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  1. award tickets using expiring miles
  2. KA F drinks list
  3. Should I put my CX miles on AA? Or on MU?
  4. Op-up probability for couples both on CX Gold
  5. AM redeemed my points automatically
  6. In Flight Handbook
  7. Dragon Celebreate 25 years old with "Free Tix"
  8. Infant on milage redemption
  9. Help - looking for 1 Y award YVR-HKG (Dec or Jan)
  10. Air China screws me over again
  11. 60K Mileage Run worth it to CX Diamond?
  12. Aircraft Registration for CX500 on 26 June
  13. Do I earn Club miles when I fly China Eastern or Air China
  14. Book: Service in the Sky
  15. Redemption Availability
  16. Unable to use miles for upgrade
  17. Showers at MEL for arrivals?
  18. does cathay fly 747 out of lax anymore?
  19. Meal served on CX889
  20. Why is F awards wide-open from YYZ or JFK to HKG but not from YVR?
  21. How to get to Trivandrum
  22. Miles credit to AA instead of MPC.
  23. PVG-HKG Business Class -- CX vs. MU ($125 difference)?
  24. Asia Miles Redemption Requirements
  25. How Do You Book a Refundable J ticket on website?
  26. CX lounge access after arrival
  27. Relocating to London. Do I leave Marco Polo and Join BA?
  28. Hong Kong and China to open HKG - SHA
  29. HKIA will soon have flights to Shanghai Hongqiao
  30. CX 33B economy class seats
  31. KA alleged not turning on AC during 70-minute delay
  32. CX 'wish' routes
  33. Mileage Accural
  34. Oneworld Multi-carrier award
  35. does KVS or any other site send notifications of award inventory?
  36. Transferring in LAX, possible to switch to earlier flight??
  37. CX loosing out
  38. CX seat selection when booked on AA
  39. CX a member of Taiwan's "Taoyuan Airport Special Commission"
  40. HKG-BKI KA J Breakfast Service
  41. Anyone on CX883, 17-July-2010?
  42. Redeeming asia miles points HELP!!
  43. five months to refund taxes on changed ticket
  44. Questions about Asiamiles upgrade awards
  45. CX Flight Crew
  46. Does MPO silver tier expire?
  47. MPC GR->SL?
  48. Why is flying 3x JKF-NYC worth 3x the miles than buying 3 tix for one flight
  49. Disorganised crew CX751 HKG-BKK in J
  50. "Not so competent" MPC Call Agents
  51. New Uniforms
  52. No catering ex-LHR due to fire
  53. CX 839 - wake up everyone for dinner and then put back to sleep again
  54. Serving 2 meals within 5 hours, CX841
  55. Earliest Check-in/Security Clearance
  56. CX 744s HKG-PVG: 2 class, but is the plane 2 or 3 classes?
  57. OK. Finally for those of you curious about how the CX PJs n kits changed through the
  58. CX Marco Polo Club
  59. Purchase HKG-TPE ticket online or in HKG?
  60. Redeeming miles for flights taken 2 weeks ago?
  61. Baggage checked through but don't take 2nd flight
  62. MPC Travelex benefit "cash back"
  63. Total accumulated miles in Marco Polo / oneworld?
  64. The shortest CX/KA route
  65. KA Signature drink
  66. Phone Call: CX AMEX medical insurance?!
  67. Musical planes with CX510
  68. Changing FFP from AA to MPC after check-in
  69. Phone call : invitation to try out "new" seats ...
  70. Cathay announces inflight broadband plans
  71. Award tix for 30k miles or US$425/US$325 (adult/child) rev tix?
  72. AA flights posting time to MP/AM
  73. B-HOR in YVR
  74. J on CX270 AMS-HKG
  75. Offical HND / NRT time announced
  76. Asiamiles redemption for HK-Sapporo
  77. Oneworld Lounge Access Question
  78. VN stops participating in AM effective 23AUG
  79. Trip to Taipei:Are the scheduled types of aircrafts to Taipei on the CX web reliable?
  80. Marriott Say They Never Heard of MPC Benefits?
  81. HK to TW, 15k
  82. odd question WC USA to HK
  83. Diversity/disparity among wine types in F
  84. First time flying F, tips to maximize experience?
  85. Getting status miles on a Upgrade Reward ticket?
  86. How to add a Redemption Group Nominee
  87. how to redeem 18500 asia miles for one-way travel from OGG to SJC?
  88. CX Winter Change + HND Scheldue
  89. CX 747-400
  90. HOLY COW! $2000 US-HKG First class offer!
  91. How can one buy discount fares ex-DXB?
  92. CX 10% off to HK/China/India in July
  93. Aircraft for CX368?
  94. Cathay 74A engine smoke over Holland, resulting in emergency landing
  95. Dragonair new FA recuitment 28 Jun
  96. Definitley time for a bigger "Wing"
  97. Any chance of "HKG-TPE"-sale for travel in November?
  98. Is my TA lying to me about CX V-class tickets
  99. HELP! Advise for itinerary change for departure on July2!
  100. CX 820 and 826 to Toronto
  101. CX255 Retimed to 8am for 4 days
  102. Olympus seats - floppy arms a feature or all broken?
  103. Dragonair F, which lounge at HKG
  104. CX841 (JFK-HKG-MNL) Seat selection
  105. CX510 = upgrade heaven
  106. Upgrading from Y to J with points
  107. Why constantly show false availability?
  108. Whats your favorite Y seat in the 74A?
  109. Whats your favorite Y seat in the 74A?
  110. MLE Madlives flights - demand?
  111. Can I visit Hong Kong in 7 hour stopover?
  112. CX SIN Lounge
  113. Meal Availability in Y
  114. Finnair Redemptions
  115. meals served on red-eye flight
  116. A complex Asia Miles problem/question
  117. Bump concerns and protection
  118. June 20 CX251 to LHR
  119. HKG-YVR in F? 777 or 343
  120. How early can one check-in at YVR
  121. Waitlist question...
  122. Cathay Pacificís move to NAIA 3 may not push thru
  123. CX looking up in May
  124. Double Bonus Frontend Progressive Promotion on CX
  125. Connector for CX's J and F headphone jacks?
  126. Does seatmap on KA show realistic number of bookings?
  127. Chinese vs American dishes on CX
  128. Overnight at HKG with onward connection to TPE, is luggage check-through?
  129. Access booking on Cathay mobile site?
  130. Solution to conflicting award availability: Seats were "locked"
  131. BA Award on CX - Conflicting availability
  132. Award inventory showing on QF website but not bookable by AA
  133. CX first timer - about to fly in F....
  134. Which do you prefer F Class CX 826 or CX 820?
  135. Citibank Premier Miles Travel Cash
  136. Is it me
  137. HKG delays to Europe june 15th
  138. Waitlist on "V" class, Cfm on "M" class. Will waitlist ever clear?
  139. Purchase Upgrade at Counter on Cathay Pacific from SFO - HKG?
  140. CX World reveals new lounge in LHR & interesting development in HKG
  141. Does Iberia Codeshare Earn Elite Miles?
  142. HKG CX Arrival Lounge Admission Criteria?
  143. Best flight for jetlag from Lax-hkg
  144. is down
  145. Loving the Marco Polo Club
  146. Fare available issue lax-sin
  147. swap KA to CX and 95 mins in HKG....please help
  148. Comment about DMs and meals first on KA
  149. CX 77Ws in the fleet
  150. Yyz-hkg cx 829 or cx827?
  151. F Checked Baggage Allowance
  152. CX734 (11 Jun) Delayed - connecting flights to TPE are full
  153. CX's North American Route to be turned into all 77A in the future?
  154. Chance of an Op-Up from HKG-LAX?
  155. Problems with online check-in?
  156. Cathay's 20th anniversary
  157. New benefit for MPC
  158. Fubon Asia Miles program extended to 30 June 2012
  159. Oh...the padding in the Olympus Y seatbelds are for airbags
  160. Are Unused Full Fare Tix Fully Refundable?
  161. HKG to JFK- always polar route?
  162. Marco Polo anniversary upgrades on CX/KA
  163. has anyone ever paid for F upgrade from J award, JFKHKG?
  164. Warning for upgrades with infant
  165. Swire/Cathay/HAECO Suspended Stock Trading in HKG
  166. 2 Month Extension to get DM
  167. Fall 2010 schedules
  168. MPC quality service survey
  169. Going F in a 77A and very excited.
  170. CX888 3rd June 2010 - Delayed
  171. Question: Connecting through HKG on a combined CX and AC flight
  172. Check-in in BKK
  173. Buy a ticket, change the date?
  174. Honeymoon Advice
  175. Ques re: CX870 (HKG-SFO) on Jul 2
  176. CX888 (HKG-YVR-JFK) plus JFK transfer
  177. CX 829 YYZ/HKG Toronto Airport Lounge
  178. Paid airport upgrades
  179. Reservation seat assignment change
  180. asiamiles award site not showing economy availability?
  181. Asia miles required for one way upgrade
  182. Can't believe the ignorance
  183. Asia Miles award search plays hide and seek with me
  184. Pricing issue ex. HKG or TPE...
  185. Hindu-Vegetarian on longhaul J
  186. AA vs CX Award Availability
  187. CX888 YVR-JFK which aircraft?
  188. CX Management plays Musical Chairs
  189. help for a newbie
  190. Help finding lower fares
  191. Does Air China transfer luggage with Dragon Air?
  192. CX872 12:30am Dep: Jetlag Devil
  193. SFO-HKG flights still 74A?
  194. Dragonair 33C
  195. CX to increase fuel surcharge by 21% w.e.f. 1 Jun 10
  196. Will this earn Club Miles? AA7840 (9W332) DEL-BOM
  197. CX, business class 773 seat question
  198. TW Diamond dinner
  199. how reliable are A330 seatmaps?
  200. is upgrade on CX possible with AA miles?
  201. Will there ever be a CX co-branded credit card for US residents?
  202. CX "Charter Flights" to Japan
  203. Cathay Pacific To Relaunch Their Business Class
  204. JFK-YVR
  205. Just Me or Is the YYZ Security the Slowest in the World ??
  206. CX incident in Taiwan today
  207. Recommendation on Business Class Section
  208. CX470 engine caught on fire....
  209. CX is Best Transpacific airline and #4 over all....
  210. upgrade Y->J YVR-HKG
  211. Priority Luggage Delays
  212. No stats: CX F connecting to CX J in HKG - F lounge departure access?
  213. Lounge Access Connecting from CX F
  214. CX plans twice daily HKG-HND
  215. Where and when is the best way to ask for seat changes?
  216. Got first service during meal time
  217. New shoulder straps for J pax?
  218. DEL-SFO ideas?
  219. J Class SFo-HKG
  220. CX USA Reservations
  221. Any clue why CX879 was delayed up to CX873's departure time????
  222. OWE (Premium) check-in for CX in BKK and SIN
  223. New Business-class Cabin on JFK-HKG?
  224. Good CX 889 YVR-HKG Report
  225. Hong Kong to Bangkok end of week
  226. Technical delays are getting too frequent
  227. Asia Miles Expiration
  228. Question regarding membership upgrade
  229. J prices
  230. Advance Seat Selection - elite or not elite...
  231. CX Economy
  232. Can an SL get op-upped on SFO-HKG ?
  233. CX838 HKG>YVR- Flight receives military escort ??
  234. When did CX start HKG-ADL new 33B config?
  235. MP Signup - borderline harassment at SFO
  236. When does JFK check in open for F class on CX 889
  237. CX in Amsterdam
  238. Anyone else booked with BA using Asiamiles during BA strike?
  239. Where are the 744s going?
  240. Cx739 hkg-sin 06/11/2010
  241. Excellent customer service out of CGK!
  242. HOw to get ctrip points into asia miles account?
  243. Skipping Last Leg CX888
  244. Flying with Cathay Pacific this July - Questions about EQV!!
  245. The Wing Hours of Opperation
  246. Cost cutting for J amenity kits?
  247. Hong Kong to Cairns - Which A330 version?
  248. Using an upgrade certificate
  249. Business class seats JFK HKG
  250. CX interline with Westjet ...