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  1. Turkey in March?
  2. AMS, one hour after arrival time enough to catch the train?
  3. Naples>Sorrento Driver Wanted
  4. Vienna in summer versus winter
  5. BCN Airport Hotel Recomendations
  6. Stop-overs in Amsterdam - possible?
  7. nice mountain resort near Zurich for May retreat?
  8. BRU: 70 minutes from railway stn to gate enough?
  9. Looking for advice on Anniversary European Travel
  10. Budapest - Private Tour Guide Recommendations?
  11. Prague, cz to Tabor, cz How long does it take?
  12. Christmas day in Switzerland
  13. Recommendations for Vienna: Hotel and Reception
  14. Sick of the "fluteman" in ZRH
  15. using my credit card in turkey
  16. 2 hours to see Zurich
  17. Using gift cards in Europe
  18. france visit on italy schenegen visa
  19. Advice on checked luggage to use for Europe Trip in October
  20. Limo transfer from BCN
  21. Best hotel in Amsterdam?
  22. Staying Fit in Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Morocco, and Denmark
  23. Brussels Restaurants
  24. AMSTERDAM - Mystery hotels
  25. EU Delay Compensation
  26. Eastern Europe (Ukraine) advice needed
  27. IST 10 hour stopover
  28. Passport Check in GDN?
  29. Brussels Airport, most flights cancelled this evening!
  30. Turkey - question about transfer from Izmir airport to Cesme
  31. 45-minute MAD layover: Suicidal?
  32. Is Budapest Worth a Three Night/Four Day Visit?
  33. Sweden to Germany Sept 2010
  34. Help planning a long weekend for my extended family
  35. Polish Tourism Info
  36. What if I've been in the Schengen too long?
  37. Boston to Venice with Transfer in Rome FCO
  38. Which low cost carriers for IST-AYT?
  39. Is there any airport in Europe that isn't terrible for transfers?
  40. New Year 2010 in Zurich
  41. San Marino or Slovenia?
  42. Dash Through VIE Passport Control
  43. Restaurant recommendations in Seville (SVQ/ Sevilla)
  44. Question about VAT Refund in Europe
  45. Is it possible buy bus ticket prague-budapest without booking first?
  46. Young muslim wear scarf want to do solo traveler in Prague and Budapest
  47. New year's eve in BCN
  48. Driving from Antwerp to Amsterdam
  49. CVG to VCE help
  50. Europe allowed liquids through security?
  51. ZRH car rentals?
  52. AMS:Post office questions
  53. Looking for a great hotel in Zermatt
  54. Wolf's Lair, Poland (Wolfsschanze)
  55. Connection from easyJet to NW at AMS / Amsterdam?
  56. New Years in Prague
  57. Alps - Lodge Rental
  58. Short stay visa for Italy denied at the italian consulate in Los Angeles
  59. Visiting Amsterdam plus what other city?
  60. From IST and ATH into town
  61. Transfer in GVA
  62. Smokin in Airports
  63. Austria - Baden bei Wien
  64. Unanticipated layover in Geneva
  65. Any advantage with ISIC in Europe?
  66. Alhambra - necessary to prebook?
  67. OT (a bit...) - Switzerland and Schengen
  68. Brussels Airport
  69. layover in Amsterdam, is a visa necessary?
  70. layover in Amsterdam, is a visa necessary?
  71. Zurich airport: buying water past security
  72. Need Help-Time in AMS Cut Short
  73. Planning Our First European Trip
  74. Planing for a Trip to North cyprus
  75. Hotel Krone Unterstrass, Zurich, Switzerland
  76. The Europe Forum directory
  77. Applying for a Schengen Visa from a foreign country???? Help!!
  78. Prague advice sought.
  79. Netherlands: Prepaid Gift debit cards or else how to transfer $ to my US bank?
  80. Amsterdam: Hotels, to/from airport, infamous cafes/bars
  81. Amsterdam strippenkaart replaced by OV-chipkaart?
  82. Best way: DFW to BCN to NAP to DFW?
  83. Istanbul.. Commuting from Airport to City. Hotel in airport area
  84. Zurich: airport to Sihlcity
  85. Four hours in Geneva - what to do?
  86. Driving in Germany and Austria
  87. Amsterdam - the munchies
  88. 7hour transit in istanbul, what should i do?
  89. Leaving Schengen from France but with a German work permit
  90. Q: International - Domestic Duty-Free Liquid
  91. 5 days in Switzerland
  92. Venice - Hotels and car parking recommendations
  93. Best Place to Exchange for Euros?
  94. Problems finding hotels in Switzerland for family?
  95. suggestions for what to do on an overnight in Amsterdam
  96. Amsterdam Steak Houses
  97. Mediterranean Honeymoon
  98. Advice Needed - BAA World Shopper Return Issue
  99. 9 day Europe Itinerary
  100. Winter Holidays In Europe: Paris - Bruges- Antwerp - Amsterdam
  101. Non Tourist Stuff to do in Amsterdam Oct 8th - 12.
  102. Montenegro - Rafting Company?
  103. December 09 Trip to Europe - Proposed Itinerary - Suggestions?
  104. Buying a cell phone in UK
  105. Good places for diving in Croatia?
  106. VAT question - leaving europe
  107. Accomodation near Basel
  108. Apartment in Istanbul
  109. Help me budget my Oct 2010 trip!
  110. Cinque Terra Help traveling from FLR
  111. Summer 2010 Trip around Europe
  112. Innsbruck sights
  113. 5 hour transit - LHR, FRA or CDG?
  114. Airport city code has been change in Basel, Switzerland?
  115. maastricht/ andre rieu july 2010
  116. Any public transport between Malaga and Tarifa/Gib?
  117. Are you in Zurich right now (until Sept. 8, 2009)? Can you help a stranded FTer?
  118. Entry stamp on top of multiple entry Schengen visa sticker
  119. In Vienna, can you recommend ....
  120. Air tickets for Prague
  121. AMS Lounges - WBC and Priority Pass
  122. Grand Hotel Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine)
  123. Left luggage at BIO
  124. ATM Limits in Spain (or Europe in general)
  125. Remote Swiss Chalet with Hot Tub?
  126. Geneva - Hotel Jade or Hotel de la Paix?
  127. Deutsche Bank ATMs in Prague (Airport)
  128. Planning First European Trip -
  129. EWR to GVA and train transfer
  130. "Airport Shuttle Istanbul"...any opinions?
  131. Scandinavian and Low Country cities: hotel desert?
  132. Romantic restaurant in Main Square Krakow?
  133. Wineries in Wachau
  134. Is this trip reasonable/possible?
  135. Europe between X-mas and New Year's
  136. Possible to convert Euro to USD without forex fee?
  137. Nonrev travel to Europe 1st week Sept
  138. Flying to Antalya, Turkey!
  139. Malta to Tunis?
  140. would you like the country name to be added to the thread title?
  141. Sim Card to get in Switzerland
  142. Beer&Lunch at AMS during 3:40 layover?
  143. self-guided bike trips vs. bike rental in Netherlands
  144. Cell Phone in Europe
  145. Landside meeting spot at MAD
  146. The definitive Budapest, Hungary guide
  147. What to do with bag in Prague?
  148. Which, if any, museums in Vienna allow photography?
  149. NYC - Dubrovnik late september - how to fly?
  150. First-Time Travel to Europe
  151. AIRPORT food - esp Brussels/Zurich
  152. Saas-Fee: summer skiing
  153. Dining in Amsterdam
  154. Swatch -- or other watch-buying -- in Switzerland
  155. For info: city sightseeing cards
  156. Eastern Europe Currency Conversion?
  157. BCN T1<->T2 allowed without boarding pass
  158. AMS short term storage
  159. 4 hours at MAD
  160. Greek Ionian Islands Help Needed
  161. Any experience returning rental car in the wee hours at BCN?
  162. ATM'S In Ireland
  163. Direct flight from Manchester to Vienna?
  164. Power Outlets on Prague-Budapest train?
  165. Austria: Ski Resort recommendations
  166. Hotels near World Forum The Hague
  167. Switzerland- Migros Cumulus Card
  168. Fco/otp airport transfers
  169. Prague - Mid Evil Store
  170. which are the best winter/Christmas markets in Europe?
  171. Early morning flight and airport hotel, or alternative?
  172. Ibiza?
  173. Brugges
  174. Help! need an Apartment for this weekend in Dublin!
  175. TURKEY - What do you wish you would have packed?
  176. Interlaken vs surrounding areas
  177. December trip to AMS
  178. zurich left luggage, details anyone?
  179. Ex-pat in Netherlands -- how best to buy airline tickets?
  180. BCN meeting point
  181. Early arrival in Prague, Any ideas for early checkin
  182. Hotels in Zurich or close to airport question
  183. Hotel with outside swimming pool in Istanbul
  184. Aussie wanting to get out!
  185. Katowice Airport (KTW) alert
  186. Not visiting the main destination of Schengen Visa
  187. Debit Card and TD Visa non-chip technology
  188. Expensive Camera
  189. 10 Day Europe Trip. Suggestions?
  190. 2 days to spend away from MUC: Prague, Venice, Vienna ... ?
  191. Anyone doing the Pamplona San Fermin Bull Run this weekend???
  192. Rome/London Hotels
  193. Tell me about SkyEurope airlines
  194. Turkish food question, What was I eating?
  195. Late May flowers in Holland bulb fields?
  196. Transportation: Vienna -> Salzburg -> Geneva
  197. TURKEY - rental car with an empty tank
  198. College Student Traveling Dublin, London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, and Athens
  199. Guide Recommendations
  200. MAD to SVQ from a international connection, Plane or Train?
  201. Paris to Venice
  202. PRG Question
  203. Yet another Greece itinerary question
  204. One day in Zurich with kids --what to do?
  205. Eating in Crete - Arkadi is the place to go!
  206. GPS advice
  207. GVA ridiculous passport controls
  208. Lyon, Barcelona, Carcassonne
  209. Budapest/Moscow Airport Timing: Can I make it?
  210. Planning Move From US To Europe, Got A Question About Visa/Passport
  211. Greek Islands Hotel Recomendation
  212. Tenerife in October?
  213. Moving to Amsterdam soon - help and advice
  214. BCN's new Terminal 1
  215. Visiting Brussels
  216. Seville Airport
  217. Lone girl attending a futbol match.
  218. Visiting Paris from Brussels
  219. Seeking hotel recommendations for Istanbul
  220. Istanbul - Connection Information Please
  221. Switzerland - Best CC & ATM strategy?
  222. Zurich airport lounges
  223. Student Travel Abroad France and what?
  224. Greece - Boat from Skiathos to Skopelos
  225. Is the Swiss Flexi Pass valid for ZRH trams on the non selected days?
  226. 1 night in Warsaw
  227. Jungfraujoch Switzerland
  228. lax-mad
  229. Kempinski Grand Hotel geneva
  230. Skiing Near Zurich?
  231. VAT on food being decreased?
  232. VAT refund *AFTER* leaving the EU?
  233. Connecting in Istanbul
  234. Mid-long term rents in GVA
  235. Roadie from MUC to Ljubljana, Slovenia
  236. Is this a goog car rental price
  237. Travel tips for a "virgin" (Euros vs Visa, and more)
  238. When to book rooms/train tickets for Europe trip?
  239. Does Germany actually enforce three months left on passport entry requirement?
  240. UK-SPU in 7/09
  241. Lady's First Design Hotel Zürich
  242. Athens dining
  243. What to add to our Swiss/France/Italy vacation?
  244. Two weeks in Amsterdam and Paris - How many days each, what Hotel?
  245. What Airline for European Short Hops?
  246. Transit / Checkbags at MAD
  247. Is 1 hour 20 minutes enough layover in AMS on way to US?
  248. Rent car in France, Drop in Switzerland. Can I creatively transfer at BSL, GVA, or ?
  249. 4 hrs layover at GVA
  250. FRA Connection Time