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  1. Dxb-hkg cx 745/746
  2. Where has all the F award availability to Europe gone?
  3. Upgrades from Y to Y+, Y+ to J, Y to J ....
  4. Any benefits travelling on AA flights as a CX elite?
  5. Not allowed to bring duty free liquids onto planes to US
  6. Has anyone sit at the new bulkhead seats facing the lavatory?
  7. Better op up chances for MPC with premium economy
  8. Trying to Status Match to CX; Not Enough Time?
  9. Eticket State out of Sync with Reality (CUPID->Amadeus)
  10. Higher BN than flight capacity?
  11. Best use of Asia miles
  12. Photos of new Premium Economy & Economy Seats
  13. DEL check-in question
  14. Cathay Wing Lounge Access at HK
  15. KA expansion plan: new seats, IFE upgrade, wifi, new destinations, new uniforms, etc
  16. Why is redeeming AS / AA tickets so hard?
  17. Disappearence of L and V fare class?
  18. ex-TPE I class deal questions
  19. CX to raise fuel surcharge from Mar 1 2012
  20. CX really going the extra miles for DM
  21. Interesting videos
  22. Upgrade options on CX
  23. Can't reach Cathay Pacific
  24. KA new A320 no more J?
  25. Why is the #4 window shade on the 744 permanently closed?
  26. Mumbai Lounge Options
  27. Credit card authorization with no booking
  28. Any chance to see new destinations in 2012?
  29. Setting a bad precedent with DYKWIAs and unreasonable pax
  30. Online check-in for AA award ticket on CX
  31. CX & KA cannot upgrade together
  32. Lots of new regional flights...
  33. Why take away Manage My Booking from MPC account intro page?
  34. End of First Class? - Reduces LAX, in addition to YYZ,LHR, Australia
  35. How far ahead does CX load frequent flyer seats
  36. Shame on Cathay Pacific Singapore Check in Staff
  37. List of known bugs/error/confusion on after system migration
  38. Will CX have promotion for May 25th? Or should I just book now?
  39. Best flight to take, JFK to HKG
  40. Airport Express Ride To Rewards
  41. CX new economy seat!! is it a good idea??
  42. CX 883 (LAX to HKG) - No First Class??
  43. Trying to book Asia Miles award on website - "we will call you in 7 days"
  44. OT: A CX take on Henry Tang's basement
  45. CX Canada Reservation Hotline - Error Message
  46. Which is a better flight to do with? JFK-HKG direct or JFK-HKG via YVR
  47. Something's wrong with 2747 5500
  48. B-HUE (12/2/2012 CX250) stayed at LHR for more than 3 days
  49. Double Asiamiles to LHR for all miles earnable tickets (HK/Macau Res, reg requried)
  50. Club Miles on AA/AS Codeshare Flights?
  51. Delivery of B-LAN, CX A330
  52. What is 77W?
  53. CX is not available on EF?
  54. New flights to SIN/BKK/NGO/KUL etc
  55. The wifi's are coming?
  56. Mileage run/sector run for single person 14 Feb ex-HKG
  57. A (possibly) good Manage My Booking issue?
  58. CX256 LHR-HKG. Has anyone been on this flight recently?
  59. Ticket Issued on CX flight, possible to change to KA flight later on?
  60. Unable to contact customer service?
  61. Error on MMB After Change Over to new system?
  62. Inconsistent eligible upgrade class (CX vs. Asiamiles)
  63. Can I join Asia Miles but accumulate points on AAdvantage?
  64. Upgrade from PE to J
  65. Is CX happy with their 77Ws ?
  66. YYZ Flight Number Changes
  67. CX: Sale of Y+ ticket officially begins
  68. Mia-ord-hnk in F, lounge access and boarding pass questions
  69. MPC Gold Qualification - how flexible?
  70. Something new after system update?
  71. What is CX's Premium Y Pricing Strategy?
  72. Post Website Update - Ticketing Warning - Should I be Concerned?
  73. CX short haul Business class
  74. RT UG on separate TKTs?
  75. MPC Go traveling to HKG, which port is better: SFO/LAX?
  76. Checked Baggage fees for HKG - JFK - DCA roundtrip?
  77. Wifees miles
  78. Upgrade party of four?
  79. HKG-Vancouver; JFK-HKG
  80. Booking Y class tickets - CX
  81. One award seat available, need two
  82. CX888 YVR-JFK Why no breakfast?
  83. I class fare ex MNL
  84. W and R classes added; I class gone?
  85. Cathay now seem to be using Amadeus
  86. New Y and Y+ Event
  87. HKG CX First Class Checkin - Question.
  88. CX in SFO
  89. new premium economy-reduction in capacity??
  90. System upgrade progress.
  91. CX MMB Access - Question?
  92. Booking award ticket after system upgrade
  93. Westbound flights & battling jet lag
  94. CX Premium Economy A330 Deployment to Sydney
  95. Missing Breakfast
  96. CX Booking Now Shows Difference Between 773 and 77W
  97. Bad Cathay Pacific Service
  98. expansion in India!
  99. Cathay to offer premium economy seating to MPC DM/G members
  100. CX6111/6115/6107 PEK-HKG - anyone tried before?
  101. CX Awards - Inconsistent release of additional seats
  102. 77D rows 31-32 H-K?
  103. MPC Economy Seat Guarantee on RTW Ticket
  104. I hope CX revamps MPC benefits with the new Y+ introduction
  105. MPC hotline: an agent that tells you to wait?
  106. HKG-SFO 1am dep...meal in FC
  107. Booking open jaw ticket with reward
  108. Not able to view seat selections?
  109. Children's Meals in First Class
  110. Pajama Question
  111. expiration of miles
  112. Would overnight accomodation be provided by CX
  113. JFK Terminal 7 - Which lounge
  114. Book now or after Feb 12
  115. Which J class on flight CX845 JFK - HKG?
  116. Best time/way to book YYZ-HKG around Christmas?
  117. Which HKG SYD flight to avoid?
  118. AA Anytime Economy Award - Miles Accrued?
  119. Snow in London
  120. Expect Some Disruption To LHR Starting 5th FEB
  121. Asia miles --> MPC Silver (without even knowing)
  122. CX745 - "What a joke, I should have listened to you and changed my flight!""
  123. Best use of Asia miles
  124. Does 330 Region J Bulkhead Seats have Increased or Restricted Legroom?
  125. How to get in contact with CX for seat assignment / upgrade
  126. HKG to MEL on 16th, why does CX say no seats?
  127. Travel to China in Style - Points in account
  128. B744F Rolls Off Taxiway
  129. Asiamiles award on AA - two stopovers, two transfers or one open-jaw rule?
  130. this seems really cool!!
  131. CX Europe Routes
  132. Op Ups happen only when cabin is full?
  133. 1 way in J 1 way in Y
  134. can i change the award ticket date online?
  135. JFK-HKG
  136. BKK to HKG 1st Class, What to expect
  137. HKG to TPE.. any food?
  138. MPC and KA/CX - a couple of questions
  139. Premium Economy on YVR-HKG route?
  140. CX690 19/02/2012 - pushed back by 2 hours with no notice - advice?
  141. Strong jetstream to Europe these few days
  142. CX HKG to BKK Bus transfer QF BKK to SYD in 1st
  143. How many hours before my flight will CX accept my baggage?
  144. Big fare discrepancies for same Y class ticket
  145. System Outage
  146. Have I missed the Cathay sale?
  147. The Wing F refurbishment
  148. Supersale fare (no miles) HKG-DME
  149. business class seating for party of 2?
  150. Asia Miles enrollment period
  151. YYZ-HKG going 773 (Regional) this summer. :(
  152. jfk vs ord vs yyz for CX originating in DC
  153. for PH fliers: PTAA expo discounts
  154. CX PR on Aircraft Going Tech
  155. Asiamiles redeem for American airline ticket
  156. Double Asia Miles HKG-ORD return
  157. CX 694 and Delhi Lounge
  158. Timing of meal service in F LAX-HKG
  159. QF Domestic to CX
  160. Interline Baggage between Cathay and Bangkok Airways
  161. Why having to wait 18 years old!
  162. Hong Kong to Los Angeles in CX J class (77D?) - Feb 2012
  163. Earning classes for Kingfisher (IT)
  164. CX105 83 y.o. attempted to storm cockpit, beat steward with cane til cane broke, ECHO
  165. What Happened on CX252 today?
  166. CX fully refundable ticket
  167. American Airlines picks Cathay's business class for new planes
  168. 77G Y Seating Front cabin layout
  169. Cathay DMs vs OW Emeralds with Cathay
  170. SYD to SGN, will CX allow luggage to stop at HKG?
  171. MPC Diamond Treatment in Longhaul Y
  172. need a suggestion
  173. Menu Rotation Change - 1st of the Month?
  174. CX828 or CX826
  175. The Wing Level 7 (balcony level) Business Class lounge re-opens
  176. HKG-SYD
  177. premium economy award on CX
  178. Another CX incident (CX735)
  179. where do u put your luggage tag?
  180. 77G
  181. BN question
  182. Double AM
  183. Seat selection
  184. Celebrity chef given HK$40K cash compensation for 9-hour delay on CX255
  185. CX will take another 6 A350-900XWB
  186. Mobile boarding pass
  187. CX's registered user service to be discontinued
  188. Asiamiles on AA/IB/BA flight
  189. Question about New J and F cabins...
  190. Cradle (not opg)
  191. The Wing Balcony Level Business class lounge finally reopens Feb!!
  192. Does an 330 8 hour flightfull AVOD?
  193. Do not buy CX ticket online at Cathay web site - ever
  194. Planned S12 Operation with New Inflight Product
  195. Internal Error on Upgrade Page on
  196. CX785 HKG-DPS - Which 777?
  197. Seat selection in economy
  198. CX to decrease fuel surcharge in Feb 2012
  199. First DM flight
  200. Manage My Trip Question
  201. Upgrade using BA miles?
  202. Worth taking the bait? Double Miles on CX promotion.
  203. arrivals lounge for long transit vs. the wing,pier,cabin etc
  204. How are F seats assigned on 74D HKG-DPS?
  205. Marco Polo membership. Is it worth it?
  206. CX251 of JAN15 stop in AMS
  207. Calling CX is hopeless!~ Help with ticket change please!
  208. RBC BA Visa Infinite
  209. CNS 1 Stop Via BNE, How Does It Work?
  210. DXB op up potential
  211. Unusual Tier Upgrade (Green to Silver)
  212. Possible to fly from GIG to IGU using Asia Miles?
  213. 80 minute transit in HKIA but bags failed to show up in Manila
  214. Breakfast in the Wing F-CL section
  215. CX879 Redirected...
  216. Fly F/J from LHR-HKG and get up to 250% bonus miles.
  217. How to check AA availability without calling Asia Miles?
  218. Tips to get F seating on 2 class sold, 3 class configured 744?
  219. HKG routing help
  220. DM, GO, EM, SP, RUBY, and KSM???
  221. Baggage Allowance Question
  222. Best credit card conversion rate to Asiamiles (HK)
  223. Miles credited for flying on AS
  224. Biz award ticket - involuntary downgrade
  225. CX is becoming more expensive
  226. Economy special versus Economy Core
  227. Upgrade to J with Special Meal request?
  228. Extra award seat ?
  229. Arriving in F, Departing in Y - Lounge Access?
  230. best tool to find award space
  231. CX 879 shows zero seats in F and J - will service suffer?
  232. Enter HK lounge without membership card?
  233. Cathay Marco Polo promotion- will it credit Aadvantage?
  234. Difficuly getting HK to YVR award tickets vs JFK, SIN etc
  235. Should CX fly their 77W to BOM and DEL??
  236. Need a registration number from JFK-HKG-BKK
  237. Hong Kong Airlines to challenge Cathay Pacific
  238. YYZ: Bye Bye F!!!
  239. Help: seat assignments for 2F and 2J
  240. CX 751 to DEL A/C change?
  241. CX lounges in HKG
  242. YYZ-HKG-BKK connection question
  243. Unable to retrieve MP membership number
  244. Guaranteed econ class seat for MPC Gold
  245. New SFO lounge is a mess!
  246. Which F Lounge?
  247. 1.5MM milestone
  248. CX J Long Haul, meals
  249. Lai See Packets?
  250. HK Airlines plans IPO