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  1. CX Award Y Ticket Upgradeable to J?
  2. Cathay F vs BA F
  3. Now you have to call and ask for exit row seats...
  4. What's the next-best Y seat on Cathay's A343?
  5. Marco Polo Club call center seems to be improving.
  6. MPC Benefits on Hotels
  7. Cathay Potential A380 Order
  8. OT: e-channel at HKIA, downgraded after "upgrade"
  9. does Cathay interline with Virgin Atlantic ?
  10. About the new biz class seats
  11. WiFi Pier F lounge HKG
  12. Help Please - Connecting Flight with Discount Business Class
  13. Availability in the F cabin on 744 from SIN to HKG
  14. Very good food in regional J
  15. CX to maintain current fuel surcharge for June 2012
  16. Heathrow T3 Lounge access
  17. Middle name issue
  18. Using roll-aboard as footrest in exit row on 744
  19. How long one can book a flight without purchasing the actual ticket?
  20. CX LHR Ground time
  21. 77G - Streams of Y+ Pax Using J Lavatories - Potential 77H Issue
  22. KA to launch CCU (official press release)
  23. Moving Map operational into US
  24. Luggage allowance for ticket ex-TPE but lives in HK for US bound flight
  25. Do CX F meals vary by flight time?
  26. Help/Advice needed on Aircraft History for CX100
  27. HKG-TPE-HKG - Y class
  28. 773: J Center or Y Aisle
  29. Change in origin city-- Any similar experience?
  30. Seat Assignments in F on 77W (JFK-HKG)
  31. HKG - SFO three seats row in F?
  32. Crew changes, huh???
  33. RE: HKG-KTM
  34. First Class lounge - Pier or Wing?
  35. What to do doing a 9-hr layover?
  36. Award tickets to Sapporo CTS in J class
  37. CX bus class - better to sit in row 12 or 21?
  38. CX's new livery?
  39. Op Up Chance J to F HKG-JFK
  40. Is becoming Diamond worth the effort?
  41. Fare class for HKG-TPE-HKG?
  42. Question: YYZ CX Lounge
  43. CX silver using AA miles for a CX flight in Y
  44. plane change, seat no. didn't. is that an upgrade?
  45. cx837 or cx889 YVR-TPE
  46. Cathay pacific J class.
  47. Unbelievably bad customer service
  48. CX special early bird summer fares ex-TPE
  49. North America Service Reductions
  50. CX Interline baggage Agreement
  51. No, it's not a "crock" that CX doesn't hand out free upgrades for no reason
  52. CX Upgrades
  53. Converted with Y+, but with old hard shell Y
  54. Complimentary upgrade
  55. North America Cutbacks
  56. CX NA phone numbers down?
  57. Cathay flight change? What are my options?
  58. Cathay Pacific Says Economy Fares Down as Much as 10% This Year
  59. Stand-by and Rebooking fee
  60. [[Insider news]] CX's first B747-8F (B-LJE) is damaged VERY SEVERLY
  61. MPO server upgrade 20 May - do your online redemptions now
  62. Flying CX with Infant questions
  63. 777-300er f seats big enough for infant and adult?
  64. Changing seat using ca pnr
  65. are 1A & 1K for Diamonds only?
  66. CX826 HKG-YYZ Business meal query
  67. CX Awards on AA and BA
  68. How many times I have to get my silver membership renewed before moving on to Gold?
  69. Y class on Cathay vs aa or ua
  70. Cathay Pacific reducing First Class service to JNB?
  71. Mini Cabin on the 777-300
  72. Business class on Dragonair
  73. Sfo to hkg seating arrangement
  74. CX DXB - PER November
  75. Interlining CX to UA..
  76. Hkg-bkk cx j?
  77. Help me with some calculations!!
  78. Saying Hello! First time in CX F.
  79. E class coming!
  80. Anybody else got the "exclusive" restaurant offer from Asia Miles?
  81. Asiamiles award flight redemption - call or online request?
  82. CX is still giving one-year GO to AMEX Platinum... as at today
  83. Asia Miles Bonus Booster Program
  84. CX/AA award ticket questions
  85. 777 - 2A/2K - Another Victim of the Reservation System
  86. 24 hours delayed -> compensation 3500 asia miles!? what a joke
  87. Premium Economy fares to Europe via LHR
  88. Row 15 on 77D
  89. Married segments etc
  90. CX807 ORD-HKG: Mini TR & Op-up observations
  91. Klout High Score Gets You Into Cathay Pacificís SFO Lounge
  92. "Newby" Question: First Class Seat Arm Rest?
  93. If i use asia mile to get reward ticket in BA flight, do I still pay the high cost?
  94. CX 872-3 HKG-SFO now a 77H
  95. Request to purchase upgrade declined
  96. Apple Daily 8 May - Cathay to freeze headcount, cut costs
  97. CX 740, changed route?
  98. First on a 747 or First on a 777 for Couples?
  99. CX 2nd 33G
  100. Extending Asia Miles validity
  101. Prem Economy - observations
  102. Airport Express & CX
  103. Cathay New Destinations
  104. Skip last sector of ex-TPE ticket, can I get the fuel surcharge and tax back?
  105. Good experience on CX806
  106. Airport Baggage Waivers
  107. Award TransPac + Paid US Domestic: Does MSC kicks in?
  108. Time from Booking to Issuing a Ticket
  109. Openjaw Oneworld MultiCarrier Rewards Possible?
  110. Transitioning from F to J, Late Departure Meal Schedule?
  111. Cathay I Fares Rules - CX Says No AA Miles, AA Says
  112. 30145 miles in 8 weeks - SL -> GO?
  113. How CX release unsold seats for miles redemption?
  114. MPC & Frequent Visitor e-Channel
  115. Premium Economy Check-in - not that dedicated
  116. how to view itn on CX
  117. DragonAir Flights - No more online chk-in?
  118. Earning MPC miles on Jetstar (Business Max Bundle)
  119. Oenophiles delight in F
  120. CX #807 vs. #CX 881 thoughts
  121. Preserving Extended Legroom Seat at Check-in on Codeshare?
  122. Cancelling an award ticket on "Manage my Booking" page
  123. Best 74A seat in economy
  124. keeping miles from expiring
  125. CX (or oneworld) lounge in HGH?
  126. CX new seats
  127. Is the MPC Customer Service wait time ...
  128. Disgusted with Cathay Pacific on CX 755 on April 29th
  129. Cx final releases
  130. SIN turnaround
  131. New Studio CX interface
  132. How Many eXport Cables for Ipod/Iphones Available
  133. Changing reward flight dates - contacting Asia miles?
  134. SFO-HKG 744 with baby
  135. Back to Gold...thanks CX!
  136. Low CX872 availability in late Jul?
  137. Finally got thru to MPC! Waitlisted for YBHK-J Upgrade...
  138. Power in economy
  139. 777 First Priority Seating
  140. MPO and AM accounts inactive!
  141. Green to SL Tier!
  142. Redeeming miles on Alaska Airlines
  143. Need to extend, is changing date available in Group ticket?
  144. How to Contact MPC?
  145. LHR T3 immigration queues
  146. Questions regarding V ticket rules
  147. HKG - NRT V class sameday MR checklist
  148. Vancouver 747 Service
  149. URG: Upgrade Questions
  150. Early Am HKG arrival
  151. redeem asiamiles on american airlines ticket
  152. LHR Lounge Cathay o BA First Class
  153. New round of stealth cost-cutting?
  154. Good F seats for 3 people (one child) in CX 747 ?
  155. How many of us are enjoying the delay recently?
  156. HKG to CRK????
  157. Current Experience on CX F and J
  158. Upgrade Q to J using miles, phone on hold
  159. What is going on with HKG-PEK today (26/4)
  160. No Baby Bassinet seats on Premium Economy on 77H
  161. Here we go again
  162. Upgrade to premium economy at the airport?
  163. Asia Miles Upgrade from K to J on CX111
  164. CX 747-8 at Boeing Factory?
  165. CX award ticket with 9W Miles
  166. Seatguru "missing" CX 777-300ER First Class
  167. Much talk about HKG-YVR route - is it elite heavy?
  168. Booked a Business Class flight: HKG > JFK - using Avios points
  169. Penang - HKG - LAX - 1.20 connection time
  170. DYKWIA on CX900 23April2012
  171. Seat 4D on the 747
  172. 33K on 77D, very good seat in my opinion
  173. Sale Fare in J to CPT
  174. loading capacity check
  175. YYZ Special Launch Party
  176. Couple of minor things for DM sitting Y
  177. Why no flower in 777w F? N. America - HKG
  178. Seat arrangement
  179. Agent admitted they hate to do seat change now!
  180. Rant: Decline in customer experience SFO-HKG
  181. Upgrade pecking order
  182. Full Y-cabin for HKG--YYZ route
  183. Prem Y Menu 2012
  184. Block seats for premium members - don't do it anymore with Amadeus
  185. CX 111 and 161
  186. help - lost and found at CX lounge in HKIA
  187. Strategy on Premium Economy / Y+: On all 777s?
  188. MarketWatch: CX may park planes and reduce flights
  189. Apparently CX will let you sit in the crew seat during landing if you are famous
  190. Why is CX/KA so delay-prone in PEK
  191. what's happening with HKG-YVR!?
  192. tax for companion ticket
  193. AA miles when rebooked on SQ
  194. Cannot change award flight date, options?
  195. eService Center Hotline
  196. MPC earning miles with BA
  197. This is your Captain speaking...
  198. HKG-RUH-AUH Dry?
  199. CX to raise fuel surcharge from May 1 2012
  200. Philippine lawmakers seeks to exempt foreign airlines from taxes
  201. This is what it takes to get FREE LIFETIME ticket on CX
  202. 77W question
  203. Check-In Seat Change?
  204. fastest way to get 100 asiamiles
  205. new business class or first class?
  206. CX flights JFK to HKG
  207. AsiaMiles vs MarcoPolo. What's the diff?
  208. Which FF# do I give them?
  209. HKG-NRT-HKG - good place to do a MR?
  210. "V" class equivalent for AA, BA?
  211. Worth the extra money?
  212. Am I eligible for club miles in this case?
  213. CX SFO Lounge
  214. Another interlink question... CX TG and PG
  215. Upgrade with Miles or hope for a bday upgrade
  216. Online Booking Issues
  217. How much miles will you get when you take AA code share flight with QF/BA/JL?
  218. Check in e-mails
  219. CX Miles to cash in- not yet a Member!
  220. Redeeming CX miles on BA
  221. MPO mystery solved: "The Console Desk"
  222. Redemption Waitlist Chances HKG-YYZ roundtrip
  223. LHR arrival lounge
  224. CMB
  225. CX's SFO Lounge Official Video
  226. CX Seat sales and fare prices
  227. Manage my booking - seats available
  228. ex-TPE price hike? or cheaper fares not yet loaded?
  229. Asia miles vs oneWorld
  230. strange seat plan in C
  231. Manage My Booking not updated with equipment changes
  232. CX new destinations in Asia in 2012
  233. Asia Miles Redemption - Waitlist
  234. CX 333 KUL to HKG
  235. Which gates at BKK?
  236. Left item on plane -- Who to ask?
  237. poor cx f
  238. Can I upgrade on British Airways using Cathay miles?!
  239. Flying F in shorts?
  240. Are we in J or Y on this Dragonair flight?
  241. What will CX do with PEY on regional routes?
  242. Premium Economy Seat Map Confusion ??
  243. CX seat availability questions
  244. Is there a cap on the number of sectors earned per day?
  245. Can I upgrade Y class redemption ticket to J at check-in?
  246. Newbie Award Ticket Question
  247. Does ExpertFlyer still work for CX after the system change?
  248. Greetings on CX/KA
  249. Same day standby question
  250. Phillipines Travel Tax - incl in ticket?