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  1. CX257/256 Equipment Update
  2. CX Y CLass Seats are uncomfortable
  3. "Storing Luggage" in transit with CX
  4. Question about MPC
  5. No more Y Amenity Kit!!!
  6. CX 367/368 April 21, 2010 Flight Delay Compensation?
  7. What's with CX's advertisements on London Underground walls?
  8. CX check-through policy
  9. Marco Polo Application- No news is not good news?
  10. Trouble using Asiamiles on AA
  11. Birthday Upgrade Priority
  12. Help! Cancel a ticket and rebook
  13. Stranded CX metal in Europe
  14. No flights until May 7th?
  15. All you passengers want too much
  16. Booked in full fare Y - Chances of upgrade to J?
  17. Philip Chen resigns from CX and Swire
  18. Choosing where to do company team building based solely on miles
  19. No complaint(s) yet on this board about the new CX F PJs...
  20. Marco Polo or BA Exec
  21. Balik Salmon in J
  22. What to do with 58,250 Miles
  23. F involuntary denied boarding compensation
  24. I'm looking for...
  25. flight to BKK then connecting on TG - bag check?
  26. Volcanic ashes rebooking rules - how to use them?
  27. Meals on Cathay Pacific
  28. CX and Expedia Dispute?
  29. CX841 JFK-HKG in F - meal timing
  30. What compensation for stranded passengers on CX251?
  31. Transfer from SQ to KA at HKG, 1.5 hr enough?
  32. Connection time in HKG
  33. KA files 777's?
  34. CX711/703 via SIN/BKK to CMB - transit question
  35. One Way Award LAX -> SYD on Quantas, cant be done?
  36. Credit card required to be presented if buying on for family members?
  37. CX rocks!!!
  38. Flight CX780 lost power on both engines & declared emergency landing at HKG
  39. Which flight was on fire today at HKG?
  40. Club Miles Question
  41. Double Asia Miles...If you live in Canada
  42. Has CX839 (YVR-HKG) make technical fuel stops?
  43. CX889 YVR stop
  44. Upsell at airport?
  45. Checked bags from CX to NH at HKG...
  46. CX lounge day-pass
  47. Question on Booking Through Partner Airlines
  48. Baggage Question MAN - SYD
  49. HKG-JFK Flight Path Question
  50. quicker meal in J possible?
  51. Business Save fare
  52. What happens if you fail to earn any club miles or sectors during Green Member year?
  53. 15 hours without AVOD...
  54. LHR-SYD One Way flight
  55. KA F "Refreshment"
  56. Is being DM better/more special this year?
  57. CX First Class YYZ - HKG - BOM in May
  58. CX, BA or VS??
  59. Help me decide
  60. Lighting Issues
  61. Hkg > lhr > hkg
  62. What are the chances of my flight switching from 74A to 77A?
  63. Different CX booking class gets you what?
  64. CX Decision on Premium Economy Expected Soon
  65. 12 Yr Anniversary Op-Up at expense of somebody else?
  66. ex-TPE D or I class fares - when do they allow stopovers?
  67. MPC Silver Benefit Question
  68. Halal Meat Served on CX flights YVR-HKG?
  69. Had my first op-up
  70. Op-up information from a Cathay staff
  71. KA Airbus 321 (does business class have 2 toilets?)
  72. CX255 online checkin, so fast!
  73. access HKG lounge while connecting to a different airline
  74. Appropriate Compensation for Non-Reclining F Seat
  75. New to mileage upgrading - best method?
  76. Long Live KA
  77. Warning: Don't Trust the Flight Award Calculator
  78. Confirming Oneworld Emerald Benefits Before Flight
  79. Best time to book to Manila for summer travel
  80. Arrived at check-in & made to purchase return ticket
  81. From Peru to Cebu; my plan to maximize CX F and minimize jetlag.
  82. Companion Fare
  83. two free Biz tickets game
  84. CX AVOD....
  85. Does CX usually open up more award seats close to a flight?
  86. Lounge Guest Policy for Children
  87. CX Survey giving out 500 miles Bonus
  88. New livery on CX?
  89. ex-HKG cancellations today(3/28)
  90. Took the CX/KA at Satellite gates
  91. CX First Class Fare Increase in January - Now 86% Higher Than SQ to North America
  92. Quick question on CX class availability
  93. HKG/ICN F Availabilty
  94. Can you sleep comfortably in Arrival Lounge?
  95. free CX upgrade and now I want more
  96. AMEX to asiamiles to CX J, LAX-HKG
  97. Amex points to Asia Miles - to J seat LAX-HKG
  98. Is there a gym at HKG?
  99. Lounge Access
  100. SM Asia Miles redemption bookings cannot use GR's Asia Miles balance??!!
  101. change card of payment?
  102. CX J lounge or QF J lounge at HKG?
  103. Redeem 60k asiamiles YVR-HKG?
  104. Check-in question
  105. No online booking for infants ex-HKG
  106. 74A Best seat with companion - DPS-HKG
  107. CX HKG-ICN economy or business?
  108. Singapore lounges
  109. CX DME flight can now be found on Amadeus
  110. HKG-AMS First Class Fares
  111. N Class = No Mileage Credit - Surprise!
  112. AKL-LHR J Pricing?
  113. Cabanas in the Wing at HKIA
  114. Credit Card at check-in?
  115. Gold paid immediate dividends!
  116. CX872/ 19March/ MPC Gold/ BN#1
  117. Best J seat on 74A, SFO-HKG
  118. CX Website error?
  119. Online prices have more than doubled.
  120. Possible cabin crew strike during Easter?
  121. Another website issue
  122. CX Pre-Assigned Seats
  123. Confirmation on e-channel biometric passport sticker
  124. CX710/711 HKG-SIN 744 vs 777?
  125. QF flights - when do they credit?
  126. CX/KA airside staff thwart change to earlier flights - should I take issue?
  127. F Class amenity kit - female kit much better than male?
  128. Recommendations for Seat Assignments
  129. Can I use my AA miles to upgrade my trip to MNL ?
  130. Flying standby on AA award miles
  131. Shower in LAX
  132. Tier Upgrade Response
  133. Can I apply my Asia Miles to an AA flight?
  134. check in baggage wieght charge
  135. CX to launch premium economy cabin
  136. Why is V, S -class availability different for ex-HKG, ex-LHR bookings?
  137. cabin baggage allowance
  138. CX820 HKG-YYZ...why the useless Sunday flight?
  139. Upgrades on Cathay Pacific? AA Gold /oneworld Ruby
  140. HSBC changes AM conversion rate again!
  141. Bloomberg: CX Stock Gains on Better-Than-Expected Earnings
  142. Bloomberg: CX Stock Gains on Better-Than-Expected Earnings
  143. Asia Miles phones always busy?
  144. Looking to buy asia miles.
  145. Any idea why CX882 was a 744 on Monday (8March)
  146. What's with CX872...this timing is terrible
  147. Is CX that bad?
  148. Ordering special meal when flight not connected to asiamiles/MPC account
  149. question for those who know upgrades....
  150. So....what do Hong Kongers do for miles?
  151. TPE-HKG-JFK check in luggage
  152. CX fast track service
  153. CX > BA flights
  154. Change Time / Date of Award Booking
  155. Visitor in First
  156. Ex-TPE flight deals?
  157. Booking CX holidays
  158. LHR-HKG CX252 in F - Catering
  159. Joining Asia Miles?
  160. Possible to delay resetting of membership year upon reaching Silver tier?
  161. Questions on Redemption Upgrade
  162. How is the Boarding Number Calculated?
  163. MPC rejected original routing credit request
  164. Flight changes, just other a year not accepted
  165. In seat Power in Olympus Y
  166. Book online for 1,000 bonus miles when flying to Hong Kong - register now!
  167. I have 3 major questions
  168. Through checked luggage to final destination
  169. Agressive TV ads on CNN
  170. Transfer from HKG to Macau
  171. Married segment issue - can't upsell to change dates?
  172. Asia Miles - How to reactivate account?
  173. Using CX F Lounge, flying KA F?
  174. Swap 18519 Asia miles for $78 amazon GC or 3245 AAdvantage miles?
  175. Loads in F from AMS to HKG and other questions
  176. "Meet the Team" Promotion
  177. Does CX have the best first class?
  178. no women's amenity kits on CX 881
  179. New I class fares to Europe ex-MNL
  180. KA to start OKA & resume KWL?
  181. Left luggage in HK
  182. CX251 HKG-LHR in F
  183. CX gained slots for 7x Daily HKG-SIN service for S2010
  184. Annoying (Excessive) Inflight Videos Reduced
  185. What to do with 18000*4 Asia miles?
  186. Finally received the Miles for Double-Miles Promo
  187. LAX to Europe Flights for MPC
  188. Lost Luggage LHR-HKG
  189. 110v or EM Power in CX Economy JFK-HK
  190. LAX AA-CX Airside Transfer Possible?
  191. Desirable to split booking for op-up chances?
  192. 744 but no F available
  193. CX 841 previous flight
  194. lounge access
  195. Left luggage at the Wing lounge ?
  196. MPC guarantees don't apply to KA
  197. Can family members get priority tag while traveling with person with CX Silver?
  198. Its FRiday my brain is fried and thats my excuse for this post
  199. Dragonair
  200. Price Question- HKG > ICN
  201. Cathay LAX-HKG
  202. No backpacks on CX?
  203. How stingy is CX with excess baggage?
  204. Flying in and out of the same city - but using different airports
  205. Would CX Warn a Pax in J that they are sitting behind a 3.5 year old?
  206. Reliability of Asian miles in Hong Kong hotels, restaurants
  207. Delay in response?
  208. Question About R/T Upgrade Award
  209. India’s Kingfisher Airlines set to join oneworld alliance
  210. Is M Class eligible for miles?
  211. CX250: Lightest loading among the four LHR-HKG?
  212. CX AMEX on bonus
  213. Car Seat in F allowed with "infant without seat" ticket?
  214. Connecting from CX to EK in HKG
  215. What price for HKG-TPE return in Y?
  216. CX Will Not Comp My Wife Green Card :(
  217. No more I class
  218. Faulty IFE on outbound and return journeys!
  219. CX India Operations
  220. Anyone noticed some problems with new AVOD IFE on 773?
  221. HKG-SFO: 2:05 pm or 11:55 pm departure best for jet lag?
  222. CX SFO passenger accused of bomb threat
  223. Really confused and concerned about Booking
  224. C class amenity kit? pajamas?
  225. One thing I noticed about seating chart
  226. What do you want CX to improve the most:Gotta give an interview for CX. Help!
  227. Taxes/Fees/Fuel Surcharge DOUBLE BA?
  228. ex-TPE query
  229. SIN-HKG in F
  230. BN - How does that work?
  231. Priority Bags
  232. HKG-PVG CX or KA Ticket Stock?
  233. Equipment LHR/HKG in December?
  234. 777 to be used on HKG LHR
  235. 5,800 Asia Miles Expiring - What can I do?
  236. Anybody used the new metal luggage tags yet?
  237. USB ports on CX Olympus seats?
  238. CX should adjust JFK routes
  239. C Awards HKG-PER in JAn 2011
  240. Going through the F/J gate with none status friends
  241. Value of Asia Miles!
  242. What are those R symbols in yellow squares?
  243. BA Miles Posting Time
  244. No Asia Miles HKG-TPE?
  245. Upgrade Question
  246. Terminal 1 to Terminal 2?
  247. Marketing Director arrested over a bomb prank
  248. CX253 - What is it like in F
  249. YVR-JFK questions
  250. DM companions trump GM for upgrade?