorld Multi-Carrier: Alaska?
  126. AsiaMiles One-World Multi Carrier Award question: Stopover / Transit
  127. Some fuel surcharges are back...
  128. Economy Seating Question
  129. Checking in
  130. Zuji HK online booking website
  131. Award ticket from PEK-OKA change!?
  132. Finding CX locators on split airlines but single booking
  133. HK Bonus Miles Promo - will JFK-HKG-PEK/HKG-JFK qualify?
  134. CX A350 to YVR & Increase Frequency
  135. BOS increase from 4-7; YVR 14-17 weekly
  136. Tax differences for award ticketing online and thru phone agent
  137. Excellent service
  138. Meals on J, upgrade from PEY
  139. Asia Miles / Cathay Waitlist
  140. Baggage damaged by TSA, item missing, CX claims success rate?
  141. Minimum connection time at FRA T2
  142. Possible to get bottled water in Y?
  143. CX mobile apple pay with amex, 2000 am or 30000 rewards points
  144. EU261 delay compensation
  145. Membership number error
  146. Anyone with experience with wikipedia edits? (CX Fleet info)
  147. Redeem Asiamiles for American Airlines Flight
  148. Need Visa for Vietnamese passport holder to transist in HK airport?
  149. Questions re: CX PHK-HKG flight?
  150. CX/KA - Connection Question in HKG / Baggage
  151. First lounge access policy, how early?
  152. Regarding transiting at PVG
  153. Transferring Amex MR points to Asia Miles
  154. Adult on AS award + child on AA award on CX. Any issues?
  155. Qantas Premium Economy Sale Fare - earn Cathay Club Points?
  156. CX138 - early check in?
  157. New to AM redemption
  158. F HKG Lounge Access?
  159. Upgrade with miles on OW?
  160. IT bug, flight delayed
  161. Award Type for AA Domestic Flights Up Front
  162. Are the seat maps on the CX website indicative of the load on the flight?
  163. Membership year cut off
  164. How early can you go airside HKG on day of travel?
  165. Flights Cathey from Europe to USA (Miami or JFK)
  166. What fare subclass will 'flex' fares book under?
  167. best first class lounge in HKG
  168. A350 related queries
  169. Doha Flights
  170. Question on this CX itinerary
  171. Seat 2A not good; major flaw
  172. Amenity Kits in J
  173. 2 hours transit time in Hong Kong. Will I have time to visit the Pier
  174. baggage allowance on two separated CX tickets and class of service
  175. Purchasing AM for QR flight
  176. KA F Check-in
  177. 2016 half-year results: Cathay Shares Drop as Profit Slumps 82% on Fuel Hedge
  178. best points to save for flight?
  179. New baggage allowance 15/9 - +10KG all pax
  180. Major IRROPS CX885 LAX-HKG 8/16/16 diverted
  181. CX636 and CX714 Check-in at Changi
  182. Asia Miles redemption from multiple accounts
  183. Increased luggage allowance with max no. of pieces..Starting from Sep 15
  184. International Transit in JFK... checked bags?
  185. OW FF baggage on Dragonair
  186. CX 713 skip second leg
  187. SFO Connection CX to AA 1.40
  188. Dashboard for CX | MPC
  189. CX255 - Service in F?
  190. KA243 REP-HKG, how to know which A322 it will be?
  191. Companion Gold Card (Diamond Mid-Tier Benefit): Anyone have any experience yet?
  192. CX routing and lounge access questions...
  193. What are the chances of having the entire F cabin to myself?
  194. CX Prices from Europe
  195. Cathay F - Whats it like?
  196. CX to acquire five EK 777-300 (non-ER) aircraft
  197. The infinite OLCI problem
  198. How does one 'unclaim' a flight?
  199. CX to turn over KUL to KA
  200. Completing MEDA (Passenger Medical Clearance)
  201. Asia Miles Fuel Surcharge?
  202. Last chance for the 747 to HND in September - plans, meetups/mini-DOs, etc
  203. AC to KA connection at HKG - luggage transfer on separate PNR?
  204. CX app in India
  205. AM Summer Catch 'Em All competition
  206. Accuracy of ExpertFlyer on CX Flight
  207. Asiamiles redemption: change a sector on JL domestic trigger reissue
  208. What is the F service like on a short (2hr) flight?
  209. CX382 intercepted by fighters over Hungary 30/7
  210. CX obligation to rebook missed connections?
  211. Chinglish on Handover Day (inspired by Singlish on SG National Day)
  212. CX Left Baggage
  213. How late can I show up for CDG check-in these days?
  214. 2 hour connection from CX to VS?
  215. Mix of AC & CX - Baggage Allowance
  216. CX261 HKG-CDG: Immigation and fast track for Y+?
  217. Cathay Pacific NYC to YVR
  218. Redemption problem BCN-DOH
  219. Dragonair J class HAN-HKG... What should I expect.??
  220. Can-hkg-jfk: 103.000 rmb / 15.000 usd ?!
  221. First and Last name reversed on Booking + Frequent flyer benefits
  222. Married segments on award tickets
  223. KA A321 vs CX B777 on J
  224. CX846 (HKG-JFK) 7 Mar '17, No availability at all
  225. Same day flight changes allowed?
  226. Does Cathay offer day of flight/check in pay upgrades
  227. Water bottles gone from the lounges?
  228. Hotel Elite Benefits with CX Holidays Booking
  229. MPC Gold bookable upgrades, and MPC tier in general
  230. Website Booking Issues / Short Connection in Hong Kong
  231. Cyclone NIDA
  232. Seat assignment on BA (J Class) on CX Mileage Ticket
  233. Transferring in HKG on 2 separate tickets...
  234. 16 hour layover in HKG, can I retrieve bag?
  235. DUS flight
  236. Mid-Tier benefit: Lounge Pass
  237. JL flight denied CX lounge entry YVR
  238. Middle initial vs no MI
  239. Award Change Rules
  240. First Class Upgrade to Vlogger?
  241. How to find other airlines PNR
  242. Switching Seats before boarding
  243. Priority Tags too flashy/obnoxious?
  244. transfer to CX in TPE
  245. Asia Miles Acquisition Cost
  246. Aesop products in the Pier J showers
  247. Layover in Singapore question
  248. Red eyes to and from SIN
  249. Clubpoints and miles for re-route credit or original Route Credit
  250. Outstation lounges