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  1. Air Madagascar vs Air Austral
  2. RJ : Emergency Exit seats - How to get it?
  3. Hotel vaucher for a long connection in Amman
  4. MEA and Skyteam at LHR
  5. ethiopian airlines cloud nine lounge in ADD
  6. When will the new Muscat Airport open?
  7. Fistfight Between Pilot, Steward Delays Saudi flight
  8. Sepahan Airlines Jet Crashes Into Residential Area in Teheran; Many Casualties
  9. Afrinat Starting JFK-ACC?
  10. EgyptAir: Missing Bag from 2 months back !!!
  11. Dividend Miles through Royal Jordanian
  12. RJ canceling all AMM-TLV-AMM flights?
  13. Change of Terminal Names at Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
  14. Sindbad miles ever have a sale?
  15. Does AA Gold have any status on Gulf Air
  16. MEA Economy Class Seats (Sicma/Zodiac 'Ergonomic')
  17. FlyDubai: manage reservation
  18. How to change a ticket with MEA?
  19. Air Algerie 'loses contact with plane' - Confirmed crashed
  20. SV 784 Transit through JED RUH
  21. Air Namibia - Time to Charge for Tickets
  22. Moderators: Is it possible to open a new forum for SAA/Voyager?
  23. What's better Oman Air A330 Business Class or Qatar 787
  24. 20 Injured When SAA Jet Hits Turbulence During JNB-HKG Flight
  25. Oman air 737
  26. Gulf Air / BAH
  27. Transit Hotels in Bahrain with Gulf Air?
  28. Kenya Airways Seat Selection and Business Class Question
  29. Kenya 787 from CDG to NBO
  30. Oman Air - dire service
  31. Strange Ethiopian Airlines Taxes
  32. FlyDubai Business Class
  33. Issue with looking at my reservations online
  34. Air Namibia Awards?
  35. After US/AA Merger, Earning and Using Miles for South Africa Travel
  36. Is this a typical call to prayer on ME airlines?
  37. South African Airport App
  38. flymango - online checkin / gate closing times
  39. MS Domestic - Same day changes possible?
  40. 24 hour transit visa for SA
  41. Anyone Fly Air Botswana Recently - JNB - Maun?
  42. Royal Jordanian's New Dreamliners
  43. Connecting in Doha on QR
  44. Cancel Saudi flights due to MERS?
  45. RJ connection in AMM <24 hours, free transit visa?
  46. Arrive CAI 0135 depart 0800 on MS domestic. Any advice?
  47. New Cedar Miles Reward Chart on MEA
  48. MEA upgrade inventory using Cedar Miles
  49. A new airline for SA
  50. Gulf Air flight cancellation
  51. Ethopian Q Class Release Schedule
  52. Why do Egyptair fly to BKK, KUL and CGK, but not SIN?
  53. Booking on Egyptair $50 more expensive than Priceline?
  54. flydubai vs. Emirates DXB-KWI
  55. RJ - good airline; slow mile posting on AA
  56. RJs Dreamliner - new biz?
  57. Kuwait Airways JFK to London in Business
  58. SA vs AF/DL (with *S)
  59. Air Arabia - SLL to SHJ on the 6000 A320 family
  60. why this constant error when looking for business class on Rj Amm-SSH in June?
  61. Air Sinai flights to/from TLV
  62. Gulf Air B
  63. Baggage Storage JNB - Time to do It? Thoughts on Checking Bag Through?
  64. Those flying into Amman
  65. RJ263 AMM to ORD April 5 delayed due to PTSD pit bull and pax
  66. Heads up: check your Voyager mile balance
  67. Arriving to CAI from BUD to JNB, do I have to reclear security?
  68. Egyptair, will they interline bags on separate tickets?
  69. Which lounge in CAI is the best?
  70. Does Egyptair give lounge invites at outstations to *G members?
  71. Ethiopian or Egyptair?
  72. Camair - any experiences?
  73. BUD-CAI on MS Express with an ERJ 170, what to expect?
  74. RJ Cancels AMM-CMB Starting May ????
  75. Gulf Air LHR guesting into lounge
  76. Saudi LCC Flynas to Launch First European Routes
  77. Ethiopian Airways check-in at HKG: Africans asking you to carry stuff on board
  78. Short transit at ADD - getting out of the airport
  79. A Kenya Airways theft from luggage and how the CEO of KQ stepped in
  80. Booking award on ET Air on UA website
  81. Precision Air seating
  82. Saudia SV 777-300 LAX Seat Map Advice
  83. Saudia SV 777-300 LAX Seat Map Advice
  84. Saudi Arabian Airlines Gets $1.87 Billion Loan to Fund Plane Deliveries
  85. Airline code RT?
  86. Ethiopian Flight 702 (ADD-FCO) Hijacked by copilot -Diverted to GVA
  87. First flight with Saudia with RUH transit to LHR
  88. FlyDubai Schedule?
  89. Possible to transfer ShebaMiles gained from before Ethiopian was *A to a *A program?
  90. Help needed - ET cancels segment GIG-GRU
  91. Egypt Air TLV purchasing
  92. Kuwait Airways - free 500 miles for updating your profile
  93. Ethiopian Air business class/connection
  94. Recent Experience on Ethiopian Airlines?
  95. RJ Service
  96. RJ Royal Plus - Minimum RJ Segments Enforced?
  97. Royal Air Maroc flights leaves 3.5 hrs early with late notice
  98. Egyptair A330-200 Personal TV in J
  99. Kenya Airways Prepares For New 787s, New Terminal and, Soon, Direct US Flights
  100. Kuwait Airways JFK-LHR experience?
  101. Egyptair LHR-CAI-JNB return Dec 2014
  102. Oman Air Status match
  103. Reward ticket thru UA but on ET, SEZ flights dropped
  104. Anyone tried Saudia on the LHR-JED-SIN route (77L/200)?
  105. JNB transfer questions
  106. DUR-CPT, Flymango or Comair?
  107. Looking for help with JNB-MUB/BBK on SA Airlink/Air Botswana
  108. Egypt Air / Air sinai
  109. Checking Luggage on ZRH-NBO-JNB in F?
  110. Saudia IFE
  111. Saudia Airlines - Singapore arrivals lounge
  112. Ethiopian HKG-ICN?
  113. Insights on Yemenia and/or Felix Airways?
  114. Ethiopian B763 emergency landing on short runway at wrong airport
  115. Anyone know what the J class looks like on MS Embraer 170?
  116. Recent Egyptair Business Class Experiences?
  117. Minimum connection time EK-RJ in AMM
  118. Now at RUH's Alfursan Lounge
  119. Cloud Nine Lounge at ADD
  120. Oman Air status matched, upgrade vouchers?
  121. Ethiopian Airlines 1 leg refund?
  122. Oman Air - persona non grata
  123. ET: ADD-IAD or ADD-YYZ?
  124. Transferring to Fly Dubai at KWI
  125. Oman Air- Free transit hotel for Y class?
  126. Ethiopian secured Tokyo route
  127. Saudia transfers
  128. JKIA Nairobi airport lounge?
  129. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: South African Airways Voyager benefits nominations
  130. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Saudi Arabian Airlines Alfursan benefits nominations
  131. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Kenya Airways Flying Blue benefits nominations
  132. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Gulf Air Falconflyer benefits nominations
  133. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Ethopian Airlines ShebaMiles benefits nominations
  134. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Egypt Air Plus benefits nominations
  135. Transfer Lufthansa (business class) to Qatar Airways (Economy), without visa
  136. royal air maroc miles
  137. Falcon lounge bah - smoking??
  138. Recent experiences with Air Zimbabwe?
  139. advice on ET connection
  140. TunisAir to YUL?
  141. Slide evacuation of Royal Air Maroc plane at YUL due to fire
  142. Favorite & Fun Liveries of the Budget Carriers in Africa & Middle East
  143. Gulf Air LHR - BAH Economy
  144. Long transit time on Royal Air Maroc in Casablanca
  145. Voyager Miles Transfer
  146. RJ online Check-in CDG
  147. Cleaners find $1.9M gold bars in FlyDubai toilet
  148. Is it Saudi airlines Boeing 747-400 safe?
  149. OW Lounge access JNB, PLZ
  150. Ethiopian ET 700 Addis to London
  151. Help in Morocco trip
  152. Budget airlines in South Africa
  153. Visa for transit through Jordan?
  154. Visa for Intl Saudia flight that has a domestic segment?
  155. EgyptAir FFP
  156. EgyptAir from JFK to AMM in J, long layover in CAI
  157. Oman Air,duty free carry on?
  158. Royal Jordanian (RJ) Missing Seats in the Seat Map
  159. Egyptair to South Africa in Y?
  160. Rate EgyptAir Plus
  161. SAA won't reply!
  162. Ethiopian - Sheba Miles
  163. Royal Jordanian A330 in Economy
  164. SAA flights to Mumbai
  165. Tuggers
  166. Upgrading at the check-in counter
  167. Ethiopian to HGA or BBO?
  168. senegal airlines - reliable?
  169. Does Anyone Know How to Book a Syrian Air Ticket?
  170. Ethiopian starts flights to Enugu, NGR
  171. Cheap travel within South Africa?
  172. My recent RUH layover on a Saudia flight
  173. Royal Jordanian Domestic Business Class
  174. Non refundable fare rule
  175. SAA Biz class seating A346
  176. AT: Woman goes into labor on Royal Air Maroc Flight - CMN-BLQ
  177. Oman air?
  178. 2-day stopover in ADD, Hotel?
  179. MS Cancelled flight KUL - BKK in C
  180. Buying Voyager Miles
  181. SAA Timetables New Release for HDS-CPT flight?
  182. Royal Air Maroc [AVOD / IFE status]
  183. SAA looking to replace it's wide-body fleet
  184. Documenting Precision Air Dep/Arr Times
  185. Changing Planes and Airlines in KWI
  186. Redemption of ET shebamiles on ASKY
  187. SA ex Zambia: no Yellow Fever concern
  188. Looking for advice on ET issue
  189. Travel Advisory
  190. My ET bookings not showing up on ET's web
  191. South African Website
  192. 1 hour turnaround CAI.
  193. SAA plane delayed at JNB rumour of hijacking
  194. Interesting article about airlines in Somalia
  195. ET / Ethiopian 787 "Dreamliner" catches fire at LHR [12 Jul 2013]
  196. Where are the SAA J award seats? IAD,JFK,LHR,FRA,MUC
  197. Nice-Beirut
  198. Jordanian Air - JFK vs Chicago to Amman in Biz
  199. Is A 1 Hour Connection @ JNB Doable?
  200. Reviews about Egyptair widely spreading - need help from you lot!
  201. CDG-NBO-LHR in J
  202. Upgrade for SV
  203. Royal Jordanian Sale and Contact
  204. Cancelling a Leg in Businsess Value on Saudia
  205. Check-in time for Air Botswana at JNB?
  206. Oman Air Check in LHR
  207. Egypt Airline seat maps online?
  208. SAA Boarding Zones
  209. SA Boarding Zones
  210. MS Lounge in CAI
  211. crew query
  212. flydubai to offer business class
  213. Syrian Airlines Update
  214. Transfer in Riyadh - help please
  215. Help! Wrongfully Denied Boarding by Air Sinai/Egypt Air!!
  216. ET500/501 Fueling
  217. How to select seats on SAA through Manage My booking?
  218. Botswana shortens 2 hr flight by 40 minutes?
  219. IATA published rates
  220. flying SV for the first time, C/class, what to expect ?
  221. Economy Class on Saudi Airlines?
  222. Economy Class on Saudi Airlines
  223. SA237 swap LHR-JNB 29 May?
  224. Gulf Air- Jet Airways Miles Usage
  225. Kuwait Airways signs deal with Airbus to buy 25 planes
  226. South African Airways' operations prevented us from getting to our destination.
  227. JFK-CAI-BKK, Egypt Air business class
  228. SA Express - Hand Luggage and Carryon allowances
  229. Fake Airline Pilot 'Landed Planes at Gatwick'
  230. Royal Jordanian - JUST DON'T DO IT!
  231. Excess baggage on GF Business
  232. Government bails out SAX
  233. Royal Jordanian : Bey-Amm and Amm-Ssh-Any recent experiences?
  234. Kuwait Lounge?
  235. Ethiopian 787
  236. Question for an experienced SAA flyer
  237. South African Express Baggage Limits: 20kg or 23kg?
  238. Has anyone ever redeemed Ethiopian shebamiles?
  239. ET Paid upgrade offer - BKK-ADD and/or reverse?
  240. Car Service Recommendation for Joburg?
  241. SAA Airlink Schedule & Equipment
  242. Royal Jordanian Lost Luggage
  243. Saudia to start flights to Los Angeles and Toronto !!!!
  244. seating maps for Egyptair B777-300 vary
  245. Overnight layover in Amman
  246. RJ BIZ Class on a A319/320 What to expect?
  247. Excessive charges redeeming GulfAir Falconflyer miles for AA flights?
  248. Which SA J-seat is better? 346 or 332?
  249. SAA-Reservation Number Could Not Be Found
  250. ET between BKK and KUL?