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  1. Trading US drivers license for German one
  2. Is there a compelling reason to select diesel over gasoline rentals in Europe?
  3. A Hotel for Train Buffs in Geneva
  4. How do they get the drugs into Holland legally?
  5. Craigslist-like site popular in Switzerland?
  6. trains to avignon from london
  7. questions about Vienna on a budget (with 9yo child)
  8. Possible dumb question: Can you buy paper plates & cups in Dubrovnik?
  9. Semiramis hotel, Kifissia, Athens
  10. Canary islands in the schengen area?
  11. A little EURO advice
  12. Best Chocolate Shops in Switzerland
  13. Croatian ferries
  14. how long can US citizen stay in EU countries?
  15. TGV purchases in the US
  16. What is that "six-way bicycle" thing I've seen cruising around in Prague?
  17. Greek island hopping prices
  18. How do I use Swiss Lake Boats?
  19. Seeking Italian speaker to help with Trenitalia
  20. Getting from train stations to hotels in Krakow, Vienna, Budapest and Prague
  21. Mallorca apartment or villa
  22. Jogging trails near Munich airport?
  23. 3-4 hour stopover in AMS
  24. Krakow to Auschwitz
  25. Need another european city to visit on my trip...
  26. Is Sunrise Cellular Still Active In Switzerland?
  27. Prague / Praha: any recommendations for driver / guide?
  28. One Month Europe Trip: Suggestions Please...
  29. Pay access lounge at Brussels airport?
  30. One way too $$$ ... can I book round trip and not use return leg?
  31. Vienna State Opera Tickets Available Today (01 June 08) for All of 2008-2009 Season
  32. Island between Athens and Rhodes
  33. Sunday Clothes Shopping in Athens?
  34. Best way to travel to VIE-BUD-PRG-KRK-SZG
  35. Athens for single traveler?
  36. Italy and Croatia
  37. 4 hours in WAW. Enough to leave airport and go to city?
  38. What Spanish cathedral is this?
  39. W: Stay at Dorint hotel / is it possible for points?
  40. Is there a schengen airport transit visa?
  41. Best lamb in Athens?
  42. When do I get my passport stamped, travelling by train through Europe?
  43. Car hire in Prague
  44. Warning - Brussels Midi Station
  45. Transfer in Zurich?
  46. Rooftop dining in Athens Greece
  47. BUD-VIE by boat-- luggage limit enforcement?
  48. How to return a Thalys ticket bought through DB?
  49. Best Credit Card to gain miles in France or Germany?
  50. driving in the Baltics.
  51. Schengen visa expiring mid-trip
  52. Schengen Visa _ URGENT
  53. Wardrobe suggestions for Greece?
  54. transactions (in euro) within EU
  55. Istanbul--hotel by the airport?
  56. Hotels, VIE, 6/27-7/3: Something going on?
  57. In-Transit at AMS
  58. Celebrating A Birthday In Budapest: Any Suggestions Where?
  59. Athens luggage storage
  60. Rail travel to Amterdam Schipol
  61. Copenhagen/Amsterdam flights
  62. Duty Free Shopping-Brussels Upon Arrival?
  63. Dining in Salzburg
  64. Zurich Airport - customs, immigration time
  65. Heading to VIE anyone know where a mikvah can be had?
  66. Rail service from Belgrade to Zagreb
  67. Austrian driving sticker "vignette"
  68. GSM SIM purchase at BCN
  69. 1st over 2nd class German-Poland rail pass is worth the money?
  70. What to do with 5 days in Northern Switzerland
  71. Looking for Tips on a Short Notice Trip--SFO - London - eurostar - Paris
  72. Euro Rail pass or point to point tickets
  73. Will Irish Immigration accept a Netherlands National ID?
  74. extraordinary circumstances
  75. Graduating daughter planning summer trip around Europe. Which POE is best?
  76. Hotel recommendations for Belgrade/Beograd???
  77. Driving speeds in Europe
  78. Hotel booking services? Advice needed
  79. Restaurant with view of Athens?
  80. PRG left baggage??
  81. Early am arrival in Istanbul
  82. Questions about Crete
  83. TVG from London to Paris?
  84. Walking to Hotel Bretagne from Athens Hilton
  85. AMS connecting to UA
  86. Travel to Italy and Croatia
  87. do i have to go through customs?
  88. Good Food in Amsterdam?
  89. 7 1/2 days in Vienna / Austria
  90. Driving from Munich to Krakow
  91. Can an EU citizen always board a flight to the EU by using an ID card?
  92. France , Switzerland and Paris - Visa issue
  93. Where to stay in Bratislava?
  94. Changing plane in MAD
  95. Do I really need a group tour/guide in Istanbul?
  96. Current Prague Airport to City tax cost?
  97. Need Hotel Recommendation near MAD
  98. Zagreb vs. Dubrovnik
  99. Where to stay around Eger, Hungary
  100. Budapest Day Trip Ideas
  101. USD buying power in Greece
  102. day trips from Vienna
  103. Weekend in Goteborg
  104. Europe in November
  105. Travel to Italy and Greece from ORD.
  106. starting an itinerary for our european trip
  107. I'm going to Izmir Turkey! What should I do?
  108. 7 hours overnight in Istanbul (IST) help!
  109. 8-10 hrs in Dublin, or 9 hrs in Prague
  110. what is there to do in The Hague?
  111. Where to spend a long layover in Europe
  112. Getting from Bulgaria (Black Sea) to Bucharest
  113. Geneva Airport...Car Rental
  114. Seeking Budapest trip input
  115. Seeking Member Feedback On Forum Descriptions!
  116. 24 Hours in ATH airport area?
  117. Paris to Barcelona
  118. Port of Rotterdam
  119. NH Caransa, Amsterdam?
  120. Three Zurich Hotels: which would you choose?
  121. Amsterdam Laundry or Fluff and Fold Recommendation?
  122. New Austrian passports
  123. Europe in August
  124. Restaurant--Budapest
  125. doctors in europe - coumadin checked
  126. Question about EU cancellation rules.
  127. Smoking in Austria
  128. What's a doable connection in AMS?
  129. GSM Provider for Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Bucharest?
  130. 1 Day in each, except 1
  131. ams layover of 10 hours--what to do?
  132. AVE Passenger Classes
  133. Brussels: Daytime Luggage Storage
  134. How About Just Good Dining in Amsterdam
  135. Western EU and UK in August, how bad?
  136. Buying a cell phone in Europe
  137. Rental car in Turkey?
  138. Suggestions for a tour to Chernobyl/Pripyat
  139. Athens - baggage storage, and how to kill half a day?
  140. Does root beer exist anywhere in Europe?
  141. Things to do in TURKEY!
  142. MUST DO--in Turkey?
  143. Great Dining in Amsterdam
  144. Appartment/villa rental in Sitges
  145. Brussels - Easter Monday
  146. 7 hour stopover in GVA
  147. Plane or train? MAD-GVA
  148. Zermatt 5-star (or 4-star) hotel recommendations
  149. Cool Boutique Hotels in Europe
  150. Need to fly London-Amsterdam on 11 March afternoon - which flight? (weather!)
  151. Help! Flying From Crete to Rhodes
  152. LIS Connection times
  153. swiss flexi pass question
  154. Hotels at BCN ?
  155. Eight weekends in Europe
  156. Seat Reservations for Euro-Rail
  157. Your advice for Budapest, Vienna, Prague and/or Krakow?
  158. Pickpockets in Europe
  159. GAP year somewhere in Western Europe
  160. Visiting Medjugorje - Advice
  161. switzerland power adaptors
  162. 3 Nights Somewhere in Europe
  163. EU/Schengen entry/exit stamp needs revision?
  164. Schengen visa - France or Italy?
  165. ORD-VCE award options, please advise
  166. BCN Airport to Girona and back: what are the best ways to travel?
  167. Zurich hotel recommendations?
  168. rent apartments europe
  169. swiss rail pass questions
  170. Wengen: Hotel Victoria-Lauberhorn
  171. Budapest recommendations?
  172. Hungary Currency
  173. Airport issued Visa at IST - Full Page?
  174. Last minute Skiing Lech/Zürs: Any (inexpensive) hotel recommendations
  175. Amsterdam - pre-paid SIM card
  176. Help! European visa entry/validity question
  177. 5 hour layover at the Zurich airport
  178. Portugal weather
  179. Bratislava?
  180. Flying Business Class on Turkish Airlines
  181. Which Greek Isle? + misc questions
  182. Czech Republic (Prague) for 2 nights...What 'must' I see and do? On a budget too...
  183. Transiting Zurich
  184. FCO Baggage Claim and Aegean Air
  185. Brussles to amsterdam by train??????
  186. Athens bus tour or guide?
  187. Unlimited European Flight Pass???
  188. Zurich, especially around airport any cheap decent hotels?
  189. First Solo Trip to Europe: Questions and Ideas
  190. Visiting Sevilla during April Fair, hotel/hostel question
  191. Wengen vs Zermatt???
  192. Going to Prague
  193. US drivers license/EU
  194. Safe travel from ATH to Piraeus
  195. Flying to Portugal from the US-Help
  196. Has Anyone Flown Sata Airlines Business Class?
  197. Which hotels in GVA?
  198. Best chocolate available at Brussels airport?
  199. Railroad Museum (Utrecht) and the Dutch Resistance Museum (Amsterdam) - Netherlands
  200. T-Mobile or Other Cellphone Shop at VIE?
  201. Vegetarian eating in Madrid, Zurich, Vienna and Berlin ?
  202. BUD-VIE-PRG: How many days in each?
  203. Vienna Limo Service-Recommendations?
  204. renfe and ave train from MAD to AGP
  205. Working while studying in Europe
  206. Chocolate in Belgium?!
  207. Trying to get from MAD to ZRH: not many reasonable flights in early 2/08?
  208. Kopor, Slovenia?
  209. Flying into BRU. Is there a preference on L/R side of the plane?
  210. Student having trouble using Visa Debit card
  211. First Time In Prague
  212. Switzerland Itinerary help, please
  213. Prepaid GSM for int'l SMS in Switzerland?
  214. Cities two hours from Amsterdam?
  215. new line to visp and brig in switzerland
  216. Dubrovnik - what to see?
  217. Nafplion, Greece recommendations
  218. Mykonos, Greece - What to see?
  219. Torn 100 euro bill...scam??
  220. Arnhem
  221. Prepaid mobile phone in Belgium (Brussels)
  222. Whats up in GVA later this week?
  223. Bern business class hotels?
  224. does the jungfraujoch train take one day on the swiss flexi pass ?
  225. Changes to Swiss pass, flexi pass?
  226. Recommend a Lisboa Hotel.
  227. Can anyone help me with location of this airport
  228. Sintra, Portugal - Mobility Questions
  229. Anyone know where Global Refund office is in MAD?
  230. Help me select an Alpine ski resort (Christmas 08)
  231. Armenia - What's it like?
  232. Denver to Seville, best itinerary using Star Alliance
  233. Prague airport to city transportation
  234. Pamplona, Spain -> Lourdes, France
  235. Connection in MAD
  236. Yippee!! Found Great Fare To Munich & Paris
  237. Help on south Portugal trip requested.
  238. Vienna-Which hotel?
  239. Amsterdam
  240. Ferry vers. Train to Greece?
  241. Driving in Belgium (West Flanders)
  242. EU Regulation 261/2004 - Significant delay on long haul
  243. Amsterdam - Where are the limes??
  244. Camping in Europe
  245. Opening a bank account in Europe
  246. 2-4 weeks Alps skiing (XC + DH)
  247. Duty free bottles on ATH-CPH via ZRH
  248. BCN Airport Questions
  249. ? recommendations for 5 or so days tour Poland
  250. Cheapest modes of travel in Europe?