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  1. This is what your MPC screen looks like at CX
  2. Mileage award MPC benefits
  3. Has CX resumed Apple Daily newspaper service after the alleged scandal?
  4. Newbie Help - Cathay Pacific's New Business Class
  5. KA leaked passengers personal data
  6. CX 257
  7. Leaving a bag behind after arriving at HKG
  8. Checked Baggage Long cnnx in HKG
  9. Cathay Pacific Asiamiles standby in Frankfurt
  10. Schedule change resulting misconnection, Dispute with TPECX, Seeking advice
  11. 90 minute connection enough in HKG?
  12. Priority of Standby at Airport
  13. CX or QF in F?
  14. Showers at HKG when connecting CX and KA
  15. Kudos to CX's SFO ground staff
  16. KVS Tool Cathay Accuracy?
  17. I lost my asiamiles luggage tag.. how to?
  18. Transferring to another airline in HKG - Minimum Time
  19. HKG-AMS-CDG disembark?
  20. Redeeming Asiamiles for other airlines
  21. Cancelling a paid flight
  22. CX award flight: booking 1 seat makes 2 disappear from inventory?
  23. New MPC member - claim previous miles?
  24. Unable to display seatmap due error; AIRCRAFT SWAP?
  25. B-LJE is ready to take its first flight
  26. Getting the most out of your Asia Miles
  27. Cathay Pacific Facebook contest - Win tix to Hong Kong
  28. Need advice re HKG-DXB-HKG in business class
  29. Use your artistic talents for a chance to win 2 ORD-HKG tickets on CX
  30. Same day change possible?
  31. Cathay Pacific planning new lounge in HKG
  32. Business Class Lounge Access Question
  33. CX889 Award
  34. Does CX have Interline agreement with PG (Bangkok Airways)
  35. STOPPED Flying CX First Class Due to 77A – Anyone Else?
  36. Chateau lynch bages 2007 in F!
  37. CX F Meal
  38. CX 888 "Canadian transit visa" warning
  39. 77D on SFO-HKG route
  40. Cx 103 hkg-cns
  41. Firm that designed the seats?
  42. Arrival Lounge in Chicago
  43. What's the best way to earn 2K Asia Miles
  44. Armrest on bulk head seat at cathay 777-300er for my baby
  45. Don't see what the fuss is about (re 1st class)!
  46. LGAYYZ/YYZHKG - what time for bag drop
  47. Arrival lounge JFK ?
  48. when does bag drop open @ JFK for 0120 departure?
  49. Cathay poor customer services
  50. CX to launch "world beating" premium economy
  51. CX to lower fuel surcharge in August 2011
  52. How long will it be before Cathay updates its long-haul(EU/US) first class product?
  53. Which lounge at JFK?
  54. F counter check-in/lounge access for Y passengers
  55. How to figure out what flight (or a/c) *becomes* your flight
  56. Surcharges/Taxes for Asia Miles
  57. Media formats for the USB port in the New J
  58. Exit row seat selection
  59. Fasten seatbelts - turbulence ahead
  60. Rumour about Seat 31 A
  61. Studio CX on the ground -- a good idea?
  62. Cathay Pacific has horrible seats
  63. CX Seat Assignments on reward
  64. For HKG based people... what's your opinion on this?
  65. Daylight in J or Night Time in F?
  66. Birthday on longhaul flight
  67. 12th Anniversary Card... and more
  68. Advice required - MEL online check-in
  69. Expiring miles: need suggestions
  70. Yesterday's CX841 is at London Heathrow??
  71. Traveling to Hong Kong
  72. Redemption Group - Name Change
  73. For anyone that cares: 9/23, CX840 shows 77D on my account
  74. Priority Seats for B777-300ER for disability subject to reassignment?
  75. Can I still assign seats through MPC on AA-award tickets on CX metal?
  76. No status F pax bring in a guest to lounge?
  77. Baggage Interline Agreement
  78. 77D cabin photos
  79. Crediting AA codeshare/AS metal flights to MPC
  80. Issuing Ticket, Singapore/HK ticketing
  81. B744 Condensation on HKG departure
  82. My first impressions with CX new uniforms...
  83. Maximum Dimensions for a bag - how strictly enforced
  84. Airline counter pre-flight opening times
  85. CX and things
  86. Strategy for redemption
  87. Need some serious advice
  88. Only 2 biz award seats released for HKG-JFK
  89. CX to offer Amex Plat Cardholders from some countries MPC Gold status
  90. Just curious, how many MPC diamond/gold/silver/green members are there?
  91. Cathay Pacific or United ORD-HKG C and F class
  92. New frequent flier - need some advice
  93. CX845 in J; meal timing at 0120?
  94. Travel issues - one party has to cancel travel plans
  95. Booking Class I
  96. Redeeming miles for open jaw trip
  97. Possible new route for CX/KA: HKG-Kolkata
  98. Newbie Question : Direct Regional Flights or HK Stopover
  99. Missing Miles & my name not on flight passenger list
  100. 2011: Personalized greetings in economy class
  101. CX 77A Y Priority seats - 31H vs. 54H
  102. When will award seats be made available / when are awards released?
  103. ID and crew tickets - who can get in what class?
  104. Choosing Priority Seat = decrease chance of Op-Up?
  105. Really dumb question
  106. KA or CX to PVG on Award?
  107. Lounges at HKG
  108. Hotel Benefits with CX Diamond?
  109. CX Milage upgrade aviability?
  110. New to Cathay...please help
  111. will CX give family grief for rearranging F/J persons before takeoff?
  112. CX First or Business? ORD or SFO
  113. CX lounge at ORD - it is still to be announced?
  114. Close Connection HKG
  115. new business class to LHR
  116. Commission on fuel surcharge
  117. AVOD Equipment Failure - Upgrade Options?
  118. New uniform rolled out today
  119. Redeeming miles on waitlist flight on CX F
  120. anyone need a single, F award, JFKHKG in mid-August?
  121. Change itinerary?
  122. Would you pick SFO-HKG or LAX-HKG if you had the choice?
  123. Advice on MPC CX op-up when check-in at AA counter (DTW-ORD-HKG)
  124. CX.com Seat Map Idiocy
  125. AA F award with AA and CX flights - checked luggage question
  126. $100 ord-hkg sweepstakes
  127. This F+J only service is going to shake up CX and others
  128. Short Term baggage storage
  129. Second helping on F or J
  130. Redeeming BA/AA miles for CX in F
  131. First Time Flying CX...
  132. Newbie Question on upgrades
  133. 14-hour flight and I got the only first class seat with no audio/video
  134. Which lounge for early morning transit?
  135. Goodwill payment - free r/t anwhere...
  136. Canceling flight booked with miles and rebooking
  137. Longest extension?
  138. Noob: What constitutes ticket "reissue" or "revalidation"
  139. Sea food meal in First Class JFK-HKG-JFK
  140. Being lied to by KA check-in agent about lounge closures
  141. EWR/JFK to DEL in Business
  142. Booking a reward flight from NA to BKK during Christmas time ... too late?
  143. is Asia Miles enrollment not immediate?
  144. YVR to MAD (Madrid, Spain) How to book award?
  145. AsiaMiles iShop going to stop giving Asiamiles for Skype recharge. Act fast!
  146. Instruction of Printing Borading Pass Online
  147. Inconsistent between KVS and Expertflyer
  148. CX to revamp economy class
  149. Is downgrade compensation offered when downgraded from First class to Business class?
  150. Waitlist for Upgrading with Points
  151. Asia Miles Promotions
  152. Asia miles question
  153. How reliable are aircraft assignments to HKGDPS?
  154. Double Miles Promo - Status Miles?
  155. Intra-Asia F routes
  156. Upgrades using AM on BA
  157. Marco Polo Club introduces The Club digital magazine
  158. Typhoon caused delayed question
  159. Early upgrade to GO
  160. Weather and CX
  161. Interlining and priority tags
  162. New business class HKG-MEL A330
  163. Compensation for flight misconnection
  164. Dragonair apparent mishap
  165. “Best Airline Transpacific” by Skytrax
  166. Check-in Time for CX881/883
  167. Where in U.S. can I buy "Garden" chocolate wafers served in F class on HKG-SFO flight
  168. "Seconds from collision", CX close call in Australia
  169. A thought on last minute aircraft change
  170. Baby bassinet seat assignment - outrage!
  171. Mileage upgrade impossible until underlying Y seat is confirmed?
  172. Makeover for Cathay Pacific frontline staff worldwide
  173. HKG->YVR question + CX888 w/regional product
  174. Hong Kong Airlines bought 15 747-8i's too?
  175. Status match?
  176. Preferred Y seat on 33B?
  177. Interlining baggage - F to D
  178. flying Business class with 2 children - seat config question
  179. CX Fuel Surcharge
  180. CX to lower fuel surcharge in July 2011
  181. Status Match from MH Enrich to MPC
  182. Taipei dinner event June 22nd
  183. 'Weekend Getaway Surprise!' ex-TPE
  184. New J amenity kit
  185. Losing my CX Marco Polo Club Silver status
  186. cathaypacific.com VS Expedia?
  187. New seats on intrnational flight
  188. Image of Diamond Card on cathaypacific.com
  189. Anybody ever got op-up when flying with children?
  190. Why is CX Y so much more expensive? What's the point?
  191. Hong Kong to Beijing all Dragonair now?
  192. SFO-HKG load info
  193. Does CX ever respond to their questionaires?
  194. Switching to AAdvantage
  195. Any compensation likely from CX?
  196. Newbie needs help!
  197. Due to certain flight restrictions, Online Check-In is unavailable.
  198. Broken Seats - Regional Business Class
  199. Preferred J seats on 33E
  200. CX 746
  201. What is the better business class seat on CX?
  202. Baggage fees
  203. Impressing girls with AM redemptions
  204. Qs regarding upgrading(upselling) booking class
  205. Questions about CX Business Class
  206. Another HKG lounge access question
  207. Club Miles - 50% or 100%
  208. We Love Japan Campaign
  209. Any update on WiFi on CX planes?
  210. Waitlisted SFO - HK - SGN I Class
  211. Online check-in, miles and credit card verification - tar
  212. Award Q for CX using other airlines miles: Stopover from LAX en route to SIN
  213. aa miles and asia miles to book a flight
  214. Earliest bag drop time?
  215. Hong Kong Airlines challenges CX
  216. Dragonair China Promotion for HK-er
  217. Help? Need any info on Colombo and CX club?
  218. What am I doing wrong?
  219. JFK-HKG-MNL in F: "You're on AAward ticket, I can only enter a request for seating"
  220. First Time on CX - Advice?
  221. Weird website blocking in CX HKG lounge
  222. Lounge Access for Transit (F to J)
  223. Are F and C class on U.S. to Hong Kong flights ever oversold?
  224. Baggage: how far down does the MSC rule drill?
  225. Surcharges & Tax rip-off on award tix
  226. Flyfirstclass.com
  227. New Destinations for CX
  228. Questions for KA ticket: check-in counter
  229. Bonus miles for NA to HKG: June 15-August 15; F and J only
  230. CX ticket price development
  231. RBC Avion points to Asia Miles
  232. Reccomendations for a good F/J consolidator for ex-BKK tickets?
  233. Can you upgrade with CX miles while still crediting the flight to another program?
  234. Upgrade and miles
  235. Kosher wine in F and kosher in HKG lounges
  236. FYI: this is what shows online when you ask for a seat block
  237. Lounge Access on Class of Service Only, Not OW Status
  238. Meal type rules....
  239. MH to join oneworld in late 2012. Effect on CX?
  240. Lounge Q @ HKG: DM arriving on CX departing on TK: 1st or business lounge?
  241. Saturday Award-Availability US - HKG Aversion?
  242. what if I cancelled flight booked with miles?
  243. A-cards.. how early before departure do they clear?
  244. First class from Amsterdam, is it similar with other european routes?
  245. CX inflight magazine - FA uniform
  246. Am I allowed to leave my carry on bag in a CX Lounge?
  247. Does BA lounge let CX passengers use the showers at SFO?
  248. Is it possible to check in bags at noon for the midnight flight at SFO?
  249. New York to Hong Kong - Paying for upgrade
  250. Request block means I can't change my seat assignment?