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  1. 8.5 segments short from MPO GO, should I run for segment?
  2. Business Class Upgrade Redemption between Hong Kong and London
  3. 77W vs 773
  4. Dec. 5th less miles to upgrade offer
  5. New website layout for CX Cargo??
  6. CX miles on Jet Airways?
  7. Diamond Lounge Access - different airline...
  8. website price tripled in three days?
  9. New York: More Disruption
  10. Two stopovers, two transits or one openjaw
  11. Cx367 - 07/12/12
  12. Lounge entry letter redeemed by AM miles for someone else?
  13. Lounge hours Vancouver
  14. Can infant ticket itinery be partial routes of Adult Itinery?
  15. When do I start looking for Award Seats
  16. Consumers to benefit from Air New Zealand/ Cathay Pacific strategic agreement on New
  17. YVR to HKG Upgrade issues
  18. Direct turn on CX711/710 in Colombo?
  19. Cathay upgrades
  20. 40C on a 4-class 77W - A gem or a pain?
  21. LHR > HK Average Price
  22. Does CX charge USD1=HKD10?!
  23. Newbie business class flyer with CX
  24. Surprised at decline in CX product.... Perception or reality?
  25. Why PEY makes it CHEAPER to upgrade to J! Is this right?!
  26. Censored/edited movies?!?
  27. travelling SFO - HKG with 2 yr old
  28. 3 tiered boarding procedure in HK for KA
  29. Another evidence PE isn't selling?
  30. PVG-PER J Award Jan
  31. MEL to HKG late November in Y - Will I get to try the new seats?
  32. KA to start WNZ on 18JAN13
  33. Two differing class can we switch
  34. Arrival Lounge in HK to Business Class Passengers?
  35. About reward Ticket ! (CX & AA)
  36. Favorite J Seat on 744
  37. 744 vs 77W business
  38. CX Award Flights For HKG-SIN
  39. CX to maintain current level of fuel surcharge for Nov 2012
  40. First class perks ?
  41. tour
  42. Overnight connection at HKG and checked bags
  43. fanfares :-)
  44. Redemption of Upgrade Awards to Premium Economy
  45. Specific 777 Y seat question
  46. CX J Seat Assignment
  47. Question on booking CX International & JL domestic flights
  48. Reasonable Y seats
  49. CX and Hurricane Sandy
  50. Chances for asia miles upgrade HK to YVR?
  51. CX Premium Economy vs SQ standard economy
  52. Maximizing Nonflight Asia Miles in USA
  53. Do i need Asia Miles card Physically at hotel?
  54. First Time CX Flyer - My Initial Thoughts.
  55. 24 Hour Checkin (Luggage) at HKIA or Only Airport Express?
  56. CX business lounge at CMB
  57. Interesting article regarding CA shares issue
  58. Use of Lounge in HK
  59. chances upgrade to J CX829 YYZ-HKG?
  60. Using the Toilet in other classes
  61. Waiting for availability on a specific fly?
  62. Flight number on IFE
  63. Has Cathay rolled out new business from MEL-HKG yet?
  64. How good is CX with baggage damage compensation
  65. Boarding from Which Door: SFO-HKG on 77W
  66. Kids in Premium Cabins
  67. New Y class experience
  68. Pilot life
  69. What Happened to CX888 Departing HKG 23rd Oct
  70. CX Silver invite from Asia Miles
  71. Fare basis code for group tour
  72. What does CX think The Middle East is?
  73. Boarding @ JFK - Door 1L or 2L?
  74. birthday present from cx:) surprised surprised
  75. Delay in crediting miles/sectors?
  76. Is it worth waiting 3.5 hours for F on BKK-HKG?
  77. Problem with "Your Itinerary" section of the website?
  78. [SPEC THREAD] CX/KA New Destination for 2013
  79. Y k fare or PE. ex-TPE
  80. Which J Seat: 16A or 17A on 77H?
  81. A Day in The Life of an Airport Staff
  82. 343 J Seating Question
  83. Maximising F Lounge Experience
  84. BA PE upgrade to C using Asia Miles
  85. AA redemption, CX flight, AM upgrade?
  86. What is the best way of burning 175K AY + points?
  87. Article on new Wing F lounge
  88. A330 Y+ Receive J Meals?
  89. A few questions for a possible CX Newbie
  90. 744 leaving YVR for good
  91. Cathay YVR-JFK Paid Upgrades?
  92. Random Cathay rants
  93. A day in the life of a CX flight attendant..
  94. Changes to OLCI ??
  95. HKGDPS 77W with F cabin?
  96. New KA service to RGN announced
  97. Marco Polo luncheon on 17 Oct (HK)
  98. Any body knows OCT.14 CX162's business class is new or old?
  99. Asia Miles talk to human possible?
  100. Expertflyer and CX EX TPE (married segment issue?)
  101. check luggage 24 hrs in advance in HKG?
  102. ASR Limitation?
  103. Updated schedule on rollout of Y+/new Y?
  104. SYD - HKG CX162 Herringbone tommorrow
  105. Dragonair HKG to CNX
  106. CX to MH baggage
  107. CX long haul F Class skipped serving the 2nd (pre-landing) meal?
  108. Holding Business Ticket, Sitting in Economy Cabin (voluntarily)
  109. What to do with CX Lounge Access Certificate?
  110. cx video
  111. Best program to claim CX miles on
  112. Earn Aadvantage on cathay flight
  113. American Airlines with CX Diamond.-
  114. Does CX interline with Air France? Easyjet?
  115. QR to join OW- what's in for CX?
  116. A343's where are they flying
  117. Return flight HKG --> LAX (Premium economy) waitlist
  118. ex-MNL Supersaver (Q) fare to LAX
  119. Studio CX - Movie/Programming Selection.
  120. J wines are going downhill again
  121. Anyone know why CX 846 was cancelled on 10/8?
  122. Interlining checked baggage on award booking
  123. Redeem Asia Miles & status match
  124. Miles redemption for infant
  125. ex-Manila Crazily Cheap Promotion
  126. Upgrade On CX841 from JFK-HKG
  127. Check-in at SIN
  128. Multi-Ticket / Multi-Airline Itinerary
  129. iOS 6 Passbook support
  130. Carry-on Question
  131. Advance upgraded to PE, can't change seat online
  132. Fast track/priority lane at Narita Airport
  133. Award from FRA or AMS?
  134. Type of Fare on JAL for AM Accrual
  135. Hkg-cts cny
  136. Switch from BAEC to AsiaMiles?
  137. CX new 777 Seat 15A
  138. MPC DM vs AA EXP
  139. Fighting for BN1...
  140. Shoulder strap in coffin J
  141. Book on a Singapore partner flight
  142. F-service @ breakfast
  143. arriving to Skypier from Macau for CX flight - able to leave airport?
  144. Do not see any first award availability from sfo or lax in october
  145. 2-part newbie question on upgrading from J to F (JFK-HKG) on CX using miles/points
  146. #837 from YVR 13 Nov: no F?
  147. JL online-checkin on Asia Miles redemption ticket - doable?
  148. KA moving from Terminal 2 to 1 at TPE?
  149. First time in Dragonair J.
  150. The upgrade that wasn't
  151. Breakfast at 5 p.m.?
  152. TPE - HKG - KUL - HKG MR - KUL fit for quick-turnaround?
  153. SINNYC, booked CX though should I consider SQ nonstop?
  154. Will I make this connection...?! HELP
  155. Transiting onto CX in YVR
  156. Asia miles redemption
  157. New Business Class Roadshow & Club Event in London
  158. Mini-J Cabin on 77W now reserved for DM?
  159. cx regional j on long haul flights still exist?
  160. Redemption problem
  161. Can You Award Waitlist For More than 1 Flight?
  162. Should I contact Air China or CX for this..
  163. What lounges on this Asia itinerary?
  164. CX improved on seat assignment, seat guaranteed
  165. Taipei turnaround fares to the US
  166. Reason to cheer for DMs maybe! (and a minor bad)
  167. Business Class or Premium Economy???
  168. Y+ Price Experimentation for NA Continues?
  169. 9/28/2012 in HKG
  170. How Good is Cathay?
  171. How to mildly annoy a customer
  172. CX to raise fuel surcharge from Oct 1 2012
  173. HELP: 140,000 expiring Asia Miles and no idea what to do
  174. Overnight Transit @ CLK
  175. ex-TPE North American flight D/I Fare Waitlist
  176. Online seat selection in First/Business
  177. New Regional J announce today!
  178. MPC will not disclose flight loading anymore?
  179. CX Maintenance & Safety Record
  180. HKG CX LOUNGES: Refresh Upon Arrival
  181. rebook part(s) of an award ticket?
  182. If you really want an op-up that bad (going/return from USA)....
  183. Possible to use AsiaMiles to fly MCI-DPS on one award ticket?
  184. Redemption rerouting fee
  185. MPO status renewal - rollover miles?
  186. HKG-LAX Op-up?
  187. Will CX 881 and 873 always have an F class?
  188. Chances of getting J OP-UP? HKG to LAX
  189. How much time needed and what can be done?
  190. CX business seating, side x side, or back front?
  191. Multi-currency pricing for Cathay Pacific and Dragonair
  192. 18 747 set to go here
  193. Promotional bonus posting,how long?
  194. CX wake up call ...
  195. JFK-HKG-JFK -- December and January
  196. When do CX usually release F award seats?
  197. PEK to SIN
  198. Unzipped seat cover on New J seat
  199. Bah-Hkg RT in J, credit where? What is the seat like?
  200. Diamond flying on BA....
  201. Typical response time for TheClub@CX
  202. Amusing CX related video
  203. Waitlisting for J upgrade - force to issue ticket with return not cleared?
  204. Marco Polo Club ??
  205. CX Online Booking Sucks
  206. Regional J Service 'Enhanced'?
  207. Exit row seats on 77W
  208. Beware Cathay Pacific Premium Economy - you may pay for what you DO NOT GET
  209. CX Hot Season Redemption Chances
  210. Award redemption question regarding infants
  211. Does CX baggage interline with JAL
  212. Use AA miles to upgrade to first?
  213. Will I get the new biz cabin?
  214. chances of upgrade jfk to hkg
  215. what was your first time on-board being a DM like?
  216. EF shows I1, am on waiting list but not cleared.. what gives?
  217. Premium Economy gripe
  218. CX Lounge Singapore
  219. Old news but confirmed by CX staff
  220. Multicity Stopover Help
  221. JFK-YVR
  222. 219 miles away from diamond
  223. CX Rebranding and New Regional J and Y class launch
  224. Check-in time at ORD
  225. PEY Promotion - Double AM between USA-HKG (ORD excluded)
  226. JFK-SIN
  227. Rookie viewing CX Programs
  228. Another issue of CX system upgrade
  229. First time on CX. JFK-HKG on FT 845 this Friday. Hints? Tips?
  230. BA JFK F Lounge Open for CX 845?
  231. SIN - HKG - LHR: 1st or Business?
  232. Redemption for hkg-yyz
  233. Noise in 16K on new business 773ER?
  234. Changing dates on tickets
  235. HKG-DPS award on Wednesdays in the fall
  236. Op-up on linked itineraries
  237. A340 strange seat layout
  238. First Cathay Post... A question
  239. CX 838 Equipment change probability
  240. Flight Change Help
  241. Difference of Cirrus J on 77W (77D, 77G) vs 330 (33G 33E)
  242. CX lounge internet vs. Airport Free Wi-Fi
  243. Connection at Dubai, Valid or not?
  244. MPO Online Redemption Booking Down
  245. Reunions and "Elite Status Personality Disorder"
  246. Interesting about baby-bassinet seat
  247. CX710 CMB-HKG Amenity Kit?
  248. Chance of Getting Y Award Seat HND->HKG
  249. Can I change my MPC reset date ealier
  250. Code Share Question