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  1. Does CX have male flight attendants serving in first class on US/Canada/EU routes?
  2. What are the chances CX 750 gets a 33B or 33E instead of 330 ?
  3. Another IT improvement needed: plane change and seats for family
  4. TPE CX First Class Lounge
  5. CX Award Ticket Availability
  6. Hong Kong CX Amex Card vs US Starwood Amex
  7. Dragonair... operated by Air China?
  8. Op-Up when checked-in from AA
  9. I Miss The Gillette Foamy - Lemon-Lime
  10. How accurate is
  11. How to send emails to certain CX addresses with "#"
  12. Typhoon coming to TPE, will CX still fly?
  13. Translate aviation talk for me please (Re: Q class on AA)
  14. CX to raise fuel surcharge on June 1 2011
  15. Possible to buy day pass for the CX lounge?
  16. ORD,YYZ or JFK to HKG in F
  17. how much does it cost to make phone calls onboard CX US/EU-HK flights?
  18. more than a month away, all 9 first class seats on 747 sold out, will service be bad?
  19. some suggestions to CX
  20. CX MEL Lounge
  21. HSBC Singapore: Purchase 1,000 KrisFlyer/Asia Miles for S$20!!
  22. Vegetarian meal options?
  23. JFK or SFO - flights and days ?
  24. Op-Up chance for GO on CX Y vs. BA WT+?
  26. Need some help with - fare code
  27. Earns only Asia Miles Question
  28. Stuck HKG (take ferry) to Macau for 4 hrs, lounge access for F or J CX w/ non status?
  29. Conflicting info regarding Credit Card Verification!!
  30. F HKG - JFK, are there any downsides to the 12:30am via YVR
  31. 7-hour connection at HKG, which first class lounge is best for killing time?
  32. standby for CX846?
  33. When will the new uniforms debut?
  34. YYZ-HKG CX829: 777-300 vs 777-300ER?
  35. 1st class 2A/2K basset seats already assigned, 2 crying babies guaranteed for 13 hrs?
  36. Qualification for DM+
  37. FYI: CX keen to add 5th daily JFK-HKG flight
  38. CX shows 74A but no F ?
  39. how does CX FA decide which passengers she beds for in long-haul first class?
  40. Tier Progression - How Fast is that Reset?
  41. What is the point of check-in, anyway?
  42. Cathay Contact n Number
  43. The Wing (Business Class section) closure till Q1 2012, The Cabin jammed.
  44. Online checkin vs Upgrades
  45. Award availability BKK-HKG, how likely to open up?
  46. Op-Up YYZ vs LAX
  47. Difference between M and L , Economy
  48. taking photos in CX lounge
  49. Just out of curiosity, how old are CX's 747-400s?
  50. Cathay Pacific Herringbone Seating Business Class
  51. CX Lounge hop in HKG
  52. Cathay Pacific plane makes emergency landing
  53. is the personal closet on 747 first class big enough for a double violin case?
  54. No life jacket, no video, no recovery. Normal?
  55. what languages do they usually use on CX flights between HK and US?
  56. no V fare but S and N (and lower) fares offered...
  57. How do tranit F pax get into Wing/Pier lounges at HKG?
  58. Day-Break Room in Pier First Lounge
  59. CX#873 SFO-HKG, where to sit in first class and what meals are served on this flight?
  60. Op-up?
  61. Merging two Asia Miles Account
  62. CX 2737 HKG-SIN showing as OP?
  63. CX F
  64. Y class tickets
  65. how long it will take to post the spg transfer miles?
  66. 15,000 miles expiring soon. Anything I can use them on?
  67. shorting points, what's the most economic way to top up
  68. CX845 JFK-HKG Y tickets not listed on
  69. Will purchase on trigger "Foreign Transaction Fee"?
  70. Waitlisted on mileage upgrade
  71. Seat Selection ? - 4 Business Class Seats on 747
  72. Tight Connection or Not?
  73. Business class with child
  74. Cathay First from HK
  75. Cathay's Premium Economy Coming Next Year!
  76. Infrequency of Luggage Tags with Membership Renewal?
  77. CX715 SIN-CGK and CX736 CGK-SIN
  78. CX Takeoff and Landing Music, how to find?!
  79. CX HKG to NRT Worth the Miles?
  80. CX cannot interline bags through PRC - Really?
  81. Anyone knows the CX redemption pool allocation
  82. CX257 Mixed 34B and 74A
  83. Can guest someone in JFK/YVR
  84. Summer travel infant fare: $900 USD....
  85. Have you ever been op-up (long-haul) with a non-status friend?
  86. Try the new J on ground
  87. CMB/HKG CX 710 or 700
  88. F/J redemption HKG-LHR r/t around 1st of July
  89. Cheapest way to maintain DM status
  90. CX257 OCT 09 74A no F?!
  91. Will this work (will CX cancel me?)
  92. HK packaged tours - miles count?
  93. Anyway to check what equipment was used for a particular flight a year ago?
  94. CX launches Connecting Your World competitions for HKers
  95. New traveler going on Cathay for the very first time on business class
  96. No record of you taking that flight... scary
  97. How Early to change flight
  98. Problem trying to book on CX: TPE-HKG-MEL
  99. JFK-HGK F Class advanced seat selection of seat 2A
  100. SCMP: Cathay, Air China to work closer on passenger flights
  101. CX 710 J Class CMB/HKG
  102. Cx hkg yyz
  103. Retained CX Status
  104. Upgrade award for infant
  105. Why does CX charge so much for one-way tickets?
  106. Connecting at AMS
  107. Cx amenity kit
  108. Best ticket prices ?
  109. How often is the CXpecials Newsletter published ?
  110. 881 LAX -HKG Recent Experiencs
  111. CX256 departing on 1 May
  112. Can no longer assign seats if not traveling together
  113. how to ask for compensation?
  114. CX 889- Any recent experiences
  115. Help with information about Hong-KongTransit Visa
  116. Early reset for Diamond?
  117. Does this means possible op-up, or seat sold as Y but all taken?
  118. CX to JFK or *A via Europe in F?
  119. Book under KA or CX flight code?
  120. [To Be Confirmed] CX Will Soon Order 14 More Boeing 777-300ERs
  121. Quick, Cheap Sectors from HK
  122. Cabin Crew Uniforms
  123. first time on CP (CPA)
  124. Crediting Club Miles
  125. Delays to CX254
  126. transfer in HKG
  127. Flight Selections In Asia
  128. Only 11.5 hours to LAX?!?!
  129. Seat assignment with baby.
  130. So how does a mileage upgrade to F work?
  131. Seat Assignments
  132. 4 sectors away from Silver .... any good ideas?
  133. CX First Class Wing: First Impressions
  134. CX new male flight attendants' uniform and Tong Fung Hong
  135. Online Check in email 1 hour early
  136. April 24th CX 840 HKG-JFK lights broken in ON position ALL Flight
  137. OT: New Airline
  138. US to International Connection Toronto
  139. CX booking engine out of SIN is a joke!
  140. CX Arrival Time Confusion At LHR
  141. Beijing lounge, great Chinese food selections
  142. CX888 Business Bulkhead Seats (11A/D/G/K)?
  143. 1st class Mileage availability in June US-HK few weeks b4 departure
  144. Unlucky passengers on KA487 and CX511 on Apr 21 2011
  145. Will be joining MarcoPolo soon
  146. Latest CX Fuel Surcharges
  147. CX to raise fuel surcharge on May 1 2011
  148. CX award ticket can use KA flight?
  149. Question about CX879 (afternoon flight)
  150. CX YQ Fuel Surcharge on Partner Award
  151. So how does AA treat CX MPO?
  152. ex-sfo one way upgrade to business
  153. CX Marco Polo Club New Member
  154. What will the next first class behold?
  155. The Life of a CX Flight Attendant
  156. Mileage Upgrade, Then Cancellation/Reschedule?
  157. How is SFO at 10pm in arrivals/immigration?
  158. Cx784/524 dps-nrt
  159. The Pier Better Option Now Than Wing?
  160. Asia Miles 3-year expiry - avoid or waiver?
  161. Recent Experiences on New Business Seat
  162. Which Lounge For CX 840?
  163. CX 845 JFK-HKG Impressions
  164. Good ol' CDG
  165. What happened to CX879 from 14April
  166. Where to Go if Flight Arrives at 415 a.m.
  167. Incident: Cathay A333 at Riyadh on Apr 6th 2011, rejected takeoff
  168. Cathay Pacific/Marco Polo Club Redeem Mile
  169. I cannot see the reasons of requiring boardpass to request missing mileage
  170. better to use miles for a round trip business ticket or buy economy and then upgrade?
  171. First Class Award from Asia to US, best flights?
  172. CX handing out survey forms for new J pax
  173. Availablility different Asia Miles, Qantas, Kvs
  174. DEL-KIX by CX or other for mum?
  175. Booking for an infant
  176. Fill out CX Online Survey 2011 and get a chance to win a "great" prize
  177. Found a way to avoid confusion between 773 and 77W in bookings
  178. JFK-HKG 831 award F using AA/BA miles or LAX-HKG 881
  179. Connecting from CX to Air France in CDG
  180. Expiring miles and reward ticket question
  181. Any luck with roundtrip upgrades with miles ?
  182. Cathay USA website announcing ORD-HKG service
  183. Compensation for 17 hours CX Delay
  184. Another good reason to fly CX to SFO instead of LAX
  185. Award release on DPS route in early August?
  186. my cathay pacific ticket is about to expire is there any way to extend it
  187. Carry-on luggage enforcements
  188. China Eastern Business Lounge vs. G16 (HKIA)
  189. Premium CX awards from HK to Australia
  190. Booking for lowest price - as early as possible?
  191. need CX845 (0120 JFKHKG) trip report if anyone is willing
  192. Asia Miles member -> direct to MPC Silver? Have 40,000+ miles over past year.
  193. Frequent PEK-HKG flyers - what is chance to get off waiting list for Friday flight
  194. Stopover in HKG - what to do with baggage?
  195. Calling eservice
  196. Mystery of the disappearing redemption availability
  197. BA First Class Lounge (JFK) not too bad
  198. So far so very good! (Yes, op-up)
  199. HKG-Toronto-Montreal: transfer in YYZ?
  200. CX to offer Amex Centurion Cardholders from Certain Countries MPC Diamond status
  201. CX New Business Class TVC is out
  202. CX completes first stage of renovations at The Wing
  203. CX Mobile is terrible now (Update 1.5)
  204. QF331 booking class to earn MPC miles
  205. CX 271 HKG AMS engine failure & fire
  206. How to fall asleep in F HKG-JFK on CX830
  207. Automatic refund when cancel F ticket?
  208. CX won't assign 2A/K anymore on 777-300ER
  209. First Time Flying on CX...Food Coma CX 888 in F!
  210. How early can I check in?
  211. Improved Online Booking Interface
  212. Terrible BAH-HKG C Class experience
  213. Noticible difference in calling MPC as DM
  214. CX tracks loyalty of AA pax
  215. CX customer service for non-MPC
  216. "A" class availability on CX751 HKG/DEL
  217. Advice Wanted - CX Seats Economy
  218. Asia Miles
  219. Transiting in Jakarta - Is this Convenient, or Crazy?
  220. CX 839 F - milestone upgrade and photos
  221. Why does MPC limit members to be 18+?
  222. "congrats for getting promoted to DM today" - but a mistake
  223. Too excited to start first long haul CX in C.
  224. About my first trip on Cathay
  225. Revised Free Baggage Allowance and Extra Baggage Charges Involving Other Airlines...
  226. Cathay Pacificís service order in economy - back to front?
  227. Wine in Business class
  228. Offer still around for 7000 Asiamiles for HKG lounge pass?
  229. Question about waitlist procedures
  230. The "D" seat on flight 881
  231. miles required for flights
  232. CX 74B?
  233. SIN based: Sign up for Asia Miles & stand to win a pair of tickets to HKG!
  234. multi city award ticket
  235. what're the chances of Cirrus seating on HKG to Vancouver in Dec?
  236. Do CX 74A power supply work as of now?
  237. CX Finally Rolls Out Premium Economy Class in 2012
  238. Arriving in F, Transiting to SIN in C; F Lounge Access?
  239. CX784 rerouted on 27/3/11?
  240. CX in the 1990s
  241. Book a Cathay flight using partner miles, then use Asia Miles to upgrade? Possible?
  242. What are my Lounge Options (if any)
  243. CX Fuel Surcharge increase in April,2011
  244. HKG-KUL-HKG
  245. CX AMS-Paris flight
  246. Cathay DM Boy!
  247. Missing mileage request rejected due to name arrangement
  248. Where do Bags stay on long transits?
  249. LOL, Travelex refused to recognize CX benefit
  250. Do you have a preference? Airbus 33B or 34B