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  1. OLCI issue
  2. Manage My Booking - Choosing seat
  3. BA World Traveller Plus to Club World Upgrade using Asia Miles
  4. Ex-LHR with 744 or A340
  5. Cathay online booking telephone support for change of seats- any alternative #
  6. Upgraded BA flights credit towards MPC
  7. 50% Asia Miles or 50% Alaskan Airline miles? - If I am eligible?
  8. CX708 listed as 744 but no F available
  9. SFO-HKG in 777 with OLD first class?
  10. DO All JFK to Hong Kong Direct Flights Have The New Business Class Seats
  11. CATSA rules for CX 888 YVR-JFK?
  12. Definition of "no show"
  13. CX870/879 going back to 74A from March 28th
  14. No more F to FCO
  15. YVR counter opening time?
  16. Passenger Name & TItle
  17. Cathay messed up my F reservation. Grrrr
  18. Redemption on BA
  19. Pi..ed off with new mileage upgrade rules
  20. Why bother asking whether you want to do a phone survey??
  21. Connecting in CTU - Air Asia to Dragon Air to Cathay
  22. How do i upgrade my flight to business class?
  23. Cathay Y+ is coming!
  24. can i access the lounge @ HKG twice with long connection time?
  25. HKG-LHR F VDB... what would you expect?
  26. Ski equipment Syd/Sapporo
  27. Coseshare check-in question please...
  28. Are child ticket allowed to carry laptop as hand luggage?
  29. CX Route Map
  30. What are the differences between F and J lounges?
  31. Bringing in children into lounges
  32. ex-TPE paid J passenger invited to join MPC for free.
  33. Just got silver MPC for free
  34. HKG-JFK upgrade - who's status will CX use?
  35. Cx 839 744
  36. Standard Chartered Cards Promotion just announced
  37. Is the new Y seat that doesn't recline really that bad?
  38. Am I Asia Miles or Marco Polo?
  39. Does CX partner with anybody for HKG-Macao?
  40. CX FAQ - The Complete Dining Experience
  41. In seat power on JFK - HK - JFK economy
  42. MPC tier status question
  43. CX 879 SFO-HK latest updates
  44. How long does it take for miles from 9W flights to post on Asiamiles ?
  45. crappy cx lounges around the globe
  46. OT. For UK mainly Northern MPC Members
  47. American Aadvantage Gold status member advantage if travelling in Cathay Pacific?
  48. Ease of changing LHR-HKG flights in Jul 10?
  49. Where's the HKG airport gate number information?
  50. CX F Menu 2010
  51. CX J Menu 2010
  52. CX Y Menu 2010
  53. YYZ - HKG in F (Bookable on Asia Miles?)
  54. BA Award ticket on CX F ?
  55. How long do i need to check in at LAX?
  56. CX / traveling with pets
  57. Happy New Year CX FT, and CX itself.
  58. Interlining through SIN
  59. I'm booked in Biz with waitlist for F - now what?
  60. Flying in Cathay for the first time - any promotions to register?
  61. Can I carry my guitar on the airplane?
  62. OW RTW on points?
  63. Best NAmerican gateway for "space available" Y->J Upgrade
  64. Reasonable or unreasonable: "Cathay Breaks Cellos"
  65. Anyone had any luck getting F on YVR-HKG?
  66. F in CX288/289 FRA-HKG ?
  67. CX 580/1 HKG-CTS-HKG 2-Class 74A
  68. B-KPN
  69. CX830/840
  70. Citibank PremierMiles Promo
  71. New Y service configuration in KA
  72. US fliers, get ready for hassle
  73. Kaiseki still served in F from NRT-HKG-NRT?
  74. club miles
  75. Any idea why CX872 is being delayed a bit too frequently?
  76. CX872 retiming back to its afternoon flight from 31OCT2010
  77. Will CX turn off IFE for all flights to the US?
  78. Renew Asia Miles at $50/2000-mile block
  79. Seats on CX 732 and CX743
  80. First Class from AMS to HKG and HKG to JFK on CX
  81. HKG Airport Lounge
  82. CX and Expedia seat chart show different information
  83. All I can say about DMP is: WOW
  84. Merry Christmas to all CX/KA FT members!
  85. Upgrading M Class Econ ticket to Business
  86. CX removed some J seats on 777-300
  87. Life is like a of Chocolates
  88. Does one side of the plane have a better view KIX-HKG?
  89. Check-in at a different outport
  90. Does this mean that the flight is empty?
  91. Denied boarding
  92. Online Check in 48 hrs before flight
  93. CX695 & 751 HKG-DEL 744 in Mar 2010
  94. Quick experience of my flight.
  95. Can I redeem after purchase but before flying?
  96. The Balance between being 'Friendly' and 'Intrunsive'
  97. O/T: CX The Wing @ Sha Tin Racecourse
  98. CX "Green Machine" 777-300ER
  99. Cash upgrade Ex-LHR
  100. Faster Flight
  101. What would be your Xmas wish from CX MPO?
  102. Going from SL to GO one-way on round-trip
  103. Any YYZ-based flyers here?
  104. CX889 delayed 1 day
  105. Using Advantage for 1st class on Cathay
  106. Help in understanding miles needed for award flight
  107. Which lounge in T3 at Heathrow
  108. Promotion miles redemption
  109. For those(especially CX DM, GO, SL) who hate the new CX Award Booking Interface
  110. Any particular AA class ticket that will earn Club Miles
  111. DragonAir A330 First
  112. Using CPAP on board
  113. So, if I understand CX agent right about baggage transfer
  114. New CX lounge at LHR T3
  115. Turnaround check-in luggage question
  116. Turnaround at BOMBAY
  117. No Award Availability YYZ-HKG in Y for Dec. 2010?
  118. Best CX credit card ?
  119. Moneyback becoming the official partner
  120. New fares to India in January? + AAdvantage Gold any advantage?
  121. Stolen Asia Miles
  122. JFK-HKG First Class
  123. CX872 being rescheduled on certain days of Winter Peak Travel
  124. 451 and 508 questions
  125. Are all flights HKG - US the new F and J seats?
  126. CX Survey Results
  127. The continuing futility of the CX/KA seat block
  128. Meal options and timing CX694/139
  129. Buying upgrades in HKG
  130. CX889 - forced to deplane in YVR?
  131. BA strike....what will CX do?
  132. How much time for a ferry connection to Macau at HKIA; arriving off KA?
  133. JFK->HKG 77A Best Y seat
  134. Does CX have any Chinese pilots?
  135. OT :CX Amex card (Tawian) - Some Funny Business
  136. CX better gussy up, HX/UO about to strike
  137. does this mean the flight is pretty full?
  138. Any idea if CX838/839 will switch to 77A?
  139. CX International races - US 8 million in prize money
  140. Anyone flown KA to BLR?
  141. OP-UP Question
  142. Strange Ticket...How far in Advance can I check in at HKG
  143. Someone explain "transit fee" to me
  144. Marco Polo fee waived in Taipei?
  145. Renewal Dates
  146. HKG-SFO: Which flight?
  147. Way better online booking lucky draw this time
  148. CX dumping Mandarin?
  149. 2009 Holiday Gift
  150. AA Member checking award availability?
  151. CX Kudos.
  152. asia miles yvr to hkg?
  153. Credit another ticket miles to my account
  154. Cathay vs. Philippine Airlines
  155. Buy economy with lap infant, then upgrade. Will that save on lap infant fare?
  156. Discussion about booking class S N Q O and Club miles
  157. KIX Query
  158. Cathay pacific
  159. CX timeframe for J meals?
  160. AA O class can earn Asia Miles?
  161. fighting with my relative on CX DM vs. China Airline Paragon
  162. OT: HKIA Customs
  163. lounge in Toronto with Marco polo silver
  164. JFK-HKG (first class) Questions
  165. Surprising service -- HKG
  166. GO/DM Guaranteed Booking when Waitlist Closed?
  167. OT: Airport Express, day-return at different stations
  168. Any Card gives advantage for paying tax?
  169. Toronto Star Article-Noodle soups that now fly the Friendly Skies
  170. A self-answered question requesting confirmation
  171. d served on HKG-SUB-What types of J fooHKG flights, refreshment?
  172. North America: Cathay's brave new hope?
  173. Ever heard of CX "Instant Purchase" fares form the N.A. ticket office?
  174. Cabanas - any way to reserve one ahead of time?
  175. 77A to JNB
  176. minimun age requirement for alcohl onboard
  177. ...!!!!! CX872 (HKG-SFO) retimed from 28MAR2010
  178. cabin baggage policy, interlining?
  179. Birthday Upgrade?
  180. any promotion HKG-SGN for JAN 2010 ?
  181. Use the miles or try my dumb luck?
  182. CX X class seat availability... Help pls?
  183. Guaranteed Economy seat for Gold members. Rules?
  184. Need to pay extra for extra legroom seats?
  185. MXP?
  186. YVR-HKG J Class Prices
  187. CX increase LAX / YYZ service in Summer 10
  188. New 4 weekly 777-300ER to Milan from 28MAR10
  189. CX F/J Double Miles Offer for HKG-Asia
  190. Hungry on Long-Hauls
  191. Got infant, gonna pay. CX slams infants with 25% ticket fare
  192. JFK - HKG (Which flight to take for best F experience)
  193. Utility of OW status vis-a-vis Dragonair
  194. Any reason CX shows award availability but BA can't see it?
  195. You can now choose your seat on before OLCI!
  196. CX Corporate Passenger Sales Soar
  197. To fellow flyers who lament the decline in CX service...
  198. Would you go out of your way to maximize for F experience?
  199. New CX Award Booking Interface
  200. Shongololo (millipede) Lounge
  201. Can someone with expert-flyer access or "in the know" do me a favor
  202. Award availability for BOM-DXB zeroed out?
  203. Booking advice for travel out of BUF
  204. CX finally recognises its weakness in IT?
  205. Wondering abour Regional Biz Business Model
  206. Good Business
  207. Tips for getting 1st class on yvr-hkg please
  208. Your Favorite Flight
  209. Outstanding assistance at HKG WING for DM
  210. Does this mean I got op-up?
  211. ex-Tokyo flights
  212. HKG The Arrivals Lounge
  213. New J footrest?
  214. More value as a frequent DM Y class flyer
  215. CX889 (JFK-YVR-HKG) op-up's
  216. Name on boarding pass not match to passport
  217. Upgraded, Then Downgraded?
  218. Will CX order 747-8i in the future?
  219. Lost luggage on cx840 nov 14-still dont have it-help
  220. Toilet mystery on Cathay Pacific flights to Hong Kong
  221. Loo problems on some CX flights...
  222. Care to ppeculate what the DM+ threshold is currently?
  223. Help - Award Flight - Physical Ticket Only
  224. SIN-HKG zeroed out in all classes
  225. Skytrax Quality Approved Airline - Not Cathay?
  226. Question for ex-JFK flyers
  227. Child Meal or Regular Meal in J
  228. New from the ek forum
  229. How to use upgrade certificate
  230. 2Pc Baggage Allowance - Economy
  231. SFO-HKG-SIN-PEK-HKG-JFK Trip Report
  232. 2 reservations on same day
  233. 1st class arrival lounge
  234. Where to buy the cheapest J class for CX in the US
  235. Need advise on Amex Card offer
  236. What Would You Do? (YVR, Standby, Award issues)
  237. Claiming miles for someone elses ticket
  238. Departing from DEL
  239. CX161/162 HKG-SYD-HKG Zeroed Out
  240. Watch out for the chicken rice!
  241. Anybody else ever got marketing phone calls from MPO?
  242. H1N1 in china and hong kong
  243. What is the best way to check asia miles award availability?
  244. 77A to Debut for SFO
  245. Rumour: CX828/829 returning back HKG-ANC-YYZ-ANC-HKG
  246. Surviving JFK to HKG to BKK
  247. Changes to "New" J seats
  248. Rumour: CX834/835 HKG-YVR return back
  249. Snagging F seats on a 2-class flight (as a OW elite)
  250. CX joins the "charging for exit-row pack"

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