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  1. FDs/MRs or Cheap flights from Ecuador
  2. Uruguay itinerary questions
  3. 11pm Landing at SCL - Transport to city?
  4. Renting a car (self-drive) from MDE
  5. Colombia - Tax Exemption form no longer?
  6. A few questions about extending Colombia visas
  7. Six days in Santiago with teen girls
  8. 12 days in Peru and Easter Island trip, does this itinerary work?
  9. Long weekend in Bogota
  10. Lounge access in SCL?
  11. Volunteering in Ecuador
  12. What to do in 25 hours in BOG?
  13. South America itinerary - comments/recommendations gratefully received
  14. SCL/LPB to IPC to PPT
  15. Trip to Mendoza - flying into Santiago. OK to bring Argentine wine back to Chile?
  16. What's with airfares within South America?
  17. Cellphones in Chile - What are the best options for a tourist?
  18. LHR-BOG via MAD - 70min connection ??
  19. Immediate Turnaround in BAQ
  20. Cartagena - Local tax charged by hotel vs National tax?
  21. Quito airport to Mercury Alameda hotel transfer
  22. Iguazu logistics and rental car?
  23. 1,600 CLP hotel in Santiago
  24. Best flights from GRU-Buenos Aires
  25. 5 hours in Cartagena- luggage storage and things to do?
  26. Sanda Marta to Medellin
  27. Papal security at airport
  28. Costa Rica - 7 days visit...
  29. 6 months in Colombia -- Visa question
  30. Which Carrier?
  31. Flights to/from GPS - Which side of aircraft?
  32. Colombian Short Term Rentals
  33. Travel to SA with 2 passports?
  34. Advice for flying from AU - Tahiti - South America and onwards
  35. 5 days in SCL/ Daytrip suggestions
  36. AA acft change MIA-GRU
  37. Cartagena and beaches lodging help needed
  38. Where to stay for performances at the Teatro Municipal?
  39. Early morning Baltra departure concerns
  40. Where to meet at CTG / Cartagena, Colombia
  41. Rio & Buenos Aires
  42. Southern Chile Calbuco Volcano Causing Some SA Flight Changes (Apr 2015)
  43. Seeking tips on getting visa from Venezuelan consulate in Houston
  44. Delta starting service to MDE and CTG
  45. Chauvinism / discrimination in Chile - one little anecdote
  46. Flying to Punta Arenas after arriving to SCL from DFW
  47. Recommend biz class to Santiago
  48. Rainy season in Medellin/Bogota - what to expect?
  49. REASONABLY priced hotel near Santiago, Chile Airport?
  50. Airport Lounges in Guayaquil?
  51. Assistance for Cartagena accomodations
  52. SCL - Lodging near La Moneda
  53. Tierradentro, Colombia
  54. Google Maps is horrible in Chile - Is there an alternate?
  55. Help needed for flight BA->Rio
  56. Atacama Desert in North Chile - what an area! Great to go a short week there
  57. carnival in Montevideo
  58. 1 week in South America May 2015 - no beaches :)
  59. Fly into CCS, out of CTG?
  60. Colombian Airport Improvements
  61. Driving in Central Colombia
  62. Help planning 6-8 month Colombia-based trip
  63. Help Planning Chile Trip
  64. Is SCL reciprocity fee gone?
  65. Trip to Bogotá and...?
  66. Guayaquil area outside of city - Malaria?
  67. Medellín questions
  68. Santiago + ??? in Chile?
  69. iPhone App GPS Chile
  70. Colombia to charge reciprocity fee?!!?
  71. taxi in Quito
  72. Three days in Cartagena
  73. Montevideo airport 3 hours to fill early morning
  74. Border formalities intra SA flights
  75. Visa - Colombia
  76. SCL -> LAX
  77. Santiago in a day
  78. DC-> Colombia, can I do better for my points?
  79. Three months in South America: what to do
  80. Bolivia visa for HKSAR passport
  81. Appreciate tips/miles etc:Cheapest way to do Santiago-WashingtonDC/NY-Denver/Boulder?
  82. 2 weeks in Colombia - any tips?
  83. W Trek Starting on the 16th or 17th Nov
  84. Santiago + ??? in Chile (suggestions for an air-hop sidetrip)
  85. 2 nights - 2.5 days in park - where to stay, where to trek?
  86. Tight flight connections - do-able?
  87. Bogota Disney Travel Agent Recommendation
  88. Patagonia trip help
  89. Getting to Carmelo, Uruguay
  90. Exit Tax/Transitting Bogota question
  91. bus to lima peru
  92. SCL-IPC-SCL flights: INT or DOM?
  93. Bogota to Stockholm RT?
  94. How much money do I need for 1 week?
  95. Best Taxi App for Peru/Columbia?
  96. 2.5 week itinerary for Chile/Easter Island and Peru (MP)
  97. Travel to Peru, Chile and Argentina from 27/10/14 to 22/11/14
  98. Customs transitting Bogata & Lima?
  99. First time to S. America - Argentina and Chile advice please
  100. Santiago & AC093 Rep. Fee Needed For Connection?
  101. Hotel recommendations for PEI and SJO
  102. Has anyone gotten a Paraguay visa recently?
  103. South American cities with American expats
  104. Iguazu: need 2 visas?
  105. Current safety assessment of Venezuela?
  106. 13 hours un Asunción
  107. Bogota tips
  108. 2 Week Fitness Bootcamp Suggestions?
  109. Entering SCL on British Passport
  110. Late Night/Early AM Santiago to SCL Using Public Transport?
  111. First time to S. America
  112. Short layover at SCL. Enough time to change planes?
  113. Meeting point at BOG?
  114. Day-trip - to nearby quiet town - from Santiago, Chile?
  115. Falling in love with a country
  116. 3 h 50 min at ASU - what to do (if anything)?
  117. Uruguay to be admitted to Visa Waiver Program
  118. Cuenca Ecuador - 2 days and done
  119. Canaima/Roraima and Kaieteur Falls
  120. Biking tour companies in San Gil Colombia
  121. Santiago Lunch Recommendations?
  122. Uruguay advice?
  123. Last resort - can anybody assist?
  124. 8.0 Earthquake off the Northern Chile coast
  125. Ecuador: Mt. Tungurahua in full eruption (31 Mar 2014)
  126. Help sought for a South American Rendezvous
  127. South America Trip Help
  128. FIDAE 2014, Santiago
  129. Copa Baggage allowance - Star Alliance Gold
  130. Valle del Cauca, Colombia
  131. Medical mission trip to ecuador
  132. 4hr stopover at Bogota, what to do
  133. $160 Reciprocity Fee for Chile Eliminated for US Citizens
  134. Question- Miami MIA to Buenos Aires EZE
  135. Considerations flying through SCL, LIM, GYE and UIO
  136. End Of Chilean Reciprocity Fee! [Entry into US Visa Waiver Program Feb 2014]
  137. Chile trip advice
  138. Can I trust "Gate 1 Travel" for guided tour?
  139. Brazil Bans A380 Flights at São Paulo Airport
  140. help with trip to lima and cartagena
  141. Layover in Bogota or Panama?
  142. Salta to El Calafate flights
  143. Uyuni and Titicaca
  144. Guayaquil Hotels
  145. Cheap airfares in South America?
  146. Transferring money from Colombia to the USA?
  147. Where to buy Bose QC15 in CCS International Departure?
  148. Chile SIM Cards
  149. Santiago Airport (SCL) Construction - post your updates here
  150. Cartagena & Bogota (+ Mexico City) Trip Report / Photo Diary
  151. Taking advantage of currency devaluation in Venezuela. Good idea or bad idea?
  152. Colombia six month passport validity rule or no?
  153. Free hotel shuttle in Medellin
  154. Yellow fever vaccine for Iguazu Falls?
  155. LIM voted best South American airport again
  156. SYD-SCL-EZE Check luggage through or collect and recheck in SCL
  157. Help with Medellin-RIO-BA Flight costs. Anyway tips to get cheaper flights?
  158. Three Cities
  159. Anyone Been to Guyana Recently?
  160. Where to stay in Santiago?
  161. Ecuador-trip advice
  162. Waiting at SCL for the rest of our party to land
  163. New BOG national terminal. Opened 2 weeks ago
  164. Colombia Trip
  165. Question about safety/theft in Santiago
  166. List:South America Hotels and Points Needed for Reward Night
  167. Uruguay - is early Dec. high season?
  168. Cheap/Close Hotel to BOG El Dorado
  169. Traveling to Chile with 2 children (both under4)
  170. Any new nonrev information on South America?
  171. Asia to Latin America?
  172. Weird Venezuela currency controls mean that all flights are booked
  173. Venezuela and its Exchange Rate: RTW, Luxury Goods and more
  174. 2.5 days in Santiago
  175. Confusion at BOG T2: arriving int'l pax with domestic .CO connections
  176. Car rental gouging at CLO
  177. Bogota Hilton vs. Embassy Suites Advice?
  178. Guayaquil, Ecuador Advice?
  179. Connecting to another carrier in Santiago (SCL)
  180. Propina added to restaurant bills in Colombia
  181. Help with flights to Santiaga/Coyhaique (Balmeceda)
  182. advice for family trip, the FT way
  183. Easter Island Hotels with best WiFi
  184. SCL Plane Switch
  185. Looking for good deal/rewards on trip to South America
  186. Traveling within South America-Airpass?
  187. Transit visa for Bolivia
  188. Accommodation on Easter Island
  189. Chile via Peru
  190. Chile and Peru - Will this work?
  191. The Daily Show - and Chile
  192. PTY minimum connection time
  193. Backpacking from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina?
  194. Iguazu Falls logistics
  195. Cancel first segment of 3 segment flight.
  196. Flying to SouthAm with US Transit Visa.
  197. Machu Picchu then Buenos Aires - Travel Itinerary?
  198. End Of Chilean Reciprocity Fee? [Archival]
  199. Admirals Lounge or Delta Sky Club at SCL
  200. Colombia - MDE and BOG What to do?
  201. South America 4 week trip
  202. Island day trips from Cartagena
  203. Malaria injections
  204. Uruguay: Montevideo or Colonia from Buenos Aires?
  205. Arriving GRU with Much luggage
  206. RT vs. One Way Fares On LAN
  207. Obtaining a car to drive around several countries
  208. Award availability: NYC to Guyana
  209. Places to Volunteer in South America
  210. Some Questions about my South America Trip this summer
  211. Easter Island to Peru
  212. Can I travel via bus from northern Brazil to any other country?
  213. colchagua wine tour recommendations?
  214. Fake Nuns Hid Cocaine Under Habits
  215. Chile, esp. Atacama
  216. SCL to rest of world to NYC or IAD or PHL
  217. 5 weeks in South America - pointers?
  218. SIM in SCL
  219. MVD Airport to Montevideo city - late night?
  220. venezuela
  221. US-Chile-Argentina transit question
  222. Hotel Recommendation in CTG?
  223. South America for 12 Days (Nov) & TRAINS!
  224. Prevalence of vehicles sized for a party of five and driver?
  225. JFK-UIO Nonstop on TAME?
  226. prepaid sim and/or phone around GRU?
  227. Avianca reliability
  228. India to Argentina cheapest way possible
  229. Cheapest way out of Buenos Aires or Montevideo?
  230. Smoking possibilities in SCL
  231. Kill time waiting in UIO or BOG?
  232. if YOUR son were going to Chile in July - how would you get him there?
  233. 12 hour layover in Santiago
  234. Where can I travel safe in remote areas?
  235. Need a Santiago Siesta?
  236. AC lounge @ SCL?
  237. International transit @ BOG
  238. Help with Flight Choices BNE to IGR
  239. Chile Extends Summer Time to 27 Apr 13
  240. SCL for long weekend from NY: experiences?
  241. 12 days in Colombia
  242. Solo in Cartagena - safety issues?
  243. ATL-EZE rerouted thru SCL. help with customs/baggage?
  244. Which Airline? ORD-SCL/EZE-ORD in economy
  245. Late May/Early June - Chile and Argentina
  246. 2 Months South America - Looking for Advice
  247. Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Arg. Day Bus
  248. Taking Booze Through Security? [in BOG]
  249. Moving to Latin America! - Where would you live
  250. Colombia Visa Question