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  1. Which HKG lounge at 7pm
  2. CX strike history
  3. Standby a few days before scheduled flight
  4. Language CD on CX
  5. 11/18/2010 CX839 returning to YVR
  6. Access to the Wing at HKG after a long flight?
  7. The long waited ORD flight
  8. CX 888/889 Long-term
  9. AAdvantage vs MPC - DM's view after 2 years
  10. Referral to MPC / AM
  11. Qualification Dates
  12. New Zegna amenity kits in F
  13. CX 872 consistently delayed due to security check
  14. TPE-SFO 'D' Class availability
  15. Questions from a newly enrolled MPC member
  16. Other courses of actions? Damaged luggage
  17. Do OW Emerald upgrades still exist at all?
  18. Arrivals Assistance for F Pax at HKG?
  19. Cost-curring: Wines in C
  20. Mileages: MPO/Asia Miles vs. GDS/Great Circle Map
  21. Rumour: CX to start HKG-DME-CDG instead of to MAN
  22. CX702 to CX251 - Enough time?
  23. CX FAs excellent service
  24. Airfare Increases
  25. Recent CX J experience
  26. Ticket pricing
  27. Question about layover/transit in HK
  28. Are arrival/departure gates predictable?
  29. The Deploarble State of CX First
  30. Relocating to HK - Stick with BAEC or go to CX
  31. Slightly OT: Interviewing CX for school magazine?
  32. Forced F seat change at gate
  33. Crazy expensive fares when ticketing over a month
  34. Amex cathay pacific elite card
  35. Recourse when downgraded on a frequent flyer F award?
  36. CX524: What time do they serve meals?
  37. What are CX's plans for the undelivered 77W orders?
  38. Why is HKG-LAX delayed?
  39. Good price for YVR-JFK?
  40. CX's new inflight equipment - child restraint seat
  41. Checked baggage allowance - BA/CX in Y
  42. CX Hong Kong-Toronto Flights, why no 0230 morning departures?
  43. US Credit Card for Getting Asia Miles
  44. Best way to upgrade from J to F
  45. Flights from San Francisco to Hong Kong using AA mileage?
  46. Cx759 = cx717 ???
  47. Breakfast service too late - incomplete on CX684
  48. Cathay Pacific applies JAL codeshare to Hawaii
  49. Switching an award ticket
  50. Cx521 11/4/10 new long haul?
  51. CX is Requesting the A380-900!
  52. When is best time to call to upgrade a reward ticket?
  53. lounge access in hong kong airport when onward travel is economy.
  54. First class closet changed?
  55. TPE - HKG - LAX (D) Class Business - upgrades and more
  56. CX 254 Change of Plane
  57. Can't get through to MPC
  58. CX credit for AA Instant Upgrade fares
  59. CX Reward Booking Class
  60. Cx 738 dxb-hkg
  61. New Baggage Policy from 1 December
  62. Excess Checked Baggage Charges
  63. Do I have time to visit the lounge?
  64. any lay flat seats in Cathay Pacific Business Class ?
  65. Cathay Pacific- traveling in May
  66. Business class checkin at HKG
  67. Tix availability on
  68. Advice for a first time CX F/J pax?
  69. OKA now an official KA destination
  70. Award economy ticket waitlisting on Shanghai to Hong Kong in mid/late Jan 2011
  71. SCMP 20101029 - Holiday fear as pilots threaten to work to rule
  72. Freedom of F Meal - Pattern & Schedule
  73. First Clas Meal Ordering Etiquette?
  74. Seating Arrangement Advice
  75. Dragon Air in Taipei....
  76. 180 Days Out?
  77. 2A or 2K?
  78. so easy CX reward ticket for Chinese New Year
  79. double miles for Taiwan residents
  80. Does Cathay weigh the carryon baggage?
  81. Dubai to Hong Kong
  82. Cathay Pacific First Class Upgrade
  83. CX - Dragonfly Codeshare.
  84. CX and HKIA Lounge Crawl
  85. Checking Bags from Cathay to Delta
  86. Split itinerary or not?
  87. Transfer to MH at KUL
  88. CX Card Verification
  89. Change fee for OW award tickets?
  90. CX resumes salary negotiation w/ FA union. Possible industrial action if ends badly
  91. Which F Lounge to use in HKG
  92. Does CX offer first class from HKG to DPS (BALI)?
  93. What's better, keeping miles with Cathay or AAdvantage using AA
  94. What do you do when the cabin-crew has a bad day?
  95. Downgraded Booking from F to J
  96. 74A business main deck or upper deck
  97. Leg room
  98. CX First Class SIN-HKG
  99. Wow, I wasn't expecting Lambs for regional J meal
  100. Debate: Should CX838/839 go 77W daily or mix of aircraft?
  101. Anyone know a good CX J discount consolidator?
  102. OLCI for connecting flights
  103. Cathay programme - upgrade
  104. Visitors in First Class?
  105. Cathay DM Dinner Taipei
  106. Wow, MPC came through with my Air China situation
  107. Op-Up chances on multi-leg flight?
  108. MPC/Asiamiles Service fees going up !!
  109. How strict is CX with luggage
  110. Haneda inaugural flight info?
  111. "Light Up the Sky"
  112. Lounge access with miles?
  113. What was the shortest flight time from HKG-SFO
  114. No First from HKG-NRT?
  115. Chances of CX F coming back to Aus/NZ
  116. Multiple Lounge Access in HKG as Silver Member
  117. a OW J award
  118. SCMP article on credit card miles scheme
  119. New to CX - Anniversary Trip Help
  120. HKG Lounge for Dragonair-C pax
  121. Is 1 hour enough to transit HKG?
  122. Can't upgrade on full Y fare?
  123. Help with Seating JFK-HKG
  124. Some suggestions to CX
  125. Flying CX, can I get MPC status but AA miles instead of Asia Miles?
  126. Do you pay full fare for J?
  127. JL Code Share with CX for Japan Domestic
  128. CX SL Op-up experiences
  129. Mid-Nov Upgrade Redemption Y-J
  130. Were we unfairly compensated? [CX HKG-JFK AA codeshare diverted to BOS]
  131. Interesting exchange at check-in counter
  132. Early Flight Standby
  133. Crediting Royal Brunei flights
  134. CX LAX-HKG traffic implications from new AA route?
  135. Australian flights - peak travel period
  136. CX to replace shell Y seats?
  137. Cathay to replace Economy seats (and do other stuff!)
  138. Waitlist Clearance with OW Sapphire
  139. Hkg-lon-yyb-hkg
  140. Cathay Equipment Changes
  141. If you travel with lap infants on CX - beware!
  142. KIX- Lounge Pacificm way too small
  143. any use for 20000 Asiamiles?
  144. Chance of upgrade on CX SFO to HKG economy K fare to business
  145. Seat Arrangement in an equipment change
  146. New Seats in Economy?
  147. Arrived into HKG 8Oct?
  148. Haneda service
  149. How can oneworld elite member select seat on CX flight
  150. Seat Guarantee Q - Do some flights not have V Class?
  151. Cathay Pacific and WestJet expand services through new code-share agreement
  152. Searching for CX award space thru Asiamiles/CX website
  153. Arrival times or CX?
  154. What's up with CX883 - Rerouted to TPE
  155. First class/Business class partner award reservation for SFO > HKG
  156. Now THIS is what a 5 Star Airline should be!
  157. Where to purchase 'lower than published' F fares to/from USA?
  158. Why is CX 744 afternoon SFO flight delayed?
  159. Is it possible to switch to CX for SFO-SIN and keep MI for SIN-TRV?
  160. Which flight / plane should I take - speedy advice appreciated!
  161. How much does CX release award seats to DM?
  162. CX880/882 on 22nd of October
  163. CX codesharing with AS on AS flights from SEA / PDX to YVR/LAX/SFO
  164. JFK-HKG-HKT Transit Procedures
  165. Some n00b questions from an Air Canada refugee...
  166. DPS transfer
  167. CX codes on WestJet flights
  168. Asia Miles Credit Cards - crediting other people's accounts
  169. No car seats on 77A transpac Y! Reserve a bassinet?
  170. temporary authorization
  171. Guaranteed Y Seat Question
  172. Cathay Boeing 777-300ER
  173. Does anyone know how flexible the LAX is?
  174. paying business seating in economy?
  175. 1,631 miles short of making silver...Any ideas?
  176. The requalification op-up question
  177. Upgrade Redemption Advice
  178. CX Long Haul Child Meal
  179. Storage in International First
  180. SIN-HKG in Y - optimise / op-up?
  181. Cx not recognizing gold status in sfo
  182. Even CI has offered a mastercard in NA, come on CX!
  183. CX Lounge in MEL
  184. What is wrong with my D class?
  185. OneWorld lounge access
  186. Flying CX, 19 hour layover, baggage rules?
  187. Cathay Lounge Quality (HKG & Others)
  188. Internet Access?
  189. ILounge access
  190. 9W to CX connection in SIN
  191. Queen sized mattress onboard?
  192. CX840 Diversion & Reprotection question.
  193. Connecting award available but individual segs not?
  194. Expiring Milage
  195. Names wrong way round.. a problem?
  196. What new routes will CX bring in in the future?
  197. HKG - CMB in Y via SIN
  198. HKG-YVR 11h 50m flt why 13 hrs
  199. Aircraft for CX872 on 25/9?
  200. Looking for Load/ Availabtility tools for CX
  201. Cheapest time to fly SIN-PVG on CX
  202. Asia miles customer service #?
  203. Has the Studio CX background/music changed?
  204. Booking online other than on ka or zuji
  205. Question about CX policy on misconnect at HKG
  206. Any bonus miles signing up for CP Miles account today ?
  207. Two minor changes I noticed on my recent Y experience
  208. 615 miles to go to Diamond...will they?
  209. What does LA codeshare stand for?
  210. Expand code-share arrangements to Japan with JL
  211. PNN on boarding passes
  212. CX 347/312 Questions
  213. Have I made an error or am I just lucky? HKG-HKT
  214. CX Singapore - Disgusting and Extraordinary!
  215. CX buys 30 A350's
  216. Interesting TV news commentator report on CX
  217. ticket number on manage my booking ?
  218. Advanced elite status based on bookings possible?
  219. Ridiculousness of the Manila Reservations Office
  220. LAX - HKG - Business Class - Seating for 2
  221. HKG-SFO Award Tirp
  222. What would the Premium Economy Class look like?
  223. which 1 should I choose?
  224. CX Amex Double Asia Miles Promotion
  225. Is the refreshment bar on the 74A also found on other aircraft?
  226. Would I be deny boarding if I didn't pay the change/airport fee?
  227. CX838/839 744 and A343 mix schedule for Winter 2010/2011
  228. MPC requalification mechanics nitty gritty question
  229. New rules for asiamiles redemption
  230. LGA-YYZ on AA, YYZ-HKG on CX- 1:20 enough time for connection?
  231. Mileage request rejected twice
  232. LAX connection tonight (12th Sep): Will I make it? Please help me get home!
  233. Can OW (not CX) F Passengers Access the Arrivals Lounge in HKG?
  234. One Hour Layover (JFK-HKG-SIN) - Time for a shower?
  235. Are there any meals in HKG-TPE in Y?
  236. Do CX flights take off in No. 8 Storm Balls?
  237. Did the 744 ever visited New York JFK in the old days?
  238. Decisions, Decisions--Wing/Arrival/Cabin for Shower/Meal/Massage?
  239. Tips on Purchasing HKG-SGN-HKG late Nov./early Dec.
  240. How to get from transit area to immigration HKG
  241. Sched Change forces overnight - options?
  242. Paid upgrades at CGK?
  243. CX Lounge in HND
  244. Last CX flight at HKG?
  245. Tips for HKG-SFO-JFK (CX to AA Connection)
  246. CX business class seat selection question
  247. Upgrading to business class using asiamiles
  248. New timings for BOM in . Anyone switching to CX as a result?
  249. Help me find song from StudioCX!
  250. Flight cancellation on redemption booking