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  1. Question about Johannesburg Avis Car Rental Return...
  2. Mid-East Aviation Summit - Responding to Growth
  3. Any good and low-cost airlines in South Africa?
  4. RJ upgrades...
  5. Gulf Air Codeshare - help please
  6. How to join AlFursan on SV?
  7. Anyone know if Captain Leul Abate is still flying for ET?
  8. IAD-JNB flights -- refuelling stop question
  9. What's the opinion on Gulf Air?
  10. Middle East and Africa Airlines Trip Reports Index
  11. SAA Baggage missing for almost a week
  12. No response for Award Ticket Request
  13. SAA Domestic Biz: How Different from Economy?
  14. Proposed Census/Sticky: What ME/Africa carriers do you fly?
  15. J in EY418
  16. RJ HKG to BKK
  17. kenya air business class HKG-BKK
  18. PIA JFK flights
  19. STPC for morning to midnite layover with QTR airways
  20. Extra $250 for Egypt Air business class CAI-AMM
  21. Gulf Air lounge in BKK
  22. LHR to BEY - cheap booking sites?
  23. EgyptAir Premium Class Pics?
  24. Has anybody ever did United Saudi RTW?
  25. Baggage Theft - SAA
  26. Foreign airlines complain poor KWI security
  27. SAA LHR ops, AKA "what do they DO for 12hrs?"
  28. Why AirArabia not selling past March?
  29. SA : Ticket Pickup Question
  30. Freddies 2008 - How will YOU rank your Mid-East airlines?
  31. Traveling to Zambia (LUN) from SFO, which is Best Alliance... Star or Oneworld?
  32. question regarding South African Airways
  33. Another SA - BOGO offer
  34. Need Help - South Africa + Zimbabwe&Zambia trip
  35. Air Arabia to open hub in Nepal
  36. Gulf air new first class seats on BKK-BAH?
  37. Gulf Air Orders 787
  38. SAA credit card companion ticket valid on SA codeshare?
  39. Nationwide (SA) any Frequent flyer prog. partner ?
  40. SAA Upgrade Question
  41. Kuwait Airways Sale Gets Nod From Parliament
  42. Saudi Arabian Airlines Selects Sabre Airline Solutions for Upgrading Pax Experience
  43. Egyptair route expansion plans
  44. Minimum connecting time for int'l to int'l at JNB (same ticket)
  45. New Bahraini Carrier
  46. Luggage Weight Restrictions for SAA and Nationwide?
  47. Shall we test SAA Voyager
  48. Ethiopian Airlines is eyeing Star Alliance membership
  49. Review: South African Air international, domestic flights in business and econ
  50. Did anyone here ever fly SAA "round the bulge"
  51. EY Business Class - JFK>AUH
  52. Business Class on EgyptAir
  53. Kenya Airways Suspends Flights To Kisumu
  54. Transiting for 14 hours in Doha
  55. Luggage at JNB
  56. Anyone else caught in SAA's baggage mess from JNB these few days?
  57. Iraqi Airways to sell stakes in three units -MEED
  58. How is israir?
  59. X class on Egyptair (domestic)?
  60. SA Jo'burg - Mauritius Seat Plan
  61. South African Airways Announces ''Buy-One-Get-One-Free'' Program!
  62. Royal Jordanian introduces "interesting" fare base
  63. RJ Options
  64. Comparisons between GF and EK J class
  65. Lounge in JNB for Delta BE passengers?
  66. 30 min connection in JNB - enough???
  67. SAA 737/800 Business Class Seats worth the $
  68. Kenya Airways
  69. SAA First Class Lounges - what now used for?
  70. Oman Air
  71. Royal Air Maroc
  72. All Nationwide planes grounded
  73. International-to-international transfer at JNB
  74. Ethad air fare problem
  75. Any heads up on Oman Air??
  76. Fare Rules: Ecores
  77. GF is useless
  78. Experience w/ South African Airways?
  79. Is this the state of Qatars Customer Service?
  80. New J seat on RJ112/RJ180?
  81. Carry on Duty Free LGW-DOH-BKK
  82. Meal choices on SA, J, IAD - JNB - LUN & vv
  83. SAA Express
  84. Using GF points on VS
  85. RJ to offer inflight-cellphone services from 2008
  86. Ethiopian B 767-300 FRA ADD seat business
  87. Weird reviews about gulf air flights ???
  88. Advice for transiting JNB airport on SAA
  89. Egypt Air
  90. Which lounge in Munich to use traveling on SAA?
  91. Nationwide flight CEP723 looses engine on take off from CPT
  92. Upgrades on Egypt Air?
  93. Avoiding RJ change fees.
  94. New frequent traveller - South African Airways?
  95. gf schedule
  96. Royal Air Maroc Partners? weather?
  97. SAA's B747's final flight
  98. RJ: Is 35 minutes enough time to connect in Amman?
  99. Question about Egyptair F-Class
  100. Egyptair cancellation policy
  101. Can I buy an AA redemption on a Qantas flight? JFK-SYD!
  102. Egypt Air Contact?
  103. Diamond vs Pearl on EY
  104. JFK-CAI on Egyptair in J
  105. Anyone flying Gulf Air in November? Another million miles FF promo
  106. How to join Voyager?
  107. Connecting International J to Domestic Y in JNB
  108. New Bahraini Carrier
  109. GF lounge access for reduced fares?
  110. SAA Exit Row Seats - When Released?
  111. Any experiences on Air Tanzania?
  112. What product on SA A319 long haul flights?
  113. Egypt Air (MS) MUC-CAI-JNB-CAI-FRA J: Some questions about MS and transfer in CAI
  114. LHR-SIN in F and C - help please
  115. JNB-MRU on 14 Oct - All Classes Sold Out?
  116. new competition for SAA on the NY route
  117. Egypt Air FFP Partners
  118. Any Egyptair Experiences? Miles?
  119. Help me find a pilgrim airfare
  120. BKK/DOH on A340 Thur Oct 4
  121. GF First Lounge Frankfurt?
  122. What is GFs problem?
  123. GF - 50 % reduction on FFP redemption
  124. Overnight transiting through Joburg: nearby hotel?
  125. GF - New CEO Canadian??
  126. Shebamiles With Ethiopian Airlines--help!!
  127. OT: Doha Airport Hotel?
  128. GF rtn to SYD??
  129. Interesting
  130. GF Business Class Seats from BHR to Kuala Lumpur
  131. RJ will operate AMM-BKK-HKG from next JAN
  132. awards to jnb without blackouts?
  133. Where to Buy Cheap Tickets for Flights in the Middle East?
  134. Business Class in Royal Jordanian
  135. HKG-CDG F experience?
  136. Ghana International Airways LGW HAndling agent
  137. Royal Jordanian
  138. GF postings to AA
  139. We need OW tickets TNR-JNB
  140. Kuwait Airways - the worst ME airline
  141. SAA Economy seats
  142. Gulf Air Complaint
  143. Help wrong name on SAA Ticket
  144. Egypt Air connection in Cairo
  145. Booking Gulf Air from Canada?
  146. BMI Miles onto QMiles account
  147. Gulf Air F from KTM to BAH
  148. Is Kuwait Airways that bad?
  149. cairo airport question! help
  150. Saa A342
  151. SAA - Business Only out of LHR
  152. GF Air "not so special" fares?
  153. A few SAA questions
  154. Transiting Johannesburg and F arrivals lounge
  155. SAA Business Lounge LHR?
  156. Help Booking Award Flights U.S. to JNB (Johannesburg)
  157. Casablanca Travel Agent
  158. Another seating question for SAA
  159. Maiden Flight From BOM-BRU-EWR on Jet Airways - 5 August 2007!
  160. Economy Baggage Limits 20KG -- Advice?
  161. Flying RJ Crown Class JFK-AMM-BOM. What to expect?
  162. SAA UK Premium Chauffeur Service
  163. SA and Voyager update
  164. Saudi Arabia Air Customer Service
  165. Looking for opinions on FFPs in the Middle East
  166. Royal Jordanian?
  167. Kuwait Airways C and lounge?
  168. SA CDG-JNB, *A Lounge with Shower?
  169. SA introducing service fees from 1 August
  170. SAA ORD-LHR-JNB Award Seats
  171. Gulf vs Qatar DXB => BKK
  172. Tacv
  173. MEA increases fleet to 14
  174. SAA Africa AirPass Booking Question
  175. QMiles question
  176. South African Advanced Seat Assignments for *G
  177. Mid-East Airline Paris Air Show Orders?
  178. Which equipment -- 343 or 346 -- for SA 203 and 204?
  179. Kenya airways KQ 320
  180. GF Eyes Shanghai and Zurich
  181. Booking Class for SAA Business Class on *A Partners
  182. SAA Voyager Card
  183. SAA to ground B747-400 fleet
  184. Etihaad JFK-Bombay Business Class
  185. New SA website now operational
  186. SAA website to be down tomorrow 3 June
  187. Plastic baggies at the ready - now also at airports in SA
  188. Checking availability on an SAA miles fare
  189. Will SAA check my bags through?
  190. sites for cheap intra-africa KQ tickets?
  191. DOH-HKG: A330 from July, 19
  192. Discount Hotel Website - South Africa
  193. South African to EZE
  194. Question About Kenya Airways Domestic Service
  195. Gulf Air
  196. 3 hours in JNB after flight from CPT sufficient cushion for international connection?
  197. "SAA passengers stranded as crew refuses to fly"
  198. SAA Y Class Seats - Design Fault confirmed by engineer
  199. FYI:New URL for Gulfair
  200. SAA upgrades
  201. Oryx Lounge in DOH
  202. JNB - Minumum connection time intl-intl?
  203. SAA business class recent experiences?
  204. KQ 737-800 goes down
  205. Future of Egypt Air
  206. SIM CARD / South Africa and Mozambique
  207. Drunks in SAA Biz Class
  208. GF A332 J sleeper seats
  209. how is RJ 310 C class
  210. Iran Air ICN-NRT Possible?
  211. GF JNB ends when?
  212. GF Update
  213. Gulf Air have Stolen My Money
  214. Miles for Flying on Egyptair
  215. GF: Finally a 50% off reward flights promo in May
  216. Any recent Ethiopian Airlines experiences?
  217. Value of Voyager miles
  218. GF interline to LOT Polish Airlines?
  219. GF Hand Luggage ex-LHR?
  220. GF FF points
  221. Casablanca Airport Question
  222. Flying KQ (Kenya Airways) in C to CDG - access to arrivals lounge?
  223. KQ (Kenya Airways) - C Seats same on 767 and 777?
  224. Kuwait Airways to Malaga and Casablanca
  225. Saudi 747 in Sea
  226. EK - BEY to DXB - Business Class Menu
  227. APRIL GF Update Now Out
  228. Egyptair from CAI to Dubai ???
  229. Gulf Air To Scrap SYD Services
  230. New GF CEO takes first swing!
  231. Voyager and Emirates
  232. Does SAA have a business class award seat US-JNB?
  233. Gulf Air A class availability
  234. Royal Air Maroc: searching for fare class "X": how to??
  235. Lagos, Africa (Nigeria, I think?)
  236. A340-200 Gulf Air 002 LHR - BHR Seat Back TV
  237. Please welcome berlinflyer as your new moderator
  238. Saudi Arabian flights within EU: how to get cheap fare?
  239. GF 747 rumours getting stronger?
  240. SAA award bookin classes?
  241. What is J class on SAA
  242. Gulf Air: In-flight power in First
  243. what should i expect when i fly Saudia from LHR?
  244. Saudi Arabian Flights Credit To Anyone Else
  245. 4 hours at JNB
  246. Is SAA going bankruptcy?
  247. Best Airlines to Mozambique?
  248. Cheaper business class - SFO to JNB? (+ warning that AmEx Platinum is a scam)
  249. For West Africa: LF Consolidator:YUL-ABJ
  250. Gulf cancellations