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  1. Poll on "How is your Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club status achieved?"
  2. (Year of the Snakes) on a Plane?
  3. Premium Economy vs "Extra Legroom" Y
  4. LAX Increases to 20x weekly
  5. At the Airport - CX/MPC Boxes
  6. Award Fees & Rules MPC
  7. A question regarding CX check-in time at HKG
  8. Truly Outstanding Service on CX451
  9. Round Trip upgrade for Open Jaw?
  10. YYZ-HKG
  11. HKG re-check baggage after pickup before Customs?
  12. Baggage Connection in HKG on 2 separate reservations
  13. Transiting in SYD
  14. CX tier qualification and different carriers
  15. 1 hour HKG connection ok?
  16. CX Lounges and Public Address Announcements
  17. Opps forgot the flight has PE
  18. CX world
  19. Phantom availability X redemption CX101
  20. seat assignments >180days
  21. Ethics of waitlisting - unwanted confirmed segments
  22. Mileage Upgrade Y+ to J, no Y+ on one of the Sectors
  23. Frequent Flier Newbie MPC or Aadvantage? Please help.
  24. A380 vs 747-8
  25. LHR-HKG F redemption impossible
  26. PE Seating In Regional Y
  27. Y+ award tickets on CX289/CX288
  28. Credit Card at Checkin
  29. Flights check
  30. Sad lounges...
  31. New ka hybrid livery
  32. Crowded lounges in hk?
  33. Gifting Krug?
  34. most significant carrier rule
  35. Which Business-class AA fare codes earn Macro Polo miles?
  36. MPC Gold Flexibility on Cheap Saver Fares
  37. CX service downgrades
  38. TPE-HKG RT preferences
  39. J award wait listed ?
  40. Need clarification - award R-T outbound waitlist inbound cleared - is inbound held?
  41. HKG to LAX PEY @ 2x miles or Economy?
  42. CX codeshare??
  43. CX253 on 27th feb..Will i have NEW BUSINESS CLASS?
  44. CX baggage allowance
  45. CX Duty Free - iPhone 5 case available?
  46. CX : #3 safest airline in the world
  47. Can I move from J to F
  48. CX email address in Hong Kong
  49. Dragonair new cabin refit & routes
  50. CX Business class vs. CI Business class
  51. CX blocking some sites in Cabin
  52. No show fee missing first leg sin-Hkg
  53. CX Premium Economy pricing / ITA Matrix
  54. 747-400 F toilet seat sticker ...
  55. Announcement from KA (via FB) tomorrow?
  56. To Join or not to join..
  57. Open jaw ticket on
  58. Tracking waitlist awards using checkmytrip vs MMB
  59. SIN-TPE with short layover in HK
  60. 14xx miles away from GO, should I call to ask for promote to GO?
  61. Asia Miles Upgrade question
  62. CX0685 Mumbai connection time
  63. CX fuel surcharge to decrease in Feb 2013
  64. CX to put SFO at 11 weekly 77W
  65. Questions Re: First Class Services with CX
  66. Did CX remove VN as a mileage earning partner?
  67. Has anyone taken CX649 from Hong Kong to Hyderabad recently?
  68. Chances of upgrade with Cathay/Asia Miles
  69. cx253 HKG - LHR APRIL13
  70. J award - domestic 2 class AA
  71. Upgrade probability: Y oversell HKG-MEL?
  72. Bloomberg - Cathay, SIA May Fly Empty Premium Seats as Banks Cut Cost
  73. System probelms with upgrades
  74. Forgot iPhone on CX 831 on Jan 13th
  75. Premium Economy award seat SYD-HKG
  76. Seat selection of AM ticket
  77. New F lounge - Latest?
  78. Throwing away the HKG-TPE leg on an ex-TPE *award* ticket?
  79. Tonight's CX905...and more 744 problems
  80. Upgrade Y+ to J, Deadline to issue Ticket (Call or Not to Call)
  81. J Upgrade impossible?
  82. MPC Benefit but Crediting to another OW
  83. HKG-PER Availability
  84. Can a DM access the CX lounge in Milan while flying on a non-OW flight?
  85. CX new website
  86. CX/KA Cabin Allowance
  87. Cost-cutting article about box food on KA/CX quotes this forum!
  88. Oversold Business but no First?
  89. Paying to change fare class on a sector?
  90. IFE subtitles
  91. BA-credit, Asiamiles upgrade
  92. CX685 aircraft with First
  93. Trade-offs: Better layover v. F seat?
  94. Asiamiles earning and redemption on MH
  95. CX 751 HKG-DEL - leave aircraft in BKK?
  96. Best flight time JFK-HKG on CX
  97. The Wing HKG Arrival Access
  98. Osaka Flights
  99. Redeeming CX miles for BA flights
  100. Cathay MR?
  101. Downgraded from J to Y (CAN-HKG on KA). What can I do?
  102. Availability of BA HKG-LHR premium economy to business upgrade
  103. Almost Impossible to Redeem CX Flight thru Asia Mile
  104. Praise for a CX hostess
  105. Turn two one way upgrades into a Return upgrade
  106. CX881/14 Jan LAX-HKG: 2 stops - ANC and KIX
  107. volunteer for downgrade as an elite?
  108. A few Qs on HKG-JFK via TPE
  109. upgrade on CX
  110. Alliance rethinks ?
  111. 13 Jan 2013 Updates to the READ THIS FIRST | Cathay Pacific FAQ ..." thread
  112. Disparity between online redemption seats availability and MPC hotline?
  113. Premium Economy on CX trip report.
  114. Op-up Chance NRT vs. HND
  115. Cathay J/F vs SQ J
  116. CX Fare Question
  117. Plane change for HKG-NRT route
  118. NRT-HKG in J. What seat & what to expect?
  119. CX companion redemption
  120. Business fares xTPE
  121. Lounge access at YVR for CX888?
  122. Booking MR xTPE
  123. Forced overnight
  124. Links to CX/KA Equipment Registration and Status
  125. HKG to TYO
  126. Re-fit Status, Long-haul Aircraft
  127. CX IFE - ipod/iphone connectivity
  128. BKK-CMB (cx) CMB-DXB (ek) connect and bags
  129. Best Seat J HGK/MNL 747
  130. Traveler Assistance Card, interesting...
  131. Upgrading from Y to J?
  132. F Holiday Package (with Y service)
  133. Swire to sell????
  134. CX IFE Compensation
  135. Business Seat Monitor Defective
  136. HKG-HEL Economy class availability for Asiamiles redemption
  137. Premium Econ to Business Upgrade on BA flights with AsiaMiles
  138. Cx f release
  139. Early reset..
  140. Cathay to replace Dragonair on BLR Bangalore route
  141. Asia Miles & AAdvantage
  142. CX F departing from SFO
  143. Help - using Asia Miles for a flight on AA metal
  144. "Bundle Fare" not bad for Y+. Sale ends 23rd
  145. Last CX Flight out of HKG
  146. How to get anything other than full fare tickets?
  147. New J LAX-HKG CX 885 on 17JAN13?
  148. 14 hour layover in HKG flying CX F. What makes sense?
  149. CX HNG-MNL F or J
  150. Waitlist for award upgrade J to Z
  151. Thank you and mini-trip report for CX 838
  152. CX from Dubai
  153. Dragonair Boosts Vietnam Network With New Service To Da Nang
  154. Preserving MPC GO - Advice Needed
  155. Emerald in BAEC and MPC: needs help
  156. Desperate for Status
  157. Toronto Lounge
  158. CX $ vouchers
  159. London flights / seats to reduce in 2013
  160. Cathay vs Korean?
  161. CX HKG to NRT J Class
  162. CX Routes with Premium Economy?
  163. Married Segments?
  164. CX806 1/5 77D or 77H?
  165. Lounge trash...
  166. How CX can save money TPE-HKG
  167. Departure City Change
  168. Upgrade or straight redemption?
  169. MH's future OW earn rates
  170. 747 F bin size
  171. CX F Menus 2013
  172. CX J Menus 2013
  173. CX PE Menus 2013
  174. CX Y Menu 2013
  175. Help me choose: E or J?
  176. Missing segments and miles, what can I do to get it into my account faster?
  177. fanfares - not too bad! surprised on upside
  178. Mileage Accrual for K-Class Upgrade
  179. quick help swap F and J
  180. HKG - DPS
  181. Availability of HKG-HEL business class on AY in 12/2013?
  182. How to check-in before T-48?
  183. CX HKG-NRT J award
  184. Booking LHR-MNL-LHR gone wrong
  185. Equipment options: HKG-KUL in J
  186. CX sympathy date change
  187. CX 714 SIN-HKG in F
  188. Quick luggage question on CX --> China with HKG layover
  189. online booking Y+ how to specify "R" class
  190. ORD-HKG Equipment CX807-806
  191. JFK-HKG and HKG-SYD - what times?
  192. Waitlisting for U class (Business redemption)
  193. Multiport Connector
  194. 32K Y+ on 77H
  195. Upgradability of reward tickets
  196. Y+ sold as Y on regional routes
  197. CX F class award tickets
  198. Marco Polo Miles question
  199. CX YVR to JFK
  200. Change of champagne
  201. remove FFP at the gate, status still recognized?
  202. As of Dec 4th one class upgrade rule guts CX Asia Miles
  203. F availability for miles booking
  204. Help with booking flights through CX to Boracay, Philippines
  205. Double re-issue for award tickets
  206. Confusion regarding availability. 12/01 - JNB-HKG no D, JNB-HKG-HKT there is D?
  207. Luggage did not arrive with us
  208. Traveling with toddler on Cathay Pacific- downgrade business to economy plus?
  209. Marco Polo Status Level
  210. Y class meals served in J?
  211. seat map discrepancy(?) between MMB and new booking
  212. Amazing miles redemption IT change
  213. Urgent Request. (Check in Time)
  214. Dec 20 YVR-JFK CX888 (late) Why?
  215. FRA & LHR all 77W/77H
  216. CX-NZ code-share loaded; NZ HKG-AKL v. v. eligible for AM; Bag Allowance Aligned
  217. Cx883/cx882
  218. Cancel Check-in to change seats?
  219. PEK lounge Sat 22 Dec
  220. "Op-up" on an empty flight
  221. Miles not credited mixed metals one ticket
  222. CMB Transit & Turnaround
  223. Surname/First name out of order on booking
  224. Christmas Cheers from CX (2012)
  225. Worth switching from 744 to 77W?
  226. CX MPC DM Xmas Drinks
  227. Fuel surcharge to decrease by 5-10% for January 2013
  228. RuH turn for FA - claim by FAU??
  229. A premier bus in HKG for remote gate, Good Idea?
  230. 21/12/12 CX138 Sydney to Hong Kong
  231. Number of FA Onboard
  232. New regional Economy seats to be the hard shell seats
  233. Recent observations on regional flights
  234. FlyerTalk CX New Year Drinks 2012
  235. Seat assignments - interesting
  236. no extra baggage allowance for OneWorld EMERALD member when taking CX?
  237. Fragile tags for checkins
  238. Redeeming Asia Miles - CX or JAL?
  239. Change Award Booking
  240. Flight is F3 but no open seats online?
  241. CX J Seats CNS to HKG
  242. Pier Day Break Rooms
  243. December 15 2012 CX840 What a mess
  244. Chicago Arrival - Poor Experience
  245. JFK BA Lounge
  246. Etihad American Air Asia Miles
  247. MPC Appreciation Gift Offer
  248. Checked in baggage .... CX -> AZ
  249. Can someone help check UG redemption availability?
  250. codeshared with Air NZ