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  1. Regarding CX and AMEX MPC Status Offer - Further Discussion
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  3. CX 873 June 21 diverted again ?
  4. No Snack Options CX101 HKG-SYD in J
  5. First row (39) vs exit row (59) on 77W
  6. Where to ask for upgrade in HKIA?
  7. 45k asia miles, what's available to me?
  8. dun join asia miles, unless you are/will be their tier members!
  9. CX J HKG-SYD. What to expect?
  10. asia miles redemption booking
  11. SFO-HKG night flights (particularly CX as well). Any thoughts?
  12. CX845 in F - when to sleep, eat, and drink?
  13. Baggage interline - CX -> TK
  14. LAX Early Baggage Checkin
  15. CX888 YVR-JFK Amenity Kit in F
  16. Cathay Pacific is HSBC's favorite premium airline in Asia
  17. Y seats from HKG to the US
  18. Flights from Hong Kong to Tokyo - is business class worth it ?
  19. new to Cathay Pacific--a couple questions
  20. Can someone please help me with this multi-country itinerary?
  21. Devaluation of AM due to Y+?
  22. Recent Observations on CX Y class
  23. Duplicate PNR in OLCI
  24. Conduct unbecoming a F pax
  25. Why are TPE-JFK biz fares so much cheaper ex-TPE vs ex-JFK?
  26. Working out which outward flight forms the return
  27. Fuel & Taxes on award ticket
  28. Premium economy - middle seat arm rests go up?
  29. 74A vs new 77W exit row Y seat
  30. upgraded tonight! From 54B
  31. O fare changeable?
  32. Best FT Airline Forum
  33. SFO-HKG-PER: Which flights/aircraft?
  34. The "Priority Seat Selected" Experience - Deep Thoughts
  35. Unavailable Seats, Under Airport Control
  36. Connection Time at SGN
  37. Galley
  38. Lounge Access at DIQING and KUNMING for Diamond?
  39. TPE turnaround to LHR, access to F check-in and lounge?
  40. Seat Selection A333 with New Business Class
  41. CX to lower fuel surcharge from Jul 1 2012
  42. Help checking seat capacity?
  43. Disservice to frequent fliers by not allowing us to pre-select emergency row seats
  44. YYZ-HKG-YYZ - peak winter prices?
  45. Airside Connection ORD
  46. Booking an Asiamiles award ticket
  47. Does ORD-DPS first class award availability exist???
  48. Observations on AA flights as DM
  49. Lounge access question
  50. Discovery magazine not available in economy anymore?
  51. Help with some JFK-HKG-SYD award ticket questions
  52. CX (regional) is better than KA
  53. Guaranteed Seat
  54. Lounge Access Question
  55. ISM Soliciting for Positive Feedback?
  56. Cx474- jun21 hkg-tpe and cx829- jun20 yyz-hkg
  57. School me on Cathay Asia Miles and Marco Polo Club
  58. KA Lounge in Guilin (KWL)?
  59. CX business award tickets no availability in Aug/Sep???!!!
  60. Question regarding upgrading to business class
  61. Waitlist for J - CX0837 June 21
  62. 77H - Premium Economy- Row 31
  63. Baggage question
  64. Hong Kong London more frequencies??
  65. Gatechecking bags at LHR
  66. 3 F Award Seats on Same Flights on AA miles
  67. YYZ-HKG Upgrade Availability - Jun 16/2012
  68. MarcoPolo Gold through AMEX Platinum
  69. Cathay mulls removal of seat back TVs
  70. Which would take to HKG: F from YVR at 3am or J from SFO at 1am
  71. K Class waitlist; LAX-HKG CX 885
  72. KA489-AUG9 Possibility of Aircraft Change?
  73. CX885 Upgrade AM
  74. KVS Availability (CX)
  75. Cost-cutting in Biz
  76. F lounge Pier
  77. 77W New Y Seat
  78. Magic Wand
  79. How can I get a copy of this month's CX inflight magazine?
  80. KVS Availability (KA)
  81. CX seating assignment
  82. Asia Miles Upgrade Waitlist - CX LAX-HKG
  83. Hard to do a one way upgrade?
  84. Confirmed redemption tickets.
  85. What to do with 27,800 miles?
  86. KA A333 Type 4 ??
  87. SriLankan Airlines to join oneworld alliance, sponsored by CX!
  88. Cudos for Great Service
  89. Priority Tags - just an observation
  90. Checked bags with overnight connection
  91. Best credit card conversion rate to Asiamiles (China)
  92. Did CX recently outsource their call center to Philippines?
  93. ExpertFlyer cannot show Y+ yet?
  94. Do CX flights go from F6 to F5 after a certain date?
  95. The Wing - The Best Oneworld Business Lounge in the network?
  96. ex-Manila "I Love Japan" Promo!
  97. Phone Numbers
  98. Which door for boarding on A333 and A343
  99. Can CX check-through AB separate ticket?
  100. Upgrade on QF using Asia Miles
  101. Marco Polo + CX Cargo
  102. Seating Blocking in F?
  103. Y+ on PVG - HKG - PVG flight? Redeeming?
  104. Asia Miles ambassador?
  105. OLCI whilst waitlisting; release of Economy award seats
  106. Am I being unreasonable?
  107. CX US domestic?
  108. KVS Search
  109. OLCI for F Pax
  110. Transit in HK
  111. BA Miles for CX F Award (Gone Bad)
  112. A340 to Paris
  113. CX100/101
  114. CX Holidays - upselling only one pax?
  115. re-issuing redemption tickets??
  116. MPC : Silver to Gold
  117. What is Y jain meal like?
  118. Which seats to choose
  119. CX829 (03/06) long delay
  120. Using 77H but do not sell Y+ seats for CX749/748?!
  121. CX100 3 June 2012 - cancelled....
  122. Flying CX as an MPO SL, ccan I bring a lounge guest with a BA Gold card?
  123. 773 Y class seating question
  124. HKG "Layover"/Lounge Advice
  125. What's wrong with allocating emergency seat?
  126. OW: Asia Miles: Redeem flight at Air Berlin
  127. Can we make it? PEK -> HKG -> SFO
  128. Another funny shift of CX aircraft (MEL-->SYD)
  129. Qf j lounge in sin
  130. Questions on MPC/AM Mileage Accrual
  131. Business Class Lounge - Wing or Pier? HKIA
  132. Does CX Interline with Tap Portugal via LHR
  133. Interesting Aircraft re-route/swap
  134. First time Cathay F -- 2 questions
  135. one way YYZ-HKG Y+
  136. Email to CX - response ?
  137. Nrt-hkg f class
  138. Is it normal for Marco Polo to upgrade?
  139. My thoughts and observations on New J Class (Cirrus)
  140. Disgruntled Diamond
  141. Yes, you can have more caviar.
  142. Why did CX873 turn back to SFO last night?
  143. AMEX Membership Award US now convertable to AM
  144. CX873 - two diversions ?
  145. Expertflyer told me I got op-up
  146. CX Date change fees?
  147. cx I class fares not showing ... unpublished?
  148. Stopovers and charges
  149. High taxes and surcharge on redemptions
  150. Most Significant Carrier (MSC) Calculation
  151. CX availability for BA customers
  152. CX seat booking
  153. Radical flight path
  154. Manage My Booking has 77W as aircraft but dummy booking shows 744
  155. Will OLCI affect last-minute upgrade redemption?
  156. Another block of seats for YYZ-HKG?
  157. MPC tier renewal
  158. Y Reward Class now is under X?
  159. Mini Trip Report: JFK - YVR | CX F
  160. Check-in through from EDI to HKG?
  161. CX New Seats
  162. arrivals lounges?
  163. CX Award Restrictions
  164. Another CX software glitch? Only shows Biz Class lounge invitation
  165. Best use of the AM: Award ticket on Y vs. upgrade from Y to J?
  166. CX Award Y Ticket Upgradeable to J?
  167. Cathay F vs BA F
  168. Now you have to call and ask for exit row seats...
  169. What's the next-best Y seat on Cathay's A343?
  170. Marco Polo Club call center seems to be improving.
  171. MPC Benefits on Hotels
  172. Cathay Potential A380 Order
  173. OT: e-channel at HKIA, downgraded after "upgrade"
  174. does Cathay interline with Virgin Atlantic ?
  175. About the new biz class seats
  176. WiFi Pier F lounge HKG
  177. Help Please - Connecting Flight with Discount Business Class
  178. Availability in the F cabin on 744 from SIN to HKG
  179. Very good food in regional J
  180. CX to maintain current fuel surcharge for June 2012
  181. Heathrow T3 Lounge access
  182. Middle name issue
  183. Using roll-aboard as footrest in exit row on 744
  184. How long one can book a flight without purchasing the actual ticket?
  185. CX LHR Ground time
  186. 77G - Streams of Y+ Pax Using J Lavatories - Potential 77H Issue
  187. KA to launch CCU (official press release)
  188. Moving Map operational into US
  189. Luggage allowance for ticket ex-TPE but lives in HK for US bound flight
  190. Do CX F meals vary by flight time?
  191. Help/Advice needed on Aircraft History for CX100
  192. HKG-TPE-HKG - Y class
  193. 773: J Center or Y Aisle
  194. Change in origin city-- Any similar experience?
  195. Seat Assignments in F on 77W (JFK-HKG)
  196. HKG - SFO three seats row in F?
  197. Crew changes, huh???
  198. RE: HKG-KTM
  199. First Class lounge - Pier or Wing?
  200. What to do doing a 9-hr layover?
  201. Award tickets to Sapporo CTS in J class
  202. CX bus class - better to sit in row 12 or 21?
  203. CX's new livery?
  204. Op Up Chance J to F HKG-JFK
  205. Is becoming Diamond worth the effort?
  206. Fare class for HKG-TPE-HKG?
  207. Question: YYZ CX Lounge
  208. CX silver using AA miles for a CX flight in Y
  209. plane change, seat no. didn't. is that an upgrade?
  210. cx837 or cx889 YVR-TPE
  211. Cathay pacific J class.
  212. Unbelievably bad customer service
  213. CX special early bird summer fares ex-TPE
  214. North America Service Reductions
  215. CX Interline baggage Agreement
  216. No, it's not a "crock" that CX doesn't hand out free upgrades for no reason
  217. CX Upgrades
  218. Converted with Y+, but with old hard shell Y
  219. Complimentary upgrade
  220. North America Cutbacks
  221. CX NA phone numbers down?
  222. Cathay flight change? What are my options?
  223. Cathay Pacific Says Economy Fares Down as Much as 10% This Year
  224. Stand-by and Rebooking fee
  225. [[Insider news]] CX's first B747-8F (B-LJE) is damaged VERY SEVERLY
  226. MPO server upgrade 20 May - do your online redemptions now
  227. Flying CX with Infant questions
  228. 777-300er f seats big enough for infant and adult?
  229. Changing seat using ca pnr
  230. are 1A & 1K for Diamonds only?
  231. CX826 HKG-YYZ Business meal query
  232. CX Awards on AA and BA
  233. How many times I have to get my silver membership renewed before moving on to Gold?
  234. Y class on Cathay vs aa or ua
  235. Cathay Pacific reducing First Class service to JNB?
  236. Mini Cabin on the 777-300
  237. Business class on Dragonair
  238. Sfo to hkg seating arrangement
  239. CX DXB - PER November
  240. Interlining CX to UA..
  241. Hkg-bkk cx j?
  242. Help me with some calculations!!
  243. Saying Hello! First time in CX F.
  244. E class coming!
  245. Anybody else got the "exclusive" restaurant offer from Asia Miles?
  246. Asiamiles award flight redemption - call or online request?
  247. CX is still giving one-year GO to AMEX Platinum... as at today
  248. Asia Miles Bonus Booster Program
  249. CX/AA award ticket questions
  250. 777 - 2A/2K - Another Victim of the Reservation System