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  1. SA Boarding Zones
  2. MS Lounge in CAI
  3. crew query
  4. flydubai to offer business class
  5. Syrian Airlines Update
  6. Transfer in Riyadh - help please
  7. Help! Wrongfully Denied Boarding by Air Sinai/Egypt Air!!
  8. ET500/501 Fueling
  9. How to select seats on SAA through Manage My booking?
  10. Botswana shortens 2 hr flight by 40 minutes?
  11. IATA published rates
  12. flying SV for the first time, C/class, what to expect ?
  13. Economy Class on Saudi Airlines?
  14. Economy Class on Saudi Airlines
  15. SA flight cancellation - compensation?
  16. SA237 swap LHR-JNB 29 May?
  17. Gulf Air- Jet Airways Miles Usage
  18. Kuwait Airways signs deal with Airbus to buy 25 planes
  19. Upgrade or buy up to business class on SAA
  20. South African Airways' operations prevented us from getting to our destination.
  21. JFK-CAI-BKK, Egypt Air business class
  22. SA Express - Hand Luggage and Carryon allowances
  23. Fake Airline Pilot 'Landed Planes at Gatwick'
  24. Royal Jordanian - JUST DON'T DO IT!
  25. Excess baggage on GF Business
  26. Government bails out SAX
  27. Royal Jordanian : Bey-Amm and Amm-Ssh-Any recent experiences?
  28. Kuwait Lounge?
  29. SAA, have booking reference but can't find booking on
  30. Ethiopian 787
  31. Question for an experienced SAA flyer
  32. South African Express Baggage Limits: 20kg or 23kg?
  33. Has anyone ever redeemed Ethiopian shebamiles?
  34. ET Paid upgrade offer - BKK-ADD and/or reverse?
  35. Car Service Recommendation for Joburg?
  36. SAA Airlink Schedule & Equipment
  37. Royal Jordanian Lost Luggage
  38. Saudia to start flights to Los Angeles and Toronto !!!!
  39. seating maps for Egyptair B777-300 vary
  40. Overnight layover in Amman
  41. RJ BIZ Class on a A319/320 What to expect?
  42. Excessive charges redeeming GulfAir Falconflyer miles for AA flights?
  43. Which SA J-seat is better? 346 or 332?
  44. SAA-Reservation Number Could Not Be Found
  45. ET between BKK and KUL?
  46. Ethiopian Airlines - refused boarding
  47. Have BA decreased their miles on prem economy?
  48. RJ flight check-in time FCO-AMM
  49. Mct gbe-jnb-lvi?
  50. Long JNB transit SA to SA - passing through immigration.
  51. Royal Jordanian's Horrible Flight
  52. SA88 JNB-KGL, can you deplane during the stop at BJM?
  53. EgyptAir - Bom to JFK
  54. Re routing on RJ
  55. What's wrong with today's RJ112 LHR-AMM flight?
  56. Gulf Air Partners
  57. How Can I Book Iran Air Flights on the Internet?
  58. Airkenya Express Luggage Question
  59. KLM or Ethiopian - Rome to Kilimanjaro
  60. ME Cedar Miles status match
  61. Transit at JNB (MRU-JNB-MUC) Question
  62. RJ - additional award seats opening?
  63. How does Egyptair handle cancellations?
  64. Transisting in Kuwait
  65. Mango booking
  66. Saudia fares
  67. Lounge access j burg
  68. Gulf Air, Bahrain transit question.
  69. SAA phasing out of the A342s
  70. Ethiopian Airlines On-Line Check-In Problem
  71. Kenya Airways and Day packs (Kili climb) and cabin baggage allowance
  72. Ethiopian Airlines - flight connections question
  73. Intra Africa Flight Assistance
  74. ET Transit Hotel on Award?
  75. KQ - Buy up to Biz at Check In?
  76. SFO to JRO in May... TK or ET?
  77. Cash Upgrade with Egyptair - LHR-CAI
  78. SEZ-JNB on Air Seychelles
  79. JNB to Kilimanjaro airport (JRO) advice
  80. RJ J class hkg-BKK
  81. Kuwait Airways F vs J class.
  82. Gulf Air have dumped me. Route closure.
  83. EgyptAir to censor IFE
  84. South African Airways - why multiple branding?
  85. SAA Upgrades
  86. YYZ to JNB - J Options - Advice Sought
  87. Missing SAA Voyager Miles
  88. Nairobi check in service upgrades to higher economy booking class
  89. Blankets in SAA economy?
  90. Saudia SV J class
  91. SAA Airport Upgrades?
  92. Choice of Tier 2 Middle East Carrier ?
  93. SAA's financial woes
  94. Royal Air Maroc to Morocco [any experiences?]
  95. flying ET business class JNB-ADD-LHR - a few impressions
  96. How to book SAA award ticket
  97. Q regarding SA208 14FEB IAD-JNB
  98. Is Ethiopian air best bet for US - Uganda flight?
  99. meal service in domestic J/C on SAA?
  100. ET 808 - 787 or 767
  101. ET HKG-BKK in Feb - who to believe?
  102. Minimum connecting time on SAA-SAA in CPT ?
  103. Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767
  104. Oman Air etxt paid by Kasikorn Visa Debit Card (Thailand)
  105. UA-SA Intl Connection in LOS
  106. 6 hours in CAI tonight
  107. Jro-add-dbx-hkg
  108. Diners Club changes spend to R9 per SAA Voyager mile
  109. New Egyptair Service for 2013, MAN - CAI
  110. SAA Airbus 346 - row 44 recline?
  111. RJ take off minimum at Queen Alia
  112. Egyptair to YYZ
  113. Why won't Ethiopian put the B787 back on DXB-ADD?
  114. Fastjet - New African LCC
  115. Tell about Royal Jordanian J DXB-AMM-CDG
  116. Using miles over the New Year
  117. Royal Jordanian Bagagge Allowance for OW Sapphire
  118. RJ lounge in KUL
  119. Air Mauritius
  120. Kenya Airways HKG-BKK
  121. Transfer Miles to Ethiopian
  122. Sectors on SAA Voyager
  123. Snake bites passenger on EgyptAir flight
  124. MS CAI-BKK-KUL, Last Week: What the Hey?
  125. MS CAI-BKK-KUL, Last Week: What the Hey?
  126. Premier 150% on SAA?
  127. BAH-DXB in Y with 2 adults and a toddler
  128. RJ-'Manage My Booking' ?
  129. Gulf Air A320 - what J seats to expect?
  130. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: South African Airways Voyager benefits nominations
  131. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: Saudi Arabian Airlines Alfursan benefits nominations
  132. New Ethiopian Airlines Lounge at ADD
  133. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: Kenya Airways Flying Blue benefits nominations
  134. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: Gulf Air Falconflyer benefits nominations
  135. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: Ethopian Airlines ShebaMiles benefits nominations
  136. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: Egypt Air Plus benefits nominations
  137. Transit in Jeddah Airport?
  138. Csh upgrade with Ethiopean
  139. Kuwait Oasis Club Status Match
  140. New Info for MS BIz to bkk
  141. Oman Air A330 - IFE box
  142. SAA.. A330...or A340..does it matter?
  143. Redeeming KU Oasis Club points?
  144. Minimum connection time in Nairobi from Kenya Airways to Ethiopia Airlines
  145. Gulf Air J - What to expect?
  146. Does SAA actually recognize *A Gold?
  147. 50% off GF redemptions until 5 December
  148. Gulf Air: Missed connection flight and EU 261 compensation?
  149. [Air Namibia] Connecting Flights at Windhoek
  150. gulf air - coming aircraft?
  151. Why does South African have a First Class Lounge?
  152. Ethiopian airlines
  153. Best FF programm for Royal Air Maroc ??
  154. SA Express *G Benefits?
  155. Using Miles to book on Royal Air Maroc
  156. IAH to AMM
  157. RJ Business HKG - LHR via BKK - Questions !
  158. When to arrive LHR for SA 237 to JNB?
  159. Interlining GF to SQ
  160. Interlining from EK to GF?
  161. Ethiopian Airlines 787-800 dreamliner?
  162. ET (Ethiopian Airlines) BKK-KUL US$104 all in - good deal?
  163. SA281/19Oct any chance of J award opening up?
  164. C-class on ET 737-800?
  165. Egyptair MS839/840 CAI-JNB OCT 2012
  166. JFK JNB A340-600 Seating
  167. Flying RJ as a BA Silver (OW Sapphire) Benefits?
  168. Qatar Airways joins Oneworld
  169. Ticket Conditions help for (fly540)
  170. Royal Jordanian A340
  171. Gulf Air Falcon Gold.
  172. Voyager Global companion tix - best international biz destination
  173. MS Egyptair Reward Ticket process--help!
  174. SAA seat selection IAD-JNB
  175. Gulf Air back to Sydney - nonstop service?
  176. New system for SA Voyager
  177. SAA flights to India
  178. Inconstant new baggage allowance SAA.
  179. South Africa's luggage policy on arrival
  180. Air Nigeria suspends services, terminates employees [Sep 2012]
  181. SAA and child seats
  182. SAA Business Class - Redemption Booking Class?
  183. WY MUC-MCT-MUC fare basis BHRTDE
  184. Egypt Air New Biz Seats on Which Aircraft?
  185. Egyptair LHR to KUL via CAI and BKK in Biz question
  186. Egyptair 777 variant on MS958 & MS960 in October?
  187. Is Yellow Fever Vaccination Required for Transit via ADD?
  188. Updated info required on Cairo stopover tours
  189. ET 767 business class
  190. Kuwait Airways award availability
  191. Kenya Airways HKG-BKK
  192. Kuwait Airways Flight Credit
  193. Cash Off on SAA Flight
  194. Oman Air Upgrades at airport
  195. Luggage compartment temperature
  196. SAA no longer accepts while male applicants for its cadet pilot training programme
  197. Ethiopian Airlines confirmation code?
  198. Pic of Gulf Air New Falcon Gold Seats on A320
  199. Gulf Air New Business Class flat bed seats
  200. New Riyadh Terminal 1 lounge access issues
  201. Oman Air Standby Flight
  202. ET (Ethiopian) cash upgrades at YYZ or ADD
  203. Gulf Air and Bahrain Air to Merge?
  204. Egyptair overbooked flight and terrible irresponsible staff
  205. RJ lounge in Amman - without OW/AA card?
  206. 17 Hours layover in Cairo
  207. Royal Air Maroc Fradulent Charges
  208. Best Seats in SAA Business for Tall (6'4") Passenger
  209. Access to BAH Lounge
  210. SAA: same configuration for int'l and domestic?
  211. Saudi Arabian in J
  212. Checkin time for Egypt Air JFK-CAI pls?
  213. SA-E Same Day Standby and Baggage Tranfer at JNB on SA
  214. lounge in CPT
  215. CAI Int. to Dom. Connection Time?
  216. Lounge Access
  217. Ethiopian 787 have they confirmed a delivery date?
  218. Oman Air - Best Business Class Seat 2012
  219. MEA to buy 10 Neo A320/321's
  220. SA priority boarding
  221. Royal Jordanian: How Long for JAL to credit mileage to RJ
  222. Good FFP for Kenya Airways redemption (MBA-SEZ) ?
  223. Kuwait Airways grounds 3-5 planes!
  224. new Amman terminal
  225. Kish Air DXB KIH
  226. Catering service on Kuwait Airways
  227. RJ charging for exit rows and/bulk heads
  228. MEA of Lebanon offically joins Skyteam
  229. SAA Voyager or keep LH Miles & More
  230. UA Miles on US Airways codeshared RJ?
  231. Kenya Airways give passenger Refund for Flying Next to Dead Man
  232. Gulf Air trip report with loads of pics
  233. SAA Voyager fare earning categories
  234. Spending SAA Miles on * Alliance
  235. SAA looks at fleet renewal
  236. Booking tk flight in business class using egyptair plus miles
  237. Flying in Nigeria
  238. Qatar vs Etihad economy - what to select ?
  239. Air Namibia bad and last experience
  240. Help with Saudi Airlines signup, please.
  241. Oman Air - Paris
  242. Nairobi airport shut after EgyptAir plane mishap
  243. SAA flys CPT-LHR via JNB from August 16 2012
  244. NEWS: Dana Air flight crashes in Nigeria
  245. very cheap Kuwait air fares CDG-FCO
  246. What happened Israir is discontinued service to JFK?
  247. Royal Jordanian / AMM questions
  248. meals on SAA domestic flights?
  249. SAA207 DKR stop - Stay onboard?
  250. Dubai Luggage Issues