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  1. Suggestions for 1 Week trip to Switzerland?
  2. Warsaw airport hotel
  3. Geneva help
  4. Greece
  5. Help with planning European trip
  6. Car Hire
  7. Flight Rome to Istanbul
  8. Immigration/Schengen for US Citizen on LED-HEL-LHR-JFK
  9. Car-share oppotunities
  10. Use Euros in non-Euro countries?
  11. Do Swiss Rental Cars include Vignette
  12. Will railpass cover high speed BCN-MAD train?
  13. Never Been to Europe...
  14. Laundrymat info in Luxembourg or Maastricht
  15. Airports to Croatia
  16. Air Lounge - VIE A pier - Day passes?
  17. Best Way to Get from Here (Berlin) to There (Venice)
  18. Valencia to BCN?
  19. Wine shop at Oporto (Porto) Airport (OPO)?
  20. Need good and cheap hotel in ireland
  21. Hotel suggestion near Vienna Westbahnhof for 1 night, under 250EU
  22. Where to go with 1 1/2 Days?
  23. The Schengen Visa to Germany, how hard to get it?
  24. Nuernberg Germany restaurant info available
  25. FEB 2010 Trip to Austrian Alps -- Weekly-only Lodging Arrangements?
  26. Greek Islands in July
  27. Turkey: Bodrum or Antalya
  28. One day in santorini and corfu
  29. One day in santorini and corfu
  30. Passport Expiration and Travel in Europe
  31. Coffee prices at European airports!!!
  32. Zaragoza or Valencia?
  33. HELP travel in London
  34. Venice VCE to hotel
  35. Any skiing open near Zurich in mid May?
  36. Connecting at BUD
  37. Ferry service from Athens to Santorini ?
  38. Which is easier for inter-terminal connections - LHR or CDG?
  39. A free trip to Denmark, with all expenses paid - seriously!
  40. Ilha de Faro accomodations
  41. Budapest - Best Catholic Church for Easter Services?
  42. Budapest - Restaurants & Supermarkets Near the Marriott Executive Apartments?
  43. TURKEY - independent travel
  44. Clearing customs in Geneva
  45. Three days in Budapest
  46. $1000 Eurail Global 15-day Flexipass for $800 charity donation
  47. Car rental from FRA---I also did my research
  48. MUC Airport Q
  49. Passport control within Schengen - legal or should I complain?
  50. dual residency
  51. Take Alcohol to Ukraine?
  52. London to paris
  53. Salzburg?
  54. Macedonia--Ohrid in summer?
  55. Day trips from Athens?
  56. t'Hidevettershuis in Brugges
  57. Berlin or Wien (Vienna)?
  58. Brussels & Amsterdam Restaurants that specialize in Cheese dishes
  59. Driving from Germany to Czech Republic in a rental car - permitted?
  60. Hiking near Geneva
  61. ATHENS Hotel
  62. 2:50 in AMS
  63. Car Rental in Spain and Switzerland - need for international driver's license?
  64. REQUEST - Need cheap rental car for one day in Switzerland in April - DID MY RESEARCH
  65. Suit in Budapest
  66. Stopover in Zurich - how to find out which airport hotels offer free shuttle
  67. Lauterbrunnen Valley (CH) questions.......
  68. Sites to see near Amsterdam
  69. How to get to Leon Spain from Nice France
  70. NR Where to stay in Lyon & Milan
  71. Luggage/Baggage Storage at Malaga
  72. Few questions about traveling to Switzerland and Italy in April
  73. can I get around Schenge 90-day rule, if I have two non-EU passports?
  74. What to do in Poznan, Poland
  75. Trains Brussels and Amsterdam
  76. Paris to Spain: any competitive train fares, or do I just fly?
  77. Independent Style Tours - Europe
  78. Best one-way car rental in Europe? BRU->HAM
  79. Athens or Rome for a few days?
  80. PRG: any recommendations for contemporary riverside restaurant for lunch?
  81. Prague Hotels
  82. Megabus? London-Oxford
  83. Passport Control/Customs in FRA and in MAD
  84. Cheap airlines in Europe
  85. Euclaim
  86. Budapest - is it worth a visit?
  87. Port of Entry for Schengen Visa
  88. Innsbruck, Ischgil questions
  89. Your favorite restaurants and drinking in Zurich
  90. Swiss Speeding Ticket
  91. Cheapest way into Zermatt
  92. Advise on Turkey / Tunesia
  93. Need hotel suggestions near VIE airport
  94. Cruises, Trains & Overnight Trains
  95. Rolle, Switzerland hotels?
  96. Dual USA / Polish passport, live & work in the UK?
  97. Alhambra Palace to Restaurant Arrayanes in Albayzin
  98. 15 Year Old Going to Amsterdam Alone
  99. EU flight change- compensation/refund rules
  100. Brussels airport ATMs
  101. Non-commercial information
  102. Non-commercial information
  103. Transport : Prague-Vienna-Salzburg
  104. Currency Advice Needed for European trip
  105. drive or train Salzburg-Vienna ?
  106. Europe-wide Ballet/Opera Event Guide?
  107. MAD Airport Transfer: LH to Air Europa
  108. Best (/cheapest) cities to visit from BCN?
  109. Post-Grad Europe Travel Suggestions
  110. You know you're Dutch if...
  111. Bucharest 'luxury' hotel?
  112. Things to see and do in Geneva
  113. Layover in Amsterdam
  114. 7hrs in IST
  115. reliable sites for vacation apartments/flats
  116. Zurich pay to use Arrivals Lounge
  117. 5 - 9 day trip, early March, Europe
  118. Farmer's markets in Amsterdam
  119. Day bicycle trips from Amsterdam to see the Dutch countryside
  120. which passport to show in connecting flight country
  121. Athens and Satorini or Crete in March
  122. Relocation to AMS
  123. Suggested Itinerary
  124. BCN to London: which airport is best?
  125. Need Advice: Which 2 of these 3 to visit: DBV, ATH, IST?
  126. Pre-flight time in Moscow - how long should I allocate?
  127. 21days in europe - questions about best way to travel
  128. How to get dual citizenship?
  129. MR to AMS Visa help
  130. Is Hotel Krasnapolsky (AMS) that bad?
  131. Car Hire Austria, Poland etc
  132. Any must see or do's in Kiev, Ukraine?
  133. Chernobyl Tour UKRAINE
  134. Rome airport (FCO) hotel
  135. MAD to Principe Pio
  136. Neuhaus chocolates at AMS?
  137. Hotel recommendations for Tallinn, Estonia.
  138. Hotel recommendations for Riga, Latvia.
  139. Hotel recommendations for Vilnius, Lithuania.
  140. Hotel recommendations for Kiev, Ukraine.
  141. Has anyone spent time in Dubrovnik?
  142. Airfare to France/England - any deals?
  143. Santorini to Istanbul, best way??
  144. Looking for museums in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
  145. 6hrs in BUD?
  146. A good TA in Turkey
  147. swiss toll sticker - pay with CC?
  148. Nice restaurant at Taskim square Istanbul?
  149. Help: 7-Hour layover in Amsterdam.
  150. Breakfast in Brussels
  151. I'm looking for the same site but mostly oriented on the European destinations
  152. Beach vacation in August. Where to go?
  153. Anything fun to do in Zurich, Switzerland for 1 day?
  154. Barge rental in Burgundy
  155. BRU lounges
  156. Traveling around Europe, any must see cities/areas?
  157. EU Claim, has everyone ever used them?
  158. Hotels expensive in Brussels and Amsterdam!
  159. AMS? Crazy country hopping route? Help?
  160. TURKISH DELIGHTS: Istanbul in Winter
  161. Customs / Zoll issues with connecting flight EU-CH-EU?
  162. How do I get from St. Petersburg to Vilnius to Riga to Tallinn?
  163. Planning a trip to Italy & Greece
  164. zrh airport note
  165. Is Brussels vacant like France during August?
  166. Metro strike in Athens - January 8th, 2009
  167. Spring trip from US (MLI) to Romania (OTP). Please help.
  168. Dual citizenship, visas and work
  169. Vienna Austria - TRAMS 1 and 2 around the Ring?
  170. Where to go in Greece?
  171. SpanAir flight busted - now what??
  172. Europe's worst airports
  173. Help: Prague and Where Else?
  174. BBC: Kirsty Wark's Tales from Europe
  175. Airport transfer for BCN/MAD
  176. Online Gift Voucher for restaurant in Budapest?
  177. Istanbul - 2.5 Days or 1 Day and 2 Halfs?
  178. Driving from Amsterdam to Brugge
  179. SBB Halbtax combo with Visa
  180. Decent hotel in Ljubljana?
  181. Munich to Nantes - best way?
  182. South Asian/ ME food in Zurich
  183. Transiting at ZRH overnight - between Canada and AGP, Spain - which hotel to stay at?
  184. What to do at AGP (airport) on arrival (from ZRH) for 3 hrs?
  185. Summer Trip to Europe
  186. lake lucerne (luzern) boat note
  187. Do rail prices go up closer to travel date??
  188. Vat back. Goods needed?
  189. Thalys questions
  190. Zurich third week in March
  191. Another Athens Transit Question
  192. FlyerTalk Talkboard considering the creation of a European Rail forum on FlyerTalk
  193. Transiting Athens, Greece Airport
  194. Amsterdam Boat Tour?
  195. Switzerland/EU Customs question - transit
  196. Good B&B in Zurich?
  197. Fatima, Portugal
  198. similar restaurant sites like toptable?
  199. New Year's Eve in Warsaw. What to do?
  200. Paris, Rome and Athens in February
  201. travel with expired passport
  202. Itinerary suggestions- Vienna to Warsaw
  203. I guess I'll be here illegally
  204. Welcome Switzerland in the SCHENGEN area
  205. Greek Riots
  206. Which hotel to stay at while in Roses for El Bulli?
  207. Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna + day trips
  208. Kiev, Ukraine via Paris
  209. 7 hour layover at Heathrow
  210. Paris or Rome?
  211. Transportation from SVQ to Seville historical/santa cruz district
  212. Zurich to Nice travel option advice sought
  213. Switzerland to implement Schengen (firm dates)
  214. Car Hire in the Balkans
  215. Things to do in Vienna at night?
  216. - what does it mean if prices do not appear?
  217. what is the best way to get form BCN to the cruise port
  218. INFO NEEDED : price of cranberry beans in europe
  219. Leicester Square TKTS between Christmas and New Year's?
  220. driving in Costa del Sol
  221. Istanbul: 7 hour layover - where to go?
  222. Where should I go in January? Best deals?
  223. Dad's European Trip - June 2009
  224. Best Bang for the Buck in January 2009
  225. Restauarant Recomendation in Bratislava?
  226. Athens for Christmas! Need Expert Help!
  227. Where to meet friend on Swiss Air in IST
  228. Budapest Christmas Market Suggestions/Comments
  229. SCL-LHR via MAD - Documents needed at control
  230. What does "beauty" mean in Turkey?
  231. Renfe: What does the "Estrella" mean in regards to the fare?
  232. Driving between Dresden & Prague
  233. Boutique (recommended) hotels in Switzerland
  234. NL: Sinterklaas events open to the public?
  235. Switzerland Entry to EU and US Green Card Question
  236. Passport Stamped Between EC Countries?
  237. Hotel Recs for BCN, MAD, and SVQ?
  238. Amsterdam Renaissance Hotel Status
  239. Is this itinerary too crazy?
  240. US/Italy Dual Citizenship
  241. Ukraine visa question
  242. Travel in Europe (Spain, France, Italy)-
  243. Best fare YYZ to DUB via anywhere in Europe Spring 2009
  244. Brussels dining spots
  245. Driving itn AMS-LUX-BRU
  246. KIEV (KYIV), Ukraine City Tours?
  247. any downside to dual US/Polish citizenship?
  248. BCN and MAD - which first, how long, how do I get between?
  249. Travel to and from Vienna airport at 2am?
  250. Belfast and Brussels: do Taxis take credit cards?