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  1. Salzburg Advent Singing - what to wear?
  2. PRG - NRT via CDG but skipping CDG - NRT: Q RE: Customs/Passpoe
  3. Vienna 5-star hotel
  4. Belgium Regional Strikes
  5. Road Trip or Guided Tour for WWII Sites
  6. 6 hours in Amsterdam - Anything to do near the airport?
  7. DFW-ONT/LAX-CDG-HEL-FCO Advice Needed Please!
  8. Cheap One Way Car Rental Munich to Milan?
  9. Is there an index of country currencies recommending whether to bring money or not?
  10. 180-day rule for short-stay schengen visa
  11. Cyprus: Larnaca to Paphos direct?
  12. Flight connections Brussels - Stockholm
  13. PRG-FRA Connection Question
  14. 20-hour layover in Amsterdam: Stay in city center or near airport? Any lunch recs?
  15. Istanbul airport transfers
  16. Dublin vs London vs Paris?
  17. European New Year Sampler trip
  18. Bright rectangular areas around Amsterdam?
  19. trying to sort out about schengen zone entry
  20. Has anyone transited BSL?
  21. Chances of VDB on European Airlines?
  22. Prague airport transfer (to Usti nad Labem)
  23. Cyprus car rental insurance question
  24. Budapest - Need advice
  25. English in Europe and Money Management
  26. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  27. 20 nights in Istanbul
  28. Groupon in holland?
  29. Athens transfers and hotel info
  30. Zurich - Airport and city
  31. Restaurant recommendations in Amsterdam
  32. Airside ATM at AMS?
  33. European Alps by Car or Train
  34. Athens Restaurant
  35. Few hours in either Riga or Stockholm ?
  36. Riga - Non Schengen - Schengen - Connection time 50 minutes
  37. 4 Days in Slovakia Between BUD and KRK - Logistics?
  38. AMS to CPH without a passport
  39. Travel to Europe from US booked solid Nov 1
  40. Left luggage at AMS
  41. Europe custom question
  42. Advice on itinerary: 6 countries in 4 days
  43. Running for the border (literally): France and Germany
  44. Prepaying for Europe
  45. Schengen Visa Travel Dates
  46. UA Miles for trip to Ukraine / Athens Greece
  47. Kitzbühel over Christmas?
  48. Dresden as an alternative airport for Prague
  49. Turkish Transit Visa
  50. Question about "Hidden city ticketing" for my Marseille to Geneva trip
  51. Process for vat refund on U.K. purchases; now in Vienna, bound for Zurich??
  52. Greece’s Air Traffic Controllers to Strike [Oct 4-5]
  53. Transiting AMS or CDG to IST
  54. Spending the night in AMS (Schipol)?
  55. day pass accessible lounges in zurich airport?
  56. SIM card for Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria
  57. 24hrs, solo, AMS or VIE (in December)?
  58. Shuttles in Luxembourg and Nuremberg
  59. Eurovision??? What?!?
  60. Airport Transfer Service in Rome and other parts of Europe
  61. USA to Bucharest with a transfer in Zurich - checkin required
  62. airport shuttle/taxi from WAW to Lodz, Poland
  63. Croatia weather forecast reliability?
  64. Turkey or Greece - Jan 2-10th
  65. ZRH connection question - customs
  66. Which smart phone apps for visiting Paris and London
  67. Exit Schengen zone and reenter with other passport?
  68. Could someone check if the Duty-Free in Zurich carries Parisienne jaune cigarettes?
  69. Can I rent a car and drive from Amsterdam to Germany (and back)?
  70. connexxion bus from AMS into city, morning rush hour - slow?
  71. Layover in Brussels, do I need a visa?
  72. Cancelled flight due to Italian air strike - Entitlement advice?
  73. Seeking help to resolve EU 261 situation.
  74. Visa guidelines in Schengen at point of entry
  75. Minsk, Belarus: Travel Advice
  76. Carrying my passport...
  77. Airline change (connection) time for PRG
  78. PRG airport to Radisson Blu Alcron transportation
  79. Bought a motorcycle that lives in Munich
  80. Anyone familiar with Melchsee-Frutt?
  81. International Driving Permit required in Romania for a US citizen?
  82. Vienna during new year eve.
  83. Are magnetic strip ("swipe") credit cars still accepted in Europe?
  84. Turkey Aegean Coast - stay in Selcuk or Kusadasi?
  85. URGENT stay will exceed max duration
  86. 2 days in Amsterdam
  87. BSL to ZRH to GVA ... overnight
  88. Malta tour guide?
  89. Iceland's Bárðarbunga volcano: Europe could soon be under another giant ash cloud
  90. Schengen Visa
  91. Looking for Heraklion, Crete hotel recommendations
  92. ZRH to Vevey Question.
  93. 85 minute transit in Athens airport?
  94. Secondary passport used to enter Schengen area
  95. Canadian wanting to relocate to Europe, Where to start?
  96. Moved to Holland - great experience of food in Europe
  97. Days in prague?
  98. Europe in Jan 2015?
  99. Less Busy Cities in Europe in Summer
  100. Using EU-issued cards to get cash from U.S. ATMs with no surcharge?
  101. Cheap group hotel in Istanbul?
  102. Party in portugal
  103. Prague airport transfter schedule query
  104. Where to apply for visa if stopover in FRA destination BRU?
  105. Advice on Bayeux to London
  106. Areas to stay in Oslo and Amsterdam
  107. flight route database
  108. iAmsterdam or Holland Pass?
  109. Winter Holiday Planning - IST + Athens
  110. Travelling to Europe for 2 weeks November / December
  111. Dubrovnik-Budva-Dhermi and onwards overland?
  112. tips for first Amsterdam visit please?
  113. cheap hotel in Kloten(ZRH)?
  114. Amsterdam: how to get from airport to hotel?
  115. Luggage Forwarding in the Prague Airport
  116. Planning for a European Winter Trip
  117. Travel by car: Bern (Switzerland) - Stresa (Northern Italy) When to leave?
  118. Amsterdam family trip...Waldorf, Pulitzer, or Hilton
  119. IST hotel for 23 hour layover?
  120. 15 days itinerary for Denmark and Sweden
  121. Radission Blu royal or Radission Eu in Brussels ?
  122. Italian embassy [visa] problem!!-HELP!!
  123. booked a flight one day after Schengen visa start
  124. 8 hours in Amsterdam
  125. Switzerland [end of November, seven days]
  126. VERY mundane questions - washing clothes?
  127. Eastern Europe 8 day Itinerary help
  128. Istanbul - location
  129. Transferring from United to EasyJet through AMS - Do I have enough time?
  130. Hugh Laurie Delayed at Serbian Border, Officials Make Souvenir Copy of Passport
  131. Can one drive freely through the Balkans with a rental car?
  132. connecting at Zurich
  133. Airside at Maastricht Airport (MST)
  134. Latvia - Riga photo gallery and tourist attractions
  135. Cancellations in Santorini for July - maybe it helps somebody
  136. Your experience with Automated Passport Control (European airports only)?
  137. brugge or blankenberge
  138. Crete car rental questions for Sept. 2014
  139. European SIM Card (Belgium & Netherlands or Germany or England)
  140. Europe in mid-Sept. Starting in AMS
  141. Few Questions Re: Filling Schengen Visa Form
  142. Brussels Airport transfer time
  143. Christmas in Europe - Advice Appreciated
  144. Blacklane service question - Zurich area?
  145. Prague or Budapest?
  146. SFO-FRA-MAD-IBZ: Pick up luggage before final destination?
  147. VAT Question: Purchase Amount
  148. ~25 days in London, Germany, Switzerland, France -- Please Critique
  149. Rail strike today in Belgium
  150. Itinerary suggestions: 26th Dec - 4th Jan
  151. Right of way in Belgium
  152. 4 month extended Europe trip - itinerary, logistics, transportation, etc suggestions?
  153. 3 days between Italy and Den/Swe
  154. Zurich Old Town - Best Restaurants
  155. Rail and Fly Staff in Germany
  156. Quick connection at BRU
  157. Suggestions for Brussels
  158. traveling through IST Istanbul
  159. Transfers in the Balkans
  160. TSA lock required when travelling to Europe?
  161. Travel Options from Bucharest to Budapest
  162. United vs. AC or Swiss Air
  163. Transit in Belgrade
  164. Applying For Schengen Visa
  165. Use of unused Schengen visa for travel to Switzerland
  166. Best way from MUC to Zirl in Austria?
  167. v-pay/maestro - any UK banks issue?
  168. Europe Travel - End of August - Welcome Itinerary Suggestions.
  169. zurich casino (note about finding it)
  170. Seeking recommendations for a driver + guide in IST
  171. Shannon Airport
  172. cool spots at zurich zrh?
  173. IST airport question
  174. Istanbul Ferry question Eminonu to Kadikoy
  175. Clarification regarding Schengen Visa rules
  176. Canada to Brussels to Venice connection time
  177. Family Accommodations in Paris and Switzerland
  178. Changing random currencies
  179. Malta - 3 days end December
  180. Netherlands to Greece flights
  181. For Euro travel, what hotel programs do you focus on?
  182. 5 hour layover in Vienna
  183. Baggage Room at Schiphol
  184. Los Angeles to Europe
  185. Best lounge at ZRH
  186. Overnighting at Thessaloniki (SKG)
  187. Travel through Istanbul - 6 hr layover enough?
  188. Trip from the Czech republic to Paris, help?
  189. Please rank these four central european cities
  190. ? Expiring passport Jan 2015
  191. Any way to claim checked luggage in transit @ CDG or FCO?
  192. AMS shower during layover: Lounge 41 or Yotel shower cabin?
  193. Customs in Europe
  194. Help Planning Winter Christmas Market Holiday
  195. Schengen Visa Europe?Help Please!
  196. ORD to CDG First Class
  197. Favorite Cities in the Baltics?
  198. Suggestions: city w/ cheap flight from IST?
  199. Good Spots For August Vacation
  200. Switzerland trip in Aug - Need advice
  201. Using CSP (Chip and Signature) in Europe
  202. Croatia hotel laws re:overbooking/involuntary downgrade
  203. Where to buy absinthe & kirsch in Zurich?
  204. US passport expiring in 2 months
  205. Travel on Schengen Visa
  206. How much time in Innsbruck, Liechtenstein and Zürich?
  207. Barcelona Metro escalators
  208. AMS to Reims / Epernay questions
  209. Milan to ______ to Prague, any thoughts?
  210. Lithuania - Vilnius photo gallery and tourist attractions
  211. Mykonos, Santorini and Athens
  212. What to do in Zurich and Geneva?
  213. where can on buy snow chains?
  214. Europe: Warm Cokes and Public Buildings
  215. Please suggest airline from MAD to FCO .
  216. European destination in Nov/Dec
  217. Any large thriving American expat communities in Europe?
  218. Prague terminal 1 transfer
  219. 1.10 hr transit in ZRH
  220. Zurich to Barcelona overnight train
  221. Need cheap flight Istanbul to Budapest
  222. Speeding in Switzerland
  223. European Honeymoon
  224. Taking the train between Hoofddorp & Centraal Station Amsterdam
  225. Belgium / Luxembourg Itinerary
  226. Athens: Rec for Paidakia (lamb chops) for lunch?
  227. Warsaw Layover. ideas?
  228. Paris to Barcelona: Plane/Car/Train
  229. Istanbul Safety (2014 Riots and Protests)
  230. Long Connection in Geneva (GVA)?
  231. Late PM early AM to CGN
  232. Restaurant/Bar recommendations in Brussels?
  233. Croatia & Istanbul in Sept for 7 days
  234. ZAG early departure
  235. IST major service disruptions May 13-28
  236. Arriving in a European City at 7AM, what do you do then?
  237. Road trip from Warsaw to Gdansk to Krakow - Any interesting stops enroute ?
  238. Private Transfer Rec for AMS to City Centre
  239. Health Insurance to Enter Czech Republic?
  240. Daughter Going to Europe...Need Help
  241. International Airport of Vienna
  242. Greece first week of April
  243. Short Schengen Visa issued
  244. Vienna Airport
  245. Going to Europe - customs
  246. How early do I need to arrive at PRG before my flight?
  247. Brasserie Schiller / Goethe Bar, Zurich, Switzerland [REVIEW : PHOTOS]
  248. Transport from SAW (Turkey) airport - late night?
  249. Swiss Half Fare Card - Surname wrong
  250. Budget airlines flying AMS=>SCQ, LCG, or VGO?