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  1. Where do Bags stay on long transits?
  2. LOL, Travelex refused to recognize CX benefit
  3. Do you have a preference? Airbus 33B or 34B
  4. Good MR ideas on CX for SL
  5. Op-Up on a Mileage Upgrade - possible?
  6. Moving from GO to DM
  7. Interline through EK or Store Luggage at HKIA?
  8. BA Executive or CX Marco Polo?
  9. Associated Hotels to Marco Polo Program
  10. Kids Packs in Y Class
  11. Unbelivable - someone watching Chinese movie in J lounge, loudly...
  12. Does CX HKIA First Class check-in really check baggage weight?
  13. Champagne in Y
  14. YYZ Arrivals Lounge?
  15. How often are you greeted by your last name in Y class?
  16. Any strategies for Asia Miles?
  17. Seconds?
  18. Adding Email Address to Booking via MPC
  19. Newbie Hard Shell Seat and Diabetic Meal Questions
  20. CX636 late night arrival at HKG
  21. Marco Polo Points to reach Silver Tier
  22. Crediting Previously Accrued AM to New Marco Polo Account
  23. History behind 747 upper deck "honeycomb" ceiling and window panels
  24. Booking J Class upgrade way in advance when cheaper Y class fare is not available?
  25. LHR-HKG paid upgrade Y -> J ?
  26. Can I still fly a return leg if I skip the outgoing leg?
  27. Herringbone Seat Designer?
  28. CX888 Business Class -- Lounge Access on Arrival?
  29. LHR to HKG Fares
  30. Do you think CX is overcharging for fares ex-Japan?
  31. CX 744 Cargo?
  32. HK to ICN, which side to sit?
  33. cx connecting to Shekou ferry
  34. Revised free baggage allowances
  35. CX Amex bonus miles on non-HK on-line bookings
  36. DPS Immigration
  37. Flying First, Transit Passenger Arriving HKG 8 PM -What to Do
  38. expiring miles
  39. Filling F Seats
  40. Just short of miles needed! Can I buy more?
  41. Seat 80K on 74A
  42. Op-Up chance: LHR-HKG
  43. Terminals at BKK
  44. Hong Kong Air vs Cathay Pacific
  45. HKG - LAX BA Exec or Marco Polo?
  46. CX Waitlisting System - Unfair!
  47. CX JFK-LHR service status?
  48. CX only RTW Fare?
  49. CX HKG Lounge Questions
  50. Is it safe to fly over those nuclear reactors?
  51. Changing Award Flight At Airport C/I
  52. God-awful News in Japan
  53. Cathay e-service sucks
  54. Status on F/A manifest?
  55. Connecting to AA in JFK
  56. CX 888 to JFK
  57. How does CX Seating Work?
  58. Not to offend, but what gives in this forum?
  59. Buying specific class tix online?
  60. CX Booking Via Priceline (ex-US): Booking Class?
  61. I'm sorry, but what did you say?- Ticketing Dilemma
  62. Cathay getting more planes again - A330 and 77W
  63. Lounge Access Question
  64. Seats in First and Amenity Bags
  65. Hong Kong airport transfer logistics/times
  66. CX HKG-YYZ-DFW, Custom procedure at YYZ
  67. Downgraded SIN-HKG F to J due to AC change?!
  68. Miles for JAL (Super SAKITOKU Advanced Purchase Fare) credited on Asia Miles
  69. Help me choose CX Lounges in HKG...
  70. Should I stick to CX or move to *A?
  71. CX HK Sevens ad- amazing!
  72. CX mileage Upgrade availability and fare code
  73. The Wing’s lower level Business Class lounge "re-opens"
  74. Cancelling ticket purchased using Asia Miles
  75. Cathay Pacific Baggage Question
  76. Newbie MPC member here. Pls help.
  77. CX A hundred years of history. A once-in-a-lifetime offer
  78. CX SIN-JKT
  79. CX838/839 operating 744 on Thursday with longer flight time
  80. Prices Changed Altitude!
  81. Last row regional J, A330/B777
  82. Ideas for new CX's economy
  83. ISM needs a much more stand-out uniform
  84. Redeeming "free" ticket cost me $300 USD...
  85. How is the CX lounge in LHR?
  86. Baggage Priority Tag Question
  87. Cabana's in J lounges Pier or wing
  88. Call Agent Gave Better Fare!
  89. Most economical way to redeem award tickets on JAL between Tokyo and Seoul
  90. OLCI for connecting flights AA/CX Combo
  91. has J class meal service been improved?
  92. Getting Seats on BA as a Marco Polo
  93. HKG-SFO - CX 872 - Time to connection
  94. JFK BA (CX) lounge makeover
  95. BA miles on CX Holiday booking?
  96. Asia Miles Upgrade question for CX880
  97. Upgrading Specific Segments
  98. Birthday Upgrade receipient...
  99. Newbie Checking In
  100. Anybody else received an e-card from CX for your birthday?
  101. Cathay Pacific Instant Rewards by HSBC Philippine
  102. CX888/889: Contradicting info. I'm confused.
  103. How to get comp-up on CX HKG-TPE for Silver Tier MPC member
  104. Boarding/Exiting Doors on 777 Regional Aircraft
  105. Did CX endorse this video mocking price increases in USA?
  106. Luggage boxes in JFK?
  107. Need strategy for 3 F tickets JFK-HKG
  108. Get free travel to Japan with CX
  109. Which CX lounge can I use?
  110. Old news, but... (re: Air China 29.99% stake in CX)
  111. Business Saver fares not loaded for 2012?
  112. Preserve, sell, or transfer Asia Miles?
  113. All Asia Pass for 2011
  114. Anyone else has probleming calling MPC and entering MPC number?
  115. My upcoming June 2011 trip. CX or BA?
  116. Checked luggage for HKG stop over
  117. Did CX swap new business class for old class?
  118. Wing access during overnight connection
  119. No CX awards ex HKG Jan 2012 using AA?
  120. Priority Luggage Question
  121. Can i book cx award first without miles
  122. Penalty for changes to short-haul dates
  123. Unable to Requalify for MPC Green
  124. LA Business Class 'I' cannot accrue any miles on MPC
  125. Questions re flying CX out of Colombo
  126. No J award tickets to Saigon?
  127. CX Fuel Surcharge increase in March,2011
  128. entitle to have more weight for the whole trip
  129. Enormous F/A Fare difference ex. SFO/LAX?
  130. ex-SGN fares
  131. More Bali flights loaded
  132. (Second) meal on CX 872 HKG-SFO ?
  133. Bus Class Seat CX709/750 BKK-BOM-BKK
  134. Best Way to Book in J from TPE?
  135. FA work to rule
  136. JFK Terraces preflight dining (CX F)
  137. Funny article on CX World magazine, Feb. 2011
  138. Outstanding Sauternes in J
  139. Last minute changes with CX Reservation
  140. Rollout of Online Ticket Change
  141. Advice on 773ER extra -legroom seat needed
  142. Possible to get MPC to change flight booked via TA?
  143. Upgrade possibility on HKG - CGK
  144. MPC Membership Reset
  145. Does CX Offer Fast Track Arrival at Bangkok? C/J
  146. Feb 12 CX831 diverted because they ran out of water
  147. Special request/service
  148. Cathay not flying to Tokyo today while JAL/ANA are normal
  149. Mix and Match F and J Food?
  150. Wrong CX status showing on BA BP
  151. Transit in Shanghai (PVG), KA -> JL
  152. Standby on Dragonair
  153. 33E deployment schedule
  154. Any rumors on new Y seat?
  155. "Vanished" Baggage. Please help with advise.
  156. KA First ex PVG down to 2 flights a day?
  157. Flying with iMac computer
  158. Getting Sectors Ex PVG
  159. I'd like the best Cathay J class flight for APRIL 2011, please.
  160. Business Class seat 81K?
  161. equipment change to old J seats; any possible comp?
  162. Can I trust seat guru/expert ?
  163. Some info on AMS please
  164. JFK-HKG-SGN vegetarian in F, Whats it like?!
  165. Refunds - do they ever come through?
  166. Advantage or Disadvantage of Bulk head 1K?
  167. 8hr50min Stopover in Hong Kong - some questions
  168. JFK-HKG-SGN 23 hour transfer in HKG
  169. NRT-DEL
  170. CX/KA equipment changes on my reservation. What would you do?
  171. coroner on board cx889 ex YVR
  172. Cx b777-300er
  173. Redemption group booking
  174. What Lounge in NRT?
  175. New J class tableware is in service.
  176. Your Top 4 F/J on CX/SQ to HKG/SIN from NYC
  177. YVR to HKG
  178. No Show
  179. LHR-HKG-KHH Connection Time
  180. CX HKG-MEL (may 2011)
  181. Observations about Vancouver-based crew on CX 839
  182. Hong Kong Lounge
  183. Interline bags, checking and MCT questions
  184. Linking PNRs
  185. Priority Securty Line @ JFK for CX?
  186. cxfan1960 is your newest Cathay moderator
  187. what economy fare class to earn AA miles?
  188. CX First Timer Questions!
  189. A (F) Fare in April When Do You Pay?
  190. F to ORD or J to JFK
  191. A membership period error?
  192. HKG arrival carousel data
  193. Wing is world's best airport lounge
  194. CX Talk...
  195. Book on CX website from US to Asia to receive a yr of rabbit doll
  196. JFK-HKG-PVG short connection
  197. Gung hey fatt choy - 2011
  198. MPC "Redemption Group"
  199. Cx b777-200er
  200. Asia Miles vs. AAdvantage
  201. Award strategy for 3 seats: First and/or Business?
  202. Reward Availability increased. Some CX 841 has no First Class!
  203. Tips for booking CX tickets on line
  204. HKG overnight layover checked luggage question
  205. Umm.. How come I can't get F all the way?
  206. Early emails for pre-flight reminders?
  207. Cathay YYZ - HKG, & AsiaMiles Question
  208. Gluten Free Meal in F
  209. Arrivals Lounge at LHR for CX Pax in F
  210. Breakfast served in F on HKG-JFK?
  211. CX flight from HK to USA - in town check in
  212. Double Miles to HKG ex-USA
  213. Bali Flights Disrupted by Volcanic Ash
  214. Does CX 703 HKG-BKK-CMB deplane in BKK? Do passengers have the option to decide?
  215. Unable to do OLCI?
  216. JFK-HKG in F, What is the best flight?
  217. Suggestion for new CX Economy seats
  218. Is there any legitimate reason arrival HKG-USA bound flights are being delayed?
  219. First Class Dining, Can I invite a J pax ?
  220. CX serving tap water in Y?
  221. CX now allows award waitlist online?
  222. First time on CX, few Q's?
  223. Weight limits - a pickle
  224. What's going on in early March?
  225. Lounge access
  226. CX 74A
  227. Travel the world in 80 Days with Cathay Pacific Competition
  228. Confirmation on how guarantee Y ticket work please
  229. Earn Asia Miles while roaming in HK (for non HK residents only)
  230. Jakarta or Manila? (or even Taipei)
  231. Shower possibility?
  232. CX873 could not pressurize cabin on 2011-01-23
  233. CX and LAN codeshare
  234. CX Flight from HKG-BNE with stop in Cairns - do you collect luggage
  235. What to do with 20,000 miles?
  236. affects all flights entering India
  237. Is Silver MPC worth HK$1,800?
  238. Desserts in Long Haul F
  239. Which Aircraft on YYZ HKG Route? What J Service?
  240. award seat availability
  241. Staying up for the entire HGK-JFK Flight
  242. 2 A/C on the CX Schedule HKG-AKL now?
  243. Bringing the violin along?
  244. CX New Fleets
  245. China Fast Track International Airport Arrival Service
  246. Changes to HKG-YVR and LHR from 27MAR, 2011
  247. CX to raise fuel surcharge by ~10% from Feb 1 2011
  248. Starting as Silver, next level Gold?
  249. CX to resume SIN-CGK
  250. Paid D, upgrade to Z, now in C??? No F to LHR.